A Proposal for the Banned Commenter Trash

A lot of folks are upset that I banned him, although I am quite happy with my decision and I know Alpha was quite happy to see him go also.

A proposal:

I will allow Trash to stay as long as he only posts in Open Topic and in no other places. Is that ok with you guys?


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12 responses to “A Proposal for the Banned Commenter Trash

    • Braindamage I am going to have to ban you. You have to donate as a regular commenter. $10 minimum to comment for life. If that’s a hardship for you, let me know. If you do intend to donate, email me and we can talk about it.


      • Robert, I mailed cash to your address a couple of months ago. Along with some foreign currencies for your collection. Cuban, Chinese and others, If you didn’t receive it, i will mail again.

        • Ah yes ok! I need to start making a list and keeping track of everyone who donated. Thanks so much for that! I will unban you now. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  1. Louis

    We all know YOU are Trash. Come on, robbie.

  2. Please ask Jason to ask excuses for what he has just commented about Haiti in response to the commentary of mine I thank you to have published about Jews and Brazilification. He should first get informed about what Haiti was, has been and still is more than ever, the view of it he shares is at Pat Robertson stratospheric level of red-neck ignorance and arrogance. You should ban him unless he realizes the necessity to change his outlook onto that specific subject. Especially that now the US have relayed France in Haiti as managers of that prison country. Whatever the present-day misery, which is the most abyssal in the world, the suffering delivered by the former French masters still remains marked in all memories.

  3. Yee

    This is the story you heard a hundred times before.

    I finally understand why once an Indian got into an US company, Whites would gradually be kicked out and replaced. And their co-workers ALWAYS hate it.

    No, the proposal is not good. I’ve an alternative: unban husband IP, and Trash come back under another name. How about that?

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