Death To All SJW’s

I am getting creamed over and over by Queera (Quora) moderation. It’s all on questions about homosexuality. I guess gay men are reporting my answers all over the place.

The following post violated a Queera rule called Be Nice, Be Respectful. I looked up the rule and tried to figure out how I violated it. Apparently I said things that were not 100% positive about homosexuals. You can’t do that on Queera. Any and all criticism of fags on Queera gets you a violation and a threat to get thrown off their website.

I wrote the below post when I was trying very hard to be nice to gay men.

I made the following statements which were “homophobic.”

  • All straight men are homophobes in the sense that they are averse to male homosexual behavior. This aversion is so extreme it has to be seen to be believed. FACT.
  • Gay men are not much liked in straight society. FACT.
  • Straight male society only works when 100% of the men are straight or at least fake it. FACT.
  • Any hint of bisexuality among straight men is a turd in the punchbowl that destroys any gathering of straight men. FACT.
  • I have met a number of straight men who told me they would rather eat a bullet than have gay sex. FACT.
  • The main reason straight men are uncomfortable around gay men is because they won’t stop trying to have sex with us. FACT.
  • Even if they don’t try to have sex with you, having another men look at you like you’re dinner is upsetting to most straight men. FACT.
  • An incredible % of homophobia among straight men is caused by gay men incessantly hitting on us. We are not just being bigoted. We are sick and tired of them trying to have sex with us! FACT.
  • After being hit on by gay men about 10,000 times, I decided I want a divorce from them. I just don’t want to be around them anymore. This is bad how?
  • I just want gay men to stay a bit away from me. This is bad how?
  • Gay men and straight men cannot be friends. FACT. 
  • Why do gay men even want to be friends with straight men anyway? GOOD QUESTION.

Gay politics is really starting to make me angry. I am about ready to join on the homophobic bandwagon and oppose gays. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t.

Here is the evil homophobic post.

All, I mean all straight men are homophobes in the sense of having a mild to extreme aversion to the thought of male homosexual behavior. They seriously hate it, and the aversion is so extreme that it has to be seen to believed.

Gay men are not much liked in straight society, but they generally have their own crowd to hang out in, so it’s not a problem.

Straight male society only works when the men are all 100% straight or at least act like it. Any hint of bisexuality among straight-leaning men is the turd in the punchbowl that ruins any party or gathering.

Straight male society only works because most of the men have agreed not to: a) kill each other b) beat each other up and c) fuck each other. Even preserving a and b is a tall order in straight male society, and tremendous energy is expended to simply keep straight males from murdering each other. Even fights are bad because such fighting can get serious and even deadly very quickly. Straight female society seems to be far more aggressive than straight male society, as verbal and psychological aggression is poorly controlled, while there are extreme controls on this in straight male culture.

Most straight men make exceptions for biologically gay men and support full rights for them. Now these same straight men have told me that if given a choice between death and gay sex, they would gladly eat a bullet. That’s how extreme the aversion is.

Probably the main reason a lot of straight men are also uncomfortable around gay men is because they won’t stop trying to have sex with us. Even when they do not do that, you typically get a strong sexual vibe off most any gay man that says he is sexually attracted to. The vibe is the same you get from a woman who is turned on by you. Having another men right in your face obviously thinking you’re a T-bone steak for dinner tonight is disconcerting for most straight men. On the other hand, gay men cannot be blamed for feeling any more than straight men can be blamed for feeling sexual around women.

But an unbelievable amount of (well-earned) homophobia is created by gay men coming after straight men sexually. It is probably happened to me over 1,000 times. About the 1,001′th time, I decided I had had it and wanted to avoid gay men from now on.

I don’t hate them. I just want them to stay a bit away from me.

I am on the mailing list for gay political causes which I participate in enthusiastically, as I strongly support gay rights. I do have a couple of gay men I am friends with, but this is on a professional or intellectual level. They keep their sexual feelings for me out it, and we get along like peaches and cream.

My general feeling is that gay men and straight men cannot be close friends. The few stories that I am familiar with were catastrophic, and my own experience has been mostly a total disaster. I don’t see how it works. Perhaps in the future we can become so relaxed and open that gay-straight male friendships are possible, but we are ages away from that.

Why do gay men even want to be friends with us anyway? They can hang around their gay and bi male friends and their straight women fag hag friends, which are legion. Most every straight women has a few fantastic gay male friends. They’ve got our women and their own kind for friendships, so what the Hell they want to hang around us for? I don’t get it.


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13 responses to “Death To All SJW’s

  1. Jason Y

    The part about gays and straights not being friends is wrong. You’re mostly talking about punk gays, the type that grab your balls.

    • You have gay friends?! I have never had a gay friend in my life. No wait, I did, though he never admitted he was gay. Like all gay men, he would not take no for an answer. He’s lucky I didn’t kill him. All I did was smash down his front door with a baseball bat. He hit on me one too many times. He fully deserved getting his door smashed down like that.

      Other than that, I have never had one gay friend and I have had hundreds of male friends. There were some men who I really suspected of being bi, and they never quit either. Gay and bi men never stop trying to have sex with you. They don’t know the meaning of the word no.

      Among people my age, I do not know one single man who has a gay friend or has ever had a gay friend.

      Do straight men actually have gay friends? The very idea seems so bizarre.

  2. Jason Y

    Even if they don’t try to have sex with you, having another men look at you like you’re dinner is upsetting to most straight men. FACT.

    The same feeling overcomes women when they get lusted on by men – they don’t like.

  3. Themaker75

    I think the better question is “Why would a straight man want have a gay friend anyway?”

    Here’s the answer. Because he wants to test the gay waters.

    No straight man has any use for a gay friend. There’s plenty of straight men to hang out with where you don’t have that awkwardness. I think this younger generation is very open to giving fagottry a shot so they can look oh so worldly and open minded amongst their peers. A grown man has no such desperate desire to be accepted.

    • Of course! Why on Earth would a straight man want a gay friend?! I mean, are gay men really that upset that they can’t be friends with us? Is it really so terrible? Gay men have all their straight woman friends and all their gay man friends, well, there’s over 50% of humanity right there.

      From their point of view, why do you guys even want to be friends with us? You don’t, believe me. A lot of straight men are real assholes. Stick your gaybros and your straight woman friends. You guys will have a lot more fun with them.

      You really don’t want to hang out with us, trust me.

    • Themaker, I am going to have to ban you. Regular commenters have to donate at least $10 to keep commenting. Unless you already donated, in that case, my bad. If this is a hardship to you, please email me and we will work something out. I am sorry to do this as you are one of my favorite commenters here.

  4. Magneto

    Quora is fucking gay. It’s the website where I heard about you actually. There was a question about rapes in India and someone posted the comment “What do you think about Robert Lindsay’s views about India?” so I googled Robert Lindsay and ended up here.


    Indians have inferiority complexes. When any writer posits a negative view they get angry, resentful, outraged.

    This is due to the deeply-rooted inferiority complex.

  6. Is this a joke/troll? If serious, it demands the classic analysis that homophobia is the fear straight men have that gay men will treat them the way they treat women.

    Do you find it impossible to be friends with straight/bi women? Do you constantly hit on them and refuse to take no for an answer? If not, then why do you believe gay/bi men to be incapable of the same?

  7. Do you find it impossible to be friends with straight/bi women? Do you constantly hit on them and refuse to take no for an answer?

    Of course not.

    Look gaysha. I am getting really tired of you. I helped on your goddamned political campaigns, I’ve been working on my homophobia to try to lessen it, I’ve been editing my articles on gays to make them more gay-friendly.

    I’ve become one of your friends! And all you do is beat me up. You guys are setting up a huge backlash against gay men,and I think you deserve it. You’ve gone too far. You push and push and push.

    Every year you demand more and more. I honestly think you gays won’t be happy until all of us men have a penis in our mouths. I sincerely believe that before I die, it will become “virulently homophobic” for a man to refuse to suck a penis. Seriously this is where this is headed. You guys don’t know when to stop. You’re pissing off your friends, like me, and turning them into enemies, like me.

    Really I am about ready to join Fred Phelps’ church. I’ve had it up to here with you goddamned ingrate gays.

    PS ALL my straight friends tell me that friendships with gay men don’t work because you never stop trying to fuck us.

    And you know what a lot of this “gaybashing” is about? A lot of it is you autists not taking no for an answer. And another large part of it is you guys hit on a straight guy and get a knuckle sandwich. You idiots are asking for it a lot of the time. You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

    Now get off my site gaysha boy.

    • I don’t identify as a gay man (or as a man at all), though people sometimes interpret me as such.

      If you’re capable of friendship with women, then why aren’t gay/bi men capable of friendship with you? Why assume gay/bi men are all the same, all unable to take no for an answer, etc.?

      Also, there’s not any LGBTQ collective or hivemind. I’m not the same as people you’re lumping me in with, though my views align with most LGBTQ activists/SJWs when it comes to homophobia.

      I agree being sexually aggressive and not respecting consent ain’t remotely cool, including when gay/bi men harass straight men. This is of course a basic feminist insight.

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