Rates of Homosexuality and Bisexuality Skyrocketing in the US


As you can see, the rate of homosexuality and bisexuality in the US has been rising steadily for decades now. Or has it? Who knows!

This is the main problem I have with the Gay Rights crap. I have been saying forever now that the more the gays push and push, the rate of homosexual behavior is going to climb and climb.

No one knows if anyone is born gay. No one knows what the rate of homosexuality is. Maybe it’s 3%. But is it always 3%, forever, all around the globe? Who knows? Could it maybe be 20% someday or in someplace? No one knows.

It’s true that male sexual orientation cannot be altered past age 15, but even that notion makes gays very angry. This is why: the gay scam is that all gay men were “born that way” but any of us straights can just convert to bisexuality anytime we want to. Wink wink. Clever game they play, see how it works? Anyway, gays have even admitted that the born that way thing is a lie. They have no idea if it’s even true or not. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but they don’t say it because they think it’s true. They say it because it’s clever propaganda.

They just invented the born that way line because they thought people would like them more if they thought gays could not help being gay. But they are on record as saying that that they themselves don’t even know if it’s true and that it’s basically just a propaganda lie the gays made up. Yes they are on the record saying exactly that, I am serious. And the gays say that what their goal really is is that even if all gay men chose to be gay, that that would be ok too. That’s their endgame.

The 10% scam is another great big fat lie. The gays repeat the 10% lie endlessly. It is based on Kinsey’s flawed research, and no other studies have ever replicated it. All modern surveys come up with 2-3%. But the gays keep chanting 10% over and over, and all of us are expected to go along with the 10% lie, lest we be homophobes if we don’t fall for it.

OK so all gays and bis are “born that way,” right? This is the gay lie, or scam or whatever. OK, if that’s true, then why the Hell is the rate going up? Is whatever factor causes them to be born that way increasing steadily in our modern era, oddly paralleling the increase in gay rights? And what might that factor be? No one knows. And why might it be rising in tandem with gay rights? Hmmm.

The gays have a scammy answer to this question. According to the gays, the rate of homosexuality is never going up! If it appears to be going up, that’s only because more and more are “coming out of the closet.” Wink wink. Obviously this stupid theory is not even falsifiable, but never mind. Do you see how this scam works? Wink wink. Even if the rate were going up or even skyrocketing, we would never be able to tell because all of the increases were just people coming out of the closet. Wink wink. Hell, we could get to 90% gay and bi (we are probably headed there anyway I assume) and the gays would deny that any increase ever took place. All of those 90% were just in closet before slowly coming out with every new generation. Wink wink.

There is zero science or even logic in nearly all of the shibboleths that the gays push. Gay Politics is just another form of Identity Politics – it’s propaganda for gays just as feminism is propaganda for women, MRA’s are propaganda for men, BLM type movements are propaganda for Blacks, trans rights is propaganda for trannies, on and on. None of the arguments of any of these movements are based even 1% on science or even logic. All of these movements are just political scams based on propaganda lies meant to favor whatever group they happen to be lying about at the time.

And assuming the rate of homosexuality and bisexuality is going up, why in the Hell might that be? No one knows. Is anyone studying it? Nope. It would be terribly “homophobic” even study such a question! If the rate has been going steadily up, doesn’t that imply that not all gays and bis are born that way in the fashion that the gays lie, I mean say? OK, so if all these folks are not born that way, what on Earth caused them to go gay? No one knows. And apparently we will never know because the gays are furious at anyone even trying to study the cause of homosexuality.

What’s behind all of these lies? If you follow Gay Politics as long as I have, this form of IP has very simple goal: gays and bis wish to increase their numbers. They also want less discrimination, but increasing their numbers is a very important part of this movements. Gay men make no secret of the fact that they would be ecstatic if all men were bisexual. That’s their paradise, and it’s one of the goals of their movement.

Isn’t it true that sexual orientation cannot be changed via therapy? Nope. No one has ever proven that either. It cannot be changed with men, but no one knows if that is true with women. In fact, there are many examples of women going gay relatively late in life. There is no evidence whatsoever that these women were “born that way” and were “living a lie” the whole time they were straight. There are also a number of cases of women identifying as lesbian and then going straight. Some women identify as straight, go lesbian and then go back to straight again. It’s a game of Musical Orientation.

If a woman can go gay and then go straight again, how on Earth is that evidence of being born that way? The only obvious observation of women’s wildly changing orientations through life is that these women seem to be making conscious choices to either go gay or go straight or go gay and then go back straight again. I don’t see how it could be anything other than a conscious choice these women are making.

OK, if women can apparently choose to change their orientations at will, then who says we can’t change their orientations in therapy? Yet all of society, many state governments, the entire Cultural Left and unbelievably the American Psychiatric Association now state as an official policy that Sexual Orientation Change therapy does not work for males or females, causes much harm, is junk science and must even be banned by law.

Any evidence that this therapy does not work for females? Nope. Any evidence that it causes harm? It can, but that’s mostly when kids are shoved into it against their will. If one wishes to go to this therapy, it would probably not be harmful. Then why should we ban it? Because gay people made up a bunch of lies about it that the whole country, including all of US science, has fallen for, and hence we have to ban it because the propagandists want us to.

And actually the new line with gays is not that orientation cannot be changed. Their official line is that we do not choose our orientation, that all gays and bis are born that way, but that somehow sexual orientation can be changed, but it can’t be done by therapy, it can only be done by the individual. OK, they’re all born that way, but anyone can change. The therapy doesn’t work, except you can do it on your own, and it does work. None of this makes the tiniest bit of sense. Do you see that?

They continue to say that all gay and bi people were born that way. Do you understand why they say that? Do you see the scam? If all gay and bi people were born that way, then they can’t change! But on the other hand, gays are quick to point out that straights can turn bisexual at any time. How convenient of them! All of them are stuck being gay forever and all of us can turn gay at any time. Get it? Wink wink.

So what is homosexuality? Some dark force that once acquired, sticks with you for life no matter what? And what is heterosexuality? Some weak force that can always be decreased but never be increased? This is the scammy nonsensical argument that the gays have set up. So if all of them are stuck being gay and bi forever, and all of us can turn at least bi at any time, guess what’s going to happen over time? Wa-la! Good guess! The numbers of gay and bi people are likely to increase! I told you one of their main goals was to increase their numbers. I’ve been studying this movement for decades, and this is one of the main aims of their movement – to increase their numbers. I know exactly what sort of sneaky games they are playing.

In this way homosexuality is like Islam. Once one converts, you are stuck for life, and there’s no leaving. Islam was deliberately set up in this scammy way in order to deviously increase its numbers. The gays seem to be following the Islamic model.

As a scientific minded person, I find all of this quite discouraging. Apparently not one single modern fact coming out of Gay Politics is even true. Apparently not one thing that we are all required to believe about homosexuality and bisexuality is even factual. We are all just supposed to repeat the propaganda and the lies, and we’re all evil homophobes if we don’t.

I’d like to know what causes homosexuality and bisexuality in men and women. I’d like to know if the rates change across space and time. I’d like to know if they differ around the world, and if so, why. I’d like to know if the rate is going up or down, for Chrissakes, and if so, why.

Apparently all science-minded research on this subject is out because the gays have decided that it’s automatically homophobic before the studies even begin. So we just have to sit back and watch society increasingly go gay and bi and wonder why on Earth this is happening, what we can do about it, if it’s ever going to stop, and if there’s any way to stop it or even slow it down.


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  1. dandate2

    In submissive types its extremely low sex hormones, which is genetic.

    In dominant type lesbians its high testosterone, also genetic.

    Dominant type males also high testosterone but they rarely consider themselves gay, but rather exploiting whatever’s available.

  2. American females are largely prisoners to the media and porn which has dictated bisexuality as cool.

    As late as 1990 prior to the Grunge Era two females who held hands would have been mercilessly derided. Only when Clinton the hippie came in office did this change.

    Males turn to homosexuality out of choice but also in the US because in a society with no social pressure women will flock to a single Alpha Male as groupies which then leaves the Betas and Omegas alone.

    A few Alphas like Blacks will force a white to suck their dick in jail but generally Alphas have access to females. We see this most often in NAM societies where one Alpha gives 20 women AIDS or syphilis while whites and Indians whose own societies have progressed to some level of civilization institute levers on this behavior to socialize males and females into couples in order to better order society as a whole.

    In the case of whites, who have reached decadence, such old-fashioned norms have been eroded so that poor white women have reverted to barbaric Alpha male-concubine pattern behavior.

    In welfare rates we see this a great deal as low IQ women tend to be preggers at a younger age by males who will reproduce with more than one female.

  3. Hardcore Lesbians are not interested in trends but they HAVE been interested in recruiting younger women through feminism which they have been somewhat successful in earlier in life though not now.

  4. Gay males are born that way, barring a few horned-out madmen who would jam their penis into a pencil sharpener.

    Lesbians fall into two groups. The first are some XY intermediate born halfway between two genders.

    The second are victims of abuse, usually from the lower classes of white trash and NAMS where males are so brutish that a penis is a weapon to them.

    Males will rarely become gay because of abuse. Usually they are sticking tinker toys up their anus by 5 and instead of playing doctor with girls they do it with boys.

  5. SHI I’ll answer this rationally, with examples

    Gen Y waste-cases like you (Born 82 – 98) have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter while Gen X like myself have an email. You can be found easily. Not Gen X (I was born 74). All we have is a cell phone number and an email. If we don’t know you, you won’t find us.

    Social media is for losers and their address and all the rest of it can be found. Not me. E mail to this particular blog is false. None of my personal info is available. Gen Y losers have “profiles” and use “social meda”. Its for losers.

    Geographic Mobility

    I moved from Arizona to Dubai in 1999 and my roommate had slammed me against a wall so I refused to pay him what I owed him and promised when I left the apartment. His landlord went after him.

    “What can you do? You cannot get on airplane. You had to move back to your home city to live with your parents. You cannot do anything. You’ll never travel off the continent you were born on.”

    He called me a prick in an email but COULD NOT GET TO ME because he lacked the ability to work in another country.

    There are many other examples but essentially if you have the ability to change your geography people “cannot find you” no matter how badly they want to.

    1 b International Immunity

    Gulab Premkumar was a Nair asshole who lost $60,000 due to his own stupidity in a share partner business thing we did together. His own fault but he said he would file a case.

    I told him “go ahead, I am not in India and not in my own country. You do not know where I am.”

    Once you are in another corner of the world you are free most of the time except in the instance of homicide. We all know the Sikh guy who killed his wife in Arizona and they got him in the Delhi airport BUT if HE HAD GOTTEN OUT OF IT they would have never found him.

    Intermediaries A Bengali Gaur Brahmin was angry at me in Dubai but Arabs keep a tight leash on Indians in Gulf Countries (Regardless of their caste) so I spoke to his sponsor.

    I acted like a coward when he challenged me to a fight, however. Instead an Arab took care of it.

    Public Transport: Try to avoid it (Even if you have a shitty car) and avoid being ON THE STREET where people know money stand around.
    Avoid cheap bars and bad areas. People in these locations are often unemployed or feel hopeless do to their particular work and its menial pay. They have nothing to lose and jail means nothing. Be polite and walk away from them if there is trouble but more importantly, don’t go near these locations in the first place.

    5 Not giving a shit if relationships go bad. Leave and don’t come back.

    I screwed a girl Canada who was living in a different city. She gave some fairly great blow jobs with excellent swallowing action. But she had a boyfriend.

    “I don’t give a shit, you already sucked my dick. All you were was a mouth.”

    It was true. Millions of vaginas attached mouths in the world for good pump suck-action. Have a problem with a woman. Take off.

    Confrontations will usually occur with the poor people.

    Stay silent. Act shocked but don’t say anything.

    Make A BIT of money and have some sort of career or profession.
    Travel constantly.

    • SHI

      Gulab Premkumar was a Nair asshole who lost $60,000 due to his own stupidity in a share partner business thing we did together. His own fault but he said he would file a case.

      This guy? Looks like a film-maker from Kerala. You did mention that you worked in Malayalam movies as an extra.

      If you fucked him over for like $60,000, he’s surely going to remember your name.

      I’m closing in on you, big mouth. 🙂

      • Nope, different guy. I co-ran an English school in Kerala and did the film extra work for fun from time to time.

        By the way IN THE FILM BIZ $60,000 WOULD BE NOTHING. I may have only hung around for a day BUT I know that.

        I think-though I do not know-that a film casts 10 Crore to make.

      • No, I primarily worked in an English school and did some extra work for fun.

        I do not know that guy. Man I am talking about was a guy who owned an English school.

        Anyhow, you would go to Australia to knife somebody?

        Crazy mental problems.

  6. SHI

    TRASH = Dead man walking. If I were you, I wouldn’t make new enemies.

    Picture this. Little Trashy squealing like a fat pig with a sharp knife next to his throat.

    Mr. Fugitive man. I’m curious what really happens when you put yourself in swimming pool water. Do you sink instantly or somehow manage to float like pond scum?

    • You have serious mental problems, bro.

      No wonder you are unemployable, whatever your education.

    • SHI

      First, the man I referred to was the owner of an English school in Kerala where I worked. Different guy. I was a film extra for one day.

      Secondly, you’re started to sound crazy and I see no point in talking in circles with you.

      Thirdly, making threats on a public forum is not really a legal activity.

      So I am done communicating with you.

      • SHI

        First, the man I referred to was the owner of an English school in Kerala where I worked. Different guy. I was a film extra for one day.

        You know very well that I’m trolling you.

        Secondly, you’re started to sound crazy and I see no point in talking in circles with you.

        You do talk in circles all the time. I don’t see you weaning yourself from this blog in a very long time. That’s because you’re a Meth-addict whose brain has turned into scrambled eggs after years of abuse.

        Calling me crazy is a bit of projection.

        Thirdly, making threats on a public forum is not really a legal activity.

        Maybe in the United States and Australia. But, in my legal jurisdiction, noone really cares about empty online threats. Even in many countries of Europe, all you get is a slap in the wrist.

        At the moment, there are 5 million actual criminal cases unresolved in Indian courts. I doubt they’d take someone who goes online by the name, TRASH, seriously than a girl who just got gang-raped by four men.

        • SHI Overstating Myself

          I was a FILM EXTRA FOR TWO DAYS and primarily employed in Cochin as a teacher in a now-closed English language institution.

          I’m OVERSTATING MYSELF TO SAY I WAS TOM ALTER. There are many white actors in Kerala but I was merely AN EXTRA.

          Nor DO I KNOW the man whose link YOU POSTED. That is ERRONEOUS.

          Secondly the owner of the English school and his full name was Ramachandra Gulab Premkumar SCREWED HIMSELF.


        • SHI Unfair

          First, I do not want to bore you or waste Robert’s blog talking about Ramachandran Gulabpremkumar the owner of a now closed English school who lost $60,000 because he did not do what I said.

          But I was only a FILM EXTRA for two days.

          Like most whites I smoked hashish in India but I never used meth. It honestly was not around and only Nigerian and Israeli dealers in Goa used cocaine.

          Marijuana was the big drug in the late 90’s in India. Sure, I smoked some and also hashish.

          But Meth-luckily for Indians-was not available.

          A few girls smoked these little Ya-Ba pills. That is about it.

        • I have not lived in India in almost a decade. Nor do I intend to return there. Nor are my old employers going to re-hire me.

          Ramachandran Babu owned the English school and he lost the $60,000 because he did not do what I suggested. But I do not want to bore everyone here with some ancient bureaucratic bullshit. School closed almost 10 years ago.

          Meth? Why meth? I did not use meth for years and years. But I did smoke cannabis for years on end. That stopped in my late 30’s.

          I’m overstating my participation as a two-day film extra.

        • Beauregard

          I suspect these high-scale brand English language institutions are more common in the South…as are converts to Christianity.

    • ROBERT

      This guy is too much.

      I am off this blog.

      • SHI


        This guy is too much.

        I am off this blog.

        You keep saying that. You never deliver on your promise.

        • I’m keeping it now. My own fault for rambling on about “Arizona in 1999” and other nonsense with no application to the topic.

          But you are too much.

  7. SHI

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall.
    Who’s the biggest douchebag of ’em all?
    A man called TRASH. Thought he could be forever conning everyone.
    Until one fine day he met his match (SHI)
    Soon his personal identity was visible, to one and all. 🙂

    Wow, I’m getting real good at limericks. The time spent in Irish bars is finally having some influence.

    • This Prem RAN AN ENGLISH SCHOOL WITH ME that had the dispute.

      Directors do not know an extra on film set.

      I primarily TAUGHT ENGLISH in Cochin, bro. At one point, I ran a school there.

      So that is a different guy.

      Before you waste your time.

      • SHI

        I primarily TAUGHT ENGLISH in Cochin, bro. At one point, I ran a school there.

        You expect me to believe that? They pay jack, for teaching English in Indian schools. Even as a White Western instructor, you can’t expect to make more than $500 per month in today’s prices. And you were supposed to have been in India 8 years ago.

        India is not an attractive market for TEFL teachers. They prefer going to countries like South Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and China where they make a fat paycheck.

        I’m calling your bluff. You never worked in India, except maybe as an extra which is the only thing you might be truthful about. Not that I care.

        As Donald Trump would have said about Ted Cruz,

        “Lyin’ Trash”….that’s your new name on this board.

        • SHI

          No comment at this point.

        • Yee

          Well, no one is expected to be open with their personal information on Internets.

          This is not an immigration interview where you must tell all.

          At least Trash has some interesting stories to tell, some keen insights to share.

      • mayur varshne

        Frankly speaking,SOUTH INDIANS are pretty affluent in ENGLISH…..why even the NORTH INDIANS have a pretty good ENGLISH these days.

        • MAYUR

          True. The demand for English language institutions has waned in the past 10 years.

          When I was in India you could still earn a decent salary teaching at the college level.

          But these days Indian college pupils of 18+ speak English better than most Americans.

          I cannot really distinguish between the ability of a Pashtun and Dravidian to learn English. It is about the same.

    • Conning who?

      I ran an English school in Cochin 9 years ago.

      I’ve long since moved to Australia.

      The Prem I knew was an English teacher, not a director or producer.

      Those people don’t talk to some film-extra for fun.

      I only was a film extra once or twice but films cost loads more to make than an English school.

    • The guy I am talking about owned an English school in Cochin and his business mistake was his own. He fired me as an English teacher.

      I think his school closed and you’d never find him. He is definitely not a director or anything like that.

      Last I heard HE MOVED TO ENGLAND.

      Anyhow, I’m tired of your threats and taunts.

      So I am off this blog.

    • SHI

      I’m off this blog anyhow.

      Unproductive communications with someone who talks about stabbing people with knives and delusional theories is not why I came on this board.

      No thanks.

  8. Magneto

    It’s feminism. Feminism turns women into fucking man-hating mutants. This in turn confuses men’s biology and so some of them just say “fuck women, i hate them all” and gradually begin turning gay.

    Feminism is directly linked to the rise of homosexuality.


      A a straight male the idea of man shooting his load on me is repulsive BUT gays do seem happier.

      There are no screeching angry women who secretly desire a big black Mandingo stud or flirt with some other guy on Ladies Night.

      No divorce that leaves you penniless.

      Kids that won’t talk to you.

      Then you are in middle age and women are not interested in you anymore.

      • Beauregard

        Magneto is partially correct.

        Men in the strict Muslim countries (say, Taliban Afghanistan) fucked each other all the time.

        They were essentially isolated from all contact, sexual or non-sexual with all spare their own mothers.

        Hence their sexuality became warped and they are queer.

        • Beauregard

          But I think it requires more than women being whiny ‘cun+s’.

          It requires socialization from birth.

        • Beauregard


        • Beauregard Tales of Dubai

          When I was in Dubai I knew this Mexican chef at the only Mexican restaurant in town.

          He lived upstairs from some Arab’s third wife and she came up one day and just asked him to have sex with her.

          He did.

          I told him he was taking a big chance.

          But anyhow.

          Myself I had sex with some Iranian and Arab women too. I have to say the sex was pretty good. Arab women are not exactly frigid.

        • Beauregard


          The City of Dubai has so much Western money in it.

          I’m talking about the family that sells goat milk in Kabul.

        • Beauregard

          One French sailor got drunk with some Dubai Arabs and 17 of them serially sodomized him. If a foreigner looks easy, an Arab man will rape him.

          You’d have to be NUTS to go and drink Arab home-brewed date moonshine. YOU WILL BE RAPED.

          As for Ricardo the Mexican chef, I guess the Arab woman’s husband never found out. But that IS A DANGEROUS GAME.

          If you have to have sex with Arab women, you should spend $40 on a really nice experience with a cheerful Iranian or Turkish prostitute. These women have consciously chosen this way of life.

  9. SHI


    See you in another 12 hours, jackass.

    • YEE

      Not to sound like somebody’s grandfather but when I was these guy’s age 10 years ago I was too busy to blog. I was out doing things. If you are in your early 30’s and male and you can sit around obsessing over the half-remembered accounts of some blogger you really need to do something else with your time.

      Unlike our younger Millennial posters I actually spent 25-40 overseas DOING SOMETHING and now I have the money and time to sit around sharing some experiences.

      That is all you will get when the money is gone. A few memories, some photographs, a friend or two you email from time to time.

      These younger males should actually go forth and try to live instead of spending their time obsessing over some guy in his forties with a few opinions.

      • Yee

        Some of your observations were good, at least for Southeast Asia.

        You have far more to tell than someone who wastes time in bars and with women.

        • YEE

          A white in Asia interacts with people from various walks of life. He might live on the margins but interact with educated people from the upper classes-I have talked about Chinese-Filipinos, whom I worked with.

          I have been lucky enough not to meet someone who actually stabbed me-because in real life I have learned to stay silent around Asian males-but I have had a few good and bad experiences.

          Well I did have interactions with women from Northeast China when I was not working in Dubai. Some of them opened up about how hard their economy was and how their activities in Dubai were a last resort effort to make a great deal of money to open a restaurant or a store. I suppose many of them did. I would hope so. They were OLDER than I was.

          In Philippines another Westerner talked me into investing in a girly bar. I disliked the experience. The late hours were awful. The women were a combination of single mothers with the usually useless husband/father of their children and the rest were alcoholics and drug addicts and one or two were petty but vicious scam-artists. After two months, I got out of this business. Lost money but it was too sleazy for me. Customers were dirt bags, loonies, drunks.

          By 35, I married. So now of course this all behind me a million years ago. I’m well entrenched in the world-within-a-world of overseas Chinese. My wife is sort of pretty but overweight. I have two kids.

        • YEE Observations & Real Life

          Once I was with some Filipino co-workers at a beach and one of them was a 50 year old psychologist for the company named Dorothy. A Filipino woman.

          Afterwards one of the Chinese-Filipino women shouted “Dorothy was staring at your penis in the bathing suit!”

          A bunch of the Chinese-Filipino women laughed snottily.


          “It’s true!” Jen, a loud Chinese-Filipino women started imitating the way Dorothy was looking.

          I went into the changing room and left the beach. Feeling awkward.

          Afterwards, I made a note to never be seen in a bathing suit on a beach in Asia again.

          It was an embarrassing experience. I don’t even know it was true.

          BUT my point is, YEE, that I have earned my right to post opinions on this blog.

        • Yee

          Forums are for sharing opinions or BS, alright to argue about different views. But giving threats are ridiculous.

        • YEE

          Young people should travel and try to work in other countries. That is the only advice I have from the standpoint of being ten years older than others on this website.

          My opinion only, but you can only see your own country clearly from the outside.

        • Yee

          “Young people should travel and try to work in other countries.”

          Well, it’s risky. For people don’t the luck for it, they might end up in jail, or mingle with petty criminals.

        • Garry Palin

          Yee, I don’t think you’d make $ 50,000 per year in the US ?? ( no tax) but the grass always looks greener on the other side. You’d probably be working in a Chinese restaurant and making $ 25,000 per year, and that’s poverty level for New York.
          If you came to the US the Fuji way, you’d already be down $ 30,000, so you’d have a tough life, and likely poorer than you are right now. You have to have specialized knowledge in North America, for a high paying job. They don’t recognize foreign countries education here.
          I know of a young woman- Filipino, Chinese decent that was buying houses and fixing them up and selling them in California, and became quite wealthy, but it takes “money” to buy into the market, and a lot of knowledge to make money at it.
          As a Chinese woman who wanted to come to North America, you’d be a lot better off finding some man in Canada, or the USA, and marrying him, and gaining access for nothing. Also if he has a good job, it can work out quite well !!! that’s the smart way.
          I live in Canada, and I know this Chinese guy that went back to China and was looking for a “wife.” He told me he went to visit a friend he knew working at a bank, and told his friend he wanted to meet and marry this bank teller. ( he pointed her out) The friend introduced them, and they were married shortly after. This Chinese guy told me that’s the way things are done in China- “sort of business like”- no romantic BS. They are still together 30 years later with 2-3 kids. As I mentioned this was about 30 years ago, so maybe things have changed, but I rather doubt it.
          Maybe this is the way to go for you YEE, as you write good English, and seem to be a very smart young woman.

  10. YEE

    Remember that I am somewhat older (43) and have made my money (What little I have) so I have time on my hands to posit a few theories based upon 18 years in Dubai, Canada, India, Southeast Asia.

    If younger posters find me offensive that is fine but what they should be doing is making money so that they can have the luxury to sit around in their forties and blog all day.

    I get the feeling with some of these posters from Asia that they are on the margins of their own societies.

    • Yee

      Well, everyone has his own living in the real world, that’s what really counts. So it’s alright to let loose a bit in the virtual world.

      Pretending to be a bigger brute is one. From what little I know about Indians, they always talk big, especially in business.

      • YEE

        Now 43, I have earned the right to advance a few opinions based upon a hard-earned life in Asia.

        I’ll add they are not stories. They are facts that support certain opinions, or at least I would believe they do.

      • YEE

        Even if you go overseas and end up failing, you have learned something. At least that is my opinion.

        Whether you mix and mingle with petty criminals depends upon the country you visit.

        India? Yes. Dubai? No. Philippines? Sometimes but this is really a choice.

        Some countries have more petty criminals that others.

        Of course you yourself have spent time in Southeast Asia. You are clearly not an uneducated peasant from a snowy town in the Northeast or a Mongol from the Gobi desert. You have spent some time in other countries. I am sure of that.

        • Yee

          Just as a tourist. That’s enough for me.

          For someone who really want to go live in the USA, he can always take the Fuji way — human smuggling, US$30K and you’d be in NewYork. They’ve been doing that for decades. Not too diffcult a “dream” to realize. Only 30K.

  11. YEE

    To begin with, I believe women can PIMP themselves if they feel this is the best option (Some women like sex a great deal, anyhow). If they wish to entertain white men who want access to women from economically depressed places in Northeast China or India that is their concern. I have engaged in this myself, when I was younger (40 is too old for such things, in my opinion, and a man should be more mature by then).

    But this is a dangerous business for males to be in and you meet many petty criminals of both sexes.

    If I have interesting stories to share it is was from hard-earned experiences overseas as man in his 20’s and 30’s who had to hold SOME KIND OF JOB in foreign countries.

    The younger posters on this blog should actually travel and work overseas AND DO SOMETHING with the most productive years of their life.

    Perhaps I bore younger readers like yourself but I earned the right to babble about my experiences. They were hard-earned.

    • SHI

      Lyin’ TRASH

      Said he isn’t coming back on this blog. I gave him 12 hours. He couldn’t last 12 minutes.

      Is this how you look, Lyin’ TRASH?

  12. Beauregard

    TRASH IS a martyr



      The infrastructure of the oil rich Gulf States of Oman, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi have all developed while the U.S. wastes trillions in Iraq and debates another prohibitively expensive war in Syria.

      Dubai did well in the 2000’s, I was there.

      My experiences are the result of a Gen X “slacker” who left the U.S. in 1999 during an era when Americans were still valued overseas and spending time on the streets on the margins of other societies.

      Like hanging out with Ricardo the Mexican chef.

      It is a sordid tale.

      I was once kicked in the ass on an elevator by an Arab who despised Westerners. Another time an Arab pushed me into a urinal while drunk in a public place.

      In India I was trapped in a compartment with Indian sailors who had a whole fun night bullying a white guy. Another time an Indian stranger started wresting with me on the road because he was drunk.

      Philippines might have been the worst. In Taiwan a Korean guy wanted my place at the busstop and put me in a headlock.

      So I can recount some stories of life on Asian streets for a white guy.


      It is better than sitting in the Flyover which is now like an interior third-world country discounted by coastal elites listening to poor whites blame JOOS for everything.

      You were young when Bush was elected but the county has gone WAYYYY downhill since Clinton was in office during the year of your birth bro.

      Overseas, I have seen it happen. U.S. working-classes have disintegrated into a bunch of unhappy people from broken homes imitating 40 year old black thugs and swallowing Oxy pills and having children out of wedlock while blaming Jews for controlling their behavior through the media. In America if you are poor you are always one step away from jail. Police are sort of a tool of the rich now. They do not protect and serve.

      • Beauregard

        I like to think that I advocate for flyover prole interests but YOU’RE CORRECT the scapegoating should stop.

        Ann Coulter is like the Al Sharpton of rural Whites. The racist Mexicans and Muslims and Jews cooperatively run the government (despite the fact that there is little love between these groups) and purposely try to foil Whites.
        Yet somehow coastal Whites are immune to this.

        Bill Clinton days were nice but some of his own policies surely contributed. NAFTA and free trade cause growth to be lopsided towards the wealthy.

        Nonetheless Dubya did a terrible job and the country would be far better off under Al Gore.

        • YEE

          What is the point of immigrating to the Chinatown ghetto of NYC? Or LA? Poverty and crime.

        • Yee

          US$50K a year, no tax. Way better paid than in China.

        • Muslims don’t run the U.S. government. That is sheer rubbish. There was one Muslim of note in the entire Clinton political machine and her husband got busted sending pictures of his dick to underage girls (He happened to be Jewish) after which neither of them could get elected dog catcher. Yeah, Huma and Weiner!!! are a real effective political conspiracy. Last thing I heard she was pregnant and he was unemployed.

          During the whole Bush Skull & Bones paranoia era it was a Free Mason conspiracy (Which would have worked because the Flyover Proles would let NSA hide under their bed sheets and sniff their wife’s anus if they were told it was “protecting freedom”), now it is the Arabs running liquor stores in Detroit. Yeah, right.

          The characters of the song change but the white proles are always singing the same old tune in Idaho or wherever. ITS A BIG CONSPIRACY by Hebes and Dagos and Muslims to revert middle-class whites to peasants.

          Here is the reality my young friend, since you are too young to observe how society in the U.S. changed and you did not check out of it at the end of the Clinton era in your young working prime like me (I was 25 in 99):

          Clinton stupidly enacted NAFTA trade agreements under horrendous corporate pressure and the corporations quickly revealed they did not give two rat’s asses about whether 40 year old factory foreman with engineering degrees or 15 year olds (Who used to work in fast food as late as the 1990’s if you watch old Beavis & Butthead episodes) scrubbed the bathrooms of KFC while blacks on welfare who will never work a day in their lifetime bought big Original Flavor Thighs and Wings with their welfare check.

          If Gore had been elected and no war had been declared the economy would have probably stumbled along a little better without rocketing gas prices.

          Bush was an alcoholic bum under his own tremendous corporate pressure from oil companies so he went to war against a gangster despot of a Third World Toilet bowl and the American economy collapsed under the weight of a war that did not even yield oil.

          So more bridges and roads crumbled in the sort of towns that produce naive young people that could actually be convinced that Arabs wanted an in articulate Max Hardcore-looking redneck like Bush in a cowboy hat to rule their Caliphate when they preferred their own vicious thugs with Third World street market wheeler-dealer trading skills to rule them.

          White proles between the two coasts of Hipster elitism of primarily Anglo-Saxon yeoman ancestry could be convinced of all of this through television and newspapers.

          Bush actually ignored the Blue States during his presidency and was recorded as saying “F*ck the Jews, they do not vote for us anyhow” which none of them do of course. Even the Neocons.

          Obama was largely a reaction to all of this and when you get past how hideous his wife was and the fact that he might have been a gay coke hustler in his college years he did step into office after dumb white proles put the U.S. in the position it was for keeping Bush in office for 8 years.

        • BEAUREGARD

          Nope, it was white proles who elected Bush to the horror of Muslims, Jews and Asian hipsters in the Blue State “Bubbles” (Bubble meaning you do not live in a wooden old house with peeling paint on the prairies and have two kids you struggle to support because you got married at 20).

          Because white Anglo proles are naive and uneducated they actually could be made to believe that some third-rate gangster in Iraq was a threat to the entire world and like the life of a typical white prole who stupidly gets married at 20 instead of going to college the whole thing went wrong and the U.S. was bankrupted while Dubai built a load of lovely new Skyscrapers and the Arab drives a nice Lexus while the poor hick from Dick’s Knob Tennessee who was 20 in 2003 and joined the army struggles to get his VA check.

          White proles-not Jews or Muslims or Mexicans-made this happen.

          I’d argue that like blacks, Mexicans do not have any international ideology and are preoccupied with their domestic situation.

          How many Jews or Muslims in America supported the Iraq War or would volunteer to fight in Syria or Yemen?

        • BEAUREGARD

          White proles made the situation, which was no great shakes in the late 90’s, much worse when they elected Bush.

        • Beauregard

          From an economic standpoint, REAGAN TOO.
          Foreigners continue to mock us for thinking a guy who played cowboys in the movies was actually a cowboy and a good leader.
          But foreign policy wise he just trolled Grenada and did not get involved in a full scale war after the 1983 Lebanon bombing.

      • mayur varshne

        You surely went to all kinds of wrong kinds of places here in INDIA.


          No choice, it was work. I’d have sat on the beach in Goa and NEVER visited anywhere BUT the actual work was in Cochin.

          I went up to Andheri and Jo-Jo because I knew people there.

  13. YEE

    Not $50,000. More likely $25,000. As an illegal immigrant employed “under-the-table” in a Chinese restaurant you will not earn $25,000 a year.

    Women who chose prostitution have to pay a rent of sort to the owner of the massage parlor. They usually earn about $100 per day. That’s $30,000 a year.

    We are talking about illegal immigrants here, of course. Chinese doctors and IT presumably make a competitive wage.

    In fact, a Chinese immigrant couple bought my grandparents house. They paid cash and were in the U.S. for only a few years.

    But they were legal immigrants from China. Who, I might add, want nothing to do with Chinatown ghettos.

  14. mayur varshne

    I always say that the WHITE folks are the WILD ones …….and they have always enjoyed the LIBERTY to experiment and to do anything unconventional if and when it catches their fertile imagination.

  15. Greeks, Portuguese, English, French.

    They sure did that in India.

  16. Are you familiar with the gay germ theory?

  17. Latest studies suggest it is a combination of genetics and environment.

  18. Garry Palin

    I think this is such a fascinating topic, and I’ve wondered and speculated as to “why” on this subject- “nurture or nature” I don’t think you need studies, or psychologists, or psychiatrists to determine the answers. Everyone can study this in real life, and find out why, by honestly talking to people who are different than the norm, and make their own conclusions.

    On WOMEN- this “bi-sexual” orientation seems to be quite on the rise, and I think it’s more normal for women than it is for men. From a young age, say 30- 35 years ago, I often saw women, holding hands together, dancing together, going to the bathroom together, kissing each other at Christmas and being more physically intimate with each other-like it was “natural”. With the advent of online porn etc,, it seems to be perfectly normal and acceptable for women to be bi-sexual. Society does not seem to have a problem with it, and often encourages it. If you go on Sugar Daddy sites, about 1/4 of the women list themselves as bi-sexual. Women that are incarcerated for a crime in jail, will turn to another woman for intimacy, and show their bi-sexual side. When they get out of jail, many turn back to the heterosexual life they had before-marry and have kids etc. My conclusion is that most women are “naturally bi-sexual” and enjoy that. With this being said, most will answer the call of nature, and partner with a man, and have a family, and lead a straight hetro lifestyle. The women “lesbians” are very different, and also possess high testosterone levels, usually are physically bigger, and are only turned on by women, and will not engage with a man. So it’s my belief that women are naturally bi-sexual, and if society permits it, and it’s not looked down upon, you’ll see it becoming more prevalent. I did ask a lot of women when they first had feelings for other women, and they all said it began at a very early age-say from 11- 14 years old. A lot of women will make out with another woman to give their man sexual pleasure, doing it right in front of him, or in threesome. So women are very flexible and adaptable in this lifestyle. No big deal to them.

    FOR MEN- very different !!!- unlike a lot of people I just don’t believe in bi-sexual men, so I guess you’d call me narrow minded. The bi-sexual men are men that are really “gay” ( queer) but they just don’t want to admit that to themselves. For myself being a straight hetro man, I just cannot see or understand why a man, would want to be with another man ??? it’s embarrassing for me to see 2 grown men kissing. I think these bi men want to have a normal job, not be discriminated against, and take on the label as a bi-sexual. They get married, have a few kids, but end up having sex with their male partners on the side and in secret. These bi-sexual men are fooling themselves, and damage a lot of peoples lives, especially if they have a family and kids. If a man has a sexual desire to be with another man, then to me he’s a “gay man” and it will usually come out in the long run that way. The late singer George Michael ( just died ) said he used to classify himself as a bi-man, but said when he met this one man, he knew after 25 years, he was “totally gay” all along, and then only went with men. I know a lot of bi-men would disagree with me, and maybe a man can be attracted equally to men and women, but I just cannot grasp that, and don’t buy it.

    FOR GAY MEN- I believe they were definitely born that way ( most of them) They are basically women trapped in men’s bodies. They speak differently, their physical motions are very feminine usually, and their voice inflections are different. You can usually tell “right away” that they are gay, as they definitely have effeminate characteristics. I’m basically talking about the “effeminate gays” here. They like things that women like, as they like fashIon, cooking, dancing ( ballet) and things that women like. They usually have a higher pitched voice, and you just know that their different. I’ve always been able to tell right away with the effeminate gays. I had this one guy a couple weeks ago email me off a dating site. He told me he just bought a new house, and wanted me to go over so he could suck my cock. I told him that I thought he was a “woman trapped in a man’s body” and that he was wired backwards, and they don’t like it when you say that. He said he wasn’t, and that he was more masciline than me-6’3, 230 lbs, and quite manly. I said so why did you message me then ?? I said, why don’t you go on a gay site, and find some queer man ??? He replied that he wanted to do this with a straight man. We left on good terms, but never heard back from him, as he could see I was a lost cause. I told him, he should go on a gay site, and message other queer men, but his desire was to find a straight man to do this with. I just had to laugh to myself, as I totally believe this guy is a total queer, but just trying to repress his feelings for societal acceptance. He’d be better off to admit his sexual nature to himself and find another man as a lover and mate. Do this, rather than marry some poor woman and screw men behind her back, and break up the family. (kids etc)
    BOTTOM LINE- I don’t believe in bi-sexual men- I think they are all “gay”
    but this is “not” the same for women, as they truly are mostly bi sexual by nature. Sort of a paradox here.

    ON MASCULINE MALE GAYS- These I think can be a product of how they were raised-I’m quite sure of it. They are very different from the effeminate type of gays. Their voices are deeper, they appear very masculine, and they have interests that men do-sports,mechanics, engineering etc, They are like normal men to me, but they only are attracted to other men. You can often see, their mate is very female like, and they adopt the roles of man and woman when they are living together. These types don’t really like me, and I guess they think I’m a bit of a threat and will steal their mate ??? don’t know. When I get to know them, they are OK with me, and will deal with me, and treat me like a “business aquaintance”. They will warm up to me, as long as they believe I’m not judging them, or laughing at them, which I’m not-so their OK, as long as nobody invades each other’s space, I know this because I’ve had house rentals, and have dealt with, and talked with many gay couples, and they make great tenants. ( no parties fights etc)

    SO, The above is my feelings on this complex matter, which does seem to be on the increase. I will also add that extreme feminism, has also pushed a lot of men over to the gay side, as they view these cold militant females as men. They don’t feel like they can be in charge of the woman, like traditional patrirachal family units, so this may cause some to turn gay. I also see an increasing number of females “not identifying” themselves as feminists, and want “very dominant” males that will dominate them-it’s just in their natures. ( a woman’s nature) I think a lot of women can see a lot of men, becoming to effeminate, and they don’t like it-especially for a lover and lifelong mate-“they want a man”- who will be a little bit rough with them and be very dominant, and these men are disappearing, as the laws really favor women in divorce etc, therefore men, don’t want to get involved, and lose everything they’ve worked for. Maybe the pendulum will swing back the other way, and feminism will start to decline-I hope so !!!

    • These women you asked when they first had feelings for other women, were they the standard heavily straight bisexuals we see nowadays, or were they real deal lesbians?

      • Garry Palin

        Well they were not real lesbians, like dyke, butch types, as these types of girls, I generally wouldn’t meet, as they have no interest in men. The women I asked were just bi-sexual women, and I met a lot on kink sites like Fetlife. Most will tell you that they knew they were different than their friends, and a lot of these girls will say they had these feelings at a very young age, and started playing around with other girls at 11-13 yrs old. They also dated men, moreso when they were like 14-16 and older. I asked a bi-girl about 10 months ago about her sexuality, as she listed herself as a bi-sexual. She said-“I don’t want to talk about it” I’m sure if I got to know here, she would tell me. ( first meeting-she was 23)

        I did meet a very interesting one on a kink site ( not in person) and she told me she knew she was different at a very young age. She had sex with other girls at 13 yrs old. She also went out with men later. She told me she went to Scotland at 15 or 16 yrs old all by herself, and became a dancer, and was doing drugs etc. She was then approached by a man, that offered to take her into his house as a sex slave, providing there was no drinking or drugs. She agreed to do this as she was going to die living on cocaine and drugs. She then moved in with this man, and was his sex slave-he was her Master. She would have sex with other women to please him- anything he wanted. He had total control, and that’s the life she still lives today. She is also a masochist, and likes pain, and told me it relieves stress for her. ( this is quite common. Never met her in person. She is the editor of a large BDSM site and paper.

        I think in summation, these girls are truly bi-sexual, and are just as happy with a man. They sometimes take a break from dating men, and then date women, as they experiment with their sexuality. They probably won’t bring up the subject, unless asked directly, as their somewhat secretive about it. I also talked to a 19 year old girl about 10 months ago, who told me she liked girls as well, and would be willing to be involved in a threesome. They are quite open about this.

        The "real lesbian ones" I really have not talked to, but I assume they are definitely "not bi-sexual" and a lot-don't like men. They sort of give you the cold shoulder, so you can't really talk to them.

        I sort of think the bi-sexual ones, most will end up settling down with a man, but are open to intimacy with women if they had the chance, or would be open to group sex. They simply like both sexes, but men more for a lot of reasons-“money and family.” ( etc)

        I’ve had a lot more experience talking to “men” as you know right away that their gay, and they like talking about it. One of my man tenants just had a “sex change” to a woman. ( like Bruce Jenner) He told me all about it, and it was quite fascinating. He’s big as well-like 6 feet tall and 230 lbs, so he’s not some small 5’6 skinny Asian guy. He had all his genitals cut off, and the whole works. It looks funny seeing a big guy like that with lipstick on and painted toenails-a bit weird. Now his son won’t even talk to him- his son has disowned him. He lost his job as a truck driver, but got another one. He advises guys not to do this, as you really have to pay the price with job, family and whatever. I had “no idea” he was gay when I met him-he was big, black leather jacket, and drove a big truck, but was very friendly and I liked him. This came as a surprise to me !!!

        I asked this guy when he first knew he was “gay”. He told me at a very young age he knew. He always wanted to go shopping with his mother to decorate the house, or buy food. He grew up on a dairy farm in Germany, but had to go with his father to the “hardware store” He started having sex with boys at around 15 years old. He then married and had a kid, then got divorced. He had been seeing men on the side while he was married, like most all of them do.

        Now this guy will not at all go out with a woman- “only men” -so I asked him why he didn’t just stay a “man” ??? because it would be easy attracting another queer man ? Now he has to find a “straight man” that will accept him with his sex change !!! I know it’s very weird, but to him- he feels right, and has no regrets. He’s grown breasts thru hormones, and also has a vagina. ( didn’t show me tho-and I didn’t ask.)

        Because of all my dealing with real street people Robert, this has caused me to think the way I do-“really the way it is” I’ve went out with a lot of beautiful women that told me they’ve had sex with other women. They are not lesbians though, and will end up long term with a man. Lesbians are very different, and you’d have to ask them how they developed.

  19. Garry Palin

    ON MASCULINE GAY TYPES- I should add that I’m quite sure their sexual orientation came from how they were raised-like a very dominant mother etc.- lot’s of reasons. These Male masculine gays, are “very different” than the effeminate gays-“that were just born that way.”

  20. Sonny's Mom

    For population estimates, I would recommend the CDC’s research.
    Although despised by the lgbt, the late Joseph Nicolosi’s website and other writings provide insight as to the psychological development of boys as important factor in the formation of a gay identity. One element frequently reported by his gay male counselees was growing up with a sense of feeling isolated and different from their own fathers, even in intact families, as well as from other boys. In the words of one man, “I always felt odd, not boy enough, and then later on … not man enough”– as if they saw themselves as “complementary to” or “the opposite of” other boys (rather than girls).
    Some clients sought therapy out of a wish to “stop being gay”, but many others, simply because they felt unhappy or unfulfilled in their own lives, or out of a sense of not being true to themselves. He viewed his practice not as “conversion therapy” but as “patient centered” and affirmative of “patient choice” to determine one’s own direction in life.
    Another key finding was that, as these men became more at ease with their own masculine traits and identity, and began to relate to other men on a non-sexual basis, sexual attraction to other males would often (though not in every case) diminish to varying degrees. Interestingly, such counselees would also notice increased SSA at such times in their lives when they felt under increased stress and anxiety.
    While emphasizing that every individual is unique, these were general trends he saw and wrote about during more than 35 years in practice.
    CAVEAT: don’t be surprised if these comments are trolled by activists. However, I don’t regularly visit this sight and will not be returning to argue back. JN helped thousands of people, and his work stands on its own.

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