The Confusing Genetics of East Indians

A-Man: Robert why did you say that south Indians are Caucasoid in genes? Aren’t they like a midway group between proto-Arabids (Caucasoid) and Australoid?

On some charts (autosomal DNA) the only Australoids are Papuans and Aborigines, and Indians look Caucasoid on those charts. That would be Cavalli-Sforza’s chart. However, they are some of the strangest Caucasoids of all as they are distantly related to the rest and closer to Asians than any other Caucasoids. Other charts have them an independent race between Asians and Caucasoids.

And yes, Indians are linked to Europeans, especially Southern Europeans, via Arabs. The link goes like this:

Greeks -> Arabs -> Indians

And honestly there is not a lot of genetic distance between any of those groups. The Asian and African sub-races are much further apart than Caucasoids. There is probably more distance between Samoyeds and Chukchi than between any of the three above.

Incidentally, the Chukchi somehow barely end up in the Caucasoid plot on Cavalli-Sforza’s autosomal chart! This indicates how closely related some of those ancient Siberians are to ancient Caucasoids. There is a group called Ancient Northeast Asians from 15-20,000 YBP that seems to be ancestral to both NE Asians and Caucasoids. There are also links between Orcadians (Scottish Islanders) and Siberians. Skulls from Europe from 21,000 YBP look more Amerindian than anything else. The closest match-up between those ancient European skulls is the Makah Amerindian tribe from the US. But the Amerindians are sometimes thought of as a NE Asian-Caucasoid link anyway.

Another interesting thing on Cavalli-Sforza’s chart is that the Berbers, a Caucasoid group, land barely in the African plot! This shows deep links between North African Caucasians and Black Subsaharan Africans.

There is a small Berberid group from Algeria called Mozabites. These are Caucasoids, but they are some of the weirdest-looking Caucasoids I have ever seen. They don’t really look like any other race of humans, but if you had to throw them anywhere, you would have to put them in Caucasians. Some of them look remarkably like people from India. In papers about the genesis of the Caucasian race, North Africa, the Middle East and India are mentioned as three hubs of the development of this race with many migrations back and forth over 30-40,000 YBP. And that Mozabite group gets mentioned over and over when they talk about the remains of ancient genetic groups along with the Uighur for some odd reason.


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87 responses to “The Confusing Genetics of East Indians

  1. The upper caste INDIANS are similar to GERMANS and ITALIANS in their ways…….. though the colonial rule has had left its deep print on INDIA……..the BRAHMINS are definitely Caucasoid and the upper caste INDIANS in the north are probably CAUCASOID.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      “The upper caste INDIANS are similar to GERMANS and ITALIANS in their ways..”

      I’ve heard such claims 100’s of times. Since “Greeks -> Arabs -> Indians..” Why not:

      “The upper caste INDIANS are similar to Somalis and Ethiopians in their ways.”

      Both Somalis and Ethiopians are Arabs or Caucasoids. Whenever Hindus babble on the ‘Aryan’ thingie, they try to soothe their insecurity/inferiority complex by trying to conjure up the image of blonde Nordic or German sci-tech excellence image.

      • mayur varshne

        ARABS rarely have LIGHT eyes,their facial features are entirely different,their mental faculties are much inferior…their entire WEALTH is based on OIL.INDIANS especially BRAHMINS and their off shoots are BRAINY,ASCETIC and GOTHIC ….simple living high thinking…….big boned,light skinned and hairy…..even though they gave up their meat eat ways even before the so called roman empire existed……their language is quite similar to the GERMAN language…..they sound quite GERMANIC ……..but INDIANS in general are LOUD,fond of FAMILY and kids and love to socialize…..much like the ITALIANS.
        I am not a HINDU,am green eyed and I am quite alpha and wild even by the WESTERN standards…..though I have a small frame and not heavily into meat eating.I do not consider myself to be inferior to the WHITES it is just that they BULLY me all the time….the U.S. immigration laws etc etc

        • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

          “ARABS rarely have LIGHT eyes,their facial features are entirely different..BRAHMINS and their offshoots are….big=boned, light skinned and hairy..”

          You exactly proved my point on Hindu insecurity/inferiority complex

          “The upper caste INDIANS are similar to GERMANS and ITALIANS in their ways..” means exactly as I said that you people want to conjure up image of blonde Nordics or German sci-tech excellence. Sure a small % of Brahmins look euro, but the majority don’t, and I have seen a few. I googled ‘Brahmin people pic’ and came up with the following pics.


          Though the dark hue of the average Hindus make you feel bad, I suggest to you to get over it. Bharat has more urgent things to care about like below age 5 infant mortality than ‘pride’.

      • Mayur Varshne INDIANS are CAUCASIANS,NEGROIDS,MONGOLOIDS(in much smaller numbers) and the numerous sub-races which emerged from the intermingling of these three main RACES in the lower stratas of the society…………….who gave up their MEAT eating ways many moons ago much before the romans and truly became the gentler,less passionate and less enterprising HINDUS…..I just do not understand how you can ignore our VEGETARIAN ways completely in understanding us………MEAT especially BEEF makes you ALPHA.ALSO,the fucky IMMIGRATION laws of the DEVELOPED,WHITE nations make INDIANS ultra BETA…….and YES INDIANS ain’t even remotely semitic like the JEWS and the ARABS.The CAUACASIANS who subdued the NEGROIDS in the north were either GERMANIC or ITALIAN though the BRISTISH have left their everlasting impact on our ways especially ADMINISTRATION….they were the ones who brought post ENLIGHTENMENT,post RENAISSANCE european ways to INDIA.The MUSLIM nomads who ravaged us before the BRITISH have mostly retained their distinct ways though they too have become GENTLER like us. obviously know nothing to little about INDIANS.

        • Latest DNA display Slavic markers in high-caste North Indians. Aryans were probably from Eastern Europe (Ukraine or even as far East as Russia).

          Apart from a few Jewish communities on the Malabar coast there is no “semitic” in India and even this was awfully small. Chowdury and a few families like that are Jews. Maybe.000000001 %.

          Parsi people could be considered Semitic or Arab. But although Tata and them are prominent, Parsi are also a small minority in a few big cities.

        • Beta Immigration. India does not give out work visas to U.S. citizens easily. I’ve known at least one American who ended up with a citizenship because they were married to an Indian.

          But generally you do not see many redneck whites from the U.S. in India. Daniel Weber, husband of the Bollywood actress, is the only American redneck I met in India. He was there accidentally and became an Indian citizen.

          London and even parts of Canada have not improved by importing sub-Baniya caste Hindus, let alone Pashtun Muslims from the Kashmir/Pakistan border. Not at all. Bradford is a “no-go” zone similar to Detroit.

          Sikhs in Canada do not have a terrorist ideology, but their macho code of existence has turned East Vancouver into an anarchy of shootings and stabbings in nightclubs. Coke deals, drive-by shootings and all the rest of it did not exist before 1980 when the first Sikhs began to flood into Toronto and East Vancouver.

          Worse yet, sub-Baniya caste and even merchant-caste Gujarati immigrant kids tend to imitate the defiant underclasses-gang activity, petty crime, graffiti, promiscuity, cocaine deals, guns etc.

          We have in the U.S. had a few adopted Indian kids who killed their white parents and things like that-remember the Tennessee case.

        • mayur varshne

          Hey buddy find me a TAKER there…….a silly,good CHRISTIAN girl who can take me into her heart and home…..I have had waiting eagerly of the WHITE benevolence.

      • High-Caste North Indians DNA test indicates Slavic, not Western European genes.

        • mayur varshne

          SLAVIC race…….I am not talking about the off shoots…. is CAUCASIAN………though a bit impoverished and less enterprising.It is quitepossible to have a bully and a nerd in the same family.

        • mayur varshne

          But how will you explain the linguistic similarities………SANSKRIT the true language of the upper caste HINDUS is very similar to the German language.Besides,upper caste HINDUS are obsessed with maintaining racial purity…….BRAHMINS many of them are quite big boned and hairy for ordinary grass eaters….clearly they have superior genes..

        • mayur varshne

          SIKHS are wealth obsessed pussies…they know nothing about honour…….you throw money at them they will even suck your dicks and eat your shit……though their first and last gurus were truly saints.HINDUS are nobler than the Sikhs….though not as affluent.
          WHITE folks interested in immigrating to INDIA,huh…this is news to me.

        • mayur varshne

          HINDUS are moderates….definitely not as WILD as the WHITEs…..and I am not saying that we are CHRISTIAN and very humane…..we are very inward looking moderates.We do not bother to care beyond our families and extended families to some extent.So the WHITES can not expect us to show LOVE for them…it is more of give and take where necessary and dominate if possible……they are just people of colour you kknow never treated as equal by the WHITES……..but I have good grounds to believe that the HINDU girls there crave WHITE dicks there……and tend to ignore their own kind.

        • mayur varshne

          Tell me something if HINDUS are not perceived to be NERDY pussies by the WHITE folks there i in the land of free how come somebody like me who is more YANKEE in his ways is yet to find a TAKER there ….even after nearly 12 months of frantic searching.. …and HINDUS playing the gangstas……blame it on the culture of the rugged cow country.

        • mayur varshne

          You say parsees are ARAB or SEMTIC,huh………you clearly know little about INDIA……them they are the original IRANIANS…..zoroastrians….they fled ISLAM and came to INDIA.

        • Jiva Raja

          mayur varshne
          Sanskrit is similar to nearly all European languages except Finnish, Estonian, Basque and Hungarian. Thus it is similar to the Gaelic labguages of the Celts, Latin based languages like Spanish, Germanic langiages like English and Dutch and German, Baltic languages as well as Slavic languages like Russian and Polish. Also Sanskrit is similar the most to Persian and Afghan Dari.

      • Hey Halal, new policy is all regular commenters have to donate and you are a regular. Minimum $10 and you can comment forever. If that is a hardship to you, write me and we can talk about it.


      • “The upper caste INDIANS are similar to GERMANS and ITALIANS in their ways..” ahhahahahha
        say that again to Rajput north-indian high-caste hindoo

  2. A-MAN

    No, Middle Eastern influences found their way into Mediterranean culture through Lebanon and North Africa.

    Math for example, may have originated in India and moved by way of transmission to Greece through the Middle East. That is the current theory.

    • I believe math was created in the middle east.

      • A-MAN

        Debatable. Some elements of math were Indian, some Greek, much of it was Middle Eastern.

        Like every other invention, it was a collusion of cultural input. Greeks brought Algebra, Indians brought zeros, Arabs brought the numeric system as a whole.

  3. No, Southern Europeans intermarried with North Africans and Phoenicians.

  4. Natural barriers such as the Himalayas and the Sahara desert isolated east Asians and Blacks. Naturally, most mixing occurred along the Northern Africa/Western Europe ->Middle East/India corridor.

    • Hello Robert
      I have one question: so I saw the pca chart of Calvin sforza, I do understand that indians are mostly Caucasian, but I would not consider them more Caucasian than Arabs and europeans because even in Calvin sforza PCS chart they plotted between pure Caucasians and pure Australoids and east asians but they were more closer to Caucasoids. Is this why you say south indians are Caucasoid in genes?

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  6. They fall into the Caucasoid quadrant on his PCA chart. There isn’t really a quadrant for Australoids on there. There’s Africans, Caucasoids, NE Asians and SE Asians.

    • Yeah but when I put aborgines into the PCA. The south asians were still closer to the Europeans but they were kind of midway between aborigines and west asians but more closer to west asians.

  7. Jake

    That Cavalli-Sforza stuff is pretty old (not a lot of markers used). Indians are mainly a mix of Caucasoids and Australoids, and they’re pretty distinct from Europeans. And Mozabites are not full Caucasoids either.

  8. Magneto

    Most northern Indians are indeed descendants of Arabs. But the majority of south and east indians are very clearly not linked to arabic facial features of body frames. It is that kind of traditional indian which is the typical indian. And they are generally alright people, I mean they are still corrupt as hell but at least they don’t have evil hearts like north indians and punjabis do. North indians are fucking scum, and it just goes to show that Arabs are fucking scum too. I guess Greeks too.

    White northern europeans are the most advanced race on earth.

    • Yee

      India needs its own renaissance, reformation and revolution to become a modern country.

      What’s the point of always trying to prove themselves actually Europeans? Just a waste of time. You don’t have to be Europeans to build a better and cleaner country.

      I don’t believe Northern Europeans are racially advanced. It’s just some English started industrial revolution first, then spreaded to the nearby region.

      It’s never too late to build a country. The U.S. started way later than Europe, but now is the most powerful country in the world.

      • The US started out as a colony and after independence, a big business. Selling resources to fuel the industrial revolution. Amassed land by buying and annexing from dying empires such as the Spanish and French. Importing laborers and slaves to work these businesses.

        (OT. The end of the Industrial Revolution had a huge economic impact on the US which resulted in a civil war where the North with its highly mechanized agri- manufacturing sector decapitated its Southern competitor’s labor intensive agri industry by outlawing slavery)

        The US was a huge beneficiary of the 2 world wars when smart people were escaping Europe by the thousands. The US were copying and leap frogging technology when there were no regulations on intellectual properties.

        India on the other hand is an old land with millions and millions of people ,many kingdoms and many languages. It was never quite the civilization that the Hindutvas thought it was. The British consolidated the subcontinent into what it is today. A patchwork of odd working parts. If it will work it would have worked 30-40 years ago. It has 60% arable land and it would have been easily an economic force just by being an agricultural superpower with mediocre effort. Thailand with only 17% of India land mass and only with 30% arable land is able to be the food basket of Asia.

        India will be powerful because of its population size but will remain quite poor per capita and will be a pawn between the real superpowers. The Hindutvas with its false pride will only hasten the inevitable breakup into its natural 23 nations. The Nuclear strike first policy is the beginning of the end.

        • Yee

          “The British consolidated the subcontinent into what it is today.”

          That’s why India needs its own renaissance and revolution, not just put on a cloth of “modern country” brought by the Brit.

      • mayur varshne

        EUROPEANS are more ALPHA yet more HUMANE even though they are all racists.

        • Pashtuns are pretty Alpha. English have scurried like rats out of the cities in the UK like Bradford. No white would enter these places. Sikhs have intimidated Whites out of Canadian neighborhoods.

          I happen to be white myself but I would say that certain North Indian tribes claiming descent from various Central Asian and possibly Soviet tribes like Sikhs, Pakistanis from the Northwest are pretty Alpha.

          In terms of being humane, I agree. I truly do. This is why lower-castes in North India are mired in wretched poverty.

        • mayur varshne

          Pashtuns are NOBLE and obsessed with HONOUR……but they are treated like second rate citizens in their own country….lmao.WHITE folks have left them to their own …like the niggers… call that TOLERANCE.To be ALPHA and have your say you need aggression,passion and enterprise…..and an imperial temper.WHITE folks have all these more than any other race.I just don’t understand the problem WHITE folks have with the people of colour…….they are either plain scared of them or consider them to be of a poorer quality.

        • mayur varshne

          LOWER castes or even the upper castes are mired in poverty because of the HINDU mentality….its obsession with WHITE COLLARED jobs….anything even remotely manual is looked down upon here throughout india except in punjab.INDIA has a world class service sector but a relatively retarded manufacturing sector.Besides,we are always pulling each other down……terribly jealous and divided people….in our own moderate ways.

    • mayur varshne

      Either you are ignorant or stupid if you think so…….it were the MUSLIM nomads from central asia who ravaged INDIA.IRANIANS to found their way but in much smaller numbers and in a much more civilised way.ARABS here have only been traders.

      • mayur varshne

        Either you are ignorant or stupid if you think so…….it were the MUSLIM nomads from central asia who ravaged INDIA.IRANIANS too found their way but in much smaller numbers and in a much more civilised way.ARABS here have only been traders.

        • Mayur

          True. Arabs traded in South India primarily for a long time, mostly from Oman and Yemen.

          Zoroastrians have never really done anything to anyone. Tata is quite prominent.

          Central Asians were the invaders. They never got down in South India, however.

    • mayur varshne

      You are a RETARD if you think that the NORTH INDIANS are descendants of the ARABS.

      • If you cannot read what I just wrote about Arabs activity being centered around Kerala from Oman and Yemen than you are retarded. Kerala is in South India.

        On the subject of Jats they MAY have claimed descent from Scythian tribes located around the Volga river. That would not be Central Asia. Then again, perhaps not.

        Perhaps there is Greek blood in the Punjab and certainly as you have stated Central Asians positively overran the place. Likewise Iranians.

        • mayur varshne

          Sorry I did not read your comment……JATS claim themselves to be warriors……but the thing is they do not have much brains……they are hardy central asian nomads like the HUNS who meandered into INDIA and became much gentler INDIANS…..they are fit for being peasants and soldiers…….nothing else…..even in PUNJAB where they acquired LANDS and TITLES they are essentially land owners.Their migration into INDIA was much recent and in much smaller numbers.
          GREEKS hardly intermingled with the common INDIANS and the GREEK influence was centred around TAXILA and was short lived.
          PUNJABIS if you leave out the JATS are very practical who are not obsessed with WHITE COLLARED jobs….BRAHMINS and caste system were uprooted from punjab and sindh a few hundred years after CHRIST…….just because they are a bit more aggressive than the other INDIANS does not make them a different race……in fact,they are very much like the niggers in some of their ways……..little respect for others and law and order,short cuts etc etc

      • If you cannot read what I just wrote about Arabs being restricted to Cochin area (Mostly sailors from Oman and Yemen) than you are retarded.

  9. YEE

    China has the oldest Centralized government in the world. You did a Donald Trump 3,000 years and your wall was better than the one he is attempting to build today.

    I cannot comment upon India except that it was always fighting off invasions and being run by new conquerors. So it has a tumultuous history.

  10. Brahmin do not seem like Negros. They are more intelligent than that. Aggressive? Verbally, maybe.

    You can see some ancient white blood in high-caste Brahmins.

    It is not Central Asian and they are not Persians like the Parasi whom I have met a time or two.

    South Indian Telugu seem like blacks in their behavior. They tend to get stupid drunk. They are primitive coconut-tree climbing jungle people. Same with Dravidian people. I cannot distinguish, being white.

    • Yee

      You’ll get fat once you stop training, A-Man…. Former athletes usually get fat after they retire.

      And you can’t really build muscle as easily as Blacks. They seem to do so with little effort. I think it’s genetic. Both thin, a 13 year old African girl look more muscular than a grown up Chinese woman.

    • The sound INDIAN languages sound much like the AFRICAN languages…..and the south INDIAN girls…. they are busty and they have bigger asses….especially the TAMIL girls.Also,the hardcore southies ain’t hairy…….like the NIGGERS.

      • MAYUR

        South Indian girls don’t necessarily have larger breasts than North Indians. They are black Dravidian people while you North Indians are a hodgepodge of Central Asian, Persian, Greek, Russian and Pashtun races so I agree that they are racially separate.

        But easy on the generalizations.

        • You are wrong,YANKEE.South Indian girls must have bigger boobs and bigger asses to be truly considered beautiful…by their own MEN…they ought to be buxom belle.Even the FRENCH girls if you tan them and take away their EUROPEAN citizenship will hardly find any takers in the SOUTH……Ohhhh I forgot some of them do have nice asses.
          LMAO,who told you that the invaders here raped the native girls…….they were neither HUNS nor MONGOLS.True they were nomads but they wanted to RULE INDIA mostly because of its huge population.And whatever girls the invaders took for themselves had to convert……..HINDUS have always been considered to be infidels by people of the book.HINDUS even in the north are ethnically the same as their ancient forefathers……whatever intermingling happened between the CAUCASIANS and the NEGROIDS it happened before the romans came into eminence much before CHRIST. INDIANS ain’t a hodge podge race…….it is the land of diversity like the WHITE States of America……races and sub-races co-exist ….pull each other down but in moderate ways.ALSO,pashtuns ain’t CAUCASIANS…they are the JEWS who crossed Himalayas,settled in afghanistan and took up islam after sometime…..ISRAELIS themselves have admitted this……after having taken and tested their DNA samples and what not.

      • MAYUR

        Well that is what a Punjabi would say. As a white I have to say that Black Dravidians have to be supervised carefully or they will lie, manipulate and steal.

        Punjabi or other North Indians will simply begin acting out in public in a loud manner. Physically, they are more of a threat, generally. This is why U.S. has been free of the street violence of Canada or London. Dravidian and Telugu people tend to dorky weirdos.

        However some 6+ 210 lbs Punjabi or Pashtun roaring in public about something or ready to kill or die because of their dim-witted warrior mindset is more of a public disruption.

        So of course Canada and London are more dangerous.

        • I despise the Punjabis……..they are plain arrogant…like the JEWS….they look down upon the other INDIANS.They know shit about Honour.I am from WEST U.P…….and if the HINDU mythological bullshit is to be believed I am from the clan of that women seducer,mighty bull shitter…KRISHNA…..though personally I am possibly the biggest admirer of JESUS whoever he was….you can not fit me anywhere.

      • Malayalam does not sound like Swahili. I stand by the opinion that Dravidian and Telugu are their own race, more or less.

        North Indians are of course the product of thousands of years of rapists and looters intermingling and creating sub-castes.

        “In your face” is actually true. There is little worse than having a large fat Punjabi or Pashtun roaring about something. This is why they cannot fit into Canadian or UK society.

        • The south indian Brahmins have the same gotras as the north indian Brahmins….though they rarely inter-marry.The HINDU hymns in the south are all in Sanskrit though with Dravidian scripts.The southies copied the caste system…..the upper castes there if you leave out the Brahmins are all Dravidian.Southies simply do not know how to threaten and curse though they are no lesser motherfuckers than the northies.

  11. YEE

    I did. After 30 years old. Of course I was a smoker and by 30 I was feeling it.

    • Yee

      Smoker usually don’t get fat, drinkers do.
      If you eat both sweet and oily food, you will get fat. Only one kind, you don’t get fat easily. But then, it’s just an observation, not personal experience. I never pass 105lbs in my life, 5’4 tall.

  12. YEE

    Now the exception would be the far North. Those people get large. Manchurian people are big.

    Also, though Fuji males are not that tall some are large and heavy.

    • Yee

      Fuji in China seldom get heavy. Perphs due to different diet.

    • what do you look like,YANKEE………I can tell a lot about the way you look….I am pretty good at it….though my folks consider me to be nuts…..artists are crucified here in this HINDU shithole….with taunts and verbal abuse….creativity is a curse here.

      • MAYUR

        How is that? What would you expect me to look like?

        You’d be wrong, because you do not meet many white people as Far East in India as UP now that Kashmir is too dangerous for hippies to visit (Which is a shame, I liked to smoke their hashish).

        Your image of what Canadians and Americans is formed from films.

        • No dickhead my experiences have been much richer much deeper……I can write decent spoken word poetry in the language English…..I have had a mentor there who calls himself the son of America etc etc…..try me,I will surprise you.

        • Come on,man accept my challenge…only your face……no not your last name only the way you look.

        • Come on,WHITEY take the bait accept my challenge……I will surprise your MIGHTY WHITE self with my CREATIVITY……come on…..don’t run away.

  13. YEE

    I’ve encountered some heavy ones. There was one instance when I was standing on a sidewalk drinking a soft drink at night in Cebu and a drunk Chinese-Filipino approached from behind and grabbed me (He was jokingly wrestling with me, not trying to hurt me).

    This startled me, as being grabbed by a stranger in public will.

    He was short and stocky.

    Not all Fuji peasants are slender. Nor are all of them short.

  14. Pashtun are not Jews, they are Pakistanis who hate the Jews.

    Kid, I know you under 25 and were born in 94 or something but you are old enough to know this.

    • I am 36,yankee…….and yes PASHTUNS are of JEWISH origin and so are the so called non-Caucasoid Kashmiris…… ‘JESUS lived in INDIA’.They hate JEWS because they are MUSLIMS of JEWISH origin.This fact has been proved…scientifically…

  15. MAYUR

    Do what a Gora does in your country. Travel a bit. If you go to Goa, you can tell a Kashmir carpet dealer selling drugs from the Jewish addict taking them very easily. They look totally different.

    I once had a Bengali Gupta in Jo-Jo (I’m a Gora but lived in your country for years, Cochin up to Delhi) tell me that the reason India had to run Kashmir was that Kashmir people were “too dumb to run a country”.

    That might be true.

    Jews are from Eastern Mediterranean (Palestine of course).

    Pashtun people are from the Pakistan/Iran border on the other side of the world.

    • Like I told you,YANKEE …..I am not in awe of GORAS or PANDAS or PASHTUN or anybody else for that matter…..I am only in awe of the USCIS.
      Lmao…….JEWS irrespective of their ISRAELI origin inspite of theirs being semitic…….have been the wanderers of the earth since the ancient times……JESUS too was a wanderer though I doubt he travelled as far as INDIA……they have been notorious especially among the goras for taking non-Jewish wives,converting them to their faith etc.etc…….why even in the WHITE States of America it is extremely difficult to tell a GENTILE from a JEW.I know my stuff pretty well,dick head.

    • Lmao,the distance is much,much smaller………ohhh wait ISRAEL and PAKISTAN both happen to be asia….in fact,not much far away from each other.

      • Pakistan is nearer to China or Russia than to Palestine.

        I look like a Gora. Not the pink-skinned bland tall and shapeless American whites but rather English, in fact.

        • There I got under the skin of the ENGLISH man.My friend,WHITES are the GORAS and ENGLISH are the ANGREZ…though INDIANS are more like the ENGLISH in many of their ways……conservative…old school………..ENGLISH definitely have more class than the YANKEES but YANKEES are much more passionate and rugged.BTW,you yourself said in one of your previous comments that there are some JEWS in the Malabar coast.If they can immigrate to INDIA from ISRAEL they can definitely immigrate to AFGHANISTAN from ISRAEL……YES,PASHTUNS are indeed much different from the JEWS in their ways but they are of JEWISH origin.In central U.P. there is a town called MALEEHABAD which is famous throughout INDIA for its mangoes.Its population is mostly PASHTUN……in fact,it is the only place outside PAKISTAN and AFGHANISTAN with a PASHTUN majority.ISRAELIS did come there out of some sort of curiosity and they did take their DNA s and what not and the findings were startling………PASHTUNs and the non-Caucasoid KASHMIRIs are the probably the only MUSLIMS in the world with JEWISH blood.KASHMIRIs most of them consider to be neither INDIAN nor PAKISTANI.Besides,their noses are very JEWISH.They are clearly non Indo-european.

  16. Pakistan is in South Asia. Israel is in the Mediterranean Basin. Those two geographies are far-flung.

    What do I look like?

    Like an “English Boy” as Goras are called in India. Not a Yankee but an actual shortish, white male with brown hair like the English soldiers who once lived in India.

  17. MAYUR

    You’ve seen me.

  18. INDEED……in INDIA that would be somewhat TALL……..why even 5 ft 7 in is considered okay here.

  19. 174 cm and 80 kilos is small for a white male.

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