How High Can IQ Go?

From Queera:

What is the maximum IQ a human can have?

I don’t mean the highest IQ a person has at the moment, but what is our IQ capacity?

The standard answer is something like 205, and you will never even see that in your lifetime.

There has been a lot of writing on this at from a different point of view. The man who writes that estimates that Goethe and a few others had IQ’s up to 220. That’s about the limit.

Sidis was estimated by a psychologist who examined him to have an IQ to 250–300, but I have no idea what that means.

The smartest man in the world, Christopher Langan, is said to have an IQ of 200. I don’t doubt that he’s that intelligent having seen his videos. Of course, Mr. Langan is a worthless fool in our silly society because he never “used” his IQ, right? But why did he have to? A human that intelligent ought to be fascinating merely by existing. I would love to spend some quality time with Langan although he would probably make me feel retarded. I could care less whether he “used” his talent or not. Why did he have to? Is it the law?

It gets very hard to measure very high IQ’s.

Children can have very high IQ’s because their IQ’s are measured in terms how smart they are for their age. Using that scale, childhood IQ’s of up to 400 have been calculated. Of course, once they hit 18, you start counting the scores the other way, and they can’t have much above 200.


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10 responses to “How High Can IQ Go?

  1. The problem with “using” your IQ, is that the person with the high IQ may not necessarily have the personality traits which help them exploit their IQ.

    INTP personality types can often be quite intelligent, but not entrepeneurial. If you can’t sell yourself, can’t be an aggressive self promoter, can’t play the social status game, I can see how much intellect is wasted or lost.

    Our society doesn’t really seek to employ talent, but rather requires that talent force its way through.

    I know quite a few intelligent people who’s professional lives are actually quite unremarkable.

    • Assembly Line Human

      Depends on your geography. If you are born in the Philippines by all means get an education but your best is the sex industry.

      In places like Greater Detroit where I am of course the stupid people are worse off because they cannot leave. It is the same in South Africa. Anybody with a trade is in Oz.

    • Assembly Line Human

      Intelligence really has no value if you are in an unproductive geography.

  2. Assembly Line Human Third World Experience

    The richest Australian I met was a Bulgarian/Greek ex-Ecstasy dealer in the Philippines who supposedly had ties to the Melbourne mafia (Italian, Greek, no idea). He was stupid and ruthless. Sometimes he would threaten to hit you. I had to get away from him. I’d say he was somewhat street smart but did not radiate that streetwise genius of actors like Pacino or the Sopranos. Just a common thuggish guy who sold E’s at the right time in Oz and left before getting busted with $1,000,000 Aus in his bank account.

    The richest Indian I knew was an Indian female who did anal sex videos in Los Angeles.

    The richest Filipino I met was the grandson of a Spanish explorer.

    All three dumber than shit as is the landlord who is currently president of the U.S.

    Sex workers, criminals and a few people born into money. These are most of the people that are rich.

    Even famous people are rich because the average person can identify with them. Mel Gibson comes off as a Bogan so people identify with him for example.

  3. Assembly Line IQ and Economic Segregation

    I live overseas because I have limited financial means from a business that is no longer profitable and would have to be in a bad area in my own country.

    Intelligence leads to the following:

    Higher IQ people want to earn enough to be away from the behavior of low IQ people.

    Basically higher IQ people regard lower IQ people as risky and stupid.

    • “Basically higher IQ people regard lower IQ people as risky and stupid.”

      Lower IQ people regard higher IQ people as arrogant and stupid.

      If IQ is frequency, it is a frequency dissonance.

      There is no point fighting something that is not winnable. Like you said ” earn enough to be away from the behavior of low IQ people.”

  4. I did a Google search on him. His “double-life strategy” is excellent. “On one side a regular guy, doing his job and exchanging pleasantries, and on the other side coming home to perform equations in his head, working in isolation on his Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe”

    His double life strategy is an excellent strategy. Many higher IQ fellas killed themselves out because of depression.

  5. IQ can’t be accurately measured above 150-160 or so.

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