Destroying One More Myth about Teenage Girl – Adult Man Relationships

Trash: Much has been said about Blacks raping grown women but the vast majority of child molestation, underage sex, statutory rape is all older White dudes with no charm or masculinity resorting to 15 or 16 year old girls in order to get laid.

I am getting very tired of hearing this myth.

This has certainly not been my experience. I have heard of cases like this of men having sex with teenage girls, and I had a couple of friends who did this until around age 30. Both of them were what you would call Alphas or studs. They both had had sex with countless women. The only men I have ever known who had sex with teenage girls were Alphas, studs, players, playboys, whatever you call them. I have have never in my entire life heard of an adult man resorting to teenage girls because he couldn’t get a woman his own age. I wonder if it even exists.

Of course I taught high school for many years, and I had to deal with some female students after me, but women and girls have been after me in droves most of my life (it’s calming down now). I used to hear the girls talking about the male teachers that they liked at the school. Without one single exception, the only ones they talked about were the hottest male teachers at the school. They were all good-looking or often very good-looking. A surprising number had almost male model good looks. Not only that, but to a one, they were all “Alphas.” Not necessarily statistical Alphas but definitely behavioral Alphas.

I do not know how their Game was, but observing these men, I figured their Game was great. Most of them even in the classroom displayed a behavior and image that was sexy as Hell. I never once heard girls talking about the average looking male teachers or even the homely male teachers.

As far as it being easier to get a teenage girl than it is to get an adult woman, I doubt if that is true. I did have sex with many teenage girls as a teenage boy and for a few years as an adult man form age 18-21 (I quit at 21 as I was starting to get scared of going to jail). Back then in the 1970’s, this sort of thing was epidemic. Many, many young men dated and had sex with teenage girls. It was almost normal.

But even back then, the only young men who were getting those girls were the best young men of them all. They were the players, the playboys. Not only did they get girls but they also got women, typically in droves. And even at that age, I never thought a girl was any easier than a woman. I never thought, “I am going to go for that girl. She’s an easy target.” It never even occurred to me that they might be easy targets. Anyway, I never pursued them anyway. It was always the other way around. And never in my entire life have I heard one single man refer to teenage girls as easy targets. You would think if it were true, I would have heard it at least once.

As I got older it never seemed like it would be easier to get a girl than to get a woman. Of course, it was dead illegal anyway, and I never did it, but it never seemed like the girls were any easier. They were probably even harder because even decades ago, they were leery of “creepy” and “perverted” men. It is orders of magnitude worse nowadays. I can barely even talk to underage teenage girls. It’s nearly illegal to even say Hi to them. Even if it’s not illegal, you might get punched in the face for even talking to them. That’s how insane things have gotten. If you can’t even say hi to them, how is it going to be a piece of cake to have sex with them?

For much of my life, I have known teenage girls. and I have been talking to them my whole life, even down to the present day. Of course they have talked to me many times about boys and men. It seemed that when it came to boys their age, they would go for anyone, Alphas, Betas or even Omegas. But when it came to men, they got much more selective. Over and over I heard them say, “We’re mostly into boys our age. We are not really into men. They’re too old. But we make exceptions for the really hot ones…we only want the hotties…we only want the best of the older men…etc.”

Women always want the best.

– Oscar Wilde

To the above quote, I would add, “and so do teenage girls.”

If you look around at the type of man these girls target, you will see that that is true. You think women preferentially select Alpha men and leave all the others out to dry, well, I got news for you, teenage girls are even worse! Look at the men who have been associated with these girls. Jeffrey Epstein (billionaire), Jimmy Page and Steve Tyler (rock stars), Roman Polanski (movie director). They really go for the cream of the crop, don’t they?

My experience in life has been that if you cannot get a woman your own age, you damn sure can’t get a teenage girl because getting a girl is far harder than getting a woman!

Now I could be wrong about this, but this has been my experience.


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  1. Willy von Niggerstick

    Look at the men who have been associated with these girls. Jeffrey Epstein (billionaire), Jimmy Page and Steve Tyler (rock stars), Roman Polanski (movie director). They really go for the cream of the crop, don’t they?

    It was the same for the elites in ancient times. The kings and gods of ancient Greece (both real and mythological) preferred to acquire virgin adolescent girls as wives. For example, Persephone was about 14 when she was abducted by Hades and Helen (the most beautiful woman in the world) was about 10 when she was first abducted by Kings Theseus. These powerful men could have had any women they wanted and they chose young virgin girls.

    • Willy von Niggerstick

      Oh wait, you’re talking about girls choosing powerful men not the other way round. But you get my point. Going for teenage girls is not a “loser strategy”.

      • Well of course. Look at those men above. Movie directors, billionaires, rock stars. Those are losers? LOL. You think women are picky. Teenage girls are even worse. When it comes to boys, they are not that picky, but when it comes to men, they only want the best.

  2. Jason Y

    in Southeast Asia, white guys are often viewed more highly because they are from the west so they become a sort of stud they wouldn’t be back home. Most of the girls in these lands view marrying white is marrying up and that seems to be the case – unless of course, they’re marrying a handicapped guy for money.

    Anyway, a young white guy, even a slightly physically odd or short one, can normally get any woman they want. Older guys also stand a better chance – especially if they don’t necessarily look that much older/ In other words, you’d have to be 40-ish and maybe with grey hair before they might mention the age.

    Of course, in Northeast Asia, though, they might not want to marry a white guy but because of white worship, a white guy will get massive respect not seen back home – even though it’s massively and comically phony.

    • Yee

      In Northeast Asia, it’s also very easy for White men to get married. Whether in China, HongKong, South Korea or Japan, there’re large numbers of around 30 year old single women in the cities.

      • YEE

        Yes, but you need some skill set to support your family in that country.

        Also a bit of money to get started. I’d say $20,000.

        I know this as I live in Asia.

        • Yee

          I read somewhere that Thailand is even worse for the women, as they are twice the number of the men. Where have the men gone? Surely there aren’t that many ladyboys.

  3. Jason Y

    Note, the opposite case is back home where you’re seen as a worm 😆 and only American football players and really mean guys get the girls – or perhaps normie dorks with good family connections. So Trash has a point about back home being a waste of time.

  4. Jason Y

    On the opposite spectrum, men are going after alpha females (so to speak), so it’s still the same thing. I mean, I’m not saying some larger women aren’t hot with big asses and tits, but still most guys are targeting thin women and possibly also educated women.

  5. JASON Y

    That is my point

  6. Trash’s Point

    Once a man is above 30 if he has little discretionary income his appeal in North America is zero to most women.

    Most women at 30 are married and younger women belong to scenes he is too old to be part of. Hang around campus when you are 30-40 years old? College women will think you are pathetic.

    Go to Meat Market Sport’s Bars? You won’t be any more successful in your 30’s than you were at 21. You’ll sit there with your cheap beer pitcher hoping some woman chooses to talk to you.

    Teenage girls of 18. Where are you going to meet them? High school? You’re getting into jailbait/contributing to delinquency of a minor territory there. She’s 18, her friends are not.

    Sex workers? Get busted by the police and have your face on billboards. There goes your job, you life, your community reputation over a $40 BJ.

  7. JASON

    At one point I hit the strip joints and briefly dated a stripper, last name of Mack.

    She was a huge cokehead with family problems. Lot’s of baggage. After a few times, she met a black guy.

    Or you can hang around the barely legals. Get a nice Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor on your rap sheet.

    College. Bit old for that by 25.

    Low bars? Maybe, but lots of cheap beer and blue-balls. And brawlers.

    As a young man when I had already given up on civilian women and was hitting the hookers my roommates were trying to get laid with little success.

    The young women were callow, deeply shallow and slightly snotty at 23. “You’re weird” they say for little reason, so you don’t get laid.

    But seeing prostitutes in the U.S. is risky. Bad areas, cops, crackhead pimps.

    This is all intended for the economic purpose of keeping the sexual market at a functional seller’s level. Decriminalization of prostitution would never go over.

  8. JASON Y Asia vs White Women

    When I moved to Canada after returning from Asia I tried white women again.

    The first was Holly. She and her boyfriend were swingers. She was not that attractive. Screwed a few times but she said her boyfriend was pissed.

    Next I tried Trish, who I met through Holly. I screwed her twice but it was a long-distance thing and she called me to tell me she met another guy.

    Then I met another woman at a strip club. Mack, was her last name. Huge cokehead. Dealer as well. I decided after a week to stay away. Later a friend told me she got involved with black pimps.

    So then I met and dated a French-Canadian cook. She was older and divorced. Her ex-husband was a bit of a stalker and her daughter hated me (she was 40 when I was 30 with a 17 year old kid).

    When I returned to Dubai I resolved to get back on the prostitutes as soon as possible and avoid all relationships.

    I started seeing prostitutes at least twice a month.

    When I arrived in the Philippines my prostitute use intensified. I also traveled to Amsterdam but the beautiful Dutch girls that I remembered had been replaced by South Americans and blacks.

    White prostitutes were getting prohibitively expensive, I noticed. On a trip to London UK I hired one and it was $140 for 30 minutes.

    The rising cost of living had adjusted their rates.

    So for the last 10 years my only sexual partners were Asians.

  9. YEE

    A society with a female-male sex imbalance seems to create contempt for women among males. Thai men are often abusive to women, though the Chinese community does not feature this.

    Mostly it is just males with more than one or more than two families. Poor children from two women or three women.

    • Yee

      Oh, I suddenly remember, there’re a lot of monks in Thailand. That’s why they have so many single women left.

      • YEE White Male Perspective

        Why do women want to be a “buffalo or ox”? A beast of burden to cook, clean and have sex with a man who earns little and drinks a great deal and is sometimes abusive?

        Foreign men are not popular in Thailand for no reason. Not only are we generally a little better behaved but we have more money and generally practice birth control.

        Many more Thai women are simply rejecting the macho culture of Malays.

      • YEE

        A police officer wanted marry my wife but she wanted to marry a foreigner. I told her I had nothing in the United States after 20 years of drifting overseas but she still preferred marriage to me.

        I live on $1,000 a month. At Christmas I give her family $2000.

        So it is not as if I am rich BUT still, she has chosen to marry me.

        • Yee

          Police has little power in Thailand, it’s the military that holds power. Anyway, police officers are mostly Malays.

  10. YEE

    You are not married (I presume) for the same reason. Women no longer want to be a buffalo for males. Bearing children, having sex with a man who comes home drunk, cleaning a house, cooking all day.

    Women have better things to do. Travel. Education. Jobs they enjoy. Productive lives.

    • Yee

      Well, it’s just a tough market here, with so many new people coming into the cities.

      While men have no problem choosing from waitress to BA/MA, women with any kind of education can hardly marry a fastfood delivery boy. Not in the NE Asian society.

      So China has problem on both ends — single women in the cities, more single men in rural.

      • YEE

        Try to marry some white businessman in Hong Kong if you are educated. You’ll find one.

      • Garry Palin

        Hi Yee- just wondering ??? are you a Chinese woman living in China ???

        • Yee

          Yes, Guangdong Province, where that Canadian mental killer was coming back to.

        • Garry Palin

          I didn’t notice you replied to me so quickly Yee- so thanks. I notice by the way you express yourself, and write such good English, I would assume you’ve lived or visited for some time in North America ?? ( US or Canada) You would be a good woman to ask this question to.

          I’ve noticed that on dating sites, I get Chinese women sending me messages quite a lot. They also always answer you back. Just wondering do most Chinese women like foreign white men ? or do they not ? I’ve always heard that they would prefer to live in North America-especially the ones from the poorer rural areas.

          I know that a lot of rich Chinese people buy into Canada, and live in Vancouver, which has tons of Asians there. Beautiful city !! I was reading a little while ago that Canada was selling visas to live here to wealthy Chinese for around $ 1,000,000.00 ( $1 million-a lot of money) Tons of Chinese bought in, and it drove the house prices in Vancouver very very high, so that an average Canadian cannot afford them. I’m not sure but the Canadian government may have cancelled this visa deal ?

          Apparently a lot of Chinese wan to “protect their money” and are worried that the communist government in China could take it. I think they have this fear, and that’s why they move hear. Also heard that Hong Kong is much the same, they worry about the mainland communist government taking over and changing Hong Kong to Federal Communist rule, and I’ve even seen loud demonstrations in Hong Kong over this on TV.

          What are your thoughts on my above questions Yee ???- am I right or wrong about my observations-“you seem very smart” 🙂

        • Yee


          China has been a fast growing economy for the last 20 years and has 1.3 billion people. So naturally even for a small percentage of people getting rich, they’re quite a few in numbers.

          For those buying their way into North America, I would say more of a habitual thinking than fearing communist grabbing their money. Because emigrating to a richer country has been the best way to escape poverty and an envy of friends and relatives for decades. Frankly, those people don’t have enough money for the government to care enough to grab it, unless they’re the family of corrupt officials.

          It doesn’t take a million dollar to go to Canada too, but about half.

          As for HongKong, I think it’s a similar situation with the USA, when economics turn bad, locals hate outsiders. Americans blame illegals, HKers blame mainland China.

          I think they’re just fools. Even Britain and Germany want closer connections with China. How can a city based on service sector survive without an industrial economy backing?

          They listen too much to the western propaganda, but forget to see with their own eyes. While US advocating rights, freedom, democracy etc., they never want to stop doing business with the Saudis, Indians, Chinese etc. American capitalists are no fools.

        • Yee

          Chinese don’t feel too strongly of interracial marriage with Whites, after all Whites are richer than us. For mainlanders, not much against Southeast Asians either, as long as they look like us.

          For dating sites, I’d advise you to be cautious. They might not be women or Chinese at all. Chinese police is quite busy extraditing scammers from Nigeria, Indonesia, South Korea etc.

          I’m not saying they’re all fakes, but you should be wary, especially those write better English, NE Asians speak really poor English.

  11. YEE

    Some policeman wanted to marry my wife but she was not interested.

    She is Chinese looking. Heavyset.

    Anyhow, we ended up together. I am not sure why.

    • Yee

      If the policeman was a Malay, as they’d likely be, there’s little wonder a Chinese didn’t want to marry one.

      • YEE True

        Malay men hold little attraction for Chinese women and even Malay women, whom white men are more likely to marry, are not particularly attractive to Chinese men.

        I suspect their weak character is partly to blame. The males are drunks and beat women and cheat on their wives. The women are drunks and cheat on their husbands for that matter. Malays are quite wretched people much of the time. Alcoholic, prone to addiction, weak character, compulsive liars, bad decision makers and just not terribly bright.

        This is a generalization. Ten percent are geniuses, hard workers and so on.

      • YEE

        True, Chinese women will sometimes stoop to marrying white males but few will marry a Malay.

        And marrying a white male is as low as you can go. My wife is heavy and plain-looking, honestly-speaking. Of course we have a happy marriage.

        It is hard to believe many Chinese women want to marry Africans.

  12. Oneaboveall

    I haven’t posted here in awhile, but I had to share this because I believe it’s germane to this topic. I went to a convention at a college near my house on Sunday and saw this cosplayer there:

    She just turned 18 this month. I met her last year at a con when she was only 16…and she was built about the same.

    Here’s her Facebook and Instagram:

    She was only 17 in some of the photos posted, but there’s really no difference in her shape. The only difference is that she crossed a magic number.

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    • Sure, she’s a full-on babe, and not only that, she’s what a lot of people would call “fuckable.” I know grown women who look at some girls that age and comment that they are “fuckable.”

    • Oneaboveall, I am going to have to ban you for not donating. As a regular, you have to donate to stay on. This is sad for me because you have been here forever and I love your contributions. So if you could clear this up and stay on, it would make me very happy. And maybe make you happy too. If you wish to discuss particulars, please email me.

  13. TJF

    White males who live in East Asia, besides the Philippines, are dissidents. We simply find our own country-Americans overseas especially-no longer worth living in.

    Few NAMS or even poor white trash can live in Tokyo or Hong Kong or Bangkok so this the core motivation. Moving somewhere you will never have to see another Confederate Hat, worry about Chimp Outs at KFC or some Mestizos jump you in a Circle K parking lot in the Southwest because they are high on “sherm”.

    White North Americans are in Asia out of disgust and a desire to live somewhere that would be beyond their means in California.

    It is not about lust for Asian women.

    It is about the pure disgust of Americans who cannot afford to move to the South of France and have to leave.

    • SHI

      Moving somewhere you will never have to see another Confederate Hat, worry about Chimp Outs at KFC or some Mestizos jump you in a Circle K parking lot in the Southwest because they are high on “sherm”.

      I understand this motivation of expats. But, to that you’re not going to be a victim of crime overseas, is perpetually living in denial.

      In fact, being a foreigner abroad attracts the attention of lowlifes everywhere. They see you as a target.

      In Amsterdam, I lost count of the number of drug-dealers who openly accosted me on the streets. I would venture to say ALL OF THEM will recognize me. They’d never leave me alone. They happen to be a variety of ethnics – Moroccans and Tunisians, Black Africans, Eastern Europeans and a few Afghans. In the last case, I’d be approached in a common language, Urdu.

      I only purchased legal weed at the Cannabis shops like Bulldog and once had a trip on Dragon mushrooms bought from a major licensed shop. It was an overdose and I came close to dying. Horrific experience.

      Being a foreigner abroad is hard when you have to survive on limited money. I had spent nearly 3 months in Europe last time and towards the end, was surviving on maybe like 5 Euros per day. But on my flight back to India, I still had around 800 Euros in my handbag (tightly wrapped in dirty handkerchiefs).

      In Uzbekistan, I came close to being kidnapped by a Talibani, Islamist group. Here is one of my earlier posts. That is one of the most dangerous places to be Indian.

      I had posted on this blog Live from Poland. Check it below. I had overall a great time there but did encounter a few threatening situations which in hindsight, weren’t really racist. There were a lot of soccer thugs. People in Poland were very curious about me. My experiences were colored by the fact that I hung out with real lowlifes including Nigerians.

      • Nigerians won’t do anything to anybody in Poland. The cops or Russian mafia would kill them. Actually they get killed in India for being suspected of selling drugs. No Nigerian is going to mug a foreigner in Poland. Maybe they will shout at you but an actual physical attack is unlikely.

        Pashtuns, the most dangerous of the Indians, will only attack or mug other races in UK where enough have congregated. Maybe Bangladeshis in a FEW areas.

        America raised the bar so high for Indians that the low-caste Pashtun and Punjabi Muslim macho types cannot immigrant at all. Neither can the uneducated Bangladeshis which is a shame because bless the women for their penis-sucking skills.

        Only the poor white trash are victims of crimes in India because they are doing stupid things like Keeling.

        Outside of UK where Indians with no money of any caste or skill were allowed to form huge no-go zones you will not be mugged by Indians. And said Indians will usually be Pashtuns or Bangladeshis.

        Indians in Dubai are treated harshly by Arabs who justifiably want to control their behavior so you can go to the authorities easily. An Indian threatened me for shafting his wife and I had his sponsorship removed. I also spat on one Kerala Muslim for shouting at me in a Supermarket. Arabs CONTROL Indians well in Arab Gulf countries and you won’t be a victim of crime in Dubai.

        Goras in Jo-Jo or Goa hotels usually won’t be bothered. If buy drugs do it from Kashmir carpet stores where the hashish or cocaine is kept under the counter.

        Anybody walking around Amsterdam red-light areas full of blacks and Moroccans at 1 am in the morning is pretty stupid.

      • Urdu…How can you not be a Punjabi or Pakistani if you spoke Urdu? Nobody speaks that in Uttar Pradesh.

        Nigerians might be lowlifes but THEY ARE THE ONES GETTING BEATEN UP IN INDIA not committing crimes. At least not street crimes.

        Anybody on the street near the Central Station in Amsterdam late enough for drug dealers to accost them is crazy anyhow. You were asking for it.

        • SHI

          Urdu…How can you not be a Punjabi or Pakistani if you spoke Urdu? Nobody speaks that in Uttar Pradesh.

          Actually, that’s where the language was born. Besides, Urdu and Hindi are mutually intelligibly.

          It just happens to be that I’m extremely fluent in Urdu, and have an excellent higher vocabulary. Even Pakistanis and Afghans are often stunned at my level of fluency.

          I am well-built. I can blend very well with Afghan Pushtoons, Iranians, etc. They RESPECT me and don’t talk out of turn.

          Anybody on the street near the Central Station in Amsterdam late enough for drug dealers to accost them is crazy anyhow. You were asking for it.

          What were you doing in Anjuna? The thing is once we are overseas, we sometimes take leave of our senses. I wouldn’t be hanging out with such lowlifes in India

          And it wasn’t always late at night. I have been frequently approached by drug dealers in Amsterdam in broad daylight. Though I once missed my last tram and was struck in the Dam district till the wee hours of morning, and was being followed by drug dealers everywhere. There wasn’t a cop in sight.

          I was staying in Westpoort which is quite far. A cab fare would be in the range of 50 Euros at least (I rarely, if ever used cabs in Western Europe. In places like Poland and Czech Republic, I would use cabs without worrying too much about the fare).

      • Why would anybody live in Amsterdam at those prices? Uzbekistan was a terrorist haven last I read at war with Russia. Or maybe it was Chechen but Muslim Central Asia is nowhere to live anyhow. The only safe Muslim countries on the planet earth come down to the Gulf Arab States and these are too expensive for Indians or most whites.

        Moroccans and Guyana flotsam and jetsam have been hanging around the Central Station in Amsterdam forever. If you are out after dark hallucinating on street drugs than indeed you might get HIT BY A TRAM.

        Indians generally enter countries with no money or little money which puts them in harm’s way of the lowest class of every society.

        In the Middle East there is a great deal of prejudice against Indians and Dubai might be the worst place to be one.

        • SHI

          Uzbekistan was a terrorist haven last I read at war with Russia.

          Uzbekistan is not in the same league as Chechnya, South Ossetia or eastern Ukraine. But, personal safety can be an issue.

          Why would anybody live in Amsterdam at those prices?

          I’d never stay at Downtown Amsterdam. It’s way too pricey. The suburbs offer a pretty decent stay for 10-15 Euros per night.

  14. Indians are victims of crime because they arrive penniless in new countries and often shout at locals without thinking of the consequences or engage in some stupid business like lending money in the Philippines. Something like 10 money-lenders were blasted in the Philippines while I was there.

    Africans in India seem to get the brunt of bad feelings, not whites.

    Redneck Americans would probably get into the same situations as low-class Brits in India if they actually could get there but most of them do not even have a passport. Daniel, husband of the Bollywood actress, was regarded as sort of an irritation and a joke but he kept himself in check most of the time I knew him.

  15. There ARE NO INDIANS IN ANJUNA. We ARE ALL WHITES in that part of Goa. Even the property-owning Goans are either Portuguese or mixed-bloods.

    Same for parts of Andheri prior to the terrorist attack in late 2008 (which I missed narrowly, having returned to Dubai for a time). At one time these were all Westerners (I do not include Slavs as Westerners) in one small section of Mumbai.

    Anybody who would hang around Central Station in Amsterdam late at night is asking for it.

  16. Indians tend to enter areas that are dangerous in other countries and this is the risk. If you are carrying a laptop in downtown Australia at night some white trash might rob you if you look easy, which most IT students from India do.

    I am not sure why anybody would visit a Central Asian Muslim country but you get what you pay for if you do.

    For an Indian with little money just about everywhere is risky but Southeast Asia and even Philippines is pushing.

    • SHI

      I am not sure why anybody would visit a Central Asian Muslim country but you get what you pay for if you do.

      I had some business there which is no business of yours. 🙂

      The term “risk” is relative. I was there for a month and got into the kidnapping situation just once.

      Tashkent and Samarkhand are beautiful cities. And the prices are unbelievably cheap. Everything is affordable if you’re into drugs, Russian girls, caviar, cheap vodka.

      Most people in Uzbekistan are Muslims in name only. They wear Western clothing and the local women freely mix with foreign males. I have to add the women are very pretty as well. They’re like Kashmiri women.

      • Nobody in Central Asia is going to distinguish someone from India from someone from Lahore.

        Whites should not live in Uzbek and Afghani people do not take to Westerners there so I would not put this on my travel list.

        But Westerners would avoid Pratunam in Bangkok. I did.

  17. SHI


    Knowing the Urdu language fluently carries you quite far. It’s the national language of Pakistan, and spoken by Muslims in India. It’s all the cultural language for a few elite Hindus. The language still has the veneer of respectability in higher social circuiles.

    Almost all Afghans overseas can converse in the language. Also, Bangladeshis, Bhutanese, Nepalis and Sri Lankans do. Even in Central Asia, you often run into a hotel porter, manager or prostitute who will be able to speak a few lines in Urdu. Even though their first language is Russian, some of them often speak Tajik which is like a dialect of Persian/Dari. Uzbek is a very separate language though. Persian and Urdu have a lot of words in common. Someone from South-East Iran speaks it natively, especially in the Balochistan province.

    In the entire Middle-East, you can get by not speaking one word of English or Arabic, if you know Urdu. There are way too many South Asians to help you around.

    Of course, you have countries entirely populated by people of Indian origin. Mauritius and Seychelles are examples. Urdu-Hindi is readily understood as a street language.

    Urdu won’t help you much in SE Asia but there are ethnic Pushtoon/Indian ghettoes in Bangkok/Pattaya where it’s understood. SE Asia is the only region where I have seen Indians, Pakistanis, Afghans etc. live together in harmony, forgetting their national differences.

    Your challenge is that you see the world through the eyes of Anglosphere. Not your challenge alone.

    • Seen from the Westerner Dhaka, Karachi and even parts of London where Urdu is heard (Where I heard it) are places a white person might do well to avoid.

      If it were 11 PM and I were in a UK city and I heard Urdu I would quickly seek a room.

      Unfortunately Dhaka was unavoidable for me.

    • I thought you said I was Gujarati.

      South Asians in Bangkok are cramped together with African in Pratunam. I would not say their situation is harmonious but rather one of necessity.

    • Few Whites want to hang around Pratunam. Screw that. Most live in other areas of Bangkok and others own property outside of the city.

      Any white whose hearing Urdu should move their geography quickly. Like London at night.

      Even Baluchi in the Gulf are a bad lot.

      • SHI

        During the Raj, British soldiers and civil servants in India were expected to be fluent in Urdu/Hindustani. Even Mountbatten spoke it rather well.

        Urdu has directly loaned a lot of words to the English language, e.g. chutney, Thug, Dacoit, Loot, Bandanna, Cheetah, Bungalow, Gymkhana, Jodhpurs, Jungle, Shampoo, Typhoon and Verandah (much less used outside the Commonwealth).

        Urdu is a rich, poetic language with eons of history. It used to symbolize the power of the 17th century Mogul Empire. Even today, it’s a power language and might take its rightful place in coming few decades.

        Indians who are fluent in Urdu command a lot of authority and reverence from government figures, bureaucrats and decision-makers. Most Indians can barely speak Hindi though. It’s not as sophisticated as Urdu even though both languages are mutually intelligible. The higher vocabulary of Urdu is primarily derived from Persian and Central Asian Turkic languages.

        • Its a Pakistani version of Hindi and only Punjabi or Kashmir Indians on the border speak it although some Baluchi people in Oman-where I knew Baluchi-also speak it.

          Apparently the dominant tribes of Persia and Central Asia like the Khans invaded Pakistani and took it over so this makes sense that at sword point their language was influence by Pashtun.

          Maybe when British officers were living in Kashmir they spoke some of it to get their tea with milk or something but I doubt the average dumb Londoner soldier did.

        • SHI

          Its a Pakistani version of Hindi and only Punjabi or Kashmir Indians on the border speak it although some Baluchi people in Oman-where I knew Baluchi-also speak it.

          No, it’s not. Urdu had developed its vocabulary in Lucknow region of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi during Mogul rule.

          Pure Urdu is far richer in vocabulary and expression of higher abstract ideas compared to anything that you can remotely conjure up in Hindi.

          Here is a very good example to illustrate the differences between Urdu and Hindi. Ever heard of Omar Khayyam? He’s a famous 11th century Persian philosopher and poet.

          Khayyam’s Rubaiyat poems are a classic attempt to explore the metaphysical meaning of life in vivid details. When you translate these poems from the original Persian to Urdu, it sounds as verdant and meaningful. The beautiful stanzas do not lose any of their vibrancy, meter or higher thoughts.

          But, when you translate those same lines from Persian to Hindi, the whole thing sounds like shit. Hindi is simply incapable of capturing the essence and meaning of higher Urdu thoughts. Urdu is more closely connected to the Universe of Persian and other Turkic languages than Hindi ever will be.

          Most Indians south of our own Mason-Dixon line can barely speak Hindi, let alone Urdu. They speak some kind of pidgin Urdu which they call Hindi. That is why India is such an uncultured place filled with rustics.


    These folks cannot converse in Urdu. The Tamil ones speak Malayalam.

    Sinhalese, descended from West Bengali who washed up who knows when 2,000 years ago might speak Hindi, but a really old Sanskrit form of it.

    The former-Tamil-are mostly Catholic and the latter are Buddhists who left India at the time that Buddhists were in a war with Hindus. Probably these Sinhalese were refugees of an ancient sort.

  19. SHI

    Urdu and Hindi are mutually intelligible but the higher vocabulary of Urdu is vast and culturally intertwined with Iran and Central Asia. Since, most Northern Indians (except Muslims) speak only Hindi, they are ignorant of the nuances of Urdu.

    Also, there are many words in Urdu common with Turkish language. By some estimates, there are 2000 words in common. Also, with Arabic.

    Most Hindu Indians will be cluless about the meaning of Urdu words like Mushahid (=nature), Ibtisam (=smile), Ikhlaq (=moral virtues), mujassimah (=memorable) and so forth.

    Hindi language is really for the rustics and the uneducated. Urdu is much sophisticated.

    • Urdu is the language of Punjabi people mostly from Pakistan and maybe some Kashmir Indians. Only some Baluchi people in the Gulf spoke it.

      I heard it in a bad area of London where I was ill-advised to go.

      I’m starting to suspect you might be Punjabi from Lahore.

    • Brahmin and Parsi and the Gujarati merchants of India do not speak Urdu. They probably find it distasteful considering their feelings towards Pakistan.

      Not that I care about your own background but I am growing skeptical that you yourself are a Brahmin from the Far East on the Nepal border.

      You might even be a goddamn Bangladeshi. But most probably a Pak.

      Getting skeptical of your Brahmin heritage dear poster. You flare up like Pak, that is for sure. Some Pahtun whose ancestors were Central Asian looters.

      …But I could be wrong.

      I am thinking you are a Punjabi Muslim from Lahore, or maybe a Khan living down in Mumbai like so many Muslim Mumbai Mafia do.

    • You ain’t no Brahmin, Pak.

      • SHI

        I am Brahmin. That doesn’t stop me from being a fan of Urdu language. It still carries a lot of prestige in Indian government and academia. I have learned Urdu out of my own volition, and take pride in the fact that I am extremely fluent in this tongue.

        You brought up an interesting theory. A lot of Brahmins and Pushtoons used to get along rather well in pre-independence India. The Brahmins would corner the civil service jobs thanks to their higher IQs and the Pushtoons were authority figures thanks to the Mogul legacy.

        The only point I want to drive home is that you need to be really good with languages, and possess a love for abstract thinking in order to master Urdu. Hindi, not so much.

        I speak to Indians in Urdu all the time. And they automatically become respectful. As I said, Urdu is STILL an authority language in India. It commands power and prestige.

    • Pakistanis are always full of SHIt.

      You ain’t no Brahmin. You give yourself away there Khan.

      Just as you believe I am a Gujarati in New Jersey somewhere I am convinced that you are a Pakistani.

      • SHI

        Just because I speak Urdu fluently does not make me Muslim or Pakistani, OK? I’ll stop calling you Gujarati henceforth. I did have my doubts before.

        I want you to do some research on Urdu language. It’ll help you understand the culture of the Middle-East, Central Asia and even India, in a new light.

        • Why would I care WHAT a Punjabi wanted? Nobody is ever going to pay me to go to India again and for the money I was paid I am not sure I would go again even if such a thing were offered (Which it won’t be, I was hated by colleagues there).

          A sullen Punjabi Muslim addict in a London street spoke Urdu.

          That sums up who will speak the language. Northerners despised by Baniya castes on grimy London streets or Baluchis in the less affluent Gulf Arab neighborhoods where they congregate.

          At least this is my impression.

  20. You ain’t no Brahmin. Last name’s probably Khan and indeed you probably do trace your ancestry to Moguls.

    No Brahmin would ever rhapsodize about an Islamic language spoken today by Punjabi Pakistanis who are usually the terrorists of Mumbai Massacres.

    • SHI

      You’re ignorant of this topic. Northern Indians still hold Urdu in high regard. It’s just that most cannot speak that language. It requires a lot of concerted effort and years of perseverance to dominate Urdu vocabulary. It’s on a whole another level.

      While Hindi is the national language of Northern India, it does not command as much prestige.

      • This is a white sack of shit POV (Educational for you to get a lowdown on how some German-American drifter floating through your continent see things):

        Urdu is a language you associate with hulling drugged Punjabi Muslims on grimy London streets or untrustworthy-looking Baluchis in the few Gulf Arab neighborhoods that are not affluent (They have citizenship).

        You’ll never hear some Maharashtra Brahmin who knows a word of Urdu.

        • SHI

          You’ll never hear some Maharashtra Brahmin who knows a word of Urdu.

          That’s because they can barely speak proper Hindi unless they make an effort to learn. Urdu requires much more concerted effort and perseverance.

    • Pranav

      You make no sense at all Trash, I’m starting to believe you are an NRI with no knowledge about India except a false interpretation and understanding during your brief stay here. There are rich texts in Urdu and even richer texts in Tamil. Your scant regard for Dravidian culture and constant belittling of Dravidians combined with your nauseating brahmin worship despite being educated a lot about brahminism makes us believe you are really an NRI without any faintest idea about India.

      • Show me a Sikh or a Kashmiri with a huge regard for Dravidian culture, which is mostly the fact they eat weird fish with their hands.

        Because I lived (Off and on) in India, I have more insight into the place then most whites.

        Some whites are anti-Brahmin Evangelicals that want to convert the blackies but I think they are redneck middle-American fools.

        Please remember being from the Eastern Canadian border (Detroit) I am not the nice Mormon good old boy you’ll meet with the Southern Twang.

        I don’t worship Brahmin: I’d say their IQ is somewhat higher than other Indians and they are nice and effeminate and subservient to whites which is why we used them as administrators. Not all macho like the damn Pashtuns or black Tamils down South.

      • PRANAV

        You expect me to like Nairs?

        Why an NRI (Presumably Non-Resident Indian)?

        I don’t worship Brahmin or their penis-loving religion but I must say they seem 10-15 IQ points higher than low-caste Indians.

        But what do I know.

        Cochin, Kerala. I worked there. I did not like it. I despised Malayalam people. I wanted my colleagues shot and pissed on. Of course they felt that way about Goras.

        • Yee

          Why would Indians insist someone they despise to be an Indian?

          Seems very strange…. Any other nationalities would have refuse someone they dislike to be their own people.

      • PRANAV

        Dravidian culture.

        They ate with their hands awful fish. Horrendous food in Cochin. Their own caste system was unpleasant to Andaman people and they hated the Brahmin and drove them out.

        Nair suck.

        • Pranav

          Eating rice with bare hands makes them uncivilised? Have you ever heard about sangam Tamil history? You despise Nairs?Nairs are the strongest custodian of hindu culture. You praise Brahmins, come down hard on people who converted. That’s so typical of a internet Hindu. Your assumption that majority of Dravidians converted is wrong. There are far more Muslims and Christians in North than south. Many of the Dravidians are very pious.

  21. Pakistanis probably do have a great deal of Mogul blood in them from Central Asia. This is the affinity with Uzbeks.

  22. SHI

    All right TRASH

    Now starts the trolling. I was being real nice with you, making amends for my hurtful words.

    Once a Troll. Always a troll. As I said once, everything about you has to be about the lowest common denominator.,


    • I’m not a troll.

      But I do not care about your culture (Because I was not paid enough) and whether Khans from Mogul Universe took it in the ass in Iran 3,000 years ago………AND I DOUBT THE BANIYA CASTES RUNNING INDIA CARE EITHER.

      I’m a white who did not make as much money my splendid adventure in India as hoped, ten years ago, who has nothing to do now except express how I feel about it on a blog.

      You don’t hurt me by accusing me of having sex relations with my mother.

  23. SHI

    A sullen Punjabi Muslim addict in a London street spoke Urdu.

    Urdu as a language has the strongest impact on Northern Indian culture. And many other countries by extension.

    I will not have you slander such a beautiful language with your ignorant assertions. You will not be able to do it to my face in a conference debate without being thrown out.

    You need to stop insulting a pure, beautiful language with your polluting ideas.

    • Robert will soon ban me but I will leave you with this thought: the internet is where the true self is exposed.

      You’d never know, if you met me, that I had these sort of opinions.

      I’d talk about the beaches of Cochin, Kerala. Andheri. Anjuna beach.

      Only on the internet does the soul emerge.

      • Garry Palin

        Hey Trash- I can see by your posts your quite a worldly man with a lot of experience in different places, like Asia etc.

        I have a question for you about the Philippines ??? and I know you spent time there, so you must know a lot about the life and culture there. I know a lot of Canadian, and American men that are living there. They are mostly in the age ranges of 48 to 64 yrs old. They say it’s very easy and very accepted over there for a 60 year old man, to have a 20 year old woman. That’s my kind of place 🙂

        My question to you is, did you find this to be the case ??? I’m a guy that likes young women, and I’m thinking of going there this winter, and seeing some nice beaches and meeting young girls. In your opinion, is it as easy as they say, for an older guy to have a “very young woman” over there. I hear it is-very much so, as the women like Foreign men, and some security, as their country is poor. What’s your take on this Trash ???
        Maybe comment on this same subject for China and Thailand. I’d be very interested in what you have to say–thanks 🙂

        • GARRY

          Philippines is the best place on a budget. You can live for about $500 a month but I will extend my guidelines-from hard, hard-learned lessons-to all of Southeast Asia.

          Don’t have sex or relationships with cops. Or immigration officers, but especially cops who are already deep in corruption and violence. This can go really, really bad.
          Female Immigration officers are really cynical to be married to. They see foreigners do stupid things all the time. However, my one friend swore the pussy was so good he would chance it. She dragged him into some scams on foreigners though.
          Rent, don’t own.

          4 Hide some money. They woman will want it all.

          Better to meet a 20 year old who is not a prostitute instead of a 40 year old nurse, ex-hooker or cop. She is young and does not know how to scam foreigners. Also her expenses are low.
          Don’t mess around with underage girls.
          Filipinos don’t care about marijuana. But avoid coke or meth.
          Don’t go into bad areas.
          Don’t fall in love with a prostitute. They will be treacherous and lack loyalty.

  24. GARRY Philippines Rules

    Don’t marry a police woman or an Immigration officer if you do not have to. One female cop handcuffed her German husband’s penis to himself for having an affair, an Immigration Officer corrupt as they come anyhow was married to some white American and made his life hell when he tried to break it off.
    Make sure the woman is not already married. Leighton the American scrap dealer sold the business and the house in California and showed up to marry a Filipino nurse he met on the internet. Trouble was, she was already married to a man and when he built their dream house he walked inside to discover hubby drinking beers with friends.
    Foreigners cannot own property in their own name, so it was hers. I knew a man named Ken who married a 23 year old who convinced him to build a 1,000,000 USD apartment complex. She kicked him out. She could, 23 and having nothing but the vagina and mouth that seduced him.
    You’re better off renting but change the locks. Even the landlords might steal from you.
    Chinese merchant community are hated by Filipinos and they themselves resent Westerners to a degree as interlopers. They have money which is power in the Philippines. If you ARE DOING BUSINESS you might cross them. I did. One threatened me.
    The best choice is a girl who is not TOO POOR and held an actual job. Prostitutes are a bad choice. They never have a heart of gold.
    Stay away from underage girls or even girls appearing underage.
    Teaching English, sure. Running a girly bar? It will plunge you into a shadowy alcoholic underworld of corrupt cops seeking payoffs, dangerous customers, Navy sailors and other foreigners seeking a nice brawl at your interior decorator’s expense.
    Cannot live for less than $500 a month.
    Filipinos speak English and are a mixed-race a little like Mexicans. Overall, kind of like Latin America.


    Twice as expensive. $1,000 a month minimum.
    Slightly less corrupt and less guns than Philippines but not too much so.
    Thais meaner and more dangerous than Filipinos and more cunning. Filipinos are rather dull-witted and weak of character.
    Same laws about property.
    Young women more mercenary, though you can get a woman over 35 if you are a 60 year old Westerner.
    Cannot buy your way out of a bad situation as easily.


    No point in living there.

  25. GARRY

    Philippines is the best place for the money. Just don’t use hard drugs. Pot they do not care about but if you are into meth or coke you should not visit the place.

    Filipinos speak English. They are similar to Mexicans. Mostly indigenous but with a bit of Spanish and especially at the the top of the ruling class.

    However it is better to rent property. You cannot own property and have to trust somebody. Don’t trust anybody with your life savings in the Philippines.

    • Garry Palin

      Thanks for all the advice Trash, and I will certainly take it to heart, and abide by your tips. I’ve learned a lot by talking to guys like you, that have been there.

      One thing for sure- I’d never buy a house-what for ??? rent is dirt cheap. Also I don’t do drugs, so I have no problems really. I do smoke cigarettes, and drink socially, but nothing out of control. I would not get into drugs in a foreign country, might end up in jail for a long time. The other thing is I’d stay way from Manila, and stay in smaller places. The girls there are not as street smart, as the ones in Manila. I really never heard of men dating police officers, or immigration officers-“I’ll keep that in mind” and stay away from them, as well as “singers” or somewhat famous people, who usually have boyfriends hidden somewhere- just get threats etc.

      I’m not going there to whore around, I’ve done that plenty in my time, and would be looking for a long term woman ( girl) I’m lucky that I look young for my age, but I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter, as the girls are more interested in security. Your also right about them being married, and apparently there is a registry where you can check- forgot the name tho.

      Thanks for taking the time to advise Trash-it is appreciated-Garry

      • Garry

        $400 a month if you simply want to eat BBQ, smoke cheap local cigarettes and drink cheap local beer/smoke pot on a beach.

      • Hey Garry, I really appreciate your comments here, but you are turning into a regular here, and regular commenters all have to donate. Minimum $10 donation and you comment here for life! Deal or what? If that’s a hardship for you, email me and we can talk. Anyway, looking forward to your response because I really want to keep you on here and I would hate to lose you.


        • Garry Palin

          I have no problem donating to your great site – it is great, and I like the subject matter on your site. It’s scope is large on subject matter.

          On donations- no disrespect to you Robert, but I would never give out credit card info to “anyone”- just my policy. If you have a large financial contractor – like Instadebit or Paypal, I’d surely donate. You do not say if it’s $10.00 for lifetime or per month??? I assume it’s $ 10.00 “one time”. I use Instadebit to bet on sports. I have a Paypal account, but I forgot the password, so I’d have to set it up. I guess I also may be able to wire you money directly into your account – thru the bank’s routing number. I should email you, and we can work this out. I assume your email is listed at the top of this site. I don’t mind supporting your site – “it’s my type of site” (real).

          It’s funny how I found your site – it was on Websleuths where some poster said there was some “nutcase” with wild theories named Robert Lindsay commenting on the Delphi murders. When I went to your site, I found it to be “right on the money.” Websleuths is a complete joke, as you can’t comment freely (it’s a useless site – haven’t been back).

          In summary – I have no problem in donating-we need to work out how?? BTW- I only give my credit card info to places like Amazon, etc- I sleep much better at night 🙂

        • It is $10/lifetime for now.

          You can use a credit card on PayPal if you want. Or email me and we can work something out. A lot of people just pay via mail. I won’t give out anymore info on that, but I can if you email me.

      • Minimum to live in Philippines is $400 a month if all you want is a cheap bungalow, food, beer and cigarettes.

        Many pensioners live in Philippines as economic immigrants.

  26. PRANAV

    Some white guy who worked in South India is all that I am. Nairs of course were my bosses.

  27. PRANAV

    I am typical of a white guy who worked for, and with, Nairs. Of course once or twice I was pushed around.

    Mostly though, I was a bit of a joke in Cochin.


    Nair people I worked with took me to some English garrisons I did not give a shit about any of it. Don’t even remember the place.

    I met one old English soldier, father of a Kollywood actor.

    Food was disgusting to me. Most of it. At work I had to eat fish with my hands. Horrifying.

    Nobody will make money with a South Indian restaurant.

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