How Many Fixated Pedophiles in the US?

Concerned Citizen: A man in a white Ford cargo van with no windows, approached a child last Tuesday (Feb. 14), after they had been let off the bus. The man reportedly asked the Caston Elementary student if they wanted some Valentine’s Day candy. The man is described as a thin white male in his late forties to early fifties with curly brown hair and a scruffy beard. He was wearing a gray t-shirt. Caston is only 45 minutes away from Delphi.This bothers me, because things like this don’t happen often around these parts.

How old was the girl? Do they have junior high in that area? If it’s K-6, she can’t be older than 11. Geez. Anyway, offering candy won’t work for a girl past 13 or so. It probably would not even work on a 12 year old. I know 12 year old girls. They are extremely smart and very suspicious and wary of men. They leap in maturity from 11 to 12 is pretty amazing. 12 is when abstract thinking kicks in.

I am not sure people realize how many creepy men are out there. Let’s put it this way. There are a lot of more sexually weird men out there than you think.

Up to 1% of the adult male population may be preferential or fixated pedophiles. Other figures put it at .1% With the higher figure, there 1.15 million adult male pedophiles in the US. That’s a lot of men. These people who say they want to kill all the pedos need to realize that they would killing 1 million American men! Pretty crazy. Even with the lower figure, there’s 115,000 fixated preferential pedophile men in the US. So if you wanted to kill them all, you would have to kill 100,000 people.

I don’t think most of them abduct in this creepy way though. Usually they try to get access to girls via employment, friends, etc.


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3 responses to “How Many Fixated Pedophiles in the US?

  1. In the St Louis area and surrounding suburbs (including metro east Illinois where I live) we hear reports like this 3 or 4 times a year, “usually” description is a white guy in work van or truck, offering candy or trying to get kids to come to the van.

    • There’s more of this bullshit around than you think. I would not say that this is an uncommon crime. It’s not a common crime either, but it’s not a once in a blue moon thing.

      A woman I know very well was accosted along with a friend at about age 9 on the way to or from the beach. He had a pickup truck and a knife. He pulled the knife on the girls, molested them manually, and then fled in his pickup truck. Age around 35.

  2. Magneto

    the CIA runs this shit. All these child abduction cases, majority of it is CIA teams abducting children for god knows what purposes. Probably for MK-ULTRA mind control programming, programming them to become sex slaves. This shit is all real, Project Monarch, etc.

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