Poland Talks Alt Left! Polish Left Political Journal Discusses the Alt Left movement with a Focus on My and Rabbit’s Writing

Here is the piece in the original Polish, and here is the English version for those of my readers too dumb to read Polish.


Columnist “Respublica Nowa”.
Social Philosophy and Innovation.

March 13, 2017

Two marginal racist bloggers from the US received Laurka in the the pages of a leftwing magazine.

Beautifully we differ on the left. Each of the left-wing circles reaches a different audience and offers a slightly different overview of the situation. So let’s rise above not very transparent for outsiders divisions, often rooted in long-standing conflicts personnel, and track the full range of left-wing press – from the liberal center-left to the environment very radical. Niezgoda is natural, and sometimes creative ferment. Sometimes, however, there is disappointment over a hard move to the agenda.

Niezgoda is natural, and sometimes creative ferment. Sometimes, however, there is disappointment over a hard move to the agenda.


It got off to an interesting start:

Homegrown Leftists Criticize the Vistula Backwater for Failing to See the Latest Leftwing Trends from the Homeland of the World’s Creative Class

begins an article about the “Alt Left” written by Dr. Hab. Jaroslaw Tomasiewicz which appeared in New Citizen, a Polish leftwing social justice magazine. I regard foreign influences as inevitable and often useful, so naturally I was interested in this new leftwing movement outside the mainstream which has so far escaped my attention.

After today often encountered failure characteristics “Hipster-Left”, focused on easy wojenkach culture, the author writes about the new collective actor on the political scene, “The Alt Right – a rebirth of the “Old Hard Right” – ethnopolitical, traditionalist, populist – in a new postmodern form. A sort of return to the roots. And the Alt Right managed to overcome the Mainstream Left on its own home turf: to win the support or the workers by emphasizing economics and de-emphasizing cultural issues. Think a somewhat obsolete Thomas Frank.

A flashing red light at this point heralds a warning. Did Donald Trump really gain the support of part of the White working class through the efforts of the teenage racist trolls under the leadership of Richard Spencer – the elegant (at least when not performing a Seig Heil), erudite, and informal leader of the Alt Right?

You are probably thinking of the Centrist Democrats so disliked by Tomasiewicz. It seems however that the notion that the anti-elitist mood of working class Trump voters (many of whom supported Obama in the past) was powered by the notions of the Alt Right leader Spencer is not only factually questionable but also overly bleak in that it elides the appeal of Trump to a section of the electorate steeped in US nationalism. Or perhaps this is just a problem of the Old Left?

Tomasiewicz :

Some believe that the challenge posed by the Alt Right requires a symmetrical response: the creation of an alternative to the Mainstream Left emphasizing the forgotten foundations of Leftism, such as the primacy of economics over culture, the relationship of the base to the superstructure, and a return to the Marxian thesis that ‘existence shapes consciousness.’

Next there is a quote from a manifesto from “Alternative Left” writer Robert Lindsay proclaiming,

We will be leftwing on economic matters […] but rather Centrist in the sphere of culture.

Tomasiewicz later cites another vague point in Lindsay’s manifesto of the Alternative Left. This vision paints a picture of the Social Democratic movement distanced from the alleged excesses of Cultural Left, materialistic in the old style, although “small and diverse” – which, although it should not be imitated in the dark (we as Poles have common sense), nevertheless deserves our at least with fingers crossed.


So what’s wrong with this picture? More than you’d expect. The author refers to two online sources for information about the Alt Left, and clicking on either of them reveals some rather disturbing content. The Altleft.com site notes at the top of the page that it is The Left Wing of the Alt Right. Nothing dziwnegi therefore that it is enough time to go through the lengthy scraps to find the few real gems. In the text quoted by Tomasiewicz, we find this passage:

Though I disagree with him on some ideological points…It just so happens that I support Richard Spencer and repeatedly defended him when some oversensitive (and often sanctimonious) factions or some prominent individuals of the AltRight unsuccessfully tried to sacrifice him to improve the image of the movement.

In another text by the author of the site (who goes by the pseudonym “Rabbit”) in response to an appeal to downplay the racial aspect of the Alternative Left brand, he said:

The Alt Left always been about race realism and gender realism. This is the whole fucking nail on the head!

What is race realism? It’s the familiar old and frightening idea that believes in biological differences between “races” of people, eg. in terms of IQ, which it stipulates as very important for races to gain social or political significance. AltLeft.com openly promotes White Nationalism, and at the same time is quite honest, which clearly shows in the title of one of his posts talking about the “unreality” of nonracist “race realism”. The post notes the hypocrisy of the supposedly nonracist race realists and asks a rhetorical question:

“What’s wrong with hatred anyway?”

What of the second author of the Alternative Left manifesto commented on by Tomasiewicz? Robert Lindsay is a prolific blogger who refers to himself as a “liberal race realist” (the title of his previous ideological project), who rejects Political Correctness and “Cultural Marxism” and in their stead proposes “positive White identity” and masculinity for men (to fight Gender Feminism and Radical Feminism).

Once again though – it is not difficult to see where Lindsay is really coming from. Although in the manifesto quoted by Tomasiewicz, Lindsay rejects “racist fascism”, it begins with an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement and ridicules people who talk about White privilege or have an “obsession about structural racism.”

According to Lindsay, to belong to Alt Left, one should accept “racial realism”, which is the three pillars of Alt Left ideology – the other two are leftwing views on economics, to which Lindsay moreover dedicates little space, and a special form of moral libertinism who boils down to formally supporting the basic rights of minorities combined with a gut hatred against the movements that are fighting for those very rights.

Lindsay seems to be less directly hateful – and more eccentric – than Rabbit, but his journalism nevertheless includes discussions about the abominations of gay sexual practices, alleged reasons why women cannot lead Western civilization, and complaints about aggressive and obnoxious “Jewy Jews” who are themselves responsible for anti-Semitism.

As for the Alt Left, this is all we need to know about it right here. Tomasiewicz refers only to Lindsay and the author of a blog about the “Left Wing of Alt Right” because that’s all there is to the “Alternative Left.” Otherwise, the concept still appears occasionally as a rhetorical device in journalism, primarily as an insult. So the entirety of this new and noteworthy movement is a small group of readers of two marginal blogs that are attempting to enrich the standard White Nationalism of the AltRight with an aversion to neoliberalism and a promotion of anti-feminist libertarianism (the latter being merely a rejecting the traditionally conservative views of women).


The detailed reasons why this leftwing website published a fictitious Laurka for a couple of some marginal racists in the chronicle New Citizen are not something that should concern readers. Suffice to say that it is difficult to believe in the sincerity of the author, who was after all the one who first discovered the quoted texts of these bloggers. Why did he go out of his way to ferret out these marginal bloggers? Nevertheless, I do not think however that one could accuse the editor-in-chief of tolerance for “race realism,” nor is the readership enthusiastic about this concept.

The case recalls to me deeper concerns regularly buzzing discussing some Polish Left intellectuals dislike for the “Left of manners.” Often it is not so much about the same demands as to their alleged incompatibility of the conservative expectations of the people, of the people, by which after all had left in this whole walk. These charges are often simply unfair – when Manifa passed under the banner of radical równościowymi also in the economic sphere, this did not prevent duplication of repeated years of lies about the concentration of the whole feminist movement solely on the alleged “obyczajówce.”

For this often based on fantasies – Maciej Gdula in Political Critique accurately dismantling the idea of conservatism of the people, shared by anti-elitist liberals as well as a current anti-elitist Left. A plea to leave the Left only about the workers and to reject helping different minorities seems particularly unfair when he turns attention to the development in recent years of leftwing movements and characters (like Total in Poland or Bernie Sanders in the US), fully and harmoniously integrating “cultural issues” and “economics”.

The spectacular defeat as a positive reception of the text of the “Alternative Left” brings to light another problem. This article published in the New Citizen is the modern equivalent of the medieval legend about the state ruled by Father John, a Christian enclave which was kept somewhere in the distant Orient.

This is reflected in anecdotes written by various intellectuals, otherwise as different as Remigiusz Okraska, Stephen Twardoch and David Wildstein, that the notion of the good old people who do not care about newfangled oddities is every year moving further from reality.

The text Tomasiewicz, in which the role of Father John played the companion Richard Spencer, stands out as an apology for some particularly nasty and in the Polish context completely unacceptable notions (perhaps even ONR does not admit openly to the biological racism). We have only to barely scrape the surface of almost any “morally Centrist” manifesto’s  concern for ordinary people to see the usual hatred and disgust for the selected disadvantaged groups – sometimes consciously, often probably not. In this situation, to put on a mask of folk naiveté seems to be at best frivolous and at worst insincere and wicked, which did not approve of even calling yet to openly present their views of Rabbit of AltLeft.com.


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31 responses to “Poland Talks Alt Left! Polish Left Political Journal Discusses the Alt Left movement with a Focus on My and Rabbit’s Writing

  1. Stary Wylk

    You do realize this is some SJW’s attack on the AltLeft, and somewhat, on you.

  2. Beauregard

    Looking at these Eastern Europeans, and seeing commentators like Yee, I think it’s safe to say that non-Westerners don’t “all think like Richard Spencer” or even Jared Taylor.


    • Beauregard

      Well they are about homogenity, but many of the Eastern European countries don’t seem to like co-ethnic immigrants either.

      So it’s a pure issue of immigration as opposed to ethnicity.

  3. Yee

    Nothing wrong with “foundations of Leftism, such as the primacy of economics over culture, the relationship of the base to the superstructure”. Who the hell care about the race and sexual orientation of a begger?

    You want proof of “economics over culture”? Ask a pimp, a scammer or a drug dealer, they’re all color blind. As long as they can make money off people, all victims are competely equal to them.

    Same with the capitalists who own the means of production. As long as they can make a profit, do they care the races of the workers? Illegal immigrants? More workers.

    Racial and cultural conflict is infight only among the exploited.

    Just tolerate each other and focus on what matters. Who says anyone must like Whites, Blacks, Chinese, Malays, Indians? I don’t like most of them. But there’s no point being mean-spirited. They’ll still be there whether I hate them or not.

  4. YEE

    True. Asian heroin smugglers and White criminals and addicts of all races cooperate in illegal trades.

  5. Sami

    Rabbit IS a hateful sicko and a racist SOB. Until guys like Robert Lindsay and Robert Englund can bring themselves to publicly disavow that grotesque creature, this movement (the Alt-Left) will never be anything more than marginal, despite its otherwise great potential; and, while I’ll continue to read Robert Lindsay’s endlessly interesting work, I am not going to waste my time participating in it as a movement.

    Lindsay seems to be stuck somewhere in between wanting to see the ideas we often discuss coalesce into a genuine and potent political movement that can reshape this country for the better, and more simply, just wanting to maintain it as an intellectual exercise on his and other blogs and Facebook pages. If the latter is the goal, then he’s fine if he keeps doing what he’s doing with his continued ambivalence toward Rabbit and his ilk on the “Left Wing of the Alt-Right”.

    However, if the goal is to build a real movement to rework the American (and Western) Left, we cannot tolerate those who paint a vision that marginalizes and is dismissive of all Black and most all Brown peoples and their potential. This movement can’t have such an attitude toward a third of the population of this country and expect to get anywhere.

    • Beauregard

      Haven’t red much of Rabbit but with many WNs, it’s worse than that, bro.
      These lunatics think we can “deport all non-Whites”
      It would require a Constitutional amendment.

      2/3 of Congress, which is already 20% non-White, 45% democrat, would have to sign-on.
      As would 2/3 of the States, of which Republicans have a complete government control of just half.

      Assuming such an amendment passes, how would we “deport all non-Whites”?
      1 in 3 people, a large portion of them citizens, many natural born citizens with citizenship to nowhere else, will just be “shipped off” to another country?

      They do not understand the implications of the military rounding up 100 million people. Much of the military is already non-White. There would be a revolt within Law enforcement. There would be a war. Many innocent people of all races would die, there is no question.

      It would set a precedent where there is no rule of law. One can be stripped of citizenship and rights in an instant.

      I could continue but I’m sure you get the picture.

      • Beauregard

        The only people who will leave the United States are a few college educated whites like me who immigrate to Australia or New Zealand live in Asia permanently.

        Wealthy celebrities who live in Paris are the other group, though of course the Muslim thing is making this less attractive.

        Other than elites living in the South of France or middle-class whites moving to Australia you won’t see any other minorities leaving.

  6. Beauregard

    WNs are by and large incapable of moderating themselves to be plausible to normies.

    This is a blessing to “off-White” people like you and me, as well as real non-Whites.

    What percentage of Whites are in favor of deporting all non-Whites, even natural born citizens, only to be killed in ‘muh glorious race war’? <5%,

    What percentage of Whites want to “gas the Jews”? <5%.

    These people are simply, typically, deranged lunatics.
    I will credit where credit is due to the likes of Jared Taylor or Hotdog. They are not deranged, but they have similar issues in understanding how to appeal to normies.

    • Beauregard Alt-Right Answer Italians

      With no Hispanic or Blacks to compete with Italians and bikers, but foremost Italians rule the roost. Completely.

      Poor whites being both stupid and less ambitious or ruthless the Italians simply turn it into a private fiefdom.

      Northern Ontario had a load of pizza parlors and Italian eateries. One French-Canadian pissed them off over some construction beef or something and they killed him.

      Italians get much more ruthless when they realize that no Hispanics or Blacks block them.

      Bikers in Canada are also brutal.

      With no need for the massive amount of money the U.S. spends on law enforcement the police are much more easily corruptible.

    • Beauregard

      Once you get them onto the “Jew thing” they shift into total absurdity.

  7. Beauregard

    The economic impacts would surely be massive. Industries are operating with current population levels in mind. Prices would be slashed some, and there would be some surplus for a time, but eventually many industries would topple and there would be a collapse.

    The PPP would fall but the real exchange rate may rise at prices are so low.

    The banks would simply take back non-White property as if it was a foreclosure, and sell it at cheap prices, flooding the housing market. Many more would be out of work.

    • Beauregard

      I moved to Northern Ontario when I was younger simply to escape the United States and was reminded of what a low breed of cattle poor hickish whites can be.

      That is not to say that the United States would not improve but other white countries have vast white underclasses with an IQ on the cusp of the bell curve who are nearly as hopeless.

      In Canada what has happened is that poor whites simply refuse, utterly refuse, to do any sort of job that pays only $200 a month more than welfare.

      So immigrants have to be imported anyhow.

      NAMS contribute somewhat to the economy by being spendthrifts, being R&B artists, running restaurants etc.

      Poor whites in Canada or rural U.S. simply sit in their houses drinking beer. True, they tend to settle things with fistfights instead of guns but they are that much more contributory to an economic system.

    • Beauregard Canadian Portrait of a Country With No Minorities

      Owen & Holly

      Owen and Holly were Irish. Owen was born in Ireland. I met them because I smoked weed and they were swingers. Owen encouraged me to screw his girlfriend so I did a few times. He was into kiddie porn. Their house was filthy and there was lethargic quality to them like all poor whites. Unlike blacks or Hispanics they were really dull-witted. Did nothing but stared at the TV.


      Trish was a white Canadian goth chick. She managed to hold a job driving a bus. She lived in her parents house and had huge parties. I screwed her and she blew me but she decided she liked a skinhead more and his friends scared me so I simply never saw her again. But her house was full of poor white freaks all the time. A few worked but most were just aimless losers. They could not even get it together to be drug dealers.


      Mentioned her.

      Here is a country with no minorities and poor whites.

      Unlike minorities they are rather, bad pun, colorless. They just sit around drinking. Their whole life is finding more booze.
      Poor white men are always into young girls and kiddie porn or borderline kiddy porn.
      Their drug economy does nothing to improve the overall community. Hispanics with their cocaine have built Miami and blacks with their crack have a somewhat vibrant economy of motels for hookers and dealers. Whites simply sit around high on weed and staring at the TV. Maybe they rob a pharmacy for morphine. They prefer depressives that do not motivate them to do anything. Their drugs are dirt cheap and so nobody builds a bank from the proceeds.
      No guns but lot’s of assaults. The bars always erupt into fighting and bottle throwing and the like.
      “None of my bitches are over age 13 so my dick looks humongous”. Much has been said about blacks raping grown women but the vast majority of child molestation, underage sex, statutory rape is all older white dudes with no charm or masculinity resorting to 15 or 16 year old girls in order to get laid.
      Lousy sex workers. The hookers are typical white trash flabby white women. They are unhappy with their role in society as public sexual wells and no fun to screw. Or maybe white women cannot screw.
      Italians rule the roost, sometimes brutally.

    • Beauregard

      Italian mafia would once again become much more powerful. Perhaps some other ethnic cartels like the Russians.

      The days when Tony Sopranos were everywhere and as powerful as Al Pacino in the Godfather where Senators could be shot and elections rigged would return as Italians tend to operate from the street level all the way up to politics.

  8. Beauregard The Dana Heintz Story

    I lived in a German community in Canada for two years. I rented a room from a welfare defrauder name Dana Heintz.

    Dana Heintz was your typical white underclass Canadian. She had been a stripper, a crackhead, was a single-mother, defrauded welfare while renting rooms to college students in the house her parents left her and even attended some classes while on welfare.

    She had started smoking marijuana in 1983 at the age 14 and by the late 1980’s graduated to crack cocaine. Her father was a German barber and drunk who hated blacks, though none of them lived in Northern Canada anyhow.

    Also, previously she had been a prostitute and done jail time for this offense. She explained “she would not work in 7-11”.

    She also disliked Jews. In fact all of the whites in the city disliked Jews though from what I could determine not one Jew lived in this lousy Canadian city.

    The white underclass was not athletically gifted like blacks nor did they have the Mexican flair. Dull, unemployed white people tend to simply drink and drink and drink. Sometimes they get high but mostly it is just bars and booze.

    In a poor white town most whites drank so much they could barely function. I knew one mechanic-a French-Canadian-who was gifted but always drunk.

  9. Beauregard

    Since no country would wish to import the problems the U.S. has it is unlikely you could send any of them anywhere unless another continent rose from the sea.

    Other countries really don’t want whites, which I know from working in them.

    Unless you are young, skilled in some niche profession like sheep-rearing that Australia does not have enough of you can forget going anywhere.

  10. Yee

    Actually, Canada is a suitable place to dump 100 million Americans.

    Canada already heavily depends on the US economically anyway. 30% people movig there means 30% of US personal consumption expenditure moving there, which means more investments will follow, good for economics.

    As long as it doesn’t excess the carrying capacity, people is asset.

    • YEE A Serious Question

      Why DO Chinese immigrate to places like Vancouver where so many Chinese people are poor and living in tough ghettos? Certainly you are not ignorant of what a tough environment Chinatown Vancouver (Or NYC) is that produces so many gangsters-female as well as male-pimps, thugs, prostitutes, drug dealers.

      I mean why do Chinese people immigrate to these places knowing their kids are going to be exposed to the real unseemly side of life in a Chinese ghetto?

      What is the reason for the desire of Chinese to immigrate?

      • Yee

        For their children, I suppose. First generation are prepared to live tough lives, but their children usually do well.

        Anyway, people living in Chinatown aren’t all as poor as you might think. My mother has a cousin living in NewYork Chinatown, both of his sons go to good universities. I didn’t ask which ones. He certainly has money to take his family for vacations.

        I suspect the same for Canada. They may not have nice houses, but they’d have cash.

    • YEE

      Vancouver has stronger ties with Hong Kong then with the U.S.

  11. YEE No Offense Intended

    The less successful of every race end up in a particular place and the less successful Chinese end up in Western Canada.

    Chinese-Canadian ghettos and districts are bleak.

    So Canada, coping with a Chinese underclass and an aboriginal underclass (Asians themselves) and a South Asian underclass really cannot cope with another.

    • Yee

      Very few people are too dumb to work in factories. When you set them up, people can work in them. All the fuss about illegals in your country is economics growth doesn’t keep up with population growth. If it did, it would have turned out like my city, prosperous. And my city flooded in over 100% outsiders. Does your illegals anywhere near this scale?

  12. YEE

    Chinese-Canadians and Chinese-Americans who have remained in Chinatown for 4 generations because they are too dull, to lazy, to unambitious and to thuggish to escape this place become the people that striving Chinese immigrants have to live around.

    Bear in mind these people are not from China, they are Americans. Perhaps their four grandparents were born in America.

    But Chinese immigrants find themselves stuck around this permanent underclass-whites, blacks and every race has an underclass of course.

    So they leave.

    I do not really feel surprised. Hong Kong is thriving place, Vancouver Chinatown (Google it) is a bleak, cold, dirty part of the city with a high crime rate.

    • Yee

      Are you sure they’re not new immigrants? Well, I didn’t know some of them stuck there for generations. Perphas they own buildings and business there? Make better money than being employed outside.

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