Someone Want to Tell Me What Is Wrong with This Statement?

Pedophiles who prefer prepubertal children will definitely molest all the way up to 13, 14 and maybe even 15, but they will never go to 16. This is because 13-14 year old girls still have a childlike quality.

Pedophiles are not attracted to specific ages so much as they are attracted to childness or girlness. People who prefer mature women prefer womanness no matter what the age.

Pedophiles are attracted to the essence, not the object. And really, we all are.

I posted this on some stupid Reddit page, and it got downvoted to Hell and back. It is in reference to the Delphi murders, suggesting that 13 and 14 would not necessarily be too old for a pedophile, though it is at the high end of pedophilic attraction.

For the life of me, I cannot see anything wrong with this statement.

Also I am starting to get really sick of Reddit. I do not think I have seen one human on there who has a brain. If you spot one, let me know, as I always like to see unicorns. Just the usual hysterical morons with their heads full of society’s stupid lies who never had an original thought in their lives and have to ask the permission of authorities for everything they believe.

It’s also swarming with PC/Identity Politics/Cultural Left/SJW types of the most malignant sort. This along with moronic conservative American females. The worst of two worlds. It is said that Aborigines have the lowest IQ on Earth. I disagree. I believe that conservative American females have an even lower IQ than that, and I bet an Aborigine has a lot more common sense than a Flyover State Church lady too.

I guess this statement is creepy or pedophilic or an indication that I am a pedophile or something. Ok, but how could that be. There is nothing wrong with that statement. Everything stated is 100% fact.

I am really getting sick and tired of moral panics and mass hysterias. If you have a brain, you really ought to be above this anencephalic sheep-like behavior.


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36 responses to “Someone Want to Tell Me What Is Wrong with This Statement?

  1. Bo

    I just want to say that I’m a woman and I didn’t see anything wrong with your statement. In fact, I’ve been reading quite a bit of your blogs lately and I find them very interesting, if not fascinating. Thank you.

    • Thank you. Well at least some of you make sense. There may be a lot of men voting down my stuff too. The “men” on Reddit act about like the women on there. They’re about as hysterical as the women.

  2. Stary Wylk

    What about a guy who molests his girlfriend/wife’s kids? If he couldn’t get hard for her, there’d be no relationship.

    • TYPICAL EXAMPLE Scott’s Tale Personal Anecdote

      True child rapists will not marry or have a relationship at all. They are the Dahmer type offenders who are simply males gone rogue.

      But child molesters in relationships act out on children in a random spur-of-the-moment way that is probably triggered mostly by their own experiences.

      Scott’s mother was from a solidly middle-class German-American family that owned a tire business.

      She was rather dim-witted hippy and nymphomaniac whom became pregnant by a jailbird who was from the South. A real redneck. He was soon back in jail.

      His stepfather was a guy named Carl. Carl had a decent job in a chemical factory. She was glad to marry him because apparently he paid for their upkeep-though Scott would leave school early anyhow.

      His stepfather molested him.

      Bog-standard tale.

    • STARY WYLK Prerequisites From a White Prole Perspective

      Genital stimulation of children and subsequent over-sexualization is why the lower-income classes are a sexual hothouse anyhow.

      Dude only has to muster up an ERECTION TWICE in order to ingratiate himself into her life before engaging in his true passion of raping little boys or girls.

      1) Woman will be single-mother, parents often lower middle-class though sometimes solidly middle-class.

      2) Children have no father and biological father is a long-gone stud with little interest or time.

      3) Dual income is the priority for the woman, who is already 30 by the time he shows up in her life.

      In the middle and upper middle classes such incidents will drop off sharply, I should add.

    • 92% of child molesters are not pedophiles. That is another thing that is really bothering me about all this asinine Pedophile Mass Hysteria bullshit. They’re about as pedophilic as you or me or anyone else. They maximally turned on by women and they are only turned on by girls at a significantly lower rate, like most normal males.

      People just don’t get it. Pedophiles are what we call fixated pedophiles. They only get turned on by kids.

      Did this country get hit by a Goddamned Retard Virus or something?

      • That is called Statutory Rape.

        Most 16 year old girls are all for it and needless to say so is the 17 year old jock who manages to seduce his teacher.

      • ROBERT

        In the old days so-called Statutory was a fine and probation.

        Now it is child molestation.

      • Anonymous

        You give people too much credit. I wouldn’t consider the past generations any saner simply because they followed a saner idea. They did not reach those conclusions by themselves, they were just as programmed into that belief as the current gens are programmed into this insanity.

        Currently, the idea that any person below the arbitrary 18 years old is a helpless child is already so ingrained in the minds of the West that it is pretty much futile attempting to bring them to reason. The empathetic response triggered by anything that poses a threat to what they consider as “children” is just too strong. It is like the instictive motherly part of the brain sees it as someone beating up a toddler and turns off any forms of logic.

        How do you change people who, most importantly, don’t even want to think logically about it? The idea that all men are a bit of a monster (attracted to <18) is just too unpleasant. It overwhelms their minds and ruins their flawed rainbow colored view of the world to a point that it is just a lot easier to deny it than attempting to rewire their views of reality.

        Pedophilia is such a sensitive topic nowadays that even touching the subject with a neutral approach is already enough for offending people, especially on the female-thinking governed Reddit.
        Unless you actively display your disgust over it while writing whatever you have to write, they might consider you a pedo too. In this case, had you written your analysis after firstly making a remark that disapproved of pedophiles, the Reddit brigade might have spared you of downvotes. Your overall neutral approach and also the last line (i guess they could have interpreted it as if you said we all are attracted to the essence of little girls?) were probably why you got downvotes.

        • No, I was saying that all normal men are attracted to “womanness,” just as pedophiles are attracted to “childness.” This is why I really disapprove of dressing little girls up in women’s clothing or little girls wearing makeup.

          Most men don’t have much interest in little girls. They’re mostly turned on by mature females, which by the way is 16+. But once you start dressing little girls up in women’s clothes and putting makeup on them, a lot of normal men who would have ignored them will now be looking at them because by dressing them up that way, you are imparting a “womanness” to little girls. You follow?

          Pedophiles will go up to 13 and 14 because girls that age still have essence of childness. They are starting to get an essence of womanness, so normal men are starting to look at them too. Pedophiles will marry grown women, but they prefer women with almost no breasts who have stick-like boy type bodies with few curves. That is because a woman like that retains enough “childness” to arouse the pedophile.

          You follow?

          This whole hysteria about “pedophiles” and “child molesting” is all wrapped up in teen sexuality. Americans just can’t deal with the fact that teenagers have a sex drive and it is often just as strong as an adult’s. This is what the real hangup is. When it comes to teen sexuality, we are Victorians.

          This is a moral panic or mass hysteria. Study moral panics or mass hysterias in the past for clues about how retarded people are acting in this present moral panic/mass hysteria. When these panics hit a society, it’s like a Retard Virus sweeps through the population and turns millions of people into drooling retards. You can end up having whole countries that are now so stupid that they may as well have Down’s Syndrome.


    Briefly I worked for a Rehab clinic as a real young man in security/ admissions.

    Both partners are usually from the lower middle-class to sub working-class. The woman is more interested in a steady income from a man who might be comparatively well-employed than strictly sexual fulfillment. By the time the male offender enters her life she is probably 30-40 and graduated from run-of-the-mill teen promiscuity to early adult pregnancy (19-23) to single parenthood. Possibly she has been a sex worker herself-nude dancer, usually.

    Often the male is not the father. The father is so abusive that the kids and mother are relieved when he leaves the family, if even he ever knew his children.

    The fact that the stepfather does not demand sex every day is something of a relief to her in fact. He can summon up an erection once a week to fulfill his duties as husband and that is about it.

  4. STARY WALK Like At The Bottom

    Child Molestation and Serial killers

    They typical serial killer will tell you that his mother was promiscuous and that some of the males she brought home mustered up an erection for the sole purpose of distracting her long enough to fulfill their own desire to suck a 5 year old boy’s penis.

    Characteristics of child molester

    European but often all races.
    Intelligent but an underachiever.
    Enters a broken home that is already a gallery of sordid social pathology. Mother drinks or uses drugs. Kids semi-neglected. Money is scarce. Neighborhood is bad.

    Bobby Jo Rhona or Latoya or Maria Tortugua is already about 30 when the man enters her life.

    He meets in the unemployment lines or after work in the nude dancer “gentleman’s club” he haunts or maybe, if she is luck, at the restaurant or convenience store where she works.

    Sex is not the first priority anymore. She lost her virginity at 14 to a 20 year old and went through a manic sexual phase in her teens before finally having her first child at 20 or 22.

    The father, a big black stud or redneck who quickly disappeared from her life or does as little as possible, or a Cholo in prison does not care whatsoever.

    When this new man is willing to shoulder half the bills it is the priority. He can muster up an erection once a week.

    80% of child molestation will occur in the lower middle class or below.

  5. A TRASH NARRATIVE Molestation & The Death of the White Prole

    Lisa’s Dad lost her job and during the period of unemployment that followed on two occasions when he was drunk he touched her vagina.

    She was oversexualized. She attended a lousy public school in the exurbs and started smoking marijuana at 14.

    Tyrone Da Pimp was a “Playa” in her school-18 and in the 11th grade. His penis was 10 full inches. He smoked a little cocaine with her and then gave her the entire length of it.

    At home Dad began to be upset with the blacks she was hanging around. At 18 she moved out.

    She did soon found work at the “Glass Slipper” strip club showing her anus to white men but her actual life revolved around the black studs with the hustle.

    One made her pregnant.

    Eventually she was arrested for the methamphetamine that had replaced the cocaine as a cheaper high and she got a job in a 7-11 after getting out of rehab.

    A white male walked in. He was a bartender at the Rocking Rodeo. He began seeing her. Perhaps his penis was not adequate to bring her to orgasm and she fantasized about the thick black penises of her wayward youth.

    But that is okay because he was touching her son.

    Eventually when her son is 9 she catches him molesting him.

    It is too late for her son. He his over-sexualized now.

    • Trash! You are confusing pedophiles with non-pedophilic molesters! You have gotten them all mixed up in your head to where you cannot tell them apart.

      These non-pedophilic molesters that you mention are no more attracted to little girls than you, me, or any other man.There is no evidence that they can’t fuck or are inadequate. If anything, they are oversexed and have sex with the wife all the time.

      The pedophile prefers children is another character altogether. Some heterosexual pedophiles are inideed married as are some gay pedophiles (Ohio State). Most gay pedophiles seem to be in a normal gay relationship with another gay man who is often also a pedophile himself.

      What the mechanics are of that gay relationship, I have no idea. I have not studied gay pedophiles much. I have mostly studied heterosexual pedophiles.

  6. Robert: I don’t see anything wrong with your statement. People down voting to hell and back is kind of asinine just like this example: In prison a guy that blew an old senior citizens head off with a shotgun during a strong arm robbery is considered “top of food chain” and they make themselves feel like angels by classifying the child molesters at the bottom of the food chain. THEY ARE ALL BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN, WTF ?????? Cop killers are also considered top of food chain. My personal preference would be to exterminate those proud inmates that consider themselves “top of food chain” right away, there’d be far less violence in prison for sure.

    • KRINGLEGERMAN Detroit German here

      This may be true of white inmates but I doubt blacks or Hispanics care what the person’s crime is anyhow unless it was directed at a member of their race.

      When looking around for fresh white meat if they hear that Tony Soprano and Jax Teller took turns blowing a 5 year old but the effeminate accountant shot his wife over a torrid love affair when he caught her in bed the black or Hispanic is going to target the white accountant.

  7. Just yesterday I tried to post something from here onto websleuth and they forbid it. Is there a reason why they would? I am new to their website and do not know all their rules. For the past couple of weeks I have read your posts faithfully and think your take on this case is very interesting and knowledgeable. Are we not allowed to share any of any thing printed here?

    • Yep you cannot post anything from my site over at that dumbass waste of time circle jerk website. I would not even bother with them. They’ll probably ban you sooner or later anyway. Hyperactive Ban Hammer over there. I think they actually relish banning people.

      They’re mostly just Control Freaks.

  8. KRINGLEGERMAN Theory of Criminal Relativity

    It is doubtful that Blacks and Hispanics care what a white’s crime is but merely who is and how he comes off.

    A Dolph Lundgren Drago type Russian mobster or Stallone-looking Wiseguy who looks ruthless and tough is going to be let alone.

    If Jax Teller or Tony Soprano take turns blowing an 8 year old boy they are going to attract less attention than a white guy from the suburbs who shot his wife in a petty argument.

    Child molesters also look LESS MASCULINE or if the victim was a male ARE GAY.

    Would you rather slide your penis up the fat hairy ass of Tony Soprano or some effeminate male.

    Child molesters will usually just be some dork or loner from the exurbs or suburbs who has no affiliations of any kind.

    To begin with “rules” like this exist with whites and maybe-though I doubt it- with Hispanics. “Wiseguys” are only carrying out sanctioned crimes anyhow for the most part. Same with the few Asian gangsters.

    One Canadian guy was interviewed in a Michigan jail about what a hell it was for him because at a party he threw a gay guy off a balcony “for looking at him” and did 18 years for it.

    In the interview with Detroit news he spoke of being raped a multitude of times by blacks.

  9. The sheer number of Indians who know and discuss Robert Lindsey online would be unnerving to you.

    And India is a small segment of your forum. Inconsequential even.

    Nevertheless, Google yourself someday.

    You get a number of mixed reactions. Some of the Indians are disgruntled or outraged, a few of the girls think you are cute, some grudgingly admit that much of what you posit is in fact truth.

  10. Jason Y

    It’s difficult to say what turns men on. I mean some guys are turned on by watching women poop. 😆

    We cannot go into a situation trying to discuss “thought crimes” From what I heard, they make sex offenders go to classes where they are encouraged to think only thoughts about over 18 – which is a ludicrous proposition considering the actual truth of male sexual thoughts.

    In the end, a lot of this stuff is just a way for SJWs and conservative fundamentalists to punish men – for being human.

    Honestly, the age of consent should be lowered to 15 or maybe puberty, but as long as it isn’t, it’s just not worth the time and effort to pursue teenage girls – no matter how hot they seem.

  11. Jason Y

    Wait until SJWs and Christian fundies also try to ban strip clubs – along with the already existent laws against sex with 13 to 18-year-old girls. Maybe it’s the next move for Trump and Pence, though Trump, the hypocrite, is a rich playboy who likes beauty pageants.

    • Jason Y

      And – of course, they want the hatchet on online porn… However, maybe that will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. That will get people voting in the democrats fast.

      • JASON Y

        Some significant part of the Southern California economy is fueled by the production of pornography. Unlikely such a Blue State would allow their plagued by fiscal difficulties is going to allow that.

      • JASON Y

        Not nearly as fast as slashing public welfare and all the other programs he wants to get rid of to build up the military for some horrific reason.

        • Jason Y

          David Duke and the others have fell in love with Trump – but his policies will be no different than W. Bush. Note, with Pence and other neo-cons we can expect massive war in the middle east – maybe even nuclear.

        • Beauregard

          “David Duke and the others have fell in love with Trump – but his policies will be no different than W. Bush. Note, with Pence and other neo-cons we can expect massive war in the middle east – maybe even nuclear.”.

          100% correct. I’ve challenged WNs on other blogs about this and they say “trump hates Jews, trust me”. When pressed for evidence they go into their typical bullshit about their opponent being a “brainwashed cuck”.

          Hopefully we can make it through 4 years without a President Pence or President Ryan and a democrat comes to power in 2021.

        • Beauregard

          Trump is like Reagan or Dubya.

          Pence is a step beyond that.
          Benjamin Netanyahu might as well be Trump’s Vice President the way things are.

    • JASON Y

      SJW see strip clubs as female empowerment and Republicans see it as a fun way to look at a woman’s anus.

      Trump has never pretended to be anything but a degenerate.

      Women like him anyhow because they like Alpha degenerates which is why so many women lead hard lives.

  12. Beauregard

    Why vote for the Republicans?
    For instance, in 2012, Obama versus Romney;

    Romney victory presents a higher chance of another ME war. ANOTHER EUROPEAN REFUGEE CRISIS EMERGES.

    Romney victory means (((bankers))) can screw over your poor kin.

    Trump vs. Clinton: TRUMP BULLSHITTED YOU. This is obvious now (‘safe zones’ in Syria, AKA “no fly zones”; national security advisor chimps out at Iran; “I have Black friends” at the SOTU, etc.) WHY STILL HAVE PSYCHOTIC CHIMP-OUTS WHEN HE IS CRITICIZED?



    • American would be ALONE in another ME war. No support, no allies, absolutely nothing.

      Utterly alone.

      There could be no draft. Absolutely no young people are going to volunteer for a war in Middle Eastern toilet bowl.

      The U.S. has been in Afghanistan for something like 16 years.

      I do not think the American public will go along with another Middle East war, but possibly.

    • Only because they believe it.

      They have no choice really. The South and Flyover is dependent upon the Federal government.

      The hipster with a rich Jewish or old-money WASP daddy in San Francisco or the Asian-American in LA can laugh.

    • Beauregard

      This will hinge on economics for the most part. If Trump improves the economy than perhaps Pence will be elected but if he cannot than of course a Democrat will be elected.

      I think we have seen the end of the Clinton Dynasty anyhow.

  13. Beauregard

    Who would support such a war. Not Israel. Definitely not Europe. Most certainly not the Media.

    Americans would be facing the utter collapse of their infrastructure at that point.

  14. The Flyover really only counts for votes and those young people who can be convinced to volunteer themselves to wars.

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