Attack SJW’s, Create a Trump Supporter

This poster on the Republican Women thread quoted below was banned, as I do not allow pro-Republicans to post on this site under any circumstances ever, but his comment is instructive.

Almost every single person I have ever met who is an SJW/PC/Cultural Left hater is pro-Republican/Trumpster/The Right. Even with those on the “Left,” this is a problem. They seem to be rather neutral about the threat of the Right, and they end up defending the Right a lot. That is because for the SJW-haters on the Left, the #1 enemy is the SJW’s.

Usually this means that they hate Democratic Party, not to mention anything further Left. It follows that they dislike the entire anti-Trumpster movement because they see it as being led by those evil SJW’s. There is also a lot of normalizing and equivocating going on by saying that the Democrats are just as bad or worse than Republicans. Almost all of the SJW-haters on the Alt Left are either openly supporting Drumpf, are rather neutral about him or are rather muted in their condemnation of him.

That is because in our lunatic culture, if you hate SJW’s, then that means you are on the Right. So lots of SJW-haters are drifting over to the Right because they have been told that that is what they must be considering how they think. That they can still be on the Left and be SJW-haters never occurs to them. And even on the Alt Left where they ought to know better, we see this same more or less Trumpster phenomenon. Because, you know, Trump is the biggest SJW-hater of them all. The Alt Left is so full of Trumpsters that the whole movement is just about a Trumpster Fire on its very own. Support/equivocating about Trump and the Right is destroying the Alt Left.

The truth is this:

  • The SJW’s themselves are creating or at least inflaming millions of Republicans, rightwingers and Trumpsters.
  • The SJW-haters, who think they are attacking the thing that is driving everyone to the Right, are themselves creating or inflaming millions of Republicans, rightwingers and Trumpsters.

If you support them, you create Trumpsters.
If you hate them, you create Trumpsters.

A bit of a Catch-22 here, would you not say?

The solution is to neither support nor hate the SJW’s. The solution instead is to ignore the SJW’s as much as possible as you ignore a child throwing a tantrum. You throw the SJW’s in their room and try to ignore their screams as much as possible, as all responsible parents do to immature children.

Personally, the SJW’s are my comrades, but I think they have gone insane. But those are my people because I am a man of the Left. People on the Alt Left need to decide if they are on the Left or on the Right. If you are an Alt Leftie who is a Trumpster or even equivocates about them, you’re not on the Left as far as I am concerned. Leftwingers don’t get to support the Right. They don’t even get to equivocate or go neutral on the Right. If you are on the Left, the Right and especially our class enemies the rich, will always be the #1 enemy far beyond any absurd or silly SJW’s spouting weird and nonsensical things.

In life you get to choose your enemies. It is said you should choose wisely. Indeed. I concur and I’ve been around six decades. Bashing SJW’s is a clear case of picking the wrong enemy. SJW’s are screaming little bratty children who need a timeout in their room with the door locked so they can get their tantrum out. The Right and Trump are a grizzly bear in your living room about ready to eat you and your family. And you guys say the bratty child is the enemy while you ignore the brown bear about ready to tear you apart.

Do these SJW-haters realize that the Right kills? That capitalism kills? That the ultimate expression of pure capitalism taken to its logical conclusion, the Trump Administration, is going to kill lots and lots of people if their policies go down? Aren’t you upset about that?

How many people do SJW’s kill? Name one. You jump up and down about Antifa who beat up fascists who deserve it, but how many people did these Antifa kill? Sure, they hurt a few people. A few fascists!

You don’t think Trump and the Republicans have already hurt some people? They’ve hurt way more than Antifas have, and their victims were far more innocent. Trump and his rightwing allies around the world have not just hurt but have out and out killed millions of people. Capitalism, particularly the warp speed Trump capitalism, kills millions of people every year, mostly of hunger and attendant disease, mostly in South Asia. The last figure I read was 14 million/year. I doubt if it’s gone down.

So let’s do the body count:

The Right (neoliberal capitalism): 14 million/yr.
Antifas: 0/yr.

You SJW-haters sure have some messed up priorities.

At least she probably knows how many biological genders there are. The number of crazy, angry, stupid Conservatives is minuscule compared to the amount of crazy, angry, stupid Liberals. Liberals so hypocritical, idiotic, sensitive, and mad at life that it’s almost funny. People like the lady in the picture are very few and far apart, especially when compared to the thousands of SJW snowflakes running around yelling their insane opinions at anyone around them.

Also if you are basing your choice of women off of politics, as you seem to be above, you should undoubtedly stick with Republican women… that is unless you have a fetish for beached whales with excessive hair dye, no common sense, and a complete lack of general direction in life.

Thankfully for those who have common sense and want America to get better, the snowflakes won’t have any children to pass their insanity on to. The women will flip out if a guy wants to date them (which is an unlikely scenario in the first place due to their appearance and personality) and she will probably scream rape. As for the male snowflakes… they are mostly in their twenties, still unemployed, and are still waiting for their balls to drop. In conclusion, I think we are safe from the worry of the SJW fruitcakes reproducing and further polluting everything with their lack of decency and reason.


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12 responses to “Attack SJW’s, Create a Trump Supporter

  1. Jason Muniz

    I’ll take SJWs over Fascists any damn day. I think eventually the soft left will join the hard left, once they start feeling the blows of the right.

  2. It is more like a circle. If you go too far left you will reach the far right. Both sides need to stop acting like victims.

  3. SHI

    Here is fun fact #138,

    So far in his life, Donald Trump hasn’t learned how to operate a computer, laptop or even a smartphone. Apparently, all his tweets are sent by staff, even the embarrassing ones.

    Even though I would cut him some slack for being an old-timer, there is no excuse for not trying to learn how to operate a PC in this age. With all his supposed billions, Trump couldn’t hire someone to get him up to speed.

    It may have something to do with his yuuuuge ego. People who are full of themselves have real difficulty taking instructions from others. Their brains are in a state of arrested development. Can’t learn new things.

    America, what have you done!

  4. TJF

    To Rob:

    The SJW’s themselves are creating or at least inflaming millions of Republicans, rightwingers and Trumpsters.

    I don’t know if it’s millions…but it’s substantial – I suspect that many humdrum Republicans are now finding the Alt-Right attractive as well as many people who were apolitical. And I would agree with some pundits, at its root, there is a growing or returning sense of White identity. Congratulations to the SJW crowd that has been pressing Identity Politics so strongly, mission accomplished – whoops!

    That is because in our lunatic culture, if you hate SJW’s, then that means you are on the Right. So lots of SJW-haters are drifting over to the Right.

    Well you haven’t – I suspect because of your age you remember a time when the Left had almost no SJW component and was focused on economic issues and addressing real bigotry. You’re right, even when I use language such as unauthorized labor, illegal employers, and wage suppression instead of illegal immigration, people start giving me a stink eye, and I can’t even talk about H1-B visa abuse (by employers not employees). I was called a liar and threatened when I said Caesar Chavez for years had been against illegal immigration.

    I sure as shit don’t like Trump nor do I trust him (H+e hasn’t done dick about H1B visas), but I’ll relate a personal experience. After 5 months of searching, I found work in September and removed my resume from job search databases…almost immediately after the election, I noticed a marked rise in the number of calls I received for IT positions – the recruiters who had pulled my resume 6 months before were panicking. They actually believe Trump would throttle back on H1B and L1 visas.

    After months of being treated like crap in multiple interviews and treated as disposable item, I had pondered dropping out of the profession I’d practiced to 25 years with no fallback. So when the calls came flooding in, I must admit I had a certain sense of schadenfreude. I assume the current status won’t last – either Trump will take some payola, and it’s business as usual, or the next President will come out and say we have a severe shortage of IT labor and raise the caps.

    I wish Democrats would focus on truly normalizing legal immigration (Really, you think that 24 year old Indian guy will do this better than the 50 year with 25 years of experience?), truly addressing illegal immigration, and cutting sweetheart trade deals for their corporate donors (Yeah, I know the Pubs are worse, but the Democrats are barely better and supposed to be for the working class.

    And hey guys, perhaps dial back on some of the weirder elements of SJW? “Caitlyn Jenner is so beautiful – accept it.” No, a 60 plus year old Bruce Jenner with boobs and hormones is not beautiful to the vast majority of het males in the US.

    In the last election we had a empty suit who made money licensing his name (or using dad’s money) who lied through his teeth and latched on to anything that would garner him votes versus a women, who, together with her husband, had gone from being in debt to being worth 245 million dollars in 15 years – much of it from private speeches with very rich people (speeches she didn’t want revealed publicly), who was in favor of the TPP and participated in the destabilization of Libya and Syria.

    She and President Obama were not as stupid as Bush, as it’s far cleaner to use proxies and drones than US troops but that gives me small comfort. I would have held my nose and voted for Clinton in a swing state (I voted third party) but the choices to me were absolutely horrible. The system stinks to high heaven, and I suspect some people voted for Trump just to give politicians a collective middle finger.

    The solution instead is to ignore the SJW’s as much as possible as you ignore a child throwing a tantrum. You throw the SJW’s in their room and try to ignore their screams as much as possible, as all responsible parents do to immature children.

    Unfortunately we have a pretty good example of someone who does that.. Donald Trump… Although he does respond sort of…”No I didn’t grab those women – nope you’re wrong I’m not racist- nope… you’re spreading false and fake rumors.” We’ve seen multiple public examples of people kowtowing and apologizing in response to SJW campaigns for perceived slights (some quite small) but they still get raked over the coals and lose jobs, endorsements, etc.

    Then here comes a guy who basically tells SJWs “fuck off you’re lying” and gets away with it repeatedly all the way to the Presidency. And with this latest hyped non-event with 2 pages of his 2005 tax returns – I wonder if he and Bannon are trolling the American press and public.

    • TJF

      I worked in India-I’m going to be sketchy-but when they were done with me I was out. And that was a 3 month bit. As soon as the government can replace the foreigner there, he’s gone.

      When I was there people were suspicious of a pale face in the office. Some anyhow.

      People were not happy that I was working in their country. Some Navy guys on the Indian train told me this (I said nothing they might have thrown me off).

  5. TJF

    To Rob:

    I don’t care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing
    That’s one small step for man, three steps back for humankind

    So this guy, who came from a working class background (he would work with his father, a bricklayer, during schools breaks) was part of team that landed a spacecraft on a comet for the first time, wears a shirt designed by a woman “Elly Prizeman made the shirt for him, and is just as bewildered as he must be that anyone might be upset about her creation.” but the most important take away form this event is…his shirt is sexist.

    WTF – I wish I could ignore this crap – unfortunately multiple friends and family members preach this stuff.

    • Yee

      Sounds like a bunch of fanatics to me. You used to have religion fanatics, now you have culture fanatics.

      • TJF

        To Yee:
        Sounds like a bunch of fanatics to me. You used to have religion fanatics, now you have culture fanatics.

        Yes, the words dogma and heresy come to mind albeit it is very unlikely we’ll be burning people at the stake – the Spanish inquisition and witch burnings were not hallmarks or Western civilization. In more recent years, coming from the right we had McCarthyism:

        Which reminds me of a politician from a different era:
        In his overridden veto of the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950, President Truman wrote, “In a free country, we punish men for the crimes they commit, but never for the opinions they have.” Truman also unsuccessfully vetoed the Taft–Hartley Act, which among other provisions denied trade unions National Labor Relations Board protection unless union leaders signed affidavits swearing they were not and had never been Communists.

        When Harry Truman left the White House in 1953, historian David McCullough records, “he had no income or support of any kind from the federal government other than his Army pension of $112.56 a month. He was provided with no government funds for secretarial help or office space, not a penny of expense money.”

        One of the reasons Truman and his wife moved back into their far-from-elegant old house in Independence, Missouri, “was that financially they had little other choice.”

        Nevertheless, Truman refused to cash in on his celebrity and influence as a former president. He turned down lucrative offers, such as the one from a Florida real-estate developer inviting him to become “chairman, officer, or stockholder, at a figure of not less than $100,000.” He would not make commercial endorsements, accept “consulting” fees, or engage in lobbying.

        “I could never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable,” Truman later wrote, “that would commercialize on the prestige and dignity of the office of the presidency.” He did sell the rights to his memoirs for a handsome sum to Life magazine. But he turned down every other enticement to trade on his former position for private gain.

        • Yee

          Here’s my view.
          McCarthyism — USA version of Culture Revolution
          Truman — Totally screwed imperialist Europe

          Shaped the countries we have today…. and, Europe is still being screwed.

  6. Robert I dont consider them the left. They have stolen the matle. They are bigoted anti white elitists that hate me. Hate me. Cabt please em. Can’t ignore them. They want to see me offed and celebrate my erasure from America. They are identitarians that are every but ethno nationalists with varying degreess of economic populism. They are inhibiting a real left when we should be cleaning up the elections. Sometimes you gotta clean your own house to go forward.

  7. YEE

    We are all Northern Eurasians or top of the world people in the end of the day.

    So everything we do mirrors one another. Our civilizations have developed at the same pace, had the same dynasties of kings and rulers, the same barbarian invasions, the same walls, the same seafaring explorations, the same enemies (Japan, Russia, Turks).

    Our minor differences will seem like nothing important as tropical and desert races swarm Northwards into our landmass.

    The children of Eurasian will see our petty differences as unimportant as the people of the jungles and deserts overwhelm us.

    • Yee

      Don’t worry, we’ll survive. We believe in history, you believe in IQ.

      We don’t last this long for no reason. You’re as vicious as anyone. Anyway, you get us worried more at the moment.

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