Destroying Many Myths about Teenage Girl-Adult Man Relationships

Women always want the best.

– Oscar Wilde

I would add teenage girls to that. Women and teenage girls always want the best.

First of all, I would like to point out that one of the main drivers of Teenage Girl Mass Hysteria has been feminist therapists exactly like this woman posting below.

A teenage girl is with an older man. People end the relationship, and everyone starts screaming about how she got abused and molested and damaged and ruined and how now she has to go a therapist now get over her being a victim of “child molestation.” The girl is typically utterly baffled and doesn’t feel 1% harmed by the relationship, which she probably started herself anyway.

They ship her off to the feminist therapist who drills it into her head endlessly about how she was a victim of “child molestation,” about how she is a “child,” presumably the same thing as what are known as little girls, and how if she doesn’t “recover from the damage,” she will be scarred and crippled for the rest of her life.

At first the girl thinks this is insane and stupid and probably wants to slap the therapist. But after a while, the therapist brainwashes her very well. Now the girl is going on and on about how she got molested, abused, raped, damaged and potentially ruined. What was formerly probably the peak experience of her young life is now regarded as a horrorshow of nightmarish abuse. She starts to develop a number of mental symptoms due to all the “abuse” she got. She was quite sane before. She was sane before, and now she’s crazy! Iatrogenic therapist-induced mental disorder. Way to go feminists! Instead of making crazy people sane, you’re doing the opposite. You’re making sane people nuts. Good job! You want a medal for that?

Rebecca Patrick-Howard:

“On another note, how can you possibly “groom” a teenage girl? You can only groom children, and teenage girls are not children.”

Children, teenage girls, and grown women can ALL be “groomed.” Grooming occurs when a power figure (teacher, parent, dominant partner in the relationship) deliberately establishes an emotional connection and relationship with another person in order to exhibit control and to lower their inhibitions, usually for the purpose of exploitation or abuse.

Little by little, a seemingly healthy relationship becomes darker as the person is isolated from their family and friends, suffers mental and physical abuse-and sometimes sexual, becomes mentally and physically dependent upon the other person, and begins suffering from self-esteem issues and other behavioral and mental health problems.

Battered women are “groomed” every day. Just ask the formerly confident, attractive, independent woman who, after years of mental and physical abuse, finds herself kowtowing to their partner’s every wish and demand, losing her autonomy, and finding herself mentally unable to leave the relationship.

Women and teenagers are groomed in a different way. They’re taught to sit quietly without asking questions, to immediately respond to any text or phone call, to put their own needs and desires aside to focus on what their partner wants, to dress and behave in public the way the other person wants, to give in to sexual desires that make make them uncomfortable, to respond to things in a manner in which they are uncomfortable. They’re groomed to do these things in the beginning by being rewarded, just like a dog is rewarded for treats. And later, when they’re not complacent, they’re punished.

Certain women are targeted. Perhaps they appear vulnerable or weak. Or maybe they’re just young. They learn to gain the other person’s trust. They find their needs being met. Then the relationship becomes sexualized. From there, control is maintained. At that point, they’re often so entangled within the relationship that it’s difficult to get out.

If you’d like, I can provide data, research, case studies, and message boards where you can read many experiences from women and teenagers who have been “groomed.” From women and teenagers who have escaped abusive relationships and even sex trafficking situations.

“She probably seduced him. That’s how this stuff usually goes.”

I would like to see citations for peer-reviewed studies that show that the “most men having sex with teenage girls are doing it because the girls seduced them” and that “Also in almost all cases it is consensual”. Because I can tell you, as a woman and former teenage girl, that’s not been MY experience. As a family therapist, that certainly goes against the studies I’ve seen and read – not to mention the experience I’ve had with dozens of my young clients.

Regardless, a 13-year-old is a child. No matter how “mature” they appear, no matter if they’ve started menses or not, no matter if they have the body and vocabulary of a 20-year-old-they’re are NOT a woman. Either legally or emotionally.

Do you have a daughter?

I don’t have one, but if your daughter is a teenage girl, I bet she is pretty angry about the way you are trying to “protect” her from a harmless thing she doesn’t even want to be protected from in the first place! From her point of view, you’re annoying and in the way, big time.

In every case I heard about personally, the girl seduced the man. In all the cases I have read about on the Net, the girl went after the man. Teenage girls like men, you know. They mostly like boys, but there’s definitely a fair number of them who like men too, usually the better looking ones.

And teenage girls did this too me more times than I can count when I was having sex with them from ages 18-21 and then later when all relationships were platonic. I never sought out underage girls even as a young man when I was dating them. I didn’t have to. I just sat back and waited for them to come to me. They approached me or mutual friends said the girl wanted to go out with me. “Hey Bob, do you want to go out with Clarissa (14 year old girl)? She wants to go out with you.”

And I certainly never sought them out as “easy lays,” mostly because they aren’t. Teenage girls are not easy targets. It is actually quite difficult to date them if you are an adult. If we lowered the age of consent right now, it would be murderously difficult for me to date a jailbait. I’m too old for them, and they’re too hard to get anyway.

I have never in my life heard of men seeking out teenage girls as “easy targets.” Why would anyone do that? Girls like men enough that if you are into teenage girls and you are goodlooking and have good Game, all you have to do is sit back and wait for them to come to you, or at least make the first signals.

I have never in my life heard of a man who “could not get a woman his own age,” so he went after teenage girls. It boggles my mind that women and feminists actually believe this ludicrous notion. It doesn’t work that way! If you can’t get a woman your own age, of course you cannot get a teenage girl because they are far harder to date than grown women your own age.

I am 59 years old and although somehow I do date attractive young women in their legal teens through 20’s (against all odds and to my own astonishment), I must say that it is horribly difficult. And when I have to deal with young women in my regular doings around town, most of them look at me like, “Get the Hell away from me, creep!” It was never like that before. It was the opposite. Obviously I am too old for them. This is 100% due to age and 0% due to anything else. Even if it were legal, dating teenage girls would be even harder for me than young women because honestly they harder to get if you are older. The younger the female, the harder it is to get her if you are an older man.

For one thing, teenage girls are much pickier than women. In every case I have known personally, the girls seduced the men, and the men were basically studs, players, playboys, womanizers, or whatever you want to call them. These were good-looking men with great Game who did great with women. Even in the cases I read about in the paper, the girls seem to be targeting the “Alphas.”

I have talked to teenage girls about this, and they told me, “We are not really into older men that much. But if we are at all, we only want the best, the cream of the crop.” Teenage girls are boy-crazy, and they will date all sorts of teenage boys. You don’t have to be an Alpha at that age. Many teenage girls have Beta or even Omega boyfriends. They are not so selective about boys their age. But once you start getting above the boys into the men, teenage girls get far pickier.

Bottom line is as far as I can tell, Beta and especially Omega men cannot even hope to get a teenage girl. Those girls only want the ~20% best men in your age group.

Look at cases in the paper. How many times have you heard of teenage girls pursuing movie directors (Roman Polanski repeatedly), rock stars (Bowie, Steve Tyler, Jimmy Page and surely many others), rich men (Trump, Jeffrey Epstein), teachers (strong authority figure with a good job and better than average smarts), writers (JD Salinger). See? They make a beeline for the best men.

Which has exactly been my experience. There are men out there who are attractive to most of the women. Call them the Alphas. Typically there are a number of women who would gladly date these men. These are the men that “all the women want.” Well, guess what sort of men teenage girls like? Exactly that type. Girls want the same cream of the crop men that the women want. Girls and women are not all that different when it comes to sex. They all want the same thing.

Why on Earth would you get involved with a man if it wasn’t consensual? If it’s not consensual then it’s rape. If it was rape, why didn’t you report it to the police? Color me baffled. You say in your practice you have met many teenage girls who were in nonconsensual relationships with men. Leaving the family aside (where coerced sex with minors is very common) how many girls get into nonconsensual relationships with men? Why would anyone do that? Are you saying that all these girls were raped? That every time they had sex, it was a rape? That’s what nonconsensual means. Rape. If all these girls got raped, why didn’t they report it to the police?

If most of these cases are really rapes and not consensual, why doesn’t LE file rape charges against the men? Instead it’s usually some statutory type charge that merely says his only crime was having sex with a female in some restricted, off-limits age range.

I’ve never heard a typical older man-teenage girl relationship that was not 100% consensual. If it’s not consensual, why would she be there in the first place. Teenage girls are pretty damn smart. You can say that kids don’t have the ability to consent because they are unclear on the concept in the first place. But to conflate the lack of agency of little girls with the wariness, worldliness and sophistication of teenage girls and argue that somehow teenage girls can’t figure out what consent means is nuts. Of course they know what it means. Only kids don’t know, and teenage girls aren’t kids. They’re neither children nor adults. We might as call them girl-women. I know them very well. They are far smarter, wiser and sensible about this stuff than most people think.

Every case I read about in the paper appears to be consensual, especially long-term relationships. How many times have you read that the girl refuses to testify against the man because she loves him, thinks he did nothing wrong or regards the relationship as consensual? I have read that so many times that I can’t count it. She often pleads with the court to release him, saying she hasn’t been harmed in the slightest.

The court disregards the fact that this was a crime involving two people where there somehow was no victim and heaves the guy into prison and throws away the key. In fact, so many teenage girls refuse to testify in these cases that it is almost expected behavior. The only reason the men ever go down is because someone else reported the case. The girl almost never reports the case. Why would she? She’s doing what she wants to do.

This non-testimony is such an epidemic that many states had to dig out their laws and make new laws and rules so that the testimony of the victim was not even required for a conviction. They had to throw out proof of harm because most of these teenage girl fake-victims will swear on a stack of Bibles that they were not harmed at all.

I would say that the one group that is probably most angry at all about this Teenage Girl Mass Hysteria is the girls themselves. Quite a few of them want to get with hot men, but every time they nab one of their dream men, people like you grab her beloved boyfriend and throw him in prison. Hell, the “victims” themselves probably hate this mass hysteria more than anyone else. Most of the “victims” probably hate the law that is supposedly “protecting them.” Isn’t that rather idiotic?

I still don’t believe a woman can be groomed. The author says grooming occurs whenever there is a power discrepancy. Does she realize how often there is a power discrepancy between adult men and adult female sexual partners? Does the author think it should be illegal to “groom” women? Would she propose an anti-grooming law for women victims of grooming?


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40 responses to “Destroying Many Myths about Teenage Girl-Adult Man Relationships

  1. SHI

    To all teen and twenty girl lovers

    The undersigned has acquired a rare talent of casting magic spells on teenage girls simply using his “eyes” . It’s a brilliant technique which is not only easy to learn and can be effectively applied in all social situations involving women.

    The master method may or may not work on self-confident, older women because they may have robust natural defenses against predatory males. But we all know that most women suffer from poor self-esteem so if you cast your net a bit wider, you will be amazed at how successful you really can be.

    For best results, you should be at least 10 years older than the target.

    This is the ultimate in pick-up artiste manuals, only 16 pages of reading material with plenty of illustrations. The methods I describe require a little bit of practice but still it won’t take you more than 1 hour (2 hours at the most). All you need is a neat, onfident look and a life-sized mirror.

    Heading out for a vacation? Clubbing in your hometown? Maybe it’s an office crush that’s driving you crazy?

    Stop wasting money on hookers. Start applying hypnosis techniques to hook women with your “eyes”.

    I’m offering up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for just $3, exclusively for readers of this blog. I mean I can charge a hell lot more but that isn’t what I’m after. I really want to help average guys get laid more regularly. You WILL get laid, I am not bullshitting you. If interested, drop your emails right here and I will send you a payment link. All it will take is 60 seconds and the PDF is forever yours. You can freely redistribute the content as long as you acknowledge the source.

    Thanks and Bye

  2. You probably still live with your parents into your 30’s if you are anything like others of your likeness I met in India hanging around the periphery of foreigners in places like Goa or Andheri indecently propositioning Norwegian tourists.

    But I might be way off.

  3. Yee

    Traditionally thinking in a patriarchal society, sex has a value for a woman, she should be able to “gain” something from it.

    A teenage girl who doesn’t realize this rule would look like being exploited, even if she is biologically mature to enjoy sex. Therefore she’s not mentally mature.

    If I had a daughter, of course I would have forbidden early sex and even dating, just like any sane mother would have done, because mothers understand the rule. But it’s not right calling men criminals for this.

    Of course, in the PC western world, such notion is completely wrong. But Chinese mothers aren’t this progressive, so they have no problem facing the truth, and try to point the right way for their daughter.

    • Most of the Chinese women I knew who fell into a bad situation were “mistresses” of a married man who had a baby by him.

      This seemed to be common and a scourge of the Chinese-Filipino community.

  4. Yee

    Adults can be groomed. Plenty of cults do that. But I doubt teenage sex need to get that complicate.

    For a pleasurable activity, you need to be groomed not to do it, not the other way around.

    • YEE

      Speaking personally when I interacted with Chinese prostitutes they were already in their 30’s and 40’s-I was a little younger.

      I thought they were nice ladies actually. They seemed to be resigned to doing what they were doing.

      They were kind of rough frontier-type women from the Northeast though.

      You are not really destroying a 40 year old woman’s life by paying her for sex.

      • Yee

        Well, I don’t like women selling sex for money. But I understand the ways of the world, so I don’t want to condemn either side of the exchange. It won’t be changed anytime soon.

    • YEE

      Most of the Chinese prostitutes overseas are 35-45 with some outlying few in their early fifties.

      None of them seemed traumatized by it.

      We can all agree that people should not be having sex under the age of 18 or 20.

      • Yee

        People should be smart and see the truth as it is.

        Parents teach their children all kind of things, why the exception of how old to have sex? If you can teach your children don’t eat junk food don’t steal, why can’t you teach them no early sex?

        Junk food tast good but bad for your health, should the producers be called criminals?

  5. YEE

    My experience across the board with teen sex and pregnancy is that the children are from poor or broken families.

    I could even extend this to say they are from poor communities or poor regions.

    • Yee

      Americans are in a dilemma. You want a free world, but aren’t pleased with some consequences of freedom.

      • YEE

        America is great for Chinese and some whites. Most, though not all, of the problems come from stupidity.

        Of course it is also a market-driven society which encourages cynicism. Look at how cynical I am.

        Then again, I have lived in Asia for years and would not even want my body returned to the U.S.

        So there must be something wrong with the place.

        I did not like it.

        • Yee

          Trash, I have this feeling that if you had stumbled into a rightwing blog instead of Robert’s, you would have no problem being accepted as a rightwinger. You have the same mindset of them.

          The US is so fundamentally rightwing, even lefties sound right.

  6. YEE

    America is an IQ test and certain people and certain groups FAIL.

    But Chinese-Americans are not one of them.

    If you were to examine Chinese-American households this so-called Model Minority would have higher educational levels, zero teen pregnancy, zero broken homes, near-zero unemployment.

    A few Chinese males and a tiny number of Chinese females in America CHOOSE a life of crime.

    But even as criminals they are quite successful. By the time they are caught, if ever, they are running multi-million dollar crime organizations.

  7. YEE

    Chinese do well in the United States because the wisest people do the best in a free country.

    Of course Chinese-American criminals, of which there are a few, are the most brutal and ruthless killers on the face of the planet. There is great evil in the Chinatowns of New York and LA.

    But of course this is the underbelly of choice.

  8. YEE

    Do I seem Right-wing? I certainly believe Free Medical care, adequate housing and enough food to meet some dietary standard are human rights.

    That is not Right-wing in the United States.

    • Yee

      I don’t know, maybe you’re such an individualist that you sound rightwing to me.

      • YEE

        I would have to believe that everybody’s desires are slightly different in life. I like the colors of a slightly different color than perhaps you do.

        Some women like men with huge bulging muscles, others like trim men.

        Some men like a woman to have a big shapely butt and other males like women who are thin.

        See what I mean, YEE. We are all individualistic.

        I like to smoke cigarettes but I don’t drink.

      • YEE

        Some people like to drink. Others like me love to smoke cigarettes. Some people like Chinese food. Others love Indian food.

        Individuality is a fundamental thing.

      • YEE

        I’ve never met any two people that were not individuals. Who like different foods, clothes, places.

  9. YEE

    Right-wing Americans are extreme even to me. Mostly they make no rational sense because if the weak social safety net was reduced further people would eat one another, for one thing.

    America is not a great country and never was as far as I am concerned.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly WNs are being brutally honest when they say they’d like to deport NAMS or kill them. Because once the social net is gone, as you say, they will go cannibal.

      • JASON Y

        Except that Hispanics and Blacks and Jews outnumber White Nationalists who in fact are often poor themselves.

      • JASON Y

        Also ludicrous. With no social safety net whites will go into the pot simply for being on average a somewhat weaker and less aggressive race.

        Chinese and Jews will make it to the airport to countries that will absorb them.

        Even some of the Irish-Catholics, a few WASPS.

        White Nationalists will go into the metal pot.

        • Jason Y

          I guess we finally found a job good for nothing NAM parasites can do – cooking 😆 Maybe they’ll munch of on some libertarian Facebook posters – while using their computers. HA HA..

        • Jason Y

          Real white men who know how to keep NAMS in their place got more meat on their bones – Much more than scrawny cucks. So a much better feast !!! 😆

  10. YEE

    Right-wing Americans are of the mindset that the weak social safety net should be even further diminished.

    Right-wing Americans have some pretty stupid ideas about wars-which they always lose.

    Right-wing Americans usually have stupid economic ideas because they are uneducated.

    Actually Right-wing Americans are a bunch of dump peasants.

  11. Jason Y

    I think 11 – 14, maybe 13. would be the age of actual abusive relationships – what would be deemed as molestation. In that case, perhaps laws forbidding sex with older men at that age, at least, would be appropriate. Anyhow, despite all the “male rights” stuff on this blog, we cannot deny that girls are being molested. I’ve seen too many cases of it, especially in Appalachia, my home.

    Of course, the background of it is often the fact the girls live among really mentally disordered and backward people. Not being a Trash-isque snob here, but it’s a fact. Anyhow, the damage is real and cannot be ignored, even under the umbrella of angry white male rage.

    • JASON Trash-esque snob on LaBelle’s Restaurant

      Europe no longer has peasants. America does. Partly this is because the economic system in the U.S. resembles the medieval Lordships of Britain, say.

      Whites in towns and small cities are far nearer to being peasants under the thumb of the law and business-owners than ever before.

      There behavior is predictably brutish. The heavyset man with his beer cap and goatee touches the girls vagina when she is 11. She becomes sexualized and by 14 she is performing oral sex in the rows of the library-her mouth a semen sick. By the time she is 20 and finally pregnant she has sucked the cocks of many beastly men.

      It is all true Jason.

    • JASON Y

      I’m a self-made snob which is why I am realistic about socialism and social safety nets.

      I have been homeless in my youth. My background is immigrant, middle-class, with impoverished grandparents. Greater Detroit is bleak. Streets are mean.

      I’ve dragged the Polish unemployed autoworker off his wife he is beating, been mugged, seen addicts of crack cocaine.

      I’m cynical. I know that the society and the government views the angry white male who is poor as a peasant, to be kept under the thumb of law.

      It is why I left Greater Detroit and then America.

  12. Jason Y

    Typically hillbillies – you know the same type who mock pussies like me, lol, and post-Facebook posts saying society has gotten too soft. They’re the cocksuckers doing the molestation, along with Amerindian, black, and Latino rejects.

    However, on the bright side, dick-wad hillbillies are fun to be around and can always tell a joke, just don’t let them near your daughter, and don’t let a few of them near your balls. 😆

    • JASON Y

      And also their states require Federal Assistance or they would all starve to death for they lack the intelligence and networking of Jews or Asian as well as the pure brute strength of blacks who could for some degree of time survive in a state of anarchy until the food supply ran out.

    • JASON Y “Mocking the Pussies”

      After their third assault which yields some minor amount of meth in their possession or their DUI which reveals the pound of grass when they go to the pen instead of county they cry and weep as the NAMS rule the roost with utter ruthless psychopathy as well sheer brutishness.

      The “Wiseguys” if they are on the East Coast laugh at their lack of street smarts and foolishness.

      Most of them are “turned out”. We see the prison specials and the make up rouge around their eyes. Blacks turn them into a receptacle for Crip semen.

      Their complaints seem to boil down to blacks being tougher and Jews being tougher-minded.

      So who is weak? The Chinese-American model minority. The South Asians. The Jews they so bitterly complain about. Definitely not the blacks or Hispanics.

  13. Jason Y

    I can see why some of these diner waitresses are douchebag bitches. I’d be one too if I was female and grew up in a such a disordered environment of so much molestation. NONETHELESS, I want to fry these bitches anyhow. Make them lose their job. Why? Cause they hurt my feelings, boo hooo …. 😆

    • JASON Y

      Most of them have minor criminal records anyhow. The employment is merely an interval between their next stint in jail, the probate court, rehab.

      They are angry because their vagina was touched when they were 14. They are angry because males used their mouth like a semen sink. They are angry because the man who impregnated them is reluctant to put forth child support.

      • Jason Y

        They are angry because the man who impregnated them is reluctant to put forth child support.

        Except they are being douchebags – angry at the people who didn’t cause their problem.

        • JASON Y

          It is why people who are elitist don’t want to live around them. Or in my case, just move to another country where those people cannot go.

          There is a reason rich people want to live in the South of France.

          I cannot afford to live in the South of France but I would not want to live around those people or even walk the streets of their districts

          This is the ultimate conundrum in the U.S.

          People in so-called Blue Hives don’t want to be in cities, regions or even states around poor, angry and violent people.

    • JASON Y The Freeway Phantom is Back to Weigh In

      Their mouth has been a semen sink for the penises of beastly men. They have knelt in 20 dirty places, perhaps 40 in their life. Some have done if for money or a hit of cocaine mixed with baking soda or because their father was indifferent to them.

      The men who impregnated them do not want to pay.

      They are a receptacle.

      They know it.

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