Websleuths: One of the More Worthless Sites on the Internet

kbfontenot: Just yesterday I tried to post something from here onto Websleuths and they forbid it. Is there a reason why they would? I am new to their website and do not know all their rules. For the past couple of weeks I have read your posts faithfully and think your take on this case is very interesting and knowledgeable. Are we not allowed to share any of any thing printed here?

I’m not even going to link to that site because it’s a waste of time to even visit it one time.

They hate me over there for no good reason. That site is crap. You can only post stuff from the media or LE, and I’m neither. Since I am neither media nor LE, nothing I say is true. The only bearers of truth, knowledge or even knowing are the anointed ones like the illustrious lying media, law enforcement who won’t tell us one damn thing about anything ever, and I guess God. And Mom.

The rest of us have no knowledge nor do we even have a sense of knowing or the capability of such. Every single thing we think has be to be checked out with “The Knowing Ones” before we decide anything about anything. Other than that, we are supposed to walk around all day saying, “We don’t know…we’re not sure…God hasn’t confirmed that yet…Are you sure?…You can’t trust your own eyes you know – they’re only stupid eyeballs and half the stuff you see isn’t even there.”

They have the most insane skepticism of everything over here. I think the people on that site even question what their own names are. I guess they have to go call the cops or the media or Mommy or whoever to make sure their name is really their name.

This type of lunatic skepticism of almost everything is not helpful, and trust me, detectives do not work this way. They operate on all sorts of things, mostly hunches. They are formulating and revising theories all the time, junking old theories, trying on news ones, getting excited about some POI’s, then junking them when they’re no good, going back over cleared people. The only concepts detectives rely on is hunches, theorizing, opinion making, intuition, assumption and guesswork, all of which is not allowed on that idiot site.

If detectives had to work according to the rules on that idiot site, no crime would ever get solved. Hell, the detectives probably couldn’t even show up for work because in order to even get out of bed in the morning you have to make endless generalizations, guesswork, theorizing, Stereotyping and opinionizing. All of which are outlawed on that asinine website. No crime will ever be solved on Websleuths. They should change that stupid site to Watch Cops Solve Crimes.

You are not allowed to do any sleuthing of any human being ever on that site! There is no sleuthing whatsoever on Web Sleuths! You can’t sleuth POI’s! Tell cops they can’t sleuth POI’s, and see how many crimes get solved. How the Hell do you ever expect to solve one crime ever if you can’t sleuth out POI’s? Rumors? Nope, despite the fact that detectives wallow in such things and never call them that. Opinions? Nope, not really. Stating opinion as fact? This is an essential part of the detective toolkit and this is banned too. Looking at rumors to see if there is anything to any of them. Nope. All rumors are inherently false!

That site is utterly worthless. I never learn one thing when I go there because 95% of the relevant information about the case is banned. So what you have is people throwing MOO, my opinion only, and tossing out all sorts of wild and often idiotic speculation. Those threads are just a case of speculation run amok. A lot of the speculation is idiotic and senseless. You can’t point anything, like see that gun in that photo? Nope, can’t point that out cuz God or the cops or Mommy hasn’t told them it’s really a gun yet.

The narrators are some of the worst narrator Nazis I’ve even seen on the Net. The rules are so restrictive that posting on there is like trying to dance in a room so small you can barely move your arms or your legs. You try to write up a post and you go through five drafts because no matter what you try to say, it seems to be banned under one of their arcane and convoluted rules. The Rules are so nuts and weird and always-changing that I think they were made up by someone with Mongoloid Syndrome.

Just forget Web Sleuths. It’s nothing but a waste of time and a great big circle jerk. Completely pointless.

You want to talk about the case? Come here. We don’t have the answers, but you can say whatever you want and I don’t have my head up my ass like so many people.

Here is another good site where you can say whatever the Hell you want to about the site. It’s called Dreamin’ Demon and it’s for people who are into the dark side of life. They’re sort of sick, but I am starting to think that these sick people have more common sense than all these dogooders out there. They way more sensible than the clowns on Reddit (SJW Central Command) or Facebook (Internet Firing Squad). Mostly really cool people in the threads and they don’t allow hating, which is good as it destroys all communication anyway.


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18 responses to “Websleuths: One of the More Worthless Sites on the Internet

  1. April

    Pfff I can’t thank you enough for writing this! That site is unreal, you can’t say shit….. All they do is repeat themselves and everyone telling everyone “oh that’s not allowed” well than wtf can we say? “Oh you can’t talk about that person” “Oh do you have a link for saying it was sunny outside” like are you serious !!!! Not to mention if you don’t put “IMO” you will have 20 people telling you that’s a no no as if your 9 years old. Good lord. Idk what they expect people to comment about honestly. Makes no damn sense. NONE 😂 Again THANK YOU

  2. April

    I’m putting your site on my home page and will not read often ! Imma a fan lol

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Dreamin Demon! Can we post names here? I see only initials are allowed on those sleuth sites.

  4. AllyKat

    Many members of this worthless website Websleuths.com have been known to bully other members and drive them away from posting on the site. These members operate under a gang-like mentality and attack any new posters who share different opinions from their own. The forum has lost many valuable contributors since its inception. The mini-modding there by some is ridiculous and the mods themselves are of no help.

    The staff of Websleuths thrive on drama and talking crap about other members in private messages. These folks are of no help to law enforcement and will hinder any police investigation with their bizarre and outlandish theories relating to any case.

    Ronald Logan is having his name dragged through the mud, and he is being labeled a suspect by this website in the Delphi homicides. They have said without any doubt that Ronald Logan is the man seen on the bridge that day, which is simply not true. They have decided the property owner is guilty without knowing all the facts of this case and the twists and turns in it. This man is innocent, but his life may be ruined now because of this. There are people in Delphi who may not know any better than to believe what is being said about him.

    Logan is being used as a scapegoat in this investigation, and now people online and in his community are wishing harm upon him. This does nothing to help find the real killer of these two young girls, who I believe has fled the state by now. I believe the crime was not sexual in nature like many amateur sleuths are saying but rather a simple, well-planned execution style murder of two young girls out walking that day.

    I believe the girls were forced down the hill and shot in the head by a small handgun. I know the killer had a gun on him that day because you can see it clearly in the still photos they have of him. I haven’t thought about WHY the girls were killed but I believe the man on the bridge may have been owed money or drugs by a person related to the girls, and he came dressed in a disguise to commit this crime.

  5. Hi Robert, I’ve been absorbed in your fine site since early this morning. A lot of people today don’t know this, but back during the Laci Peterson case, WS was at its peak because there was a person on there who helped sort through it, which caught LE’s attention – someone just like you.

    He came up with a valid timeline before Laci’s and Connor’s bodies were found. Once he put forth his theory of how Scott did it, WS shot to fame. That was also during an earlier, easier time for the internet when crime websites were smaller. Many have come and gone, and since then WS has sold a few times.

    I however was never in their inner cliche. While I don’t know if WS does this, those sites often have separate, private threads where the hierarchy, their perceived elite members, are invited to post. This unfortunately in turn creates an ‘us against them’ mentality against the perceived lower caste. It’s just silly. I know this because I was a mod on a smaller site back then with admin privileges.

    The private upper threads are not moderated at all because members there don’t mix much with everyone else except to dip in now and again and make commentary. And ‘everyone else’ has no idea this is even going on — but it serves to answer why some of the bashing and arrogance isn’t (or may not be) dealt with by the mods. See?

    After our site closed, I got my toes wet over at WS which was also when the LP case was solved; it was just very exciting to watch it go down. One day, because I use AOL (they said), they wouldn’t allow me to be a member anymore. I didn’t post much anyway. That was some years ago. I tried again to get in a couple of years ago, just to see if I could but nope – still no AOL addresses allowed.

    They still send me their yearly auto “Happy Birthday” message each year, although it’s just from an old, old list that no one has ever updated. But back in the day, WS was a different place. And as always, it’s the people involved who either make it or break it. So sorry to hear that you cannot post your ideas, because just look what happened over there, once upon a time, with the LP case.

    Best wishes,


  6. Michelle

    I signed up for that site, just so I could see certain photos that people post, because you can’t see or do anything but read unless you are a member. I have yet to get my confirmation email about it.
    I do, however, agree with what you said about the site. Some of the posts are from people who watch too many movies or tv. Bad ones, at that.
    I had only heard of the site from the A&E show The Killing Fields, so I thought I’d check it out. I skimmed through the pages(!) on the Delphi murders and got so frustrated. They are bringing numerology and dyslexia into it. I actually learned about your site through WS, glad I did.
    Dreamin Demon is awesome and has some great comments, but if you are even the slightest bit offended, stay away.

  7. I am SO fed up! Robert, you need to add a forum to your page.

  8. James Delp

    Robert, I think that the speculation that this POI might be a local person around Delphi is no longer plausible. I have lived in small towns of only a few thousand population and the local police know of all the weirdos. This guy would have been caught within a few hours. For instance, one night someone broke into the local drugstore and instead of trying to steal drugs they just made a big mess of things and spread a few bags of flour around. The local cop thought, “Who would do this? Rick D., of course.” So the local cop drove over to Rick D’s house and asked to see Rick’s shoes. Sure enough, Rick’s shoes were a perfect match for the tracks left in the flour and Rick was busted. I don’t know much about pedophiles but if they’re anything like homosexuals, this means they are romantically and sexually attracted to a specific demographic of the population. Actually getting some sort of pleasure or satisfaction from killing members of that demographic puts them into a whole different category of weird. The Delphi Police are probably looking for a needle in a haystack and if this needle were in Delphi they would have found it by now.

  9. James Delp

    Robert, it’s fun sleuthing with you, but I have another bone to pick. You think that this was “a simple, well-planned execution” of these two girls. You probably chose that theme because it comports with your theory that one of the girls was pregnant and that the POI was trying to coax that girl into some sort of a backstreet abortion but things went dreadfully wrong. If this were so well-planned, then why would the POI leave behind a pile of semen on the abdomen of one of the girls from which LE would be able to get his DNA? How many people do you know would find the bleeding, mutilated body of someone they just murdered to be sexually attractive? This guy is a one-in-a-million longshot and a sexual psycho. He needs to be caught before he strikes again. I know you desperately want him to be caught as much as LE does and I commend you both.

    • That is not what I believe at all. I have abandoned the back alley abortion theory and I am not sure if either girl was pregnant.

      Where did you get this idea that the killer ejaculated on one girl’s stomach? This is the first I have heard of that one before.

      I do think he was a sexual psychopath. That’s clear. But there may also have been something else going on in the c case, like two killers.

      And there’s way more men than one in a million who get aroused by a scenario like that, trust me. Most of them just never act on it is all. One man kills while one hundred men dream! Or one thousand men. Or ten thousand men.

    • You might want to head over to the private threads. I know it costs money, but there’s ~150 other sleuths in there and you can bounce ideas off them all day. Also you will get up to score on the latest of what I believe and don’t believe about the crime. Plus there’s a whole mountain of evidence in there.

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