New Photo, Age 59


Robert Lindsay the legend! Trolling Indians like a boss before it was even cool to troll Indians! Neener neener elephant jockeys.

I hate taking pictures of myself because I think my looks are pretty much shot from the glory days of my youth. Every now and then someone snaps a picture of me. Here is me eating out at a restaurant a few days ago. Photo taken by the woman I was having dinner with. We are pretty much the same age at heart, although I am 31 years older than she is.

I’m not sure what to think of this photo.

Women my age say I look fantastic, but I guess that’s compared to the competition. I’m not sure what young women think of me. A few tell me I’m cute. I dated a 29 year old woman recently, and she told people I was sexy. She asked my friend, “Hey, where’s your sexy friend (me)?” An 18 year old girl told me I was cute recently. She said, “You’re not hot. You’re cute.” A 28 year old woman told me I look great the other day.

If you were very good-looking in youth, which I apparently was because people were always raving about it, it’s a bit hard to take when your looks go, and you’re not that hot young handsome devil male model type you were as a youth.

All those women who were always checking you out like you were what’s for lunch? Now they won’t even talk to you. Sometimes if you approach them, they act like they are actually physically revolted. It’s a bit hard to take, but I manage because for some totally psychotic reason, I love myself, and I have the delusion that I am great. I’m not great; actually I am a total failure, but that’s reality, and as I told you, I’m psychotic, and fortunately, I am out of touch with reality. I enjoy this psychosis, and I refuse to take meds to cure myself. I hope to be psychotic like this until I drop.

Look, no matter how handsome or beautiful you are, there’s going to come a day when your looks are blown to smithereens.

“If you bet on the body, you bet on a losing horse.”

Famous Buddhist saying.

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  1. Magneto

    Guys in that age group, 20 to 35, are mostly a bunch of faggots and effiminate hipsters. The older generation of men still have some idea of masculinity and so they are a lot more attractive than the SJW Bernie Sanders loving hipster men.

    I’ve done a lot of research lately and it turns out Generation Z is the most conservative generation since the WW2 generation. Not conservative in the traditional sense but more of a race realist, anti-immigration, anti-globalism, anti-feminism, super red pilled type. Many of them are actually willing to support a national socialist type of system, myself included. But they sure as shit don’t want open immigration plus socialism because then it will attract millions of parasites from 3rd world countries who come to the West to get free shit.

    • Immigrants + Socialism = Money runs out

      White Welfare Loser Behavior: No children and usually drunk all day in his room alone because no woman goes near him. Lazy and does not bother anybody because always drunk or passed out.


      Impregnates women as often as possible. Non-white women either less intelligent or forced through religion to have sex with loser and get pregnant. Commits crimes and not a lazy drunk.

      • What do you mean by welfare, Trash? Are you referring to social programs such as Medicaid, Section 8, WIC, etc.?

      • Impregnates women as often as possible.

        Not Hispanics. That would apply to the Blacks only.

        • ROBERT As a Welfare Capitalism Advocate

          Each citizen has to have a sense of civic responsibility or socialism does not work.

      • Yee

        Immigrants are good, babies are bad.

        Adults work, they create wealth; babies don’t work, they are expenditures. Never mind where they are born, it doesn’t change the basic facts. If they spend their unwork years elsewhere, even better.

        When you understand this, you understand a lot of policies.

        • Beauregard

          Yee, true, but it is an investment, really.
          A population with an old median age, and without immigrants is bound to have a whole ‘nuther’ set of problems.

        • Yee

          Remember NE Asians are notoriously bad at English, Juanny. It’s difficult enough to understand proper English….

        • Beauregard

          I often do forget many readers are not native English speakers.
          I was imitating speaking styles (hence the ‘nuther’) as I’m sure you inferred.

          I mean to say that an old median age causes many problems too.
          I am not sure if you will appreciate this culturally, but often times old people are often just as unproductive as children. Yet they require more care/are more costly (mainly with regards to healthcare).

          real GDP growth and an extreme median age seem to be negatively linked (hence a near 0 correlation)

        • If you are going to look at your nation in purely economic terms, then you may as well flush it down the toilet now.

          Pushing economic gain is the Wests BIGGEST mistake.

          There is so much more than matters. Basing things purely on these economic calculations is a sign of how much the West has declined.

          Politicians that act this way towards their population should be dispensed with, and not just at the ballot box.

        • Beauregard

          Yes, proles need something aside from their shitty economic position.
          Upper Middle Class Whites, even racialists like the TRASH family (his brother teaches College, he said?) really do not give a fuck.
          This is where ethnic identity/culture comes in.

    • Beauregard

      perhaps, but it requires some context.
      non-Hispanic Whites are ‘majority- minority’/plurality, but much of the gap from today’s levels it taken by Asians and not NAMs (I hate to say, this is very good).

      For what you are saying to be true, many of these more racialist types must be Asians. Otherwise it’s Mathematically impossible.

      • I am a white prole-middle-class-and this was why I chose to live overseas. America does not offer white proles anything of value so you might as well spend your life somewhere you are not in proximity of NAMS, tweakers, street crime, rude police trying make quotas, bleak streets. You might as well…leave.

        White proles from middle-class backgrounds-my father made $50,000 a year-might as well stay overseas their entire life.

        The United States has gone downhill since the 1990’s for the white prole. It was no great shakes to be a white prole then.

        So I have not missed the United States. Cannot keep up with reality TV and narratives about the Middle East seem like a joke when you have lived in Dubai where Arabs are driving Mercedes while the Iraq veteran cannot even get the VA to pay his benefits.

        No sense of regret. Glad to be gone.

      • Beauregard Racialism

        In the North where ethnic whites lived in large communities we have an ethnic identity as we are German, Italian, Polish, Irish, Jewish.

        I am of the opinion that many of the white racialist types are from the Flyover or Bible Belt States and have no ethnic identity. Their families have been in the United States for too long.

        By the way, I’m not upper-class. My brother is university professor who makes $60,000 a year. I do not have a pot to piss but I spent my life overseas anyhow.

      • Beuregard

        I am a white prole who realized early in the game that it was futile to remain in the United States where the standard of living and quality of life for an average white joe is so low.

        Realizing at 25 that the average white with a 4 year degree is going to have little I left as a single man.

        I never had a pot to piss in but overseas it does not matter anyhow.

        I’m far from upper class.

        My father never made more $50,000 in the 80’s and early 90’s when I grew up. We had a house, two cars and went to Catholic school. Not poverty but hardly rich.

        We did move to a better neighborhood like all other whites simply because Detroit had collapsed.

        • Beauregard

          My mistake, I just assumed because your brother was a College prof.
          Often times being upper middle class doesn’t grant you all the opportunity in the world, which could’ve been your personal case.

      • Bearegard A Chilling Reflection of White Prole Hardship

        My father was a U.S. army medic and then a coroner. In Greater Detroit this might be consider upper middle-class at $50,000 a year in 1986.

        Which says something about the state.

        Our German-Polish neighborhood was one of the nicest which says how poor Southeast Michigan is. White-collar professionals earned enough to live in three bedroom houses and drive a Buick. Maybe send their kids to Catholic schools.

        In Greater Detroit if you were poor, you were shit poor.

        My brother makes $60,000 a year as a college professor of Urban Planning.

  2. Magneto


  3. Yee

    You look good enough to be in a movie, Robert, as the good guy.

  4. Hotdog

    You look kingly.

  5. I’m King of the World. That’s another delusion of mine. I never knew psychosis could be so much fun.

  6. Beauregard

    I thought you had (((curly hair))), Bob?

    • I do have curly hair.

      The 28 year old woman is a model, too.


    • Beauregard Endgame Class

      Detroit and Flint and other manufacturing cities represent the Endgame. Anybody who can afford a greyhound ticket leaves.

      There is no uneven wealth distribution because there is no wealth.

      Unlike South Africa where working-class whites need a plane ticket a Polish autoworker can drift to Florida and work in a mechanic’s shop. Or fast food. But he can leave and all the whites did leave.

      So did many of the blacks as the U.S. South grew economically. Especially the middle-class professionals.

      Red States can collapse as completely as Detroit and revert backwards through the industrial revolution to farmland. Because the wealth and power is concentrated on tiny slivers of either coast it does not affect Blue hives at all.

      I’m not sure how white proles in Red States in the Bible Belt of the Flyover could influence this: they have no money, no access to major media organs, no industry, no geographic importance, no think tanks, no precious resource except of course agriculture.

      I’ll add that blacks-strong physically and impulsive and urban-based-possess the numbers and locale to pose a genuine threat to the social fabric.

      But white proles burning down their weatherbeaten old houses in the Flyover.

      Who would give a shit about that?

  7. JMS

    Ronnie Wood – whose likeness to a shrivelled prune is striking – married a 38 year old beauty – a childhood friend of my brother – Sally Humphries.

    So, the prevalence of Gold Diggers means there is hope for all decrepit old men (I’m not including you in this category just yet , Robert)
    (and all that is required is to become the lead guitarist for one of the greatest bands ever!)

    • Thing is, I don’t have a nickel. I have no idea how I do this.

      • TJF

        To Rob:
        Thing is, I don’t have a nickel. I have no idea how I do this.
        Go to a developing country – of course if you have health problems and little cash that’s a difficult proposition – and living in a developing country has a host of other problems and challenges.

        • TJF Ex-Philippine Bar Share Owner and Expat Overseas

          You need an income of about $400 minimum to live in the Philippines.

          For work a few Americans come up with the $3000 U.S. to open a girly bar (I entered a share partner relationship with another American).

          This is a sordid, squalid business involving payoffs to police, bickering and sometimes brawling Filipino women who are addicts or alcoholics in the main though a few manage to save up their earnings to become nurses or meet a foreigner who marries them.

          Some bars are so raucous that foreigners will sit getting a blowjob at a stool at the bar in front of everyone but my American partner and I wanted standards. We opened a restaurant as well but this failed.

          Worst customers are Brits who can obtain welfare overseas from the British government-the so-called “chavs” of the Clockwork Orange variety who in the U.S. would have to visit social workers and remain in the county under supervision to obtain a gov check-who aimlessly drink and drug their lives away on a fairly ample check. Many carry knives.

          Most dangerous are the irate Filipino husbands or common-law-husbands infuriated at their wife’s occupation. Alex was a business owner who showed up with a gun and started flashing it.

          Some of the Americans like to brawl and usually the end up at the losing end of a vicious stomping-one American I knew was punched by a Filipino nephew of a minor politician and followed him into the alley around our bar where the guy and some dockworker hanger-ons beat him nearly to death. He never fully recovered and nobody is going to prosecute a Filipino in Cebu for any crime against a foreigner.

          I always feared from HIV because one or two girls will eventually contract it. One girl I knew was angry at the Greek owner of one bar and stabbed him with a syringe full of her blood 13 times.

          FACEBOOK is kind of diminishing this business to some extent.

          Second business is lending money to foreigners who draw a pension but are so stupid and irresponsible that they blow their $1,000 in the bars every first week of the month and have to pay back interest. Chasing people for money is a pain in the ass.

          Some foreigners make a living shooting online porn or run cyber-cafes. Sooner or later they are all busted. Jails in Philippines are not 5-star.

          Most legitimate businesses bleed out money and the foreigner just ends up losing his ass.


          Dan Ham was an airplane manufacturer and ex-army who had been stationed in Seoul. He arrived in the Philippines when he was about 48 years old.

          He had an affair with his secretary and married her but eventually lost the factory. She was about 23. These May-September things never last and usually the young woman is pissed when the foreigner is not only older but broke.

          When his factory failed he ended up cashing in his return ticket to the States and tried to run a Sari-Sari but his wife eventually kicked him out of their village.

          He found an half-American to stay with but was totally broke. He turned himself into Immigration eventually but they did not have money to deport him.


          Clint Macbeth was a 49 year old steel worker when he arrived from Iraq with a lot of money. He had an apartment and a relationship but by the time it ended he had nothing.

          He had a long history in the U.S. of stalking his wife and had left his condo he owned to his grown children.

          Years earlier in the 80’s he had been stationed in the Philippines and figured the Military Space Available program was still operational but it was not as the U.S. military stopped giving free rides to civilians home.

          Eventually he was completely broke and homeless and approaching Americans at the shopping malls or McDonalds. Even they got tired of him and he could not even get a free coffee.

          He began stalking Americans including myself. I declined to let him sleep in my tiny apartment and he began to follow when I walked anywhere with a huge crazy grin. You could see he was losing it.

          Some Koreans kicked the hell out of him on the street when he was drunk and actually chased him into the Tourist Police office and kicked him some more on the floor. Filipinos, including police, secretly resent both Americans and Chinese-Filipinos and will do nothing if we are in danger.

          I met him when he was already 54 years old and homeless for 3 or 4 years. Sleeping outside is easy enough but then his cell was stolen. He had begun to lose it mentally.

          One American insulted him somehow and he began to stalk him and approached him on the street and bit his ear.

          Finally we went to Philippine Immigration AND the U.S. Consulate where we finally managed to deport him.


          John was ex-Air Force Communications and a plumber who opened a Hamburger joint. He was quite an intelligent man but a sex maniac who liked to pay 14 year old girls to engage in threesomes and lesbian sex.

          He was extorted by one and had to pay $60,000. He had to get back to the U.S. and I helped him sell his business and everything he owned. He got 1/10 of what he paid.


          John was a marine from Afghanistan who was dating a Filipino girl. He dropped in and out.

          He was a quiet modest guy who liked nothing better than simply smoking a little pot and spending time surfing.

          But Filipino males were jealous of his relationship with one of the hotter young women and made his life miserable.

          Finally they jumped. John was tough and injured one fairly badly and ended up in the local jail. He was still in the Marines and they got him out but he never returned to the Philippines.


          Bruce was a professional tweaker from Florida. He’d been in the Navy and injured himself and drew a small pension. He was 29 when I knew him and he smoked cheap the potent local meth (Shabu) about 5 times. This costs about $10 for a gram for what would be an $80 on the street in the United States. He went downhill fast. I never saw a tweaker so bad.

          He owned a bar but it was repossessed by an American loan shark he owed money to. Finally he slept in Neepah huts.

          He father two children with a prostitute and left to return to Florida.

          There are many, many more stories but I cannot be bothered with them now.

        • TJF Foreign Tales From the Darkside


          …Ken built a million dollar apartment complex for his young wife in the Philippines. He was about 60 and she was 23. She was screwing everybody, but I turned her down.

          Filipino law states foreigners cannot own any property. She called her relatives in NPA down from the hills. Ken lost his life savings.

          He went back to New York with no money.


          Dave married a Filipino high-ranking cop. At first she was wonderful and was a great screw. Then she stole his passport. Once accomplishing this she then intimidated him giving her his account number. He asked me for help getting him out of the Philippines as I was ex-foreign service. Problem is that he could not even PROVE he was Canadian. No ID at all. He tried to run and she took him back to their bungalow. She had him on a diet of one can of food per day. Don’t know what happened to him.


          I worked for a job recruiting agency that sent IT grads to the U.S. and Canada. I was forced to fire a Chinese-Filipino who then threatened to kill me. He could have done this as Chinese family cartels are powerful. It blew over though.

          I walked into a store during a Chinese-Filipino gambling game and the owner threatened me-though his sign said open. Chinese are degenerate gamblers and some Westerners make a living loaning them money. One Chinese-Filipino woman named Danny would live off foreigners for this purpose. I avoided the store owner Jun after that.

          One Taiwanese drunk grabbed me from behind as I was on the sidewalk at night drinking a soda. No idea for the reason. I simply threw him off.

          I was in a gas station at night and two Filipino young men behind me in line called me a “white boy”. I said nothing but when I climbed in my car I shouted “white is better than you” and they chased the car giving me the finger.

          One Filipino guy applied for a job and I did not hire him. He stalked me and I had to move to a different apartment.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          For work a few Americans come up with the $3000 U.S. to open a girly bar.

          Entertaining, but the life of a pimp or drug addict in the Philippines is not what I was recommending. There are many expats in Asia who teach ESL (Rob has a Master’s degree in Linguistics) or live on a modest retirement (in 3 years he’ll be eligible for social security). The Philippines is a challenging place, even for Filipinos.. it would not be the first (or second) developing country I would recommend for most (expat) Americans.

        • TJF Rating Foreigners

          White Americans seem to fare the worse overseas and I do not know why. There is a combination of naivete and cockiness about Americans that seems to get them in the dumbest situations other foreigners laugh at.

          Blacks fare better because they are from internal third world countries often times and got out through the military.

          I’ve found Italian-Americans to be the MOST overseas street smart and understand what makes the world go around in terms of money, corruption etc.

          Brits are often the most likely to be from the underclass because Britain allows it subjects to draw welfare no questions asked from anywhere in the world whereas in the U.S. you have to see social workers etc.

          Australians are generally wise as well. In a way, they are from Asia and their ancestors had to adapt to begin with. Seems to be in their genes.

          Germans and Northern Europeans are babies, generally. They are so pampered by their cradle-to-grave system that the sheer ruthlessness and callousness of other countries overwhelms them.

          Arabs sometimes get jumped in Philippines simply because they mistreat Filipinos so badly in the Middle East.

        • TJF

          True I was in my 30’s when I lived in the Philippines. Young Americans who are determined to live overseas are going to struggle a bit more.

          As you remarked, I tried to immigrate to both Canada and the United States. They are happy to have skilled Guest Workers but getting permanent residency is a long process.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Dave married a Filipino high-ranking cop. At first she was wonderful and was a great screw. Then she stole his passport. Once accomplishing this she then intimidated him giving her his account number. He asked me for help getting him out of the Philippines as I was ex-foreign service. Problem is that he could not even PROVE he was Canadian. No ID at all.

          That sounds odd.. Travelers have their passports lost/stolen all the time. I was traveling with my sister in Costa Rica in 2004 when she had her purse stolen which contained her passport. It took a trip to the US embassy and 6 hours but she was able to get a duplicate. .As I recalled she didn’t have her driver’s license although she may have known her passport number (and social security number, birth date, etc..) I have scanned an image of my passport and emailed it to myself on three different gmail accounts. He had no relatives or friends in the Canada to help him..such as getting a copy birth certificate etc.? One can also contact a representative from ones last place of residence for assistance (In the US congressional representative or Senator etc..) It’s not like Canada is some craptacular country that doesn’t help it’s citizens.
          Also if I were in the same predicament as a US citizen, aside from advice or commiseration, I wouldn’t ask a buddy who had worked for a Canadian or British embassy to help me.

          Also wondering if Dave may have been playing around on his Filipina cop wife..that wouldn’t justify her actions but … Filipinas can be very jealous – combine that with the notoriously high levels of corruption in the PI police force… oh my.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Then she stole his passport. Once accomplishing this she then intimidated him giving her his account number.

          Something is odd with this guy’s story.. maybe he loved her or who knows what but if that happened to me I’d get the fuck away as fast as possible give some bullshit story if need be or an account with little money – Take a taxi to another town — walk a few blocks – then flag another taxi and get as far away as possible to a big city with a consulate or preferably an embassy – Manila or Cebu where there would be an embassy or consulate (Unless he lived in one of those cities in which case I would go to the other one..). Being threatened by a high level cop in the PI is as bad if not worse than being threatened by a mafia don in the US, there is simply no negotiating.

  8. AGE And the Amsterdam Cynic

    I had a few girlfriends when at age 20 I visited Amsterdam and got into the ladies of the night.

    When I returned to college I tried a few relationships but kept thinking-you know I’d like to find some experienced woman and get my cock s*cked.

    So I devoted my 20’s to casual sex. What is my point you ask?

    The average sex life of a male goes like this.

    In his teens he falls in love the first time and has sex. But the relationship dissolves. He does not experience Professional Love.

    Then in his 20’s he marries. He has irregular sex and then in his 40’s he divorces.

    The poor dude has only gotten sex from 4 different women in his entire lifetime.

    Now of course, he is no longer a young lithe man at 48 who can flutter the hearts of young girls.

    His 20’s-that period when women will screw a man for free much of the time-are past.

    The loves of his 20’s that he devoted his time and energy into saving himself for are now women in their 40’s who have forgotten about him and his devotion. Even if they were married and had children, they have moved on.

    It is hard to get sex with no money when you are older, I agree.

    So men in their twenties who fall in love with a shallow young woman are wasting the sexual prime. You twenties should be spent having as many sexual experiences as possible.

  9. ASSEMBLY LINE HUMAN Melbourne Distinction

    Italians in the United States integrated but let us face the facts that occasionally New Jersey or Philly had mob wars that killed 30 or 40 soldiers in 6 months.

    Australian Italians have not really posed this problem of “soldiers” running around murdering one another.

    Italians have been subdued and integrated better into Melbourne.

  10. ROBERT How Amsterdam Saved Me

    A young man falls in love for the first time. He has two children and although he does the best he can it is a struggle to have a nice house, send them to nice schools and do the rest of it in his 30’s.

    I discovered Amsterdam at 20. Why bother with the strolls on campus, the long conversations when women will have porno-sex and do BJ’s for 30$?

    During the time my college roommates were falling in love and breaking up I was going to Amsterdam and other prostitute areas to experience sex with seasoned professionals.

    In a man’s forties his children are teenagers. Often he is divorced. He wants sexual excitement and variety but it is too late. He is older and the prostitutes will charge him more money and the girls who have sex free will not have sex with him.

    Therefore it is imperative for young men not to waste their time with immature love. These relationships are silly and with silly young women.

    Instead you must spend your twenties paying for sex and blowjobs in Amsterdam.

    Or at least have as much recreational sex with girls as possible.

    In the end, the younger you have children the more likely they will turn out to be a mess anyhow.

    Instead of blowing your load into the vagina of a young woman and assuming responsibility you mus visit the professionals.

  11. TJF

    I don’t know that Philippines is that much more dangerous than Latin America, which I have avoided all my life after Phoenix. If you want to live in Latin America you do not have to leave the Southwest of the U.S.

    I’ve lived in India, but this kind of raw. Thailand is a bit more expensive as is China. Cambodia is very poor, as I worked there briefly.

    Philippines is popular because it was a U.S. colony and they speak English.

    True, you can earn up to $50,000 a year in the Philippines as an English teacher although most positions are much less well-paying in most schools. I tried it and found the job boring but I was around these institutions when I worked as a Job Recruiter for a U.S. IT firm on commission.

    My advice would be the following:

    May-September marriages don’t work out. If you have to marry, the woman should be 30-40. If she is really poor she might want you to feed her entire village.

    Arab women make pretty good wives though you have to sort of convert. They are quite submissive and all the rest of it.

    Living in a gated community or middle-class/caste neighborhood is a must. You’ll be mugged otherwise.

    You should buy an old car or motorcycle although motorcycle riding is dangerous.

    Prepare and eat your own meals. I caught botulism in the Philippines from roast pork and lost 55 pounds. In India I ate at KFC and got food poisoning.

    Don’t marry a female police officer. They have a great deal of power and understand corruption. Ditto Immigration officer, minor politician.

  12. Yee

    “true, but it is an investment, really.”

    Well, it’s not like children raised domestically don’t grow to old age. At least you save the first 20 years. Just imagine it’s children pop out ready for work.

    This is trying to see from the policy making side, of course. Anyway, the rich are the least racist people of all, we’re all tools to them, completely equal.

  13. TJF Overseas Life

    If you are a young man you really have to dislike the features of life in the U.S.-I did-to make a go of it overseas.

    Latin America exists in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m not sure it is that safe in Costa Rica although a few foreigners I knew in the Philippines left for the place.

    Few Americans live in India because the rednecks, hoodrats and Cholos cannot find it on a map anyhow. But India is a bit raw.

    Philippines has a few rednecks but they are old by the time they get overseas. Nevertheless some of them make problems in girly bars and brawls do break out.

    The best thing about being overseas if you have a modest budget is that it is devoid of the underclass and especially underclass women. Especially NAM women and the youth gangs.

    However you will not meet many white women overseas. One thing a friend noted is that young white women really are not interested in older guys. Past 45 you will not get laid with them.

    Don’t kid yourself that the Filipino girl you have married under 30 really truly loves you. That is rare. But most will remain with you because they are poor. If you want a true commitment, marry a Filipino woman who is a bit older 30-40. These marriages will work out better.

  14. No ID no entrance to the Cebu US consulate though they will take a scanned copy. Same policy at my Embassy in the Middle East although Arabs in oil rich countries are less likely to steal from an American who makes less in a year than they spend in one week.

    One German philanderer married to an Immigration Officer in Philippines was handcuffed to his own dick.

    Bottom line is that marrying women in positions of authority-cop, immigration, military-can often lead to a precarious situation.

    Especially if you are 60 and the woman has obviously married you for reasons besides your looks.

    If Dave had been a younger man of 30 it might have been different but he was in his 60’s.

  15. Willy Von Niggerstick

    In ancient Rome you could marry a girl at 7 but couldn’t stick your dick in her until she was 12. In the meantime you’d have to masturbate each-other or something.

    Do you think this was this a good system?

  16. TJF

    Contact your congressman when someone is running a vicious scam on you and she is a cop or her boyfriend is cop? How long even if he opened your e mail are you going to have to be on the street in the Philippines for? You cannot SLEEP in an Embassy.

    When the Chinese-Filipino threatened me after I fired him I was scared. I went to the Tourist Police and the Embassy simply said for me to leave the Philippines. You are under local law jurisdiction-so of course if the offender is an immigration officer or cop you are married to this makes the situation worse.

    My impression of Latin American which is a place I have avoided all my life after living in Phoenix is that A) it is on the American continent and not overseas and B) you do not even need a passport to enter Mexico. This is different than being in Dubai or Philippines.

    He asked my advice, not help. We are picking nits here. The guy was 60 and did not know anybody in a foreign country. He told me his one son was a drunk on welfare in Nova Scotia somewhere.

    In terms of Embassy policy some countries are more willing to repatriate citizens than others are. U.S. Embassy takes time for the papers to clear. You might be on the street a few weeks, a month.

    They used to have the Military Space Available program but they canceled that because people were buying one-way tickets and getting a free flight home.

  17. TJF

    To Trash:

    No ID no entrance to the Cebu US consulate though they will take a scanned copy.

    You’ve been mugged and beaten, lost all of your belongings, walk up to a guard say you’re a Canadian citizen (at the Canadian consulate), with the attendant accent, and they respond there is no way they can get someone to help you…? The embassy staff don’t live at the embassy – I’d wait till they came out at the very least and doggedly ask what they could do to help – that’s one of the main reasons they have embassies (well also as cover for the CIA.. but this mostly does not apply to Canada). The US has helped Americans in PI jails who have nothing so I don’t see why the Canadian embassy would totally abandon this guy. Also he couldn’t contact family, friends, or representatives in Canada to help him?

    One German philanderer married to an Immigration Officer in Philippines was handcuffed to his own dick.

    Well yeah dude.. you can’t have your pussy and eat it too.. well err.. you know what I mean. Don’t play house husband with someone who can legally carry a gun (and use it with impunity) if you also want to fuck around. That can work for rich Filipino guys but not for schlub foreigners.

    If Dave had been a younger man of 30 it might have been different but he was in his 60’s.

    I’m 55 and in not in the best of health but if this happened to me I am sure as shit not negotiating with the wifey – nor am I going to accept a no at the embassy.

    • TJF

      One American I was aware of from the news was bitten by somebody’s dog, which typical of Filipinos they let run around, and he shot it. He was facing months in jail for this.

      The U.S. Embassy does far less to help its citizens in a Philippine jail than you think. One Korean I knew beat up his wife-which as a foreigner Filipinos really do not like-and when he went into jail he had no family to give him food. Another was busted for a small amount of methamphetamine and did a year in jail and then his embassy got him out.

      The most severe case was Dovie Beams the Kentucky actress who screwed Marcos and tape recorded in in a half-assed blackmail scheme. She fled to her Embassy and they shipped her to the U.S. military base then flew her in a helicopter to Hong Kong.

      What happens in practice is that the Embassy sends you to an Immigration cell for a few weeks where you are held unless you have your bank card with you and can buy the ticket.

      Depending on the Filipino city if Immigration is full of guys like then you are on the street. Your Ambassador won’t be letting you stay at his house, I promise you.

      The ATM card is what the wife wants. This is why in foreign countries there is daily withdrawal limit.

      My point is getting hitched to women in civil servant jobs in Southeast Asia or India like cops or officers in a corrupt country is a bad mistake.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        The U.S. Embassy does far less to help its citizens in a Philippine jail than you think.

        So all the cases you just listed would also be crimes in the US. Possessing and discharging a weapon within city limits and killing a pet (Philippine law towards gun is more restrictive than the US – For example try that in NYC or San Francisco) – beating up your wife (in your example the man was Korean) – drug possession – blackmail.

        What a shock – you commit a crime in a foreign country there might be consequences. Who’d have thunk..?

  18. TJF

    Vicious female scammers target old retirees and not hearty young men in their 30’s who can do that very thing. He asked me for advice not help and I told him to call his son but his son was a 31 year old drunk he’d lost contact with.

    Remember this: Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries significant GDP is scamming older foreign men or convincing them to spend all their money in the Philippines.

    Some foreigners do that very thing but there is no homeless shelter for Americans and when your money runs out you will be on the street.

    No Embassy lets you SLEEP there.

    Don’t think either that the U.S. Embassy flies you home free the same day. It can take a few weeks for papers to clear.

    I think the Embassy can give you an Emergency loan.

  19. TJF

    To Trash:

    In terms of Embassy policy some countries are more willing to repatriate citizens than others are. U.S. Embassy takes time for the papers to clear.

    As I said – it took less than a day for my sister to replace her passport in Costa Rica – that was 13 years ago. They have digital scans on file now (Canada may have not had that at the time this guy had a problem..)

    Contact your congressman when someone is running a vicious scam on you and she is a cop or her boyfriend is cop? How long even if he opened your e mail are you going to have to be on the street in the Philippines for?

    Well I am not going to let wifey – who has now revealed herself as someone who might kill me – know where am I…. I wonder how strong that intimidation was.. seriously.. someone who has taken your passport in the PI and is asking for you bank account – I would not give it up… or I would sure as hell have a very hard time remembering it… or say oh the account number is in a book I have with a friend that I planning to open a business or what the fuck ever to get away from her without paying a dime…or knowing the PI I would have multiple accounts and if I ever got into a situation like this.. give her the one with the least amount of money and get the away…

    I wouldn’t use just use email to contact the congressman – phone call – repeatedly – also somebody in my hometown newspaper – etc.. (local man abandoned in third world country by his government makes for some sensational press) and I’m still confused how this guy had zero connections to Canada aside from a son who was a drunk on welfare somewhere in Nova Scotia.

    • TJF Actual Real-life Advice

      The U.S. government will do nothing to help you in jail. Maybe a free lawyer to try and work out a bribe. If you kill somebody or get caught selling drugs you are going to be doing the full ride.

      How are you going to call your congressman on your cell if you have a 100 PHP load and no ATM?

      If you have served in the military the VA branch in the Philippines can help you a little bit. I think there is an Emergency Loan program or something.

      Go directly to your Embassy and they will probably send you to immigration but if Immigration cells are full of guys like you than you will rough it on the street for 3 weeks waiting for the papers to clear for your repatriation to the United States. They will issue you an Emergency Passport.

      Your Ambassador ain’t going to let you sleep in his house, let me assure you.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        The U.S. government will do nothing to help you in jail.
        I know that to be false.. but I would agree they very well may not be successful – and in the case of this man – at least what you told me he was not in jail. See my point about getting away from evil wifey and not letting her know were you are.

        How are you going to call your congressman on your cell if you have a 100 PHP load and no ATM

        By not being in that position of having only 100 Php to my name. See my point about backup plan multiple accounts.. etc.. but I’ll play along – let’s say that’s all I had …. you did say this guy had you as a friend or acquaintance.. would you say no to someone if it took $20 or $30 to call the US to get his ass out of bad situation? (well cheaper if you use Skype or Viber)

        If you have served in the military the VA branch in the Philippines can help you a little bit.

        Yes I am an honorably discharged US veteran – fucking comical when people find that out and say “thank you for your service” when it was basically the economic draft – also the US military and quite a few civilians treated me like shit when I was in – but whatever.

        you will rough it on the street for 3 weeks waiting for the papers to clear for your repatriation to the United States. They will issue you an Emergency Passport.

        Then why was my sister able to get a passport in one day..? Your anecdotes are interesting but sometimes when you dwell on hypothetical scenarios you drift into curious territory, Speaking of which, quite curious regarding your comments in another thread about the time New York City flattened the Bronx and moved all the Jews in the borough to Phoenix,

        Your Ambassador ain’t going to let you sleep in his house, let me assure you.

        Damn, really.? How sad.. I would have expected caviar and a massage as the US ambassador quizzed about my worldly knowledge.

        But come on man.. yeah bad shit can happen when you are travelling or living in another country but losing your passport if you are a US citizen is not the end of the world.

        • HYPOTHETICAL ?

          Most Americans are surprised how little their government cares about them. You’re in the Manila Embassy with a ticket number in a line of 40 people with sad stories.

          I don’t think you can get a passport in 1 day from the Sec of State in YOUR OWN COMMUNITY.

          Get busted for one joint in the Philippines or a DUI. Your embassy will refer you to their lawyer (If you have some cash) who will then negotiate a deal with the police that is basically a bribe. If you don’t believe me ask someone else online.

          Let me TELL YOU WHAT DOES happen. An American money lender who knows you are in a bad situation will loan you $1,000 at 13% interest signed by Filipino lawyer who the Embassy referred you to. Or anywhere else in Southeast Asia. You’ll take his loan, I assure you.

          Wait in the parking lot to see if any Consular officer or Ambassador will give you a loan. Probably not.

          You think that your congressman would pick up the phone? His snooty secretary because you got into a bad situation with some broad in another country? That the newspaper would print such a story? They happen to foreigners every day in Southeast Asia, bro. Try getting a passport in one day! from the Sec of State in your OWN COMMUNITY, bro.

          You are operating as most Americans under the assumption that the government is going to do a great deal for you overseas. They will not.

        • Yee

          Actually, keeping your passport to force you to do something happened more often then you believe.

          That happened to Chinese peasants who were hired to farm in Siberia Russia. People could be real stupid.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          I don’t think you can get a passport in 1 day from the Sec of State in YOUR OWN COMMUNITY.

          You can think what you want – my sister received a replacement passport in less than one day while travelling in a foreign country in 2004. The rest of your comments are not germane to my original points as I never suggested one could expect to stay at an ambassador’s residence nor obtain a loan from embassy staff.

    • TJF Scams & Scary Stories

      If Southeast Asia actually cracked down on Lonely Hearts scams that go along with Trophy Marriages the GDP would shrink by a 30%.

      Here they are:

      Underage girls. The cop hires a teenage prostitute who is 16 to come to your room and seduce you. A few hours later he bursts in with a SWAT team. He knows your going to pay most of your life savings not do a year in a Filipino jail. You’ll probably pay $10,000. Hopefully you have it.

      Lonely Hearts Scams. Sure the cop or the female officer can really suck cock. Dave told me his wife’s deep throat was why he fell in love with her. I mean where can a 60 year old man get that from a decent-looking young woman? Guys think with their penises. But she is also part of a vicious corrupt regime. The German was simply stupid.

      Property scam. Most countries do not allow a foreigner to own land so the land and house go in the wife’s name. If she decides to screw some guy and he wants to move in she can kick you out on the road. Hopefully you have your ID on you along with your bank card.

      Drug bust. Usually 1,000 bucks for a single joint. If it is cocaine you are going to jail. Your embassy is not that sympathetic. Same with assaulting a Filipino.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        If Southeast Asia actually cracked down on Lonely Hearts scams that go along with Trophy Marriages the GDP would shrink by a 30%.

        And do you have a link to back up that wild exaggeration..? 30% of the Filipino GDP is a 90 billion dollars, not a chance lonely hearts scams and money transfer from trophy wives account for an influx of 90 billion dollars each and every year into the Philippines.

        Underage girls. The cop hires a teenage prostitute who is 16 to come to your room and seduce you. You’ll probably pay $10,000.

        What a shock.. ! You can go to jail (or have to pay a “fine”) for having sex with an underage prostitute. Better believe you can get arrested for the same thing in the US – even in states where the age of consent is 16. If you pay for sex with someone who is less than 18 in the US you can charged as a party to sex trafficking be subjected to heavy fines, a stay in jail, and a permanent entry on the sex offender’s registry.
        Sex trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act, in which the commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act has not attained 18 years of age (22 USC § 7102).

        If the victim was aged 14-17, the penalty shall not be less than 10 years in prison up to life.

        • TJF Wife/Immigration Officer of an American Once Said at a BBQ

          Foreigners do not pay to stay in the Philippines, they pay to get out of the Philippines when the jig is up.

          Luzon was a big hot Spanish Mestizo Immigration Officer married with one baby to an American Optometrist.

          Her specialty was telling Filipino scam artist females the gig was over and the mark would be leaving with a quick Exit Visa. Also escorting them into the property they bought for the wife to collect one suitcase.

          Sometimes she would tell the woman to hand over the Foreigners passport back to him so he could leave.

          She heard every story and held most of the foreigners in contempt for being lonely schlubs who fell so hard for a younger woman that gave him a blowjob. Being herself a Filipino woman, she thought the guys were fools. She said as much at the BBQ.

        • TJF Flipside to Corruption

          If you PAY the police ahead of time your child porn operation is “protected”. Since foreign scum like this can make so much more money they will shell out the $10,000 grand to the police in front.

          You can BUY your way out of ANYTHING.

        • TJF The Flipside

          Some German Bikers were raided with huge quantities of drugs and automatic rifles.

          They paid they way out of jail in a week.

          You can BUY your way out of anything in the Philippines.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          She heard every story and held most of the foreigners in contempt for being lonely schlubs who fell so hard for a younger woman that gave him a blowjob. Being herself a Filipino woman, she thought the guys were fools. She said as much at the BBQ.

          Well she’s right in effect.. also certainly many Filipinos are also screwed over by other Filipinos with little recourse. In essence that’s the normal operating procedure in many of the countries subjected to Spanish colonialism. I know a man who made and lost fortunes three times in Mexico – essentially because he made a more powerful person angry.
          If you are in 60s in the PI, Thailand, etc.. and you wish to have a “relationship” with a 20 year old – you probably want the duration of that relationship to be measured in hours not years. Even if initially the relationship is fully legit in the woman’s mind – if you go out out and screw other women, all bets are off unless you’ve established yourself with the right Filipinos (Unlikely but I do know of a few cases where this has happened..).

        • Spanish Colonialism in the Philippines

          Women from the landowning “Mestizo” class (Descended from Spanish colonists whose ancestors like Osmena or Ayala own haciendas through original land grants from Spain) will probably not run a con on you because they have a job like Luzon Ramos the Immigration Officer married to the American Optometrist.

          They do not want you to leave them as a single-mother-great shame to Spanish aristocratic Filipinos-because they tried to “run a game” on you for $30,000 worth of property.

          I’ve never heard of a Spanish Mestizo female scamming a foreigner.

          Philippines has the following caste system and at the bottom are pure Malaysian Filipinos and Mestizos from the galleon trade. Above them are landowning Spanish-Filipino families. Then there is a Chinese merchant class.

  20. SHI

    You look like an old geezer, one that I’d avoid sitting next to in the Metro. I’m superficial. It’s different once I get to hear your adventures and exploits in a bar. Once I know that you’re an “old fox”, not just a retired geezer, then we’ll be fast friends, and I’ll cover all your drinks.

    You should try wearing tight fitting clothes if you like to hang out with the “bro” crowd in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The rest of you is fine. Never too old to snuggle into a pair of jeans and a rapper T-shirt. You’d look your best if you’re well-suited like Donald Trump, with matted hair. Heck, he’s older than you.

    I’m not surprised that much younger women like to hang out with you. A lot of them have daddy issues. You look like a safe bloke with glasses, not a pussy-grabber. You will do well on the dating scene in India with your bona fide California accent, especially in the Southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nada and Andhra where a lot of women in their 20s like older men in their 40s and 50s. The ones in the 30s are into men in their 60s. It’s crazy but true. They just don’t do younger guys that much.

    You’ll also do well in Russia and parts of eastern Europe where the young chicks are into old foxes.

  21. TJF

    To Trash:

    Vicious female scammers target old retirees and not hearty young men in their 30’s who can do that very thing.

    Yeah age can count against you.. but I’ve known very tough guys in their 80s and pushovers in their 30s. So whatever really happened with this guy – all I can figure is that he revealed he was an easy mark. Very sorry to hear that but it’s not like such things like this haven’t been going on for decades. There lots of information from expats and on the internet about the BS that goes down there. Simply think of it this way.. you have moved to the Philippines – supposedly marrying the woman of your dreams… but let’s just say there is a 5% chance (ahem) that things are not the way they might seem.. what do you do to cover your ass.

    Getting scammed for small change is to be expected (but shouldn’t be tolerated if possible).. but having your whole life savings taken away..,?
    Moving to and marrying someone in a foreign country that’s notoriously corrupt without having a backup plan or exit strategy makes no sense to me. Perhaps this guy hadn’t had sex in 20 years – met this woman and then deluded himself that he had met the woman of his dreams. Also I have to believe there were warning signs…Filipino scammers generally aren’t geniuses nor brilliant actors.

    • TJF Leighton’s Sad Tale

      These old boys will all say the same thing. The first thing she did was get them drunk and give them a great blowjob. If you are 65 it has been a long time since an attractive 35 year old woman gave you a tremendous deep throat blowjob. Guys think with their dicks.

      Leighton was a scrap dealer from Vegas. He met the woman online. His own life had been unhappy. Divorced, estranged daughter.

      He married a Filipino nurse and bought her a house on a beautiful island. All told $30,000.

      When he showed up unexpectedly from the U.S. her legal Filipino husband was there in the house drinking a beer.

      She called the police and kicked him. Her house legally as the Filipino Law states foreigners cannot own land.

      Lonely Hearts scams bring in millions to the Philippines which relies on prostitution. They are not about to change the laws. The U.S. is not about to turn it into a diplomatic issue. They have too much on the table with government of the Philippines. The president called Obama a son of a whore. This is not a government that give’s a rat’s ass about the rights of a U.S. citizen in its jurisdiction.

    • TJF Thinking with the dicks

      The first thing a Filipino woman does when she wants the foreigner to marry her so she can leave the Philippines or simply scam him is GIVE THE GUY A GREAT BLOWJOB. Filipino women are no dummies and they know that a great blowjob is the fastest way to win a guy over.

      When I was 28 a girl I dated twice gave me a great blowjob but turned out to be a bitch so we broke up.

      When you are 65 it has been a long time since some decent looking youngish woman gave you a great blowjob. This can dull your perception of things and see her in an unrealistic light.

    • TJF Profile of a Foreign Victim

      The older foreigner is usually middle-class from middle America, not a streetwise younger guy from the rust belt like me whose lived hand-to-mouth oversees for years. Maybe never lived outside the U.S. before.

      Often he has been divorced. A pretty young cop gives you a blowjob for the first time since 1979 and white girls have not paid attention to you for years. It is the combination of a really bitter divorce and the good blowjob that causes these older men to lose the plot.

      The Immigration officer likes the size of your dick, first and foremost. Second a U.S. passport. Third a cute mixed-kid. But you cheat on her. She could be a minor politician, military officer whatever. You’re in a bad situation when she finds out, my man. And lots of women want you in the Philippines so saying the guy was stupid is easier than you think.

      If you are under 60, Filipino scammers won’t bother with you. They know that you have no pension and have not been working for 40 years. You’ll still get laid but the real gold diggers are not after you.

    • Latin America

      From what I hear Mexico is about as dangerous as can be. When I was in Phoenix some roommates went down to Nogales and to scammed. My impression of the barrio in East Phoenix did not pump my nads to move to Latin America.

      However I have never been South of Phoenix in my life. I would not know.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        From what I hear Mexico is about as dangerous as can be.

        The crime rate in Beverly Hills is not the same as it is in Detroit. Similarly
        Merida has roughly the same per capita murder rate as Vermont whereas for several years running Ciudad Juarez had the highest per capita murder rate in the world. Of course, one shouldn’t turn off their common sense when they cross the Mexican border – if you act like a victim long enough in Mexico – even in the relatively safe parts – you’ll become a victim. Latin culture does not adequately punish predators.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        Often he has been divorced. A pretty young cop gives you a blowjob for the first time since 1979… When you are 65 it has been a long time since some decent looking youngish woman gave you a great blowjob

        See my previous comment:
        “Perhaps this guy hadn’t had sex in 20 years – met this woman and then deluded himself that he had met the woman of his dreams.”

        And my previous points about preparedness, understanding the culture, and having a backup plan.

        • TJF Several Reasons

          If street smart and wary-seeming James Gandolfini or De Niro from some corrupt East Coast borough move to the Philippines they are not big targets of Lonely Hearts Scams.

          Neither is “Superfly”. Or Tony Montana from the barrio.

          It is the white average Joe from Kansas raised in the middle-class who simply is not feral or worldly that was raised in Evangelical churches praising the goodness of man who discovers corruption and exploitation the hard way.

          Tony Soprano from Newark who has been raised to understand and recognize whores, corrupt officials, opportunistic predators is not the guy who makes these blind mistakes.

  22. TJF

    Many lower income Jews moved to Arizona when real estate developers bought parts of the Bronx and Times Square. None of them really impressed me with their intellectual genius.

    It is good to make friends with other Westerners. I knew one German who got another German to pay for his flight back to Germany.

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      Many lower income Jews moved to Arizona when real estate developers bought parts of the Bronx

      So in other words, NYC did not flatten the Bronx and move the Jews to Phoenix.

      I can honestly say
      “I went to Harvard”
      but the complete sentence should be
      “I went to Harvard, crossing the campus as a shortcut to work, and would occasionally use the bathrooms which were quite clean.”

      Somewhat different meaning when one gives the complete story.

      • TJF Goldblum & Bronson

        As Jewish NYC architect Bronson is assigned to Arizona office back in Brooklyn a young disgusting Jewish gang led by Goldblum invade his apartment to rob his wife and family.

        It was during this whole urban renewal thing that many Jews moved to Arizona from the Bronx after selling out to urban renewal developers.

        Many of them were lower-class Jews like the Goldblum character “I kill rich c*nts” though of course I think most were law-abiding.

        There is a line in the Arizona sequence where Bronson says “I’m not building a ghetto people need space to live”.

        My point. Please don’t tell me that Billy Ray Bob in the Flyover is in the situation he is in because of Jews as I do not buy it.

  23. YEE

    I have to say that Chinese-Filipino women on the whole are more honest and straightforward than Malay women.

    Malay women have a bad and weak character more often that Chinese-Filipino women. Malay women lie, steal, cheat, have affairs, have children with three different men, are always horny and never choosy about the guy they sleep with, are dull-witted, are prone to addiction or drink.

    If you had to marry a woman in Southeast Asia you are better off with an ethnic Chinese.

  24. YEE

    Whites have been no angels to Chinese people.

    • Yee

      Most Whites won’t admit that, or maybe they don’t know….

      Anyway, we’ve been through worse, far worse in history. As long as you don’t start self-praising, I don’t want to talk about the past all the time.

      • YEE Some Points

        Don’t get me wrong, poverty is factor but:

        White people do not form street gangs in China or other Asian countries. No white man snatches a Chinese elderly woman’s purse. In Chinatowns in big cities there are Chinese youths who do this to whites.

        You form street gangs in our countries and declare certain areas of our cities your territory with Chinese gang signs on the walls.

        White men do not kidnap other white men’s children in China or rob their casinos in China or sell drugs to Chinese people. It is your people who do this in our countries.

      • YEE Some questions

        When do whites form dangerous poor areas in China and call it white-town? There are places in White countries where Chinese people make ti dangerous for us to go?

        Do white young men in China form gangs and beat you up because you are in the White part of Beijing? Shoot police officers? This is a small number of Chinese in North America or Europe who do these things but it happens enough to be a concern to the public.

        When do whites form gangs in China? When do white children steal purses? Get machine guns and call themselves the dragons in Beijing or somewhere? Paint Chinese walls with warning in our languages for others races to stay out?

        Do white people operate illegal gambling operations in China? Do other whites burst in and kill 5 or 10 of them in a robbery massacre?

        I realize that poverty and a lack of opportunity is part of the reason. But for a moment let me ask you if it whites do this in China?

        • Yee

          I believe war crimes are far worse than street crimes, do you agree?
          Why, Sotheby’s is still shamelessly auctioning lootings from China. Let’s not talk about how many you killed.

    • Porky

      Whites aren’t a united front. Hell, most Whites ancestors have never even been to China. Chinese have been far from angels in the past and in recent times.

      • PORKY Allow me to add this

        Many Chinese and Indians are good citizens in the West but whites do not have an underclass sub-population in China or Mumbai.

        White people do not form “no-go” ghettos in China or India or Africa. It is Chinese, Indians and blacks who form “no-go” areas in White countries.

        Chinese youths form gangs that snatch purses from elderly whites, we do not come to China and snatch purses from elderly Chinese people. South Asians riot in our countries or kill us if we enter he area they live, whites are not doing this in Mumbai.

        We do not declare sections of India or China “our turf” and beat Chinese or Indians who enter them.

        Whites are not smuggling heroin into China or India.

        Whites are not committing crimes against other whites in China or India on a major level-massacres in illegal casinos in China or shooting in Indian nightclubs.

        • Yee

          You might not know, there’re foreigners serving time in prisons in China, and not just Blacks, plenty of Whites too.

      • Yee

        Opium war participants — Britain, France, America, Germany, Italy, Austro-Hungary, Russia, Japan. Portugal, Dutch, Spain colonized part of China.

        I believe that covers the major players of the Whites.

        Apart from not allowing our inherited territory go separatist and some border conflicts, what evil has China done?

        • YEE Disclaimer to the 90% of Chinese People including American Mayors

          10% of Chinese in North America form an underclass in Europe or America in ghettos known as Chinatowns. These ghettos are full of crime that is mostly directed at fellow Chinese.

          Chinese youths-perhaps to some degree for protection-form violent youth gangs that warn other races by spray painting dragons. They have been known to rob whites.

          New York City has been plagued with Chinese gangs and so has LA though not to the extent of Japanese or Koreans.

          Certainly you import heroin and this brings untold suffering to the families of white addicts.

          This is not a major problem but when ask what you have done the answer is that some Chinese will DO ANYTHING in a white country.

        • Yee

          So, are we starting to count the numbers of criminals now?

          Since everyone is immigrant in the USA, why not count all the Whites and Blacks criminals too?

        • Yee

          You’re just a fool to believe the lies of some kicked out high caste serf masters and their clergy.

          If you want to know how they ruled, go to rural North India, the Brahmin landowners and their clergy still rule in similar ways.

          Well, they can rot in hell before they could come back. No lies can bring them back, just create some fools.

          The last big scale famine is 1876-1879, 10 million death in 4 year. It’s horrible scenes was recorded. Go check and see if it’s possible if 45 million died and nobody saw any similar scenes during Mao. People of that generation still alive.

        • Porky

          All I’m pointing out is the fact that Chinese are not angels. Neither are the European countries you’ve listed. I have nothing against Chinese.

  25. SHI Malayalam is a tough language to learn in my opinion. The culture of South India is very isolated.

    • SHI


      I’m dating a Muslim Shia female right now. I have never dated Muslim females before. I have been to Uzbekistan but they have a Russian culture influence over there. Not strictly Muslims.

      Kerala women are pretty much good for one thing only sex. They’re horny, voluptuous and give a dirty massage allowing you to cum all over them. I’m a regular at a massage parlour staffed by this married lady from Kerala (probably a Nair). She does her job very nicely. For 1400 rupees, I get a 60 minute olive oil massage and she squeezes my balls and the insides of the butthole. For 500 rupees extra, I can get a happy ending which I don’t really need, but don’t like to disappoint her.

      This Kerala lady does the butt area really well. She said that is because she likes my derriere which is not hairy because I regularly shave down there. Women love to see me naked. I look really good when I’m oiled up all over my body, like when I’m with This Kerala lady.

      She said she’s 37 and has two kids. She looks a hell lot younger though, 25 max.

  26. TJF

    To Rob and Trash:

    Look, no matter how handsome or beautiful you are, there’s going to come a day when your looks are blown to smithereens.

    Speaking of Filipinas and youth….
    A few years ago, when I was in my early 50s, I had scanned and uploaded a few photos to my Facebook account that dated back to the 80s and early 90s. I was reviewing them on my computer screen at work making notes of the dates and places. A woman I worked with, early 20s moved to the US from the Philippines when she was 10, came up to my desk, saw the photos and said: “Oh Wow, that’s you – you were handsome then.. what happened”?

    So called “Inscrutable Asians” can be quite direct and honest sometimes.

    • LOL tell her you got hit by the age bomb. Or you got beaten with the age stick.

      • This all goes back to what I advise young men to do on this blog site. Have as much sex with as many different females in their 20’s and 30’s as possible.

      • I think white American girls are the most likely to actually care about age.

        When I returned to a college campus in Canada at the age of 28 as a grad student the 19 year olds were not interested in talking to me.

    • TJF Inscrutable Asians

      I’ve never known an American male married to a so-called Hacienda-female from the Spanish landowning class-to be scammed.

      But these ones are usually the same age as the American.

    • TJF Wakeup Call

      It is actually MORE dangerous in the U.S. as an educated white prole because as Robert has mentioned you are around other poor people who act out violently when ever they are restless and bored-which is most of the time.

      I would add that Spanish colonialism has not helped the U.S. as Mexico and Philippines export the hangover of their racial caste pyramid to America. In Latin America and Philippines 5-10 Spanish families (Use the term loosely as they are mostly Mestizo because the Natives killed the Spanish or they left) own everything per country and export this race problem to the U.S.

      True prole dissidents like myself do not move to Asia or Australia to get laid. They leave America because it simply has a lower quality of life than they can enjoy elsewhere.

      I make no bones about enjoying the fact that the NAM females cannot live overseas.

      The reality of Americans overseas is that simply do not like any aspect of the U.S. and do not give a shit about it and have no conviction that they are participatory members of a democracy in what is clearly an Oligarchy of mostly Puritan East Coast families with a kind of middle-man Jewish barter class of lawyers and media organs who actually are simply doing what the Bluebloods like Bush or Trump tell them to do.

      White Americans seem to have had their brain laundered by Ronald McDonald during the Bush years with the intention of working out a Haliburton scheme and will buy any garbage about “nation building”. They’ll buy anything and even celebrities who used to at least be talented are now a bunch of Arab girls with fat asses whose Dad was a sleazy OJ camp hangaround that some cheap camera follows around a living room.

    • Living overseas is not really about getting laid anyhow. It is about not having to care about the charming aspects of life for the white prole in the United States.

      I feel blessed to have left at age 25 because most guys who come to the Philippines at 50 have little to show but a bitter divorce in the U.S. What exactly have I missed in 18 years since Clinton was in office? Greater Detroit reverted to farmland, poor whites voted for a landlord because they were so fed up with their poverty and anonymity, whites of a certain income have to choose between living in the remote rural areas or living in a barrio and so on.

      In the end for alot of guys after a lifetime of hard work in the U.S. none of it is worth enough to stay. When you are moving to another country at 50, 60 years old it is a sign of how little it offered you.

      Things seemed to go downhills fast in the 21st century. We will probably remember the 1990’s as the last great decade of relative peace and prosperity.

    • TJF San Fernando Valley 2007 A Developing Country

      I returned once to the U.S. for some business (I was a job recruiter overseas for years) in LA in San Fernando.

      A Mexican teenage female offered me sex in broad daylight and then asked for a dollar. I gave her two. Then I asked her why a Spanish-blooded non-Indian peasant Hispanic Catholic girl was selling sex. She said there were no decent jobs and her mother was on crack. Her father moved back to Mexico and she was on her own. “He’s not a part of my life”.

      I was surprised because back in the 1990’s only hardened crack whores in their 20’s or 30’s worked the streets.

      I noticed more homeless people on the street that were not junkies. Some were doing informal labor like washing windshields that you see in India or other developing country. You would not have seen this in the 1990’s. More of them were white. They were much more aggressive panhandling.

      Second the police stopped me once randomly to ask me what I was doing. I told them. They searched me. They seemed disappointed at not turning up anything illegal or any warrants-though my appearance is so white that I am surprised they attempted this-but U.S. police now have that brutish and police-state behavior I recalled from Dubai. A desperation to fill a quota that comes with a bad economy and a trigger-happy aggression.

      In the 1990’s police were more mellow and less homeless people were all over the street.

      The U.S. has become a developing country FAST. I have no idea what the reasons are but the place has gone downhill.

      You notice this overseas.

  27. TJF Posters Accusations

    When accused by other posters of avoiding the underclass the assumption is actually more or less accurate. The really poor, violent, vulgar, brutish, often stupid and sometimes dangerous rednecks or blacks and Cholos cannot travel.

    You never have to walk past a pickup truck full of rednecks who throw a bottle at you.

    You never have to worry that a “Popeyes” will erupt into a brawl because of NAMS.

    None of this is a concern overseas. These people cannot travel.

    This is the real reason to leave the United States and live overseas. The underclass of sports jersey wearing, baseball capped morons between the ages of 17 and 25 who make life for people in my income-bracket miserable.

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