Male Dolphins Are Evil, Part 1

Repeatedly, for those that don’t know, dolphin and porpoise pods will rape the females in the pod. That’s how they reproduce. In large pods, for instance when multiple pods converge to chase a school of fish, (some of these superpods number in the thousands) a female in heat will find herself raped hundreds of times, often times till she dies, at which point the males drag her along and continue for days after her death.

Ok, so day we learn that male dolphins are mostly complete bastards, except for a few who are total motherfuckers.

Nice try Dolphin guys. You brainwashed all of us with your Flipper propaganda that you all were as harmless and delightful as babies. Whereas in fact, the typical male dolphin has the personality of Ted Bundy. Well, your scam worked for a while, but now we are onto you turds. You better watch out. We got your number.

I had no idea that guy dolphins were so rapey. Jesus, they’re even rapier than Indian men, and that’s pretty bad.

I would like to say something to all you dolphinbros out there.

You know what, you finny dudes? You’re all a bunch of assholes, you know that, right? That’s all I have to say to you oxygen-thieves.

Meanwhile, pro tip for all you lady dolphins. Don’t get horny. Don’t even think about it. Your life may lie in the balance!


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75 responses to “Male Dolphins Are Evil, Part 1

  1. Bo

    Maybe this is because dolphins are much like humans in that they have sex for pleasure. My son told me this actually, that dolphins and humans are the only mammals that have sex for pleasure. While the rest only mate to procreate.

  2. SHI

    “All sex is rape.”

    (Implied Source: A radical feminist online)

    Just to recall a basic fact: Intercourse/PIV is always rape, plain and simple.

    “All rape is sex.”

    (Implied Source: Outlook India Magazine)

    The Dirty Indian Male
    Without rape, Indian machismo is incomplete.

    • SHI

      Daniel my former American sort-of friend in India’s wife got famous for that. Chubby Sikh, never thought she would amount to anything.

      • Trash, SHI has told you not to address him, ok? If you keep addressing him here, I will have to ban you.

        • Sorry, forgot about that but I will remember from now on.

        • SHI

          Don’t ban him. I’ll feel bad about it. He probably needs to post here on this blog more than I do. He did say this blog keeps him sane.

          I will simply learn to ignore his comments. He does have an amazing intelligence, but the OCD kinda ruins it.

          I’ll let you know if I feel abused at any time in future. But it won’t happen as I’ll simply ignore the posts.

        • Sure. I won’t overlook that again.

          In India, I worked with an American whose Indian wife was a model who later caused controversy related to the topic.

        • OCD’ers do not say things over and over. That’s a real misconception. I work with them all the time (just had a client this morning) and I haven’t met one yet who does that. The repetition in OCD is more likely to be internal where the same thought might blast over and over like a neon sign and sound like it was coming from a megaphone. There may be some repetitive acts, but compulsions are not usually repetitive. They only can be sometimes due to the doubting.

          All of the repetition Trash engages in stems from his Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Trash does not have OCD, or at least he has not said he does. He doesn’t seem like the personality to get it anyway.

        • ROBERT

          SHI has repealed his request.

          Anyhow, if he requests that I don’t respond, I won’t.

        • ROBERT SHI’S Repeal

          I am not the one moved to heights of ecstatic profanity and hysterical personal attacks of the posters (Not one in particular) on this board.

          Asians are responding heatedly to the observations of a White Male who actually lived in Asia and whose statements from observation-are absolutely true.

          It is only because I lived for years in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia that such an exception has been taken of me.

        • ROBERT

          The Chut keeps on responding to me. I’m no psychologist but he comes off as a typical Indian Gandhu (Hindi slur) with the Inferiority Complex and Egomania.

          Schizoid features too or bi-polar.

          Anyhow this is all a boring attempt at currying favor-a typical Indian caste psychological ploy, especially from a Brahmin.

          So I agree.

          Enough posting on this topic.

        • ROBERT

          You are seeing an example of an Indian caste trick here. The Indian is making an attempt to curry favor here by projecting blame although he himself continues to address me.

          Anyhow, I’ll get off this thread.

          SHI and I shall communicate no more but as you can see he addresses me first and also has used a great deal of childish profanity in his posts not only directed at me but other posters.

          You are seeing the psychology of the higher-castes at work here. He cannot endure criticism of any kind because like most Indians he has been overly smother by his mother.

          This leads to a kind of Bi-polar Schizoid hostility and to be honest he seems to have Narcissism as well.

        • Trash can you please give me those Indian websites where they are talking about, especially the ones where some of women think I’m cute? I am dying to go there.

        • ROBERT

          I have stopped responding. But this poster is addressing me with stupid childish profanity over and over again.

          Nor do I understand why general discussions end up degenerating into personal acrimony and outrages at my personality disorder. I’m not posting a variety of scatological insults at other posters like “little sack of shit”.

          Alright. I’m off.

        • ROBERT

          I fail to see (Maybe redolent of my disorder) how I am more mentally unsound than these posters who work themselves into orgiastic heights not achieved since cornholing their mothers at what a bastard I am.

          No comments or response BUT I AM NOT INDIAN. Not even half. I’m German-American and not particularly proud of it. It is just what I am. I’m not German-Irish or Gujarati or a Non-Resident India or a Jew (Really distant Jewish blood).

  3. SHI Ex-Friend Daniel’s Wife Stupid Tweet

    Years after I knew Daniel when his wife was famous in Bollywood she had that stupid tweet.

    I laughed at what a big deal Bollywood made out of his wife.

    Yes, Daniel the American in Bollywood was a former friend of mine in India. Long before his wife became famous I cut him off because he was an asshole. Real redneck.

  4. SHI

    Get a load of this radical feminist blog. She is advocating male genocide.

    UTOPIA: what would a women’s society look like?


    Men’s position in society

    Before we do anything, the very first measure to adopt is to take all men out of all positions of decision-making immediately, and actually out of any kind of social, professional position whatsoever.

    Major serial killers, serial torturers, pimps, pornographers, severe domestic abusers, serial rapists, genocide planners, biocide planners and pedocriminals across the world will simply be euthanised: the decisions will be taken by women in a mass world tribunal for patriarchal crimes. 🙂 This is by far the best solution, and is the most legitimate, ethical way of reducing male population to more reasonable levels. Such men would otherwise forever pose a threat to women, children, animals, the earth and society as a whole, and we know they have no chance of ceasing their violent behaviour after having reached such an advanced stage of sadism and sociopathy. It would be reckless to spend space, resources and energy in keeping them alive in prisons.

    All of men’s (alive and euthanised) belongings, property, resources and land will be confiscated from men and handed back to female care and supervision – property rights over land will be abolished. You can’t own land!

    All men at least above 15 (or younger if very asocial) should live separately from women and children, on their own in small huts or studios, isolated from one another and scattered around so that women can keep an eye on them (they should never be in groups or packs, that would be illegal). So it would also be illegal for male adults to impose their presence on females, girls and children. Men would have to care for themselves on their own: food, laundry, etc. No male above his age of puberty would be allowed to receive any kind of service from a female. Their life expectancy would probably drop to the age of 40, but that’s how things should be. Women’s life expectancy without men would rise to 130 years at least.

    PIV would be illegal too of course, as well as the initiation of any verbal or physical contact to women and girls or boy children, unless solicited by a woman for specific matters.

    Family, child-raising and reproduction

    Fathers’ rights will cease to exist. There is no such thing as fatherhood — as we all know, it’s a myth. Men will necessarily lose all and any power to dominate and control women’s reproductive capacities.

    It’s the inalienable right of each woman to control every phase of her reproduction and life creation. Abortion will be possible at any stage of pregnancy, however there will hardly be such a thing as undesired pregnancy since there won’t be any men forcing pregnancies on us any more. Abortion will nonetheless be recognised for the trauma, mutilation and loss of life that it is. The number of children and human population will naturally decrease to sustainable levels, so will the number of males born. Women will be free to experiment parthenogenesis or procreation with two female eggs.


    All oppressive male institutions will be abolished after men have been retrieved from them. We obviously won’t keep these institutions. They will return to the nothingness that they belong, just as a distant, bad memory.


    No more military, no more army, no more wars! It would be illegal for men to hold weapons. Global peace would be the immediate consequence. Most weapons will be destroyed (or recycled into something else), such as weapons of mass destruction, anti-personnel mines, tanks, machine guns, all manners of terrestrial, marine and air-bombers, and all the many disgusting things men have invented. For the remaining weapons such as guns or blades, women will hold exclusive right of use over them in order to defend ourselves from men, from the risk of them taking power over us again.


    States, borders, nations, laws would be abolished and totally dispensed with. Laws mentioning the number of prohibited acts will be kept for men only. Women do not need laws to contain ourselves. Laws were created by the male elite to protect their property from other men. Laws are rigid and static, that’s because their purpose is to hold existing patriarchal powers in place. Our own society would be in constant evolution, improvement, creative renewal, yet grounded in reality and adapted to our needs and circumstances.

    Women would be able to move freely.


    Patriarchal religions will crumble down with men’s oppressive system. Religious ideologies, along with its hierarchies and vacuous rituals will cease to exist. I believe a woman’s world would be spiritual. Spiritual connection isn’t based on faith but on critical observation and experience, on a real personal connection to the elements, beings and spirits that surround us, and on the real magnetic power of beings.

    Economy (tied to ecology):

    Obviously, Slavery, men’s exploitation of women, men’s capitalist systems will be abolished too. The most important aspect of male economy is that it’s based on men’s competitive accumulation of resources (by killing, destroying, commodifying, taking control over, extracting the greatest possible amount of life) and based on production of poisonous, addictive, programmed obsolescent goods — in order to win the patriarchal game of achieving greater domination over women and girls.

    • SHI My Friend’s Wife Sunny

      Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel was my friend in India when I was a “day player” in Bollywood (Glorified film extra with speaking lines). I say friend loosely, he was a redneck asshole.

      So I am merely pointing out that she probably became as successful as she did due to this fact you have extrapolated upon and no other.

      She was not particularly bright, attractive or talented. Only the state of India as a society created a commercial possibility for her.

      Which is silly.

      • SHI


        Just don’t address me, OK? We’ve had this discussion before. I don’t care about Sunny Leone, Daniel or any Bollywood extras. I no longer feel amused by your adventures in Goa. Maybe some others will be. In that case, just stop addressing me. OK?

        I don’t want to see you banned but if you get on my tits one more time like you did that day, you’re gonna regret it.

        Talk to other posters. Or just learn to listen to others speak, OK?

        I’m done with this now. Please behave.

    • SHI My friend Daniel’s wife Sunny Leone

      Daniel was a redneck American asshole when I knew him in India. This was years before Big Boss when he was trying to get his wife a role in Bollywood. We became friends because we were both Americans and both film extras. He was an asshole and I cut him off. Actually the only American redneck I ever knew in India, or at least the worst.

      But I am convinced-and this is agreeing with your post-that his fat Sikh wife ONLY became famous because of what you described.

      So actually I was agreeing with you.

      Sunny Leone whom I knew and never was talented, bright or even that goodlooking (Short fat Sikh girl) only became famous for the reasons you mentioned.

  5. SHI

    To TRASH

    I never said I’m going to “repeal”. I don’t care about your statements. I just made a simple request that you stop addressing me in your posts. I made it very clear last time. And I’m very clear once again. I feel uneasy about your presence but I won’t care since it’s not my blog.

    As long as you never address me again, starting from now onwards, we’re fine.

    Good day and good riddance. Bye.

    • Who cares how you feel about me on this blog. You live at home with your mother when you are in your 30’s you sad Brahmin chut. Considering how delusional your posts about Utter Pradesh and everything else are, I’m not surprised.

      Nor that you got caught in Dubai or the Gulf stealing form little accounting job.

      So stop addressing me then, chut.

      • SHI

        I spent some quality time at an Irish bar the other day. Here’s one for you, in Gaelic, you wannabe “Irish-German” NRI bitch. .

        Póg mo thóin

        You spineless Gujaratis are a disgrace to Indians everywhere. Along with them South Indians. The most cowardly bunch of people. And yes that applies to Mahatma Gandhi as well. We all know he was a pedo. And the Gujarati Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an asshat too.

  6. SHI

    Asians are responding heatedly to the observations of a White Male who actually lived in Asia and whose statements from observation-are absolutely true.

    It is only because I lived for years in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia that such an exception has been taken of me.

    I’ll address this without directly engaging with this poster. I don’t like to engage indirectly either but this is an allegation that has to be refuted.

    No, I’ve got nothing against you or any Westerners who spend time in India. But, I don’t think any special of you either because of that reason. Get that straight.

    On my part, I frequently criticize India, Hindu superstitions and Indian hypocrisies on this blog while celebrating the things that this does country does do better than America e.g. family values. Self-centered Americans send their parents to old homes. That doesn’t happen in India where family values are intact. You take care of your loved ones forever. Of course, there are asshole exceptions.

    I don’t fit into many of the traditional stereotypes fitting Indian males. Here are a few of them.

    –> I’m a dropout. Despite a college degree, I chose the dropout lifestyle for as long as I remember. The last time I held a steady job was in and around 2013. I hang out with renegades and low life thugs. My family isn’t proud of me. They live very far away and I see them maybe once in two years.

    Most Indian males my age are married with two (or at least one) kid. Settled lifestyle never appealed to me.

    My dream is to go to the United States one day, and live in a nice place like Seattle, Denver or LA. I may not do it the legal route 🙂

    –> I don’t care about religion. Despite being a “Brahmin”, I have no qualms about eating beef.

    –> I have travelled extensively – A hell lot of countries. Not to work but more as a frugal backpacker. I have been to Europe three times, everywhere in SE Asia, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Dubai and Doha.

    I know how to survive overseas without having to work.

    –> I get along amazingly well with Westerners, White people, Black people, Asians etc. I don’t care about ethnicity anymore. You won’t find a more color-blind person than me.

    But, I definitely dislike you. And it’s nothing to do about your being White. So I refuse to engage with you on any discussions.

    • SHI

      Note that I’m not the one stereotyping and fetishizing an entire group of people.

      I take people as they come. As individuals. An asshole is an asshole, regardless of national origins, race or religion.

      I like the word “chut” though.

      Here’s a thought. I always suspected this poster to be of whole or partly Indian descent. He’s no “Germanic” but a Desi from Edison, New Jersey. His communication style resembles them Non-resident Indians (NRIs) a great deal.

      Somehow, he’s jealous of the fact that I, an India-born Indian, have travelled in the West and other places. No real White Westerner would care about it, or be so angry and pissed at being snubbed by me. But, an NRI definitely would. I’ve had these conversations before.

      It isn’t unusual for a White Westerner who has lived in India to be so savvy about the country. But, it’s definitely unusual for them to be so obsessed about the shitty aspects of Indian culture. This poster has got to be a real Indian-American. Probably a Gujarati store-keeper from Edison, New Jersey. Now he’s probably living in Australia as he once said. Hmmm? Many Indian-Americans who can’t make it in the USA anymore, are nowadays migrating to Australia.

  7. SHI


    As you can see, this poster has been provoking me for a while now. So I made some comments in response. I really suspect that he’s not the White Westerner he claims to be, but a non-resident Indian (NRI) who spent most of his formative years in the US but never assimilated well.

    He’s jealous of the fact that I’m capable of assimilating so nicely with Westerners and that holds true for many of those NRIs. I’ve really had these conversations before.

    I suspect him to be of whole or partial Gujarati descent. They’re a mercantile people who can be a total sell-out to their own people. Nobody likes them here in India. Especially in Mumbai where they are really hated.

    I may criticize a lot of things about India, but don’t troll as a non-Indian. I proudly wear my heritage and nationality.

    This is my last word. I will not be dragged into any more insane chats with this poster in future. He’s mentally ill, and potentially homicidal etc. 🙂

  8. SHI

    I’m German-American and not particularly proud of it. It is just what I am.

    I know Germans really well. I have lived in Berlin for over a month, and also stayed another one month in total across Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg. Germans are a nice people, nothing like this asshole.

    This poster simply isn’t a White person who has lived in India for many years. It’s time somebody called him out on this one. He is no Brätwurst-eating Kraut but a thepla-eating Gujarati moneylender from Edison, NJ.

    His stories have the trademark signature of a real Gujarati/Indian writ all over the place. . My suspicions are real. Here are the reasons why:

    –> I remember he once described in vivid detail how an Indian man withheld the passport of an Indian girl in the US while gaining sexual favors from her.

    A lot of these non-resident Indians (NRIs) based in the USA are complete douchebags who withhold passports of their less fortunate countrymen and women. Most White people would not care about the internal problems of Indian community, unless it’s a police officer investigating the homicide of an Indian bride burned to death by her Indian-American in-laws for not being able to bring enough dowry money.

    –> He also relishes stories of having fucked “Brahmin” girls, especially Mohanna something. No White person would care about the caste of the Indian girl they had a chance to fuck. It simply does not occur to them. All they’d see is a “brown girl”.

    I’ve heard a lot of Gujarati men boast about their ability at getting “Brahmin” girls in bed. It’s like their dream. I really suspect this poster is Gujarati. He just described an orgiastic fantasy not uncommon to Gujarati males.

    –> This poster has an unreasonable hatred of “Tamils” and “Malayalis”. It’s not a hatred per se, but racist stereotyping. Again, I have known Gujaratis who look down on South Indians. This is really very common. I’m a Northern Indian myself, but don’t share this disdain and racist stereotyping of South Indians.

    On a summary note, I could be wrong about this poster’s national and racial origins. Maybe he indeed is who he says he is. But, I would be more careful. He’s certainly not a White Westerner who has lived in India for many years. There are a lot of obvious signs, and clear giveaways. Something about this man strikes me as deeply familiar. Maybe I’ve actually met him before.

    The fact that he had to bring up Sunny Leone and her White American husband was the last straw. He’s lying. Liar Liar. Pants on fire, you Gujarati NRI dishonest person. Shame.


    Believe what you wish to about me. But I have never lived in the State of New Jersey and I am Caucasian.

    I despise Jains, Gujaratis and Brahmin because they make it difficult for Whites doing business in the Gulf of Arabia.

    They have attempted with some success to hijack parts of the Emirate economy because although Gujaratis are sort of like the Jews of Indian who form a shopkeeper market-dominant elite they are half-Arab.

    Slimy and manipulative but stupid. Pakistanis are even stupider.

    They all steal from their jobs in Dubai or the Gulf. This is why the sponsor has to keep their passports.

    Brahmin have a little white blood, you’ll know one when you see one. Or maybe they are Persian. Or some mix of ancient migration. Who knows. They don’t look like black low-caste Christians and only black people convert because Brahmin have it about as good a low-class white in the Western World.

    I am not Indian.

    Truthfully I never cared much for India.

  10. ROBERT

    No poster has “met me before” and a paranoid schizophrenic might find me “deeply familiar”.

    I’m not from “New Jersey” and not a f*cking Indian and not from Edison.

    Gujarati people are Pakis and I emphatically deny being a Paki.

    I deny being an Indian. I despised living in India, but did it for money.

    Much of how Indians think and feel I despise-their culture, their food, their interpersonal lack of distance.


    Brahmin are the SISSIES of the Indian race even though it is posited that they trace their roots to Ukraine or Slavic countries. Which is probable. But they have no balls and have to resort to sliminess to get by.

    They are easy to tell because of the 1000th generation vaguely Caucasoid features.

    Gujarati people are Pakis but with some of the commercial instincts of Jews. I’m not Paki from the desert of Gujarat. I’m no Indian at all.

    • SHI


      So either you’re lying (typical Gujarati Jain Bania) or haven’t really travelled in India. Which one is it?

      In the state of Haryana, a lot of Brahmins are into wrestling. Yogeshwar Dutt won a gold medal at the last Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

      In the state of Uttar Pradesh, some Brahmin lads happen to be sharp shooters and contract killers. Here’s Munna Bajrangi. He even has a Wikipedia article. You don’t get to be a sissy and a contract killer at the same time.

      Caste is fucking irrelevant.

      Also, let me say it for the hundredth time to get it through your thick head, I DO NOT SELF-IDENTIFY AS A BRAHMIN.

        • SHI

          No comment.

          Good. We’re progressing. Let us try to be civil and ignore each other now onwards. Deal?

          You’re entitled to your views just as I am to mine. I don’t want us to ruin the comments forum for others. As much as we hate each other, it’s our collective responsibility not to ruin others enjoyment of this wonderful blog.

          Farewell now. And I really mean it.

  12. ROBERT Gujarati Scourge in Gulf Countries

    Gujarati Brahmin all moved to Mumbai. I’m not sure how Maharashtra people feel about them because I am white so my knowledge of Indians only goes so deep.

    I have never visited New Jersey or even heard of a place called Edison before.

    My experience with these disgusting Pakistani people from Gujarat came in the Gulf Arab countries.

    My knowledge of Indians is derived from a deep empirical loathing.


    Paranoid Schizoid features are ALWAYS present in the Indian male. “Maybe I met this guy” and “he seems deeply familiar”. This akin to believe the poster believing aliens are talking to him from Planet Zardoz.

    Displacement and Projection. “I’m a Gujarati” from New Jersey. This is not true and some previous altercation or negative stimuli from some other interpersonal counter leads subject to project distorted ethnic perceptions on others.

    Inappropriate Interpersonal Style: Indians always believe they have a relationship with others that they do not. They lack an understanding of distance socially speaking.

    Ego Fragility: The Indian is not able to cope with criticism very well. The reaction is over-personal and hysterical.

  14. SHI


    Maybe this thread needs to be closed for good. I have nothing against this poster even when he keeps trying to bait me in useless conversation with insinuations, rumor-mongering and dishonest ideas.

    I don’t want tto talk to him at all. Not even indirectly. And no personal attacks.

    I think no personal attacks is already a policy in this blog. Time to enforce it.

    I agree that on occasions, I’ve been dragged into playground name-calling . I will not stoop to that level again.

    • John

      This brahmin slumdog wants to migrate to USA? Maybe the Klan needs to be warned to keep a tab on the borders. Just like muzzies and beamers these Indian immigration needs to put under checklist.

      • JOHN

        The U.S. is well aware of how UK and Canada have imported a vast Indian underclass that has no created rioting no-go zones in major cities.

        Think Canada is the socialistic land of peace and love? Visit East Vancouver. Sikhs have transformed the place into a non-stop West Beirut of nightclub shootings, competing drug cartels, terrorist-funding, addicts, pimping and general chaos.

        UK is even worse.

        If Americans non-selectively imported Indians who could afford the one-way ticket we would have a third underclass in the U.S.

        Worse yet, Indians and Africans despise one another. Riots in Bradford UK between the two groups reflect this.

        • John

          Trash, these brahmin scumbags and other high caste assoles in western. Ountries aren’t underclass. They are privileged sections in their societies brought up brash and uncultured for most part when compared to western standards. They are cunning assoles who kept a vast majority of their populace in ignorance. When questioned about their manipulative behaviour, all we get is denial and bluster

      • JOHN

        The guy should just move to London or Belarus.

        Because Indians are just not a good fit for the U.S. system.

        • SHI

          One day I’m definitely going to the US, bitch. Nobody is going to stop me from realizing my dream. 🙂

        • John

          Lol brahmin guttersnipe, you will never get anywhere near the us. Trump administration is getting you snakes one by one. One snake at a time. You will forever be stuck in the shit filled Mumbai streets dreaming about cornholing white ladies while settling for ugly skanks in your shanty down.

    • There is no policy called no personal attacks on here. No personal attacks on me or Alpha! You guys can rip each other to pieces for all I care. I do not really like it when you guys tear each other up like this, but I won’t stop you. I ban way too many people on here as it is. A number of people have already voted to ban Trash, but many of those votes were countered by votes to keep him.

      • ROBERT

        It is clear I piss people off and contribute zero to this blog or what is supposed to a think tank.

        I am wasting your time and irritating others.

        So I think I will just ban myself.

        Sad to say these other posters get nothing constructive out of what I say and believe I am a troll.

        Apologies for wasting everyone’s time.

  15. JOHN

    True, I worked with Brahmin managers in Dubai. Their sense of entitlement is dangerous, sometimes to a point that is physical.

    Brahmin are cunning and also have a fragile ego of spun glass.

    Like Mestizos in Philippines or Latin America the small amount of White blood in them actually makes them worse, not better, because they have had to devise a system to keep the black masses at bay for centuries or actually 3,000 years in India.

    • SHI

      You’re not who you claim to be. German-Americans? Give me a break. None of my business though. It doesn’t make you any better or worse.
      I take individuals as they come and don’t judge them by their ethnicity.

      You’re the one with a fragile ego. You’re never really satisfied until you drag people down to your gutter.

      You thought you ripped me? Not a fucking chance. Just because I don’t have the time to respond to the comments of a stupid Internet troll (and his sockpuppets) does not mean I ENDORSE his vindictive bile.

      Get off my butt. All right? Go play in the traffic or whatever.

      • John

        It seems you are the one tailing him unnecessarily. There used to be a saying in Thailand about you uppercaste assoles and snake. Keep dreaming and fellating about the prospect of moving to US. Fix the shithole you created first and then aspire. It will take eons to repair that godforsaken shithole. Sockpuppets? Who needs sockpuppets to go after vile Brahmins, every one hates you for your cunningness. Trash, now that youve realised about Brahmins like SHI, stop praising Brahmins as some moral vanguards. Hope you understood about the Indian higher caste mentality.

        • JOHN

          I don’t think Brahmin are more immoral than other castes, they are all about the same.

          What makes Brahmin dangerous is a slightly higher IQ and a tendency to cunning deception. Pakistanis, Sikhs are too grubby and dim for anything but the macho.

          My experience in Thailand is that Chinese basically run the place, not real Thai people.

          Upper Caste Thai people will be Chinese for the most part. Or part Chinese. Teochew for the most part.

          Its the same everywhere in Southeast Asia.

          If a Cambodian or Thai owns a business and wears a suit they will look suspiciously Chinese.

        • JOHN Married to Thai-Chinese

          Chinese in Southeast Asia who comprise the Upper-Castes don’t want to immigrate to the UK or America. They know that Chinese “have a good gig” in Southeast Asia (Being perhaps a full 10 IQ points above Malays on the psychometric scale) and do not want to pit their wits against Jews, Nordics, Arabs in other countries.

          If you cross a Overseas Chinese they will threaten you directly (I fired a Chinese-Filipino) which they can do.

  16. SHI

    Lol brahmin guttersnipe, you will never get anywhere near the us. Trump administration is getting you snakes one by one. One snake at a time. You will forever be stuck in the shit filled Mumbai streets dreaming about cornholing white ladies while settling for ugly skanks in your shanty down.

    Then I’ve got bad news for you then, sockpuppet. Trump is actually pro-India getting along just fine with Narendra Modi’s administration.

    Not that it means anything to me because I oppose Narendra Modi big time. I don’t like Hindu right-wingers and the US is filled with them. Being Brahmin doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m more pro-White people than you can imagine.

    Trump did send two delegates to New Delhi to reassure Modi’s administration that there will be no change in US H-1B visa policies for India.

    I’m not eligible for H-1Bs or L-1 in any case. It’s a horrific system. It doesn’t make of a difference because those are horrible systems that exploit workers. I actually support Americans who lost their jobs to H-1Bs. It’s a system that really benefits nobody except greedy corporations.

    No other country in the world has such a draconian Visa issuance system. Basically, a bunch of assholes in the US embassy are running this racket.

    It would be only fair to come down to US on a tourist visa, and decide not to leave!

    Suck it.

    • ROBERT Disclaimer

      I am not John nor communicating under another name. John has valid and penetrating opinions that actually better than my own.

      He is not my alter ego.

    • To be fair when an American is interviewed for an Indian Work Visa with the Secretary of the Embassy it is rigorous.

      • SHI

        Why would an American want to work in India to earn one-sixth of the wages he would normally receive in the US? As American, you have a fair right to complain only when you applied for a work visa to say, Switzerland or Japan.

        This is like me applying for a Ukrainian “Work visa” to earn say what,300 Euros per month? And that’s being generous because way too many Ukrainians are living off on 150-200 Euros per month. It doesn’t make sense. That is why noone likes to go to those places anyway.

        I don’t believe in applying for work visas anyway. I have been self-employed since 2013. I don’t work for any employers. My profession in India is “Business Auxiliary Services”. It encompasses a whole bunch of things. I even pay income tax.

  17. JOHN

    Somebody saying that the “US Embassy employees are assholes” for running a prospective migrant’s record and seeing a white collar crime rap sheet.

    Yeah this is somebody we want to unleash on the U.S. right away.

    • John

      This is the true nature of the Brahmin, high caste Indians whom you were passionately supporting. It’s no wonder they are hated in their own societies. If not for nasscoms covert manipulation in getting the projects outsourced these cow urine drinkers would still be grazing cows in their shitty slanty towns and continue living in a squalor.

      • SHI

        Hey sockpuppet

        Did you read my last comment? I don’t really care about H-1bs and outsourcing. It doesn’t affect me personally.

        My dream is to migrate to the US but I won’t carry a begging bowl in front of the US embassy, unlike shameless Gujarati and South Indian relatives of our poster.

        I believe in earning your way.

        • John

          You will get to nowhere close to your american dream, blowhard moron. Sit back in your toiletbowl and try to improve that clusterfuck you call home


    I’m wasting everybody’s time and my posits go nowhere. I think Troll is one of the vaguely-defined buzzwords like dysfunctional that get into the pop culture.

    But if I am just going to go around and around irritating people who simply dismiss me as a liar who is wasting blog space that it is time for me to leave.

    Chillingly, it has been suggested that I am actually mentally unsound. A nutcase.

    So I am off.

    I am contributing nothing here.

    • John

      I enjoyed your posts Trash. Ignore that slumdog and get on with others. That slumdog is living in a delusion like rest of his country. Let him continue to spew nonsense. Reserve your comments for other issues.

      • I got mugged for my laptop in Mumbai (Which was stupid for me to carry I know) and when I went into the Tourist police station there was an English woman who was 72 and dragged down the road for her pearl necklace.

        The cops looked bored as two white people sat bleeding on a bench.

        “What happened to you,” the Indian cop asked me.

        I told him.

        “Good thing they did it on the street instead of dragging you off the road. They would have killed you.”

        India is not always a nice place to be for a white person. Some people are nice and treasure your company but one or two do not.

      • SHI

        To the Sockpuppet/Our poster’s boyfriend/Some random fuck

        Considering that you’re obsessed with Brahmins, I just found a nice WordPress blog where you can take your anti-Brahmin hate.

        Have fun. Go on, spew your racist filth over there. I don’t expect a thank you though.

        And while you’re at it, let me introduce you to India’s version of “Second Amendment” supporters from somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. Feel free to masturbate to the Brahmin girl in the middle. I’m sure you both would find her cute.

        • John

          Wouldn’t touch them for a million dollars, you snake charmer. I see that no one wants your likes around. Since your tribe is so glorious and supposedly high iQ why don’t you create your own little America instead of leeching on “inferior” white men’s handiwork?

        • Magneto

          I’d fuck all of them but that’s because I am one sick fuck

  19. JOHN

    I genuinely appreciate that. In my own opinion what I am doing is simply stating a few opinions. Some of them have been refuted and others supported.

    • John

      Fair enough Trash. Just ignore the posters who arent willing to hold a debate with you and argue with the rest

      • JOHN Experiencing Crime in Asia

        In Philippines I was standing in on the sidewalk at 9 PM and a guy came up behind me and slid his forearm across my throat in a sleeper choke while he fumbled for my wallet.

        Asian police are kind of happy when a foreigner has been robbed. They exude no sympathy.

        I was sitting at a bus stop in Taiwan reading a newspaper and a drunk put me in a headlock for no reason. I did not see it coming. Middle of the day.

        My thrust is that whites sometimes experience things overseas.

        • John

          Oh yeah Philippines, the next technology hub!! LOL…
          “Asian police are kind of happy when a foreigner has been robbed”
          This is true. Not just asians, colored folks generally have a warped view about white race

  20. JOHN One Reminder

    I’ve been pushed around a few times in Asia for no reason and do you think that Filipino or Indian police said “oh my Gosh were horrified that you experienced racism?”

    One Indian cop told “good thing those guys that mugged you (I was punched from behind and two guys kicked me while another ran off with my laptop) did not get you off the street or you would have been dead (Some decent pedestrians rescued me).”

    I sat bleeding in the Mumbai police station. Another victim was an English woman on a Cruise ship who was dragged down the road for her pearl necklace (This was sick, the woman was in her 70’s).

    It is not as if Asians do not sometimes inflict violence or prejudice on whites for no reason.

  21. SHI

    All right boys

    Have fun jerking each other off. I need to sign out for now.

  22. ROBERT

    If I am an asshole who pisses people off and contributes nothing to this blog than I should be blocked.

  23. On my part, I frequently criticize India, Hindu superstitions and Indian hypocrisies on this blog while celebrating the things that this does country does do better than America e.g. family values. Self-centered Americans send their parents to old homes. That doesn’t happen in India where family values are intact. You take care of your loved ones forever. Of course, there are asshole exceptions.

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