Some Questions about the CIA, the Media and False Flags as a Way of Life Now

Thanks. I now have it that apparently all US intelligence agencies are saying there was no chemical weapons attack.

Someone asked me though, “Well, why does the CIA not come out and say so then?” This person believes every single lie the government and (((media))) tells her. I know so many people who are like this. They are so hopeless!

I told her that the CIA does not issue public statements. They do not do press releases. The CIA never even publishes its reports publicly. All publications and communications by the CIA are classed as secret. They simply don’t come out and say anything about anything. The only people they talk to are the government. The only way they talk to the public is that some analysts are leakers and leak to the public via some journalists, but even that is not good enough for the many people I know if contradicts the state and (((media))).

Also I have a question about (((the media))). Don’t they release that they are peddling fake stories about false flags and fake attacks and other lying scams? Are they in on it? Are they like the state in that they are in on the fake incidents? Or are they just like my friend who believe everything the state says as gospel?

I’m not getting this.

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One response to “Some Questions about the CIA, the Media and False Flags as a Way of Life Now

  1. The nature of the CIA is intrinsically that of a disinformation agency.

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