There has been a lot of talk in the Delphi Murders that the two girls were possibly “catfished” off of social media.

A lot of people do not know what catfishing is. Briefly, it is when an older man pretends to be a teenage boy or young boy in order to get young underage girls from preteens through teens to do sexual things on camera, or send him nude images of themselves, or to meet him somewhere to engage in sexual activity.

Here is a recent example of catfishing.

This sack of skin seduced girls all the way down to age 9. What a jerk. What an idiot. This guy’s not cool at all.


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71 responses to “Catfishing

  1. Willy von Niggerstick

    12 years is a bit excessive though. He didn’t physically hurt the girls and they exposed themselves willingly. He could have got less time for rape or manslaughter.


    Why the obsession with young inexperienced girls. Conceivably an 18 year old has sucked enough penises and screwed enough men to understand the fundamentals of male pleasure.

    Younger than that?

    What is the point. No experience. No adult female passion.

    • Trash, men like this are obviously fixated pedophiles. It’s clearly a paraphilia and also a sexual orientation that is biological in nature and furthermore is incurable. That is what is going on here.

      40% of 18 year olds are still virgins. I have dated a few 18 year old girls recently, and I had an 18 year old girlfriend several years ago. Two of them were complete virgins, never even been kissed. That’s not so unusual. You err in thinking that 18 year old girls have a lot of sexual experience.

      Teenage girls under age 18 can be very good fucks. I had sex with quite a few of them as a teenage boy and even more from age 18-21 as a young adult. They’re a blast. And they’re horny as Hell, as horny as any adult woman. They often don’t have a lot of experiences, but they are very willing to learn, and it is fun to teach them. One of the best fucks I ever had in my whole life was an 18 year old girl when I was 17. A total maniac in bed, cumdrunk the whole time. You err in thinking that teenage girls lack the sexual passion of an adult female.

      I agree that if you are not a fixated pedophile, it is rather weird to get all excited about teenage girls just because they are young.

      As we get older, it is more and more of a compliment if young females like us. It feels a lot better if a woman in her 20’s or better yet, 18-19, stare at me and check me out than if a woman my age does because it is so much harder to get a young woman to look at me.

      Most young women do not like men my age at all, and if you can still attract them, you got it going on bigtime. And at my age, the only men I know who still date young women aged 18-30 are pretty much Ultimate Alphas with good looks for their age and especially the best Game in the whole world. Your average man in his 50’s simply cannot pull this off.

      So if you still get young women my age, it is a compliment that shows that at least you probably have incredible Game. So it is sort of bragging rights if you can still get young women at my age. It’s not that they are better but more that you are doing the impossible. You are doing something that few men your age can even pull off. So it makes you feel very good that you can best most men your own age and that you look and feel young enough to still get young women.

      So older men like young women mostly for bragging rights and to show off their youth or sexual prowess. It’s not that young women are better than older women. In fact, in many cases it is the opposite. And older women is better than an 18-29 year old woman in lots of ways.

      • ROBERT

        There must be some atavistic primitive hunter instinct that motivates these type of offenders. Cavemen being wired to rape the youngest and most fertile females.

        A kind of stalker instinct.

  3. Yee

    The Telegraph show me advertising in Chinese. And another one on saving plans for expats in China.
    Impressive commercial staff…

  4. YEE

    China is a magical and mystical place for the Westerner. It always has been. I’ve learned and grown overseas.

  5. YEE

    That ain’t nothing new Yee. Jews have been in Beijing for so long nobody even remembers where they came from or how.

    If I had loads of money I would live in Hong Kong.

    As for white men seeking to be naked with Chinese women, what can be said?

  6. Annmarie

    Maybe the girls didn’t fall under the true definition of cat-phishing, some predators use other tactics to lure, keeping in mind small town girls vs suburban & city girls, who mind you seem to be a tad more experienced with boys at a young age.
    I think it was a crime of opportunity the more I see what people are chatting about and how they have reacted. Also, Robert, your article was very insightful, I would take your point of view over it all. I apologize for calling you Richard the other day, no matter how many times I type in the correct word, autocorrect feels she knows better 🙂

  7. Anyway it’s quite common that disgusting old men try to manipulate young girls and boys, often on some sites where they talk about stuff like boy bands or play games.

    You are not referring you and me I hope? 18 is legal age, Betty.

    LOL some pretty funny stories there.

  8. Emily

    Actually, catfishing is not just old men. The actual definition is:

    lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

    Anyone can catfish, not just creepy old dudes. The phrase was started by Nev Schulman, star of the movie Catfish and MTV’s television show of the same name, after discovering the young woman he was in an online relationship with was actually a middle aged woman with questionable mental issues. His show helps people connect with those that they have online relationships with and find out if their online love is a real person or a “catfish”.

    That being said, if the girls were catfished, then literally ANYONE could have been on the other end. I understand that you believe that the girls were sexually assaulted (which is a fair assumption, although it has not been verified by LE as of yet) which is probably why you defined a catfish in terms of an older man attempting to secure contact with a younger girl (not to mention the image of the man released by LE), but I wanted to clarify that not all catfishes are pedophiles.

  9. Jason Y

    Actually, they had a show on TV where they did the opposite. Cops pretended to be kids to lure in adult pedophiles and teenage lovers and then put the cuffs on them. So how anti-male was this show? Is there an agenda?

  10. To Catch a Predator. Bullshit show. They had to make the fake girls 14. I think they tried little girls at first and got few responses. Then they went up to 12, and not enough guys would take the hook. They tried 13, and that didn’t work that great either.

    They had to drive the age all the way to 14 to get volume of responses that they did! So if these men were rejecting all girls 13 and below and 14 was as low as they would go, that’s not a pedophile at all. That’s the opposite of a pedophile. That’s not even a hebephile. The 11, 12 and 13 year old girls would be like candy to a baby for them.

    On the other hand, a lot men who are sexually normal agewise would indeed put the lower limit somewhere around 14. Girls that age are fully developed physically in some respects, but they sort of have boys’ bodies. I call them sticks. They don’t have enough curves on them yet. But at that age a girl retains barely enough woman to interest a normal man.

    So you busted a bunch of completely normal yet foolish, idiotic and feckless men who were dumb enough to violate as Social Taboo that has been enforced by a pretty nasty law.

    It doesn’t matter if laws are dumb or insane and anyway, 14 year old girls should probably be protected from most men aged, say, 19 and over. Certainly from older men like me. They definitely need to be protected from guys like me. As long as that law is there, I might talk to them, but that’s it. Also we need a law to protect us men from ourselves. That includes me. I want a law to protect me from myself so I don’t do anything so brazen and dumb that I could go to prison for some time.

    Some people in society need to be protected. Some need to be protected as predatory members of society. And a lot us need to be protected from our own damn selves.

    I hate to think of what I might do if 14 year old girls were legal. I don’t even want to have the legal right to do certain things.


    • Jason Y

      Yeah, definitely I will agree it’s a cruel show cruel, that is, to normal men, with normal sex drives It’s another case feminazism. It has to stop.

  11. Beauregard

    If you had a daughter would you want her dating someone old enough to be her father/grandfather?

    Psychological maturity does have a lot to do with it. These older men are seen as untrustworthy and manipulative.

    • Jason Y

      You see it in the Phillippines all the time – but it isn’t considered an abomination there. But isn’t it racist to say Filipino 18-year-olds can date 60-year-old guys but American ones cannot? That’s saying American and other white women are superior. What else could anyone draw from it?

      • Jason Y

        The truth of the matter, though, is the Filipinos want money. American women have nothing financially to gain from older men, usually.

        • Try putting the moves on a Chinese-Filipino businessman’s daughter or a Spanish Mestizos sister.

          Have a return ticket ready with your suitcase packed bro.

      • JASON Y Correction

        I put the moves on a 19 year old daughter of a Chinese-Filipino who is now the volunteer spokesperson for Duterte.

        He sure moved me on quickly.

        • Jason Y

          Well, some of them have balls I guess. We don’t want to think they’re all push-overs over there do we ?? But again, the upper classes have pride but it’s all a “for sale” market with everyone else.

        • Jason Y

          Actually, I sort of wish some of them had more pride. It’s disgusting the amount of self-hate. Contrast that with a lot of Koreans who think they are the Asian master race.

        • Yee

          It’s bad on either extreme. No pride at all is painful to see, too much is ridiculous, a sign of insecurity.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah – you got that right, Yee.

  12. What if your daughter is over the age of 18? Would you still feel that way?

    I date women who could easily be my daughters and even my granddaughters pretty regularly. I am also 60 and I still date 18 year old girls somehow or other. Which is doing the impossible, actually.

    • Jason Y

      After the 15th birthday, the line between mature and immature is murky. In that case, the best legal age should be 15, not 18. Nonetheless, the law has to be followed – it’s not worth it to break the law – no matter how douchebag it is.

      • It seriously needs to be 16. California is fucked in the head. We are such a progressive state and here we are with this Victorian Age AOC law of 18. Fuck this. Hey California legislature! Lower the California AOC to 16 like the rest of the damn country!

        That would mean I could date 16 and 17 year olds, but I have seen a few 16 and 17 year olds around in the past several years, and I don’t think it would be harmful for me or any other man to date them.

        There is another thing to consider though and that is societal attitudes other than the law. Even with an AOC of 16, guys as old as I am would be taking a risk with a 16 year old girl or even a 17 year old girl. I mean if I did that, I might get punched in the face. If if it were legal that might happen. I Googled 18 year old girl and 60 year old man and came up with a surprising number of cases, mostly of baffled pages of girls’ parents. A lot of the people said even though it was legal the proper way to deal with the 60 year old guy was to punch him in the face.

        • Beauregard

          Bob, it may be unjust, but I just don’t see what your not getting.

          Women have always been regarded as the weaker gender. Men are protective of them.
          This is exacerbated by an age difference.

          Men regard their 18 year old daughters as especially weak and a 60 year old seasoned player as especially slick.

          Now, obviously, it’s all bullshit. But this is just what has been passed down from the days of the Bible.

        • Beauregard

          what you‘re not getting

  13. Beauregard


    You refute the argument of psychological maturity by saying it is not reached until age 25.

    But people would stare at a 60 year old and 18-25 year old as well.
    So they are not inconsistent in that.

  14. Beauregard

    Do 15 year old girls feel more comfortable ‘exploring’ with an adult, as they are seen as more knowledgeable/mature/trustworthy. Or are they just sluts?
    I’m confused.

    (where I come from, a red-state, this is unheard of. It could also be because people tend to age badly as it is the #2 most obese state)

  15. Jason Y

    Maybe Robert should be angry at conservative Dads who turn their daughters into southern belles. Wouldn’t they be the ones demanding such laws? Dads, assuming they aren’t trashy scumbags are normally very suspicious of men calling their daughters up. In fact, here’s a thought, maybe they’re just as douchebag as the feminazis. You think ???

  16. JASON Y

    Sometimes fathers preside sincerely over their daughters in the working-class but these girls become defiant by their middle-teens and slutty.

    Please do not bullshit me bro, I know life for the white prole female who moans about how lousy her single-parent life is when she is 35 with the two kids.

    There are the furtive blowjobs, the slutty screwing in the back of lowriders, the perverse admiration for the thugs and scumbags who live on the male muscle, finally the child at 22.

    These teen girls are determined to rebel.

    No sympathy.

    Much of it is simply IQ. Jews, Asians and WASPS manage to reach 20 before the engage in sexuality activity. But the poor white Anglo like the black or Hispanic has somehow evolved to engage in sexual activity most frenetically in their teens.

    No sympathy at all bro.

    Then at 35, with children from two different men and circles under their eyes, they stare with anger at those who were jerking off in high school while they were having cramming sex with cholos, thugs and bangers in the backseats of cars or the parks or even cheap hotels.

    • Yee

      So you think age of consent should be 20?

      • YEE

        Eighteen makes sense but most teenagers ignore. I had a petting session with a 40 year old woman when I was 17.

        With women it makes sense because if you are a young girl and have a baby you are in a bad situation for the rest of your life.

    • Jason Y

      Well, I have some sympathy. These women are only human. Note, deep down the nerds want to do the same thing – but for various reasons they cannot…

    • LOL dang Trash, you banned yourself, stayed away for 24 hours, and then came back. I’m not sure I would want you to come over to my house. You would probably always promise to leave but never go and end up living with me. LOL

      • Yee

        The man is lonely living in a foreign country. I even heard stories that Chinese sent to work in Africa got so bored, they chase chickens in the yard for fun.

        • YEE

          I am not lonely overseas but I do have time on my hands to blog. Besides it is interesting to read the opinion of a Chinese woman. In real life of course, nobody expresses their opinions. As Confucius wrote, people only use the words they want to be judged for.

          On blogs they can express their inner-cynic.

          And also be judged by it.

          I’m overseas by choice. Like those Chinese born in the Northeast or the Southwest who have no choice but to see their fortune outside their own country, I had no choice but to leave the United States young.

        • YEE

          I have been overseas a long time. Eighteen years. That is probably most of your lifetime.

        • Yee

          I believe people would feel lonely living among foreigners, especially if you don’t speak their language. Difference in cultures is real. Plus it’s difficult to make new friends when you’re a grown up, not real friends anyway, just acquaintance for dinners or drinks or business.

      • ROBERT

        I have to express my inner-cynic. The asshole who is a pervert, bigot, skeptic, judgmental would-be elitist.

        Occasionally in real-life when I have run my mouth on somebody they simply broke into a run chasing me with the intent of pummeling me. So I have learned to wear the mask of pleasantry. Few can be bothered to see through it.

        None of us really want to know others feel deep down.

      • ROBERT

        At one time I was a magazine editor and contributing writer. I find it hard not to write.

  17. Anna

    Hi Robert, I have 2 questions for you. 1. Are you thinking that this is someone from out of state or could there still be a small possibility it’s a local? 2. Why didn’t the police ever release any type of profile info on BG? With all the fed expertise there, it must have been done fairly quickly in February. Why not release some of the details if all of it is too compromising to case? Thanks for all your great work on this, fascinating to read!

    • Welcome to the site, hun.

      Sure, my POI is from out of state, from Iowa. But of course I am not sure that he did it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.

      Not sure about profiling. It is not as easy to do as you think, and profiling has been much criticized as inaccurate. Many profiles have turned out to be flat out wrong, so it’s not really a very good tool.

      If you love the site, why not contribute? The blog runs on contributions.

  18. ROBERT

    I lived in India and worked for Indians in India. This left me with opinions I feel compelled to express. Some of the posters from India will get angry at my opinions.

    Yet, I must express my opinions.

  19. YEE

    Truthfully countries like China and the U.S. have areas so depressed economically that many people have to leave. There is simply no option. It is the same in the Northeast of China.

    • Yee

      Northeast is bad, but it’s not the worst. China still has close to 50% rural population, they’d be quite happy to get Northeast level income.

      China is only 6% smaller than Europe, but the regional disparity is far greater than Europe. So you’ll see very different Chinese moving around.

      • Beauregard

        As TRASH has said many times, geographic area has a lot to do with it in and of itself.
        Individual countries in Europe are all vastly smaller than China or USA in terms of land area.

        An open economy with the EU could help to send them on path of great regional disparity. Businesses move to areas where the tax codes are slightly better with ease, leaving many regions behind (although China obviously has a different system so I can not comment)

        Data-based industries in the U.S. moved to coastal cities entirely as we became a more ‘connected world’ (internet, etc.) while Blue-collar work moved over seas.

        These are some main causes of disparity.

        • Yee

          Geography indeed effects economics greatly, and it’s been so throughout history. Since the age of exploration, coastal areas started to prosper, more so due to industrialization because transportation is more important than land scale. Now it’s just Matthew Effect, accumulated advantage.

          Blue-collar work movimg overseas also due to the lower in cost of transportation. Profit is everything for capital.

        • Yee

          There’s something quite interesting about history of Europe and China, too.

          Since China become unified in 220 BC, all wars kept the country together. About the same time, since Roman Empire, all wars broke Europe to pieces.

          And China is about the same size of Europe. I suspect culture played a role in this.

  20. YEE

    Many Chinese leave their village but return when they have made money.

    In the case of an American from a post-industrial city there is nothing to return to.

    Much LIKE China, as you may have now discovered, the main areas of importance are on the coastlines.

    I moved to Dubai in 1999 in June and left in April 2001. At this point I vacationed in Philippines from April to August 2001 and at that point moved to Canada where I worked until 2003. In 2003 I moved to back to the Gulf-I lived in Kuwait, Oman, Dubai over 7 years. In 2008 I lived in India. In 2010 I moved to Philippines and lived there until 2013. In 2013 I lived Bangladesh for 3 months. I’ve lived in Thailand and traveled to China since then, with one vacation to Cambodia.

    My point is that I have lived overseas many years and it has been a choice.

    • Yee

      Of course it’s a choice if you can come and go as you want. But I still think people get lonely away from their country.

      Chinese peasants indeed can always go back home farming if they fail in the cities, which is why we don’t have large number of homeless in the cities. Farming won’t make you rich, but could cover all the basics of living down to Internet connection. Just don’t get cancer, medical security only cover 80% of the cost.

      • Jason Y

        80 percent ?? That’s still really good.

        • JASON Y

          Why do you think Michigan disgusts me so much. Asia is simply marching into the future while a landlord bungles the country in a long convoluted series of scandals, wiretapping accusations towards some president out of the office long ago, mixed up on some shadowy level with Russians etc.

  21. YEE

    Once you are overseas as long as I have been you begin to see patterns in countries.

    My own is in decline.

    • Yee

      You see too far into the future.

      The US only declines in very few industries, apart from that, it still has great advantage in most fields.

      • YEE

        Even Chinese areas of North America can be dangerous and even poor Chinese-Americans have dangerous gangs.

        We can argue that this is one of the horrors of capitalism, or perhaps a society where a few whites and Jews at the top of the wealth pyramid build walls as China once did because they simply do not want to part ways with the sort of money it would require to form a social safety net that solved robbery, drug abuse, gangs, illegal activities of all kinds.

        The argument would be pointless anyhow.

        Robert himself has noted that even for university graduates and former psychologists the problem of crime is pervasive. You cannot really escape the risks of the dangerous streets and entire neighborhoods are no-go zones.

        Living in other countries also expands your sense of perception.

      • YEE

        This could be true but vast cities are now uninhabitable.

        Even Chinese-Americans have created some pockets that are dangerous for whites. Your own ethnic group-mostly young males but some females as well-have created “no-go” areas in Vancouver, NYC (Only a few streets of course) and LA. Even Chinese-Americans have a vast underclass.

        We could argue that this is the horror of a society that is not collectivist and capitalist where different races do not care about other races or their situation.

        The argument would not be important.

        The point being that in a capitalist country when economics deem an area or region no longer important it simply collapses. Those that cannot leave can expect little in the way of government funding. Cities become ghost towns.

        • Yee

          Well, I speak on economics point of view and you on society.

          I see the problems in the cities are just a transition period. As long as the overall economics is still stable, society will adjust itself after a chaotic period. You see this in every drastic change in economics

      • YEE

        This could be true but cannot really stop a decline that is rooted in a multi-ethnic society where-let’s be honest-whites and Jews feel a certain disgust for the other races who feed off their table scraps in a system of incredible inequality.

        No government buffer exists when regions become a “no purchase” which leads to dense concentrations of wealth in tiny pockets along the coast.

        In globalist economy great advantages do not necessarily keep the earnings in a particular community. If the owner of the company lives in South France and banks his money in Switzerland and the workers live in a province of China very little of that money will trickle back into the pockets of the U.S. economy.

        • Yee

          Globalization was excellent in colonization days, still good when technology could be monopolized, getting tough now in low-tech fields.

          I say blame the greed of capita growing faster than technology.

  22. YEE

    China is a single country and Europe was series of different civilizations and countries.

    This would be the fundamental reason for the historical difference.

    It did not help that China exported from its Northwest province various raiding barbarian tribes that sacked Rome, invaded Eastern Europe and even established their own country of Hungary.

    • Yee

      Both Europe and China suffered invasions from the same barbarian nomads. But the fact remains, China stayed unified, Europe stayed broken. China was also different civilizations before unified.

  23. Europe was never unified because it was never a single country. That would be like “unifying” China and Korea and Japan and Mongolia and Burma.

    Racially speaking the difference between an Italian and a German or Swede if far greater than that of Chinese and Koreans or even Chinese and Japanese.

    Europe is a race and continent.

    • Yee

      Japan tried that. They wanted all East Asia and South East Asia to be theirs. Another of the barbarians. They still want it, I have no doubt.

      China become unified by war. Before that it was Warring States. What I mean interesting is that all the later wars didn’t make us break back to pieces.

  24. YEE

    Overall stability and individual GDP are economic facts of life. And in the United States society and economics are inexorably woven into a single tapestry.

  25. Technically, you guys are supposed to take this off-topic OT stuff over to Open Topic. There’s not one post over there yet.

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