Breaking News: Major Update in the Delphi Murders Case

I know it is long past time for an update, but this will not be a comprehensive update. Instead I will report only one piece of new information:

There has been much speculation about the reason why the extreme LE effort to find the perpetrator of the Delphi Murders case was significantly scaled back. The common theory is that this case is dead cold, and hence LE is scaling it back. However, I have just been informed via an excellent source that that is not correct at all, and in fact, we have much more reason to be optimistic. The reason the case has been dramatically scaled back is because LE feels that they already have a pretty good idea of who did it but they are now focusing on trying to prove their case their main POI. I have no idea who this POI is. Source: Source close to federal LE, US Justice Department.


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41 responses to “Breaking News: Major Update in the Delphi Murders Case

  1. Dlux

    Wow, great work and better news. Did they give you a sense of timing for the arrest?

    • There is no forthcoming arrest and there may never be one. I am not sure if you are aware, but there are many cases all over the US where the police are quite sure they know who committed the crime but they do not have enough evidence to try them in a court of law. I know of a series of cases out of Idaho Falls 35 years ago that fall into that category. Serial killer. They have even named him. Cops say they are 99% sure he did it, but they do not have enough evidence to take him to court.

      There are a number of cases where the POI was the last person to see the deceased alive. She was last seen with him at midnight or whatever. Then she vanished off the face of the Earth. There are people who were the last people to be seen with homicide victims in several different cases such as the Idaho Falls cases above. A number of these are serials. As I said, just being the last person to be seen with the homicide victim is not enough evidence to go to court. You need more than that.

      If you want to get rid of those laws, there’s always dictatorship.

      So I suppose they have stopped looking for the man who did this. They think they have him. They don’t think it’s anyone else. But they do not have enough evidence against him yet. They may be able to gather enough evidence in the future against this man or they may not. That remains to be seen.

      • 406smokesignal

        Hi Robert, FYI, when you referenced the Idaho Falls cases that are unsolved for 35 years, but there was a POI that never was arrested: I believe you are thinking of Lewiston, Idaho, unsolved missing persons/murders. The name(s) of the case(s) are: The Snake River Killer or Lewiston Civic Theatre murders. More twists and turns to missing persons cases and murders than one can fathom…and yet a serial killer walks freely. The strangest part to all of these Lewiston, ID., mysteries is the last person known to have seen almost every victim, yet he was never arrested for any of the disappearances or murders. Things that make you go, hmmmmmm. Thank you for the great blog and keep up the great work.

  2. Lotus

    This is a video of the Monon High Bridge in Delphi. Watch this video to see how dangerous this bridge is. Also, from watching this, you can know there is no possibility that anyone could have been hiding alongside the bridge. It also makes clear that the man in the photos had to be looking down or he might have fallen through the bridge. Also, his manner of walking would have been dictated by the distance between railroad ties, and the many big gaps and rotting ties. That bridge should be closed to walkers! It is ridiculously dangerous.

    • Mer

      I tried walking across the bridge 2 weeks ago. I’m afraid of heights and made it about 40 feet.

      • Lotus

        Do you live in the area? Did you go to the bridge to go sleuthing? What’s your take on things?

        • Mer

          I grew up near there. I’ve been there twice to see things. I wanted to see the SE end of the bridge, but I can’t get there. I’ve been to the NW end of the bridge and the cemetery. I’ve been to Ron Logan’s home. I have tried to follow a path from the cemetery to the place where LE says the bodies were found. I’ve been to businesses which I thought might have a connection with Robert’s POI.

          The crime scene doesn’t quite make sense. Early on the Sheriff said it was the craziest thing he has ever seen. After being there twice, I am confused about how it all happened.

          I don’t know what to think, but I hope they catch this bastard.

        • Kim

          This in response to Mer’s 11:12 msg. Many readers appreciate your and everyone’s efforts! I have not tried to reconstruct the scene because it seems like there is so much ambiguity, mostly due to so little info released by LE apparently. The items that do seem clear and stick with me about this case are: 1. clearly Libby was very concerned as she took the mans pic and started recording, 2. the bridge looks extremely formidable, not sure I would have done it at 13, wonder if they were crossing to avoid him?, 3. his voice was extremely TENSE as he ordered them “down the hill”… also very efficient sounding, they were likely overwhelmed/caught off-guard and didn’t know,how to react so they complied (in their small town, such middle aged men are often helpers, eg. Firemen, LE, grocers, etc.), 4. If it’s true that both girls were screaming 6 sec later on the tape my guess is he incapacitated one right there.

          If in fact this guy was the hunter he looks like in the photo (rapid pivot toward the girls, etc), I see many looking just like him each fall with their trucks full of deer, it just doesn’t make sense to me that he dithered around. Seems like a crime of opportunity in a relatively popular but remote place on a weekday. Seems he would fulfill his intentions then exit quickly and the LE search that evening was flawed/missed them.

          I’ve looked at Robert’s Mr.X and while he surely seems to have many problems, angry and lots of pics w/young girls, he hardly looks as efficient as this guy, however, social media can present a flawed picture. I don’t understand why LE doesn’t bring him and pump him Law&Order SVU style to try to break him. Also, regarding sufficient evidence to prosecute…. I think the audio and picture is tremendous evidence. So much more than the double homicide and 3rd attempted manslaughter case that I regrettably served jury duty on a decade ago. There was only motive and minor circumstantial evidence and all but 3 of the jurors had him guilty in the first poll! 3 of us held out for 3 days but he was eventually convicted (to my surprise and discomfort), however, he was a young black man….

        • “Go down the hill” is what is actually said.

          One needs to look at an enlarged photo that Libby took of Abby crossing the bridge. It appears the suspect might be stalking her behind one of the trees in the background. The image MIGHT be showing a subject wearing the same colored clothing as the suspect.

          If one looks at the original photo Libby took of Abby (or an enlarged photo), one will see a dark colored vehicle down to the left below the bridge. As a matter of fact, I do believe, there is a white vehicle with it’s rear taillight and license plate (blurry) visible.

          The white vehicle is very hard to see on the original, but it is there. It is a little easier to spot on an enlarged copy of the photo.

          I’m leaving it to you to do the research to see if you can spot them, or am I full of hot air?

        • Mer

          Ken Curtis,

          I enjoyed your work in Gunsmoke.

          I also see a car in that photo. I think it’s a light colored coupe.

          The first part of the car I noticed was the top of the door. A reflection from a tailight, or the body around the tailight, is visible. I can trace the rear window. Also visible are the left and right rear roof pillars, the right front roof pillar, driver’s headrest, the trunk- which has a certain flair to it, the left rear tire, the detail at the back of the rear window…….

          I also think there is a human figure behind the car. He is wearing dark clothing and a dark hat. His face is a white blob. His clothing is cut off by the car. To me, he appears to be standing just where the trunk meets the rear window on the passenger side. I think his left hand is held up to his ear. I believe I can make out his left elbow. He may be holding a phone or walkie talkie to his left ear.

        • Why don’t you guys both take the photo where you are seeing this stuff and blow it up or whatever and draw circles or outlines of these things you are seeing in the pic so the rest of us can see if we can pick them out too.

  3. Kim

    This is terrific news, since this bastard is a formidable killer, he may also be a formidable perp to take down and convict? Please keep us informed!

    • Mer


      I think without the photos, video and audio that Libby obtained of her murderer, the police would not have a single lead in this case.

      Robert now has a strong rumor saying they have found the place that Unsub took these girls. I wonder if something in the images and audio she supplied has lead the investigation to the crime scene.

      • Kim

        Mer, since you grew up in that area and have been back to see bridge recently, maybe you or Robert can share how people in Delphi are taking this increasingly long wait for justice?

        Especially with Spring here considering the popularity of such trails in the summer, aren’t people concerned about this hunter of young girls being on the lose? One thing that is clear from the pics/voice they’ve released is that this sicko IS a hunter (I would have been very surprised if a knife Wasn’t involved).

        Also, I’m sure it’s occurred to LE that this perp may not have been a hebephile as Robert thinks? He may have been looking to take whatever he found on the trail that day (he probably didn’t even know that local school were not in session that Monday). I assume this is all considered in their profile which they clearly aren’t releasing either. I’m not sure what I would be telling my kids this summer if I lived there and they don’t make an arrest soon, but I think I would be VERY frustrated. These girls gave them everything but the guys name . …

        • The weather was very nice that day—warm and sunny–unseasonable for February in Indiana. Could this change the theory that 2/13 (unlucky 13) was picked as a day on purpose? Did he instead choose this day for the weather to get the girls out there (if this was a planned meeting by hiding his identity)? Also keep in mind that school was out of session that Monday, which makes me think the meeting was pre-planned.

  4. Garry Palin

    I totally believe what you say here Robert- there is no way they would scale back, as there is to much national attention on this case, and the FBI really want this guy badly. As I’ve said before, I believe they have a pretty good idea who it is, and they are collecting evidence. I really hope so !!! There is also millions of dollars being spent to capture this guy, and they don’t want this nut on the loose and killing more innocent young girls.

    • Garry, I am going to have to ban you for not donating. I know you said you were, but you never did it. You’re a regular commenter now so you have to donate. I will really miss you as you are one of my favorite commenters, so if there’s any way you could get this done, it would great to see you stay on here. Email me if you wish to discuss the particulars.

      • Garry Palin

        Yes, I will email you Robert, as I don’t mind donating, and you have a great site. I’ve been really busy lately so things are behind. Because I don’t live in the USA – ( but close) I guess I could send a Moneygram, as I don’t have my PayPal account set up, since I forgot my password, and it’s a hassle to get it fixed. I have no problem in donating; you’re not asking a lot of money at all – “very worth it.” I believe I have your email address.-

  5. Bobbi Nichols

    I would think someone possibly related to the man who owns the land possibly relative, son, or someone who grew up in that area and may have played their at a younger age. Seems weird if it was someone that did not know the area or the land.

  6. Steve Mathis

    Robert, what your take on the Lucas guy. He’s the guy was involved with the search party, but found out later that he was a RSO. He was quoted by news as saying I was surprised when LE asked to take my phone. Looks a little like BG.

    • Yes someone in Delphi wrote about him I believe. They said they lived in the same apartment complex as this guy. They said the police called him down to their office, talked to him, searched his phone and asked him to give DNA. He did all of that and went home. Apparently cleared.

    • Lotus

      I’m not Robert, but I hope you won’t mind if I also give my thoughts on this. The police have said they checked out every sex offender in the county and then in the state and have extended some to neighboring states. Surely this man who was on scene and a sex offender was checked out. Police said early on they asked some people to take polygraph tests and all those who took a test had passed. If police also took his phone, then that was checked out, too. All told, it seems most likely he has been thoroughly checked out and is not considered of interest.

  7. Jeanne Rezack

    Robert, Thanks for posting. I hope and pray they know who this evil bastard is.

  8. Ricita

    So, is there a link between Delphi and Evansdale? Also, are there any other similar cases out there? Delphi was not this monster’s first rodeo. Hopefully, they’ll get him and it will take care of other unsolved murders as well.

    • Undead Nightmare

      What Robert Lindsay, the mainstream media, Indiana State Police, Evansdale investigators et al. won’t tell you about these crimes, is this:

      The dates are mirror images: 7.13.12 and 2.13.17
      two girls aged 8 and 10, and two other girls aged 13 and 14, abducted five years apart
      both occurred on the 13th day of the month: Friday July 13, 2012 and Monday, Feb 13, 2017
      Adding dates of birthdays and years may add up to 32 depending on how you do it. The number has a lot of negativity to it from history.
      Crimes both occurred in daylight hours (afternoon)
      girls were at local parks, but in an area where they were separated from other visitors
      both tiny rural towns.
      Small, inexperienced (in major crimes) police force
      State Rd 218 exists very close to both murders, perhaps less than a mile from 4 lane highways
      Trails are located at both Monon High Bridge in Delphi and Meyers Lake in Evansdale (Evansdale Nature Trail/Cedar Valley Nature Trail)
      two set of girls have similar body types
      at least one of each set of girls was an avid online communicator
      at least one of each set lived part time with a grandparent
      girl’s bodies were found 50 ft from a slow moving river
      body locations suggest that the suspect has a familiarity with the area surrounding the park
      body locations are fishing/hunting/outdoorsman spots
      “Bridges” exist at both locations.
      Geocaches hidden at Monon High Bridge, Meyers Lake and Seven Bridges
      “Rails to Trails” is an active org in both locations.
      Weichman Pig dealing operations exist in both areas.
      Transco Railway products/services exist at both locations or very close (Logansport).

      • Ricita

        I started reading a little bit about Amber Hagerman. I know you found a link between Texas and your POI when she was murdered, which is amazing. Good work Robert! Do you think your POI is responsible for her death as well? I know you linked Evansdale to Delphi early on. Do you think now, unequivocally, both sets of murders are linked, given all your research? Any lingering doubts? Also, any other possible match ups between Delphi and other similar crimes that you’ve come across? It seems as though this is a every five year repeater. So, I feel, one is missing, given the timeline….Hagerman, ?, Evansdale, Delphi.

        • Ricita

          Actually, we’re probably missing about 2 if he’s roughly an every five year offender.

        • Thank you Ricita dear.

          I am quite sure my POI did Evansdale. A lot less sure of Delphi and even more unsure of Hagerman.

          If we could tie my POI to a black truck in Texas in 1996, it sure would be nice.

          One problem is that there was another suspect in Hagerman who was quite good. He moved to Arizona and later both he and his son were convicted of possession of child porn.

          As a one in five year repeater, he would be missing two killings, not one.


  9. Jane

    I’m sure it’s been addressed but, in listening to the loop of the POI’s voice, I hear a distinctive clip on the word, “there”. The ending sounds of a “w” instead of an “r”, as if he has a lisp?

    • Lotus

      There is no word “there” in the recording. The police, when releasing the recording, have stated very clearly that the person is saying. “Down the hill.” There is no reason for you to question what the police have told everyone the words are. The police obviously have a much larger recording and chose these words for their clarity or some other reason.

  10. Curious

    I’m curious as to who you think the POI is Robert, Everytime I think I have it figured out I find someone else that fits, that changed majorly for me today, though!

  11. Miguel

    No direct quote or source listed, but after so many weeks of nothing this is curious/promising…

  12. Since we have the technology for “voice print” accuracy, I am hoping if LE can get a clean sample of the person they think it is and do some voice printing, especially if you can get more than three words for the POI, this would be some powerful evidence. Like fingerprints and DNA — no two voice prints are alike, and the technology is now very refined to capture every nuance. From just those three words, this sounds like a local, but he may not live there anymore — moved away. It is easy to acquire an accent per location; it is much more difficult to lose it, even over time. Voice is distinctive.

  13. Beavo

    Thanks for keeping hope alive, at least. It’s something. They may never catch him or may catch him twenty years from now. I try to stay optimistic, though.

    • Lotus

      Interesting! It does sound similar.

      “But Kristene Chapa, 19, is struggling in many ways with the enormity of what happened last June 23: While out with her girlfriend, Mollie Judith Olgin, a man with a gun forced the pair down a steep incline in the park, bound them and shot them in the head.”

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