Syria: Trump May Just Have Started World War III

Peter Koenig is great. This former pilot proved conclusively the M17 airliner shot down in a Western backed false flag was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet and not a Buk missile fired by rebels. There is a massive amount of evidence that conclusively proves that there was no Buk missile attack and there was no Buk missile in the hands of the rebels or Russians anywhere in the Donbass. The US CIA states that there was no Buk missile.

The CIA is not sure who did the attack. Half of the analysts think the rebels did it but not with a Buk – with some other missile instead. The other half say it was shot down by a small Ukrainian faction inside the state via a fighter jet. Evidence supports the latter conclusion. When asked why the CIA does not go forward with its evidence proving that the West is lying about M17, analysts say they do not want to embarrass the Administration. The CIA is very secretive and they almost never come out and saying anything to the people at large. They do not issue press releases or analysts’ findings. All of their reports are secret. The CIA is not supposed to be communicating with the public at all.

Koenig is correct here. Gladio was a wave of false flag and other fake attacks during the Strategy of Tension orchestrated by NATO intelligence and Western intelligence. NATO and Western intel set off bombs all over Europe for many years, blaming them on far right and far leftwing organizations. They were often set in places like train stations. Many civilians were murdered in this NATO and Western intelligence orchestrated campaign, particularly in Italy.

As you can see below, Philip Giraldi a former high ranking CIA officer, says that his contacts in military intelligence and the CIA all say that there was no chemical weapons attack in Idlib, Syria the other day.

However, Koenig is wrong. The attack was not orchestrated by the CIA. And it was not conducted by Saudi and Turkish warplanes to blame Assad. What occurred is unclear, but those two statements are false.

I also do not agree that Israel wants to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. It’s a popular myth and early Zionists did make statements along those lines, but there’s no evidence that Israel intends to expand its slimy borders outside of the current ones inside of which it now festers. I hate Israel about as much as Saddam Hussein did, and even I don’t agree with the Greater Israel thing. One must be fair even with enemies.

This piece is also rather hyperbolic, but you get the picture. I’m a fanatic radical myself, so when I call someone hyperbolic, they are pretty off the edge.

Syria: Trump May Just have Started World War III

President Trump just ordered an US attack of at least 59 Tomahawk missiles from US warships in the Mediterranean Sea on Syria’s al-Shayrat airbase near Homs.

Mr. Talal Barazi, governor of Homs province, reports several deaths but at this time does not offer further details. This Tomahawk assault was supposedly in response to Bachar al-Assad’s alleged nerve gas attack on 4 April, targeting the civilian population in Idlib Province that killed in excess of 60 people, among them many children.

It reeks all over of False Flag – Gladio 2 – level ‘world’. But nobody smells it, nobody wants to see it, nobody wants to hear it – and especially, nobody wants to talk about it. The truth cannot be spoken. The attack has to be launched immediately, before any investigation could reveal the truth. That’s the way it’s always been. Kill the witnesses. That’s what Washington and its Zionist masters know best.

The Pentagon says Moscow was informed about the attack. There was no reaction from the Russian Government yet.

Earlier Mr. Putin stated that

“it was unacceptable to bring accusations against anyone until a thorough and impartial international investigation was conducted.”

Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer and Director of the Council for the National Interest, says that “military and intelligence personnel,” “intimately familiar” with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham”. 

This is a classical case of a false flag, instigated by the CIA and carried out by Saudi-Turkish planes to blame Assad. Western presstitute media propagated and hammered into westerners indoctrinated brains the same lie as in 2013, when the East Ghouta Chemical attacks were killing children to justify US “Humanitarian” Military intervention. Then as today, the Washington assault was to follow quickly before the lie could be discovered, but Mr. Putin intervened by warning Washington not to attack – or else – and insisting on an investigation. Russian naval facility in Tartus and airbase in Khmeimim, Syria, were ready to counter a US attack.

Later it was proven beyond any doubt that the attack did not come from Syria’s army, nor was it ordered by Mr. Assad, that it was indeed, once more, a false flag carried out by the Syrian opposition, the so-called rebels, but in truth the western paid terrorists, with the purpose to blame Mr. Assad and to justify the ‘regime change’ – planned since 2009, since well before the CIA instigated start of the 2011 ‘civil war’.

( ).

It is depressing to see how the world – the corrupted-to-the-bone Western world – swallows these lies and actually openly calls for war against Syria, for the removal of Mr. Assad, Syria’s only legitimate and sovereign President, elected by the Syrians and still enjoying more than 80% support of the people.

Renowned socialists’, so-called peace seekers’ eyes are blurred by the western corporate lie-machine. It is sad to see. They believe the (((Western criminal media))). It is too hard even for them to admit to themselves that they have been duped, perhaps all their lives, and that they must now seek out and see reality. They can’t. But instead to look inside themselves – to ask themselves, what interest would Mr. Assad have to kill his own people, the children of his nation, the future of Syria – and God help Syria to have a future again – these shabby ‘progressives’ are too noble to admit to reality – and instead they join the blinded and call for ‘regime change’. That’s exactly what Washington – and the Zionist murderers behind that foul inner-beltway monument of assassins, called the White House, want.

We are living a higher level of ‘Operation Gladio’ again – where evil reigns, where the most horrendous of what was once called human beings are in power, killing mercilessly innocent people for their BIG PURPOSE, for world hegemony. This Judo-Christian ‘civilization’ (sic-sic) has a history of more than 1,000 years of Crusade killings followed by colonial killing and raping and exploitation of countries and their people around the globe, from Asia to Africa to Latin America – and there is no end. Our Western ‘culture’ is sold to Lucifer and his banking clan – continuing killing for greed and power.

People wake up! – If you don’t, you may be next.

We all have this little spark left somewhere in our brains – that tells you that something is not right – that those who call the shots are liars, that the world’s justice is not with evil – that justice is seeking peace not subjugation, power and material gains, but solidarity and harmony among us, brothers and sisters of the humankind.

But also, be aware that this monstrous beast knows no scruples. It has one goal – Full Spectrum Dominance – and will not let go, under no circumstances, until this goal is fully achieved or itself, the monster, the exceptional nation, is subjugated and disabled.

People stand up and become disabler of the empire!

Syria is a mere square on this murderous chess board, as was Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and many more to come. The purpose is not ‘winning a war’ – that would be too simple. The purpose is creating and leaving behind chaos, eternal chaos. In the case of Syria, a balkanization of the country, what Clinton did to Yugoslavia. The old ‘divide to conquer’ – it still works after hundreds of years. People are still blinded to these oldest and most rudimentary of war strategies. They still fall for it; don’t notice; swallow the lies.

In Syria, the stakes are high. In addition to the insane profits of the war and weapons industry – there is the little-talked-about Qatar-Turkey-Syria pipeline that was to bring oil and gas from the Gulf to Europe to demolish the Russian gas market in Europe – and to make trillions for US petro-giants; a pipeline Mr. Assad rejected in 2009.

Instead he approved and promoted the Iran pipeline through Syria to Europe. Iranian hydrocarbons would complement rather than compete with gas and oil from Russia for Europe. That’s when Obama decided that Bachar al-Assad had to go. It also fitted the bigger picture – a balkanized Middle East with steady conflicts fueling the war industry – but eventually leading to a Greater Israel, stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile, absorbing, parts of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.  

“It’s barbarism. I see it coming masqueraded under lawless alliances and predetermined enslavements. It may not be about Hitler’s furnaces but about the methodical and quasi-scientific subjugation of Man. His absolute humiliation. His disgrace.” – Odysseas Elytis, Greek poet, in a press conference on the occasion of receiving the Nobel Prize (1979).

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.


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17 responses to “Syria: Trump May Just Have Started World War III

  1. Robert, This was essential. Thanks. I have always maintained that the United States govt was overthrown with the assasination of John F Kennedy. They got vietnam, countless more coups and thirty more years of cold war profits. A rudimentary look into operation Montrose or Northwood would show anyone that they have absolutely no issue with coordinating attacks to advance their hegemony. No one in The press will ever question them. The exact same agencies and military industrial complex that have destroyed this country from within have exacted a terrible toll on the world. This is who runs things. People somehow accept that their govt is a moral agent and is motivated by harm to tiny babies. It is a frightening cognitive dissonance.

    • Kennedy as the last true American president, yet another academic legend. The real JFK was a Prohibition mafioso-style Catholic through his father, and a full-fledged Jewish member of the Bronfman clan through his mother, and he was imposed onto an American electorate that would have chosen Nixon by far. Some like to compare JFK to Roman Republic’s former Tiberius Gracchus together with RFK as Caius Gracchus : gibberish. That is yet another way to convince yourself of the presence of a non-existent nobility in your roots. The only well-known Roman character JFK can reasonably and cogently though approximately be compared with (and not at JFK’s advantage), for instance in the course of an IQ test about analogies, is Nero (by nearly everything as regards personal conduct and ideas : debauchery on yachts was JFK’s main concern about exerting power, and also by being a de facto member of a Jewish power clan).

      Apart from consuming tons of girls he often had assassinated after use, JFK was fond of frauds, false flags and make-believe operations as no other one as a Western head of State and as the only right way to conduct a people thirsty for ever more media happenings and works of fiction. JFK just couldn’t imagine any solution to any problem other than virtual reality creation, for him the way of deception was the one and only way the world had always worked, and the cold war with USSR would be won by the biggest deceiver. The problem is that JFK was too grossly flamboyant in his devising virtual realities not to fall apart now and then, as was the case for instance during the Bay of Pigs operation where he had ordered to stage apparitions of Christ in person (which denotes on his part a total lack of knowledge of Catholic culture : Christ cannot appear before the End of Days, only Mary romps sometimes onto the stage of the world), and as the saying goes, when you bungle three make-believe operations of such a magnitude, three strikes and you are out. JFK was beginning to acquire a really smelly and sultry reputation, he was putting the moral facade of American institutions at great risk (what he risked first and foremost to endanger was the process of social transformation of American Society through cultural marxism he had helped usher and push America back to Old South mentality for good), and the deep state (most probably LBJ himself) opted to immortalize him so as to make him into a virtual hero through assassination, as is a very common way to proceed in the framework of Masonic magic.

      Had he been kept alive, his personal reputation as a virtual liberal doing twice the real dirty work of a Conservative would be worse than the Clinton clan’s, at best he would have been a kind of mixture between Canada’s Trudeau and France’s Giscard d’Estaing, that is to say somebody very disappointing to say the least : just imagine what would have happened if Trudeau had been shot down by an enraged Canadian anti-French anglo after two years in power : there would have never been a separatist problem in Quebec, every Quebecker would have adored Trudeau as the last honest demigod on the Canadian scene, and Canada’s reputation as a progressive country would have outdone Sweden’s. JFK actually did not want to extend the Civil Rights to Blacks as extensively as happened in reality nor to put a real end to segregation, though he planned to use Black mafias to bully White neighbourhoods into submission : he clearly wanted to keep the Black culture definitely separate though with a government presence of its own right.

      JFK’s ranting against the FED is pure academic legend : all he did actually in the name of the American state was to have it issue metallic silver bonds (not money), actually it was a side-avowal the the Bretton Woods dollar was no longer worth its promised value and that inflation was going on, and the measure was cancelled for lack of buyers of such bonds : it smacked too much of a fraud. This guy was so blatantly mediocre and so 100% fake that he had to be immortalized into something very different for the show to go on. Since it is most probable that JFK was the first mastermind to order to fake the Moon Landings to come for want of any real physical feasibility, the guy had to made into a figure beyond any such reproach (that may have been his main hubris : contriving the greatest lie in the world ever, in the sole purpose not even of defeating the Russians but of making people enter for good into a permanent trance state where they could then be fed on with ever and ever more lies without any difficulty ; the only problem is that once the lie is established it may decide to survive better without you as its father). Make no mistake about it : there were no good old days in the history of American politics : one has never been able to enter the inner circles of American power without committing many ritual crimes and without stemming from a family committed for more generations to the deepest occult than is required of chivalry to be a French nobleman. So bad the presidents of now may be they will be always rather pale in comparison with Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson as regards malice of character and intentions (by the way both were Jewish oligarchs), like late Soviet bureaucrats in comparison with those of the 1930’s. Another scoundrel that was immortalized the right way into a saintly reputation was MLK. People stick desperately to JFK and MLK as iconic figures of an irretrievable good older time not to realize they have always been in the Axis of Evil.

      Get over it : America is Carthage, that is to say a semitic and semitic-like utilitarian merchant and mercenary empire with much technology, no art, no culture, no sense of beauty, leaving behind no civilization worthy to be called such (and also with general suffrage elections among two candidates as a way to ensure power would accrue to the richest and most mendacious only) and resorting to ritual child sacrifice as its ultimate source of inspiration in dire times, not Rome. An Empire whose first foundation wall was a Stock Exchange’s (Byrsa). Moscow is Rome, for the best and for the worst. It even used to be called the Third Rome for very long. And the destiny of all Carthaginian-type Empires is to fall prey at last to Roman ones however widespread the former have been over the seas of the whole known world. America started as a country not by hoping for the Constitution to protect orphans and widows but exterminating Indians, enslaving Blacks, burning Catholics, killing Mexicans and Arabs and prohibiting all cultural pursuits in the name of its God and it is bound to die likewise as dotage makes it slide nearer and nearer back into child age.

      The American beast can actually be punctured into instant death by concentrating on two founding lies : JFK and the Moon Landing story, MLK and the Civil Rights story.

      • Judith, I disagree. It is not a myth at all. Kennedy was elected as a hawk. You had to be back then. But He evolved to a detente position. He may have been a hawk but compared to the group of thugs that were carrying out THEIR OWN policies and killings, he wasn’t insane. He wanted to call off the space race. He issued an order that ended our involvement in vietnam that was publicly released in the papers the day before He was assasinated. He was surrounded by a seriously dangerous coterie of generals and intelligence heads such as Allen Dulles, General Curtis LeMay and other fascistic elements of the national security state. His brother Bobby begged Kruschev to pull out middles because Kennedy thought his generals would overthrow him.

        The Deep state analysis is not predicated on the assumption that Kennedy was a legend of liberal saint status. Look up the facts of the case. They were overthrowing not just socialists like Allende. The 50s and early 60s were filled with the overthrow of moderate liberal regime’s as well.

        Look up the speech at the American University, misfiring of Allen Dulles, his refusal to invade Cuba. Every General wanted to mike the Russians AFTER they pulled back missles from Cuba.

        This is not liberal legend making. These are facts about how dangerous things became and how the CIA and military industrial complex has has their way ever since.

        • Jason Y

          Look up the speech at the American University, misfiring of Allen Dulles, his refusal to invade Cuba.

          He refused to invade Cuba – only as a deal to get Russian nuclear bases off Cuban soil.

        • Had JFKennedy been by any tiny margin a real danger for the system though his intentions or force of character, he would not have been shot, he would have been shamed and impeached first, and then maybe killed under general public applause or preferably as through an act of God like a very nasty and shameful disease : he would have gotten a treatment far worse than Gaddhafi’s. He would have been shown to the TV audiences and remembered by History as a villain, only a few rare dissidents would have raised the hypothesis of the goodness of his person. JFK as a real risk for the American system would have been disposed of before even growing howsoever conscious of his own intention to resist. The American media narrative is the most perfectly self-contained and infallible system of thought control ever devised in the history of the world. The two morally worst characters it has promoted to divine status are none other than the two main “Founding Fathers” : Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson. When you are pure of heart, there is not only no survival for you under the American sky, there is no salvation for you, you go to deepest hell by the law of the God of Calvin. Only the most supernaturally corrupt of the kind most necessary to inspire future generations of political oppressors and prostitutes can afford to be granted apotheosis by the senate or the spiritual authorities after exemplary death, exactly as was the case under the late Roman Empire. We remember the Kennedy days as having been good for one thing : economic affluence, period, and that economic affluence to bribe the general people into complacent silence and false debates while they consented to be spied day and night by the telecommunication system being installed under the pretext of space conquest. Nixon posed a slightly greater danger by his mafioso don-like sense of honour and respect for his own person at least : he is to be remembered by most as a negative character.

          As for Chile’s Allende, he was no hero neither : he was a very conscious Masonic operative of the plan Camelot (devised under both Kennedy’s and Kissinger’s careful supervision) to fake a leftist take-over through elections so as to justify a fascist coup afterwards. This is a case I devoted much study to (the farther away from all a country is without being too interesting as an exotic spot, the better a laboratory it can turn into) : this story just makes no sense unless all the actors present on the left just fake it, so incapable of practical decision process they seemed. Allende, as a non-Soviet “radical socialist” (which means cultural left leaning Wall Street operated, like France’s Arlette Larguillier or Cohn-Bendit), garnered a tiny 35% popular support with record low voter participation (40%) in the presidential election of 1970 as the head of a very unstable and improbable coalition comprising some Soviet-leaning (but therefore very corruptible) communists. The refusal of the three main candidates of the right and centre-right to agree upon a run-off as would have been the normal case (and those three parties were known to take their orders in Washington) resulted in Allende’s becoming president by default. So enthused were the leftists of the world that they refused to consider the eventual fakery. From 1962 onwards Milton Friedman was already working at having his ideas put into practice in Chile : 50% of Chileans, especially those of Northern European origin in the cold South, were racial apartheid loving and opposed to any social improvement for the poor on religious grounds, and as Pinochet took Power, they supported him up to the fag end of his otherwise very nasty regime.

    • Thanks. I now have it that apparently ALL US intelligence agencies are saying there was no chemical weapons attack.

      My Mom asked me though, “Well why does the CIA not come out and say so then?” My Mom believes every single lie the government and (((media))) spoonfeeds her. I have other family members who are the same way. They are so hopeless!

      I told my Mom that the CIA does not issue public statements. They do not do press releases. The CIA never even publishes its reports publicly. All publications and communications by the CIA are classed as secret. They simple don’t come out and say anything about anything. The only people they talk to are the government. The only way they talk to the public is that some analysts are leakers and leak to the public but even that is not good enough for my family members if contradicts the state and media.

      Also I have a question about (((the media))). Don’t they release that they are peddling fake stories about false flags and fake attacks and other lying scams? Are they in on it? Are they like the state in that they are in on the fake incidents? Or are they just like my family who believe everything the state says as gospel?

      I’m not getting this.

  2. Ken Smigel

    US and Russia are working together, let’s call a spade a spade.

  3. Jason Y

    I’m not surprised here – well sort of – I thought Trump was some Russian puppet. Anyhow, as we have seen, Trump is simply surrounded by too many Republicans – and these guys are all neo-cons to the core – straight from the W. Bush days – you have all the Christian fascists, oil companies etc… In a sense, this happening is not a shock.

  4. Jason Y

    Oddly enough, people were saying there would be war with Russia if Hillary was elected. Anyhow, though, Obama managed to keep the peace in the middle east but got mocked as some cuck to the Muslim world.

    Oh, we just didn’t appreciate Obama when he was our president, did we? Anyway, as Mike D or Trash would say, the proles have gotten what they asked for. They always hated Obama, blacks etc and wanted war – so now they have it.

  5. Beauregard

    It is the Paleoconservatives’ “Time for Choosing”

    Whether they arrogantly stand behind Trump despite the fact he is anally lacerating the whole country and them in particular…..

    Whether they look at the bigger picture and don’t back down when things get tough…..

    Whether they want to ensure peace and prosperity in the next generation all over the world….

  6. Juanny Boy

    I’m having trouble understanding Turkey’s role in Syria.

    They dislike the Kurds/Pershmerga yet also are allied with Israel.

    They are anti-Assad, but why are they said to be allies with Russia?

  7. Juanny Boy

    Schumer is pushing new sanctions on Iran.

    DNC is backing Tulsi Gabbard’s primary opponent because of her ‘stop funding Al Qaeda’ bill.

    I think it’s time to leave the Democratic Party.

  8. (((Schumer)))


    ((Democratic Party)))

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