Do Prepubertal Children Have a Sex Drive?

Spoiler: Answer is no. Explained below.

As part of my clinical work, I deal with folks who are dealing with pedophilic, homicidal and other disturbing thoughts. I listen to and read about thoughts like this every single day. After a while, it doesn’t bother you anymore. A differential diagnosis is always mandated in such a case, and indeed, I did discover two actual pedophiles so far. And they both presented in precisely the same way, and that presentation was completely different from the nonpedophiles.

In the course of this work, I had to learn a lot about pedophiles. I went to anti-pedophile sites where they have dossiers on all the Net pedophiles they have outed. I even went to pedophile and hebephile bulletin boards, though  they are not as bad as you think. It’s all legal or at least no-worries gray area, and there’s as many pedophile-haters in those rooms as pedophiles. It’s not exactly a crime scene. But you can learn a tremendous amount about these folks by reading what they write on those boards.

One thing I noticed over and over was that pedophiles both heterosexual and homosexual insist that little children have strong sex drives and seek out sex with kids and other adults. That hit me as quite off, as you think  of little kids as being pretty sexless. As a boy, I think I thought about sex maybe five minutes out of a year, and girls were sort of yucky. They were even contagious. They had cooties, and you had to be very careful not to get infected. This illness was a serious problem at school and even for a while at home for quite some time.

I have no idea what it’s like to be a little girl, so I asked some girlfriends. I was absolutely stunned that little girls are capable of orgasm. If you go on the Net, you can see a lot of women’s boards where they are discussing this very thing, which they often accidentally found out by doing  things like riding the top of the couch like a horse. One woman said at age seven, she was riding the couch horse, and she really got into it at one point. That couch mare had some speed. Then an earthquake occurred and she almost fell off the couch. “Mommy! What was that?!” Mom came into the room,  the girl explained what happened and I guess Mom said, “Honey, come with me. We have to have a little talk here.”

Of course all of these women are pedophiles for discussing  their experiences, right? Please report them all to the police.

I knew some women who were molested at an early age. In some cases it went on for years. These girls became highly sexualized and I was told that some masturbated to orgasm from age 5-on. Just because it felt good. But they also all told me that they had no interest in sex with other humans. They all said that started up at age 13.

I don’t know much about little boys, but they cannot ejaculate until age 13 or so, so orgasm is probably out of the question.

The general impression I got was that little children simply do not have any real sex drive at all. Which is all to the better or course. We have enough on our hands with the teenagers!

And I can confirm that.


Prepubertal children simply do not experience sexual arousal and drives comparable to adolescents or adults.

Myers, By John E. B. The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment. American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

Just as I suspected. By the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, and you would think they would know, right?

Yes, children do engage in sex play, and I hear about this stuff clinically all the time. Adults really need to butt out of this stuff. The kids should probably be told to knock it off, but involving law enforcement or even the therapeutic community seems like a terrible idea. They’re not child molesters for God’s sake! They’re children themselves! How on Earth could a child be a child molester? Nevertheless, this sex play is completely different from the sexual conduct engaged in by adolescents and adults. They do it for reasons, but not for the same reasons we do.

Kids are trying to figure out what they are, and childhood sex play is part of that.

Once again to our source:

Although we refer to these behaviors as sexual, it is important to note that the intentions and motivations for these behaviors may be unrelated to sexual gratification or drives as we adults understand them.

Myers, By John E. B. The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment. American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

Well, of course. Little kids have no sex drive, so obviously they are not doing this stuff for the same reasons we adults are. Why are they doing this? Curiosity, discovering who they are, simple play, fooling around, no particular reason, etc.

Now despite the lack of a sex drive, some children do have sexual behavioral problems, and they do need some intervention. There’s normal childhood sex play, and there’s activity far beyond the norm. These are the outliers, and you need to call in professional help form the therapeutic community.

All this research led me to the conclusion that little kids have no sex drive at all, despite the fact that the pedophiles insist that they do. Well, guess what? The pedophiles are lying. Surprise, surprise. The pedophiles probably have their reasons for wanting to believe this. If we posit that children have full-blown sex drives like adults, then this suggests that children have sexual wants and needs, and the pedophiles are simply coming to the rescue and supplying these kids with what they need.

The pedophiles’ sex with the children then is fully justified, and if this were true, logically, children should probably be encouraged to have sex with the pedophiles to take care of their sexual desires and drives. This belief lets the pedophiles off the hook and makes their behavior seem not bad, but good. They’re not hurting kids, they’re helping kids. I am sure this is comforting for the pedophiles to use this defense mechanism, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

This discovery happened to lead me on to my next quest. Well, if kids have no sex drive as I assumed, when exactly does the sex drive come on? I decided to research females because I only like females. Girls and women. They’re all great. God bless em all and thank you Lord for creating these creatures.

I know nothing about boys. Perhaps a gay man can go do that research for us.


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31 responses to “Do Prepubertal Children Have a Sex Drive?



  2. SHI

    Small kids (age 6-10) are definitely attracted to the opposite sex, but mostly in their own age group. They may be attracted to older adults but only if he/she is extremely kind, playful and non-threatening. They can have aversion and hatred towards slightly older kids (age gap more than 3 years).

    • Wait. You had a SEX DRIVE and you wanted to have sex with other humans when you were 6-10?! WTF?!

      I guess my point is they have no sex drive like we do, certainly not a physical one.

      • ROBERT

        Hindu children are taught to worship the penis as we would learn genesis. Part of the emphasis on sex in the Hindu religion-particularly from Brahmin-was rooted in the advancement of white Aryan males into India where they had sex with Dravidian females. To justify such a penile conquering phase, they constructed tenets in the Hindu religion regarding sex that young children are

        India had child prostitutes in temples until international agencies attempted to stamp the practice out.

        So this merely a point of view from a society where children are conditioned by religious institutions.

        • How is it that Hindu girls are taught to worship the penis? Spill. Hindu males are taught to worship the penis too? Isn’t that a bit weird?

          I wonder if Japanese women are taught the same thing. I had sex with this Japanese woman once (age 22) and she acted like she was performing an act of worship and like the dick was a sacred altar. It was really a turn-on her treating me that way.


      • Gandhi slept nude with 12 year old girls to prove his chastity.

      • SHI

        Wait I said nothing about a sex drive.

        I said about “attraction”. It’s a slightly different topic. The desire to be among the opposite sex precedes puberty. I know there is a very specific word in psychology that describes this preference. Can’t recall.

        • SHI


          That’s a gross and stupid imagination, an example of insincere fetishization. Most boys and girls in India have a normal childhood like everywhere else. The Devadasi cult is restricted to a couple of states in the South among the lower castes. But, the whole culture is dying in terms of absolute numbers. I agree the practice has not been eradicated though.

        • Hmmm I dunno, girls had cooties for a long time for me. Our girl cousins lived with us for a while and we hated them and they hated us. I think we were all prepubertal.

          I sort of liked girls though and I liked this Chinese girl a lot. I was 10 years old. I went to each lunch with her and the girls one time and it was great! Then all the boys started calling me a fag for eating lunch with the girls! So I quit. As we all know, males who like females and like to hang out with them are called fags. Males who prefer to be around males and avoid females like the plague are called normal.

          I remember dropping my pencil on the floor so I could look up this girl’s skirt when I was 11! It was great!

          I don’t think I had much of a sex drive though. I seem to remember one erection around age 10-11. The circumstances surrounding were pseudo-gay but that’s common for boys that age. I was visiting my neighbors and I guess I was 10-11? The neighbor boy was two years older and he was my best friend when he was not putting snails down my back and squashing them while laughing gleefully. I remember once we were in his room and we were looking out the window and we I forget but he said, “Are you getting a boner?” and I think he had his hand down his pants. I said, “Yes,” and I had my hand down my pants too.

          My memory of this is not gay at all. I was not turned on by the guy or vice versa. Just a couple of straight boys exploring their bodies. Actually this sort of pseudo-gay stuff is very common with boys and even teenage boys. Most of them are totally straight. That includes circle jerks which actually exist and a lot of teenage boys engage in them. Most of those circle jerking boys are not gay either. I believe that 25% of all males have had at least one homosexual experience by age 18. Probably 80% of them are straight.

          The rate can only go up after that.

          Limited homosexual experiences among straight boys and men are surprisingly common.

        • Depends. Gay boys have no desire to be with the opposite sex and straight boys regard girls as poison for quite some time.

          So what was your experience? Did you have a sex drive before puberty? I sure didn’t. I remember I think one erection and that was not even associated with sexual thoughts. I think I thought about sex maybe 5 minutes a year. I had no desire to have sex with any other humans, including females. I had a wet dream at age 13 and the whole world blew up and this is the way it’s been ever since.

        • SHI

          I sort of liked girls though and I liked this Chinese girl a lot.

          Incidentally, as a seven or eight year old, I had a similar experience. She was a Chinese classmate. I would exclusively prefer her company to that of others. I remember kissing her on the lips. She had satin smooth skin. I don’t remember being attracted to any other part of her body. Only the cute face. She was like an angel. It was a total childhood crush.

          Her family were from China but they had been living in India for quite some time. Later I found out that they were dissident Chinese (from proper Beijing area, it was still called “Peking” back then).The fall-out of the Tiananmen Square massacre meant that Chinese people who feared their lives, would spill over to neighboring countries.

          We reconnected on Facebook around 2010. She still lives in India, in a mansion set in a posh Delhi suburb, and works as a beauty specialist for companies like L’Oreal or Revlon. Chinese living in India are very affluent and successful owing to their industriousness and business acumen. They keep a low profile though.

          But, I have permanently lost that childhood attraction. She thought I might be in love with her and was totally disheartened when I said that “I only want us to be friends”. Really I don’t feel anything about her anymore.

        • SHI

          So what was your experience? Did you have a sex drive before puberty?

          All I knew is that the penis was good for only one thing: peeing. That’s the way it should be. Thanks to the Internets, today’s kids learn way too much much before.

          I was a bit of a trouble child. It was in Grade 1 when I gently slid my palm into a girl’s skirt and started caressing her buttocks.

          In fact I hated that girl so it was in response to her bullying me or something.She raised a hue and cry over it and I was severely reprimanded in school. My parents had to bail me out of that situation. The teachers told me to say “sorry” to that girl and I plainly refused, “Hell no.” Girls can be very sensitive about being inappropriately touched from a very early age. She later slapped me in full public view as an act of revenge. The teachers encouraged her about it. I was furious and wanted to kill her later.

          During Grades 4-5, I was attracted to a female classmate who had large breasts for her age. I also had female playmates and there was one particular girl that I would prefer touching all the time. Not in a sexual way. But, it just felt good.

          I don’t remember my first erection but I was definitely in Grade 6 that time. I had wet dreams and real hots for this Science teacher. She was a very attractive Indian lady. Me and a buddy of mine used to doodle an outline of her breasts in classroom.

          I think it’s around that time itself I got introduced to pornography. Nude magazine covers was what we would seek. I remember stealing this magazine copy featuring a nude Naomi Campbell. I was insanely attracted to her ebony Black skin. would frequently masturbate to that.

        • Wait a minute. Your sex drive came on at AGE 11???? WTF dude. Your sex drive is supposed to come on at age 13. That’s when mine did.


    Brahmin girls are married at 14 to 25 year old men BUT arranged marriages can go as low as 11. The practice of low-caste black Dravidian temple girls being forced into sexual service for grown men has been stamped out by International pressure.

    In effect the Aryans conquered India by sexual conquest of Dravidian girls. One self-proclaimed Brahmin-though I am dubious that he is one-has correctly stated his own ancestral roots to be traced to the Caspian sea.

    White males essentially intermarried with very young Dravidian girls to beget the Brahmins and child-sex practices have remained something of a tradition.

    Just a disclaimer.

    There is a stereotype of white males going to India or Southeast Asia for child prostitution that I find offensively untrue. Out of tens of thousands of whites living in Southeast Asia or South Asia a dozen might be involved in this despicable activity.

    If our Indian posters find my consent to engage with South Asian females my age (Or often a few years older) or above to be “sleazy” or “despicable” that is their opinion.

    Finally I cannot comment on Japan as I have never been there. I make it a point to visit somewhere before commenting.


    I’ve known one Brahmin woman engaged at 12 and married at 14 to a guy of 25.

    But it goes lower than that.


    From now on I will refrain from posting on any topic that those accusing me of being a troll are discussing.

    Consider me off.


    Again, I do not want an endless back and forth with Indians who take exception to some white guy with mixed opinions from his own time in their country based on my actual experiences.

    On the subject of Japan I have no right to comment as I have not visited the country and I truly believe that a person should spend at least a month in a country before they can express an opinion about it.

    I’ll add that Indians DID PAY ME and no Indian forced me to work in India although my boss withheld my severance pay.

  7. ROBERT Teenage Boys in Circle Jerks?

    Is that common? Most teenage boys either look at porn or feel teenage girls.

    These days 13 year old girls appear to be giving blowjobs and doing threesomes like 40 year old porn stars. The 13-17 year old female phase of touchy feely seems no longer to exist.

    In the old days teenage boys would use prostitutes ALOT. This seems to have gone the way of BETAMAX as teenage girls start screwing at 14.

  8. ROBERT Mohana Story

    I happened to KNOW a Bengali Gaur woman married at 14 through arranged marriage to a 25 year old.

    I think she told me she was 12 when they began courting.

    She became kind of a whore although she stayed sort of married. Drifting from one man to another-an white dude in California, then an Arab in Oman.

  9. SHI

    Wait a minute. Your sex drive came on at AGE 11???? WTF dude. Your sex drive is supposed to come on at age 13. That’s when mine did

    I had crossed my 12th birthday by grade 6. I was at least 1 year older compared to my other classmates.

    I think many boys experience puberty from age 12 onwards. For some, it can get delayed even up to 14. Perfectly normal range.

  10. SHI

    Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!
    For all the Irish-Celtic and Leprechaun posters on here.

    Hope I got that one correct? 🙂

    I love the following things Irish

    –> The ambience at Irish pubs: By now, I can tell a fake Irish bar from an authentic one. Good atmosphere. Tomorrow I’ll be travelling down to Mumbai (2 hours from here) and spend my evening and night at a genuine Irish pub.

    –> Irish lamb stew

    –> Limericks: I’m intending to buy a comic book full of them.

    –> The color green

    –> Oscar Wilde (“The Importance of being Earnest” and “The Model Millionaire” are my all-time favorites)

    –> Colin Farrell — Simply love him

    Here’s the best part, I don’t know that much about the country called Ireland except that it’s capital is Dublin. Most of Ireland has been exported anyway.

  11. The Gora who wants the best bang for their buck goes to Goa.

  12. It is doubtful most of the posters know the significance of Jo-Jo or Andheri or why Goras congregate there.

    Most of the bloggers are unlikely to travel to Puerto Rico, much less to India. If they had any kind of choice, though most of them dislike illegal immigration, they would go to Latin America.

    They write with great authority on every kind of topic related to India.

    A foreigner should spend a week at least walking around Victoria Park in Mumbai or Anjuna before writing about India.

    But most won’t.

  13. The Trashy Planet Guide

    Racially speaking Goa people are a kind of like Latins or Brazilians. Anjuna is like Latin America.

    But also, better deals. Mumbai is cramped and expensive.

    When you hit the English pubs, usually run by English people, you pay English prices for a Kingfisher beer.

    Goa is the best place to go in India. Punjab and the North are full of sweaty macho prehistoric Arabs. Kashmir is dangerous.

    Goa is the place.

  14. Bill Chaffee

    I have an idea as to where the Freudian hypothesis of infantile sexuality came from. Before birth the gonads secrete large quantities of horomones in response to human chorionic gonadatrophin. However they become dormant after birth and they stay that way until puberty. A new born infant would probably be more likely to get an erection than a few months or years latter.

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