Latin American Politics Finally Comes To America

I guess Chile has their version of the mighty keyboard warrior like the US. No shortage of white shit for brains running around say they’re going get rid of all the Jews and blacks.. then you have a fair number of blacks running around saying they’re going to get rid of their white oppressors.. etc. Totally delusional twats. Maybe rightists are a serious problem in Chile but I don’t consider YouTube comments a proper gauge of sentiment and support.

I have been engaged off and on in deep study of this region since 1989. 28 years.

You don’t understand Chile. You don’t understand Latin America.

Really the entire rightwing down there is exactly like this. The rich, elite Whites’ basic attitude in almost every country down there is “All Communists must be killed.” And Communist means anyone even slightly left of center. A huge % of the population in Chile is still pro-Pinochet, and this is precisely how they think.

The Left stages marches and protests all the time, often is support of Allende. Rightists, of whom there are many supporters still meet them and there is wild street fighting. Rightists then stage marches often in support of Pinochet. The Left shows up and there is wild street fighting.

Did some searches.. looks like the bigger demonstrations were over education and state (or lack of it) support. Seem to follow the US model – most of the protests are peaceful but then you have “the hooded ones” raising a ruckus. I couldn’t find anything that indicated there were large counter protests by rightists – not saying that didn’t happen but I just couldn’t find them If you have a link or links I’ll take a look.

Ok, well I think I may have read this some time ago. I do remember reading it, but it could have been a while back. It could well have been years ago, or a decade or more ago. But at one time in recent history, this is how it was.

Perhaps the Left vs. Right riots have quieted down in recent years, but that’s the way it was not long ago.

Protests in Chile have historically been far more riotous and violent than demos in the US. There’s not really any comparison. Anyway, violent riots on the US Left are a relatively new phenomenon. Trump is a corrupt, vicious, evil ultraright dictator ruling in a typical Latin American model. All of the Latin American Right is exactly like Donald Trump. That’s why the Left is so violent down there. Trump has succeeded in finally bringing Latin American ultraright fascism to America. So it follows that we are following the Latin American model in that the Left has grown militant, and Left demos now often turn riotous and violent just as they do in Latin America.

This sort of thing is so predictable that you can write near mathematical laws of political science predicting it. A nation can only go so far to the extreme right and it can only become unequal to a certain level. Once it passes that level, it has crossed some sort of Rubicon and now in most any nation you automatically get a militant, riotous and violent Left. It’s as close to a law as the sort you can get in mathematics and physics.

In Chile, the Indians are treated horribly and engage in continuous demonstrations which usually turn into riots.

I was following Latin American politics a lot on the Net a few years back, and most demos in Chile seemed to turn into the typical Latin American demonstration -> riot progression. Most demos in Latin America turn riotous from my observation, at least in Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, and even Mexico. The conditions are so insanely unequal down there that any working class demo quickly turns into a riot.

Violence, riots, coups, extremes of Left and Right politics, lack of democracy and extreme instability are typical of the entire region and now we are importing precisely this model to the US.

I am leaving out Argentina, but the Argentine Right was recently calling for a military coup against Kirchner.

In Paraguay, a legislative coup threw out the leftwinger.

A legislative coup just threw out Rouseff, the left president of Brazil.

There have been many coup and quasi-coup attempts in Venezuela. You could well say there has been a continuous coup since 2002.

In Colombia, yes, left demos usually turn violent or riotous. On the other hand, if you are on the Left down there, you can be murdered by the government at any time.

There was a military coup in Honduras, and now anyone on the Left can be killed at any time. Death squads have killed over 1,000 people.

A US coup removed Aristide in Haiti. The new US installed government quickly murdered 3,000 people.

Why the commenter is trying to polish this Latin American turd is beyond me.


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96 responses to “Latin American Politics Finally Comes To America

  1. Jason Y

    No, this stuff doesn’t shock me at all. Now the US is becoming over-the-top right wing in places. Of course, some, like the typical loudmouth right-winger are worse than others, but the overall atmosphere is “live and let live” as it was somewhat in times past.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry, meant to say the overall atmosphere is NOT live and let live.

      • JASON Y

        Being a massive Republican does what for you?

        Family values? You’re the one needed assistance more often than the Blue-State democrat aren’t you. They all use rubbers, ejaculate in their wife’s mouth or withdraw, have more fun than you do.

        Against gays? Again, these folks are not hoping that their children do not need food stamps.

        Tough guy? Most blacks can stomp the shit out of these whites. Or more on average. Mexicans are more macho.

        Winners and Losers? The whiny democrat has more money usually.

        White pride? Jews and Asians are more successful.

        • Hotdog

          black thugs aren’t tough, they just posture. The toughest blacks are the military type that may come off as Uncle Toms. jews and Whites are tougher on average, you’d just never know it by looking at most of them.

    • JASON Y

      I have to say that although I personally had it fairly tough during the Clinton years as a starving student and laborer from a Flyover State things seemed a little bit more balanced.

    • JASON Y Biography of the Right-Wing

      Think they can win wars with drones and ground troops.

      Bankrupted the country and flooded Europe with refugees.

      Pursued Clinton. Gee, doesn’t that era seem great now.

  2. Jason Y

    The biggest problem with the right is the superiority complex. It’s just typical bullying behavior. It’s much the same as you’d see with the cultural left on a college campus.

    • JASON Y Superiority Complex

      Who do the Right “push around”? Pray tell.

      Jews? They complain that these people are RUNNING their lives and controlling their behavior through shitty reality TV series and porn. And media organs.

      Blacks/Mexicans? They complain about how ruthless and violent these groups are and how they kick their ass in public.

      NB The tough white “Clints” are interviewed in prison specials in makeup complaining about being a sex slave.

      Who is left to push around?

  3. Jason Y

    Again, though, in the US, the scourge of drugs has made the poor easy to blame, easy to hate etc.. while the right becomes more self-righteous than ever.

  4. Beauregard

    What is wrong with the first part of the statement? Seems there are probably a lot of (poor) White ethnics who engage in that sort of behavior. At the same time, the notion that such behavior doesn’t translate into real life negative consequences seems wrong.

  5. JASON Y Correction

    Drugs make the poor a danger and a pain in the ass. The rich kid who snorts a line of coke or the middle-class college boy who smokes a joint after class is not the problem.

    It is the tweaker who steals anything he can get his hands on. The sister-in-law who is crack whore. The Oxy addict who robs pharmacies.

    Poor people tend to be more reckless and less well-educated so their addiction turns them into a burglar, con, prostitute, pimp, shoplifter immediately.

    Rich ski bunnies doing cocaine in their hotel room are not the issue. College potheads are not tearing apart society. It is the white idiot prole who starts using meth and quickly becomes a walking nightmare.

    • Jason Y

      Good point Trash. When is Steven Tyler (Aerosmith lead singer) going to have to spend real jail time for cocaine? You know, WNs hate Black Lives Matter, but they have a point. The rich get away with horrible shit which in the case of the poor doing it – would shatter their lives.

      • JASON Y Several reasons

        The poor tend to drive around with their drugs in their car instead of locked away in their gated community garage. No police officer is going to get a warrant for an 8-Ball of cocaine he heard some rich kid might have in his lawyer father’s garage. The family will lawyer up instantly, he won’t get through the door.

        The cops watch the poor white meth addicted son of an absentee carpenter father and waitress mother because there have been burglaries in his community. Some other punk was shaken down and told the police that Bobby Joe stole the television from someone to pay for his next bag of meth.

        So the police bust Bobby Joe. Easy enough. His meth is on him. He already has 3 priors.

        Lindsey Lohan does not sell her body for crack. It is delivered by a lawyer who moonlights as dealer to the stars in Beverly Hills.

        The poor white or black keeps his Meth in his car and is DUI when pulled over. The cop finds the bag of meth instantly.

        If the kid is rich, he calls a cab from the bar. So does the lawyer or white-collar criminal. His drugs are safely in his house.

        Poor people drive to get their drugs in areas patrolled by police. The rich pay more and dealers deliver it. Nobody was ever busted getting drugs delivered to their house in Beverly Hills unless they were dealing.

        Finally police watch the poor more. They know who has been busted before.

      • JASON Y

        Steven Tyler once remarked that heroin almost killed him. This is the case with celebrities. Cops just do not want to bother with the warrants, the attorney, the media. Of course they know that most rock stars are drug users.

        Working-class people are easier targets. If they sell drugs in their neighborhood it goes around to various informants and they are busted. Since they have no money they soon steal to pay for drugs, even to pay for cigarettes.

        • Jason Y

          I feel sad for Tyler, but still, we are speaking of justice. His suffering is just beside the point. When will these rich people and celebrities pay for doing the same exact crimes the poor are accused of?

      • JASON Y

        They don’t. Poor whites simply pay for habit they cannot afford. Dealing, stealing, fencing, prostitution, pimping, burglary, forgery.


      • Tale of Jay Jarvinen

        Jay Jarvinen came from a middle-class Finnish-American family in Minnesota. Mother was a nurse, father an accountant.

        His older brother was a schizophrenic.

        Jay attended MIT. He was really smart but got into drugs. Heavily.

        He moved out to LA with his younger brother John, a musician. He did more methamphetamine.

        He began to steal at 22, an MIT dropout. He did time in prison.

        When I met him at 26 he was living with his parents and unemployed.

        Typical case.

  6. Jason Muniz

    It shouldn’t surprise us, those nation states in Latin America were created by that despicable class of criollos and the more better off mestizos plus mulattoes(the colonial bourgeoisie). Classism and Racism is inherent to these national political systems. Unfortunately Jacobin like figures such as Chavez, Maduro, Obrador, Castro, Peron etc(except maybe Che Guevara) keep these 19th century national systems going by giving them an egalitarian and socialist façade. Left wing nationalism is still nationalism and so, if not anti internationalist/universalist, can be non internationalist/universalist and therefore hindering any humanist and egalitarian system from being implemented.

    I am increasingly becoming convinced that in order to achieve any sort of social equality, we will have to look to the past(traditionalism) but also tear down the idol of modernity, Progress.

    • I dunno, I really like Castro, Che, Chavez, Obrador, Peron, etc. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      • Jason Muniz

        Well I am not gonna lie I do admire Robespierre. But I feel like sometimes we should be more left of leftwing nationalism. The Paris Commune is a good example although it was a premature experiment. Hmm maybe the left wing nation state will eventually evolve into the commune state just as previously the feudal state evolved into the nation state. Goddamn I wish we would focus more on these issues then those syrupy liberal sjw ones.

  7. TJF

    To Rob and Beauregard:

    At the same time, the notion that such behavior doesn’t translate into real life negative consequences seems wrong.

    I don’t consider Beauregard’s statement and mine to be mutually exclusive.

    Let me repeat and expand on this comment: Maybe rightists are a serious problem in Chile but I don’t consider YouTube comments a proper gauge of sentiment and support.

    Ninety years ago the KKK was a very serious problem in this country – and we had a sitting president, Woodrow Wilson who had private screenings in the White House and fully endorsed and the film “Birth of a Nation” as accurate historical portrayal (if you don’t know the film it came a book called “The Clansman”). Public participation in the Klan was widespread and public. Sixty years ago – the KKK was more localized but had a very strong influence in the Southeast, behaved in somewhat more covert manner than before, but could and did harass and kill people with impunity. Fast forward to today, in essence they now look like a bunch of whining losers that complain about ZOG and nggrs on YouTube and other forums but routinely get their asses kicked when they venture out in public. Andrew Anglin, of the Daily Stormer, spouts off saying Trump is going to throw all the Jews out of the US.. oh umm like the majority of his grandchildren.. wants a White ethnostate but seems to really like small foreign brown women? The man is a walking parody. I am certainly not saying to ignore them but keep a perspective.

    While people freak out over Der Gropenfuhrers supposed evil plan to extinguished not white folks – he’s busy putting his cronies in place for personal enrichment. I think Trump is unhinged, unstable, and not fit to be President but.. perhaps with the influence of Bannon it appears he is trolling the press so much that they are losing focus on the big picture.

    My point being – yes rightists may indeed be a severe problem in Chile and other countries. But the looking at the behavior of American keyboard Nazis has me to believe that we need to look at other metrics to validate that power.

    • Beauregard

      TJF Anglin and his likeness are indeed jokes. They don’t live in the real world.

      I was mainly referring to the somewhat more moderate people who vote far right because of ‘lazy Blacks and Mexicans’, and talk about “I don’t let minorities walk all over me like White libs”, those types.

    • Beauregard


      Their hatred of NAMs is silly because of this. They really have no interaction with NAMs on a daily basis if at all.

      They hate them because
      1. INTERNET PROPAGANDA combined with their own gullibility.
      2. Pure fear of something they don’t know

      • TJF

        To Beauregard:

        They hate them because
        1. INTERNET PROPAGANDA combined with their own gullibility.
        2. Pure fear of something they don’t know

        What percentage of US Whites actually feel this way..? Hard to judge – a high percentage of even severely racist Whites know enough not to make their views publicly known. If you have 500,000 Whites who are racist and obnoxious enough to post on forums even at the rate of only once a week each, places like YouTube would be absolutely flooded. But to put 500,000 racists Whites into perspective that’s .23% of the White population and .16% of the US population, a drop in the bucket.

        Their hatred of NAMs is silly because of this.
        I have little direct contact with Whites who dislike NAMs but of the ones I do know (or more accurately did know) almost all of them had contact with NAMs and their criticism of the former was often qualified and inconsistent.

        Most of the Whites I’ve encountered (face to face) who disliked Blacks live in the Southeastern US (and voting patterns seem to back this up) aside from a a few areas such as Appalachia, it was basically impossible not to be around Blacks. I don’t condone their hate, but at least with the people I knew, saying it had no basis in personal experience (however distorted) was often not correct.

        • Generally the extreme dislike in the Northern U.S. urban centers like Detroit or Chicago is between whites and blacks in the lower-income areas.

          Suburbs of white-collar professionals do not hate one another. It is on ground-zero between poor whites (Ethnics or especially Appalachian migrants) and poor blacks.

          When you leave the epicenter of poverty for the suburbs where the earning power rises above $40,000 a year relations are better. But this is in the North.

          Southeastern whites have a history of slavery and a bifurcated system of Aparthied. This is a bit different from the Northern United States where whites are the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Europeans who arrived in the earlier 20th century.

        • TJF Whites with racist views will be:

          Usually from old Anglo-Saxon stock in the Southeast or Bible Belt. Some Irish-Catholics, Italians, Jews, Slavs, Germans in the Northeast are racist but not as many.

          Poorer on average. Proximity in the exurbs or outer rings of cities with NAMS due to the earning power of parents, skilled manual tradespeople. Carpenters, electricians, sometimes plain old laborers.

          Attending public schools where they interacted with NAMS negatively.

          GED or high school education. No 4-year degree.

        • TJF White Racists will be:

          From the exurbs or poorer city districts and from a poorer back ground.

          Lower middle-class or even lower working-class.

          GED or High School Diploma.

          Usually from Anglo-Saxon stock and claiming distant Indian blood.

          Put themselves in harm’s way of blacks through drugs, jail time or just walking around in black areas.

          Belligerent to blacks.

        • Jason Y

          Attending public schools where they interacted with NAMS negatively.

          Isn’t this just karma, though? Look how these dickwads make fun of nearly everyone in their own all-white working class neighborhood. So when they’re getting sodomized – I’M LAUGHING.

        • Beauregard

          Appalachia AND Midwest AND Northwest.

          I.E. Flyover country. The Southeast is the exception to the rule and not the rule. I suppose some in the Northwest may have to deal with Native Americans, but not really Blacks much.

        • Beauregard

          TJF 500k Nazis sounds right.
          These are the types that, at least online, openly chant racial slurs.

          But more general racialist sentiment is far, far more widespread and greatly influences voting decisions, and hence the condition of the country as a whole.

      • Jason Y

        The hatred of NAMS could stem from insecurity. Again, because it’s something strange and that they don’t know. So that’s why young WNs might mock rap among their own friends. In other words, if it’s different – it sucks. That seems to be the outlook.

    • TJF

      My impression of poor whites is that in some ways they are even more uninviting. Their behavior is even stupider under the influence of drink. They take stupid narcotics and become petty thieves, burglars, idiots. Their families are equally dysfunctional.

      All of which they will doubtlessly blame on Jews though the nearest Jew is 400 miles away.

      As I have said, these American Nazis should move to Australia or New Zealand under the skilled migration program. Canada has its own vast American Indian underclass that is not to different than that of the Southwest.

      You cannot really avoid NAMS if you are white, poor or skilled manual tradesman, wish to live in some part of the U.S. with an economy.

      • Jason Y

        My impression of poor whites is that in some ways they are even more uninviting. Their behavior is even stupider under the influence of drink. They take stupid narcotics and become petty thieves, burglars, idiots. Their families are equally dysfunctional.

        I’m trying not to laugh here. :lol;

        • JASON X My Tweaker Story

          I lived in a two room apartment in Tempe. It was bleak.

          Simon was a tweaker. Dangerous and on the edge of his sanity. He cadged a quarter off me on my way to work.

          Eventually I moved into a better place.

          But I got a bill from the landlord. Broken screen.

          When I went back somebody told me Simon, then homeless, had broken and slept there.

    • TJF Keyboard Nazis

      The real racists will always do what I do and simply leave the United States for other Anglo-Saxon countries or Asia or anybody who will take them.

      It is no point sitting around despising NAMS.

      And you don’t want to go below the border to Mexico.

      Leave the continent.

      Asia is economically the future anyhow.

      • Jason Y

        Keyboard Nazis are probably the biggest wusses around. Well, the left might also be the same way, but a lot of them are not putting on this “macho show” like the right.

        • JASON Y On Being a Keyboard Wuss

          When I moved out of the United States I fired off a few e mails to some rednecks and crusties I did not like.

          I called one up and taunted him about never being on airplane so he could not ever find me.

          Another one screamed at me in his workplace.

          It was delightful to me.

          Because most really violent people cannot travel.

    • I have been studying Chile for a long time. Society is split. One huge group of society is the Rightists. They supported Pinochet. Pinochet had lots of mass support. Also a lot of people hated him. Another large group in society is the Leftists. That would be Bachelet, the Socialist Party, etc. The Right used to stage huge rallies on Pinochet’s birthday every year that usually turned violent. I am not sure if this is still going on.

      The huge segment of society that supported Pinochet is still in Chile. Is it half the population? No idea. 40%? Who knows? 35%? It’s millions of people. The Chilean Right are to this day the people who supported Pinochet. They are “All Communists must die” types.

      There is only Right and Left in Chile. Nothing in the middle. Check out what % the Right has been getting in recent years and that’s how many Rightists there are there. A good 30-35% of the population are “Kill all Communists” Rightists. And really that’s the case all across Latin America really. Even in Venezuela. Rightists are a problem not just in Chile but in the entire continent. All Latin American Rightists are pretty much “All Commies must die” types and they all supported Pinochet and the rest. There’s no center in Latin America. There’s Right and Left and nothing in the middle.

  8. TJF

    To Rob:

    Why the commenter is trying to polish this Latin American turd is beyond me.

    I am certainly not saying Chile is wonderful – but given that Michelle Bachelet, who’s father was killed by Pinochet forces and in your words is the real deal, has been twice elected President, – I was inclined to believe things are changing. Am I wrong – I very well could be – I am aware that what we see on the surface in Latin America, often does not reflect the reality.

    You don’t understand Latin America.

    For the entire region, perhaps, but I have a pretty descent understanding of Mexico. It’s relative stability is predicated on a reward system that co-opts revolutionaries but if that doesn’t work they end up disappeared. Every so often, the ruling oligarchy allows foreign assets to be seized (or the assets of people not in the inner circle) but fundamentally the social and political structure remains the same. In essence, a friendly and effusive 1/8 (or less) effectively White guy pick pockets the cash of an indigenous and mestizo population, returns 1/4 of it and says “my brother, here is your just reward”.

    • TJF

      One white Supremacist (Vicente Fox) makes the Red man another white man’s problem.

      Latin America is a Spanish colony and I have to give the Andalusian and Basques props for managing to remain at the top of that caste system BUT this is the source of illegal immigration into the United States.

    • TJF Put Another Way

      Mexicans who look like Charlie Sheen or Al Pacino who I have met in the United States in Arizona are less likely to live in barrios and more likely to have decent jobs, attend university and stay away from gangs.

      The more violent and aggressive and downright stupid Mexicans will be Indians or 50/50 Mestizos or some combination. The most incomprehensibly savage and primitive like the Salvadoran gangs will be pure Indians.

      This is not say all Indians are brutes and all Criollo Mexicans are nice people but generally my observation has been that Criollo people behave more or less like Italian-Americans. A little macho and proud but respect their boundaries they won’t hurt you.

    • TJF

      All well and good but the Andalusian Moor dumps his Indians on the Anglo-Celtics though we could argue that their land was seized.

      Spanish colonialism sends ALOT of its problem to the United States from Philippines to Cuba to Latin America.

    • TJF Chilean society seems to be taking a turn to the Left, along with the rest of Latin America. But the Right down there is as wicked and evil as the Right anywhere else in Latin America. They are large, powerful, but perhaps now, as in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and until recently Argentina, the Chilean Right is now a minority. Perhaps a large minority, but a minority nevertheless.

      The Latin American Right simply does not represent the interests of the masses. Let’s face it. They can’t really govern by democratic means because the majority do not want their project which screws them over, so they resort to undemocratic means.

      Yes, Bachelet has won a couple of elections and good for her, but the Chilean Right is nasty, loves Pinochet unapologetically, bubbles beneath the surface and remains quite dangerous.

  9. The Right does not represent the interests of the masses anywhere.

    It does not want its children to attend their lousy public schools (Nor would I) where poor Indians or blacks might bully their children.

    It does not want to depend on the police except as a force of intimidation towards the people in the street-unions, racial minorities with bothersome pathology, protesters.

    It does not really care, one way or the other, about social conditions of the poor. To be sure, some of these social conditions of the poor are exacerbated by their own ignorance and poor planning but the reality is that the Right as it represents capitalists is not concerned with this. It is concerned with profit.

    Capitalists are some times in bed with religious leaders or the military for profit or positive reinforcement but the right is always in the hands of the wealthy who simply want the squirming peasants to stay outside the gate.

    • Jason Y

      It does not want its children to attend their lousy public schools (Nor would I) where poor Indians or blacks might bully their children.

      The rich white kids need to tough it out. You know – our society is becoming way too sensitive and thin skinned. 😆

      Oh, we can send the rich kids with a bunch of white roughs, the heroic white working people – as Republicans would claim. AND the SAME would happen. (beat up, bullied etc… yada yada)

      • JASON Y

        This is true, white roughs will display the same sort of behavior. In junior high most will not be as criminally sophisticated-selling drugs, carrying guns or knives, extortion rackets, even prostitution.

        They will not. Mostly, they were born to parents who were 30 year old professionals. Or wealthy.

        It is the poor white from the skilled manual trades or the single mother who is placed in public schools where his exposure to NAMS is negative.

    • Jason Y

      A black or Indian called a rich kid a honky or stole their lunch money? They dared to mock the kid’s masculinity with words like fag or tear into their pride – claiming they suck dog-shit?

      Why? These white brats need to man up. That’s just life. Don’t you know society is becoming too soft and cloudy like some gay rainbow? Stop crying. Suck it up – I mean a big black cock. :lol;

      • JASON Y

        Rich whites generally do not suck the big black cock. It is the poor or working middle-class whites who do.

        • Hotdog

          jews seem to be the only group that choose to promote another races penis when allowed influence. This combined with a higher rate of homosexuality……..

        • HOTDOG

          If Hymie the Coney Dog Vendor or Ron the Schlong or Amy the crack whore told me to suck a 13 inch black penis I’d tell them to suck mine.

          Watch the Kardashian or some other Reality TV garbage and get “influenced” to have a baby with some black thug who would probably never even bother seeing it out of “white guilt”?

          Is that what Anglo-Celtic stupidity has come to in the Flyover States? Thank goodness I left Detroit in 1999.

          How much are you going to lay some guy in Skokie bro?

        • HOTDOG

          How are the Jews in Skokie doing that? Hypnosis?

          Kardashian had a baby with a black thug. She’s Arab. Now how many Arab men watched that and were influenced to have their sister have a baby with a black thug.

          Only the dumb, soft gullible Anglo from some State between NYC and LA my man, only them.

          When some white is in jail weeping about how Blacks and Mexicans are pimping for their cigarettes it is not a Jew from Skokie.

        • Hotdog

          Two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m not even defending the gullible adults that would wallow in filth anyway.

    • Yee

      The world is all competitions. And every competition has a losing half, even if everybody was as talented and hardworking as the Olympic athletes, there can’t be all winners.

      Animal world can just let the losing half die, but human should do better. We should be able to setup a system to prevent a dog-eat-dog world, we should be better than animals.

      • YEE

        Now if everybody only had one child, this would work very well. But the losers often make their situation far worse by pumping away. Partly because their life is so meaningless that romantic dramas and simply the friction of having their penis in a woman’s vagina (Sorry its crude) is a pleasant distraction from boredom and anguish at how meaningless their time is.

        Thus the poor-in every society in the world-produce more children on average.

        If the poor behaved like middle-class people then this would work well. It does in Scnadinavia.

        To be honest if you are the poor child of a single parent you are still at some disadvantage.

        • Yee

          Good parents and good background of course help you win the competition in life. But when everyone has good parents, would there be no losers ? No, there’d still be a losing half, the competition just go to a higher standard. Like street players train to become NBA players.

          I’m not saying the losing side is faultless, just that even if everyone on their best behavior, the problem would still be there. You need to fix it on system level to avoid an animal world.

      • YEE

        I agree but what I am stating is that the unlucky-and it is mostly the luck of the draw of life’s cards-seem to make their situation worse in many instances.

      • YEE

        Rich people tend to regard the poor as stupid, amoral, savage, ugly, dirty, slutty, ignorant, smelly. Some are and some aren’t.

        They do not want to see them. Some pity them, some don’t.

        But they do not want to look at them.

        • Yee

          Well, I’m poor, but I don’t want to see “stupid, amoral, savage, ugly, dirty, slutty, ignorant, smelly” people either….

          I only ask the system and the government to see us, not other people, rich or poor.

  10. Jason Y

    Latin Americans want to kill so-called commies, because the opposite is true. The left wants to put a bullet in the head of the right. They did so in Cuba. Maybe not Venezuela, but definitely Cuba.

    Anyhow, it’s difficult to say who threw the first stone, but for sure, both sides believe highly the other side will imprison and kill them, no doubt.

    • Jason Y

      Also, the left not only believes the other side will torture them like on Hostel, but they believe the US is aiding the right. I suppose at one time, the right thought the USSR was aiding the left, but I think the real facts were exaggerated.

      • JASON Y

        America never had a Communist party of any real potential. Or even socialism. Bill Clinton’s appeal to the middle-class is the closest a seemingly left-wing democrat has ever come to such a thing.

    • Beauregard

      he put them in labor camps, not so much killed them.

      Most of the executions or murders were purges of the military and/or law enforcement appointed by Batista, not just “average” right-wingers.

      • Beauregard Cuba & Detroit

        Whites simply left Cuba in massive numbers for Miami, only 90 miles away. They took their cash with them, even their businesses.

        This what whites always do. They split, book, leg it, bolt, jet, flee. So the true oppressors-whether this accusation is true or not-usually escape.

        It is the working-poor who are stuck. If they do get out it is on a raft. Or as refugees. But mostly they are stranded to endure the ructions of the new system as the poorest whites in Flint or South Africa do.

      • Beauregard

        What did the wealthy and primarily white Cubans do. They moved 90 miles away to let the Africans and Mulatto people suffer the fun consequences of a Spanish soldier’s zealot son.

        We see this with Republicans. They leave a city when it declines and the power and wealth go into suburbs.

    • That’s NOT why they want to kill them, Jewson. Wake up man. The Left is a threat to their power, profits, money and STUFF. That’s it. Nothing else.

      600 people were killed after the revolution in pretty unfair trials. But these were ALL military officers running death squads and killed students, union members and leaders, teachers, peasants, peasant leaders, human rights workers, political activists and dissidents.

      They all pretty much got what they deserved!

      • ROBERT

        Perhaps but the real authors of it relaxed in Miami plotting their next Bay of Pigs. The whorehouse owners, casino operators, mob-enforcers.

  11. American Indians

    They seem to be, for the most part, kind of lackadaisical as a group of criminals. Maybe on a reservation it is different. Of course most Mexicans are basically Indians but the actual American Indians live in the sticks.

  12. Beauregard

    TJF 500k Nazis may be right.

    But general racialist sentiment is far more broad.

  13. Beauregard

    It is based “middling” aptitudes. Whites seem to have a lower IQ than Asians or possibly some Jews or even South Asians so CFO or CEO or plain old Dentist seems more likely to be one of them.

    Similarly, blacks are more powerful and control the streets in equal numbers or maybe are just more ruthless. Hispanics too.

    Italians and other ethnic whites are better at organized crime, in general. They come from ancient corrupt civilizations steeped in it, not Yeoman huts in Scotland.

    So the like his Noble Warrior Scots ancestors or the American Indian the Nazi is simply no longer relevant. He won’t even riot and if tries to rally in Spokane Jews are willing to kill and the law seems to be on their side.

    • Beauregard

      I AGREE

      It’s curious, too, that the few wealthy or upper middle class Coastal Gentile Whites don’t really have much animus to Globalism.

      Aren’t they threatened by Indian immigration (programmers in California sure are)…..why do the Anglo elites worship Jews as they are being replaced by them (I’m thinking Dubya, I suppose he was brainwashed, and the war was good for fellow Anglo Cheney’s Haliburton, etc.)

      Cubans replaced the Jews in Miami as you have said and still often carry anti-semitic views, mainly religious (not blaming Jews for “brainwashing” them, just disliking their personalities, tribalism, etc.)

      • Beauregard

        In that Catholics are less judeophilic than prots.

        • Beauregard

          I’ll add that Italian-Americans, Korean-Americans and so on are not affected by Jews either. Part of it is just pure hard-headed. They value money and do not believe that the Lord will do anything for them and do not care about family values.

          The Flyover white is from an internal Third World country. They are incredibly susceptible to social trends, the media, the latest drug fad, social pathology and just plain dim-witted assholery.

          To the extent Jews are culpable-debatable-it is mostly at the expense of the whites in the Flyover States.

      • Beauregard

        “F8ck the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyhow” was Bush’s response on tape. That is actually recorded, its been quoted. True enough too.

        If you were an Indian where would live? Wyoming or LA? West Virginia or Manhattan. Whites who are the most vocal about globalization might have a legitimate complaint about factories but in general few Asians want to live in the Flyover. Boring, people are comparatively dull-witted, remote, backward, no ocean, no scenery, no money.

        Whites in LA or NYC are living in a diversified economy that is not extracting natural resources out of the ground.

        Jews are glorified service-sector types. Lawyers, financial advisers, accountants, journalists, film hacks, expensive sex workers, doctors, dentists.

        When the Anglo populace left there was nobody to support them.

        Anglo elites tend to regard Jews as whiny left-wingers who are always spoiling their fun. They don’t vote for them and their own choices are always weirdos like Lieberman or Sanders (Can’t Jews get their own president with all their supposed power and influence). Their kids won’t show up for their wars and protest drafts or get college deferments. Their media organs are noisy.

        Cubans did not exactly threaten Jews.

        • Beauregard


          The war in Iraq benefited Israel in that it overthrew a relatively more stable country led by an Arab ethnonationalist ba’athist, Saddam Hussein (dislike Jews) and replaced it with anarchy, basically.

          It also triggered a Domino effect of the same thing happening to various other countries throughout the region.

          A few right-wing Jews were aware of this and hence pushed for the Iraq war, and were able to get it going after forming an alliance with Haliburton/Cheney.

          Bush may have disliked them but he was their b*tch.

  14. NAZIS

    On powerlessness.

    They cannot take over NAM areas because NAMS are generally tougher and more ruthless.

    They cannot win against Italians or Hispanics whose gangs are more organized.

    They cannot win against Asians or Jews in terms of sheer guns, germs and steel because these folks seem to have a slight IQ advantage. And money, increasingly.

    They cannot go back to nature with skill of Native Americans.

    They basically are screwed because they have evolved to a middling level of nothingness.

    They are not that smart (Asians or Jews) brave (Hispanics) tough (blacks) or simply organized at crime (Italians). They do not have the money of Jews or WASPS or the capacity to riot like blacks. Nobody takes them seriously.

    This alas, is why Oxy is sweeping through. With the death of their way of life-the job, the house, the bowling alley, the Sports Bar, the car-they simply commit suicide.

  15. YEE

    The daughter of shopkeepers in Hong Kong. Obviously educated, probably in an international school. Your English is first-rate.

    You probably bathe, wash your teeth and do not let men impregnate you in alley ways when you are drunk.

    Like my own wife you might come from modest means but you are not a barbarian.

    If you are married, probably your husband supports you. You would not have a baby with a worthless stupid man.

    • Yee

      I’m mainland Chinese, attended public schools in mainland China. Maternal grandparents were peasants. I’m working class.

      Who grew up in HongKong will support communism? We consider ourselves lucky they’re not openly anti-China, or only a few of them are.

      • YEE

        It is a testament to China that even poor people can attend university, own a business as your parents apparently did, speak a second language and travel to other countries.

        • Yee

          University fee is low in China, about $1000 a year. No one can honesty say they can’t afford university. This is why competition is brutal, no time for any fun before you go to college.

      • YEE

        There are poor Chinese people in Hong Kong. In the United States as well.

        Grotesquely poor Chinese in Chinatown. White people have actually asked the U.S. government to do something about it.

      • YEE

        University education. Parents owned a business. Clearly your mother escaped peasantry. You traveled to other countries.

        And presumably, you are still under 30.

        I do not mean to offend you but many Chinese-Americans in the ghettos of huge North American cities can never hope to any of these things.

  16. YEE A Cynic Here

    You’ve been able to travel. You are educated to the extent that you speak a second language very well. If you have a husband he probably supports you. Probably you are not a drug addict. Most likely if you have a child they know who their father is. See what I mean?

    Being poor is partly having no money. Partly it is bad luck. Born in the wrong city, wrong family, wrong country.

    Rich people will do as little as possible for anybody. They have their money and want to be left alone to indulge in trivial pleasures. Expensive toys, travel, making more money.

    They do not WANT TO WALK A DAY in a poor person’s shoes.

    • Yee

      “Rich people will do as little as possible for anybody. They have their money and want to be left alone to indulge in trivial pleasures. ”

      Well, I don’t want to bash anyone for that, it’s human nature, not just the rich.

      You see, I’m less incline to trust in the goodness of man than the religious people. I believe people are more likely just forced to be a good person.

      • YEE

        Squeezing them out enough tax money for poor people not to literally starve to death is hard.

        • Yee

          Squeezing money from the poor is even harder….

          I’ve never have the illusion that poor people would be better than the rich, they’re probably worse because they’re more desperate. But that doesn’t mean poor people should be left to their fate. The government should be the one to make the society more balance.

  17. YEE Confessions of Ignoring the Poor

    In my native city I was robbed a few times. Common. Give me the money, now. That is American.

    I left. Not wanting to be robbed again.

    My desire is not to be around the poor blacks and Hispanics or whites who will rob other poor people like me.

    So I ran off from the U.S. happily.

    When my grandfather died, I did not attend his funeral. America makes me that sick because of all the violent, dangerous, stupid poor people.

    • Yee

      Nothing wrong with running away. Certainly not to a Chinese, we move to other places all the time, within or outside the country.

      But this is solving problem on an individual level, not on society level.

      • YEE

        Easy enough for men. We do not have to worry about being raped. If a relationship is bad we can walk out on it and the woman cannot follow us and kill us. If we want to be free, we simply use birth control.

      • YEE The Poor Whites A Story

        I rented a room from a poor white woman. She was an alcoholic named Dana.

        She had a baby with a white man named Rob who was a petty thief in and out of jail.

        Her mother raised it.

        Dana was a bad landlady never fixed anything. I moved out.

        Later she was busted for selling something stolen.

        This would be your typical white person.

  18. YEE Choice for the Poor

    I ran away. Seeing that having children in a poor city with a small opportunity and staying in a bad place where there was no money with too much crime and being young I just ran away.

    You can sometimes improve your life doing this unless the problem is within.

    What poor people do is trap themselves with children, or commit a crime or do not bother to attend school.

    Then they are trapped.

  19. Beauregard


    The military-industrial complex
    Oil reserves

    Bush was manipulated by all three of these groups.
    After getting Bush on board they found it very easy to con ’95 IQ rednecks’ TO THIS VERY DAY.

    Iran only has the latter as a motivation so I am hoping it will not come to be.

    • Beauregard

      On elite. My own opinion is that most Nazis think anybody with a divorce lawyer and two dentists in the family is “elite” where as on the East or West Coast this would be considered lower middle class.

      I’m not defending Jews as they tend to dopers and drunks and lazy in my own experience and bad tempered though a few are obviously gifted.

      But I fail to see how thousands of refugees trying to get into Israel or its neighboring countries helps Right-wing Jews.

      From what I remember Jews were criticizing Iraq from day one.

    • Beauregard Why it won’t happen today

      1) People will always associate Bush with ending the golden Nineties. Mostly Clinton was fortunate because the Wall had come down and the War on Terror yet to come.

      2) YOUTUBE and the internet have reduced the credibility of the MSM. Print and electronic media do not have the influence they did in 2000-2002.

      3) No country least of all Israel will participate in such a War.

      4) No millennial will join or volunteer. And they are all so soft and self-indulgent anyhow that they have no spine.

      5) Draft is impossible. No Jewish mother want their kid to go to Iran and die for The Donald.

      6) America is broke.

      7) Europe cannot handle anymore refugees.

      8) Iraq is still a sad lesson in the public conscience.

      9) Rednecks who saw an enemy in Saddam Hussein because they were stupid will not want to fight for Israel.

    • Beauregard Low IQ 95 Rednecks

      They are not that compassionate or humanistic themselves. I’ve known them in Michigan.

      Their complaints are like those of Italians whose mafia is being phased out because Russians and Hispanics are “animals”. Basically rednecks are aggressive to middle-class whites but complain because blacks are stronger than they are.

      Some of their sentiments are quite true. They are dim-witted and the media influences them.

      Usually they are lousy at long-term planning. Few envisioned the catastrophe Iraq would be.

      Moreover they are willing to accept seeing their roads crumble, infrastructure collapse.

      There is a subconscious reason why they are somewhat detested. Anybody in a Blue hive just lives where they do not want to.

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