Typical Trump Supporter


Shut up moran!

What’s up with Banjo Barbie here? Get a load of this stupid inbred skank. So did she go to school? Did illeagals ruin her school? Is that why she can’t spell?

Why do so many Trump supporters seem like they’re mentally retarded?


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24 responses to “Typical Trump Supporter

  1. SHI

    Did you ever have sexual relations with Republican females? Was it a hate-fuck, LOL.

    What are you still doing over there in Trumpland? You need to start planning to move abroad. I’ll help you where I can. Maybe TRASH will.

    Is California going to secede from the rest of the United States? Will you back that motion?

    • Half the country hates his guts. That’s 115 million people. I doubt if they are all going to become expats over this.

      I live in California. This isn’t really Trumpland here. This city is full of Trump-haters. No one likes him around here. California is sort of like a separate country.

      • ROBERT

        When I had some business in LA in 2007 I did notice that things had gotten a bit rougher. There were more whites on the street homeless. One black walked up after me in the middle of the day screaming at me at bus stop. Mexicans stared in surprise that a white was even there.

        My feeling about the wealthy in California is that they really do not want to put much into public schools or education or public safety. They have all these things they can pay for.

      • ROBERT

        If you are a white prole from back East or the Midwest it is harder than it used to be to simply say screw this I am moving to California.

      • hey guys

        The reply I tried to post yesterday was kept from being posted by a moderator, who I presume is Robert Lindsay. I looked at the commenting rules, and mine broke some, particularly the one saying it is not allowed to make fun of someone’s appearance, success, or anything about them really. I was making fun of Leftists and SJW’s for the most part. Therefore, I understand why my comment was censored. What makes me a bit curious is why mine was censored for this, but the post I was replying to wasn’t. I thought calling a supposed Trump supporter an “inbred skank” and “mentally retarded” was just as bad as calling SJW’s overweight basement dwellers.

        I have no problem with biased blogs, but it’s agitating when the moderator holds a clear double standard when it comes to censoring comments. There could be a reasonable explanation for this, and if so I would like to hear it out of curiosity.

        • Hi homeboy. Indeed you banned as soon as you walked in the door here and you were not even allowed to make an appearance in the room.

          You may not support rightwing economics or the economics of the rich in any way, shape or form on here. This is a socialist blog and the rich are our worst enemies, our class enemies. Our war against the rich will never end. There will be no peace with the rich.

          You can keep commenting, but you have to talk about other stuff. A lot of people on here bash SJW’s, and you are free to do that. But no praising that baboon in the White Whorehouse or his administration full of the worst humans in America. Nor may you praise the Republican or Libertarian Parties.

          There’s a lot of other stuff to talk about here though, so if you want to stay on but not promote rightwing stuff, you are free to do that.

          No promoting Libertarianism either. I’d rather have cancer than live under Libertarianism, and I’d probably live a lot longer with cancer to boot.

    • SHI

      She has a point. Poor whites have lousy schools, dangerous neighborhoods, a bad job market because the wealthy don’t need those things and don’t want to pay.

      What they are really saying to the rest of society is simple: we are luckier or smarter than you and we don’t care.

      If America goes anywhere it is going towards India. Bad caste system.

  2. SHI Advice for Indian Immigrants

    I tried Canada. Seemed logical because America went downhill. I had many Indian friends who attempted to immigrate.

    To begin with permanent residency takes years. You might work for two years as I did, attend college in Canada and graduate………..they won’t let you remain in the country if, at that moment, they do not need your particular skill.

    But moreover you’ll be doing the jobs white Canadians don’t want to do.

    The job market is not that good.

    Australia and New Zealand are tougher to get into.

    So it is down to Southeast Asia.

    • SHI


      It’s easier to overstay your visas and claim asylum later. Burn your passport.

    • SHI


      Another route is spouse visa. Marry a girl and then you can file for residency.

      I had that option in Poland. Lots of nice females there. The only problem is that it’s impossible to make a living wage in Eastern Europe. Except in capital Warsaw region, most Poles barely make 500 Euros per month. I can’t survive on that kind of money unless I meet a rich heiress.

      Only Americans, Japanese, Canadians and Australians have that kind of millions money. Followed by the Emirates and Saudis.

      Now there are some rich heiresses in India as well. But, their families are insufferable. Plus you don’t get any money once divorced.

      • SHI

        Well, most of those Indian marriages are designed so Brahmin are eugenically bred for intelligence or merchants for business acumen or Sikhs for size and war.

        I knew a Brit that married a Saudi.

        Anyhow any decent country is hard to immigrate into.

        Because, honestly, they do not want to share their resources.

      • SHI Eastern Europe

        Now in Dubai Polish nurses were giving blow jobs for $50 on their “holiday”. Some female doctors were selling sex on the road or discos for $100.

        That is not a good sign that Eastern Europe is where you want to be.

        They are a bit racist too. I cannot imagine an Indian felt comfortable there all the time.

        You have to have the cash to hang around looking for some lonely woman. Maybe you’ll get lucky, maybe you won’t.

        One problem with the U.S. is that it DECLINE REALLY FAST.

        I just happened to be overseas and did not come back.

        • SHI


          I’ve been to Dubai. Not sure if they were many Polish females but many Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians and even British (mostly from Glasgow area) in the White women sex trade. A few Americans as well.

          I love Polish females. They’re the best. Maybe a few are racist, but they’ll still fuck me. Poles are good people in my book.

  3. SHI

    Claiming Asylum from Syria is possible. Indian, no. America no.

    You’ve not traveled or you would not that burning your passport will do no good.

    • SHI


      I didn’t say it wasn’t risky. But, once you burn your passport, they can’t deport you back to wherever you came from, at least in Europe. Putting you in prison and feeding you 3 meals a day is a burden to the taxpayer. It’s possible to fly under the radar if your working illegally, and contributing to your taxes.

      I didn’t say I’m going to do it. But, it’s still a Choice. I can easily get Schengen visa in a week’s time. Plus all of SE Asia and Middle East. Also Korea, Taiwan etc. If I have enough funds, I can be anywhere in Asia. I have also been to Uzbekistan. I can get 4 month visa free to Mauritius and 3 months in Seychelles. Beautiful islands.

      The only places I have difficulty in getting a visa to is the US and Canada. That is because of a prior criminal conviction. It was more of a legal case. I won’t get past Trump’s screening process.

      • SHI U.S. stories

        Daniel was an American I found Bollywood extra work who hung around me a bit in Indian because his wife an actress and I was the only American he knew. He was total white trash from Ohio and looked like the X-Files guy. I found him an apartment in Jo-Jo. Later he became well-known in Mumbai but most people disliked him. Big mouth.

        My point is that America is past its peak for Indians.

        I knew an Indian woman who worked in Northern California in a computer company. A real whore name Mohanna but she went to St Xavier where she must have studied sucking cock because that was her great talent. But she left.

        Go to Australia or Canada.

        The U.S. just has problems. If you have no cash the public services are not that good. Worse, it has more crime and annoyances because people are poorer.

      • The problem with Southeast Asia and I live there is that it is not that much better than the U.S. just cheaper.

        Like I said, Australia and New Zealand are the last great countries on earth.

  4. TJF

    To Rob:

    Did illeagals ruin her school?
    Looks like they did.. 😉

    Maybe she’s owns a beagle and got confused.

    This is sad considering it was on a UC campus, albeit fascism is a somewhat less common word than illegal.

    • TJF

      The fact that rich people really are not concerned with public education (Send their kids to private school or if they are middle-class to Catholic school) or social services (Because poor people usually develop mental problems or have problems with domestic issues as everyone is restless and mad) or street crime (Private security for the poor) is a good point.

      Mexico feels the same way. Let the Indians run to the Anglo people. That is their attitude.

      Whites of all stratum cannot be made to care about blacks. Asians don’t care either. Or I suspect, Jews.

      So nobody gives a shit and it is back to chicken or egg. More money (Democrats) or Donald (Republicans).

    • TJF

      If you are not rich in the U.S. your public services really do suck though. You’re not going to get anything. Perhaps illegal immigration is a factor but moreover it is simply a declining economy and the fact that, well, the rich don’t give a shit.

      The rich in a way have formed their own countries anyhow. You cannot get into them unless you have a pass.

      I knew poor whites and their biggest problem apart from being poor is that rich people, or even middle-class, just don’t want to see them or known then or be within a dangerous distance.

      And why not. Let’s face it.

      They sometime react with violence out-of-proportion.

      They often are hard on the eyes. Few social graces, charmless.

      They are unruly in school anyhow-maybe 1/5 of them benefit from free education but mostly they are discipline cases.

      They make stupid decisions as adults and are generally unpleasant to be around. Loud, aggressive.

      They are always making bad mistakes, bad decisions.

      They might be 50% more likely to drug addicts or alcoholics.

      My point? Rich people don’t care what the blacks and Hispanics do to them. Or take from them. They don’t want to know.

    • TJF Michelle

      Michelle was typical white trash. Kind of tall and not bad looking but with bad teeth. I F8cked her anyhow. We smoked some week and then it was the old Dog and Blow.

      But her story was so predictable. Her mother was a druggie divorced from her father a violent Irish-born factory worker in a chemical plant.

      He was a weird pervert who taught her 8 year old nephew how to masturbate. When she was 24 he had sex with a 13 year old daughter of her friend at the birthday party she was having. Took the girl in a room and rooted her. He went to jail for it.

      Michelle had a baby with a man who stalked her and then left her for a stripper. He never paid child support.

      She worked hard, I have give her credit. In an auto shop. She was so tough the mechanics gave her a wide birth.

      I tried to help but it was not easy. She was bi-sexual. White women like her are always horny and I wonder if it is because they are molested.

      She told me some Italian boys molested her. Then her brother.

      Her story was sad but the saddest part was there was no way out for her. None.

      She later hooked up with a guy and he got mixed up with a bad crowd who broke into their apartment and pistol whipped his face.

      It just goes on and on for the poor.

      Perhaps if she had won the lottery she might have escaped the clutches of all her bad circumstances. I’m not sure.

      But the point is you just wanted to stay away from the sort of sordid life she had.

      The point is you want to just get away from the poor regardless of their color. There is always trouble, always violence, always misery, always the unwanted children, always the trashy people, the molestation, the drugs.

    • TJF One Odd Thing

      Who did Bush hurt? Poor whites or Jews and Anglo-elite who voted for Gore? If Gore had been elected after poor whites hounded Bill Clinton out of office would the country be worse?

      Poor whites DO more for the government than anyone else. They show up for the wars. Rich whites protest them. They pay taxes. Rich whites hire a lawyer. They believe the media’s lies.

      Yet they get nothing but a general decline of services, infrastructure, roads.


    I knew this one American in Indian. A Bollywood extra/hang around. Real white trash from Ohio. He looked like the X-files guy if he smoked crack. Had a bunch of tattoos. He was married to this Indian woman who was an actress.

    He hung around me a bit but I got a bad feeling about him. He had big mouth, bad drunk, rude.

    Even got him a place but he got kicked out.

    Told him that he would not last.

    But oddly his wife got better known and he decided to live there the rest of his life.

  6. Hood

    She listens to winger.

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