California: Not Really Trumpland


My city and my precinct. It’s hard to say, but it looks like most of the city voted Clinton. There’s a lot of red there, but not too many people live in those areas. The really built up urban area voted Clinton.


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6 responses to “California: Not Really Trumpland

  1. SHI

    Even animals hate Drumpf. Can’t make it up.

  2. What difference would it make to India who was elected in the election?

    Most Indians have no choice but to immigrate legally to the United States regardless of who is elected.

    If we can consider Jindal or Haley to be Desis, when in fact they know less about India that I do and were never employed there, they are Republicans.

    No President has ever been anything but a staunch ally of India regardless of party.

    India has remained largely neutral in world politics except with Pakistan, something of pariah around the world anyhow.

    True that Hillary and Billy were particularly fond of India personally.

  3. SHI

    The recent US election results shocked the hell out of not just Americans but progressives everywhere. It has shaken our worldview so I’d say, we do have a stake in this matter. I felt amused by Trump’s initial rise but the kind of bitterness it has engendered means you cannot dismiss this whole thing as a laughing matter, or something that should only concern Americans.

    Let us remember this is the self-serving template that is going to be standardized everywhere else. America used to be a beacon of democracy. Now, it has set the worst example ever in human history. Politicians everywhere in the world are taking a leaf out of the Trump demagoguery handbook in pandering to the worst in human nature.

    As much as Trump is a buffoon and a charlatan who only cares about his wallet and bloody ego and is not a “conservative” in any sense, the repercussions are far beyond his immediate victory. It’s the actions that count. Trump has filled his cabinet with plutocrats, war-mongers, and right-wing assholes of all shades.

    The Dutch, to their credit, recently managed to defeat this worst reactionary impulse by stopping Geert Wilders from duplicating Trump’s success in the Netherlands. They probably saw what Trump administration looks like, and were firmly like, “Wait. We are basically a nation of hippies. This isn’t what we want for ourselves.”

    India’s right-wing majoritarian party, BJP, and its supreme leader, Narendra Modi, have already extended their love wishes to Donald Trump. With a declining approval rating back home, Trump would use every opportunity to big-note himself as he deals with kindred asshole spirits. The only thing he cares about is adulation, and Modi-BJP combine will go out of its way to make this man-child feel big and important. India’s mainstream media and political establishment will not oppose Trump the way the United Kingdom and Germany have. They are universally pro-Modi, which means all Trump has to do is say some impromptu stuff along “I love India” and they will spin him positively.

    They may be some disagreements on issues like H-1B visas, but overall, the Modi establishment shares a positive sentiment about Trump. It’s a similar model that they would want to replicate for India which they see as a country where minorities are silenced, women live under a patriarchy and all opposition and media are to be stifled.

    A major state of India, Uttar Pradesh, recently elected the right-wing Hindutva party, BJP to their legislative assembly. It has been a sweeping victory which validated the “HATE” politics of Narendra Modi. They’re pretty much against anyone that is not a Hindu right-winger. This victory comes as a major shock because for almost two decades, no single politcal party ever won Uttar Pradesh on its own which have seen coalition governments. It’s a large bellwether state with a population of 200 million (one-sixth of India’s population). This could portend the outcome of the national elections in 2019. If BJP gets re-elected, they will weed out grassroots democracy and all opposition media.

    The “Trump” model (Demagoguery, threats and intimidation) has already given BJP a recipe for success in Uttar Pradesh. No prizes for guessing why they wouldn’t want to replicate this strategy in 2019. India’s liberal political establishment is already (“Indian National Congress” etc.) in a state of disrepair after suffering a humiliating defeat in the 2014 elections.

    You can’t remain disinterested in politics forever because eventually it affects your way of life. I have a deep disdain and hatred of Indian “conservatives”, the entire BJP-Modi establishment and their fanatical supporters. Even though I’m as apolitical as anyone in their 30s should be, I would say a bit of wake-up call is in order. I’ll do my little bit to ensure these assholes don’t get relected in 2019. I’m opposed to Modi and his cowardly, divisive politics. He has to be halted.

    I’d really like to see Humpty Dumpty Trumpty fall. And fall in a “yuuge” embarrassing way.

    It will serve as a warning reminder to conservative assclowns everywhere.I hate the very word “conservative”.

  4. Uttar Pradesh is a hick Himalayan equivalent of the Flyover whose proximity to Kashmir made it a military outpost of sorts. Maybe bordering Tibet and Nepal gives it some strategic relevance, that is about it.

    Caste killings in the Orissa parliament aside, the BJP kind of represents the lunatic fringe as Jade Goody’s old friend Shilpa Shetty once said.

    Outside of the cow-belt the BJP did not, in my time in India at least, get a great deal of support. In fact it was kind of dirty word with cosmopolitans.

    The difference between the Right-wing in India and the U.S. is that a) you have a North-South Divide that circumvents Hinduvatas who naturally despise and are despised by most Southies as well as altogether in Kerala and b) Maharashtra folks regard them as rubes (So did I).

    As for Trump, he is going to adhere to supply-demand in as much as visas go. And most of these Indians go to California, where Trump is not well-liked.

  5. Geert Wilders

    If Pashtuns could immigrate to the U.S. as easily as London or Europe than the U.S. would sink under the weight of a 4th underclass. Worse yet Pashtuns do not get along at all with blacks and UK has had to cope with riots.

  6. Geographically speaking India does resemble the United States to some parallel.

    The center of culture is on the West, the South despises the North to some extent and the middle of the country is serious Flyover.

    It also borders even poorer countries.

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