How Many Men Bake?

Sure, a lot of men cook. I am a pretty good cook myself actually out of necessity. But it seems like one thing a man never does is bake breaded goods. No man bakes cookies, muffins, cakes, cookies, etc. I agree that some men bake bread because I have heard of that.

It seems like it’s only women who bake. And gay men. I have heard gay men talking about baking. So if you’re a man and you bake, you’re probably either gay or you might as well be.

I will put this to commenters. Any of you ever heard of a man baking foods? I mean a real man, not a gay man or a wussy girlyman.

If there’s a real man out there who bakes, I will give you a break. I just don’t think men do this sort of thing.


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37 responses to “How Many Men Bake?

  1. Jason Y

    I guess that would be the origin of the word “cake-boy”. 😆

  2. kringlefy3758

    No I don’t bake at all. Actually I used to buy North Atlantic Cod from Sams Club and bake it in the oven (until our oven quit working) because I’m the only one that eats it…… other than that I can make spaghetti and chili. My wife does all of the cooking except for maybe twice a year. I sent you the 10 bucks donation through Paypal and I hope others will follow if they haven’t already 🙂

  3. Guy from Montréal

    Women cook and bake, men are chefs.

  4. I don’t now if any of you have ever seen it, but, there was a reality show, “Cake Boss”, …. about some He Men that baked and decorated cakes for a living.

  5. Jason Y

    I think this is a form of fascism saying people who cook are fags – or at least those who bake certain things. It’s nothing more than mind-control. Something, ironically which these cultural conservatives always bitch about – “Oh, here comes the PC police. Oh, it’s the book 1984 and I’m stalked my the mind control police. Oh, why can’t I say the n-word without guilt?? ” blah blah blah

    • PC POLICE???

      Even Jews, supposedly the PC inventors and controllers of white people through “media programming” (This would make white Anglo proles seriously stupid), are not very PC. I’ve interacted with “Beastie Boys” and Amy Winehouse types on the street with their bottles of “Mickey’s Malt Liquor” and their coke deals and Jews certainly do not spare the words about other races.

      Why don’t the PC police drop by the Italian-American North Jersey “naybawhud” or Koreatown or the much-vaunted “Edison” (A Gujarati pocket according to our Indian posters) or East Los to see how much non-whites give a shit about PC, White American concerns, the Constitutional interpretation of Freedom of Speech.

      Koreans will tell you what they feel about blacks and Blacks will tell you what they feel about Koreans.

      • Jason Y

        The US has become PC on TV. That’s about the limit of it. It’s not translated into real life, not in the 90s when it came about – or now. In fact, the rise of the net has made things way less PC because on your PC you can say what you want.

      • Jason Y

        Ironically, backwoods white blow-hards have NEVER been PC, but they think some scheme to soften or pussy them up has actually affected them. Ask them now, or in the 90s what they think of blacks etc.. and it’s always n-word this, or n-word that. They’ve NEVER changed.

        • JASON Y

          Blacks would unashamedly call them peckerwoods, rednecks, crackers and white bitches. Italians, Jews and East Coast hipsters would call them townies or hicks. Mexicans would call them white trash.

          Since all groups believe themselves somehow superior none of this matters.

        • A Pickup truck rolling over BLM protesters-those folks who have never held a job and can stand in the road blocking the traffic of those who do-summarizes how various races actually feel about one another.

          How many South Asians, East Asians or Arabs protest. None. Zero.

          So of course nobody’s life really matters to any other group.

  6. Jason Y

    Note Santo-culto’s famous ramblings was about how alt-righters were justifiably dicks because of the suppression of their precious freedom of speech. OK, what about the freedom to bake?

    • JASON Y

      Americans have so little in common with one another that such trivial things are not relevant.

      There is no common culture anyhow.

      A Mestizo in East Los Angeles and a Finn in St Paul share so little in common that it makes zero difference what they do.

      So it is ridiculous to try and search for social norms.

    • JASON Y

      You’d have to be a serious townie from somewhere with a population below 40,000 to care what somebody like to eat.

      This is why coastal elites-or scroungers-seem like hipster elitists. It is just so contemptuous that white proles in the center of the country are so wrapped up in these unimportant things.

      I squint in disbelief at them.

      Who could care whether somebody ate wild cockroaches unless they prepared them in your kitchen. Who cares what people think, how they like to live their life, what they believe?

      This is why townies are of such disbelief and totally horror to coastal elites/scroungers.

      Their idiom and colloquy that makes no difference to absolutely anything.

      Ultimately this why nobody, and I do mean nobody, with an education beyond a few semesters at a community college wants to be near townies.

      They would care about this sort of garbage.

      What you cook?

      The reality in America is that Mestizos, Asians, Blacks do not give a single shit if white men take it up the asshole from their great dane and then eat the dog itself.

      None one single aspect of white prole middle american culture is of one single calorie of interest or relevance.

      So that would be my message.

    • JASON

      Freedom of Speech

      Even those supposed instigators of free speech the Jews are pretty un-PC. So are Asians, Arabs in Detroit who hate blacks, Blacks who hate Arabs and Koreans…and so on.

      Who is this “mind-control” affecting.

      Anglo are fools. Sheep. Retards. Townies. Morons.

      They must be to take any of this seriously.

      • Jason Y

        Good point. If there is PC mind control – black sure as hell have never heard of it. They won’t be nice to you – no way – unless they’re Christians or your buying them off.

        • JASON Y

          “Beastie Boys” song “Don’t Be a Faggot”

          Yes, PC is all intended by Brooklyn Jews to “control” prole masses in states like Colorado that have no bearing on the economy or culture.

          It’s a crock dreamed up by “WN” people in a Sports Bar somewhere.

          The reality is simpler and more devastating. People on the coasts simply have no interest or value for people living in exurbs, towns or small cities inland somewhere.

          They have no money and too many offspring and are uneducated. Therefore no value.

        • Yee

          “If there is PC mind control – black sure as hell have never heard of it.”

          Of course PC is only for the stronger of the society.
          This is the society version of “offshore balancing”.

    • SHI

      In my neck of the woods, all bakers are men.

      It takes manly courage to pull out fluffy Naan breads from Tandoor ovens. The temperatures can be as high as 2000 degrees

  7. JASON Y

    Now you know why I left the United States. In other countries nobody gives a shit who you are or what you do or why you do it.

    Sex with sheep? Who cares?

    Transvestite? Your business only.

    Woman selling sex? Good for you.

    Man buying sex? Your money.

  8. JASON Y Mind Control and Reality

    Mestizos, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Italians, Jews, Indians care less and less about whites. How they feel, whether they take it up the ass from their brother-in-law, the Constitutional rights.

    So mind and thought control only exists between whites.

    Try going down to LA Korea Town or East Los Angeles or the Arab-American quarter of East Detroit.

    You think any of these people could care one iota what police think?

    They are all racist and hate one another as much as they collectively bridle under white control.

    But the White American concept of what America is-Bills of Rights, Evangelical religions etc. is a joke to them.

    They are merely interested in the bottom line: profit. Whites who live in Missouri and obsess over how to please them with PC don’t matter. They would kill you in a minute for the wrong look in their pockets of population.

    Really Jason…………I cannot believe how stupid and delusional middle-American whites have become.

    • Jason Y

      I think officially the media and government is PC, but common people, no matter the race, are not affected by it, no matter if they think they are – and Anglos think they are. People are just as rotten mouthed and mean as they were in the 1970s or 80s. Also, people back then weren’t cruel monsters as everyone claimed – some people had a heart.

      • JASON Y

        A car running over a Black Lives Protester reflects the truth: no love lost between any of the races at all.

        The Korean selling Malt Liquor to 9 year old blacks thinks they are barbarians and regards Whites as lazy and inferior.

        The Mexican in East Los Angeles does not care if Anglos OD from drugs flowing out of these places.

        The Black despises Rednecks who blame Jews for everything. Jews themselves live in urban pockets and would not want to go on a hayride.

      • JASON BLM Protesters Run Over

        A white male driving a car wordlessly over protesters whose body is dragged beneath the wheels of the car is how the races truly feel about one another.

        Korean-Americans shooting at their former black customers as they attempt to loot their stores for cheap malt liquor or knock-off appliances.

        Cubans taking offense at being called Latino because they regard Mexicans as Indians.

        In reality Asians, Whites and even some Blacks take pleasure vicariously in watching a big SUV run over a black protester in the highway.


        Youtube compilation of BLM protesters being run over by cars driven by white men who will not let the lives or physical bodies of NAMS stand in the way of their evening lays bare the reality of how the races feel about one another.

        The black mass rape of the Clint who is doing time for his 3rd assault and possession of meth as the penises are rammed into his sobbing mouth in the prison laundry mat sums up the reality.

        • Jason Y

          I think mostly the passive aggression is what I’m angry about – passive aggression from Jerry Springer style people from the flyover country. This aggression is not directed toward real “n-word goes here” I mean who doesn’t dislike gangbangers and the like? No, the aggression is always against weak little nerds who happen to utter any bit of sympathy from blacks, black mind you, not gangbanger types.

          In the end, these flyover people know they’re going after scapegoats. They don’t care. Because they’re mean people. 😆 Actually, they’re not different than black douchebags who target little white people who manage to come into their mist, like Sam.

          Same is true in South Korea, all sorts of places, the fact remains the racists are cowards – normally using thoughts of mean people in other races to justify aggression against weak targets in other races.

  9. JASON Y Clinton’s Story

    An American ex-steelworker once approached me in Philippines. I had expressed disinterest in America, its policies etc.

    “You’re AN American”.

    But see, this makes no difference to anybody but white Trumpenproles who are the descendants of Pilgrims or Southerners.

    Asians, Indians, Hispanics, Jews, Italians, Arabs, Blacks have no interest in their views or their mind control.

  10. Garry Palin

    As a single man, I just started making my own spaghetti sauce, as you can’t buy good tasting stuff, like the kind my father made. I missed it so much I just brewed myself up a big batch, added wine etc. and it was great !!! I made enough for 7 meals, and froze the sauce-“glad I did” . I also do bake my own pizzas in the oven. ( pre-made ones)

    I would never think of baking bread or cookies or something like that, as I’m just to impatient for that, and have better things to do. Let the women do that, as they seem to like it, and talk about it all the time. My mother used to bake the greatest pies and stuff, and I’d have no idea where to start.

  11. Jason Y

    I don’t like to bake or even grill, the more manly cooking. But I am against mind control and guilt trips being given my cultural conservatives – up to a point. Their constant nitpicking at every supposed fault of people is just the flip side of PC nutjobs who want everyone to act nice 24/7 – It’s all the same.

    • JASON Y

      “Mind Control”. Who cares what people in the interior of the U.S. far from the centers of power or finance or culture or trends think or do?

      This would be the actual mindset of decision makers or producers of films in Hollywood.

  12. You all are just fine. One of my last gf’s did not know how to cook. She was a rich girl, and her parents always had maids. I used to stay at her place for weeks at a time, and if there was any cooking, I was the one who did it! I could cook way better than she could, but then I have gotten pretty good at cooking over the years. If I run into trouble, my Mom is always dialable on the phone. I call her up a lot and ask questions about my cooking, and she gives me a lot of good advice.

  13. JJ

    I personally love to bake. I don’t get the chance to do it much, but I am actually quite decent at it. One of my traits I was gifted by my beloved Grandmother.

    Oh, and I’m not gay. I’m as hetero as they come.


  14. Jason Y

    Men shouldn’t know how to change a tire and women shouldn’t know how to bake… OH, what did I say ??? 😆

  15. Yup…Pretty much sums it up. I can fire up some perfectly marinated carne asada like a Mexican on bath salts…But I haven’t made cookies or muffins since I was a little kid, helping out my Mom or Grandmother in the kitchen.

    Never had the inclining or urge. Even when I want a dessert, the local Von’s has them nice a pre-packaged.

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