“I Don’t Care What Your IQ Is, I Want to Know What You Did with It”

How often have you heard this idiocy du jour? I’m getting really tired of it. I assume most people saying it aren’t very smart because I have a hard time believing anyone with an IQ above 140 would ever say something so idiotic.

Talented people are always interesting. There are plenty of fine athletes in high school and college who decided not to go into sports. They were still great athletes with excellent talent. There are people who can draw very well but don’t feel like using it. Likewise with music, writing, all sorts of things. All of this is interesting. I would love to hear about someone who had great artistic or musical talent who just decided they did not want to go that way and didn’t explore their talent.

There are many very good-looking people who never went into acting or modeling. Do we pummel them over the head with this for not using their good looks. Of course not. No one has to use their natural gifts in any particular way, and it’s no crime to be the handsomest man on Earth who never did anything with it but use to get women.

It is only when it comes to intelligence that a natural talent is scored and derided as being “worthless unless you use it.” We are singling out intelligence as a special case among talents to subject it to this sort of treatment. There can be only one reason for this.

Due to our hatred of intelligence and intellectuals, it is only intelligence that is attacked as “worthless unless you do something with it.” No other talent is attacked this way. People who do this are showing how much hate they feel towards intelligent people, especially highly intelligent ones.

High IQ people explore their talent every day by necessity. They never give it up like lapsed athletes, artists, writers, etc. These people are very interesting to meet. High IQ people are fascinating whether they are “using” their talent or not. And what does using it mean anyway? Making a pile of money off of it. Not everyone is so mercenary.

My mother has a 150 IQ, yet she never “did anything with it.” So what! Why did she have to? She’s one of the smartest women I’ve ever met. Are we that greedy and mercenary that all talents must be converted into sleazy dollar bills?

Christopher Langan is said the be the world’s smartest man with an IQ of 200. I’m sure it is probably that high or around there, having seen his videos.

Incidentally, he never “used it” and instead spent his life in working class occupations such as bar bouncer, logger, truck driver, etc. Believe it or not, this is a common trajectory for geniuses. In the first half of the 20th Century it was noted that some of the smartest men of all often took menial jobs such as custodian, trash collectors or factory worker. When asked why, they typically said, “This way I can think all the time.” In countries like Italy before 1950, it was quite common to find super-geniuses working as ditch-diggers and trash collectors.

Why must Langan “use” his IQ? What for? He’s a fascinating fellow simply by being so bright. And like the other men discussed, he probably took working class jobs so he could think all day.

Natural talents are interesting and praiseworthy no matter what use they are put to.


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  1. SHI

    I did some quick search on Christopher Langan.This is the part I like about him best. He’s a rationalist. Maybe, if one were that intelligent, the eventual conclusion would be that there really isn’t any God to worry about.

    Langan does not belong to any religious denomination, explaining that he “can’t afford to let [his] logical approach to theology be prejudiced by religious dogma”.

  2. Being intelligent makes you suffer fools.

    • SHI


      You reckon you have a goddamned soul? I don’t think so.

    • SHI

      I like suffering bimbos all right. High IQ geniuses like Pascal, Leibniz and Goethe didn’t get laid that often due to their unreasonably high standards of women. Issac Newton died a virgin.

      Somebody should check up on Hugh Hefner’s IQ. Also, Jimmy Seville, Mick Jagger and so forth.

      • SHI

        Saville like kids and paid millions to enter orphanages to get his cock sucked.

        Hefner and Jagger are the sort of higher IQ people that pander to bad taste on the part of the average and then live by example-another words everybody can relate to some guy who lives in a mansion with beautiful women or is a rock star.

        • Ever seen an interview with Hef? You can tell he’s smart. Look at his eyes. Look at how lightning fast he is. You can actually spot intelligence.

          I would say Jagger is a lot smarter than most people assume. I have heard that even Keith is way smarter than you would ever think. Even Lemmy from Motorhead was said to be brilliant. I think most talented musicians probably have above average IQ’s. Not so easy to play an instrument well.

      • I bet Jagger and Hef are high. Hef is smart. I have seen interviews with him.

        I understand that Goethe liked to run 15-20 women all at once.

  3. Intelligence forces you to suffer fools. Especially once you have lived overseas. Townies who have never been anywhere are insufferably stupid.

    • VampireGhost

      Depends on what town and how good they have it in town. Most people in a place like Detroit would want to GTFO.There’s probably still some geniuses in such undesirable areas though. A guy like Bill Gates could live anywhere and chose to live in his hometown of Seattle, WA.

      • Among other houses he owns from Africa to South of France to London, I am sure.

        Agreed, desirable cities have high IQ people. Once a city really hits the skids they leave.

        One aspect of the Flyover is that the intelligent people tend to move. They graduate from college and they are gone.

        This then diminishes the population to those who cannot leave and essentially they are forgotten.

        • One aspect of the Flyover is that the intelligent people tend to move. They graduate from college and they are gone.

          This then diminishes the population to those who cannot leave and essentially they are forgotten.

          All that remains: Trumpland. All the liberal and progressive people hate it and leave for some city.

  4. Robert, how can you say that your mother never “did anything with her IQ”? After all, she raised you to be the intelligent, caring man that you are!

    I understand that this is a socialist blog, but sometimes you need to play Devil’s advocate on here. Let’s say someone had an exceptional skill, such as intelligence or musical ability or even just being good with women. Just because a skill is innate doesn’t mean it stays with you forever– you have to do things to maintain it, like staying healthy, which requires the cooperation of society. Unless you want to move to some remote wilderness where you take care of all your needs on your own; but if you do that, then the people who collaborated with you experience a sunk cost (they invested all these resources to maintain your skill without getting anything in return). The eventual long-term consequence is that people will prevent others from taking up the path you followed and you get a culture of conformity like you see in Confucian societies: there’s a popular saying there which goes “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down”.

    And before you point to people who have alpha characteristics that they never made use of in real life; they may be using their skills in a different way on the job. I’m a software developer, which is a pretty conformist occupation, but as an Indian-American, I’ve had to draw on teachings from Hindu philosophy just to get me through the day. Anything that is created must be destroyed, which is why you need to deallocate memory once you’re done using it ☺.

    • Bet your South Indian, too. Tamil or maybe a Bangalore native.

      Now way are you Sikh or a Gujarati.

      • Good guess– I’m from Andhra Pradesh, which is just north of Tamil Nadu. Now for the million-dollar question: on a scale of
        1-10, with 10 being a rotting corpse, how smelly am I?

        • Having been hassled by Indian Navy on trains and low-caste Indians wanting a joke I do not stoop to low-class Gora rubbish.

          I will only say that Baniya caste people are higher on the evolutionary ladder and Brahmins function at the level of a Jew or a German.

          You know this statement is true…you won’t even argue it.

        • zebradomesticated

          If you are concerned with those sort of poor whites you are hanging around the wrong people in Aptose, Desi.

          Take it from a wise Gora who has traveled Indian paying Indian women for sex.

          I am a fountain of wisdom for the youth.

        • TRASH,

          Thank you for establishing the standard of discourse on this blog. I will make sure all my subsequent comments abide by it. Regarding your claim that Brahmins operate at the same level as Jews, I find that this is an uncritical transposition of stereotypes of European Jewry onto a South Asian cultural context.

          Any community which has historically practiced polygyny, as was the case with Hindu Brahmins in the past, requires a survival strategy that amounts to significantly more than merely obeying religious doctrine. For one thing, the rightwing economics that emerge under such a system causes stress for the average individual within that community, which requires them to spend time and effort to safeguard their most valuable possessions.

          Likewise for Germans, they produce some of the highest quality engineering on the planet. Ever gone for a ride in the interior of a BMW?

          Also, I’d be happy to provide you with references from Buddhist scriptures documenting polygamy amongst ancient Brahmin communities. This was during a period of popular revolt against caste privilege, but it does reveal quite a few details about the nature of South Asian society at the time.

  5. I’m not the sort of white trash who passes along dumb Injun jokes.

    I was employed in Cochin, Goa and Mumbai.

    I’ve worked in more places in India than you will visit.

  6. Yee

    “ignorance is bliss.”
    — Thomas Gray
    “Knowledge is power.”
    — Francis Bacon

    Either one is not too bad. Pick one and stick to it. It’s not enough of either that’s painful.

  7. YEE

    Internet has changed all of that forever. Today everybody knows who is rich and who is not rich.

    Ignorance cannot always be bliss. Knowledge is not really power, money is.

    Almost everybody is more knowledgeable than 50 years ago.

  8. Beauregard

    The significance of IQ has been watered down by several factors in society’s view:
    1. People DO NOT have the high IQs claim they do, and not knowing any better, people accept this, meaning they think IQ doesn’t mean much ‘if that dummy can be a genius according to IQ’ https://encyclopediadramatica.se/I_have_a_140_IQ

    The standard deviation of IQ is over exaggerated. According to pumpkinperson whole groups of people claim to have IQs of 180 when they really are about 115. Although 115 is a high IQ, and they are by no means dumb, they overestimate the variance from the median/the rarity of a 180 IQ.

    • Beauregard

      When you read that NAMS are low-IQ it does not register with their street smarts. People say the average Black or Hispanic has an IQ of 90 and is borderline-retarded but they seem to be inherently street smart.

      The same could be said for Italian-Americans.

      • Beauregard

        that’s a good point, much like my first point, people can’t accept seemingly smart people being low IQ.

        Jensen and Rushton both observed this
        “these people (Africans) aren’t retarded!” despite 70 IQs
        said Rushton

    • Beauregard

      The smartest MENSA member I knew managed to eke out a living in Texas as software writer. He was brainy but not terribly articulate or charming or verbose. He just had a genius for math and science.

      His logic actually made him childish. There was no charm to him at all.

      Not the type that was going to sell anything, so he was purely a commodity.

      There just is not that much you can do with a high IQ. Look at Stephen Dawkins. Not the richest guy in the world.

      • Beauregard

        He sounds autistic.

        Intelligent autistics are essentially idiot savants. They specialize in one field but are severely impaired in others.
        The alt-right is full of autistics who attempt to delve into fields which aren’t their strong suit, like Political Science or Sociology. Hence, they come across as very outlandish because that region of the brain, for them, is very impaired.

        • Jews for my money are on an average really only gifted in terms of verbal dexterity barring of course Einstein and some obscure scientists.

          Their “media hold” is an extension of the same pandering and barking they did in European ghettos 150 years ago-watch this stupid film, hire me as an attorney, I just invented a new way to socialize like FACEBOOK, buy this stock I intend to pump and dump.

          Asian and White IQ manifests itself in ways that society does not give a shit about at all-math competition winner or that hilarious new Jewish comedian with his observations on life and sex?

          This verbal aptitude is why Jews have managed to both manipulate and alienate others.

        • Beauregard

          I would not know what sort of IQ the alt-Right has but there theories about Jewish conspiracies are brilliant science-fiction.

          And actually when you read them, delusional as they are, it is engrossing the extent to which these folks are just so imaginative.

          My point is that a MENSA certificate cannot always guarantee your success in life.

        • My point is that a MENSA certificate cannot always guarantee your success in life.

          I am a perfect example of this.



        • Beauregard

          Alt-right. The Jewish conspiracy and creative writing:

          Jews intended maximum race-mixing so that they could be surrounded by a mass of mostly fatherless mixed-race population who will then doubtlessly make pleasant neighbors. Where do the Jews intend to live after this Brazilification has concluded? Montana? Yellow sands desert?

          Truth: Whites seem to be enamored with black culture. How many Jews go to a basketball game. The owner of the team?

          Jews were behind 1965 Immigration to replace Whites with Asians and Hispanics.

          Truth: Asians tend to have less in common than whites with Jews so they merely have a completely alien and disinterested population whom they can sell nothing at all to (Which Jew is rich in China? The community there is shit poor) and Hispanics doing jobs for less then create Tijuanas.

          Jews are destroying marriages with porn in order to weaken the white race.

          In order to do this Jews selfless sacrifice their own daughters to grotesque porn videos where gentiles jerk off on their face (I think 40% of women in porn are Jewesses) to bombard Christians with porn in order to destroy nuclear Gentile families so that single-parent women and children from broken homes end up in poverty as white men go on their merry way with penis in hand.

          Truth: many young whites are just not bother with birth control and more and more are screwing by 15. All this in an economy where a man has to be 30 and have a degree to really support a family.

          Jews want to convince whites to die for them in Iran in order to destabilize the region, thus threatening their own shaky situation, for….some reason (Muslims and Christians dying?

          Truth: White proles thing American is too great to lose. In point of fact it has lost every war since Korea. All with no profit whatsoever. Civilian at least.

        • I think 40% of women in porn are Jewesses

          Can’t possibly be that high. There used to be way more of them back in the 1970’s and 1980’s in the golden age of porn. Now they are not so overrepresented.

        • Beauregard

          TRASH They have some sort of social disorder and were bullied by NAM’s for it.

          Some are schizophrenics. Schizophrenics have a lot of social intuition, but overall many are more socially retarded than the average autist.

        • Beauregard White Prole High IQ & Environment

          Ribniki was a Polish immigrant to Detroit. Came when he was 8. We got a great many of them.

          His father was chemical engineer but left Poland to work as a Plant janitor. Ribniki was beaten up by blacks. In the 10th grade a Jewish thug who disliked him for no real reason broke his nose (Jews are poor in Detroit).

          He joined the Navy but on shore leave he was shot in the back by a black, randomly, walking down the street. He was discharged from the Navy.

          Ribniki became a mad thug. He studied kick boxing obsessively and became an idiot savant of violence, beating up NAMS. Any NAMS.

          I met him in college. He was 23. Bad as hell.

          He married a 19 year old and got her pregnant. He dropped out of college.

          He went to jail for beating her up. She left him.

          I’d cross the street to avoid this High IQ person.

          Another environmental example.

          Dwayne I knew in college. Dwayne was pre-med. When we were in our junior year Dwayne started graduated from weed-which of course all of us smoked-to acid. This altered him. He started dealing weed.

          Then a Mexican supplier introduced him to cocaine. He dropped out of college and was dealing weed when he was busted. He informed on some other Mexicans and blew campus. Left his stuff.

          An old roommate told me he hit met up with Mexicans on his way to Texas who stole a car. He was with them. By then he was smoking crack.

          Years later I asked what happened to him.

          Meth casualty. New Mexico somewhere. In and out of jail.


          Mike was 4 years older and a substitute teacher when I met. He loved the classics. He was part of that Slacker generation that was obsessed with heroin chic. So he tried it.

          He lost his job because of heroin. So he took a delivery job and lost that one because of an accident on heroin. Finally he ended up rehab.

          Needless to say he lost his teaching license.

        • Most on the Alt Right are certainly not literally autistic. They are only 2% of the population.

        • Beauregard

          Do you read pumpkinperson’s blog?
          I like the guy, but it’s painfully obvious most of his commenters are autistic.

          Every damn commenter is an ivy-leaguer, and no one challenges that. They’re naive.

    • High IQ and Society Practical Effects A Story

      My IQ is relative high-normal.

      Across the street from the house I rented in a cheap hotel with a bar. I would watch at night as rednecks and proles charged outside to fight in cheap sports jerseys with their girlfriends pulling them apart in the grass in front of the hotel.

      They all looked the same. The battered hats with faded sports teams, the cheap t shirts with numbers on them or jerseys, baggy jeans.

      One night I went inside to buy a soft drink from the lobby and as I walked out a redneck in a cheap frayed sweater of 6’3 or 6’4 asked me if I stayed there.

      “Not if somebody paid me”.

      It was true, the place was a real dive for welfare drunks. My accent is mid-Atlantic, as I was born near Canada. Clearly I was educated.

      One thing you learn about a stranger who wants to jump you in Detroit is to make space fast. Most people won’t chase after other people. That is taking it to the next level.

      He ran to his car, a real beater, and as I walked to the house I rented across the street he parked outside screaming about kicking me ass if he saw me “around here again”.

      I ignored him. I had a job, was going to be traveling shortly to a country rednecks cannot afford to visit or the worst of them anyhow.

      In fact he was right. I did not want to go near his hotel with its bar again. In fact I left the vicinity.

      This is an example of how High IQ people feel about low IQ people. They are sometimes dangerous. Random assaults break out. Feeling they have nothing to lose they will rot in jail. Their job is not so well-paying that 4 weeks in jail bother them. They have been there before for stupid crimes like DUI or drug possession or assault and will be again.

      Overall this is how High IQ races feel about Low IQ races. They just want to be be away from them.

      Their problems are usually pathetic. Grown men with a hard-on getting their jollies with girls who will then become sluts because they were molested and their sexuality is screwed up. DUI over and over. Fights over next to nothing. Hooked on every drug they try and always busted having it on them. Their minds rotted from watching garbage on television and wrapped up in the lives of stupid actors shoving gerbils in their ass out in California or fat Arab girls whose Dad might have been an accessory to OJ. Trapped in the same town or city or state. The women loud and slutty, always meeting some awful man and then resenting society for her life. The public drunken behavior. The inability to have an idea of consequences when anybody else can see they are headed for the next calamity. The thick-skinned cockiness before 30 and the morose early burnout middle-age. The violence bubbling under the surface when the beer is in them. Women in shelters with children.

      Oh and the constant blaming Jews who seem “rich” just because they have a law degree and a 5 figure job.

      Asians to some extent view whites this way (Including Jews) and whites view NAMS this way.

      And that is IQ.

      • My IQ is relative high-normal.

        121 IQ? You are classed as Bright. You are above High Normal. Don’t sell yourself short. You are smarter than 91% of the population. Kick-ass or what?

        This is an example of how High IQ people feel about low IQ people.

        Dumb people are a little bit dangerous automatically merely on account of being stupid. Stupidity in and of itself can be dangerous.

        Their minds rotted from watching garbage on television and wrapped up in the lives of stupid actors shoving gerbils in their ass out in California

        No actor, certainly not Richard Gere, did this. However there is a case on record of a gay man who did this. It had to extracted by a surgeon lol. Gay will literally stick ANYTHING up their asses!

    • I have a high IQ by two tests.

      Age 14: 147. My counselor told me and showed me the document where it stated that.

      Age 29 (after the drugs set in) 140+ He didn’t elaborate beyond that, just said “over 140.” My Mom told me that. She worked for the guy, a clinical psychologist.

      What makes you think I am lying about this?

  9. Beauregard

    Robert –

    With all due respect, someone like Usain Bolt, who is naturally athletic, has had to work to capitalize on his talent. If he was out of shape and overweight he could not say “Although I’m a fatass, I’m naturally athletic”, and expect people to fellate him. This is not how things work.

    People who brag about their IQ also on average tend to be arrogant, and their arrogance for whatever reason prevents them from thinking rationally. They begin to assume their intuition is right and lose a logical thought process.

    • I never said I was a genius, but in a city like Greater Detroit the idiots are truly idiotic.

      • Beauregard

        I was responding to Robert.

        • Ribniki was like what you described though. I knew some high IQ people who ended up in public schools and NAMS drove them to the point of madness, sort of.

          One thing about Greater Detroit was that property values crashed. If Dad is a very intelligent teacher and his house is worth $11,000 he cannot sell it so basically you are screwed.

        • Beauregard High IQ & Environmental Factors

          I am a middle-class prole. I’d be on welfare if I had stayed in my birthplace.

          Per chance I got nobody pregnant as I was a social cripple in high school and discovered prostitutes as college student, to which I soon preferred sex to inexperienced college students.

          I left the State young when it was still possible to simply go anywhere and get a job in the economy of that era. Never happen today.

          Because I never owned a house it was not like I had anything to lose. If did own a house it would be worth $4000 today. My grandmother’s house was worth $400,000 in 1986 and when it was sold after her death it was worth $100,000.

          Today I live overseas because I cannot take the U.S. life of the prole. There is no point because I do not have the money in my forties to get a white chick.

          They are beaten up by NAMS. We are all racist to a degree, but the whites who were bullied by NAMS seem to display it and this detrimental.

          They get into drugs. Kids in California manage to have blow habit the size of Qatar when they are 13.

          They get pregnant. Screwed at 21 or 22.

          They live in a city with no opportunity where their degree has no value. Like myself for example. Print journalist and economics minor. I’d be on welfare in the place of my birth. I left and at times did well.

        • There is no point because I do not have the money in my forties to get a white chick.

          I still get hot women my own age and I even date young women 18-28, all the way down to 18 years old, including models.

          I don’t have one damn nickel to my name.

          It’s not easy though. I bet 95%+ of guys in my condition could not pull this off. It’s not something any guy can do. It’s murderously hard, and my Game is probably better than 95% of guys my age. Plus I may look very good for my age, and that still counts for something. I think I mostly get women via Game though.

          I have 17 year old girls tell me that I’m cute and I turn them on, like physically turn them on. Get it? I make them wet, so they tell me.

    • Stephen King once said that “talent was cheaper than table salt”.

    • VampireGhost

      “I wanted to do something different for my country, that’s why I chose swimming,” Robel Habte, the greatest fatass swimmer in the Olympics.

      • Vampire Ghost, I am banning you. You have to donate at least $10 to keep commenting if you are a regular commenter. If there is some hardship preventing you from doing this, email me and we will see if we can work something out. Good luck.

    • Define bragging about your IQ. I am able to discuss my IQ fairly often. Often I say no more than, “I have a genius IQ,” and most people don’t care at all. In fact, it goes over very well. People are intrigued and ask me more about it or compliment me.

      But I know to talk about my IQ in such a way that no one is bothered. I act like I am ashamed or embarrassed by it and I talk about what a liability it is and I say you do not want to be this smart. I talk about like it’s a genetic defect. No one cares. Also I don’t mention it that much.

      You can only talk about it under certain conditions which do not apply most of the time. It’s quite common for people to say, “How in GOD’S NAME do you know all this shit????!!!!!!!!! WTF???????!!!!!!” or “Jesus H. Christ you are fucking smart! You’re the smartest person I know!” I hear that pretty regularly. I shrug my shoulders and say I have a genius IQ, and people are not upset one bit.

      You can talk about your IQ, but you need good social skills to know exactly how you do it. You have to be very careful how you discuss it.

      • Beauregard

        Robert- Yes all that’s true. I’m just saying that other ‘innate talents’ aren’t treated quite as different as IQ.

        There still is a burden to ‘show it’. I suppose being knowledgeable and well spoken in general is one of way of showing it, so you get a free pass 🙂

        • Beauregard

          quite that much different from IQ.

        • I am showing it. What the Hell do you think this website is? What this crap is all about is WHY HAVEN’T YOU MADE ANY MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY OFF OF IT. Because Americans, you know, they only care about money. They really don’t care about one other thing. Money is the only value in life. If there’s a choice between getting more money and a bunch of people dying, 90% of Americans would choose the money. ISN’T THAT SHITTY?

          Now you can understand why I hate capitalism and really the materialistic world so much. Money is not just the root of all evil. Money is pure evil in and of itself. It’s garbage. It’s the currency of Satan, honestly. I have immense respect for nuns and monks and whatnot who choose voluntary poverty. That’s really an extremely aggressive act. Everyone who does this is flipping a massive bird to the whole sick, twisted, diabolical moneyculture and pretty much telling all the porkies and greedheads to go you know where.

        • Beauregard

          Bob- Yeah, I agree it’s pretty fucked when you think about it.

          Capitalism is “brutally efficient”, it hurts people.
          Marxism is the more moral side of things.
          But Marxism doesn’t produce as much, and quality of life is often lower.

          A balance is required.
          I suppose I’m a market socialist although I’m really fairly apolitical.

  10. High IQ & Bad Environment

    If you are high IQ and from a bad environment you will have bad experiences with NAMS.

    Some whites I knew from the Middle Class ended up this way just because their parents did not want to leave the neighborhoods that NAMS were starting to wreck. Then they could not leave because their house was worth nothing. Where you going to go when your house is worth $11,000 and you have 3 kids?

    NB My own grandmother’s house was worth $400,000 in 1986 in the nicest part of Greater Detroit and years later (By then my parents and myself and my whole family were long gone from the state) was worth $100,000 when it was sold.

    These sort of High IQ whites also are exposed to drugs at a young age.

    All of this affects them.


    Why are they schizophrenic?

    Declining living standard? Resultant exposure to street crime and violence? Drugs?

    • Beauregard

      Schizophrenia used to be an exclusively Black disease. In the days of Jim Crow there were literally no White schizophrenia diagnosises iirc

      Something environmental must’ve happened with Whites, you’re correct.

      • Phil78


        Actually it wasn’t a black disease until the 60’s surprisingly enough. Previously it was characterized by “petty white criminals” oddly enough.

        • Phil78 Mental Illness

          Single mother a prostitute. Violence everyday. Whites you see will be Tony Soprano type Italian mobsters in the ghetto doing business or Jax Teller types and not Bill Gates. Gang violence. Domestic violence from step-fathers. Drugs, strongest variety. Dirty substandard surroundings.

          Doesn’t take long to go crazy.

        • Phil78

          Actually the implication behind “petty” would likely refers to those who do the heavy lifting in that business rather than the “bosses”.

          That makes sense seeing how such conditions would require a sociopathic type that likely come off as less effected.

        • Phil78 Southern Naivete

          Blacks in the South are exposed to whites from the Yeoman classes of the English border country as oppose to Italian, Eastern European and ethnic white mob cartels in the North.

          At the end of the series when he sat down to get blown away in the cafeteria by the Members Only guy, Tony Soprano’s entire organization was wiped out in 24 hours by New York. His was small. Full strength 50.

          Italians in the NYC run multi-million dollar criminal empires, for example. Russians. Some Irish, Greek and so on.

          Southern whites seem hard on the street but lack the capacity for organized criminality.

          So they have not been able to corrupt political systems or turn Alabama into a war zone. They are the jailbirds.

      • Beauregard Symptoms

        To begin with 40% of Millennials have stated if they could, they would leave the United States for the rest of their life. When I left the U.S. people still thought the U.S. was the greatest country in the world for white people (It never was but no matter). Now half of Generation Y wants out.

        In the 1990’s it was rare for a working-class or middle-class white woman to have a baby with an underclass black male. Today it is common to see white daughters of middle-class whites single with mixed-race children living in poverty.
        In the 1990’s young people rebelled with long hair and maybe an earring. Today whites are walking around with tattooed faces. Women included. Tattoos as late as 1990 were scene as a barbaric marker of the lower class.

        3) Whites impersonating other races. When I left the United States a few whites acted like Mexicans and spoke in Spanish accents. This has been replaced by white 8 year olds acting like 45 year old black pimps.

        4) Whites openly stating their communities are collapsing.

        5) White girls acting like 40 year old porn actresses on a raunchy Ron Jeremy film set. Kissing one another in public and lewd behavior. In the 1990’s when I left this would have still been considered freakish. White girls are acting out sexually much more.

        NB I had a very tangential association with the American Porn Industry. I was in an electronic business and supplied some companies. Something like 20,000 white girls are in porn now.

        6) Petty crime. More whites seem to be doing hard bullets in jail for crime. Not only acting like black gangsters but committing the same crimes…then doing an about face in jail and become white nationalists.

        Answer me this. What happened in the 18 years I was away.

      • Beauregard

        You notice the behavior of white girls in their sexuality. Thousands upload free pictures of their homemade porn. They are acting out in lewd ways in public. Bisexual behavior. Having children with black thugs.

        Something at the very core of white belief and value systems collapsed in the year 2000.

        Now I am gone from the U.S. and no interest.

        But perhaps you can tell me what changed after Bush was elected.

        • Beauregard

          I am in my 20s so I cannot comment on 1990s versus today’s America.

        • You notice the behavior of white girls in their sexuality. Thousands upload free pictures of their homemade porn. They are acting out in lewd ways in public. Bisexual behavior. Having children with black thugs.

          Something at the very core of white belief and value systems collapsed in the year 2000.

          As an aging roué, I support this trend.

      • Not true. Whites have had schizophrenia for quite some time now. But Blacks do have an elevated rate. No one seems to know why. The numbers of Whites with scz and Blacks with scz are pretty much comparable. Sure, there’s more Blacks, but it’s not a big difference.

        I have observed seen and even met a LOT of White people with schizophrenia. Every White guy you see with headphones in his ears walking down the street talking to himself is guaranteed scz.

        Scz is very bad. Schizophrenics simply cannot function. They are not in any sort of school, not high school, not college, nowhere. They can be in school for a while, but they are guaranteed to drop out. I saw one in my junior college. Guaranteed schizophrenia. I doubt if he lasted long.

        They are usually not employed. Even when they are, there are usually lots of problems. For instance they have to make accommodations with their employer because they are going to have some psychiatric hospitalizations, and that’s ON the drugs. You simply don’t see people with schizophrenia out and about at nightclubs, bars, restaurants, parties, etc.

        As a regular person going about your day to day activities, you are simply never going to meet, interact or have to deal with schizophrenics unless you interact with street people or the homeless. Schizophrenics are outside of society. They are simply too insane to participate in society in any meaningful way. Almost all of them get a disability check, and many live in halfway houses.

        • ROBERT Schizophrenic White Behavior

          White girls under 30 are acting out sexually in exhibitionist ways-of course there have always been the sluts who blow everybody like Motley Crue sang about but they behaved within acceptable limits in public.

          Today white girls also seem to put on bisexual shows that seem imitated from bad porn films.

          White males seem to do impressions of black thugs as if they were 45 year old jailbirds and pimps. This seems like clinical schizophrenia to me.
          Whites seem to have to express a sense of guilt or privilege that all of them feel is a load of shit in their heart of hearts.

  12. Beauregard Millennial Toll

    Look at the toll:

    1) An alcoholic bum was voted into office in the year 2000. This Millennial date will always stand out as the for in the road.

    2) Turkey is the great beneficiary from the Bush’s two wars. It can threaten to turn on the refugee valve anytime.

    3) White proles know that Bush lied to them and that they were duped.

    4) He tanked their economy-or at least it happened as he left office. Whatever is said about Obama he got us out of that.

    5) NAMS protest non-stop.

    6) Globalization.

  13. Beauregard

    regardless, they were not “the cool kids” and they sure as hell aren’t alpha males.
    NAMs are often big and bold and aggressive.

    But in reasonable numbers, ‘regular’ people can handle it without psychological scaring.

    Those who are already fucked in the head simply can’t, and they become Alt-rightists.

    • Beauregard

      *psychological scarring

      • Beauregard

        “Big bold and aggressive”

        Yet most NAMS cannot leave 9 square blocks their entire lifetime.

        For that matter since many or most are mixed up in crime by age 16 it is not as if they are that impressive.

        The white girls attracted to them at 16 are lined up at 22 with odd-looking mixed children seeking public charity. This is true perhaps 80% of the time although not always.

      • Beauregard

        How do NAMS scar the alt-right? If you stay away from them for the most part they don’t talk to you although I agree that in extreme cases they can commit serious injury on whites (If you are dumb enough to hang around them).

        All you have to do MOST of the time is WALK AWAY FROM THEM AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

        Most of them are wrapped up in criminal activity anyhow by high school. Selling dope, shoplifting, having a teen child. Why hang around these assholes?

        Also, they are stuck in 9 square mile radius for the most part. They cannot move anywhere.

        How is this so scarring?

        The white girls who get mixed up with usually end up with mixed-kids seeking lifelong charity or in desperate poverty or battered anyhow.

      • Beauregard

        Move away from them. Most of them only want to be in a particular radius anyhow.

    • Beauregard

      “Big, bold and aggressive” NAMS cannot leave the 4 square blocks they were born in 90% of the time. The other half of the time they are in prison. The rest of the time most of them are simply loafing around on grimy streets doing sordid things-pimping their women, selling some stolen cameras, avoiding the police cruiser.

    • Phil78

      Schizo-rightists, huh? That seems to fit the description Trash Gave for Southerners who would likely make up a decent chunk.

    • Beauregard Confused

      Why would you go near NAMS anyhow? To buy weed? A stolen cellphone? A blowjob?

      Why talk to them? They don’t want to talk to you.

      Alpha male?

      You’re a real Alpha male if you are in and out of jail for dealing weed on the street without a pot to piss in and cannot travel.

      • Beauregard

        Public school is a closed environment so it is one of the times one can’t get away from NAMs.

        • Beauregard

          True, any white with any money sends their kids to a Catholic school these days even if the parents are Jewish or Chinese.

        • Beauregard

          Public schools in the burbs have a good rep. so long as the Urban busing quotas are reasonable (if applicable), and those students reasonably selected.

        • Beauregard

          should be forced to sit through a screening of the movie Stand and Deliver

    • Beauregard Big Bold & Aggressive.

      The NAM can rarely go anywhere. Few will leave the 9 square miles where they were born. That is not bold.

      Their neighborhoods are grimy and dirty and yet they cannot leave.

      They are always in the system with the same police hassling them. On probation, in jail, out of jail.

      Only a young white who has never traveled-and fewer can because the economy is worse now so whites cannot leave their parents basement-would feel trapped in the proximity of NAMS.

    • BEAUREGARD ????

      Cool kids? What do you live in your school when you are 25? Hopefully that is one place in time and space.

      Alpha Males? NAMS are the ones claiming they are powerless and this actually true. They have nothing.

      • Beauregard

        This how proles think.

        • Beauregard

          NAMS themselves quickly forget about high school. Within two or three years they have forgotten all about the place and the people as the bold and aggressive ones soon have a kid or two, cops are after them, some other NAM is after them.

          Or they join the military, the best option for a NAM, and soon they are overseas. Everything seems far away then.

          I suppose if you live one block over from your high school and never even leave for college than everything seems like just yesterday.

  14. Beauregard

    If you were born in 1994 or so when I was in college you would notice that the country did a bit of a slide around the year 2000.

  15. White Southerners

    They are stupid enough to believe Africans wish to be administrated or ruled by the descendants of Scots border-country yeoman. Africans just want them to f*ck off unless they wish to buy drugs or their women like big penises. Otherwise NAMS are not interested.

    To begin with they are obsessed with NAMS. Period. Asians and Jews and Yankees simply regard NAMS as barbarians or dim and forget about them.

    They are uneducated and know little of their own Scots or British heritage unlike Northern whites. They know little of European history, including their own. Of the Greeks or later the Romans.

    Nobody wants to live in their States. No foreigners want to immigrate to Alabama or Tennessee. They want to immigrate to LA or NYC or Miami.

    They are economically less productive. Cubans have turned Miami into a huge metropolis. Southern whites roam around like Indians in the rundown exurbs or smaller cities around this Caribbean jewel.

    When they are 21 or 22 they want to marry and have a family. Jews and Asians and WASPS will wait until they are 30 when both parents have PHD’s.

    Few of them travel extensively.

    Their infrastructure is lousy. Old buildings, no steel skyscrapers, old roads, wooden house.

    They use stupid drugs. Meth or oxy.

  16. Beauregard

    Australia and Canada and New Zealand all have policies that would be socialist to GOP Republicans are all more prosperous, have higher life expectancy that the U.S. whites. That is whites only.

    Republican states are the ones with the poverty.

  17. Robert On White Schizophrenia

    I notice the young white girls trying to act like 40 year old porn stars-who are at least paid for their acts and live in the Hollywood hills.

    I also notice young white men acting like other races. Some imitate Italian gangsters with accents and others behave like black thugs.

    Why is this loss of identity occurring.

    Remember I left the U.S. in 1999. This has all occurred after 2000.

  18. ROBERT What Happened After 1999

    In the 1990’s a few, usually white losers, acted like Mexicans and hung around low riders imitating their style.

    But few whites acted OR THOUGHT they were white thugs.

    What has happened after 2000 to white self-identity.

    Secondly, the Jewish obsession has intensified. Why?

    I’ve been away from America a long time. I would not want to return. But I do notice the standards of whites, their families, their values, their living standard have all declined.

  19. ROBERT

    One has to live overseas to avoid all of this.

  20. ROBERT Schizophrenia or Narcissism?

    I left Arizona and my roommate wanted $200 for a sketch security deposit.

    My voice became like the voice in the SCREAM series.

    “I’ll tell your mother about the baby your girlfriend gave up for adoption.”

    John’s mother was evangelical and he had a baby out-of-wedlock with a Polish Catholic girl who refused to abort.

    “No! That would be too unmerciful!!!!!”

    “You cannot do anything. You cannot afford to move across the street. I lie overseas. You are just a townie. I can do what I want and you cannot travel.”

    He pleaded for mercy some more. He was 24 at that time.

    I never did tell his mother. But when you are overseas you can say anything. “Townies” cannot travel of the American continent.

    I’ve done many things like that because when you travel or live in other countries you can be irresponsible.

    You can say anything.

    Nobody can do anything.

  21. Beauregard

    I saw it in the 1980’s when East LA was in the middle of crack war and I was actually 14 in 1888.

    By then the whites were long gone except for some Armenians like the Kardashians.

  22. ZEBRA

    To begin with, as a Gora who got some childish slurs on sleep away trains from Indian sailors I myself am sympathetic to the Indian who has to endure slur’s from the lowest of white society.

    Anybody, of any color, who is in another country will sometimes get this from losers and townies who have nothing better to do than bully some foreigner who is only passing through. Mostly this is BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT BEEN ANYWHERE.

    Second point.

    Indians I have met will compare the influence of Brahmin in India-publishing, media, pop thought-to that of Jews in America.

    This are middle-caste Hindus who spent some time in the U.S.

    Now I disagree. I think Brahmin have more influence in India than Jews have in the U.S.


    The core argument remains that some group who may be eugenically bred for intelligence have seized the economy of a predominant population.

    I will add that I knew Brahmins overseas-not India where a Gora drifting around with a backpack does not know anybody important.

    And indeed even in Dubai or England that seemed to have higher positions in the West than lower-caste Indians.

    Your bit about Polygamy does not make sense to me.

  23. ZEBRA

    you opened the door to an intriguing insight into Brahmin success. So their secret is having a load of kids. The ones I knew only have 1 or 2.

    Right-wing? How have right-wing policies benefited Brahmin people in particular?

    I’m genuinely intrigued.


    That era seems positively restrained now. There was even a white rocker kid in the class and nobody had sent him to the ER with a knife wound.

    Olmos was Hispanic and about the best you can do is ensure that the teachers, police and administration are the same ethnic background as the student.

    Anyhow the students would not be in middle-age and some would be doing life for selling kilos, or became prostitutes in the road, or burnt-out single mothers with perhaps a few managing to hold a steady job.

    One or two would join the military and get out with enough discipline to attend a university where they became teachers like Olmos or police officers in the very barrio where they once lived.

    • Beauregard

      Upper Middle Class White people are willing to tolerate a movie about a bunch of 3/4 White Castizos in a blue collar neighborhood being taught ‘the White way’. None were violent criminals, and they were selected from above the average student in the Barrio.

      They are not so lenient with Blacks.

      Prole Whites are the opposite, they hate Mexicans more, because ‘they took our job’ and ‘Blacks is American’.

      • Italians sort of paved the way for Castizos, Cubans and other Hispanic (more or less) whites. Once society got used to their machismo, darker looks and Catholicism it was not that hard to accept Castizos.

        “Castizo” seem like Italian-American kids in a Newark school. Sure, a little rambunctious and maybe some macho guys with big swinging crosses but most of them were going to turn to be productive citizens. A cop here, a hairdresser there, a military Sergeant or two. They were not going to hack people to death with machetes.

  25. Beauregard


    Indians are descended from the Orient, and hence they are said to have sharpened spatial senses (perhaps through roaming/trying to survive in a more harsh/barren landscape).
    This is more useful in the Mathematical realm…

    their spatial IQs are near White level.
    But they are 50%+ White anyway.

    • Olmos himself mentioned the Mayans in the film.

      I don’t doubt that Hispanics show an aptitude for engineering.

      Working class Catizos come across as no different than Italians in New Jersey. Hard to tell them apart.

  26. Beuregard

    When I was in Arizona a few Hispanics asked me if I was a foreigner because of my name-it is very German and my Grandparents are from Germany.

    Is this actually true? Were white proles ever doing the jobs they are doing?

    I met Spanish in Arizona who’d been there 40 generations or something.

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