Delphi Murders: About Donations and the Delphi Murders Posts

There is a new policy on this site that all regular commenters have to donate to the site. The policy was put in for various reasons, the main one being that I’m broke. I’m broke and you guys read for free. So what you all are doing is similar to picking up a newspaper at your local coffee shop and reading through it without paying for it. If you do that, the employees will generally tell you that you need to buy it. Same here.

Anyway, all regular commenters now have to donate minimum $10 to keep the site going because honestly, donations are the only thing that keep the site going at all. A minimum $10 donation, and you can comment here for life! Is that a deal or what?

Of course, if you don’t donate, you as a regular commenter can still read here all you want. There’s no way to block IP’s from reading the site. Note that I am only charging commenters, not readers. If you just read and never comment, I will not hit you up. Not only that, but if you are not a regular commenter, I do not ask you to pay either. So I am letting all irregular commenters slide. However, at some point commenters become regular, and at that point, I ask them to pay.

As you can see, I am letting all sorts of people slide, and no one being denied access to reading the site. You just can’t comment anymore. The reason I am leaving so many people off the hook is that this policy is controversial enough as it is. I had a number of regulars tell me that they were leaving the site due to this change. These poverty-stricken people had plenty of money to fly on airplanes all over the world, but clearly they do not have $10 to donate to the site. I feel their pain.

Lots of regulars already donated before the policy went into effect, and they are all off the hook too.

OK, now we get to the Delphi readers.

The haters flooding in here are quite comical because they insist that I have no readers. Not so. I get over 185,000 hits and 120,000 visitors a month here. That is considered to be excellent traffic. This site is in the top 100,000 sites on the Net.

The Delphi posts have caused an explosion in traffic. We have already had 280,000 hits this month, and the month is not even over. That’s over 10,000 hits a day, which is very respectable. If you don’t agree, set up your own website and let me know when you hit 10,000 hits a day, ok?

This past week saw 92,000 hits. That is ~13,000 hits a day. So traffic is just going up.

Now to the question. Do Delphi commenters, even regular ones, have to donate or be banned from commenting? I am currently letting all Delphi posters slide on donations. Of course if you wish to donate, you might want to do that.

I really appreciate all the traffic and comments on the site, except for haters of course. These Delphi posts have caused far more haters than usual, and these Delphi commenters are some of the most vicious and evil commenters I have ever had. Many seem to be from that town or nearby areas in that state. You never see these comments because I ban these human slugs before they can even slime their way onto my site.

I have tried to accommodate the complaints of the haters and address them as best I could if they needed addressing. There was no change. No matter how many changes I made, the haters kept flooding in. I assume that there are no changes I could make that would satisfy the haters. They’re just going to hate me no matter what the Hell I write here.

Why let Delphi commenters slide? I really appreciate all this new traffic. Inside Edition called me the other day and wanted me to be on TV. Those posts are making me a bit famous.

That’s how much of a loser I am, haters. I get offers to be on TV. Do you?

If I start charging regular Delphi commenters, the commenting at least is sure to drop way off or even collapse. You would believe how many people have an issue with 10 bucks. OK, so say I just scared most of the commenters away on the most popular posts on the site? Why might I do that for? A decision like that would make no sense.

Also the Delphi commenters are only coming in for Delphi and crime posts. This is not a crime blog. It is an everything under the sun blog. If this site ever turns into a crime blog though, I might start charging you all. And if you Delphi commenters wander over onto the other posts to much and start commenting there, at some point you become a reg, and I hit you up.

As you can see, all Delphi commenters can comment away to their hearts’ content on Delphi posts. All of you are being waived from the donations requirement.

You’re welcome.


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16 responses to “Delphi Murders: About Donations and the Delphi Murders Posts

  1. TJF

    To Rob:
    Speaking of donations, my most recent one should have arrived last Thursday or so, did you get it?.

    • Yes I got them. Thank you so much! They are indeed coming in handy, but my allergies are going so strong this time of year that even that stuff doesn’t lift me up all that much. 😩 I think the springtime pollens have already started. I am pretty much nuked dawn to dusk the past couple weeks.

  2. Jason Y

    One of the top ten sites on the net should be making at least a few thousand a month, at the least, in ad revenue – even if the guy running it is a leftist.

  3. Magneto

    “I get over 185,000 hits and 120,000 visitors a month here”

    With that kind of traffic you should easily be able to get an extra 100 or 200 bucks a month through ad revenue. The main one of course is Google Adsense. In case they deny your application, here’s a few other good ones to try:

  4. SHI

    These poverty-stricken people had plenty of money to fly on airplanes all over the world, but clearly they do not have $10 to donate to the site. I feel their pain.

    Ouch. Sarcasm does hurt. Don’t you ever worry, homeboy. You have my back.

    I have been accused of being a cheapskate by many people in real life, but what they fail to understand is that I live way beyond my means. I keep buying stuff I can’t really afford (like this new pair of Skechers Sneakers with air cushion). But, I really have to walk a lot nowadays since they had seized my driving licence for DUI, I did mention that incident before. The ban will expire in May 2018. I continue to drive without a licence sometimes. But, that’s risky.

    This blog offers spectacular, original content but is seriously undervalued. Somebody should do something about it. Magneto is right on the money on the Adsense thing. But, that’s not the real problem. The biggest hurdle is that you attract a real niche audience here. Has the mainstream media ever covered you? If I’m not far off the mark, I’m sure they’d think of you as “Breitbart of the Left”.

    Considering the number of views generated, you could monetize a lot more by doing a complete image makeover. Aligning a bit closer to mainstream political left on political and gender issues is essential. Unfortunately, that’d mean diluting the essence slightly. e.g. being like a more brash version of Michael Moore. Just thoughts.

  5. Wow, you’re a celebrity! Like Pumpkin Person. I’ll be sure to donate soon.

  6. Let’s have an article covering the Tennessee teacher and the 15 year old girl….. they are still missing…. your thoughts on this ???????

  7. websloths


    Why the F*(K can’t I comment? Do you still have me on block from our little miss-understanding?


    • websloths

      Oh, this one works! When I tried to comment on the Delphi update it blew it away. A 5 paragraph comment, gone. Oh well, when I muster up the energy I’ll retype it!

  8. Elizabeth

    I do realize based on your comments that this will probably be deleted. However, I hope that you would hear me out. I don’t think bringing the rumor of Abby being pregnant into the conversation helps anything, in fact it exacerbates an already painful, horrific situation for the families to endure. I don’t believe it is purposefully mean, rude or inconsiderate-the contrary, but I do believe that until that is proven true (although I highly doubt it based on the actual facts I have seen-NOT the rumors flying around wildly without basis in reality). The ideas of what have happened here have varied wildly and changed from week to week without any real truth and logic. Because of this, I ask that you try to focus on the facts-and if you want to add in your own ideas and suppositions, fine. But the pregnancy angle is only going to cause more pain for the families and if you look at most crimes of this nature, they are sexually motivated. Usually the most simple explanation is the one that holds the most weight. I ask, and beg you to please out information out there that won’t muddy the waters and cause undo pain to the family.
    With respect,
    A friend

    • We need to run all credible rumors. That rumor at this point is uncertain. We are working hard at the moment to try to figure out if it is true or not.

      In case you are wondering, the theory that Abbie was killed in a botched abortion attempt over an unwanted pregnancy has been rejected.

  9. Gretchen Barsody

    Hello Robert, I just donated to be able to read the password protected area on the Delphi murders, how do I get the password? Could you email it to me? Thank you in advance.

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