Normal and Below Normal IQ Levels and Race

Trash: People say the average Black or Hispanic has an IQ of 90 and is borderline-retarded

Look! 90 IQ is not borderline retarded! 90 IQ is average.

50% of the population is 90-110 IQ. It is 100% normal and average. This is considered the Normal range.

67% of the population is 84-116. This is also considered a broadly Normal range.

I believe 80-90 is Low Normal. Not Borderline Retarded at all. Normal people.

70-80 is Dull. I guess there are your Borderlines. But I have had girlfriends in this range, and they are quite functional and do not seem retarded at all. Not real smart but not retarded by any means. And they are often insanely horny, want to have sex all the time, and are seriously dirty in bed. Basically total nymphos with porn star sex habits.

Average Black IQ =   85
Average Mexican IQ = 90
Average human IQ =   89

The average Mexican has a Normal IQ.

The average Black has a Low Normal IQ but is nevertheless within the broad Normal range, albeit on the low end of it but not Borderline Retarded at all.

By saying 90 IQ is Borderline Retarded, you just called the average human on Earth a borderline retard.


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7 responses to “Normal and Below Normal IQ Levels and Race

  1. Phil78

    True, generally “normal” would range 2 SD around 100, encompassing 68% of people.

    Yet set a avg. at 89, the lower extreme (74) becomes more blatantly borderline.

    “By saying 90 IQ is Borderline Retarded, you just called the average human on Earth a borderline retard.”

    Many cynics would actual agree with that sadly enough.

  2. Robert I have a suggestion if you could do this. I realized you were making posts about congoid admixture in southern europeans,Arabs and north Africans. Could you please do a post on Australoid admixture in indians because a lot of indians seem very butthurt about this and seem to get triggered a lot even more so than Arabs and southern Europeans?
    Thank You,
    Akhil Tummala

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  4. Homer Simpson

    How about Native Americans average I.Q.? If you’re saying mixed race Latinos happen to have an average IQ of 90, wouldn’t you suppose then the average Native IQ gotten to be like 85 or so, which would be right on the level of black americans therefore!

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