Delphi Murders: Generic Profile of the Snapchat Killer

He appears to me to be a sadistic rapist killer, possibly a serial killer. These men have some commonalities. Most serial killers who rape probably fit this type. There are four types of rapists, and sadistic rapists are the rarest. The other three types do not typically kill. However, the Rage Rapist can be driven into a frenzy if the victim fights back. He often beats his victim but he does not intend to kill her. However, the beating itself may be fatal.

The other two are Power-Reassurance and Power Assertive rapists and they rarely kill. In particular the Power Reassurance type almost never kills, and victims can often reason with these rapists and even convince them to stop the attack by playing on their guilt feelings. These are not sociopaths, so they do have guilt and they often feel guilty about raping. This type is also known as the “Gentleman Rapist.” If you are going to get raped anyway, you are better off being raped by this fellow than by the others.

Profile of sadistic rapist killers, using a sample of 30:

  • Most are white males.
  • Fewer than one-half were educated beyond high school.
  • One-half used alcohol or other drugs.
  • One-third served in the Armed Forces.
  • Forty-three percent were married at the time of the offense.
  • Forty-three percent of the men participated in homosexual activity as adults, 20 percent engaged in cross-dressing, and 20 percent committed other sexual offenses, such as peeping, obscene phone calls, and indecent exposure.
  • 77 percent of the offenders used sexual bondage on their victims, often tying them with elaborate and excessive materials, using neat and symmetrical bindings, and restraining them in a variety of positions.
  • 60 percent held their victims in captivity for more than 24 hours.
  • The most common sexual activity was anal rape, followed in frequency by forced fellatio, vaginal rape, and foreign object penetration.
  • Sixty percent of the offenders beat their victims. Each of the sexual sadists studied intentionally tortured their victims. Each of the sexual sadists studied also inflicted psychological suffering on their victims.
  • Many demonstrate cunning and methodical planning. The capture of the victim, the selection and preparation of equipment, and the methodical elicitation of suffering often reflect meticulous attention to detail. Almost invariably, the victims were taken to a location selected in advance that offered solitude and safety for the sadist and little opportunity of escape or rescue for the victim.
  • Forty percent of the men took and kept personal items belonging to their victims.
  • Sixteen percent of the men assaulted child victims only, and 26 percent attacked both children and adults.
  • Twenty-nine of the 30 men selected white victims only.
  • Their crimes are repetitive, serious, and shocking, and they take special steps to prevent detection.
  • They think they are smarter than the police and when being interviewed will try to manipulate the interview and also try to gain knowledge of what the police know.


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14 responses to “Delphi Murders: Generic Profile of the Snapchat Killer

  1. Kim

    Nice job helping folks understand this terrible crime Robert. Yours and Mer’s dissection of the probable course of the crime seems probable and logical. Until reading that, I had assumed it might be a random crime of opportunity. As a Girl Scout troop leader and someone who directs girls in outdoor activities, this case has been very upsetting to me.

    I admit I’m beginning to lose faith in LE uncovering this. I assumed after seeing Libby’s pic (she paid an unthinkable price to provide that) that they would have a suspect in custody within days! If they have some candidates (such as your Mr. X) why can’t they simply close in on this monster and let Libby and Abby’s community know that they are safe and can begin to seek closure? I hope you will stay on this until the monster is in custody…

    • Thanks hun, I share your concerns, and this in particular hits close to home for you because you lead Girl Scouts and girls’ outdoor activities.

      Let’s put it this way. These guys are really good. This is not your ordinary guy who decides to go do something like this on a lark who’s never done it before. He’s either already a serial or he’s going to turn into one at some point after this. This man is seriously disturbed and guys like this are incorrigible. They also usually do not stop killing until they are caught.

      When you think of this guy, think of Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy. That’s the type of maniac this guy is.

      These guys are pros and they very good at getting away with their crimes. Catching them is not so easy! How are you going to catch them? Think about it. They are also very good at not being seen or heard and especially at destroying evidence. The police have their match in guys like this. They are at the top of their field – of murdering maniacs that is. If these guys were not so good at this stuff, we would catch them right away. They do it over and over because they are so damn good and it’s so damn hard to catch them.

      If you like the site, why don’t you donate? The site runs on donations and I live off a pretty low income.

  2. bea

    Thank you guys for your work and your research on this case. I’m also not far from Delphi, and this strikes a chord as someone who enjoys the outdoors and now feel like I have to always look over my shoulder.
    I did find a Logan who lives in Battle Ground, IN (literally 12 miles from Delphi), and who is on the sex offender list for sex crimes against children. Very disturbing but maybe nothing at all. I’m sure LE is already on it and casting a net for sex offenders in the area.

  3. Put me on your list of listeners

  4. Red Rain

    This man on the bridge is also responsible for the deaths of two little girls in Iowa. The Indiana State Police have been downplaying this possibility since the investigation started, but after many weeks of research and sleuthing, I have convinced myself and many others that there is a serial killer targeting young girls in small towns across the US. The suspect is never local to the murders he commits, and he feels confident committing these crimes knowing these towns are staffed by smaller, less-equipped police force. Even with assistance from the Feds, they have been unable to identify this man on the bridge and in Iowa. I am not sure where he will strike next, maybe Ohio. I believe the killer is long gone from town and may choose to lay low for a while before he has the thirst to kill again.

  5. Lotus

    Hello Robert, I want to point something out to you and your readers. The murder of the girls in Iowa took place 5 years ago, and the girls were 5 years younger than Libby and Abby were at their deaths. If you look at photos of both sets of girls, Abby and Libby look very similar to the two Iowa girls, but 5 years older.

    If the Iowa killer just happened to be on the trail in Delphi, and he saw this set of girls who look like the ones he killed 5 years ago, but they are there, alive, and 5 years older, as if they somehow lived on, he could have felt confused or reminded, as in, “I thought I killed you 5 years ago, how did you escape? I must kill you again.”

    Serial killers often choose victims who look like their first victim. The Girl Scout leader that wrote in does have cause for concern. Girl Scouts are taught the buddy system — that if you stick with your buddy, both of you will be safe. But if you have a serial killer attracted to pairs of girls, then maybe the girls should stick in groups of 3 or 4.

    Another point is to trust our instincts. Libby felt so mistrusting of this man that she used her phone to record his voice and picture. A suggestion to others who may find themselves in a similar situation would be to use the phone to dial 9-1-1 and say you are being followed by a creepy man. Children should be told they have permission to call 9-1-1 whenever they feel threatened or in danger.

    I do not in any way wish to second guess Libby or what she did, and she is a hero for recording the pictures and voice. For others in the future though, please don’t hesitate to use your phone to call the police to come help you.

    • Chipscat

      And let me word what I’m saying a little better- I’m a paranoid person in general but to make me turn around and take a picture of someone out of suspicion, I think they would have had to have been following me down that whole trail and acting strangely. Otherwise it’s just someone enjoying the bridge in a public area the same as I am. This may go against the access via RL property theory.

      • Lotus

        These were teenage girls — who are more vulnerable, but also more into drama. And maybe they were reading his vibe and body language and considered him to be a threat.

        In the photo of Abby on the bridge taken by Libby, I think in the far distance on the bridge, you can see this man in blue. It looks like the girls continued to stay on the bridge as he approached. Perhaps they did not want to continue on and get into the woods, where they would be obscured. So they stayed on the bridge, the man approached, and Libby began to video him. Maybe at some point, she put the phone in her pocket so he would not see it, but continued to record, getting audio.

        People ask how this man got two girls to accompany him. The police investigating this know the answer, since we are told there is an audio recording of the interaction. But we can surmise.

        Four of the most famous ways an abductor gets people to go with them more of less of their own volition are: 1) by flashing a badge and claiming to be an undercover cop and stating that the abductee is doing something wrong and must come with them; or 2) by claiming to need help with a lost or harmed dog, kitten, child, car, handicapped friend, map or finding directions, dropped phone, etc; or 3) by offering to take the person to see something, such as a field of marijuana, a stash of money, an amazing waterfall, etc., or 4) by telling the victim that the person has been sent to look for them by their parent, friend, etc. In this case, the police have the full recording and so they likely know what method was used.

  6. Chipscat

    Mr. Lindsay based on your insights into this case I’m guessing you’ve already seen this video or something similar to it. It walks the path that Abby and Libby did and shows where each photo was taken. Based on where Libby and Abby were when BG photos were taken it seems to me that there is not a lot of time between Libby taking Abby’s photo and Libby feeling strange enough about BG to have taken his photo- to me it’s obvious they wanted to get off the bridge and then turn around and get a good look at who was following them. And then after the photos of BG “down the hill” happened very quickly too. I really think this person observed them being dropped off alone, and followed them in…

  7. Attention Sleuths!

    Bridge Guy or not? Today’s Congressional shooter from Belleville, IL, history of attacking his own daughter and neighbors, using knife and guns, hit neighbor in head with gun. Charges always dropped. Belleville is 4 hours from Delphi. Wife says he disappeared a few months ago. People say this man has been living out of his gym bag and going to DC area YMCA. What’s your take? Bridge Guy or not?

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