Dumbest Alt Left Phrase Ever: “The Regressive Left”

Calling the SJW Cultural Left Freakshow “regressive” is absolutely senseless. Originally it meant Leftists who supported reaction such as Political Islam. Political Islam or Islam in general is backwards, conservative if not reactionary, and a throwback to an older era that progressives have moved far beyond in the West. Full-throated Left support for reactionary Islam is indeed regressive.

But the Cultural Left Freakshow is anything but regressive. Really it is progressivism run amok.

Radical gay rights is regressive because it harkens back to the golden era of gay rights in the 1800’s when gays had far more rights than they even do now, right?

Radical feminism is regressive because back in the old days when my Mom was growing up, most women were ultra-radical man-hating dykes who pushed far beyond equal rights, correct?

Anti-racism is regressive because it recalls the the 1700’s when Blacks and Indians ruled society and the White man was a downtrodden minority, no?

Transsexual rights is regressive because back in the Ancien Regime in France, 1/200 men and women were transsexuals, there was a transsexual on every block, and French society cheered for genderbenders and called for gender to be abolished, n’est-ce pas?

The Regressive Left is a preposterous and idiotic slur that the Alt Left has made up for the SJW Cultural Left. It makes sense only in that the Cultural Left voices full support for radical Islam. Otherwise it utterly irrational.

The Cultural Left in general isn’t regressive at all. It’s not even reactionary, conservative or even rightwing. It’s not even Centrist, and it gave up liberalism long ago. No, the Cultural Left is nuts because this is an example of leftwing politics going completely off the deep end. Regressive means backwards, reactionary, conservative, primitive, a throwback to an older, ignorant era before modern progress and progressive politics. The Cultural Left is the opposite of regressive.

We just call them that because it sounds insulting, and it is. But it’s also a lie. I don’t see why the Alt Left should stoop to lying and sliming the opposition with sleazy and false slurs like all the rest of the dirty politics out there. We are beyond that; we are too good for that. We can do better. Let’s do it.

Get rid of the slogan “Regressive Left” once and for all. Resign it to the dustbin of recent history.


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10 responses to “Dumbest Alt Left Phrase Ever: “The Regressive Left”

  1. TJF

    To Rob:
    Really it is progressivism run amok.

    Perhaps the humorless left..? The left promoted free speech (and love) in the 60s and if nothing else made it look fun as hell to rebel. Now a substantial portion of SJWs seem permanently cranky and hyper critical of fellow travelers they feel aren’t outraged enough and just flat out boring and tedious.

    For example:

    So some douche bag puts up 4 or 5 pro Nazi flyers on a Texas campus – stupid and as I read the response of the administration – they are investigating and certainly don’t condone the flyers.. but the reaction is.. They aren’t outrage enough!

    Who ever did this is a turd – but is it enough to seriously freak out..? A handful of flyers..? Perhaps some unemployed guy living in a trailer, or a 15 year old with Asperger’s running around.. or I hate saying it as it makes me sound like a Trumpite a hoax perpetrated by a leftie to raise awareness, as is fairly common on University campuses. Who knows.. I suspect if the person is ever found they’ll be an insignificant boil on a rancid ass.

    Hell Nazi’s wanted to march in Skokie Illinois in the late 70s, at the time a majority Jewish neighborhood with over 5,000 victims of the holocaust and the ACLU defended their right to do it. In the end, the Nazis looked like total assholes to the large majority of the public and were widely lampooned (the Blue Brother’s movie comes to mind).


    I can’t understand why some Whites think a failed artist, with an abnormal dick, responsible for the deaths of more than 40 million White people, and caused the division and occupation of his (adopted) country is cool.

    • TJF Skokie Story

      Thousands of Jewish rabble came out of their apartments and off their stoops with pipes and bats with nails in them which led the police to inform the Nazis that no, they could not protect them.

      Deciding a grimy Jewish neighborhood was not worth dying for the Fuher from, the Nazis did not hold the rally.

      This was simply one lower middle-class sub-population of whites threatening violence on another sub-population of whites.

    • TJF On Dicklessness

      Whites and Jews from the lower working-class are about even in a street fight which is why the Nazis did not come when the police said they could not protect them from a Jewish chimpout of sort.

      White Nationalist do not have the economic clout to overcome Jews and are about evenly matched in a street fight. So what can they do?

      Latins-I’m lumping Sicilians in here-have better mafias. More ruthless, more intimidating, more wealthy. Nazis cannot fight them either.

      Blacks run the street by being a generally stronger and stupidly fearless primal sub-population so Nazis cannot do anything to them.

  2. TJF Correction on Skokie

    The Jewish rabble threatened violence from which the police could not protect the Nazis.

    A load of Jewish rabble on the street with bats and pipes. I was too young to remember the incident but it remained topical in the Midwest for a few years.

    None of the Nazis, grievously outnumbered, were willing to die for the Fuher in a grimy Jewish Midwestern neighborhood.

  3. TJF The Helplessness of NAZIS

    Unlike Jews, they have no economic ground to stand on. To the extent that Jews can form a network-though I am dubious about this-it involves money, media organs and some government lobbies.

    Nazis are marginally employed or at best middle-class.

    Mexicans and Sicilians-Latins-have a mafia that is powerful.

    I think the bottom line is that White Nationalist do not have anything. No economic ground to stand on, no organized crime with the money to bribe anyone (And Italians are not that scary on the street), no primal strength like the black……….Nothing.

  4. Anonymous

    Robert, the problem here is that you are interpreting those terms in the traditional political meaning they usually have. Most younger people seem to use those in the sense of the society improving (progress) or getting worse (regress), not in the sense of going to a previous/newer state.

    “Progressive” has too much of a positive connotation to be used by the people who oppose them, so refering to them as “regressive left” is a tactic to start the delegitimization of their movement from its very name

    • It is idiotic namecalling.

      There is a limit to how far forwards a society should go. At some point, progress just starts turning into utter insanity. Why do you think people are Traditionalists? Because so much “progress” is seriously idiotic.

  5. Jason Y

    I think both sides have their nutjobs AND they do make HELL for certain people, like rednecks bullying mixed raced people – OR SJWs spitting on men for just gazing at women. 😆

    I could give several stories, like the redneck waitress picking on customers who date blacks, making the whole staff and customers turn against them, (even though many of the other waitresses date or are married to blacks) or how about the SJW radical atheist who just can’t stop picking on a fundamentalist Christian co-worker? How about the mad black lady Facebook poster and her daily rants about lynching – but of course, from an area far away from white criticism?

  6. Jason Y

    Generally, there seems to be in human nature – a pack nature and this also goes with the cultural left or the alt-right or whoever. Note it’s ALWAYS the case that these pussies always bully in their own area, IRONICALLY, calling the people they bully pussies. How about that ???

  7. Jason Y

    Possibly a big reason being sensitive isn’t the way to be and so much of masculine culture is against it – is cause of the human pack nature. The best way to avoid douchebags like the redneck lady at the diner or the black kid who picks on you at the all-black school – is to try to act as stoic and masculine as possible. Of course, doing so isn’t validating the douchebags and their opinions are right, but only you’re not going get into their web of bullshit.

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