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US War of Aggression Against Syria Proves Once Again That the US Supports ISIS

The US has been supporting ISIS for a long time now. Recently in Deir ez Zour, the US and ISIS coordinated an attack Syria’s forces. The US worked together with ISIS and told them of an upcoming US bombing attacks on Assad’s forces. ISIS was then able to coordinate their attack. They attacked only seven minutes after the bombing had started. They could not have done that unless they had advance warning of the bombing, so the US had to have communicated to ISIS that the bombing was going to take place. The combined US-ISIS attack on Assad left 80 soldiers dead.

The Pentagon later lied and said the attack was a “mistake.” It could not have been a mistake in a thousand years. The US had drones over the strike area for three days prior to the bombing. The jets came in with their transponders on to disable the Syrians’ radar. This attack was ordered by scumbag Ashton Carter, a warmongering psychopathic freak who ran the Pentagon under Obama. Ash Carter ordered this attack in order to end the US-Russian coordination agreement that had been reached earlier. We had word that a lot of the Pentagon people were furious about having to work with Russia so they deliberately sabotaged the agreement and this lying attack was one of the methods they used.

This coordinated attack also shows how closely the US and ISIS work together in Syria.

The latest Nazi-like war on aggression launched on Syria in which 70 cruise missiles were fired at a Syrian airbase. This was the airbase that Assad used to attack ISIS, so taking out the one base Assad used against ISIS shows once again how the US is working with and supporting ISIS in Syria.


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Donald Trump Is An International Law Breaker

As you can see, there was no chemical weapons attack in Idlib, Syria. The US military knows full well that there was no attack. So what is this loathsome scum Mattis doing running around insisting there was an attack and even worse, threatening Russia by saying Russia knew the chemical attack! Russia would never have signed off on any chemical weapons attack by Assad and Assad has to run everything he does by the Syrians.

Mattis’ latest lie is that 20% of Syria’s aircraft was destroyed in the Nazi-like war of aggression launched by Amerikka. This is not true. Assad and the Russians were warned in advance that a cruise missile attack was coming, and Assad moved most of this equipment out of the way.

Donald Trump Is An International Law Breaker

Global Research, April 08, 2017
Sic Semper Tyrannis 7 April 2017

Donald Trump‘s decision to launch cruise missile strikes on a Syrian Air Force Base was based on a lie.

In the coming days the American people will learn that the Intelligence Community knew that Syria did not drop a military chemical weapon on innocent civilians in Idlib. Here is what happened:

  1. The Russians briefed the United States on the proposed target. This is a process that started more than two months ago. [prior to the fake Chemical Weapons attack] There is a dedicated phone line that is being used to coordinate and deconflict (i.e., prevent US and Russian air assets from shooting at each other) the upcoming operation.
  2. The United States was fully briefed on the fact that there was a target in Idlib and that the Russians believed it was a weapons/explosives depot for Islamic rebels.
  3. The Syrian Air Force hit the target with conventional weapons. All involved expected to see a massive secondary explosion. That did not happen. Instead, smoke, chemical smoke, began billowing from the site. It turns out that the Islamic rebels used that site to store chemicals, not sarin, that were deadly. The chemicals included organic phosphates and chlorine and they followed the wind and killed civilians.
  4. There was a strong wind blowing that day and the cloud was driven to a nearby village and caused casualties.
  5. We know it was not sarin. How? Very simple. The so-called “first responders” handled the victims without gloves. If this had been sarin they would have died. Sarin on the skin will kill you. How do I know? I went through “Live Agent” training at Fort McClellan in Alabama.

There are members of the U.S. military who were aware that this strike would occur and it was recorded. There is a film record. At least the Defense Intelligence Agency knows that this was not a chemical weapon attack. In fact, Syrian military chemical weapons were destroyed with the help of Russia.

This is Gulf of Tonkin 2. How ironic. Donald Trump correctly castigated George W. Bush for launching an unprovoked, unjustified attack on Iraq in 2003. Now we have President Donald Trump doing the same damn thing. Worse in fact. Because the intelligence community had information showing that there was no chemical weapon launched by the Syrian Air Force.

Here’s the good news. The Russians and Syrians were informed, or at least were aware, that the [cruise missile] attack was coming. They were able to remove a large number of their assets. The base the United States hit was something of a backwater. Donald Trump gets to pretend that he is a tough guy. He is not. He is a fool.

This attack was violation of international law. Donald Trump authorized an unjustified attack on a sovereign country. What is even more disturbing is that people like Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and NSA Director General McMaster went along with this charade. Frontline troops know the truth. These facts will eventually come out. Donald Trump will most likely not finish his term as President. He will be impeached, I believe, once Congress is presented with irrefutable proof that he ignored and rejected intelligence that did not support the myth that Syria attacked with chemical weapons.

It should also alarm American taxpayers that we launched $100 million dollars of missiles to blow up sand and camel shit. The Russians were aware that a strike was coming. I’m hoping that they and the Syrians withdrew their forces and aircraft from the base. Whatever hope I had that Donald Trump would be a new kind of President, that hope is extinguished. He is a child and a moron. He committed an act of war without justification. But the fault is not his alone. Those who sit atop the NSC, the DOD, the CIA, the Department of State should have resigned in protest. They did not. They are complicit in a war crime.

Colonel W. Patrick Lang is a retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces (The Green Berets). He served in the Department of Defense both as a serving officer and then as a member of the Defense Senior Executive Service for many years. He is a highly decorated veteran of several of America’s overseas conflicts including the war in Vietnam.

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Deleted Daily Mail Online Article: “US Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad”

This is actually true and this is not the first time we have heard this. The US government and even Obama planned a fake chemical weapons attack in Syria for years now.

We have a voice recording of John Kerry discussing an upcoming false flag chemical weapons attack on Syria in January 2013. Kerry is badgering the Turks to go ahead with their false flag and asking what is taking them so long. Members of Turkish Parliament later released evidence that Turkish intelligence had worked together with Al Qaeda to do the first false flag attack, the fake chemical weapons attack in Ghouta in July 2013.

Nothing about this attack made sense. It occurred on the very day when UN inspectors arrived in Damascus to review reports that the US-backed Al Qaeda and other rebels used chemical weapons. Assad waits until a UN team summoned by Assad to investigate chemical weapons attacks by rebels, and then he does his own chemical weapons attack? Give it up! Furthermore, that attack occurred on the exact one year anniversary of the date when Obama drew his line in the sand and said that if Assad used chemical weapons, we would invade and regime change him. So Assad waits until the one year anniversary of a threat by the US to invade and topple the regime if they use chemical weapons, and on that very date, he uses chemical weapons! Give it up!

Furthermore, UN investigators concluded that there was no evidence that Assad launched a chemical weapons attack in Ghouta in July 2013.

Obama was set to go to war with Syria to topple the regime when British intelligence found that the Sarin used in the Ghouta attack did not match Assad’s stockpiles. Instead it was bathtub Sarin with the exact signature of a batch of bathtub Sarin that had been seized from Al Qaeda operatives in Turkey earlier.

The MI5 conclusion was that Assad did not launch a chemical weapons attack in Ghouta. This information was then relayed to the CIA. Soon before Obama was to give a speech announcing attack on Syria, the head of the CIA informed Obama that the CIA had concluded based on British intelligence that Assad had not launched a chemical weapons attack in Ghouta in 2013. This is the real reason why Obama did not launch his attack on Syria after the fake Ghouta attack.

As we can see now, the CIA has concluded that the Assad did not launch chemical weapons in Ghouta in 2013 and he did not launch them in the most recent case in Hama either.

So it looks like the (((entire US media))) and much of the Western media is flat out lying about both of these fake chemical weapons attacks.

There have been many Sarin and Chlorine gas attacks in this war, all of which have been blamed on Assad. However, my investigation revealed that all of the ones I looked at so far were cases where the rebels used chemical weapons and then blamed Assad for it. This whole nutty Syrian war has been one endless false flag from start to finish.

This article was first published by GR in June 2013,  the author is the Truthnewsinternational blog site.

In January 29, 2013, Britain’s most popular daily newspaper, in its online version Dailymail.co.uk published an article titled:

U.S. ‘Backed Plan to Launch Chemical Weapon Attack on Syria and Blame it on Assad’s Regime’

A few days later they pulled the article.

What the reason was for the deletion remains unclear. The article was published at this URL:


There exists a cached version of the article which can be found here:


See scan of complete deleted article below

syria, emails, Daily Mail, deleted article

One day later, on January 30, a moderated news board thread was created, which is still online, at Mail Online about that article. Thread: Syrian WMD False Flag – Are False Flags a Way of Life Now?

In their initial article Mail Online refers to an Infowars.com article (dated January 28, 2013), that’s where they probably found the information on the leaked e-mail and other documents.

CapitalBay  (who published the wrong areal pictures of the school in Sandy Hook), Mail Online, Infowars, Yahoo News India, News Track India, Whale.to, Philippine Times, Uganda News, LiveLeak, Truth Media TV and others all claim in their mirrored articles that the alleged e-mail from Britam’s David Goulding to Philip Doughty was dated December 25, 2012.

However, at Neftegaz.ru (translated with Google) there also exists another version of the alleged e-mail. There the e-mail is dated December 24, 2012.

Whether the content of the alleged e-mail is correct, that’s open for debate. Fact is that PressTV has an article online which supports the claims in the alleged e-mail. And RT‘s article from last year (June 10, 2012) still claims that “Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons,” to then blame Assad for it. Those weapons came from Libya, according to RT. This begs the question: Did Christopher Stevens know about those weapons when he died in the CIA villa in Benghazi last year?

But why was the article pulled by Mail Online?

Why do there exist at least two versions of the same alleged e-mail?

And what about Britam admitting that they were hacked, according to Ruvr.co.uk (The Voice of Russia)?

But there’s also this, according to Mail Online it was a Malaysian hacker who got to the alleged e-mail(s), while Infowars claims that the e-mail was “obtained by a hacker in Germany.”

Either way, whoever initiated the Britam email escapade did a good job at fooling both mainstream and alternative news outlets because it’s a real mess and few know what really happened and why.

Yet it’s ironic that Mail Online did not delete their other article where they wrote about the UN’s Carla Del Ponte who claims that Syrian rebels are responsible for “sarin gas attacks, which had been blamed on Assad’s troops.” The same rebels who now receive resources from the EU and the U.S., since the EU is buying oil from those “rebels” and the US is arming them for a proxy war as the Washington Post describes it.

Earlier it was reported that (((Israel))) had granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied (((Golan Heights))), to Genie Energy who’s shareholders include (((Rupert Murdoch))) and (((Lord Jacob Rothschild))).

See here.

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The CIA Says There Was No Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Many people in the CIA and the Pentagon are saying there was no chemical attack in Syria by Bashar Assad’s forces. Some are threatening to go public. We have records that show that the US military knew that this was not a chemical weapons attack.

Furthermore the head of the CIA , Mike Pompeo, told Trump on April 6 that the CIA’s analysts had concluded that Assad did not do a chemical weapons attack in Syria. Soon afterwards, the head of the CIA was sidelined in Trump’s subsequent meetings. Later that day, he launched an attack on Syria although his own head of the CIA told him there was no chemical weapons attack.

“Before the photo was released on Friday, a source told me that Pompeo had personally briefed Trump on April 6 about the CIA’s belief that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was likely not responsible for the lethal poison-gas incident in northern Syria two days earlier — and thus Pompeo was excluded from the larger meeting as Trump reached a contrary decision.”


“But in the photo of Trump and his advisers, no one from the intelligence community is in the frame. You see Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, strategic adviser Steve Bannon, son-in-law Jared Kushner and a variety of other officials, including some economic advisers who were at Mar-a-Lago in Florida for the meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

However, you don’t see Pompeo or Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats or any other intelligence official. Even (((The Jew York Times))) noted the oddity in its Saturday editions, writing: “If there were C.I.A. and other intelligence briefers around, … they are not in the picture.”

That made me wonder whether perhaps my original source did know something. The claim was that CIA Director Pompeo had briefed Trump personally on the analysts’ assessment that Assad’s forces were not responsible, but – then with Pompeo sidelined – Trump conveyed his own version of the intelligence to his senior staff.

In other words, the other officials didn’t get the direct word from Pompeo but rather received a second-hand account from the President, the source said. Did Trump choose to rely on the smug certainty from the TV shows and the mainstream news media that Assad was guilty, rather than the contrary view of U.S. intelligence analysts?”

It looks like Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Pompeo and anyone from the intelligence community was kept out of the meeting. This must be because Coats, Pompeo and entire rest of the US intelligence community insist that Assad did not fire those weapons.

Many US officials, all of the Congress and (((the entire US media))) continue to run with the fake chemical weapons attack story. Almost all liberal Democratic websites also insist that there was a chemical weapons attack. Daily Kos, the website of the left wing of the Democratic Party, insists that there was a chemical weapons attack.

The only sites that think this was a false flag or fake attack are Leftist sites. Even Counterpunch writer (((Joshua Frank))) insists that Assad must have done it.

I got some news for you. They’re all lying. They’re all telling a great big fat lie. Either they believe the lie or they know it’s a lie and they are saying it anyway. The US media is utterly vile, pure filth. If ISIS bombed the (((Jew York Times))) building and killed everyone in it, I would sing and dance for 30 days. That would be one of the best things that ever happened to our country.

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A Proposal for the Banned Commenter Trash

A lot of folks are upset that I banned him, although I am quite happy with my decision and I know Alpha was quite happy to see him go also.

A proposal:

I will allow Trash to stay as long as he only posts in Open Topic and in no other places. Is that ok with you guys?


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