Nigerians Are Lousy People Part 34,826

Part of an ongoing and no doubt endless series.

More testimony, this time from Black woman, or actually a mulatto. To you common sewers of women, I would like to point out that many mixed-race, mulatto, light-skinned or whatever you call them, Black-White mixed women are extremely beautiful. White and Black mix pretty nicely for some reason.

Mel: I agree with EVERY word you said! The Nigerian men come here to our colleges and try to date all the white, bright, and light-skinned women. I kid you not, at the undergrad I attended, the other African men dated African females but the Nigerian was the ONLY African preying on the white and light races of women. The undergrad that I attended was extremely diverse and like dated like with the exception of the Nigerian man always trying (and sometimes succeeding to build relationships with the prettiest Caucasian girls–one a good friend of mine!

They were always throwing themselves on the prettiest blondes on campus–and I can’t believe that “beauty” was tricked into actually dating “BEAST!” I happen to be a mixed-race light-skinned female and in graduate school I had a serious problem with one Nigerian that picked me out of a whole campus full of women and DECIDED that I would be his because HE WANTED ME! Mentally ill ni993r! I can’t tell you the problems I had and still have with this stalker!

The Nigerian race is clearly the worst race walking on planet earth. I can’t imaging why they keep letting them into the US when they know what they are capable of; and the ones with Green Cards and citizenship are sneaky and underhanded and are no better than the ones stuck in Nigeria. The ones that are here as citizen help the ones back in Nigeria to defraud us all. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had to get a new debit or credit card because my account was compromised–COURTESY OF THE “NIGGERian” of course!

I wish Trump would do us all a favor and stick to his promise to deport all of them–especially the ones who have AMERICAN citizenship, consider themselves nurses, and are in US nursing homes raping our elderly! What Americans put up with and tolerate in the name of diversity and the melting pot is just ridiculous! I’m tempted to write a letter to Trump about the oxymoron and the MORON that someone named “good Nigerian!”


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  1. SHI

    As long as you watch your wallet, Nigerians aren’t too bad. The deal with these people is that they can be EXCELLENT contacts if you want to score drugs, women in a foreign country or simply have a fun time.

    One of the reasons I was so successful with women in Poland was because I made friends with a bunch of Nigerians with Polish girlfriends and wives. They are all on expired visas and treat the Polish women like trash. It isn’t all too bad: the Polish women love the company of Africans and prefer it over their own alcohol-obsessed men David Duke would have a heart attack if he saw what I saw in Polish nightclubs.

    All good though. Thanks to my Nigerian friends, I was able to get introduced to several Polish girls at nightclubs, places I couldn’t have sneaked in on my own. Just pretending to be “one among the Blacks” served as a magnet and I was able to break the ice with Polish girls very easily. I discovered to my delight that Polack chicks are the ultimate combination of “pretty and slutty” and really know how to please a guy. They have those old world charms from a bygone era which you don’t find in Western White women. They are like Russian girls, but far sweeter.

    As for the Nigerians, they are masters at deception, and run rings around local law enforcement in every conceivable petty crime. But, not all of them are the criminal types. Just on the dangerous edge of law. You just don’t mess with them. They will do anything if you’re on their wrong side: spike your drinks, steal your wallet. Otherwise, they’ll invite you to their homes. And will offer you fried chicken. I have done that.

    The reason I hung out with them is because they’re ferocious, and make excellent wingmen in nightclubs. I’d say they’re more masculine than almost any other race of men. I have been in groups of 5-6 Nigerians and would always stick out like a sore thumb. I’d pretend to be “Black” and they’d accept me in their groups. It’s a rare thing to watch An Indian thinking he’s Black hanging out with Nigerians.

    I am normally great with the Blacks and can shuck and jive with them over plenty of hi-fives. I love the fact that they’re such an animated bunch. I have a close friend from Ghana who plays professional soccer in Europe.

    I’ve had a real insider peek of Nigerian culture (I have had pics taken wearing their traditional clothing called “boubou”). You find a lot of Nigerians in Goa and Mumbai as well as in European countries.

    • You find every nationality in Goa.

      Also parts of Mumbai like Andheri.

    • SHI

      Not really. They get busted more than the Kashmir or English people selling drugs in Goa. This might be racism. I don’t think they are the cleverest criminals in the world.

      • SHI

        It’s behavior and not racism. The people from Ghana are treated very differently in Indian cities despite being obviously African. That is because they are polite to a fault, and respect local mores. I knew one Ghana girl who came down for an exchange program in one of the ex companies I was working in. She was sweet and made lots of Indian friends, and got invited to homes. Also, I see a lot of Ghana businessmen being treated with respect and courtesy in restaurants and malls.

        Nigerian males, OTOH, have a certain “thug” vibe which makes them instantly dislikable. But, they’ve got “game”. I can guarantee you that, I saw it with my own eyes.

        • SHI

          Perhaps but I do not think they are the cleverest criminals in the world. Like I said, when foreigners get caught dealing in Goa it is Nigerians, although Brits and Israelis and Kashmir people are equally involved in grey market stuff.

        • Ghana people are more likely to be business people or nurses in India. Nigerians are more likely to trying to do something illegal.

          I’m not accusing Nigerians of being worse than Goras or Kashmir people as they also do illegal things.

          But Nigerians get caught.

          I do not think they are very bright.

        • SHI Treatment

          Nigerians appear to be up to no good and headed for some bad end. They do not seem to be very bright or possessed of the best-intentions.

          As drug dealers go, they are rank amateurs.

        • SHI


          Maybe I met the bright ones who don’t get caught. It takes a certain chutzpah to live in a foreign country on an expired visa and still manage to mop the nightclub floors with local chicks in plain view of their menfolk. And the Police waiting outside. Damn.

        • Hotdog

          “They do not seem very bright or possessed of the best-intentions.” With such ill intentions, perhaps it’s a good thing Nigerians aren’t that bright. Stupid jews if you will.

  2. Nigerians are not more masculine than white Russians or some Italians or Samoans or some Patthans.

  3. SHI Chutzpah

    I don’t think they care about consequences particularly. Whether this balls or just plain lack of intellect is a matter of speculation. My guess is probably the latter.

  4. SHI Chutzpah

    For Nigerians you would define it as not thinking 3 minutes ahead.

    Visit an Indian jail. Most inmates will be Nigerians. Brits deal loads of drugs but they have that $10,000 to bribe their way out or whatever.

  5. SHI Women folk

    To be fair I have used Nigerian women in the apartments of Nigerians. Of course these were prostitutes but Nigerian men did not dislike me.

    I don’t think if a white or Indian man was seen in Nigeria with a local woman they would care at all.

    In fact, they don’t seem to CARE about anything.

  6. SHI

    People who travel managed to have the initiative and intellect to move. With all nationalities you have the townies or peasants or whatever they are called who will never go anywhere.

    Then you have those that do.

    So this is a slight separation.

    • SHI

      People who travel managed to have the initiative and intellect to move. With all nationalities you have the townies or peasants or whatever they are called who will never go anywhere.


      This isn’t the first time. Your hatred of “townies/peasants” is off the charts. What makes you so much better than them? Why are you such an elitist? Leave some damned air 🙂

      • SHI

        I’d rephrase this. Why do Brahmin seem more educated and worldly and well-traveled than other castes in India?

      • SHI

        The Nigerians in Europe presumably earned enough money to actually come by plane and not on a refugee boat.

        Considering how poor Nigeria is they would be the more intelligent, cultured and less violent ones.

      • SHI

        “Elitist” Somebody has to be making 6 figures to be elitist. I would not be one of them.

        Hard to love the violent, stupid whites of the sort who shoot Indians in Kansas because they think they are Iranian.

        But for that matter I find Brahmin generally more worldly and cultured and better-traveled than other castes.

        • SHI


          More Westerners die in India each year. The famous case of Scarlett Keeling comes to mind. She was a pretty 15 year old girl, I think it’s a tragic loss. Granted it was her trashy “Chav” mother at fault here.

          A lot of Indian men frequent the beaches of Goa so that they can rape unsuspecting Western young girls. They see White women in porn movies and imagine they all are eager and willing.

        • Hotdog

          I doubt Whites shooting Indians is common. Indians being the “mentally ill ni993r” types obsessively stalking and raping White women is a more reasonable stereotype.

      • SHI

        We are deviating from my point about Nigerians.

  7. SHI

    Any Nigerian who happens to be in Europe is probably quite well-to-do by his own standards. Because it is a poor country.

  8. Yee

    Seems the Nigerians have a bad reputation everywhere.

    Africans in China could thank the Nigerians for 70% of the taxi drivers won’t stop for Blacks. Made a name of fare beaters among many other things.

    And you can’t deport them either. They ditched their passports, Nigeria refused to take them back without ID documents.

    200 thousand illegal Africans in China. It’ll become a more serious problem in the future, cultures are poles apart.

    • YEE

      Who is going to feed you in China? Americans get deported for any breaking of the rules in China. I know this well. Not only that but you might get a fairly good pushing around in the police station.

      • Yee

        Africans have their own economy evolve around their many merchants. Restaurants, shipping agents, plain labors, etc., some lazy or thiefing lost their jobs and became criminals. Usually the less successful ones don’t want to go back to Africa. So you get stuck with the dregs.

        No, Chinese police don’t push you around in stations. It’s the detectives who want to solve a case that get tough, not the patrol officers.

  9. SHI Scarlett Example

    15 years old, her mother a drug addict who left her with drug dealers with whom she was apparently having sex in order to live somewhere as she had no money and was a child in a foreign country. Now you tell me what is wrong with this picture?

    White trash from Britain getting welfare checks in India instead of being restricted to a single country as they are in the U.S. (You cannot leave a certain jurisdiction).

    Americans have to check in at a social worker office to receive a welfare check and I think remain in the county.

    British can receive it anywhere so the absolute least educated and poorest with long criminal drug histories can enter India.

    Americans who wish to even visit India have to be interviewed by the Secretary at the Embassy-I was, for example.

    • SHI

      White trash from Britain getting welfare checks in India instead of being restricted to a single country as they are in the U.S. (You cannot leave a certain jurisdiction).

      Again, it wasn’t the child’s fault.

      Americans who wish to even visit India have to be interviewed by the Secretary at the Embassy-I was, for example.

      Clearly, you haven’t heard of the e-Visa. No physical visits needed. Citizens of more than 100 countries (including the United State) no longer need to apply for a visa at their embassies to visit India.

      An application for e-Tourist Visa must be made at least four calendar days in advance of the date of arrival. The visa is valid for a single entry with a maximum stay of 30 calendar days from the date of arrival, and can be obtained twice in a calendar year. The duration of stay cannot be extended. And you have Westerners overstaying their visas all the time. They usually get away with a slap in the wrist.


      You can easily come down to India after applying online, stay here for 30 days and fly to Thailand for a week and come back again for another 30 days. No other formalities.

      That’s far more privilege than what Indian passport holders get from US embassy.


        “She was a child”

        I would not want some horrendous Goan middle-age whore in America leaving her 15 year old cocaine-addicted (Everything addicted) daughter with some white trash scumbags in some beach resort town and making her screw them for a roof over her head.

        What’s your point? That white trash have problems like drug-addicted children because they are terrible parents? I agree.

        Do they belong in India with no money abandoned by their mother?


        Would this happen to white trash anywhere? Yes.

        When Indians have a problem in a white country it is usually unprovoked random attacks like some guy shotgunning them in a bar because thinks they are Iranians.

        Visas: No, Americans can FILL OUT the form but have to show up to get their passport stamped at the Indian embassy.

        Or at least that was the rule back in 1999-2009 when I was in and out of India.

      • SHI Who’s fault?

        I’ve known some gnarly low-caste Indian scum BUT even they would not leave their 15 year old daughter in Florida with a 25 year old redneck while they went to California and let the homeless girl sleep with the guy for a roof over her head and the 15 year old is a cocaine addict in the bargain.

        Indians who get in trouble overseas are randomly shot by crazy white trash for being Iranian in Kansas or beaten up in Australia.

        It was Britain’s fault for unleashing white trash on India who leave their children homeless in Goa who are cocaine addicts when they are 15 years old.

        E-visa came about LONG AFTER I was in India.

        Have not been there since 2009.

        • SHI


          Clearly, you don’t take into account the millions of urchins living on Indian streets. They’re lonely, abandoned by their parents and begging random strangers.

        • Hotdog

          I have zero respect for the self-proclaimed Brahmin Indians living in Western Lala Land with every Western amenity while their shit covered homeland rots.

  10. SHI White Trash in India: A Study

    Britain allows stupid white trash (I’ve met them too) to receive a welfare check anywhere in the world.

    How many Indian single mothers go around American and leave their 15 year old with some sketchy white dudes 25 or 30 years old in a resort town like Florida.

    And the Indian daughter is already a cocaine addict?

    And she has sex with the white dudes because she would be homeless.

    Yep, that is what happens when white trash are dumped in India.

    Need me to say more?

    I guess I’m a feaking elitist.

    Americans in Goa cannot get welfare from the states and the Indian embassy screens us.

    • SHI


      For your knowledge. British, Canadian and Australian visitors to India get favorable consideration because of the concept called “Commonwealth” something that will not benefit Americans. The fact that the US makes it very hard for Indians to reach there does not help matters. It’s relatively easier getting a UK visa. Nowadays, you can get an Express UK visa in India within 3 business days. The passport is delivered at your doorstep. As a quid pro quo, Brits get more privileges in India and can afford to overstay their visas.

      It’s the Israelis and Russians that noone likes here anymore. The Brits and Aussies get along fine with everyone in India.

      Most Americans visiting India are business visitors and polite people. Very few Rednecks will travel to India, if any. There are a few American hippie types that do show up in resort towns like Diu. I visit Diu at least 3 times in a year. It’s teeming with backpackers from Europe and Commonwealth countries, and a few Americans here and there.

      As long as the Commonwealth crowd does not involve with drugs, Indians do not objects to their presence. They get the best Indian hospitality compared to almost any other nation.

      • SHI

        Daniel the Bollywood actresses husband was the only redneck I ever met. You’d know who he was because his wife became famous but when I knew him he was just a nothing film extra and we hung around a little. Total alcoholic, played some songs on the beach. A real asshole.

        I referred him to somebody in Andheri for an apartment and he trashed it.

        “Very few rednecks will travel to India”

        Or you would have many more Scarlet Keelings because they are stupid and stupid people do stupid things like leave their 15 year old daughter who is a cocaine addict with a tour guide who is like 30 years old.

        “Polite people”

        Most Americans, like me, were getting paid. Why would we be rude? I only had one bad experience with some Indian sailors on train who took offense to a Gora working in India.

        No Australian and Canadian nationals had to wait the same length in order to get the passport stamped with the visa and it is the same duration-6 weeks-for U.S. citizens as Commonwealth subjects.

        I know this because I was employed in Dubai when I first went to India back in 1999.

        Commonwealth nationals do not have an easier time getting a work visa in India than Americans.

        “Making it hard for Indian nationals to reach America”

        Well, yes, and this is why America does not have “no-go” areas like London or Canada.

        • SHI

          Well, yes, and this is why America does not have “no-go” areas like London or Canada.

          In a way, you’re right. The screening process of US embassy filters out all the criminal elements and lowbrow trash that India has to offer. As a result of the rigorous visa process, the average American has been exposed to only those Indians from India who can fit into the mold of law-abiding, peaceful “model minorities”. And H-1B wage slaves. Thus, confirms the Apu stereotype of gas station owners and 7-11 cashiers in New Jersey.

          But, that’s not how visas and travels are supposed to work. You shouldn’t discriminate against people who wish to travel. It’s a basic human right.

          US embassy in India is willing to give a visa to only 2 or 3% of Indians who can fit into the “model minority” stereotype. That leaves the rest of us in the lurch.

          I have a criminal conviction from years back. It was a legal case on financial embezzlement. It is on my record preventing me from applying for a US visa. That along with the fact that I don’t have a steady job but earning in bits and pieces makes me a persona non grata according to the assholes working for the US embassy/consulates.

      • SHI

        Daniel was a redneck married to a Bollywood actress that hung around me. She was not famous then. Anyhow he looked like the X files guy and was from Ohio. A horrible asshole, alcoholic who also did some film extra work.

        Well yes Indian urchins are a problem so why does India need a 15 year old cocaine addict who is homeless?

      • SHI

        DANIEL the Bollywood actress’s husband was the only redneck I knew. He was horrible. Horrible. I knew him before she was famous. I even got him an apartment, he trashed it.

        I’ve known about Commonwealth for years but the visa is the same for them as for Americans-6 weeks or so.

        Israelis are often junkies, Russians are involved in some bad activities.

  11. SHI Missing the Point

    So India has problems. Does it need one more? It has poor uneducated people. Does it need more?

  12. SHI Daniel the Redneck

    Daniel was a total white trash redneck country singer from Ohio married to a Bollywood actress who was unknown at the time I was a film extra in India. You’d know him. He looked like the X-files guy with lot’s of tattoos.

    Now he did have some minor trouble with the law.

    He was a HARDCORE alcoholic.

    I got him an apartment and he trashed it. That was the end of our relationship in India.

    He later became an INDIAN CITIZEN.

  13. SHI American Policy

    Mohanna was a Bengali woman I screwed. She was really good at this. I asked how such a nice Brahmin girl could be so good.

    Her story was sad:

    She had graduated from St. Xavier in Mumbai and went to California. Her boss was an Indian who took her passport, made her live with 5 other Indians and give him a blowjob once a week.

    Eventually she left this slavery.

    I think America should do more to protect Indians in IT from being exploited.

    Now fortunately for me, she said that after a while she like all the dirty sex. So I was able to get some.

    But still taking a woman’s passport and raping her and making live in condo closet is harsh.

    • SHI


      Bengali women are hot. Which state did this Indian boss of Mohanna hail from who she had to give blowjobs over the weekend? Was he a Marwari?

      • SHI H-1B Horrors

        Mohanna was about 30 years old and married. She had good qualifications when she went to Aptose, California.

        Guy was brutal and I THINK he was an American-born Indian. No idea who or what he was.

        But he made 7 Indian women live in his house. He demanded an “agency” plus 1 BJ per week.

        She met a nice white guy who felt sorry for her and flew back to India. Of course the white guy f*cked her too.

        We are talking about a St Xavier graduate here.

        The Indian-American was so angry she actually had to live in the Embassy for a week.

        For some reason she still liked being screwed by men however. The whole experience left her horny.

        But this is a horror story. I am sure there worse ones.

      • SHI

        No idea. Just a typical H-1B horror story and I am sure there are worse ones than that.

  14. SHI U.S. Embassy

    I worked for the Embassy and will say you are not missing much in the United States. It is far easier to get a business up and running in the UK or Australia or Europe.

    America is more violent than the UK (For Indians London or Canadian Indian areas are safe) for Indians. You’ll met some really dangerous, stupid whites. Not only this, but also there are Africans and other groups that UK, Europe and Canada don’t have a problem with.

    America is actually poorer than Australia for example. No free health care at all.

  15. HOTDOG

    True, enough, India is a bad place for a white girl to be walking around. And by the way, a few Indians did not like me working in their country. Some sailors on a train.

    But as I said…..when you are from Greater Detroit. You don’t have options. If you have to work in India, you go there.

    It is better than trying to get welfare in Michigan.

  16. SHI

    TRASH Where do I even start?

    One can count on TRASH to trash any thread with his trashy tidbits. 🙂 And dragging everyone else down with him to Trollworld.

    @ Robert

    Maybe you need to restrict TRASH’s trolling habits. He’s turning off all other serious commenters.

    No bad blood please. I kinda like TRASH but would as easily throw him off the cliff. Maybe not but he has a way of fucking with your brains big time.

    • SHI Apologetic Question

      Debate and “Trolling” are different in my opinion. Debates involve facts. Trolling involves childish name-calling.

      To use your bad language I fail to see how I am “F*cking with your brains”.

      I am presenting a few facts. They are irrefutable and lead me to a hypothesis or two.

      As for my anecdotes, well yes, you hear some stories after 18 years overseas.

      • SHI

        TRASH In case you didn’t know this

        Don’t get me wrong. You have an above average IQ and have made some excellent observations. I value your experiences gained from travelling worldwide.

        But, seriously. You must curb this tendency to HIJACK threads which is a bit of an annoyance. Leave some breathing space, damnit. Give space to others. Hogging the entire bandwidth makes you come across as an inconsiderate person at best, and a troll at worst. I am sure you can do better than that.

        If I intend to dominate a conversation, I’d gather a crowd and do a stand-up routine. Or, start my own fucking blog which I admit I’m too lazy to do. Posting in another person’s blog is a privilege not an automatic right.

        You’re like the drunken guy at the bar who just wouldn’t shut up about his exploits in the Red Light districts of Bangkok, each time with a different girl. It’s funny the first time you hear it but gets boring and repetitive after a while.

        There comes a time when you no longer want to go to that bar again out of fear of running into this guy and his motor mouth.

        Using the analogy that you best understand, I was once at a brothel in Berlin, Germany. Totally drunk, I became a bit more talkative and animated compared to the other “Johns”. The girls were angry and pissed at me, “You drink too much. You talk too much.”

        It doesn’t matter if you have lots of interesting things to say. As a general rule, keep 95% of them with yourself. Noone else needs to hear it.

        Shut the fuck up, now. Go to sleep.

        • SHI One Last Thing Indian Epilogue

          Daniel the Redneck from Ohio’s wife became a huge Bollywood actress a few years after I knew him and this redneck BECAME AN INDIAN CITIZEN.

          Mohanna became an Editor for a Magazine in Dubai.

          Don’t just travel overseas, GET A JOB OVERSEAS.

    • SHI

      How am I doing this? I am presenting you with fact which you may or may not like.

      One fact is that H-1B involves some exploitation of Indians by other Indians in addition to the fact that America does not need unemployment.

      Another is that America really has enough problems with other other groups not to import the same sort of problems that London or Brampton have so yes, visas are more hard to come by.

      I do not know what I have done or said to offend you.

      If I have, I apologize.

    • ROBERT

      If I am banned, I am banned. I do not consider myself a troll and I few that some facts have come to light through this forum of discourse.

      But if I am banned I am banned.

      • SHI


        I never said that you should be banned. And you don’t need to apologize or anything.

        Just pipe down. These are social cues. Read my above post again. Let me repost it for you.

        TRASH In case you didn’t know this

        Don’t get me wrong. You have an above average IQ and have made some excellent observations. I value your experiences gained from travelling worldwide.

        But, seriously. You must curb this tendency to HIJACK threads which is a bit of an annoyance. Leave some breathing space, damnit. Give space to others. Hogging the entire bandwidth makes you come across as an inconsiderate person at best, and a troll at worst. I am sure you can do better than that.

        If I intend to dominate a conversation, I’d gather a crowd and do a stand-up routine. Or, start my own fucking blog which I admit I’m too lazy to do. Posting in another person’s blog is a privilege not an automatic right.

        You’re like the drunken guy at the bar who just wouldn’t shut up about his exploits in the Red Light districts of Bangkok, each time with a different girl. It’s funny the first time you hear it but gets boring and repetitive after a while.

        There comes a time when you no longer want to go to that bar again out of fear of running into this guy and his motor mouth.

        Using the analogy that you best understand, I was once at a brothel in Berlin, Germany. Totally drunk, I became a bit more talkative and animated compared to the other “Johns”. The girls were angry and pissed at me, “You drink too much. You talk too much.”

        It doesn’t matter if you have lots of interesting things to say. As a general rule, keep 95% of them with yourself. Noone else needs to hear it.

        Shut the fuck up, now. Go to sleep.

        • SHI

          I’ve learned something from you actually.

          You committed a crime, probably in Dubai or some other Arab Gulf country where you learned to speak English as well as you do.

          My Embassy decided you might try your luck again on my soil.

          So this has been fruitful for me.

          Thread is all yours.

        • John

          This comes from a indian cockroach who bragged incessantly about his game a few days back. Didn’t u brag about your sexual exploits in Amsterdam a few days back?

      • You are not banned. But there have been a number of votes to ban you. I told you that your NPD is going to cause you problems in life and annoying people is one of them. Lucky for you, you also have friends on here, and a number of people voted to keep you on. At the moment, we do not have enough votes to ban you. We did have enough ban votes, but your friends rescued you and canceled out most of the ban votes.

        Let’s say we have three votes to ban and three votes against a ban. We now have zero votes for a ban. Get it? Stay votes cancel out ban votes and vice versa.

        Alpha and I cannot kick you off of here even if we wanted to because you are not breaking the rules. This is a very democratic board. There have been people I really wanted to ban over the years, but I could not as we did not have enough votes, and I am not a dictator here.

        The commenting section is run by the commenters in the finest Left democratic fashion. I doubt if you will break any comments rules in the future. But if you do banned, it will be because your fellow commenters voted you off. You guys run the board here. You decide who stays and who goes. Is that cool or what?

        • ROBERT Asian Posters

          If SHI and our other Asian posters want whites overseas to praise them they can go to the Lonely Planet blog.

    • SHI “Just the Facts”

      Daniel the Redneck married to a certain Bollywood actress was a HEADACHE for me, the woman who owned the apartment I found him and everyone in general. He was an asshole. I was personally sorry I met him and would not want 2,000 more American rednecks in Andheri like him.

      Yes, H-1B stories are sad.

      Britain is responsible for the tragedy of Scarlett Keeling as much as Goa. People on government assistance should be monitored, not have their social problems outsourced to India.

      These are facts.

      What is a forum for?

    • LOL I told you NPD’s annoy people. Trash keeps saying there no negative consequences for his character issues, but I would like to point out that there are.

      I cannot restrict Trash’s commenting in any way. The only thing I have done is stop reading all his damn posts because if I read every post Trash wrote, it would take me so long, I would probably die sitting in this chair reading his shit. I still read a lot of his stuff, just not all. Plus he is unbelievably repetitive.

      • ROBERT

        You are right, I will make my posts shorter and less repetitive.

        I do not know how to be less annoying.

        • You are right, I will make my posts shorter and less repetitive.

          Thank you, sir.

          I do not know how to be less annoying.

          Without a doubt, but that’s a good defense of yourself IMHO.

      • ROBERT

        Your blog keeps me sane. I have nothing but some old stories to show for a lifetime of drifting around because I could not make a go of it in either Detroit or Phoenix and became a drifter overseas.

        Now may posters call one another cockroaches and other more vulgar names. All I do is recite a few facts.

        But if I am not contributing a single thing than I should not annoy people.

        • John

          Trash, i was not calling you a cockroach, i was calling that Indian SHI who brags about his exploits everywhere.

  17. SHI Counter Response

    Dubai will make you some money if like embezzling. Or perhaps that was where you were busted.

    We have gotten you, the Indian National, to concur to one truth: America is fortunate to screen applicants and if it did not another underclass would be imported to the United States.

    The country is bulging at the seems with underclasses already. Blacks, Hispanics, a certain percentage of Italians, a certain percentage of East Asians.

    So the U.S. Embassy screens the low-brow and the criminally-inclined.

  18. HOTDOG

    Prior to the “Celtic Tiger” Ireland was poor. The Irish that I knew were simply glad to go.

    My own family tried to give our relatives in East Berlin some hand-me-down clothes.

    But like me and Greater Detroit, for the most part, you’re glad to be gone.

  19. Hotdog

    Irelands glory days were really the Dark Age when it was a cultural and learning center.

  20. Yes but you cannot exactly accuse Indian-Americans of not cleaning India up when neither does some Mick in Chicago. See my point?

    And HOTDOG, these sort of countries are not fixable by a single group or income.

    It is like me fixing Greater Detroit.

    • Hotdog

      I feel elites have a responsibility to try. Irish-Americans at least give a shite about Ireland. Ireland was doing well last time I checked and lets be honest, Detroit isn’t a ghetto because of Germans. India is like a boiling over a shithole and Indians in Europe, America, ect. would rather stalk Barbie than piss to put out the fire under the untouchable pot in their own land.

  21. HOTDOG

    Are Jews really THAT bright? The ones I knew were mostly trying to get another bottle of “Mickey’s” (A Malt Liquor urban Jews seem to love), get high or get laid.

    I’m not ripping on Jews but mostly they seem to want to sell shit-anything-people will buy.

    I cannot see the evolutionary advantage of totally destroying a white society. Not that they are really pleasant or compassionate-most are really self-interested-but I do not see a desire to destroy the U.S.

    • Hotdog

      We’ve had this conversation before. Elite jews agenda is insane and will harm jews as well in the long run. Brighter than Nigerians on average, most likely.

      • Look Hotdog, I am going to have to ban you. Regular commenters have to donate at least $10 to post on the board. When you want to donate, I will let you back on. In the meantime, I wish you all the best, sir.

  22. SHI

    This comes from a indian cockroach who bragged incessantly about his game a few days back. Didn’t u brag about your sexual exploits in Amsterdam a few days back? – John


    Who the fuck are you again, shitwad? 🙂

    I do tend to “big note” myself on occasions. But, since you brought it up, I’ll keep a lid on that stuff. I know it can be very annoying when anyone brags about their exploits, even when they have legitimately earned those bragging rights.

    I used to be somewhat like TRASH in the past. I would never shut up talking about my greatness. Now I know better.

    I mean TRASH well when I call out on his troll behavior. Hopefully, he will get the hint someday.

    • SHI “Greatness”?

      White proles like me face internal Third World countries in the U.S. worse than living around middle-class Asians or being poor in Gulf oil countries.

      Over years of living on a budget in foreign countries I became street smart in which local market-dominant minority ran things (Chinese in Southeast Asia, Brahmin in North India, Nairs in the South). Which group had a predilection for violence (ie Punjabis). Etc.

      You did a totally typical Malayalam accountant thing. Got caught embezzling. In a Gulf Arab country, judging from your familiarity both with the English language and with Eastern European women.

      Dubai has built Cochin and Chenai on embezzlement. Nothing unique about your story.

      Exploits. What exploits?

      Any pathetic male ( Like me ) can pay an underachieving and usually lazy female to lie in a few poses in order to earn a requisite fee.

      In all of my years overseas and hundreds of sex partners only 3 of them or 4 of them were free of charge.

      This does not make the male a stud or a hero.

      I’m none of those things.

    • SHI

      Can you identify this behavior for my edification?

      • SHI


        I’m putting you on IGNORE till you sort yourself out which I feel nay take years. You obviously have some OCD-Asperger’s issues, so please seek help immediately. Not from me though, I’m not your therapist. I think Robert is a certified therapist. He can help you out. Pay him $20 an hour.

        As far as I’m concerned, you don’t exist anymore, you Aspie. This is probably my last address to you.

        Get well soon.

        • John

          The west should put you hindiots on black list and block you from entering? Let’s see how you crass imbeciles survive then?

        • SHI

          I’m sure you would be a good citizen but your American kids would pick up the customs of the U.S. underclass so we have to maintain an informal Baniya caste preferred policy. Hope you understand. We have 2 other underclasses here in the states and another would be the end of whites.

          Also we are starting to see race-wars between blacks and South Asians in UK. We cannot have that in the U.S.

          Try London or Australia.

          They’ll take anybody.

        • SHI

          I already got paid to live in India so all is good.

          We are just rehashing my old memories.

        • SHI

          So long, you little sack of shit.

          What is this mysterious entity called “John”? Is it one of your sockpuppets, you pooey pooey troll boy.

          Never mind, Please carry on with your boyfriend.

        • SHI My Own Apology

          I made my money or what money I was going to make out of India already.

          I’ve got some stories, a few old photographs and maybe an opinion or two.

          You were probably a schoolboy when I was having my youthful fun in Goa.

          For me, your country was a good time.

          So long.

  23. JOHN

    You’ll see more and more middle-class Gen Y college-educated proles whose prospects are so lousy in the United States that they do what I do and simply move to Asia or Australia without even bothering to make an attempt to have a family, buy a house, have a career or do anything else in the U.S.

    At the bottom of it is a desire to simply live somewhere that you will never see a NAM or a redneck or Guido.

    America, like Detroit, is going to see something of a white flight as many whites with any money or education simply leave. Tired of PC, knowing that NAM population centers will get worse and not better.

    As Alpha Unit stated, nobody cares if a white man leaves America. This summarizes how NAMS feel but when their own cities are abandoned by whites the budgets crash and eventually becomes like Detroit.

  24. SHI

    Oh, but sitting on those Anjuna rocks with a Kashmir joint as the sun melted into the Arabian and a horny Bengali prostitute high on Ya Ba beckoning the night were the best days of my life.

    But you are right, I acted like a bit of sack of shit in India. This is not an attempt at sowing discord, merely a fact.

    I was young and had an excuse.

    Got paid little but the good times were worth it.

    There is nothing like getting Indian girls high on Ya-Ba pills.

    We used to call them LBM’S.

    Little Brown F7cking Machines.

  25. SHI

    Got my last paycheck from India in 2009. And I managed to keep my mouth shut all the while there so I did not get thrashed by lower-caste Indians like you who actually care what Goras think, unlike Brahmins and Parsi who have more going on in their personal life.

    • SHI

      Just so you know I’m a Brahmin.

      But you are right, I acted like a bit of sack of shit in India.

      You’re still a sack of shit.

      I won’t lie. You were funny up to a point. Not anymore.

      • John

        It’s no secret that you’ve got to be a brahmin..Hypocrisy, cunning, deceptive – all fits brahmin assholes like you to a T. Yet when your likes are cornered what we get is denial, bluster and stupidity. Btw asshole i am not Trash. The slumdogs’ fetish to put the blame on others is amusing. Have fun in your sewer.

        • JOHN

          Bluster. You summed it up. As well as hypocrisy: he has a record in Dubai or who knows where for theft and wants to be unleashed on the the West now.

          No thanks.

          Actually the Embassy saved his life because he would have one outburst in Alabama or North Jersey like he has had on this blog and would run into some serious life-threatening situation.

          Maybe the UK is willing to put up with Indians piling into its cities doing whatever they want but the U.S. is not going to take them just to make them happy.

        • JOHN

          I had a bit of hard time in India.

          Please understand.

        • Yee


          Honestly, Indians are by far craftier then Whites. They’re more street-smart than you.

          Who did you associate? Chinese-Filipinos businessmen. Who does he associate? Nigerian illegals.

          You’re not even in the same league of street smartness.

      • SHI

        I’m just calling things like I saw them in India. Us nice professional Americans doing some business there-usually not well-paying-will keep our opinions to ourselves.

        If you’re a Brahmin and you stole it means you are a Tamil.

        Try Dubai.

        Anyhow, I did not call you a name. Another poster did. Why are focused on me?

        • SHI


          What part of “I don’t want you to address me anymore” you don’t understand?

          I have been very nice to you. I use expletives all the time without being malicious.

          Focus on other topics and different threads. So much to occupy yourself with. Leave me alone, all right. Just like you, I come down here on this blog to unwind. You’re ruining it.

          Just in order to satisfy your innate curiosity, I’m Northern Indian, not Tamil. My direct ancestors are from Kannauj in modern day Uttar Pradesh who in turn trace their family origins to the Caspian sea region (That will be “Keshav Mahasagar” in Hindi. We have those stories passed down across generations.) somewhere in the 3rd-4th century AD. I speak Hindi with my parents, with a slight Avadhi dialect.

          Hoping that’s enough, I really don’t want to talk to you anymore on this forum. I’m done with farewells now. Just back off.

  26. SHI


    Do you have a Trump University degree? DId you pay the $35,000 fee or did sleazy Donald give you a special discount in lieu of your sordid tales of Bengali prostitutes.

  27. SHI

    Give the Indian girls Ya-Ba to smoke.

    I took ONE COURSE at St. Xavier in Mumbai, in fact. One course.

  28. YEE

    Who is “craftier”?

    I don’t know that anyone wins a debate but I think that the Indian posters have no out-argued me.

    My own points rely on truth and this is hard to argue with.

    Whites in Asia who are doing some kind of business end up associating with the local “market-dominant minority” most of the time. In Philippines it happens to be Chinese-Filipinos. A few of the Spanish-Mestizos.

    No, I would not have anything to do with Nigerian illegals anywhere. Not because I am racist but because whites do not want to be near trouble overseas, we want to be near the centers of power and influence.

    In Cebu, this got me into a bit of trouble because as I said one Chinese-Filipino used me to fire another Chinese-Filipino who himself was powerful.

    • Yee

      Alright, I’ll put it in another way: for people away from home, there’s one kind of street smartness “don’t get scammed”; there’s another kind “try to scam”. That’s what I mean not in the same league.

  29. YEE

    Immigration Jail in China probably contains more Nigerians and Indians than Western Europeans.

    The women are not appealing to Chinese males so I agree that foreign female prisoners will be a bunch of Russian prostitutes but in terms of destructive scams and straight up crime or theft every prisoner will be black or Indian.

  30. SHI

    For a population size of 1.2 billion (granted, only 5% of Indians have a passport), only 6800 are in foreign prisons. That’s a very small proportion.

    6,804 Indian citizens languishing in foreign jails

    As many as 6,804 Indian citizens are languishing in the jails of 72 countries across the globe. More than 41 per cent of the total inmates are imprisoned in the jails of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) alone. At least 49 Indians have died in prisons of different countries since 2013.

    • SHI

      According to the data available, the highest number of Indian prisoners –1,696 –are in the jails of Saudi Arabia. It is followed by the UAE and Nepal which houses 1,143 and 859 prisoners of Indian origin respectively.

      Three other nations that have maximum number of Indians in their jails are Kuwait with 434, Malaysia and United Kingdom with 356 prisoners each.

      There are 230 Indians imprisoned in Pakistan. <USA has jailed188 Indians while as China has imprisoned 61 Indians. France houses 48 Indian jail inmates, Germany 59, Russian Federation six, Sri Lanka 32, Spain 52 and

      South Africa 13.

      • SHI

        “Indian prisoners lodged in foreign jails for crimes such as violation of immigration/visa rules such as overstay and illegal entry, non-possession of valid travel documents, economic offences, violation of employment contracts, working without any visa/permit”, the RTI reply says.

        The reply also cites consumption of alcohol as a reason for arrest of Indian nationals in such countries which have prohibition of alcohol. [Middle-East]

        Some Indians /b> are also jailed for grave offenses like drug trafficking, theft and murder.

        The only Western country willing to imprison Indians in considerable numbers is the United Kingdom (mostly immigration offences and drugs) which is more than twice that of the United States, China and even Pakistan!

        To put that in perspective, if you’re Indian, you’re more likely to go to prison in London than Pakistan.

        Almost no Indian prisoners in Canada and Australia. Those places must be like Heaven!

        You gotta love statistics. They tell so much about a country’s citizen’s situation abroad. Somebody should do some research on American citizens in overseas prisons. A large number would be imprisoned in Iran, North Korea and Russia.

  31. General Comment Only

    Gulf Arab countries imprison Indians mostly for white-collar theft. A lesser number for simply running up debt or taking loans from local banks. Selling booze or making it is another common crime. Finally some Indians are unjustly imprisoned by abusive employers known as “sponsors”. Street crime zero. No Indian would dare do this in the Arab Gulf countries because Arabs hate them so much that they would probably kill them in the police station. And they have been known to.

    U.S. unsurprisingly only allows a tiny number of Indians with clean records and high earning power to immigrate (Which costs money) after demonstrating what they have in the bank. So of course street crime is non-existent. Much of the business of the merchant caste is legal but sleazy. Hotels of ill-reputation, pawn stores.

    Indians immigrating to Canada and UK DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES. Their kids do. Having grown to a fair size with enough muscle mass to match white police they are not Indian any more than Black Americans are African. They form youth gangs, sell drugs, shoot one another in nightclubs etc.

  32. SHI


    Are you from China? I see a lot of Black prisoners in a typical Chinese prison photo, surpassing even the locals. Interesting.

    That is not the case in India. I mean foreign prisoners here would be less than 1 percent of total inmates. Even among the 1 percent, an overwhelming majority would be from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

    The only exception to the rule is Nigerians, there are 1200 Nigerian prisoners in India.

  33. ROBERT

    Foreigners who would embezzle from Arab employers or commit any crime in the Arab Gulf are crazy.

  34. Indians in Arab Gulf jails deserve it.

    But what does an Arab employer expect when he hires an Indian as his accountant.

  35. The last time whites committed a major crime in India was in Armristar about 100 years ago when a bunch Sikhs were blown away before breakfast by English soldiers.

  36. Denise Fitzpatrick

    A Nigerian Man Nwankwo arrested by police for allegedly raping 47-year-old woman from group home where he worked in Raleigh North Carolina
    May 5, 2017 Ogbeide Frank Foreign News 0
    Nnamdi Godson Nwankwo Nnamdi Godson Nwankwo
    North Carolina-53-year-old Nigerian man Nnamdi Godson Nwankwo who worked at a group home in Raleigh was arrested last month after he allegedly raped a 47-year-old woman who lives in the group home.
    According to Raleigh Police,Nnamdi has been accused of second-degree forcible rape and sexual activity by a substitute parent. Both charges are felonies.
    Nwankwo was arrested about 10 a.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of Merrell Drive, a dead-end residential street in east Raleigh .
    Nnamd Police arrest record ID is 41098571, However, Police did not identify the home where the woman lives.
    Source:Raleigh Police

    My son and I are victims of housing discrimination as my son was excluded from housing because he has a mental disability. This is in violation of the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 and other laws. After housing was ILLEGALLY made unavailable for him, I was stripped of guardianship because I had no housing for him. He was then placed in a group home which is owned and operated by the wife of the accused rapist that you just read about. This Operator recent received an A1 substantiated complaint for FAILING TO ENSURE THAT MY SON AND 5 OTHER MEN WERE PROTECTED AGAINST BED BUG INFESTATION WHERE BED BUGS WERE FOUND IN “EVERY” LIVING SPACE OF THE FACILITY EXCEPT THE KITCHEN AND IT WAS INFESTED WITH GERMAN ROACHES WHICH WERE FOUND IN AREAS WERE FOOD AND FOOD SUPPLIES WERE STORED! THIS IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICE BERG! I HAVE IN MY POSSESSION, A 36 PAGE REPORT THAT SHOWS THE WRONGS OF THIS HOME. To read my article on the discrimination that I PROVED in a court of law after a 6 months battle, please google the March 16, 2016 edition of the Indy Week Newspaper titled, “WHY WAS A WAKE COUNTY WOMAN’S LAWSUIT SETTLED AGAINST HER WILL?” I have got to get my son AWAY from these Nigerians!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Denise Fitzpatrick

    Please please please sign my petition on my facebook page to STOP the rape of the mentally ill women who live in group homes.A Nigerians man is accused of raping a mentally ill woman who lives in a group home that his wife owns and operates. Please visit my facebook page to read all about it and then die a Google search to know why my son is wrongfully residing in a BAD group home that is owned and operated by the accused rapists wife It is online in the March 16, 2016 edition of the Indy Week newspaper, titled, “WHY WAS A WAKE COUNTY WOMAN’S LAWSUIT SETTLED AGAINST HER WILL”?

  38. jason voorhees

    Nigerian women running a halfway house for poor whites in the South.

    What a recipe for disaster open-borders immigration really is.

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