US War of Aggression Against Syria Proves Once Again That the US Supports ISIS

The US has been supporting ISIS for a long time now. Recently in Deir ez Zour, the US and ISIS coordinated an attack Syria’s forces. The US worked together with ISIS and told them of an upcoming US bombing attacks on Assad’s forces. ISIS was then able to coordinate their attack. They attacked only seven minutes after the bombing had started. They could not have done that unless they had advance warning of the bombing, so the US had to have communicated to ISIS that the bombing was going to take place. The combined US-ISIS attack on Assad left 80 soldiers dead.

The Pentagon later lied and said the attack was a “mistake.” It could not have been a mistake in a thousand years. The US had drones over the strike area for three days prior to the bombing. The jets came in with their transponders on to disable the Syrians’ radar. This attack was ordered by scumbag Ashton Carter, a warmongering psychopathic freak who ran the Pentagon under Obama. Ash Carter ordered this attack in order to end the US-Russian coordination agreement that had been reached earlier. We had word that a lot of the Pentagon people were furious about having to work with Russia so they deliberately sabotaged the agreement and this lying attack was one of the methods they used.

This coordinated attack also shows how closely the US and ISIS work together in Syria.

The latest Nazi-like war on aggression launched on Syria in which 70 cruise missiles were fired at a Syrian airbase. This was the airbase that Assad used to attack ISIS, so taking out the one base Assad used against ISIS shows once again how the US is working with and supporting ISIS in Syria.


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4 responses to “US War of Aggression Against Syria Proves Once Again That the US Supports ISIS

  1. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    The US does not support ISIS, but it may use ISIS to topple the Assad regime, just as it used Bin Laden to inflict harm on Soviet forces in Afghanistan. It is beyond me why so many people in Washington want to see Assad go. The most likely explanation is that American Middle Eastern policy has been completely Zionized.

    To the Zionists, the best Arabs are dead Arabs. The next best Arabs to them are weak, corrupt Arabs. The Syrian regime is neither weak nor corrupt, so the Zionists would like to see it weakened or else overthrown. The latter option is risky because there is no guarantee that the successors of Assad will be less hostile to Israel, and they may be less predictable.

    Syrian policy has been very consistent. They want the Golan Heights back. Countries, or at least their rulers, can become obsessed about lost territory. After 1870, the French obsessively wanted the return of Alsace-Lorraine. The result was WWI. If the Syrian regime some time ago had let bygones be bygones and accepted the loss of the Golan Heights, we can be sure that the Zionists would now not be seeking their overthrow or subversion.

    However, the Golan Heights are not American territory. There is no reason why any American should feel threatened because the Syrians insist on getting it back. That’s where the Zionization of American Middle Eastern policy comes in. The implacable American hostility toward Iran can also be explained by Zionist influence in Washington.

    Regards. James

  2. I could agree except that Assad was an asset to Israel in his ability to keep a border country stabilized against extremism and ISIS to some degree. Without him the country would simply turn into the anarchic chaos of Iraq or Syria.

    Not since the Korean War has the United States ever been able to install a functional government into a country it has been at war with. Not Vietnam and not Iraq and probably not Syria.

    Therefore if Assad’s regime is toppled the chaos is right next door to Israel instead of being in other region of the Middle East.

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  3. SHI

    Iraqi coalition armed forces have just wrested Mosul from ISIS control. Not sure if ISIS is truly backing off but the whole Middle-East issue is so complicated.

    A couple of observations:

    1- ISIS which is filled with Sunni militants, does not consider Israel their enemy. They even apologized for accidentally attacking Israeli Defence Forces.

    Israelis haven’t publicly spoken against ISIS atrocities including mutilations, beheadings, human trafficking, even though all that is happening right next door. They’re supposed to be a modern, secular state and a champion of liberal values.

    2- Iran-backed Hezbollah hates Israel. The Shias would settle for nothing else but burning Israel to ground. Hezbollah and Hamas are the main enemies of Israel.

    3- Iran supports Hezbollah and Hamas. But, they hate ISIS.

    4- ISIS hates Iran. Israel hates Iran. America loves Israel and hates Iran.

    Basically, America and Israel are telling ISIS commanders, “You don’t like Iran. We don’t like Iran. You know what I’m saying (wink)?”

    5- Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and Kuwait, all of them US allies, do not want to recognize the State of Israel. Apparently, if you have an Israeli visa on your passport, you cannot get off at Dubai airport. Yet, these same Arabs hate the Shias of Iran and Qatar much more than they do the Israelis. They also claim to hate ISIS but secretly provide them money and weapons so that they can manage this modern “Caliphate”. Neither America nor Israel care much about Saudi/Turkish connection with ISIS.

    6- Bashar-Al-Assad, backed by the Russians, is the only leader consistently fighting ISIS.

    7- America and Israel hate Bashar-Al-Assad. Sure, he committed some war crimes but Turkey’s Erdogan is so much worse and he is a NATO ally.

    8 – ISIS terrorists are frequently attacking European cities killing innocent people. America and Israel condemns these incidents of course but they go back to targeting their main bogey – Iran which has NOTHING to do with terrorist attacks in Europe.

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