Updated March 17: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abigail Williams

Note to commenters: Please stop referring to Unsub as a pedophile. He may well be one, but that’s something that can be determined from this crime as it was not a pedophilic offense. Instead, this was a hebephilic offense. And the perpetrator could certainly be seen as a hebephile, although he’s not necessarily one. If you want to refer to the nature of the offense, use the word hebephilic instead of pedophilic. If you wish to refer to Unsub’s paraphilia, please refer to him as a hebephile and not a pedophile.

Thank you so much for this. I am getting tired of words being misused. And now we are being scientific on the board.

And you all just learned a new word –  hebephile! I will not tell you what it means. Instead I will send you off to discover that yourself, which is not difficult at all.

Huge update with major changes in my analysis of the case.

Sexually-motivated double homicide of two teenage girls, one 13 and the other 14. For some background on this heartbreaking case, see here.

This is an update of the case as of March 17, 2017. Some updates to address criticisms, though obviously nothing that I could possibly write here would ever shut up the haters.

How Do I Know All This Stuff?

First: How do I know all this stuff?

Question: “Robert, How Do You Know So Much about Serial Killers, Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Sexual Sadists?”

I have done a lot of research on this case including released information, rumors and borderline areas such as cryptic statements by LE. I have also spoken to people close to the case, including those close to the search party and law enforcement investigation of this case. I also spoke to other sleuthers and people interested in the case. Some were associated with missing persons groups. I have pretty good sleuthing skills involving research. This includes digging through background information databases online and other sorts of web research. However, I will say that I am getting my very best information from people who are close to the girls’ families. Of all of the  rumors and information I get, this is some of the best.

This is the source of some of my material.

Other information is derived from my own theorizing about the case. This includes offender profiling.

So there’s the source of all of the information.

I am really getting sick and tired of saying this, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. The only thing that is represented as fact as statements sourced from LE or the media.

And incidentally, the way I wrote up the case is precisely how detectives work a case. Detectives do not work cases using the scientific method. If they did, they would hardly solve one case. It’s more “We believe this for now…this is true for now…at the moment, this is what we think happened…we believe…” They are throwing out endless theories about what really happened and accepting them as (temporary) facts. They are then continuously revising and throwing out theories and creating new ones.

Being  a detective is about being wrong. Not just once, but being wrong over and over so many times your head will want to come off. If you can’t handle being wrong, then detective work is surely not for you. Finally detectives arrive at enough information to file a case against someone, but a lot of that is not factual either. They believe he did the crime. They believe that this, that, or the other happened with no way to really prove it – it’s just what they conjecture.

If he is convicted, then the theory that he did the crime is validated as fact, but I am not sure what other evidence is. And even court decisions are not scientific fact because they get overturned all the time. There are not a whole lot of 100% certain, clear scientific facts in LE work, detective work on the judicial system itself. A good portion of the decisions made turn out to be theories, temporary but unstable facts, beliefs, hunches and guesswork, all represented as fact in the court.

If you have issues with theories, opinions and what not, just quit reading and get the Hell off my site right now and never come back. I am really getting sick and tired of this BS.

I am pessimistic once again about this case. It seems that are so many fantastic suspects and POI’s that I can’t even keep track of them. That’s a b ad sign right there.

My Musings on This Case

Rumors state that Libby was killed on 2-13, possibly pretty quickly, and Abby died or 2-14. The published obits state those dates. This has been confirmed to me by sources close to law enforcement. There is a rumor that the families chose those dates as death dates. Obit info is supposed to come from coroner’s report.

However, new information shows that funeral parlors and even newspaper obits do not follow standard policy, which is to go by the coroner’s report. Instead, many funeral houses and newspaper obits simply list the dates of death as whatever the family said they were, or perhaps they toss coins to see which day it was,  or God knows what they do.

Anyway, it’s all pretty unprofessional, and we cannot take obit dates and funeral notices to mean much of anything necessarily. Conclusion: Nobody knows. Libby died in 2-13 and Abbie may have too, or perhaps she died on 2-14. People close to the case are giving both scenarios as absolute proven fact,  and they can’t both be true. This is still completely up in the air as far as I can tell. Sources: People close to LE, obituaries, funeral notices, people who worked in industries that used these, complaints from haters.

This was not a crime of opportunity. He planned this very well. He plans his crimes with the utmost meticulousness. That is why he is armed with the gun and disguising himself. Source: My speculation based on the nature of the offense and the obvious skill involved.

Although catfishing rumors were prominent early on for some very good reasons, these rumors have died down and are now weak. At the moment, catfishing appears unlikely. If you do not know what catfishing is, look it up. Sources: Rumor mill.

Unsub is 5’10, 180 pounds with a bit of a middle aged man’s stomach paunch.  Other sleuths and common citizens are offering differing views, but I take the expert for now. Source: Expert on CNN, paunch obvious in photo.

Unsub’s age is ~60, but really who knows. At the very least, that style of pants is outdated and nowadays is only worn by men over 40 in that area. Presence of fanny pack also indicates an older man. They were popular in the late 1980’s, but I am told that hardly anyone wears them anymore except for some older guys. Conclusion about age: I don’t think anyone knows how old he is. Until we get some experts weighing in here, this is all just shooting in the dark. Sources: LE stated that he had a fanny pack. My estimate on age. Info on fanny packs and jeans style by people looking at the photos.


Excellent new drawing of Unsub from an LE artist.

LE believes that Unsub came from out of state to do this crime. Source: Recent remark by Indiana State Police quoted in media, my theory based on my favorite POI.

Clearly Unsub has a pistol, a .45 or 1911. The pistol was holstered to his right side, which means he is left-handed. The outline of the pistol can clearly be seen in the photo released of the man. A photo exists showing the pistol outlined with graphic software. Assuming that is a pistol, and it is, then Unsub is left-handed. Source: Gun is obviously visible in photograph. Left-handedness concluded from the holstered gun pointing backwards on the right side.


Photo clearly shows a semiautomatic .911 or 45 mm handgun holstered on his right, which means he is lefthanded. That’s either a gun, or I’m a monkey’s uncle. Incredibly, about 85% of the people who see this photo insists that’s not a gun, or that it can’t be a gun until God or the cops or Mom or whoever tells us what we are seeing with our own two eyes. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have two eyeballs. When my eyes tell me I am seeing something, I take it as proven fact. Apparently we humans are not supposed to believe our own eyes!

Unsub may be trying to disguise himself in the photos by using a hat and a scarf. Source: LE statement.

Unsub is wearing a hat, a jacket with a hoodie and blue jeans in the photo. In my opinion, the hat is a camouflage hunting cap with padded ear muffs. Unsub is overdressed for the weather. He seems to have layers of clothing on. He has almost his entire body covered with clothing. Part of this is no doubt to disguise himself, but another reason is so he will have few exposed areas of his body where the girls could leave scratch marks if the girls fight back hard, although they still could scratch up his face pretty well. Source: LE statements about clothing. Statement about type of cap is my conjecture from the photo. Reason for being heavily dressed is common sense for an offender preparing to commit rape and murder.

Fanny pack is probably where he kept his murder kit. Sources: LE statement quoted in the media. Murder kit is my conjecture. What else is in there? A first aid kit?


GIF image of Unsub photos run together.

There has been much talk about whether or not there were two murderers or one. It is not yet proven that there were two killers, and LE is leaning towards the theory that there was one killer. However, even LE themselves described the perpetrators of this crime as “the murderers.” And from the very start, they referred to Unsub as a participant instead of a suspect. Participant is almost never used unless LE thinks there is more than one killer.

Police are now walking this back by saying that it’s standard procedure to assume maybe more than one killer in a homicide case, but that’s not even true so they must think we are stupid. It isn’t. There was some specific reason why they thought there were two killers in this case, and we do not know what that reason was. At any rate, they seem to be walking the two killers theory back too, and they are leaning towards one killer. Conclusion: Two killers or one? Take your pick. No one knows! Source: Very strange LE statements.

There have been persistent rumors since even before the case was released to the media (these early rumors coming from family members) that Abbie survived til the next day, 2-14. The rumors were that she was found alive but died on the way to the hospital, that she was alive when found but died soon after, that the coroner said she survived the attack but died of hypothermia the next day, that her body was still warm when found, etc.

These have been strong rumors. Now there is aggressive criticism of this theory from people who insist that both girls died on 2-13. Which begs the question again of how and why all the survival stories even got started in the first place. I told a detective that I thought Abbie had died the next day and he didn’t tell me I was wrong. Acted very surprised and intrigued and wanted to know why I thought that. It didn’t seem as if he was discounting the theory at any rate. Conclusion: No one knows. Did the girls die the same day or did Abbie somehow linger on denying all odds until the next day? No one knows! There’s talk in both directions. Once again, flip a coin. Sources: Rumors, people close the family, people close to LE.

Early rumors from the search party stating that the girls had to have been moved since the dump site found on 2-14 had been searched on 2-13 are apparently in error. The area of the dump site was not even searched on 2-13 due to lack of permission from the owner. That area was only searched the morning of 2-14. Also these poor girls were covered with leaves, which would have made them very hard to find at night.

The best analysis now seems to be that the murders and rapes happened soon after the girls were abducted, not long after Unsub ordered them “Go down the hill.” The entire south side of the creek was roped off as a crime scene, so no doubt this was where the girls were raped and murdered sometime after 3 PM 2-13. So why no noise? No one heard? How do you rape and murder two girls in broad daylight without anyone hearing?

Anyway, after the girls were raped and homicidally attacked, apparently the bodies were somehow moved across the stream, once again without anyone seeing, to the north side of the creek where the bodies were dumped. No one has any explanation of why the killer moved the bodies as they would seem too heavy and it would seem to be a stupid thing to do. Source: People close to the search party, people close to the case. Common sense from LE talk implying that the murders occurred very soon after Unsub’s voice recording.

There is another theory from people close to the family saying that the actual killings took place on the north side of the creek, perhaps after a race across the creek with the killer in pursuit. However, it was the south side that was roped off as a crime scene, not the north side. Yes the tape was removed two days later, but so what? This is standard procedure in a park. Also the north side or at least the area of the dump site was described as pristine. How does a murder site look pristine? It doesn’t. Conclusion: Theory that girls were killed on the north side of the creek seems quite weak. The south side as a kill site seems much better. Sources: People close to the family, rumors.

There is indeed a voice recording of Unsub saying, “Go down the hill.” This was recorded heroically by Libby by turning on the recorder on her phone as the girls were being abducted. The sound recording of the crime is said to be much longer than what was released. It has also been implied, terrifyingly, that the sound recording is actually the recording of the rapes and murders. That probably makes it one of the worst sound recordings made in a crime case in some time, going back to the Toolbox Murders in 1979

What is on the unreleased portion of the tape? After Unsub says, “Go down the hill,” at some point not long after that, you hear both girls screaming. Source: People close to the family.

There is talk of a Ford Mustang that can be barely seen in  lower left of the photo of Abbie on the bridge below the bridge. It is very hard to make out, but it could well be a vehicle. How it was determined to be a Ford Mustang and a white one at that is not known. It is not yet known how this vehicle was involved in the case. The best analyses are that the girls were not placed in this car but instead that this car was either simply in the area for some innocuous reason or that the car was involved in the crime but in some other way than placement or transporting of the girls. Perhaps that is Unsub’s vehicle. Who knows?

The road that it is parked on  is a very little used road that almost no one has even heard of. It appears to have been a road used by workers to maintain  the bridge. Access to it is quite difficult and involves some convoluted twists and turns of road, not to mention that part of the access is via a private driveway. It does seem very odd to me that that car is in that location right before the girls got abducted. I am thinking that that car does not belong there at all and that it is significant to the case in some unknown way. Source: Sleuths analyzing the photo of Libby on the bridge, people close to the family

Libby’s grandfather who raised her made an odd statement, “I know Libby. She put up one Hell of a fight.” He is correct that Libby put up a strong battle. The reason that the grandfather said she put up a wild fight is probably because that is what it says in the medical report. If she fought hard, there will be talk of defensive wounds and maybe DNA under her nails. The condition of her body at the funeral adds weight to the notion that she fought back very hard and sustained many defensive wounds because she had many small wounds on her body and face. In that case, Unsub may have scratch marks. Source: Media reports and statements from people at the funeral. Common sense that the only way the grandfather would known that she fought hard was if he saw the coroners’ report.

I believe the gun obviously holstered on the right under the jacket of Unsub was probably used to control the girls. He also got them to keep quiet, probably with the gun. However, I do not believe the gun was used to kill the girls. It would have made too much noise. Rumors that this was not a gun crime are correct. Source: Common sense that the gun would be the best way to control the girls and common sense that a gun crime would have involved audible gunshots. No gunshots were heard, so doubtless there was no gun fired in this crime.

There is a rumor that both girls had their throats slit. This is a strong rumor. Funerals were open casket, and both girls had scarves covering their necks, more to cover something up than as clothing. This adds weight to the theory that their throats were slit. There are two rumors about the knife attack on one of the girls. A weak rumor says she was decapitated. The strong rumor says she was nearly decapitated. A decapitation would have been hard for a funeral director to hide and both girls had their heads on at the funeral. Of the two rumors, the strong one looks better. Which girl they are referring to is not known. Sources: Rumors, very first reports of the crime from family members. Later confirmation from people close to LE. Statements by people at the funeral.

A new rumor says that both girls were beaten so badly in their faces that they were nearly unrecognizable. This rumor may well be true, but at least Abbie was fixed up pretty good in her face for the funeral, so one wonders how a funeral director could have covered up such devastating wounds. Source: Source close to the family.

This offense was clearly sexually motivated, and it seems quite clear that sexual assault occurred in the course of the crime. There are a number of rumors about this, but the best analysis now is that at least one girl was raped and found nude. That would be Abbie. There are different stories about whether Libby was nude or clothed and whether she was raped or not. Looking at these stories, there is no way to tell what is true. At the moment, we don’t know if Libby was raped or not and we do not know if she was clothed or not. It’s up in the air. Sources: Very first reports of the crime from family members and later confirmation from people close to LE, general rumors, sources close to family.

The girls’ clothing was found in the creek. This was no doubt an attempt by Unsub to destroy any DNA evidence. Source: Statements from reporter at the scene. Common sense indicates that this was an attempt to destroy DNA in the case.

Ron Logan, the property owner where the girls were found, was in Lafayette, Indiana on 2-13, and Unsub may have known he would not be there, but there is no proof of this. How he may have known this, I have no idea. Source: Media.

There is now a lot of talk that Ron Logan or perhaps his son were involved in this crime. Logan was arrested recently on a probation violation for a drunk driving case. This set the rumor mill wild as there was much talk that Logan was involved in the murders. This never seemed likely to me for many reasons. LE has now affirmed that Logan was not involved in the case. Source: News reports.

There has been much talk of Jimmy Duvall possibly being Unsub. Duvall committed a serious crime against an 11 year old girl quite some time ago when he was 23. A month before, he had committed a similar offense. The judge said he had a character disorder. This typically means a personality disorder and used in a case like this, means that he no doubt has Antisocial Personality Disorder. In other words, Duvall is a sociopath or a psychopath. He served a good ~25 years for this crime and was released ~8 years ago.

He has apparently not offended since he has been released. Mr. Duvall was taken in for questioning early in this case and was asked to give a DNA sample. He then returned to his job at the auto plant. Rumors say that Duvall took 2-13 off as the first day off work in years and has since disappeared. Neither rumor is correct. Yes, Duvall took 2-13. After all, it was his day off, why wouldn’t he? And he has not actually disappeared. My understanding is that he is at home taking a sick leave.

His creepy Facebook page was the subject of much discussion. It portrayed a man obsessed with evil, death, the Devil, murder and other pleasant themes. He also seemed to be a man struggling very had against his antisocial urges. No doubt he has a paraphilia and of course he is sociopathic. But he’s paid his debt to society and he’s been a good boy since he was released.

And the best analysis is that LE has cleared Duvall of participation in this crime. Nevertheless, the rumor mill continues to run wild accusing Duvall of having committed this crime. I doubt it. For one, he is too short and he is much too heavy.  Duvall is 5’8 and weighs 230 pounds. Unsub is 5’8, 180 pounds. Sources: Rumors, news reports, Duvall’s Sex Offender Registry page and his Facebook page.

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93 responses to “Updated March 17: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abigail Williams

  1. Have you seen the photo of the property owners son? I can’t confirm it is in fact him but it’s all over social media so I am assuming it is? For me the facial features of the man on the bridge that stands out the most is the nose it is also in the drawing you have posted. When I saw the photo of the son it was the first thing I noticed was the nose! They look exactly the same to me. Thoughts?

  2. Why does that look like a police car??

  3. The top pic looks like a motorcycle

  4. Jim

    Would really like your opinion…


    Please look at 1.06 as Mr. Logan in walking towards the camera. He has the exact same posture (head down, knee lifting gait as the subject on the bridge.

    Body language is very difficult to fake and/or forget, is it not? If you “still” the snippet of video at 1.04 and start it in snippets- it surely looks like the gait of the unsub.

    What is your opinion?

    Also, if it turns out not to be RL- are there Marcellus gas wells anywhere near Delphi where transient workers might come and go for their employment? (Gas well service truckers, technicians, roustabouts,etc.)
    If the subject is out of state, but works nearby,that could explain why locals dont don’t recognise him.


  5. Mer

    The best lead on your site is about a suspect in the Evansdale crime. You stated that someone positively identified him from the photos. You also stated that he had a ford mustang. Was it white? You also stated that a mustang was seen in the area. I assume that other trail walkers remembered seeing the mustang parked on the dirt river road below the bridge. I assume the car is parked south of Deer Creek and was used to move the girls to at least one other spot and ultimately to the place they were found. The trail would have had a lot of walkers that day. I think that the crime scene south of the creek was the first place they stopped, but it is actually still close to town and homes. Someone here described that spot as the kill site. If it was, the suspect(s) would have left them there and escaped. My guess is that the first site was where the girls were subdued further, tied up, gagged, beaten and then taken to yet another place where they were assaulted. Libby may have put her own clothes back on.

    • Yes he is my POI. You can see him in the Subject Profile posts.

      I wrote up a 16 page report on him for detectives. Last I heard was that he was considered a suspect in the Delphi Murders and they wanted to talk to him. I do not know if he even has a Mustang. The woman I got the info from is very reluctant to deal with this POI. Others do not want to deal with him either. Everyone is afraid of him.

      • Mer

        I can’t find your subject profile posts. Is there a photo of POI2?

        • Mer

          I think you initially had a theory that it was a delphi local and he was your first POI. Maybe the guy that lives west of Delphi on Bicycle Rd. or maybe someone associated with the property owner. I’m not sure of whom you were thinking. Now you have a theory that ties the 2 crimes together. Anyone who committed these horrible crimes has a past of some kind—pedophilia, sadism, abduction, torture, rape. so POI2 is the jerk from the Evansdale area.

        • Mer

          I realize that you have probably considered several suspects.

        • Yes there is an excellent recent photo of him as a matter of fact. There are also a number of other photos, but those are when he was quite a bit older. He looks like he changed in the 2013 photo, which would be post-Evansdale. He used to be a happy go lucky guy, but in 2013, he looks old, very sad and very, very mean. I am wondering if he did Evansdale if it did a number on his personality to make him that way. Would that be a common transformation after killing a couple of little girls?

  6. D. Walker

    I have studied this pic everyday , heart is broken for these families and couldn’t even imagine the horror. If you look at this picture closely , every section for head to toe . He is carrying a rifle on left hip with an attachment to the side of it to catch shells . He has what looks to be a head scope covering 1 eye. Zoom in , he also has some sort of ear phones on . And if I’m seeing this wrong , there is some crazy picture on right shoulder that resembles Ozzie Osborne. Zoom in , make it clearer . I know I’ve been a little obsessed with this story.

  7. Kathy

    If he brought the murder kit( and I agree with you) how would he know they would be there?

  8. Ellen Hawkins

    I believe Ron Logan is responsible for this unspeakable, heinous crime!

    Girls found on his property; his gait demonstrated while speaking with media clearly resembles stance in picture; he is wearing camouflaged hat when speaking with media, which appears to be same hat in picture, etc.

  9. oops- typo- a PAROLE VIOLATION…sorry

    • Kathy

      I read somewhere that his attorney told him not to talk. I’m married to an atty so in most cases that not unusual, but in the case of two murdered little girls I would think his atty would sit with him while interviewed in order to clear his client. Just my thoughts…

  10. Craig

    It’s not JL as he has an alibi. So there is a suspect identified for Evansdale who was probably at least involved with Delphi? People know this dude and are scared of him?

    I’m spending too much time trying to find the smallest details of this case. So sad.

    • Yes, Mr. X he is the best suspect for Evansdale IMHO. Mr. X is not probably involved with Delphi. We don’t know if he is involved at all. But his ex-wife saw Bridge Guy and identified as BG as Mr. X. I’m not sure if she has identified the voice recording yet.

      Mr. X is absolutely capable of doing something like this. IMO, he is absolutely a heterosexual pedophile who likes little girls. He is also a sociopath IMHO. Nobody is reporting him because everyone who suspects him is terrified of him. They think if they report Mr. X, he will be cleared and then he will come after them and kill them. The ex-wife has been scared he is going to murder her for some time now.

      • Lynna

        Hi Robert,

        Love you blog/writing. I wondered how you found the name of Mr. X, if you have seen a picture of him, and if so- do you think he looks like BG? Has Mr.X officially been named a POI in the Evansdale case, or how did his name come up for you? Thanks!

        • Hi, I was told his name by a woman from Iowa who has been working closely with his ex-wife on the Evansdale case for some time. The ex-wife accuses him of killing the Evansdale girls. The woman from Iowa implied that he might be involved in the Delphi case as well. Mostly all I had on him was Evansdale evidence and just general weirdness and creepiness.

          She gave me his Facebook page, and it is very weird. Full of pictures of little girls. Very disturbing. I mean little girls. Not teenage girls. LITTLE girls, like 6-10. I think his AOA is 6-10. I realize Abbie and Libby were outside of his AOA, but I know a lot about fixated pedophiles, and it’s not uncommon for them to go up to age 13 and 14 and at times even 15. This is because these girls retain a lot of childlike essence. Normal men start getting attracted to girls this age because they start looking like women. Pedophiles are attracted to them because they still look somewhat like children! Get it? This is what no one understands because they are too damn retarded.

          Mr. X was never investigated in the Evansdale case to my knowledge. His ex-wife became very distraught over this as she is 100% certain that he did it.

          Yes I have quite a few photos of him. The older ones are when he is younger and he does not look much like BG, but there is a recent photo of him from around the Evansdale killings when he was 55 years old and he looks very different. He looks quite old now, his blond good looks are gone, he looks sad and he looks very mean and menacing now. If he did Evansdale, it’s almost as if it changed him. And yes the 2013 photo at age 55 could well be BG.

      • Mer

        If she identified the man positively as the bridge asshole, that should be enough to get a warrant to obtain DNA. Early in the investigation LE said they obtained DNA. My guess is they didn’t get any except those of the girls.

        • The problem is they have already had 5 or more people identify Bridge Guy absolutely as someone they know or knew. All of these people also said that the audiotape was postively this person they knew too. There is a woman on a website on the Net who is insistent that BG is her ex-boyfriend.

          So just because someone positively identifies BG as someone they know or knew, that does not necessarily mean a whole lot.

          Study eyewitness testimony. Eyewitness testimony is highly unreliable and is considered to be one of the most unreliable forms of evidence out there. Eyewitnesses are often dead wrong.

          However, I have seen a photo of Mr. X from 2013 and to me he looks very, very much like BG, far more than Ron Logan does. And Mr. X is 59 years old, which puts him right in BG’s ballpark.

  11. Jim


    Check out the above video at around 1.15 – notice the gold pin on the left side of RL’s hat….

    Now look at this site’s side by side LE drawing-

    Does anyone else see a faint square shaped anomaly on the left side of bridge guy’s hat in the same location as 1.15 in the tv interview?

    Sure looks like something lighter than the camp hat…

  12. Clinton County

    Ronald Logan the property owner and suspect in this case just was released from custody.

  13. Bertie

    I don’t believe the landowner is the same person in the picture or audio. He’s just too old. I do believe the perp might have some sort of connection to him though, whether he might be a family member, friend, ex-renter, worker or hunter. The perp obviously knew the area well and may even known Mr. Logan wasn’t home at the time and used to his advantage. He might of cleaned himself up there or hid something on Mr. Logan’s property, hence the LE searches going on. Interestingly, a few years ago Mr. Logan called out police to report a man trespassing in his barn, but by the time they arrived, the guy had ran off. Probably has zero to do with anything, but shows there are a lot of unknowns about. I was doing some internet searching and ran across that little tidbit. I also believe the perp was carrying a firearm, otherwise he might not have been able to control the girls as easily. Also, not seeing a mustang or car in the one photo. If you notice the trees and surrounding size of things, if a vehicle were there it would have shown up much more easily. The sizing/proportions are all off for that. Looks like a lot of shadows to me. These are just my opinions. Nice blog and a lot of great brainstorming here. Thanks for covering. Blessings and comfort to the families and community there. I hope they get this monster soon!


    Derrick A. German, Liberty’s father, has a long record and served prison time for meth.(possibly why she lived with grandparents?) May not be have anything to with the case, but it also could. If dad robbed/snitched on/otherwise wronged a fellow meth or prison associate…

    • Mer

      If someone wanted to get back at Liberty’s father, they would kill him. This is a sadistic, perverted sex crime


        You may be correct, but I’ve not heard anything from LE indicating anything other than that they were killed. Everything else, at this point, is speculative.

      • This is a sadistic, perverted sex crime

        From what I know about the case, I believe this is 100% true.

      • Elizabeth

        It looks like Derrick A. German was arrested for possession and intention to sell meth in September 2016. Possible drug cartel connection? Is area ever reported as a site for dealing?

        • I don’t see this as a drug-related killing. It’s too sexually twisted for that. Drug killings don’t tend to target kids and even when they do, they don’t look like this. Drug killing is a shot to the head, and gone. Just like that.

  15. Debby Adams

    To date do u still believe the owner Logan is innocent? In the mugshot it looks like he has an eye injury. If he is the murderer was he poked in the eye? Also he gave an interview to the Insider where the reporter asked Logan to say those 3 words DOWN THE HILL. He complied. It was an amazing similarity. Chilling!

  16. zuma

    It’s not JL. Robert indicates as such that he has an alibi, no? He was out of town.

  17. Interesting. Ashleigh Banfield had this story on her program tonight. RL hearing was postponed today didn’t catch why though. They interviewed his lawyer and law enforcement involved in this case. They did remove several things from the property and they are being analyzed at the crime lab and Ashleigh showed two separate interviews with RL that gave two different alibis! She asked his lawyer and law enforcement about it and of course no comment as it’s an active investigation.

  18. that was a false report about him being released he is in custody back at carroll county

  19. also i believe he either
    “fixed” an alibi or he is one of the ones who’s alibi was bs

  20. i cant get past the interview where he states that he still cant believe this happened IN HIS HOME AND HOUSE…..

  21. Jennifer Mitchell

    Just a thought. Could they have been strangled? I don’t see why they would have been badly beaten in the face if the killer had a knife, but it would make sense for the funeral people to place a scarf to disguise heavy bruising of the throat.

    • From the very first reports from the family members 1.5 hours before the crime was even reported in the media, all reports had said that their throats were slit. Being badly beaten is a new report, however this person is close to the family also.

  22. Vignesh

    Robert I don’t mean to be homosexual? But what’s your view and do you believe that east&&south Asian men have small penises? I keep hearing indians have small penises. How can this be true if we are Australoid-Caucasoid mixes?

  23. Lynna

    Thanks for your interesting replies, Robert.

  24. Holley

    I know this may sound graphic but a thought that keeps plaguing me is that I wonder if this Ron Logan used a horse to either possibly carry or drag these girls bodies back to the woods? A horse can go through a creek or woods very easily. Could have used a tarp, small canoe, wagon, or a sled even. I just keep wondering on this and I think this is a possibility….You’d have to check out the horses. I don’t know if they can even find anything on the animals….

    • I no longer believe they crossed the creek. I now believe he drove them to the north side of the creek.

      • Mer

        Yes. And they were assaulted at another location. The reason they were returned to a nearby site was to throw off LE that there is another crime scene. A scene of torture. I can’t imagine what these poor girls went through. I’d love to handcuff this monster to a post in an old barn and work him over with a whip.

      • Steve Mathis

        Robert, Are you speculating they walked all the way back across the bridge, then down the 1/4 mile trail back to the parking lot? This would take 10 minutes at least and would expose him being seen by a witness. Do you see another path, maybe walking back across the bridge, then down the hill (to the east) which would give him the would avoid walking across the creek and then walking to maybe the cemetery. Note you can see into the woods pretty far this time of year, and again would expose him for a certain time of being seen.

      • Benjamin Clark

        Love your site! However, I disagree with you that he took them to a kill site and return them. He told them to go down the hill away from the end of the bridge. Why would he would have them double back? I believe he had them cross the creek (to get away from people) and killed them where they were found. Also he wouldn’t of taken the cell phones with him and risk being tracked with towers. He would have destroyed the phones. He did this quick and killed them so they couldn’t recognize him. Probably escaped through the cemetery. He could have visited the cemetery regularly. Or been a hunter on that deer stand out there.

        • If you love the site, you may want to make a donation. I live off a small trust fund and work a bit on some highly variable side jobs. Not well enough for full-time work. This blog is sort of my job most days. I live off ~$14K/yr.

          Ok: time to end the pity party. 😀

  25. Holley

    I mean he could have harnessed anything up to a horse and pulled it out to those woods that way…He could have even been on a horse too and lead the other horse by a rope, to get the girls bodies out there.

  26. I am a female truck driver. Mostly mid west. I live in Michigan. This voice seems familiar to me. Maybe due to my travels. It has somewhat of a southern twang. Southern Ohio southern Indiana and even Iowa all have it…not as strong as Kentucky or say Tennessee. Which makes bridge man from these areas. I also see something on his left leg in the second picture like a roll or pipe…
    Thank you your writings are informative and insightful.

  27. Mer

    He is not wearing a fanny pack. He is wearing a pouch with a flap closure. It is probably leather and would be a pouch for a shooter. It would be an ideal accessory for muzzleloader shooting, or could be used to hold shotgun shells. I do not believe BG has a long gun. Other people have claimed to see a shotgun or rifle on either side of the guy, but I don’t think he has a long gun on him.

  28. Brigitte Hall

    The person crossing the bridge said a man walked past her she said hello but he didn’t reply I hope they ask that person for a full description or a sketch

    • That’s the Man in Black. Some of Libby’s friends were on the trail at the time and they said Hi to the man. The man refused to respond and the girls thought it was creepy. The Man in Black is the hypothesized Killer #2.

  29. James Farrell

    I seen on tube that Ron Logan has been released from jail in Carroll County.
    Is there any way someone can verify that.

  30. Tracie

    I just want to throw this out there, even if it isn’t likely. Has anyone seen the documentary “I Am My Own Twin”? Basically, it confirms that one person can have two sets of DNA. Their DNA from their blood can be different from their DNA from semen. Therefore, if LE has semen DNA, but are testing the POI’s DNA using blood, then there is a slim chance the DNA wouldn’t match even if it is the same person.


  31. Chipscat

    Several questions for you….
    1) The two images released of BG… do you think they are photos or part of a video? Do you think they have been cropped? Do you think there are more photos or was this all Liberty managed to capture?
    2) The audio clip: I think from reading your posts it’s believed that there is much more to the clip. But do you think this is where the clip begins?

    You may have no way of knowing but the amount of info here has suprised me so I thought I’d give it a shot, thanks.

  32. Kristy

    What is taking so long to hear if anything has been found in logans home or truck etc? That was over a week ago! No updates?? Why?? And l do notice Logan has same lifting knee type walk as man on pic!!

  33. Ellen

    I agree…
    1. Gait resemblance for sure
    2. If nothing found, why not publicly cleared?

    • Kathy

      My husband (atty) is convinced that the police know who the guy is in the photo, but don’t have enough evidence to tie him to the crime yet. What would you say to that, RL?

    • You CANNOT tell someone’s gait from a still picture!

    • Kristy Randall Vecchio

      EXACTLY Ellen! I’m waiting on pins and needles! There’s been reports EVERYDAY ten times a day everywhere you look since the day this happened! They search this guys house and SILENCE….can hear crickets! WHY? I’ve heard/read nothing! Seems like some sort of gag order on media. Strange …NOT EVEN A WORD FROM NANCY GRACE!!???

      • I do not think that Ron Logan did this crime. BUT I think that his property was used to rape, abuse and kill or try to kill those girls, probably in one of his buildings. And the girls may have been kept in that building during the searches. THAT is why there is all the focus on Logan’s property.

        On the other hand, if a dual rape-murder was committed on Logan’s property, it’s quite obvious that he has to be considered a de facto suspect until the matter is all cleared up.


    Mr. Lindsay, I read your latest observations on this case last night, and was both disturbed and moved to remember a previous possibility I had considered after reading your assertion that Abigail had been impaled with something.

    I noticed on another site that some stills had been captured of broken limbs in one of the roped off crime scene areas. The limbs appeared to have come from higher up on the tree, based on size of base, and that, coupled with the suspicion that a “blur” in one of the stills of the suspect might actually be the edge of Abigail’s jacket, led me to wonder if Abigail may have been pushed from the bridge?

    I realize it’s a stretch, but if that were the case, she could have potentially been impaled by a limb during the fall. I believe I read that the height of the bridge in the area of the crime scene is approximately 60′.

    A person could survive that fall, theoretically, especially if the fall was broken/slowed by limbs, which it almost certainly would have been. This would also have given the perp one less person to control, as Abigail would have certainly been incapacitated from the fall, especially if impaled by a limb.

    I was also impressed by your photos of the style hat Unsub was wearing in the photo, as I have thought since the beginning that he was wearing a flat/ivy/driving cap. Most other sleuthers seem adamant that it’s a ball cap, but the bill on those seems too long to create the shape seen in the stills.

    One other point, and I’m sure I’m a dick for stating this, but while I do see what appears to be the outline of a handgun on Unsub’s jacket, it could be a 1911-type hand gun, which are commonly chambered for .45ACP, .38Super, or 9mm, but there is no weapon, AFAIK, called a .911. Don’t mean to be an ass, just that little details like that irritate the hell out of me, for some reason.

    I hope you continue to dredge through the available evidence and piece this nasty thing together. I’m trying to stay optimistic that LE knows who committed this evil atrocity and are simply creating an airtight case before making an arrest, but I’m also apprehensive that this will be yet another unsolved attack on children added to an already sickeningly long list. Thanks.

  35. I don’t see a car under the bridge, but I do see what looks like a white small/midsize SUV of some sort at the very end of the tracks. It is easier to see when enlarged but still in focus, and more so when compared against photos of the same scene at other times. I am not familiar with the area, but understand LE is looking for a vehicle that was parked at the “head of the trail” if I’m not mistaken.

  36. MJ

    The picture of Abby on the bridge- is that a person under the bridge looking up at Libby as she is taking the photo? I swear I see a face with a mustache wearing a black cowboy type hat

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