An Ancient Link Between India and Australia

Halal Butcher of Lhasa: Aboringinal Australians and their dingo dogs are linked to Dravidians in S. Asia according to scientists at Max Planck Institute of Germany.

Wow, that is great information. Thanks for that. I have not even read the link yet, but a link between early Indians and Aborigines has been suggested before.

There is a theory about the peopling of Australia that the present day Aborigines are not even the aboriginal people. The Kow Swamp people were an earlier group, and they were even more primitive than Aborigines. Some think the Kow Swamp person is not even Homo Sapiens. The skull is quite Erectus-like. It is nearly a relict hominid. Anyway the old theory is that these very primitive folks got replaced in two waves.

One wave was called Murrayians. This is an Ainu or Vedda-like group from the Thailand area. Skulls from Thailand 25,000 YBP resemble Aborigines. We know that there are very primitive people in Thailand 16,000 YBP whose skulls line up perfectly with the ancient Japanese Jomonese who later become the Ainu. There is still a Veddoid group in Thailand today called the Senoi.

There are drawings of Jomonese types even from Korea that show them as very robust types that do look quite Ainuid. It’s now known that the Ainu are a cold-adapted Australoid type by skulls, although their genes look Japanese and Korean. There has long been thought to be an Austronesian-like layer in Japanese which would logically go back to the ancient language spoken by these immigrants from Thailand. In other words, quite a few of the Japanese came up from the far south from SE Asia long ago. These earlier people mixed by Yayoi from Korea who invaded 2,300 YBP and slowly conquered the Ainu up the peninsula to the Far North. This conquest was apparently still underway in the modern era. The Japanese gene pool is ~20% Ainu.

Around the same time, the traditional model said that a very Ainuid-looking people moved into the Philippines. Logically these would have been these ancient Thai on the way to Japan stopping off in the Philippines.

The Murrayians are said to have come to Australia between 15-20,000 YBP. Logically these could have been these proto-Jomonese types from Thailand.

The second wave to Australia according to the old model were the Carpinterians. They came 10-15,000 YBP and are thought to have come from India. Logically these were Indian Australoid/Veddoid types from the south. All Indians looked like Aborigines (Australoid) until 8,000 YBP. The transition towards Caucasoid only occurred in the last 8,000 years. It may well have been this Carpinterian group that brought the dingo digs along with themselves in a seaward movement to Australia ~13,000 YBP.


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75 responses to “An Ancient Link Between India and Australia

  1. SHI

    I don’t think upper caste Northern Hindus have any Australoid admixture. The castes were neatly separated for thousands of years. There were consequences for breeding outside caste lines.

    The kids born to a Brahmin man and a Sudra servant girl, were considered Sudra, not unlike the one drop rule which still determines the definition of White in America. Some of these Brahmin-Sudra hybrids were promoted to an inferior class of Brahmins in later centuries. But, to this date, there are no arranged marriages. Top tier Brahmins follow a Gotra system which basically traces the lineage of all present Brahmins to 14 ancient sages, called Saptarishis. These are pure bloodlines. There are examples of many Brahmins who chose to die celibate rather than breed down.

    Since, India was a patriarchy, any kids born to a Sudra male and Brahmin female were relegated to the lowest rung of society, the Chandals</>. This outcaste group was concerned with cremation rituals, and their very sight, was supposed to pollute a Brahmin. The Chandals were considered even beneath the Sudras and the untouchables.

    • SHI

      North Indian Brahmins: 1-10% australoid

      The very idea of 1% monkey genes makes me want to commit self-immolation.

      But, then there is a greater theory that kicks in. That all human beings did originate somewhere from Australoid monkeys. A lot of White Europeans have 2-3% African/Indian/Chinese admixture. That doesn’t make them African or Indian.

      A lot of White Americans like to claim Chippawa or Algonquin ancestry, that doesn’t make them Chief Pow Wow.

      Again, 1-10% is just a range. It cannot be on the higher side for all Northern Brahmins.

      • SHI

        I haven’t done a DNA genealogy study (it costs a hell lot of money. Maybe one day I will). But, I did talk to a person that works in this field. He told me that the R1a component in my DNA should be at least 72%. It can go much higher than that, possibly in the range of 80-85% in my case. I don’t know, I am not an expert. But it does place my ancestry wholly in Central Asia. We’re the original Aryans. That’s the kind of figure you’d find only for Northern Brahmins and Kshatriyas, Kashmiri Pandits, Pushtoons and Iranians/Central Asians. The average Dravidian Indian has nowhere near that percentage of R1a.

      • SHI

        <iSouth Indian Brahmins: 10-20% australoid
        South Indian kshytriyas: 20-30% australoid
        South Indian vysas: 32-45% australoid
        South Indian sudras and Dalits: 45-65% australoid
        South Indian tribals : 60-80% australoid

        Except for the Brahmins, the South Indians seem to be an inferior race of natural slaves (Source: Aristotle, Politics, Book 1). That is why you lot are so subservient, over-willing to please, no moral backbone, shifty, and eat rice and sambhar like animals, with bare hands. I am not referring specifically to you.

        My ancestors were the Aryan elites who came down the Steppes on chariots, conquering this entire landmass of India, and evolved into a Priestly class that gave the world, the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads .

        Hell, I am proud of my ancestry.

      • Hey! Like that result of yours! That was mighty White of you to get such a nice result, Shi!

      • ChefWong

        What do you eat with SHI? I was under the impression all Indians ate with their hands.

    • say that again to Rajput north-indian high-caste hindoo

    • If you understand how genetic divergence works, then u will see why Indian are australoids . Indian mtDNA is from onge jarwa munda & negrito peoples . MtDNA M , R7a, R7b etc. are direct descendants of australoid negrito races. & 60% of Indians have these australoid negrito genes
      hence the ugly non-Caucasian chubby features, even the lightest skin Indian (with these mtDNA) look ugly. No Caucasian type facial symmetry.

  2. Nair Dravidian in Kerala seemed to disagree with arrangement and chased most of Brahmin out.

    But it is this thinking that has allowed Christianity and certainly Islam to divide India.

    In any event the South of India, particularly socialist Kerala, have more or less proclaimed autonomy from their callous Aryan overlords.

    • SHI

      But it is this thinking that has allowed Christianity and certainly Islam to divide India.

      In any event the South of India, particularly socialist Kerala, have more or less proclaimed autonomy from their callous Aryan overlords.

      There are a lot of differences between North and South Brahmins.

      No restrictions on meat Southern Brahmins are orthodox and consider the very smell of meat as a polluter.

      In the North, we don’t care about such arcane ideas. True, the Gujarati and Rajasthan Brahmin is a vegetarian, but Kashmiri, Punjabi, Uttar Pradesh and Bengali Brahmins are hard-core meat eaters.

      , No Temple prostitution In the North, you won’t find the equivalent of the Devadasi cult. That’s a Southern and Maharashtra thing.

      Less religiosity A lot of Northern Brahmins nowadays are irreligious and agnostic. You will find more temples per square mile in Bangalore than the whole of Delhi. It says a lot. .

      Put it simply, Southerners are hell of a lot more superstitious. They put their faith in deities like Yellamma (patron goddess of the Devadasi cult)

      Southerners will brave three days standing in line at the entrance of the Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh.

      Us Northerners have no time or patience for such stupid ideas.

      Today’s generation of Northerners are a hell lot more enlightened and progressive than the Southerners.

      • What difference does it make if some Jain eats onions or not?

      • SHI


        Damn, you’re so cringeworthy that you make me feel bad for you.

        Grow some self-esteem, you stupid Australoid slave. Then, maybe, I’ll stop attacking you.

        — Your former Oppressor

      • A-MAN Hinduism and White Penis Size

        Now when Conan the Barbarian came down on his big chariot the black Dravidian women saw his big sword and the muscles,

        Conan told the Dravidian dork to stick some more needles in his body, maybe climb a coconut tree.

        Then he got out his 9 inch Kurgan flesh rod and shoved it into the black vagina of the Dravidian.

        Hinduism was born.

        A few thousand years later the English man showed up. He could get the Brahmin to do a desk job but the Dravidian was kind of smelly and Veddah looking so he made him pick tea leaves.

        And on it went.

      • S26


        North Indians are the vilest creatures on earth. And this is coming from me, who’d rather talk to the “bhaiya” barber in Andheri than to a Karnataka dosa stall owner or a Tamil. The only amount in which a North Indian is bearable is one at a time. In a group of even 2, they are vile. As a family they run a culture of immorality and endless materialism.

        North Indians and Africans are the only two groups of people on Earth who have absolutely no functioning super-ego, in any sense of the word. North Indians are almost entirely defined by their love of themselves and the need for others to acknowledge it. A North Indian spends literally every waking moment trying to better his fellow men, trying to steal from those who house them, and trying to normalize cronyism. And most of all, seeking attention and approval. Almost all interactions between a group of North Indian youngsters is aimed at each trying to draw attention to him or herself and then trying to keep it. There is literally no other point of them getting together, other than the insecurity if they didn’t have people around.

        North Indians lacking any form of a super-ego also fail to posses any cognitive dissonance at self contradiction or any moral analysis of one’s own actions. That’s why they’re so adaptable. In fact a North Indian’s personality is so fluid, he can literally tell you something each day you meet him, while believing something totally different all along. This game only ends when you acknowledge him or her, which for some reason seems to be the whole point for them anyway.

        The last decent technological advancement the North Indian Brahmins seem to have made has to be the war chariot 3000 odd years ago. They were neither the farmers during the boom in the cow belt, nor the artisans under the Mughals. These people are literally no way on par with any intellectual elite or even the most average intellectual from Slavic countries, let alone Nordic ones. Your pride in any of this is absolutely laughable.

        • mayur varshne

          SOUTH INDIANS are bigger liars and more thick skinned than NORTH INDIANS and all the time they deride the North Indians as the INVADERS,AGGRESSORS etc. etc…..LMAO.

        • Pranav

          This SHI is full of sh*t. North Indians are truly vile beings who haven’t created any thing for millennia now. The whole economy of India is thriving based on the IT market here in the south and there are many northies who are simply out with a begging bowl doing all kinds of odd jobs here in the south.All the accomplishments that boast of as an “Indian” can be traced back to the south, yet you shamelessly espouse racism, exaggerate the worthless north indian accomplishments like vedas, smriti and a false hindu pride.
          If not for economic development spurred by the work of the south, you northies would still be living in caves worshiping your brahmin masters doing some weird rituals & sacrifices. Modern day Hinduism’s (though I disagree with the name “Hindu”) base is in south that were non-vedic, without any animal sacrifice, largely peaceful until you incoming Aryans hijacked it, introduced caste and corrupted the religion with your mythical purans, itihasas and other black magic rituals that passes as mantras. You northies were hammered in all the battles. It didn’t even take a mighty empire like Ottoman to humiliate you, you were conquered by 3rd rated mixed race mongrel armies like Mughals. So much for your great & historic Hindu Civilization. LOL.
          Actually, northies are the one that have become the real slaves without any identity. Brahmin charlatans like SHI completely brainwashed the masses and were only working towards advancing their interests at the expense of conquered natives who have thence become dumb. SOuth was relatively untouched by any foreign invasion until British created this modern day cesspool called “India”. Be thankful to the south for the little respect you get as an “Indian”.
          I recall this SHI going after Trash for insulting Indians and said he doesn’t display any kinds of racism. Now It doesn’t take much for this north Indian to display his repulsive northindianess. This is the true North Indian nature and modern day Hindutva they try to impose – vile, disgusting, crass,vulgar, manipulative, racist, repulsive, & highly immoral. Even a guy like Trash seems thousand times better than the obnoxious Hindu weeds like “SHI” in the north.
          Trash, Keep praising the brahmins & insulting the dravidians inspite of meeting real impostors like SHI.

        • Pranav

          “Today’s generation of Northerners are a hell lot more enlightened and progressive than the Southerners”

          This is incredibly funny, yet you take pride in the fact that Ganges with floating corpses and feces everywhere is a holy river. My bad, even enlightenment couldnt clean the Ganges…

      • HINDI Brahmins being MEAT eaters……lmao.

  3. Politically speaking, Socialism probably works in the South of India but was a total failure in the North because of the caste system.

    Capitalism and the Caste System are incongruous in my opinion.

    Kerala might have done as well as it did because they embraced Socialism after kicking the Brahmin out.

  4. SHI


    I frequently encounter problems while setting the properties of Italics and bold tags, as well as Wrap quotes. As a result, the comments come off as convoluted. Seems like t his one is a limitation on the WordPress comments feature.

  5. SHI

    You know you have some Dravidian ancestors even though your predominantly aryan?


    I also have a few baboon ancestors separated from my family tree by a few million years.

    Some kangaroos and porcupine ancestors from 30-40 million years.

    A few dinosaurs from 65 million years (Mine were probably the T-Rex, which measured 40 feet from head to tail, weighing 7 to 8 tons. Yours were probably bigger than a modern ox)

    Some whales and snakes from hundreds of millions of years ago.

    All this goes back to the first amoeba.

    I hope you get it by now. Having a few percentage points of Dravidian Australoid genes doth not maketh a Dravidian. Here’s a helpful diagram to drive home the point. You should be at least number 24.

  6. SHI

    Well SHI we act stupid in India because your ancestors enslaved us.

    That makes no sense. No one is enslaving you in the modern age. If at all, thanks to India’s version of affirmative action, you lot have it way better than upper castes.

    Besides, you did say that you now live in the United States. Land of the Free Individual. It’s time you take responsibility for your own life, and stop blaming the descendants of your family’s ancient oppressors for all your problems in life. There is no excuse for acting stupidly considering that you seem educated and capable. Don’t expect any hand-outs and free rides and guilt trips.

    Or, you can revert to being a South Indian Brahmin’s slave which it seems, is your natural condition. You people are simply incapable of enjoying freedom responsibly.

    Last thing. I have nothing to do with South Indian Brahmins. They’re as alien to me as you are. If have any beef, you need to take it out with them. Us North Indians don’t care about your petty squabbles. You all can genocide each other and I wouldn’t miss my favorite TV show.

  7. Chef Wong

    No, North Indians do not eat with their hands. This is South Indian. I know this only from being a white who worked all over India.

    As I said, people should visit a country before they begin discussing it and posting a bunch of pictures.

  8. I’m not sure in the North.

    Definitely the South.

  9. Magneto

    Very possible the darker skinned low IQ village people in rural India evolved from aboriginies. They generally are very low IQ and thus are stuck in manual labor jobs their whole life like being a maid.

    It’s also these dark skin aboriginie women that I am most attracted to but unfortunately they are not available as prostitutes since they are considered very low caste. Only way to fuck one of those chicks is to hire a maid.

  10. PRANAV

    South Indians THOUGHT I WAS the idiot for dropping food all over the place because I could not learn anything.

    If the fact that they were not impressed with my intelligence or adaptability can be construed as an insult than I doubt any of them would feel offended.

    I did not exactly insult Indians. I recounted some experiences I had on the streets and in the trains.

    Bloggers come on here who have never left their respective countries and fire off a load of blogs like “India is a shithole” when MOST PEOPLE IN JO-JO ARE LIVING BETTER THAN THEY ARE.

    At least I actually lived in India-albeit not for my whole life-and can actually speak with some experience as oppose to some racist who lives in squalor yet declares that everybody in Bangalore making 1 Crore a year in IT is taking a shit in public. It simply is not a generalization you can make.

    There are certain areas in the U.S. where homeless people sleep on the sidewalk and take a shit in the alleyways. Nobody can drink the water in Flint. Detroit looks worse than Mumbai.

    It is that sort of ignorant thinking that leads whites to believe they need to bankrupt their own country “bringing democracy” to the Middle East when Dubai looks much more modern than any city in the United States.

    The problem with this blog, and I am white, is that many of the white bloggers have not been overseas.

  11. PRANAV

    It has to be said that North Indians-and this can be extended as a definition to include Pathans of Pakistan-have posed a far greater social problem in the West than South Indians.

    Indian crime in Canada or London is synonymous with North Indians and specifically Punjabis and Pathans. Gujaratis are not saints and could be regarded as the Jews of Indian with their corner-cutting anything-for-a-sale mentality. But it is the Pashtun or Punjabi that has transformed Bradford or East Vancouver into an anarchy of youth gangs, nightclub assassinations, coke deals, prostitution, pimping, abduction of underage white girls, arms trade and plain old common thuggery (They invented the word) like Punjabi youth stealing cars or snatching purses.

    Dravidians are not really responsible for this.

    South Indian crimes in the Gulf are all white-collar embezzlement garbage from cruel Arab bosses who do not pay them enough. I am not saying that Tamils have entirely blessed Dubai but they have not imported the macho mindless violence, kill or be killed mentality, strong-arm thuggery North Indians.

    Visit a prison in Canada or UK. Perhaps 30% of the prisoners will be Indians and none of them will be Dravidian. They will all be in jail for murder, robbery, attempted murder, gang violence, major drug dealing, kidnapping and extortion. None of them will be South India.

  12. PRANAV

    To begin with, I have been in India since 1999. That is a long time and you were probably young when I first arrived.

    I have a great deal of experience in India. So I am not some hick from Georgia who never set foot in India and had some bad experience with the Sikh security guard at 7-11 because I was drunk.

    In India I have been in the North and South.

    So anyhow, years out of India I am able to state a few observations. That is all.

  13. PRANAV

    When did I post a childish insult. I simply am repeating accounts of my own experiences in an India that probably only exists in my own memories of another time in a half-forgotten place.

    I’m now 43 years old. I left India at 35. I arrived at 26. So my memories are fogged up with time.

    I am not entirely sure why some Indian posters have fixated on me. Except-and perhaps SHI is correct about this-I know more about India that most Indians would like a Gora to know.

    • Pranav

      Trash, I was talking about that Brahmin Charlatan SHI and not you.I find none of your posts as insulting. What I hate is your sweeping generalizations, your Brahmin worship inspite of being educated thoroughly about them, condescending remarks on dravidians because of their appearance and some observations of yours are really vapid even you might know this. Aside from that, I find your writing style extremely funny. No Indian can write like this so posters accusing you of being an Indian are wrong, I admit.
      But I am largely amazed why should a foreigner persist living in this country for 9 years. What was the thing that prevented you from leaving this country? That’s the reason I had suspected you of being an NRI Brahmin as they have an history of boasting about their glorious mythical vedic civilization and at the same time talk derisively about the rest of the populace.

      • Yee

        Brahmins must be as bad as Jews. Since Trash has been suspected of being BOTH…. haha

        • Pranav

          LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if they both share the same genetics.Jews like Gypsies tracing their origins to India? Any chance of such a connection, PHIL?

        • YEE

          I am neither. Nor that successful since clearly I have the time to blog endlessly.

      • Yee

        Basically, I think Trash just has an argumentative personality. He loves to be on the opposite of other people. Of course, he can always find something to sting you with, whatever the subject is.

        • Pranav

          Might be. He is clearly not an Indian not even a NRI. I can tell that clearly from his writings.No South Asian can write like that. He is like a nomad with bad travel experiences.

        • YEE

          I have not tried to sting you or anyone else. But I cannot read things that are not quite true and not point out their falsity. Or perhaps I am simply cynical, having come from a region in such economic decline that I had to leave a developed country and live overseas for most of my life.

          To some extent I do agree with virtually every poster. And I will add that a few have proven me wrong.

          But mostly opinions are simply opinions. My own are formed from my own narrow bandwidth of experiences.

        • YEE

          I simply recount true occurrences that took place during the years of my life I spent in Dubai, India, Southeast Asia and for a short time Bangladesh.

          They are fact. Fact is hard to argue against.

          In any event, I have an opinion. I’m slightly surprised my opinion bothers people.

          It is not me who has said the truly offensive things on this blog.

          Not exactly intended.

        • Yee

          It’s alright trying to sting me. I won’t threaten to stab you, I’m mellow tempered. I’ll just argue with you, or admit the truth if it is.

      • PRANAV Educating the Young Indian

        Half of what was said to me in India was vapid. Sometimes somebody was looking for trouble because they were stuck in 1947 when Britain owned half the world and could not get past this like the rest of the former colonies but generally it was just vapid shit.

        What prevented me? Why money, of course. No foreigner can stay in India for 9 years. I was IN and OUT of India from December of 1999 to April 2009.

        Indians who move to California to work are not interested in the history of the state or its legacy. None of them will visit a single museum.

        Some Dravidians took me to a former English fort but I did not really care. The prostitute action was more interesting.

        More or less Americans-and I cannot speak for Eastern Europeans who sell dope of African med students-generally go to India for the same reason.

        Whites on the street in India who for work or whatever other reason have to venture out of the Tourist Police-protected Gora Ghettos like Anjuna or Jo-Jo have to learn fast. I did.

        A Baniya-caste Maharashtra or Parsi won’t give a Gora shit on the street or a train and begin asking the usual questions. You’ll be mugged or taunted by Muslims, who tend to be the criminals in India (Hindus who intend to become criminals convert often times).

        Sweeping generalizations are not always true. But if a big dog is running towards you growling, you want to get away from it. Some are friendly, but rules of thumb are safer.

        Not all Brahmin are smart or rich but generally they tend to be less violent than Sikhs or Pashtuns.

        Not all are intelligent but most are educated in the basics of white courtesies like not bothering strangers on trains. I will add that Nationalism-telling some Gora how great India is when he is trapped in a train on Mumbai rush hour-is sort of a middle to lower-caste thing. Brahmin in general are not nationalistic. Neither are Parsi.

        • Yee

          Obviously, Brahmins behave differently towards you or Westerners in general and toward their own countrymen.

          So when you sing praise of the Brahmins, other Indians would disagree.

          Much like the Uighurs extremists, they’re “freedom fighters” in Western media, terrorists without question in the eyes of other Chinese.

      • JEWS & GYPSIES

        Different races but a similar biography. Gypsies trekked out of Punjab 1,000 years ago. Along the way, Gypsy females became prostitutes genes were added to their tribe as well as some loan-words from Iran, Turkey, etc.

        By the time they arrived in Eastern Europe as a consolidated race of sorts they were a mixture of many different fathers with a founding population of North Indians.

        Jews originated in Israel. After the diaspora they migrated a short distance into Europe and Russia. Again intermarrying.

        Oddly enough, Gypsies IQ decreased after leaving India while Jews IQ increased.

  14. PRANAV

    I am a nomad with mixed travel experiences. I was born in an American city of such little economic opportunity that once I graduated from university I became a drifter early on in age. Dubai, Canada, India, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh for a short while.

  15. PRANAV Bad Nomad

    On one occasion these Dravidians in Cochin invited me over to their city. We discussed a particular bit of work and then they said no. They took me the next day on a tour and I was not interested. I don’t give a shit if the British had a fort in Kerala and now it is a garden. I went out and smoked a cigarette. Then I left India. Then they changed their mind and I came back.

    This time, under their employ, they were rude. Another American-a huge fat loudmouth from Las Vegas-was also working and he was laughing about “McVeggie Burgers”. One older Dravidian got drunk and started saying “goddamn the Americans, actually” as if they had done something to him. He had never been to the United States but you could tell the basis of his feelings of inferiority were a huge, rich white American asshole laughing at Hinduism. I thought we would both get beat up.

    So I finished my contract. They wanted me out of Cochin so bad I they sent some guys to a hotel to make sure I left. But then I went to a bar and met a Syrian Christian who got drunk with me. We went back to his house and he regaled me with tales of his sex orgies. The next day I sneaked out of Cochin because the people I worked with really wanted me gone.

    I boarded a train for Goa. Some Indian sailors got on board and were talking in Hindu but I heard the word Gora and knew the hassle was coming. They began bothering me with questions and bragging about the glorious future of Indian. I tried to agree.

    Luckily a Telugu dork boarded the train and they went after him for some reason.

    Then he came and began to hassle me later on. I tried to be polite and asked him what he did. He told me he worked for some Danish people in Bangalore. He said they were rude to him and started to shake with anger. Clearly being a Gora on the train was not a good thing.

    So I hit Goa.

    I went into a Kashmir carpet store to buy a rug. The owner asked if I wanted heroin. I told him I did not use heroin. He seemed pissed off though I bought the rug. As I was leaving, an Indian-American came into the store and called him a terrorist. “This man is Bin Laden” the Indian-American told me. I left quickly.

    So I climbed to Anjuna and rolled some hashish. Started smoking it. A guy approached me and said he knew a hooker. “That sounds interesting.” She showed up but decided she wanted more money that what I wanted to pay so I gave her a little and she left.

    A vendor was selling something and he was hassling me. “Who was that girl with you?”

    “I don’t know” I told him honestly.

    “I make very big trouble for you, my friend”.

    I walked away. The next day I went to Mumbai.

    In Mumbai I got a van to drive around the city. The driver scared me. He told me he was Hindu but had recently converted to Islam. This was before the Mumbai Massacre. I stayed at an Andheri hotel run by an ancient English soldier who’d stayed on. Eighty years old maybe. I wondered how he stood it.

  16. PRANAV The Angry Son

    One time I ended up with some neighbors where I was staying in Mumbai at the funeral of a Parsi baby. It was grotesque watching these big huge vultures eating the thing.

    A late 40’s year old medium-sized Parsi woman was really drunk (I was 27 then) and she came up to me and spoke to me about Texas. I could smell heaps of liquor on her sour breath. I was trying to be polite, being a new tenant in this Andheri flat.

    She invited me to her own house which was walking distance. She was talking about being a bank-teller in Texas. Her husband had passed on.

    She pushed me onto the bed in her house and unzipped my pants and started deep-throating my male organ. I was quite shocked at how good at this she was. She was really drunk and climbed onto the bed beside me and I drove my penis into her vagina and she came pretty quickly and I shot a load on her stomach.

    Afterwards she explained that in Texas she had dated a businessman and lived with him. But he was too possessive and slapped her once when she went to the disco and she left him and returned to India. However, you could tell she had been f*cked by white men who had obviously taught her the fine points of blow jobs and she liked it.

    I left and forgot about it.

    Then the next day an angry young man of 20 got off an expensive bike. Her son.

    “What did you do with my mother in my house” the young Parsi guy demanded to know.

    “Oh she just showed me some photos of Texas”.

    “Don’t F8Ck MY MOTHER!”

    He was a little younger than me. Five years. I did not want to fight in the street with a young man because I had screwed and been deep-throated by his mother.

    After he roared off, I moved from the neighborhood out of Andheri.

    • xxaleenazxx

      That’s a nice little virgin fantasy you’ve got there.

      • jason voorhees

        I don’t even remember her name, Desi. An older Parsi female, mid-40’s, divorced, husband dead, lived in Texas with some rich white dude for awhile.


        Virgin. I have slept with more Indian women than you will in your lifetime. Bengali, Goan Portuguese, Parsi, Punjabi….I forget all the places. Some I paid, some were divorced, some were younger, some were older.

        Don’t remember any of their names.


        Unlikely that.

      • jason voorhees


        Only Tamils like you are virgins after the age of 18. Unless you have a child-bride.

        You imagine that white women are easy but none of them would have you. Neither would a Punjabi or other North Indian who was not a tired prostitute doing the end of the circuit down in Bangalore.

      • jason voorhees

        When I was in Cochin staying in a cheap hotel I was offered your Nair women and just declined. They are black and cannot screw and all they do is lie there.

        Now I a Syrian Christian lout from an old money family I did drugs with down there said that some Nair girls were”sexperts” when they got the booze in them but me…I would not pay for sex with Cochin prostitutes.

        So I can honestly say I have no experience with Dravidian Nair women.

        I could not muster an erection for one. I’m older now, in my early forties, but I slept with more women in India than you will ever talk to.

  17. YEE

    I’m not trying to sting you. Most your comments are worth reading. You are quite insightful.

    Besides, my wife is Chinese of ancestry. So it is not as if I am completely alien to your culture.

  18. YEE

    Uighur people are simply Turks who cannot and will not be assimilated into China. Their province is an extension of East Turkmenistan that happens to be in China. Which is the source of the problem. They are not Chinese.

    I’m not sure if terrorists are freedom fighters but some Westerners admire the response of the Chinese government and probably wish that ours could be equally harsh.

    • Yee

      There never was an “East Turkistan” in history. It was created in 1933, backed by the British, lasted for 3 months. And it had nothing to do with Turkey. The Brits were much more evil than the Jews as far as China is concerned.

      The territory has been under Chinese rule since Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), and Uighurs became an ethnic group at 9th century. If they don’t like it, get off our land.

      Anyway, it’s just some separatists causing trouble, not all of the Uighurs are on their side, let alone other ethnic groups in the region.

  19. YEE

    West China butts up against the lands of the barbarians and indeed Xinjiang is where the modern (Han) and medieval (Uighur) mix. This was never going to work well but nobody sympathizes with them to the extent that perhaps they do with Tibet.

    Possibly the biggest reason is simply the Uighur are unlovely people. A crude, vicious, barbaric race lost in time and space. It is really hard for Americans to get worked up over them at all, sad to say.

    • Yee

      It’s even more idiotic to sympathize some kicked out high caste serf masters and their clergy.

      If you want to know how they ruled, go to rural Northern India, the Brahmin landowners and their clergy still rule in similar way, perhaps sightly less cruel. It’s plain evil to use religion to keep people docile to exploit them.

      If the Northern Indians peasants someday kick out the landowning Brahmins and their clergy , they have my full support.

  20. YEE

    Considering that China borders all of Islam’s wars in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan and India it is a miracle that Xinjiang is not a war zone. Han Chinese get along with other races about as well as anybody.

  21. xxaleenazxx

    lol, some people are so desperate to make non-European cultures white or Caucasian. It’s the Nordicist equivalent of Afrocentrism. The so-called Aryan invasion had hardly any genetic impact on the people of India. India is a diverse country full of many different racial phenotypes from part “Caucasoid” in the northwest to part Mongoloid in northeast. But Indian people are not white, they are BROWN. White and Aryan are social constructs that have nothing to do with actual race or ethnicity.

    • jason voorhees

      “Little impact”

      No serous scholar said the Aryans were “Nordics”. Closest they possibly could have been to Nordics were maybe Ukrainian and I doubt that they originated that far West.

      Possibly they were far more primitive than Dravidian peoples and simply intermingled by brute force before somehow co-opting them into a belief system.

      “Social constructs”

      A bit of both. If you look at the Parsi, as I mentioned in my “virgin fantasy”, they have nothing to do with Indians at all.

    • jason voorhees

      South Indians will never run anything but a socialist state in Kerala dependent upon remissions from Gulf labor.

      They will never have the impact the West like North Indians-dumber but more loud-mouthed, fearless, self-centered.

      South India is better than the North.

      For black lower-caste Indians it sure is. Would rather be one in Tamil Nadu than Delhi.

      At the bottom of it is that the Aryans kicked your asses though. Dravidian people have been able to come around in the late 20th century because of the left-brained abilities-in terms of IQ they might be a good 10 points higher than a Punjabi or Kashmir-but up North they will always be nothing.

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