Where Did the Dravidians Come from?

Trash: A-MAN

I have no notion of where Dravidian people are from. This is quite mysterious although they are somewhat similar to Australian aboriginals.

But who knows where they are from?

Dravidians are possibly ancient Caucasoids. They probably came from Western Iran (Elamites) and before that, maybe the Levant all the way back to 15-20,000 YBP by the old theories.

They only look like Aborigines because they admixed so heavily with the existing population of Australoid Veddoid types who were already there when the Dravidians showed up.


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12 responses to “Where Did the Dravidians Come from?

  1. Dr Vennelakanti Prakasam

    Professor Sunit Kumar Chatterjee said that India has Negroit base followed by Polynesians,Dravidians(,INDOEUROPEAN) Aryans and Mongolians. I think when Humans evolve at different places three basic groups emerged: Black,Yellow and White primitive races.Later so many groups emerged due to contact.

    • SHI

      I am sorry your comment doesn’t make any sense.

      First, please learn how to spell properly. Did you mean, Negrito?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negrito

      You’re way off the mark then. The Negrito refers to primitive tribals of India whose modern descendants include Andamanese people, the Semang of Malaysia, the Maniq people of Thailand, and the Aeta people, Ati people, and 30 other ethnic groups in the Philippines.

      Even the Blackest Dravidians are not connected to these spear-chuckers.

      This is what a typical Negrito looks like.

      One more thing, please learn how to punctuate properly. After Negrito, you go on about Polynesians, Dravidians, Aryans, Mongolians, WTF?

      You need to learn how to formulate a statement properly before commenting on a WordPress blog. This would require a firm grasp of logic enabling you to create meaningful, declarative sentences that are either true or false. You’re not allowed to throw in random words like Donald Trump. At least, he has a rhetorical excuse.

      Last, but not the least, please use correct grammar. This means learning the correct preposition to apply (“in”, “on”, “at” etc.), not mixing past and present tenses in the same sentence (“evolve”, “emerged”) and using sentence case correctly.

      Also, I can’t make sense of your closing remarks. What exactly are you trying to convey? There is currently no scientific evidence that suggests the possibility of 3 distinct primitive races emerging in different continents, “Black”, “Yellow”, “White”. WTF? That pseudo-scientific theory was debunked in the first half of the 20th century itself.

      I understand that English isn’t your first language. But, it’d be polite to apologize for that when you’re trying to comment in an English language blog. The fact that you think it’s appropriate to apply the prefix “Dr” before your name, sends a very wrong impression of India’s education system.

      You, Sir, are a testimony to the inferiority of the South Indian Dravidian race.

      • Andy

        And you sir, are an arrogant idiot. You have inflated sense of superiority. You are a loser.

      • SHI

        Any Indian can hang around the Andheri white ghetto or Goa Caucasian junkie scene declaring themselves a half-assed tourist guide or whatever but it is doubtful that you have actually been in North America or even in London-the place that you should be since obviously you are on the margins of Indian society (Like most Indians that hang around undiscriminating Goras in Andheri or Goa).

        This is all indicative of an Indian who hangs around foreigners in Andheri or Goa who has been marginalized by his own caste, community, society. Once more, I know your type from years and years of being in and out of India.

        You have not lived in North America. I doubt that you interact a great deal with North Americans IN tourist centers like Andheri or Goa.

        • S26

          Is there something wrong with being marginalized by Indian society?

          Hanging around goras makes people more important in Indian society, atleast temporarily. The only one trying to marginalize him or her is the spurned Brahmin, who thinks all attention is his birthright. Brahmin men behave worse than Indian women in this sense.

        • S26, unless you have already donated, you have to donate to stay on the site. All regular commenters must donate now. Minimum $10 donation, and you can comment for life! If you are in India and that’s a hardship to you, let me know, and we will see if we can work something out.


      • True, haunting the Andheri and Goa white ghettos has brought your language skills near fluency.

        But it is also indicative of an Indian who hangs around foreigners because he is on the margins of his own society. This is ALWAYS the case for Indians who haunt White Tourist centers in India. Somehow, someway, they have become outcasts in their own society.

        I have little doubt that you belong to this new caste-the Indian who orbits around white tourist ghettos.

        However, you would have little interaction with Americans. A few hippies anyhow.

        You may have attended a decent Catholic university like Xavier and learned English but……..you are clearly part of that new caste of Indians who hang around whites in India because they are on the margins of their own society.

        • mayur varshne

          Quite snobbish of you to say that…..many of the WHITE settlers in the NEW WORLD were total outcasts.In fact,the WHITE settlers in AUSTRALIA were CRIMINALS.

      • As I stated, the Indians who haunt Gora tourist centers in West India are onn the margins of their own society.

  2. Jm8

    I wonder what influence the languages of the proto-Australoid/Veddoid peoples had on modern Dravidian languages. It seems pretty clear that Dravidian came primarily from a Near Eastern family also ancestral to Elamite (Elamo-Dravidian) in Iran and reached India arround te neolithic. But I wonder if Veddoid peoples’ languages could have a substratal influence on Dravidian (or at least some Dravidian languages—esp those farther south or the tribal ones), even perhaps playing a role in its divergence from its Elamo-Dravidian root; depending on where Dravidian truly diverged (e.g: If it diverged within the Indian subcontinent—like arround Pakistan/NW India—, where proto-Australoid peoples lived).

    The influence of those peoples might be hard to assess. I recall a while ago reading about an old theory that Dravidian had some grammatical similarities to certain Ausralian Aboriginal languages (Northern maybe?).

    But did these similarities also exist I wonder in the one surviving Dravidian language of the North, Brahui in Pakistan, whose speakers presumably have much less native proto-Austaloid ancestry?

    One might possibly also check for similarities to Andamanese languages (a bit of a long shot I know).

    • Jm8

      “…the one surviving Dravidian language of the North, Brahui in Pakistan (assuming Brahui is native and not a back-migration from the south),…”

  3. S26

    Hanging around foreigners who don’t know anybody in India does not make you important.

    Whites are not important in India. Goras have zero importance in India.

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