Beyond Highbrow on BBC

Has the mainstream media ever covered you? If I’m not far off the mark, I’m sure they’d think of you as “Breitbart of the Left”.

They are only talking about this site on some leftwing politics magazines in Poland at the moment.

In fact, even Daily Kos thinks the Alt Left is the same thing as the lie made up about it by Shaun Hannity and the rest. They refuse to acknowledge that there is such a thing as the real Alt Left of which this site is a part.

The MSM has not talked about this site once. Some BBC journalist made a fuss because she Googled something, and the first hit to come up was an article of mine titled “Black People Are the Stupidest Race on Earth”. She flipped out and took Google to ask for linking to such an evil racist blog. She described this site as “an obscure blog.” Thing is, that was in quotes because that is what racists always say about Black people! So I was taking a common anti-Black racist trope and analyzing it with logic to see if it held up.

And if you read the article, I actually disagreed with the statement in the post title! Yes, Africans are quite low IQ, however, there are some people who are even lower than they are. And Black Americans and British are not dumb at all on a worldwide scale. In fact, they are only a few points below the IQ of the average human. So that was actually an anti-racist post that this stupid journalist was calling racist! People are always doing that. I have posts opposing anti-Semitism and morons say those posts are anti-Semitic! I have anti-racist posts, and idiots say those posts are racist! You can’t win with this boneheads. Sometimes I just want to say the Hell with all of them and just go full-on racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic Alt Right. After a while you get so tired of being called names that you almost want to become the thing that they are calling you.


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15 responses to “Beyond Highbrow on BBC

  1. SHI

    What percentage of your traffic is from India? Is it right after the United States?

    • SHI

      Wait. Already found.

      • SHI

        Pretty good. More than 300k in Sep’16. At least 150k on average. Also, you rank #7854 in the category of “People and Society”

        Seriously undervalued stuff.

        • SHI

          India is only a dismal 5th (2.92%), preceded by the entire Anglosphere.

          Even Australia is ahead (3.02%). I see, all that traffic can be traced back to a certain poster. No further comments.

        • SHI

          I’m currently working for an Arab client. He’s paying me $150 per month to pump his WordPress blog numbers to each month. Right now, we’re at >3k. When he had started in July’16, it was around 1k.

          Apparently, he’s very happy with my work.

          Let’s do the Math now.

          3k = $150 per month
          150k = ?

          You are grossly underselling yourself, pal. How does it not bother you?

        • Beauregard

          3k viewers a month valued at $150? That seems plausible. Each person spends >5 cents on average of what they saw in ads.

          pumpkinperson claimed his blog was worth $4800 with about that many readers. It just didn’t make sense.

        • I have to go get my own post.

          Don’t have the money to get my own host is number 1. Number 2 is I guess I am scared to get my own host.

      • Beauregard

        do you have to have an account with Alexa to see all that information?

        Viewing the website without an account doesn’t give as much. I suppose if you need it for work you must have an account.

        • SHI

          Hi Beauregard

          You don’t need an account with Alexa to view web stats.They no longer enjoy a monopoly on this stuff like they once used to.

          If you noticed my screenshot properly, it’s from a company called SimilarWeb. You don’t need to register with them to pull out basic stats on a website. It only gives you top 5 countries though, that was still sufficient for my present query.

          I don’t have an Alexa account. I don’t believe in buying stuff up unless absolutely needed.

          Use Google Analytics if you want relevant stats for your own blog/website. It’s free as oxygen.

  2. Bernardista

    Oh for Pete’s sake. I thought you were being interviewed on BBC!

  3. Robert Lindsay is a British character actor known for his rakish lifestyle as much as his performances.

    The namesake is shared.

  4. Ding Dong

    I fucking miss this place so much

  5. asdsadasdas

    Yeah it is funny how Robert always nowdays is talking about banning Trump supporters and other alt-right guys even though 99% people see Robert as a typical alt-right guy (racist, sexists, anti-semite etc..)

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