A Girl in Every Woman, a Woman in Every Girl, and a Chicken in Every Pot

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now but I have been terrified to do it. But it is an excellent subject of discussion. The stages of biological life that all humans go through is an interesting subject and it is perfectly sensible and normal for any human to be interested in such a topic. If we put this topic anywhere, we should put it under Medicine, which is the study of the human body after all. Problem is anyone who broaches the subject is going to get bombarded with accusations of pedophilia and perhaps ever reported to the police. In that case, let the bombarding and reporting commence.

The vast majority of people flipping out about a post like this are going to be persons of the hysterical gender, that is females. This makes no sense because the stages of biological life development ought to be very interesting for any curious woman. After all, every woman was once a girl, though no doubt most would probably deny it.

I would actually go further and say that there’s a girl in every woman.

Based on what? Based on years of experiences with relationships with many females, some of them even long-term. After a while, a student of women starts to learn quite a bit about them. Who knows more about women? A man who has been married to one woman his entire life or a man who never married and dated 200 women? I put this question to the smartest woman on Earth, which is of course my mother. She instantly said it would be the guy who had had experiences with all sorts of women. I don’t think having sex with prostitutes 200 times is going to cut it, though I guarantee you will learn a bit.

Sure the other guy gets to look at one woman down through the years, but one woman does not say much about Womanhood as a whole. He has a blinkered perspective. Whereas a man with many experiences (especially deep, prolonged and long-term ones) is going to sample the a good cross-section of Womanhood. As they say in statistics, sample size is everything. The larger the sample, the more accurate the results. The married man above has a sample size of one. The other guy has a sample size of 200. Whose study is going to be more accurate?

Women are mysterious and confusing and often make no sense at all. My female friends tell me that women are weird and impossible to figure out. But get a nice sample size, get to know some of them long-term and deeply, and after a while, you are going to see some real patterns.

As I said, there’s a  Girl in every Woman. And if you can get that Girl to come out and play, you can have a lot of fun with women. Some women have apparently killed their Girl. They are too serious and no fun, stuck in the dull and drab monotony that we drearily call Maturity. Yawn. But only some women have killed their Girl. Most have a Girl in there romping around somewhere. The trick is luring it out. And here’s where your Game skills will come in extremely handy.

And another thing I noticed, though not from dating, is there’s a Woman in every Girl.

If you watch little girls long enough, you can actually the Woman coming out in a lot of vague ways. Watch little girls playing house and tell me those are not tiny Women. I think Girlhood is a trial run at Womanhood. Girls seem to be in the process of learning how to be a Woman.

Of course as girls get older, you see the Woman more and more. But even in teenage years, girls are trading Woman and Girl back and forth and mixing them up.

  • Teenage girls are not children.
  • Neither are they adults.
  • They are girl-women, something in between that is neither a child nor an adult. A transitional phase.

It would be nice if rational people would believe this obvious fact, but alas, common sense has run away from our fair land and has not been heard of in some time.

A 16 year old girl has a complete woman’s body and a full-blown sex drive to boot, I assure you. But observing one lately, I was stunned at how much of a girl a 16 year old girl still is. Sure, she’s partly a woman. But she’s still so much  of a girl.

My latest revelation came from observing one seriously hot 16 year old girl at a function I attended in the Fall. Why was I looking at her? Well for one  thing, the feminists haven’t made looking illegal. They’re working on it, but that’s still a ways into the future. For another thing, she was staring at me, checking me out, and giving me bedroom eyes and zombie stares all night long, so what was I to do?

What did she want? No idea. But obviously I was making her horny. I’ve been around enough females to know what a horny female looks like. I can almost spot one half a mile away, blindfolded, at night, by now.

Not that she necessarily wanted to act on that feeling. What females feel and what they actually want to do about that feeling is a major part of female psychology that is poorly understood by almost everyone, including most women. See that woman staring at you all night long? Well, obviously you’re making her horny. Duh. So that means she wants to have sex with you then, right? Ay, there’s the rub. That’s not necessarily true. Maybe she just likes to look. Females probably encounter 10,000 males who make them horny in a lifetime. They don’t exactly jump on all of them you know. Thoughts and actions are two different things, although every day tens of millions of idiots can never seem to figure that out.

That 16 year old girl? Yes, it’s a woman. But in so many ways,it’s still such a girl. You don’t notice this until you get older because only then can you see immaturity for what it is. A young man gets too caught up in thinking these are little women because he’s not old enough to see how immature they are. Plus he’s thinking with his dick, and your dick doesn’t have a lot of brain cells last time I checked.

But you get to be my age, and you can see that girl as clear as air.

A 17 year old girl, ok, now we are getting somewhere. Especially right before they turn 18, a lot of them are after older men aged 29-59. This like graduation from Girlhood and on to Womanhood on a fast track. A 17 year old girl can be surprisingly mature. Nearly a little Woman. She’s way beyond a 16 year old girl, half a world away and past the International Dateline. How do I know? Guess. I told you I understand women pretty well. And that includes those little women called girls too.

But if you are around 17 year old girls enough, you are going to see that the girl is still quite prominent. She’s just having a dueling match with the Woman is all.

A few years back, I dated an 18 year old girl at age 56. How I pulled off this impossible task, I have no idea, but somehow I did it. She was interesting. Maybe I can only see it with age, but while there was a little Woman in there for sure romping about, I was stunned at how much of a girl this young woman still was. Even at adulthood, legally adult with all that comes with that, she was still quite a bit of a girl.

Although it was hard to obtain this information and the only way I got it was from men confessing to crimes, as soon as that sex drive hits, the Real Sexual Woman is out and about. There is a lot more to female sexuality than just sex. It’s a whole huge area of study that they could probably offer PhD’s in. The fun house mirror maze of Female Sexuality is what those Game/PUA blogs are trying to figure out. And they are doing a good job of it.

I read on the Net about a couple of men who had had sex with 13 year old girls. The girls seduced the men. Happens more often than you think. And they really did. Grabbing a man’s penis out of nowhere is pretty much open seduction, no? Because that is what these girls did. 

One was the mother’s boyfriend, and the other was the stepdad. These men described the sex that followed, and I almost fell out of my chair.

Because some of the things those girls did, I thought, “You know, that’s exactly what a woman would have done.” Precisely. Something happens in the female brain with the onset of the sex drive. They somehow get attracted to other humans (How does that work?), and the whole weird ball of wax called Female Sexuality comes out in full-blown form. A lot of this is cognitive stuff. I assume that the rush of hormones causes changes not just in the female body via a sex drive but also in the female brain to create a whole new cognitive way of looking at the world. I’m not going to go into it too much because you guys should know:

  • Confusion of love and sex, mixing them together, and mistaking one for the other.
  • Suddenly feeling very vulnerable and even frightened.
  • A desire to be not just protected but dominated.
  • A desire for a strong masculine man for this purpose.
  • The allure of the mysterious bad boy.
  • A bit of masochism or often more than a bit.
  • A desire for pain of different kinds and an association of sexual arousal with this feeling.

This is all cognitive stuff, and apparently somehow the estrogen creates all these cognitive effects in the brain. Amazing or what?

A girl after the full-blown onset of the sex drive is indeed a Woman in some very important ways. Now at that age, the girl predominates obviously, but I am stunned at how mature 13 year old girls are. The difference between a 12 and 13 year old girl is like a light year. A 12 year old girl is still not just a girl but a little girl. A 13 year old girl is no longer a girl. She’s a girl-woman beginning her maturational curve. And a girl that age is way smarter than you think.

So you see, the roles of Girl and Woman trade back and forth throughout the lifespan of a female. Girls are Little Women. Just ask Luisa Alcott. And women are big Girls. It’s a nice part of a woman, and it’s pleasure to see because usually woman are usually so happy when they let the Girl out. Happy, silly, joking, role-playing, nonsensical, absurd and even childish. But that’s a great thing to see in a woman, unless you’re all hard-faced and mature and all that. Plus she might be in love with you because women really let that Girl out when they fall in love. And she’s probably horny as Hell too, because you and I that know by a certain age, most girls are boy-crazy.




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28 responses to “A Girl in Every Woman, a Woman in Every Girl, and a Chicken in Every Pot

  1. Yee

    True, there’s a child in every woman. But unless she is too rich to dump, she’d better learn to subdue it most of the time.

    Men don’t want the trouble of understanding woman. They’re lazy butts who just want someone to take care of their food, clothes, home and other stuff, so they can have time to focus their attention on what really interest them, cars, sports, hi-fi, cameras, or making money, whatever they find interesting.

    A woman with a lot of child in her would be tiring for a man very soon, I guess, because she’d want attention focus on her all the time.

    Let’s face it, men love their “stuff” more than they like interacting with people. Even when they talk, they talk about things, not people. People don’t interest men, unlike women, who talk about other people, husbands and children when they talk.

    And Robert, I doubt you’d tolerate a woman who leaves you no time for writing for very long.

    If you can tolerate a woman who demand attention for a long time, you’ll be a successful womanizer. Of course, such men have little else to offer a woman, because they don’t have time for anything. If poor, their greatest accomplishment would be marrying a rich woman.

    • YEE

      Women who are childish tend to have children under 20. Or I should say that having children under 20 makes women childish. You would think that they would “grow up fast” but actually there is a kind of arrested development that takes place.

      • I am not talking about childISH women, I am talking about chidlLIKE women. Childish or immature or silly irresponsible women is another matter. If you do not understand the difference between childish and childlike, go look it up.

    • I have had gf’s where this was a bit of as problem. I had to spend a lot of time at the computer when they would come stay with me and this bugged them after a while. She would sit out on the couch reading or whatever. Well she had her needs so we made this arrangement where she would come in the room every hour or two and make out with me like a teenager like crazy for 5-10 minutes. Then she would go back to the couch. She just had to have that sex or love fix or whatever. She wanted to be around me all the time and this took care of it.

      I have stayed with gf’s before where they let me write a lot, but I usually do not write all day. If they have hobbies, they just go do their other stuff. I don’t spend all day writing anyway. I had a Filipina gf once who was not real smart but she was very sweet. She said she would just leave me alone to do my scholarly stuff for as long as I needed to do it. She saw this as her duty as a submissive Filipina to serve her man by letting him do whatever he wanted to do. Filipinas’ attitudes are: give the man whatever he wants. Be the best wife possible.

      I already am a successful womanizer. I have been one most of my life or at least since 18. I actually like to hang around women and talk to them even about their silly womantalk. Part of my brain is sort of female so I connect with women very well and I can sit around for hours talking to them about all the rather silly stuff they want to talk about it because it sort of interests me too. I am interested in their clothes and their makeup and I talk about clothes and makeup with my gf’s. One was trying to put makeup on me (eyeliner) at one point, but we never got around to it.

      I don’t have a problem hanging around women all the time. I’m not a super-masculine guy like most other men so I do not have a lot of those interests you listed and my interests line up more with women.

      Females actually like males like me. People say that a lot of women want a boyfriend who is just like their gay friends, except he’s straight. That’s why women like their gay friends so much. I am sort of like their gay friends in that way, except guess what! I am not gay! So it works out pretty well.

      And I do understand women pretty well, better than most men do. Actually I understand females better than females understand their own damn selves, which is truly pitiful for the Female Race. If women can’t even understand their own damn selves and a damn man understands them better than they do themselves, there truly is no hope for women. They’re permanently fucktarded.

  2. YEE An Honest Response

    Women who have children very young-say 20 or under-tend to be very childish. It is as if their development has been stopped by early pregnancy. They’ll act like teenagers when they are 40.

    Rich women usually carry a great many scraps of solid intelligence. They were educated. Their father was around so they are not unwise in the ways of males. They don’t have to have sex to have a roof over their head.

    Some of them like the bad boys but usually not.

    • Yee

      Child in a woman only works in the beginning and on occasion. Not for long a stretch of time.

      Men basically don’t like other people, they like “things”. Women like people, that’s why they gossip. Children want attention, that’s why they throw a tantrum. Men have little patient for children.

      Too much child in a woman, she can expect a long string of short relationships. Unless she’s rich and the man want to live off her.

      • YEE

        Rich women have usually inherited money and are spoiled children who quickly tire of their toys.

        What you are saying actually evolves from the division of labor as males had to actually build, fix and hunt things. Women collected fruit in groups or mended clothes so they socialized differently.

        • Yee

          When men focus on their interest, they wish to be left alone.

          Never mind you’re a real child or a child in a woman, men don’t think you’re as interesting as their cars or camera lens or blogs.

      • You are confusing childish with chidllike. When I talk about the girl in the woman, I refer to childlike behavior. It comes out if she loves you. And if you are with a woman and that giggly, silly girl comes out, it’s a great thing. Not sure if she is in love with you, but she wants to have sex for sure. When women want to screw, that girl comes out. If you dating a woman and you see that girl come out, you better grab her and drag her off somewhere.

        If she’s in love with you, the girl will be out romping around all the time, acting silly, laughing, giggling and acting like a comedy show. And when they get very playful like that, they usually want to have lots of sex.

        Keep that girl coming out and running around and you will keep your girl in love with you and the bed won’t die.

        childISH woman are completely different.

        Very successful and responsible women can let their girl run wild. It’s mostly when they are with a man they love. And it does not interfere with being responsible.

        • Yee

          Well, Robert, it’s just a game of flattery, to make you feel clever and superior.

          You were basically describing a well trained Golden Retriever…. Playful when you play with her, be quiet and wait patiently when you have no time.

          If it’s honest, the woman need to be dumb as a well trained dog.

          Actually, Chinese men know this game well. They often joke like, “You wasn’t like this before I married you.” or “I thought I took a kitten home, but she turned out a tiger.”

  3. YEE

    A relationship with a rich woman usually does not last long. They are used to getting new toys quickly.

  4. YEE Amy Tan’s husband Eric

    I knew an American married to an incredibly wealthy Chinese-Filipino. He was wealthy too-an ex Navy officer from a good family.

    “Chinese-Filipino fathers ALWAYS make you sign a prenup.”

    • Yee

      I hope she remember to write a will too. Might get her fatal accident proned. Does prenup include inheritance?

      • YEE

        You won’t get your children with a Chinese-Filipino woman, or Chinese Thai or I suspect China itself, out of the country if she does not allow it.

  5. YEE

    At its extreme, male behavior is grotesque.

  6. YEE

    Chinese women must have some policy of honesty with white men then.

    I happen to know this personally.

    But then again people put on little pretense with cynics.

  7. YEE

    Chinese women behave differently with white males. Perhaps because we come across as cynical and practical.

  8. Lin

    Much of sexual immorality are presented as romantic fantasy by the entertainment industry.

    Two obvious examples:

    1) In LOTR, Arwen the elvish princess was 900 yrs old when she fell in love with the adolescent Aragorn. Sure beat the semi-porn classic ‘In Praise of Older women’. I also mentioned Gandolf the Gay’s affection with the pixie hobbits.

    2) ‘Don’t you think ‘Beauty and the Beast’ promotes bestiality?

  9. Robert,

    Do you remember the post I made a while ago that describes a behavioral pattern that I referred to as “Paleoliberalism”? In patriarchal societies, it is the culture of married women, and one of its defining characteristics is that it always tends towards social conservatism.

    The reason for this is that married women are expected in just about every human society to remain faithful to their husbands and therefore need to limit their sexual behavior to those situations which are sanctioned by society. This is the “mature phase” that you refer to in your post, and this is also the aspect of femininity that you are most likely to encounter.

    The “childlike” behavior that you refer to is something that I refer to as “neoconservatism”. This is when women (and occasionally men) start to pursue pleasure for its own sake without regard to societal notions of proper conduct.

    If you grew up in a socially conservative environment like I did, this really doesn’t make sense. After all, what’s stopping Alpha males or even those who are just really good at Game from monopolizing the pool of available females? The only way such a system would be viable would be if you believed in some sort of Libertarianism. In other words, there’s got to be an intelligent force guiding the events of the universe that can prevent human behavior from getting out of hand.

    Neoconservatism as we know it today has its origins in early Christianity. Whereas the religion of the Old Testament required its followers to abide by the laws of Moses, Christ taught his followers that all they needed was to believe in Him. Lest we forget, He also said that he came to fulfill the Law, and not to abolish it.

    Combine this with European social mores that tolerate sex outside of committed relationships, and you get the “playful” behavior described in your post. The reason why this isn’t considered radical feminism is for the reason outlined above – they expect Libertarianism to kick in at just the right time so that this behavior does not become destructive.

    Now I know what you’re thinking: neoconservatism? Wasn’t that the ideology of the second Bush Administration? Weren’t they the ones who invaded Iraq and put us through the Subprime Mortgage Crisis? And you’re not the only one to have these doubts.

    Most neocons, especially in the West, are well-meaning individuals who want to promote liberation from social norms which they deem oppressive. One thing you need to keep in mind though is that neoconservatism is also good for expeditionary warfare: if you assume that most societies practice conservative social values, then the men (and it’s mostly men) who make up their armed forces will feel psychologically threatened by open displays of social liberalism.

    If you’re ever in the Washington DC metropolitan area, I highly recommend taking the WMATA Yellow Line from Huntington to Downtown DC. Make sure you do this sometime in the morning when the soldiers from Fort Belvoir are commuting to the Pentagon and take a look at some of the ways they spend their time while commuting.

    If someone is playing games on their smartphone or reading a tabloid like Washington Post Express, you can pretty much bet your life that they’re about to be deployed. I know because I’ve had to do that on several occasions during my morning commute :-).

    • That said, the culture of married women is not significantly better. Social conservatism does a very good job of dividing human populations into in-groups and out-groups, and in the USA, the lines separating them just happen to fall on racial and ethnic boundaries. That by itself wouldn’t be so bad if the paleoliberals would just go the extra mile to make sure these communities had the things they needed to support themselves. But the thing is, any help they do provide typically amounts to the bare minimum needed to keep those communities from rioting.

      The “Maturation” process you described is basically a transition period where neocons become paleoliberals. What usually happens is that the young girl rarely goes away. She continues to exist, albeit in a more subtle form. This is what allows married women to teach their kids to participate in hookup culture without contradicting their own commitments to their spouses.

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