Donald Trump, Radical Free Trader


Turns out all that crap you heard about Trump bashing our lousy trade deals was nothing but a lie. Yes, he canned the TPP. Let us give him credit for that. And he said he was going to renegotiate NAFTA, presumably to remove the nasty TPP like elements in it. But Trump was lying. He’s not an economic nationalist at all. Instead he’s just another corporate free trader. What else would you expect from a billionaire corporate mogul of a huge multinational corporation.

Turns out Trump’s plan to renegotiate NAFTA is to make it a lot worse! Well of course. He was never on the side of workers, consumers, the environment, the people or even the country. No corporate executives ever are. They always dead-set against all of those things and corporations always do everything in their power to screw over workers, consumers, the environment, the people, and even the nation every time they get. Because all those things stand in the way of their profits. Since Trump has come in, he has set about dismantling many of our worker protections and pro worker laws.

He has also been eliminating a lot of our consumer protections and pro consumer laws. He was taking a wrecking ball to our environmental laws and declared total war on the Environment. And Trump so far has been one of the most anti-people Presidents we have ever had. Trump is for the aristocrats, not the people. You’re either for the aristocrats or you’re for the people. Conservatism is the political philosophy of the aristocrats. It says aristocrats shall rule and have everything and the people shall remain out of power and have nothing. On the other hand, liberalism is about democracy. Liberalism says the people should rule, not the aristocrats, and the wealth should be divided among the people, not hoarded by aristocrats.

It turns out that Trump is actually worse than Clinton on Trade.  No way would Clinton have renegotiated NAFTA to make it worse. Forget it.

Trump lied about Trade.

He lied about foreign policy. He said he was an isolationist and he attacked the Obama Administration for getting involved in Syria. Now Trump is starting a war against Assad in Syria, a very dangerous move. Hillary would never have done that. Trump is worse than Hillary on Syria and foreign policy in general.

Trump lied and said he would protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. His new budget calls for destroying Social Security and Medicare and radically cutting back Medicaid.

He lied about everything. All you clowns who voted for him got taken. You’re all a bunch of suckers. Idiots.

Last week, a draft of President Donald Trump’s notice to Congress describing plans for NAFTA renegotiation was leaked to the press.

Instead of replacing NAFTA with something “a lot better” for working Americans as Trump promised, the plan describes adding aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without removing any of NAFTA’s worst terms.

The headlines say it all:

  • “After Calling NAFTA ‘Worst Trade Deal,’ Trump Appears to Soften Stance” — The New York Times
  • “TPP Reincarnation” — Washington Trade Daily
  • “Business Groups See Positives in Draft NAFTA Notice …” — Inside U.S. Trade
  • “Trump’s Draft Proposal Makes Tweaks To NAFTA” — NPR

Perhaps the most shocking element is that Trump would keep the terms at the heart of NAFTA that expand corporate power. Yes, the extremely threatening, controversial, corporate “investor-state” tribunal regime would stay in place.

The leaked plan even expands the privileges for multinational corporations that make it easier to offshore jobs.

It would not remove the ban on Buy Local and Buy American. And there is not one word on fixing the currency manipulation problems that Trump said fuel our massive trade deficit.

The plan is packed with language cut and pasted from documents trade officials used last year to describe the TPP. This includes the TPP terms that threaten access to medicines, financial regulation and safe food. Plus, it calls for use of the labor and environmental terms from the TPP that were resoundingly rejected as ineffective by unions and environmental organizations.


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  1. Jason Y

    I could see this very clearly before. You don’t need to be psychic. Why couldn’t David Duke and the other fools see that? I guess they were just happy to finally see someone who was anti-immigration and wasn’t going to bend over backward, not even in a moderate Mitt Romney or W. Bush way, to so-called racial minorities.

    However, as we can see, Trump is pushing a totally neo-con agenda and the trade policy doesn’t seem much different, so all the sweet-talk was just to get suckers (votes).

    • Sambo

      Trump and Hillary are most likely both puppets. If a war happens the living President of the US is just a face. Hold Trump accountable but he’s obviously not alone. It’s a big club and David Duke ain’t in it.

      • Beauregard

        Ironically, the WNs greatest ally on foreign policy may have been none other than Barack Hussein Obama.
        Neocon stuff harms brown people, and hence Obama had sympathy.
        He is greatly missed at that moment in time.

        But let’s harbor no illusions, the President does have some influence.

        • People forget how completely f*cked America was by 2007.

          The Iraq war was a quagmire that had run up trillions and no oil flowed from its aftermath. It was a dead expense.

          The bubble had burst and there was a bad recession.

          Obama was no genius but he was able to solve some of these domestic problems and a domestic president was what the people were voting for.

          He was a terrible foreign policy president but offshore-and I was offshore then-was not relevant in 2008. The U.S. had been plunged into a huge deficit.

          All this occurred only 8 years after Clinton had been in office.

          So unsurprisingly being a Mulatto was kind of irrelevant.

      • Sambo

        Obama had plenty of WN support, Duke included. “some” keyword.

        • SAMBO

          As oppose to McCain? We can all admire the man’s valor and bravery but he was not the best option for president in 2008.

          Likely Iraq would have bankrupted the United States under his watch.

          At that time the economy was damaged by Bush-and this was only 8 years after Clinton had left office-to the extent that only a domestic community organizer could extract the U.S. from the mess it was in.

          Obama was a terrible foreign policy president. Dreadful. But domestically he managed to pull the U.S. out of the situation Bush had put it the country in.

        • SAMBO Old Country vs. New Country Racism

          Ice T once extolled the Danish immigrants to South Central LA as superior to “crackers”.

          American blacks tend to have a great deal more respect for Europeans than for poor American whites. That is why so many American blacks love Paris.

          Similarly white racists are more fond of the African gentleman who is the top %1 of his nation. There is a grain of truth in this: even today the most successful blacks are the children of African and Caribbean immigrants.

          Duke could be said to like the son of an African intelligentsia like Obama and a white woman than an American black for the same reason.

  2. JASON Y The Man, Myth, Legend is Back

    Good to have you back, bro. The most intelligent and insightful poster near this blog has returned. Jason Y.

  3. SHI

    America….the world is laughing at your choice of this goofball for President.

    • Perhaps but they won’t cope with undesirable immigrants as Denmark or UK have to.

      • SHI

        That’s one pathetic attempt at a put-down, you attention-seeking hamster.

        Except I’m not taking the bait this time. No flames.

        • How do you believe that such a statement applies to you personally?

        • SHI

          How do you believe that such a statement applies to you personally?

          Coming from a son-of-a-bitch like you, I have every reason to believe that all your statements in response to my posts are personal attacks. Besides, we both know you had been trying to paint me in a negative light using those very accusations that you’re now attempting to generalize.

          Beware, these sneaky underhanded tactics will end up with you in flames. Literally one day, but I’m sure you’re a coward in real life. You won’t talk shit like that to anyone in real life.

    • John

      Brahmin vermin’s should be first clean the shit they have created before thinking about moving abroad and cornholing white girls. They need a eon to clean the filth they have created.

  4. Jason Y

    And Trump so far has been one of the most anti-people Presidents we have ever had. Trump is for the aristocrats, not the people. You’re either for the aristocrats or you’re for the people.

    The books written by real estate guru Robert Kiyosaki – who co-authored a book with Trump – tell exactly how Trump thinks – and it’s 100 percent pro-corporate with no guilt trip.

    Watch how Kiyosaki, for instance, brags about investing in oil in his youth, has a totally honest assessment of the industrial age (the age that Trump claimed he supported on the campaign trial) which states the industrial age is dead, making way for the information age. Also, note that Kiyosaki has a totally Republican view on economics – claiming that the poor and middle class cannot depend on the government and that taxes target the middle class because the rich simply get around them with lawyers.

    Finally, Trump and Kiyosaki’s message is always – teach kids about money so they can take care of themselves – don’t let them become dependent on unions (Kiyosaki’s poor dad compared to this rich dad), education (the lefty education system his poor dad worked for).

    • SHI

      Trump never authored any books himself. He had hired ghostwriters who weren’t paid what was promised.

      • The ghostwriter’s lawyer divulged this contractual breach where?

        • John

          Stop responding to a shitindian. Your disgracing the white race by taking it on with the street shitters. You will only driven to shitposting and poop would be thrown on you cos that’s what Indians are good at.

  5. Jason Y

    Ironically, Trump’s economic buddy Kiyosaki still thinks the world economy is going to crash very soon – even though Trump is president. I wonder Trump actually thinks this too, but obviously, such thinking wouldn’t be good for a presidential run, maybe Trump thinks it will crash later on – after he’s president.

    Yet, all these guys want you to get rich like them. 😆

    • JASON Y

      He was elected simply because Red State Townies in Indiana or Alabama were tired of being sneered at by Blue States like Massachusetts or California who held their beliefs (Evangelicalism), traditions (Marry young and have a family by 25), social mores (Booze is good, weed is bad) and lack of worldliness (Blue State voters can thrive in globalist economy, half of them have worked overseas or have a house in the South of France).

      They elected Bill Clinton for the same reason. Both Bush the East Coast patrician with his endless obsession with wars overseas (I won the Gulf War he kept telling voters coping with an early 90’s recession) and Ross Perot (A proto-Trump of sorts). Which makes her deplorable comments more ironic. Clinton was elected by deplorable masses in 1992.

      • Beauregard

        Correct, there was not such a stark coastal versus flyover state divide in 1992.

        • BEAUREGARD

          This is Gen X.

          The Blue State branch went to college, became pot-smoking slackers, graduated and made money, spent their twenties backpacking or even worked in other countries, many turned gay or bisexual, only entered a place of worship when they married if at all, refrained from having their first child until 2008 when they were 35 years old, inherited some money from their parents.

          The Red State branch graduated from high school and entered the workforce as lower-skilled hard workers, married in their early twenties and had children by the age of 25 or younger, never traveled or attended university, have not had a great deal of cultural interaction with others, are fecund heterosexuals who require a great deal of credit to keep their family from being homeless, did not inherit much from working-class parents.

          So of course the Blue State hipster English prof who is now 40-45 who is gay with a successful partner sipping Latte in a San Francisco coffee shop or the 40 year old Phd with the adopted child do not have a great deal of time for the single mother in West Virginia or Alabama or the unemployed welder with “exes in Texas”.

          Along with this obvious class divide is the money.

        • BEAUREGARD

          Generation X took two roads depending upon the state. The 1990’s was the late-industrial age when service sector and even factory jobs were more abundant.

          In the Blue States and cities Gen X went to university, did not have children, became cynical slackers who did not give a shit about anything (Marijuana became hugely popular in that decade if you remember, which you might not), traveled the world, many became gay and most significantly did not have children.

          In the Red States the pattern was more traditional. Rural whites did not attend university, graduated high school and entered the workforce young, had children and more of them, did not travel, were trapped as renters or homeowners of property without a great deal of value.

          Also, and I am not completely sure why, the racial tension between rural whites and NAMS worsened. There was at one time a kind of fondness between Hispanics and Anglo people that no longer exists. Blacks hate and are hated by other races.

          Additionally, Asian-Americans and Jews on either coast seemed to have amassed a fair amount of financial power.

          One reason, I think, is partly the internet. You can get on a Forum like this and see how much somebody from Massachusetts despises you if you are from Alabama or how much a West Virginian despises you if you are from LA.

          Additionally the economy really sank. In the 1990’s when you were born 15 year olds were the managers of a Burger King.

        • Beauregard

          Hispanics were really blamed for things that they didn’t cause.
          Free trade, mechanization, etc.

          Rather than blaming their own White elite the fucked Anglo tradition is to blame ‘the other’.
          Trump is just a continuation of that.
          Trump IS a businessman who benefited from globalization and relied on illegals most of his career.

          But he’s not a Joo or a Mexican or a Muslim so it’s all okay, apparently.

        • Jason Y

          I this map is sarcasm,no? I see a pretty good divide here. Where are the good ole boys voting for Clinton? Don’t see em.

        • Beauregard

          There are two maps. The first one does have as much of a regional trend (1992). The second one does (2016).

        • Beauregard

          Does *not

    • More military spending, way to improve the deficit as Japan, Germany and other developed nations speed ahead.

      Trump looks poised for another war in a Third World desert toilet bowl and possibly conflict with Russia.

      This will do miracles for Southern Indiana economy.

    • Beauregard

      he’s repealing the bank over-leverage prevention laws of the Obama era. He gets to pack the Fed Governors (3 of 7, apparently)

      His tax cuts while at the same time growing the budget will expand the deficit just like Reagan.
      He’s Bush III.

      • Jason Y

        Yep, that could be a big possibility. If the Glass-Stegall act is thrown back into place that could be the case. But Ironically, in Robert Kiyosaki’s books, that act is mentioned as something really bad – and a sore eye on the Clinton years.

  6. GOP Republican Presidents from Reagan through Bush always have a horrid effect on NAMS by dint of simply ignoring them and this is what pleases Duke so much. The welfare programs are slashed, the P.C. and affirmative action is ignored, the ghetto and barrio is ignored in economic terms, the police harassment becomes more blatant and racist.

    If you remember Bush II he and Reagan before him just ignored the African-Americans and crack cocaine violence ravaged the cities while Miami and other barrios reverberated with gunshot echoes from cocaine cowboys like Al Pacino.

    Duke likes this mixture of police state tactics and indifference towards NAMS.

    As for the Wall, it makes Latinos miserable. So do the deportations.

    The more formidable minorities in East Asia will have a macro effect far greater than Latin America or Africa which are countries that will never pose any threat greater greater than refugees. But Duke does not really care about economics, he wants to see NAMS suffer.

    That is the motivation for his endorsement.

    Democrats tend to run a nanny state, or would like to. Sociology and sympathy. A Reagan or Bush or Trump simply says “who gives a shit about the ghetto or barrio” we have to spend money IN SYRIA.

    This is far less relevant to them than the Global Empire, now manifested in economics and trade.

    So Duke votes for the Republican merely because life becomes harsher for the NAM. There is de-emphasis on domestic concerns as war and foreign policy move into the center of the regime.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, the response from Stormfront on this issue is to say that
      NAMS need to grow up. Note, call for maturity is simply a green light for all the things David Duke likes – and of course – the NAMS will not grow up – as expected.

      • JASON Y

        If you are from a rust belt city-I am 100%-there is no room for growth or improvement unless you leave.

        This requires money.

        It is possible for males who are young. A few young women will attempt to but at the poverty level on unfamiliar streets it is dangerous to be an attractive female. If they can latch onto a man from another place it is possible, otherwise they will remain in poverty.

        Even a university education only allows so much movement. If you are licensed to teach science or math in a particular state and you earn all of $30,000 a year than you will not be leaving your particular geography no matter how well-behaved you are.

  7. Yee

    Not trying to defend Trump, but I see this as proof that it really doesn’t matter who the US president is, he doesn’t make policies. Policies have long ago been made, especially the major ones, no “outsider” can change them.

    Trade deal and war with Syria is nothing suprising.

    There’s no turning back from globalization, because it would result in handing the world market to Europe and Japan.

    Syria war is not really about Syria. It’s about Iran, also Iraq and Lebanon Hezbollah, the Shia Muslim Alliance that are the enemy of the Sunni States, the US ally. It’s about being the leader of the gang protecting his followers. If he doesn’t, his followers will go find another gang that does. And the US can’t afford to lose control of the ME oil.

    • YEE

      Japan? Japan has not been a trade powerhouse since you were being born in the 1980’s (I remember it better I was 10-12 years old).

      Syrian War is really about the mess that Bush made by invading Iraq when you would have been a teenager.

      This was the point that the region was destabilized.

      • Yee

        Japan is still a major exporter in the world. Exports amount to 17% of it’s GDP. For all the fuss about China’s trade, ours amount to 22%. Of course, Germany is the country most depends on export, close to 50%.

        Yes, if US goes protectionism, Japan will benefit.

        • YEE

          Obviously Japan is an island with few natural resources so of course their economy is going to be dependent upon exports. I do not quite see how a small island whose people began their existence when Koreans had sex with some stone-age Mongolian tribe known as Ainu are so incredibly scary to a country as big and as formidable as China.

        • YEE

          I can speak for German personally, being of German descent. Germany is a country with few natural resources or attractions for that matter. It’s gloomy, grey, uninviting.

          We’re it not for its brand name products and manufacturing reputation the country would offer nothing.

        • YEE

          I’ve always wondered what the big fuss over a small island off the coast of Korea has been. Alright, they were one of several powers in World War II who committed vast atrocities but they are a small island.

          The people are the result of ancient Koreans mingling with some Stone Age tribe of Siberians or Russians known as Ainu that were present prior to the Jomon.

          They lack the land, resources, population, military might to DO ANYTHING to anybody in this post-industrial age.

          On an individual scale Japanese seem to have a high standard of living but then again, they are a small island on the periphery of a bigger continent so of course this is easy.

          Sorry YEE, history aside, I just do not know why we need to fear Japan. They do not have a half-mad dictator like North Korea does. Their government is mellow.

        • Beauregard

          A U.S. dollar is worth thousands of Yen. It seems Japan has ‘devalued’ their currency for much longer than China has.
          This enables high exports, of course, more incentive for countries with stronger currencies.

        • Yee

          Japanese is the most collectivist nation of East Asia, you might not know this. Chinese are actually secrete individualists, though culturally we are required not to be so.

          So if the Japanese leader goes crazy, their whole nation will follow. Their ruling class went crazy for 3 times in history, so we know they will again. Just a matter of time and opportunity.

          I suppose island race can’t help wanting more territory.

        • Sambo

          Fukushima nuclear disaster concerns me more than the Japanese people, even if it was a result of their negligence.

      • Yee

        The worst that could happen to the US is the collapse of the dollar. The most important factor holding up the dollar is oil.

        So, if the Middle East oil producers decide to switch the trading currency from dollar to Euro or Yuan, your economy would be over. This is why no matter what Saudi do, US will always keep quiet. For the Saudi gangs, Shiite is the major enemy.

        • YEE

          Which is frustrating considering that we are talking about a backward desert country run by a run-of-the-mill ignorant Third World dictator like Assad.

          A headlong conflict with Russia over this patch of sandbox in the Eastern Mediterranean desert?

        • Yee

          Assad is not that bad, at least he is secular, and quite tolerate of other religions, which is way better than the Saudi.

          Russia is involved because of Iran, so is China, a lot more low key though. Syria is actually quite pitiful, being a tool of the bigger powers.

        • Beauregard

          We won’t be able to import as much. It may jump start our industries.

          But of course Trumpenproletariat will be furious that the prices of goods at Walmart go up, despite the fact they asked for it.

        • Yee


          It’s not about how much the US imports, it’s about using dollar as the currency for ALL transation of oil, even China is buying with dollar. This is how dollar become the currency of world econimics.

        • Beauregard

          Yee- So it would trigger a global crisis, since USD is the defacto world currency?

        • Yee

          That’s right, in theory. Though I don’t quite see it happen in the near future.

  8. Beauregard

    I was just amazed at how many flyover people think the show “the apprentice” had some real world significance…..
    because he plays one on TV, Trump IS a business genius.

    Dwayne Johnson beats up another guy at the ring because he slept with his girlfriend. None of it is scripted.

    seeing this it made me believe it IS entirely possible Jews brainwash these people. I mean, they’re just so fucking easy


      To begin with, they don’t travel. Full stop. So they have not had their feet on the ground of other countries and have no perspective beyond the boxes that project images.

      Secondly, their decisions are all economic. Whether they want them to be or not. They have to serve in the military to have a decent job. The women who enter the sex industry-stripping, call girls, porn-will say it is “empowering” to have a 60 year old man with a big grey belly shoot his semen on them but the reality is that they really have no choice for any sort of decent standard of living.

      I don’t think many of them are that bright. I am far from a genius myself of course.

      But when I left my city for a campus in a rural area I was surprised at how ill-informed the local populace was. “Seeing a concert” was the closest thing to any exposure to the outside world they had. Most have not live in a megatropolis.

    • Why wouldn’t Jews brainwash people to give every single Jew in America $100,000 in that case?

      I concur that Jews pull scams and when you hear about some convoluted Ponzi scheme or in the past “pump-and-dump” brokerages it was often-though not nearly always-Jews. And also, invariably, some Irish-Catholic names will be on the roster of the “firm”. Maybe an Italian or two. Perhaps an Asia.

      But if the Jewish capacity for brainwashing or manipulating Anglo-Saxons was so foolproof one would think we would at least have a Jewish president.

    • BEAUREGARD Chimpouts

      Why would Jews want to eradicate the influence of Anglo-Saxons simply to face competition from other smart groups-Koreans replaced them as ghetto liquor store owners, Iranians have moved into LA commerce, Indians are tech competitors.

      Not to mention Hispanics historically dislike Jews and Latin America’s Iberian elite-Andalusian with some Arab admixture-persecuted them historically even in the New World.

      What is gained from a country run by Hispanic elites who see Jews as a threat and Asian-Americans who are intelligent enough to give any racial group a run for its money.


      Geographically, I’ll disagree with you. On the East and West Coast, where Americans are deeply embedded in their own culture (Italians, Irish, Armenians, Hispanics, Asians) and local economies the media has less of an effect. They really do not care as much about the mainstream things that Anglo-Americans in Iowa might care about. They won’t show up for wars voluntarily, won’t date blacks no matter how much the media encourages it, keep their money under mattresses or overseas where whoever in Fed banks cannot touch it anyhow, do not really give a shit what the media size.

      Try telling an Iranian in Los Angeles who keeps his money in Dubai that the Middle East needs to be saved. He’d laugh. Dubai Arabs are not living nearly as badly as the poor whites in America. Think his kids will show up for a war in Syria?

      How many Jews in NYC intend to fight in Syria?


      If Hollywood Jews are crafting films like Red Dawn that depict North Koreans parachuting into Colorado to invade Flyover towns they must be laughing so hard their cocaine lines are blowing off the glass table in their Rodeo Drive apartments.

      Doubtful THEY BELIEVE Trump is anything but a landlord who lost one or two of his businesses to bankruptcy.

      But the whites in Iowa would have voted for Mickey Mouse before they voted for Hillary Clinton which is ironic because her husband ran on a populist ticket at one time.

  9. Beauregard

    True. American financial and/or monetary meltdowns have in recent history taken the world with it.


      Viking traded bronze for Native Micmac women who became the ancestors of Icelanders. Great Depression led to World War II, famines.

      Globalism ain’t nothing new. Been around since the Old Testament.

    • YEE

      It is not as new as you think. Vikings were unable to continue trading Bronze to Indians who did not really want them in Maine to begin with but once the supply line collapsed they chased them away.

      Great Depression hit the whole world. It ain’t nothing new.

      • Yee

        World economics are more interweaved than before. So while it effect more countries with a crisis, it also will be less severe.

        • YEE

          If I remember correctly China first told Portuguese they wanted nothing from the West.

          So it is ironic that the very age of globalism ushered in when China refused to do any trade with Portugal now 500 years later is centered around trade relations between China and the West.

          Full circle, yin and yang etc.

  10. Beauregard

    much of the fear over debt in the U.S. is the fact that China and the Jewish controlled Fed buy virtually 100% of Treasury bonds.

    There is less trust of the ethnic “other” or of a foreign power.

    • Beauregard

      well, seem to buy. This is the stereotype. I have no source.

    • Yee

      China needs the US economy to stay stable, at least for maybe another 30 year until we grow less depend on you economically. So anything happen to you, China will go help you out. Don’t worry, for 30 years, I mean.

      • YEE Visit the Philippines

        I had to attend one meeting with the Chinese-Filipino business community and the US Chamber of Commerce in Cebu.

        However toxic the relationship, it is not going to disappear very quickly.

        But…thousands of Chinese young men from single-child families dying in a Syrian war because of a tinpot lunatic dictator of a tiny sandbox on the Eastern Mediterranean coastline that the United States has found itself involved in that will inevitably lead to another anarchy-zone that was better off under a vicious dictator just as Iraq was is not really how Chinese mothers want to lose their sons, is it?

        • Yee

          I don’t think China will send troops overseas, just send money, guns and cannons, much like the US has been doing all this time. But it seems the US are getting more involved now, maybe the militants are losing.

          There’re 5000 or more Uighurs on the militant side fighting in Syria. China will very much want them all dead, because it’d be a nightmare if these battle hardened terrorists sneak back into the country and start attacks. So there’re more than one motivation to get involved.

      • Lin

        There’re 2 aspects many yanks aren’t aware of or have mistaken:

        1)”…China needs US outsourcing to industrialize..”

        The labor-intensive manufacturing re-allocated to china provided employment to internal rural migrants and helped urbanization; but the most fundamental Chinese industrial sectors like steel, hi-speed rail, and solar-voltaic energy have little to do with the Yanks. Those labor-intensive jobs are now moving to places like Bangladesh. And China is spending big on robotization.

        2) China is becoming a very important consumer market. As I mentioned before, Chinese meat consumption/capita is at most 60% of Americans. It’ll take a very stupid US prez to have trade war with china. There’s actually a very handy way for China to bribe Trump; just import more Trump steak.

        • LIN

          3) Chinese interior, which mentioned, is very poor compared to the coastline. There is a great deal of wealth disparity regionally-speaking.

          Bangladesh is too politically unstable and corrupt to really attract US high-tech manufacturing investors. Much less bankers and the rest of it. I happened to spend some time there, that place is really poor and backward. Actually, it was one of the worst places I went. I was mugged there. No way can it compete with China.

          Neither can the Philippines. Or Indonesia. Sure, China is more expensive but it is stable country with a developed infrastructure.

      • Beauregard

        It’s mutually assured economic destruction.


      Having the fate of your sovereign nation in the hands of another country can lead to such uncertainties.

      If the Jews were responsible for this, they are doing a shitty job of running the economy.

      I am of the opinion, however, that it was an alcoholic redneck from Texas who got us embroiled in chasing terrorists around godforsaken Middle Eastern toilet bowls (Notice how Israel is staying out of the Syrian conflict even though it is a border country?) for years and thus destabilized the entire region which led-along with too much credit for those poor whites and Hispanics and blacks-burst the credit bubble in 2008.

      • Beauregard

        It’s not the Jews, I’ll grant you this.

        Seems the deficit went nuts during the Reagan years.

        People wanted tax cuts, but weren’t willing to give up the government programs that benefit them. Reagan simply did both, and drove up the deficit tremendously.

        I am not aware that he was a Jew or that his administration had many Jews in it.

        • Beauregard

          Not trying to hijack the thread, but I’m not into Jewish conspiracies much TRASH.
          They have the neocon lobby which promotes their interests, and they benefit from “Brazilifcation” in terms of demographics.
          But with Finance the interests of their elite really aren’t different from any other wealthy people.
          Reply on an open thread.

        • Jason Y

          What do you mean Brazilification? You mean they’ve convinced some larger, but beautiful women to sleep with hood rats producing children who grow up to look hot? How come, though, they haven’t convinced what society sees as normal people to date other races?

      • Lin

        Some of the inland provinces like Gansu are poor but it has more to do geographic availability of resource,particularly of water and food which would traditionlly attract talents and attention. Here’s a map
        “Bangladesh is too politically unstable and corrupt to really attract US high-tech manufacturing investors”
        Mind you the yanks don’t re-allocate truly hi-tech manufacture to 3rd world countries. China attracted low pay low tech manufacture employment for the rural migrants, saving money for indigenous hi-tech research and now has gone to the next stage. Tsinghua U has topped M.I.T. in engineering research.
        Bangladesh is trying to do what china had decades ago and I heard they don’t do too badly. Likely better than the Indian elite who are more interested in getting IT jobs for the upper caste and emigration opportunities for the top 0.01% crust

  11. YEE Educate Me

    At what point did Uighur lands become part of China in the first place.

    • Yee

      The Turk was believed an off-shoot of the ancient Hun.

      In Han dynasty (206BC-220AD), China warred with the Hun for about a hundred years until finally destroyed them, the survivors went west to Europe. But the whole west part of the empire continued to have small bothers, so troops was sent there to control the region since then.

      In 5th century, Tang dynasty, Chinese emperor destroyed another ethnic group living there that keep bothering the west part of the empire, the Turks, they went west too.

      There were many tribes in that region, they all speak and write Turk language, but not exactly the same people. So one tribe defeated and left, the rest stayed on and kept peace with the Emperor. A few hundred years later, in 9th century, Uighurs began to appear in Chinese history record. They’re closest related to the Uzbeks.

  12. YEE

    How long has the Uighur area belonged to China? Historically speaking?

    • Yee

      Robert is going to ban us both. ..

    • Lin

      I must remind you the Uighurs are not the original aborigines of Xinjiang. Chinese have a history in that part of world or central Asia as long as the Uighurs.

      Two very good piece of evidence:

      — The semi-fictional Chinese heroine Mulan was apparently not a Han. She was a camel jockey, and she called the Chinese emperor the ‘Great Khan’. Her father was a military tribune who served the Chinese emperor. All based on the epic Chinese poem the legend is based on. Every Chinese kid learn that poem in school. I still remember part of it. The last verse indicates she could be a lesbian: “Two rabbits strolling on the ground, can you tell I’m buck or doe?”

      — The Chinese poet laureate Li Bai was born in present-day Kyrgyzstan. There’s actually a street named after him there.

      The original aborigines of Xinjiang were a Persian-speaking people, and they are still there I think, numbered at about 80,000

      • LIN

        Ancient whites and Persians accomplished little in China so the presence of Celts in the Tarim Basin who failed to prosper proves little positive about the West in China. They have always failed more or less.

        Chinese who founded Hungary (Known as “Mongols” but far East of actual Mongolia in East Central China) accomplished a bit more by bringing Rome to its knees at least.

        But in general Whites and Persians or Turks have done little in China and amounted to nothing whatsoever.

        Even Jews with their much-touted world domination prowess are a trivial community in Shanghai or wherever it is.

      • LIN

        China has been able to half-cook outside groups fairly effectively.

        Even Macau’s few Portuguese who look like Antonia Banderas are more or less Chinese people.

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  14. BEAUREGARD Braziliafication Chimpout

    Your youth is showing, little bro. You are too young to remember Miami as a Jewish enclave in the seventies until Cuban Gallegos just erased them from that society. First went Jewish gangsters who owned hotels and ran high-class prostitution venues as well as Jewish prostitutes themselves, then lawyers and plain old Jewish shopkeepers or laborers.

    You are too young to know this but Jews were driven out of South Florida (Except a few cops) but it happened swiftly.

    Hispanics and Arabs ARE LESS TOLERANT of Jews than Anglo-Saxons. Asian-Americans make zero distinction with Caucasians who might be some composite of Arab and Southern European with some Central Asian genes or whatever Jews are. They look white and Asians do not care about Biblical history.

    Jews are going to CONTROL these people and that is the purpose of convincing blonde white trash girls to have babies with black thugs or Nordic males to have babies with hood rats with Chex commercials?

    Cubans got rid of Jews fast in Miami. A good many were dregs of society anyhow-gangsters mixed-up in front businesses for the mafia like hotels or Cuban casinos or prostitution-but within one decade Cuban Gallegos simply erased Miami’s Jewish heritage. Lawyers, restaurant-owners, mobsters, prostitutes, pimps of high-class Jewish prostitutes, shop-keepers…………Jews were gone, vanished from Miami as a power-bloc.

    Same has happened in parts of NYC. Iranians have marginalized Jews to some degree in LA.

    How then does Braziliafication help Jews?

    • Beauregard

      I’m not sure that’s how it happened in Miami, bro.

      What was Miami on the eve of the revolution (Dec.30 1958)? Not much.

      Jews and Cubans cooperatively built it really. But then Cubans just outnumbered Jews with the lenient immigration policy.


        This may be true but a Hispanic, Brazilified America does not ensure Jews will be the ruling elite.

        More likely, in a Hispanic America they would be as irrelevant as Miami.

      • A question remains:

        Why are 5-10% of a North American population so influential and wealthy in the U.S. but not Canada or Mexico (They also have Jews)?

        Why hasn’t Jewish influence affect Asian-Americans or Gallegos Cubans in Miami?

        Anglo-Americans on the East Coast and the West Coast are not affected to the extent of Anglo-Saxons in the Flyover.

        Why is the Flyover so deeply affected by Jewish influence. Economics? A lower IQ overall? A destructive culture of consumerism and ignorance? Post-industrialism (Economies of the East and West Coast are mega-diversified).

        Why are semi-rural whites more like Blacks or Native Americans in being ravaged by social pathology, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and out of wedlock births and general white trashery but Cubans, Asians and Jews less so?

        Is it merely Jews humping away in cheap porno films. I’ve read that many Jews in the porn industry have families. Why aren’t their daughters do bukkake? Are Anglo-Saxons just morons?

        Why are social pathologies lower among Asians and Jews? They happen, but at a much lower rate.

        Why don’t Japanese-Americans or Jewish men run around gang-raping white or black women?

        Even as criminal organizations, Italians and Jews and Asians tend to be more successful. Usually like Tony Soprano they are well into their forties of fifties and millionaires when finally they get jailed. Blacks only make it to about age 21. Whites usually end up jailed for pathetic or ridiculous crimes like showing their penis to 4 year old girls or DUI and possession of meth?

        We have heard a great deal about how Jews are child molesters and Japanese committed barbaric crimes. However few Jews are in jail in the U.S. for molesting their step-daughter. Who runs a better society overall, Japan or the U.S.?

        • Jason Y

          However few Jews are in jail in the U.S. for molesting their step-daughter.

          Only Woody Allen :lol:. Oh, wait, Jews only produce porn which encourages everyone else to molest.


        This is sort of a reflection of Anglo-Saxon tendencies. In a hot climate, they are rather debilitated. See Deep South.

        Sadly, Anglo-Saxons had done very little with Miami. One way or the other in fact.

    • Jason Y

      Jews are going to CONTROL these people and that is the purpose of convincing blonde white trash girls to have babies with black thugs or Nordic males to have babies with hood rats with Chex commercials?

      Percentage wise there are almost no white males going after black women – even if such movies like the new modern version “Who’s Coming to Dinner?” say otherwise.

      • JASON Y

        Why is this? Penis size? Inherent lack of masculine appeal of whites to NAM women? Geography?

        What is your opinion Jason?

        • Jason Y

          I don’t know. Among richer whites there is no appeal to race mix with NAMS. Among lower ones, the situation seems to always be poor whites, also with larger physique, going after blacks. Note, I have seen some white guys go after blacks, but it doesn’t seem as common. One was also targeted by townie dickheads who threatened to burn a cross in his yard and also made fun of him at work on a CB radio. 😆

          However, this white guy dating a black wasn’t the brightest person, constantly drunk etc..

        • Jason Y

          “Among lower ones, the situation seems to always be poor whites, also with larger physique, going after blacks.”

          Meant to say, the situation seems to always be poor white women…

  15. BEAUREGARD Brazil and the Jews?

    After some Jew screenwriter with a $5,000 a day blow habit in an LA flat has written enough Chex commercials to convince every Anglo-American to have a child with a Hoodrat the Pale Hispanic elites like ole Jorge Ramos or Japanese-Americans will say “Please, Hymie, stop running the Bronx hot-dog stand and control America for us”. This after 500 years of Andalusian Spanish eradicating Jews and expelling them from Spain.

    Asian-Americans, high IQ as they appear to be, will become mere sheep for Jews who will then use their media manipulation to control Japanese-Americans in LA or Hawaii who more or less run the economy.

    Blacks of course, whose relations with Jews have always been even more strained than their relations with other whites, will of course welcome Jewish control.

    Apart from the odd Jewish actor like Steven Bauer playing Hispanics in BREAKING BAD or SCARFACE pray tell how it really will help Jews when America is run by a syndicate of Andalusian and Gallegos Cubans? Since they completely annihilated them in Spain and then Mexico?

    I just don’t see the end game.

    • Beauregard

      TRASH you make good points.

      “White genocide” at the hands of Jews is psychotic garble, solely because NAMS do not distinguish Jews from other Whites. Jews would have the status of White south Africans now if all White gentiles disappeared. There is no gain.

      But if Whites as a percentage decline greatly, then they will be inclined to vote right wing. Even the lefties will become more about racial politics, and drift to the right economically (i.e. Neoliberals).

      This benefits the upper echelons, which Jews make up a disp. amount.

      • Why do Jews who run for office ALWAYS do so on the Democratic ticket. I cannot think of a single exception.

        I don’t debate Jews act in their own self-interests.

        But I do not believe the complete annihilation of the white race and a dim-witted Mulatto population beget from mostly poor members of all races (Brazil’s poor are a composite of Indians and Blacks, more or less, with Mestizos and a few old Portuguese families ruling the roost) will put Jews in a better position.

        To begin with, less consumers with less money because of a shrunken middle-class. Blacks don’t watch Seinfeld. Blacks do not watch Ron Jeremy. Etc. Etc. Whites do.

        • Jason Y

          Why would you assume all mulattoes or dim-witted or that a lot of whites aren’t similar? If a mulatto fries their brain at 14 – due to the environment, then, of course, they would be dim-witted.

        • Jason Y

          I’m not trying to be Captain Civil Rights, but I’ve seen several blacks and mulattoes doing quite well, going to college etc.. There is no proof their genetic nature, alone, keeps them in chains of ignorance.


        Maryland ghettos for example, had Jewish liquor store owners until the riots of the late 1960’s. Today they are probably mostly Korean or Arab.

        Same with gas stations. They used to be run by Jews in the Northeast. Now its Indians.

        Blacks burned them out in the riots of the late 1960’s.

        • Jason Y

          There is definitely some resentment from blacks for Jews in Maryland and other areas in the mid-Atlantic or Northeast. Stemming from history I assume.


      This is sort of unavoidable in terms of population. The upper-echelon do not want to see a vast tax base soaking up their resources.

      • Beauregard

        maybe Flyover Anglos are the group that both:
        A. Can not survive in the data/analytic post industrial economy
        B. Have the capacity for real rebellion unlike NAMs.

        Essentially, they are a threat to the fruits of globalism that treat many coastal people so well. Maybe this is why Jews want them to be ‘knocked down a peg’ so to speak.

        • BEAUREGARD

          As theory, this is not implausible.

          Americans of British descent by dint of having evolved as a nationality from the colonial British empire possess that island race’s capacity for organized warfare (they defeated both the Spanish and the Indians in the Americas) and consequently could make a real rebellion quite unchallenged. Their ancestors once belonged to a tiny island nation that ruled the entire world from India to Georgia.

        • BEAUREGARD

          Who can survive that really?

          What percentage of the Jewish or Italian or Black population have IQ’s so far over the bell curve on the right side that their livelihoods are not threatened as greatly as that of the average Anglo-Saxon?

          Are all Jews or Blacks or Irish-Catholics in Massachusetts or NYC so far over the bell curve that they were just waiting for society to reach the point of data/analytical in order to become rich?

        • BEAUREGARD

          If it comes down to that though Anglo-Saxons control the food supply. Not many Jews, blacks or Asians are farmers.

          Residents of NYC or LA would cannibalize one another in 4 days if it were not for Anglo-Saxons food supply and infrastructure.

          Jews and Asians and lately some Hispanics have done well enough under Anglo-Saxon laws BUT it does belong to Anglo-Saxons.

        • BEAUREGARD

          There is some substance to this theory. A vast white rebellion in the Flyover would A) choke off the East coast food supply so New York would be cannibalizing one another in three days (Agri-business is partly controlled by corps and by government but it is IN the Flyover and B) terminate the consumer economy on which the West Coast depends, at least its media venues.

          People of British extraction show a real flair for organized violence. Blacks may have a greater capacity for impulsive mayhem and Italians for organized syndicated crime and corruption but Anglo-Saxons plain own imperialism.

          Hispanics in the very Far South however, would not be affected as greatly.

        • Jason Y

          The situation of agri-business is very scary. Note, whether we like it or not the farmers have us by the balls. Sort of like how kulaks in Russia destroyed the food supply causing a famine. Basically, the lack of food is equivalent to a nuclear weapon or an EMD (one of those devices which knocks out power grids for good).

        • Jason Y

          Their ancestors once belonged to a tiny island nation that ruled the entire world from India to Georgia.

          OK, and that doesn’t’ qualify them to be a master race ?? 😆

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  17. Beauregard

    Robert- looks like your open topic threads are closed to comments.

  18. Beauregard

    I am a young prole from Western Maryland who follows this blog to learn, much like you.

    I could be completely wrong about “Brazilification” but it seems to at least be a reasonable possibility.

    • Brazilification would imply that massive numbers of Mestizos and Blacks and Whites will intermarry to create the sort of mixed-race Brazil has.

      In my opinion Hispanic males are not thrilled if a black man impregnates their daughter.

      Furthermore, to the extent that such a process occurs, it will probably involve lower-class white females and absentee black males.

      White males are not attracted outside their own race a great deal of the time.

      So Brazilification simply means that instead of being Guidos, Rednecks, Cholos the new poor will be of a mixed-raced identity.

      • Jason Y

        I’ve only seen such a situation among larger women whom society has thrown out – plus a few rebels. It isn’t like the society didn’t give these women the first middle finger.

        • JASON Y

          Race is NOT the issue. David Bowie kids with that African model Imam are not going to be worse off because they are Mulatto.

          The conditions are such that create an impoverished mixed-race like Brazil where Portuguese vagrants and derelicts around the gold mines impregnated Indian women and African slave women.

          An orphaned race to be raised in poverty.

          This Brazilification is unlikely to involve rich Jewish-American princesses whose fathers will support, feed, educate children.

          You are looking at a new entrenched underclass. Race is NOT the issue.

        • Jason Y

          True, Trash but also the environment of poor whites creates the same problem. Note, all the time, more kids with parents flying the rebel flag are born every day with no future – only pain pills, meth etc.. These kids are pure white for the most part.

  19. Jason Y

    There isn’t any white genocide as far as racial intermarriage is concerned. That’s just WN paranoia. It’s all just a situation of non-white groups, mainly Hispanics, simply over-running the US.

    The number of mulatto people is way lower than the number of Hispanics. OK, let’s look at some figures. I bet there are 80 percent more Hispanics than mulattoes – yet WNs rave and rant about race mixing – and also pick on and mentally abuse mixed raced people.

    • JASON Y

      Whites can be blamed as Spanish bachelors had sex orgies in the deserts and Caribbean jungles with creampies in the Indian and African vaginas.

      Hispanics are generally Mestizos, not Mulatto. Generally, although Cubans and South Americans are different.

      • Jason Y

        Well, yeah, cause that’s all they had. Who wouldn’t? Anyhow, that’s just human nature and also human nature in the sense that people are always going into new lands – searching for new riches, adventure. It’s the alpha male way.

        Back in those days, people didn’t know anything about genetics – only what the Catholic church taught. The church, with the exception of allowing slavery etc.. taught all people were the same – so people could basically screw who they want. I mean, I’m sure there was some thought to nationalism, but it was the goal to convert the Indians and so nobody cared if the Spanish adventurers married some locals.

        • I’d be a hypocrite.

          In America I would never have any sort of sexual intercourse free after college age.

          You have to have a great deal to actually reproduce with white women. Either you are a Monster Alpha with the big dick and the fast car and the muscles and machismo or you are a successful Beta with a decent house, job, two vehicles and six figures in the bank.

          Don’t have these and you might as well buy an inflatable sheep from a sex shop.

          However in foreign countries it is easier, somewhat. Your penis might be slightly larger or women might find you somewhat virile or be in a state of bondage.

        • Jason Y

          Six figures aren’t that difficult if you make the right moves – but I took the wrong college major – and also I learned a lot about business and marketing – but it was too late. Now there is no capital to build a business.

        • Jason Y

          At the most now,I can get a PayPal credit line of 500. That’s all. No banks will loan.

        • Spanish contributed to the nice round ass of the Filipino woman because enough Caucasian DNA entered their gene pool to have slightly more shapely backsides from the Iberian peninsula.

      • Jason Y

        The option WNs would want is that people never ventured outside of their area so no outside breeding would occur – but it’s contrary to human nature – especially male nature.

      • Jason Y

        For instance, look at South Korea, Japan, China now. People are going out there tempted by adventure and good jobs in the English industry. But of course, that’s imperialism and also it leads to interracial contact and also interracial marriage, especially if some of them take a detour south to Thailand, the Phillippines. All in all, it creates globally minded people open to race mixing.

        • JASON Y

          If you enjoy some degree of prestige and regular sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex (I do) you will not get them sitting in the bar on Ladies Night with the same old snotty bitchy female patrons.

          When will you get a blowjob from them, for example? In the dark? Once maybe.

          Will they do 69 or is it more likely to be sex in the dark in the missionary position?

          Which white man wants to settle for that.

        • JASON Y

          Maybe back in the 1990’s when you were in East Asia during the glorious height of the Clinton Era when America was the envy of the world.

          These days Asians are not as impressed with Westerners although there is still adventure and work, if you are fortunate to find it.

      • Jason Y

        Note those opposed to adventurers back home, and we have noted this, are normally these redneck dim-witted pussies who call the adventurers gook lovers or “n word-s” when they come back. Of course, it’s those fags keeping the white race going, while the more interesting lot take off to greener pastures.

        • JASON I DID

          Most of my adult life overseas I have seen these rednecks on television complaining about how their town or city or semi-rural area has collapsed into poverty and they cannot get a job.

          Every time I have seen them on BBC News they have been in a worse situation. It seemed to start as soon as Bush was elected and the 2000’s began with the election of George Bush.

          As for advancing the “white race” these white children will be born into semi-rural poverty or exurb small city squalor.

          Not mine.

        • Local townie dickheads always astound me. I once asked an old friend about “Scott”, whom I remembered from college as a marijuana dealer.

          “Oh he is still living in a trailer with his mother.”

          They just never go anywhere. It’s astonishing.

        • Jason Y

          All the dicks have is their sense of humor – one, when examined, is actually pathetic. The last stab of pride of losers who have nothing.

        • JASON Y

          This is why globalization kills townies. They have never traveled and have no concept of life abroad, of the actual world relative to their particular geography, of the economic center of gravity in international terms.

          If you go back, which I did not, because my own home geography did not improve. Years later when I stopped by for a single visit I was reminded that townies will never go anywhere or do much of anything.

  20. What is surprising though, once a person has been elsewhere, is that they lack initiative. They will never go anywhere.

  21. I’m enjoying watching the Alt-Right be disgusted and dismayed by Trump. People who put their faith in rent-seeking, real estate trading billionaires deserve to suffer.

    How dumb was the Alt-Right to think that this plutocrat was different. How idiotic to ignore your own rhetoric about the plutocratic clas

    • ASSEMBLY LINE Hypocrisy

      Trump was the son of two immigrants and Pauline Hanson was married to one (From the very Eastern European groups she complained about).

      Australians are naturally skeptical. They sussed old Pauline out as a crackpot. They have always been wary of populists in Oz.

      Pauline Hanson would have been elected as President in the United States at the height of notoriety. She did the U.S. lecture circuit for years after Australians had dismissed her as an utter crackpot.

      This is the reactionary aspect of the American character and the power of populism in the U.S.

  22. Not the first time-look at how Americans loved Pauline Hanson. If she had run for president at the height of her notoriety in Australia when I was 13 or 14 in 1988 (When she was a hugely popular spokeswoman for the West) they would have elected her.

    Americans loved her. Never mind she was married to an immigrant and knew nothing about politics. Populists are popular. She did the US lecture circuit for a decade-long after being discredited in Australia.


    Pauline Hanson’s popularity in America and outside Australia in general reflects the potential for a populist crackpot with some hard truths to actually be taken seriously be the public-though of course it has been about 30 years since Hanson had any political credibility.

  24. Tulio

    His supporters really don’t care what he does. He can be for or against trade. Pro or anti war. Trumpism is an authoritarian political cult and his supporters will defend him to the death. If he reneges on a major campaign promise, they’ll just rationalize it away the same way a battered wife rationalizes away her husband’s abusive behavior as a sign of love. You can’t win with these people. It’s just a tragedy that there are enough of them to swing an election.

    • TULIO

      It is about the Red Man, more or less, who Anglo-Saxons really have trouble dealing with.

      “Hispanic” is the wrong word. Italians and Anglo-Saxons have cultural differences but so-called Hispanos or Cubans are not really the focus of voters.

      It is the Mestizo who is more or less Amerindian that Anglo-Saxons simply cannot bear. Even Jorge Ramos is sort of palatable because he is obviously as Spanish as one can get in the Mexico of this time and place (Maybe he is 12% Amerindian).

      Voters want American Indians to stay off Southwest Land. Unlike Canadians who integrated them or Spanish who intermarried with them the white Americans simply cannot co-exist with the Red Indian.

      When referring to “illegal immigration” it is not t

      Trump’s supporters are after Hispanic immigration. They do not even care about illegal Irish immigrants working in some Boston pub or an Italian illegal immigrant working a restaurant in NYC or Polish guys on road-crew in Chicago.

    • TULIO

      His supporters care about one thing: keeping Amerindians out of the United States. This is the obsession.

      It is not even about “Hispanics” or “Latinos” like Jorge Ramos who look like some Italian flipping a pizza in New Jersey somewhere.

      The motivation is too bar Amerindians from entering the U.S. or Mestizos who are more Indian than anything else.

      Classic White Man/Red Man conflict.

      This is why Trump was elected.

  25. TULIO

    When it comes down to it the conflict is one of Anglo people who have always more or less wanted Amerindians out of the continent.

    I would not even go so far as to say “Hispanics” are the focus of their dislike.

    Jorge Ramos could walk around New Jersey and nobody would think he was an illegal. Italians are as Latino-culturally, physically, intellectually-as they come.

    It is the Indians that Trump voters have the problem with.

  26. Hi Robert.

    Check out this show with Robert Stark and Rabbit. They are rejecting Trump. Both these guys came to their sense.

  27. Hi Robert.

    Robert Stark and Rabbit did an episode about Trump’s bombings. They are both coming to their senses and are totally anti-Trump. Check out the show.

  28. Is being White supremacist bad? Jew supremacy is openly practiced and called Zionism. The US government supports Jew supremacy so much they give over $50 BILLION a year to a Jew homeland. Should Whites not have a homeland paid for by US tax dollars, too?

    • jason voorhees

      Unlikely those Jews would burn buildings down or shoot policeman or stop highways with BLM protests. There aren’t enough Jews to really mount the sort of LA riots type destruction.

      Or for that matter, firebomb a Black church in Alabama.

      “Protesting Trump” since Trump is a puppet of Zionism and Big Oil and Israel I am not sure whose side they are on. If Jews were all Republican than America might be in trouble. Thankfully they vote Democratic and these Democrats are generally less sympathetic to Israel than the GOP.

  29. jason voorhees


    Does Munich really “need” the support of German-Americans in Milwaukee? Last I heard, Trump’s relatives in Scotland had disowned them.

    The white homeland is in Europe and white Christian Americans come from colonial powers of England, Germany, Italy and so on. Such nations are ancient long-standing European powers of whom white Americans are usually the surplus peasants from the lower working-classes (Poor but able to afford a steamboat passage from Warsaw to Chicago or Palermo to New Jersey).

    Jews on the other hand, though constantly being accused of being clever and incredibly intelligent, cannot seem make it as independent nation.

    Many Muslims are highly successful in America-Iranians especially-but Jews will rarely attack them physically or verbally abuse them on the street.

    Jews suck up money-indeed they are good at this-but rarely attack other races in public or firebomb mosques in East Detroit. White supremacists are usually poor white thugs or lone madmen carrying out public attacks on innocent blacks.

    White Supremacists are thus associated-somewhat exaggeratedly-with outright violence against non-whites. While such attacks are rare, enough of them occur (Especially towards Jews) that they are associated with violence and savagery.

    Secondly, white supremacy is associated with poor whites-ignorant, backward, barbarous, criminally-inclined etc.

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