Charlie’s Pimpin’!

manson star

80 year old Charles Manson with his hot 26 year old bride. Daaang Charlie, you’re pimpin, bro! Look how good he looks for 80. 80 years old and still playin! Play on playa!


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7 responses to “Charlie’s Pimpin’!

  1. Crimes excepted, Manson has a folksy charm about him. His notions of race war sung by the Beatles were stupid but in person his perceptions about life from a kind of street smart mystic have an odd New Age live-in-the-moment appeal to them.

    His charisma is so outrageous that some of what he says he almost manages to pull off.

  2. Manson does exude that wiggy street hippy mystic charm though.

  3. Themaker75

    There’ll never be another Charles Manson.

    Here’s two quality songs by Americas favorite cult leader.

  4. Why are my comments not getting thru?


    You used to meet a great many street mystics like Manson in the byways of LA who lived off their capacity for manipulation and street smart hippie charm.

    Maybe not anymore as illegal immigration and rising costs of living have priced them out of California.

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