The Elizabeth Thomas Fake Abduction Case

Let’s have an article covering the Tennessee teacher and the 15 year old girl…they are still missing…your thoughts on this???????

This case has been in the news a lot and a lot of foolish people are flipping out about it.


I am not going to call this an abduction or kidnapping case because I do not believe that that is what has happened.

My position is she was in love with him, they were having some sort of a love affair, and they both ran off together to drive a long ways away to some remote place to set up shop and get married. They are basically eloping together. It’s laughable that they say she got abducted. If that’s the case, then she got abducted willingly. How the Hell can you willingly get abducted? What else can you do? Kidnap yourself? Imprison yourself? Rob yourself? Burglarize yourself? Molest yourself? It’s so absurd.

Has he even had sex with her? There is talk that he might have kissed her or tried to kiss her? That’s illegal? It might not even be illegal for a 50 year old man to kiss a 15 year old girl. But if he kissed her aggressively, deeply and passionately (you know what I am talking to) then that would be illegal.

I have never heard of any man going down for kissing a teenage girl. For Chrissake, fathers kiss their teenage girl daughters all the time. Are we going to throw them all in prison for 10 years?

This stuff is really getting nutty, and it’s all the fault of women. All this Teenage Girl Mass Hysteria is coming from women because no real man would care about this very much. I mean real men would probably want to keep this stuff illegal at some age – I myself would like to see the AOC down to 16 here in California – but they won’t get hysterical and retarded about it. It’s not that I see this as evil or perverted or damaging or anything like that. It’s more that I think young teenage girls ought to be protected from us men. And we men need to be protected from our own selves.

Any man who gets upset about this stuff is either gay or he’s a great big pussygirl – he’s not much of a man. The only men I have seen getting upset about it are fundamentalist Christian “men” (those guys are not men in any way, shape or form – they’re girlymen) and feminist “men” (feminist men are so pitiful – they’re such wusses and girlyboys).

Assuming that they are basically eloping and also assuming the quite unlikely case that he has not done anything sexual with her other than kissing, has this guy even broken the law? Is it illegal to go for a road trip with a teenage girl if she goes along quite willingly? What’s the name of the law? Is it that Teenage Girl Road Trip law?

*Note: If anyone has any evidence that this girl did not go off willingly with her teacher and was in fact abducted, please let me know as I do not know much about this case.


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16 responses to “The Elizabeth Thomas Fake Abduction Case

  1. Here are a few critical facts ABOUT the case that may help explain the level of concern for Miss Thomas, and possibly explain why this is indeed a problem.
    – He is one of her teachers, who is already married.
    – Elizabeth was in her first year of public school having been homeschool until this point. This put her in an unenviable position of vulnerability. Perfect prey for a narcissistic predator.

    In this country, 50yr old men who have romantic interest in children who can not even drive a car are either extremely immature themselves, or have an alternative agenda to fulfill where common interests, common goals, and other normal building blocks of dating/marriage are not important. Such alternatives may include (but are not limited to) an unhealthy sexual proclivity for adolescent girls, a power complex that can’t be attained with women in his peer group, to where he finds 15 year olds perfect, since they don’t have the maturity level to comprehensively resist, and don’t have access to some of the most basic tools to get away (like money, far keys or a drivers license).

    I won’t insult your intelligence and remind you why it’s a crime for a teacher to become romantically involved with any student in a personal, intimate way. You know better.

    • I honestly do not know what to do about cases like this, Vitamin. My opinion on these matters is not important and I am not a judge who hands out sentences, so my feelings about this matter are unimportant.

      My position is that the law is the law. This guy is a fool for running off with this girl where he could easily get 10 years in prison. He’s an idiot. I pretty much have no sympathy for men like this. I could probably break this law too if I wanted to, but I would be looking at 10 years in prison. And that’s the main reason I do not even attempt to do such things.

      I disagree with your motivations about why grown men go for young girls or the other way around. To a lot of men it’s all the same – a girl, a woman, what’s the difference? They’re all just females. Do you think Steve Tyler, Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, Roman Polanski, and Jimmy Page are immature men? I think not. All these men probably just think, “A girl, a woman? What’s the difference?”

      And relationships with young females are no easier than relationships with older women. In fact, it is the other way around. I am 59 years old. I dated an 18 year old girl a few years ago. The relationship with a constant rollercoaster and honestly the down side of it was Hell on Earth. And what made it so crazy was frankly her immaturity. Immaturity in a female doesn’t make the relationship any better. Young females are notoriously moody and crazy. I would rather date a more mature older women. They’re so much less nuts.

      Personally even if it was legal, I do not think I could put up with a giggly 15 year old girl. Grown women are idiotic enough LOL. A teenage girl would be so much worse.

      Also my official position is that at some age – below 16? – below 15? – girls need to be protected from us men. And we men need to be protected from ourselves. I do not WANT to have the legal right to have sex with a 14 year old girl. That makes me very uncomfortable. I would much rather have a nasty law so I wouldn’t even think about it in the first place.

    • Also it is not against the law for a teacher to have a romantic relationship with a student. Not in most states anyway. The same rules apply to him as apply to any other man. Girls below the AOC are off limits to the teacher just like any other man. I believe it is legal for a teacher to get romantically involved with a student over the AOC. I know I could have dated a couple of 18 year old girls when I was a teacher.

      Really what’s going to happen is they will pull your license. And some guy who knows the girl might punch you in the face. That teacher’s credential is a nice thing to have. I would not want to get mine pulled, and that’s why I did not get involved with those girls.

      • TT

        In Texas, it’s absolutely illegal for a public school teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student who is 18. I suspect that is the case in a lot of states. A teacher is an authority figure and has influence over the student. If there are states where it is not illegible, I believe that it would be against the school district’s policy and grounds for termination.

        • It’s not illegal in California and I think that’s the way it is in most states. They will fire your ass though and worse than that, you lose that precious teaching credential. That’s why I didn’t do it, and I had a couple of good chances with 18 year old girls.

  2. Garry Palin

    This is a complete farce, and I don’t think Elizabeth is in any trouble with this man, as she will probably benefit by being with him. ( short term) Apparently she was not happy at home and her mother had 3 charges against her, if I recall correctly. Also she felt unloved- “unwanted.” Probably on her way to becoming a druggie or runaway.
    She also went with him “on her own volition” ( free will) and was happy to do so. I’m sure they were also lovers, and she liked what he did for her, and I’m sure she’d learn a lot from an educated man like him. She is not a child-yes you could say a teenager, but she was not a kid. Bear in mind in the early 1900’s and thru the 1800’s young girls married all the time from 14-16 yrs old, and started families at that age when they lived on farms. She also wanted to settle down with this man, so they loved each other. This is quite common like in Morman polygamous families, and girls have been married off at young ages. They work out fine, and the women are happy there, and are not running away. Why should the State tell people how to run their lives ???
    Why are there all these do-gooders, trying to make a Mountain out of a Mole hill, and making this case, seem like some criminal abduction kidnapping case. In order to kidnap someone you have to take them “against their will” and this clearly was not the case. To be fair though, I don’t think people that are authority figures should exploit people that are in a vulnerable position. With that being said, this is “no crime” What are they going to do ??? lock the guy up for 10 years for falling in love with a nice looking young girl ??? doesn’t make sense. Also she’ll probably wait til he’s out of jail, and marry him when he’s released. Let things work themselves out between the man and the young woman.

  3. kringlefy3758

    Thanks for the article, I’m gonna donate the 10 bucks to you tonight after I get my 4 wheeler back in the garage andf find my credit card. I believe she went willingly and I DO NOT believe he was “grooming” her. I don’t think this guy is actually a guy that preys on girls. I see a youtube vid today from Inside Edition with a 19 year old girl playing a song the teacher allegedly sung to her when she was younger. She says nothing happened but now she thinks he was “grooming” her. If he wanted that fugly girl he’d have went for it. He “groomed” nobody. Crap, I see women teachers get probation for banging the boys and now people want this guy to get life in prison, lol. He IS married and it IS illegal being with an underage girl though, so a smart guy would have said “Hey, let’s wait 3 more years”….

    • How the Hell do you “groom” a teenage girl? That makes about as much sense as grooming a grown woman.

      I believe you can groom a child because children have no sex drive and hence no desire for sex. So you have to implant the idea into their heads if you want to have sex with them.

      I do not have a lot of sympathy for men who mess with girls under age 12, sorry. I’m having a hard time wondering if it’s ever ok, and the girl almost never seduces the man, although there is a woman on the Net who says she seduced her piano teacher when she was 11. That’s got to be an outlier. And messing with little girls sexually does seem to mess them up in the head. Not always but often enough. I wonder if men who do this realize that they may be causing harm. I mean if you are going to do something like this, sit back and realize that you may well be harming this girl. It’s similar to hitting her, stealing from her, raping her, robbing her, etc. It’s not a whole lot different and might be even more damaging than some of those things.

      Adults were not meant to have sex with kids. That’s why the sex drive is dormant throughout childhood and only comes on in puberty as the girl is starting to turn into a woman.

    • I mostly just think he’s an idiot. The law is the law. You and I obey these laws. No matter what I think of that teenage girl over there, if I have sex her, I’m going down hard. So you simply don’t do it. It’s not that important anyway. A woman is as good as a girl or really a lot better in many ways. Sure, she looks good, but so what? We men are supposed to control ourselves.

      At my age, I figure if I get with a 15 year old girl, I am getting at least 10 years hard time. You’d have to be crazy to risk that sort of punishment for some young snatch.

      I do not want him to get life in prison, but I know they are going to throw the book at him. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for this guy. He knew full well what the law was and the heavy punishment it entails, and he went ahead and broke it anyway like a dumbass. No sympathy! He’s an idiot!

      • kringlefy3758

        I agree ! I bet the guy tries to enjoy himself as long as possible and then he will drop the girl off and kill himself….. and that by itself will mess the girl up even more than she might already be messed up.

      • Garry Palin

        I agree with Robert here, in that we have to draw the line somewhere, and everyone should have to abide by the law. In Canada, the legal age of consent was ( 14) – three years ago, and was changed to 16. I know in the US, it’s 16,17or18 years old.( depends on the state your in) Most countries it’s around 16, which I think is a good age for this. Note that in 1880, in the US, legal age of sexual consent was 12 yrs old, and in Delaware at that time it was 9 years old. Times have changed in the modern hi-tech world now.
        Young girls have to be protected, as if they started getting pregnant at age 13 or 14, they would not have the economic means or education to provide for the child. I don’t think it’s so much of a moral crime, I think it’s more of a societal issue, to protect very young girls and offspring.
        In the case of an older woman having sex with a 14 year old boy, it’s a little different, as he would incur no damage, so I don’t see a problem with 14 for boys, or have a discretionary law.
        This guy that ran off with Elizabeth Thomas was an educated man, and was breaking the law. We all should have to respect the laws of the land and and abide by them, or suffer the consequences-“jail.”

  4. If you arrested every Amsterdam tired 41 year old prostitute who took some 16 year old schoolboy’s money to screw him you would be incarcerating entire populations of women.

    Teen pregnancy invariably involves a teen girl and a slightly older male in his early twenties who really does not give two shits about her and will condemn her to a life of missed opportunities and options limited to welfare or a skeevy diner while he heads far enough away that the authorities cannot lay hands on him.

  5. TJF

    To Rob:

    From the article regarding the abduction / disappearance of Elizabeth Thomas: “The video posted on Facebook by Wayne County Now shows Thomas teaching her older brother how to sew a Confederate flag.

    While reading the articles that describe Elizabeth Thomas and her family, I am trying to suppress stereotypes that pop into my head about banjos and squealing like a pig.

  6. News report today says the teacher was showing up at the girls job recently and she was hiding and saying “tell him I’m not here”….. sounds like she might have wised up and the teacher is the only one still in fantasyland…. if so might not be good for the Elizabeth.

    • Ah, so he may have abducted her after all then, eh?

      One thing is for sure. He won’t kill her. I don’t think he has it in him to do that.

      • No, he won’t kill anyone except himself. The 15 year old girl has got to be getting tired of this lifestyle already, so I imagine things are not so rosy as before….. and the teacher probably senses it and is now easily agitated, so I expect them to make a mistake and be caught soon.

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