Only Whites Are Expats?

Trash: White are COLONISTS essentially. We do not have the same primitive tribal link to the land that Mestizos or Africans do. So you move to Sydney and write your parents every day on e mail. Maybe a once a year trip.

I know many whites who moved to Australia from California. They did it simply to get away from NAM’s and be in a White individualist country. They were happy to do so…like I was happy to leave Greater Detroit.

First of all, residents of Europe are not colonists at all. They have all lived right where they are. The only White colonists are in South Africa, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

And what makes you think Australia is individualist? Last time I checked, it was quite socialist.

And for exactly the same reason that you say Whites leave the US, many people all over the world leave their lousy countries to move to a better country. There is an economic element of course, but there is also the notion that their own country is a Hellhole.

Bottom line is people all over the world move all over the place all the time.

Inside Latin America, there is huge migration. Costa Rica is now full of Nicaraguans. Cuba is full of Jamaicans and Haitians. The Dominican Republic is full of Haitians. Argentina is filling up with Bolivians and Peruvians. Plenty of Colombians have moved to Venezuela. Central Americans move to Mexico. And many Latin Americans have moved to Spain now due to the common language. The Whiter ruling class of Latin America seems to live about half their lives in Spain.

Many Latinos have come to the US and even Canada now. People from all over Latin America come to the US. Most are from Mexico and Central America – mostly from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica. From the Caribbean, we have many Cubans, Dominicans, and Haitians. Many South Americans such as Colombians, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Chileans, Peruvians, Argentines, Uruguayans, and Bolivians. I have met South Americans from all of these countries in the US.

South Asians pour into the UK, US, Canada and the Gulf states.

Europe is filling up with Black Africans. Many North Africans moved to France and the Netherlands. All of Europe is filling up with Syrians. There are a lot of Iranians in the Nordic states. Turkey is full of Syrians, Crimean Tatars and Kirghiz.

Black Africans flood into South Africa and also the Arab states of North Africa. Libya and Egypt are full of Black Africans, mostly Nigerians. Right now there are some Nigerians in SE Asia and there are quite a few in China. Nigerians appear to be one of the more mobile groups of Africans.

Filipinos flood into China, the US, Australia, the Gulf and Jordan. Chinese move to Australia, the US and Canada. Koreans move to the US. China is full of Koreans.

Palestinians and now Syrians have been living all over the Arab World for some time now. Lebanese move to Australia.  Quite a few Egyptians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Syrians, and Yemenis moved to the US. Many Uighur Chinese have moved to Syria.

Polynesians move to the US and Australia.

Central Asians pour into Europe and the US. Residents of the Stans such as Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, and Uzbekistan and Tajikistan move to Russia.


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105 responses to “Only Whites Are Expats?

  1. Jason Y

    A big problem with immigration is the newcomers won’t or possibly cannot assimilate – unless of course, they take over the place totally – as was the case with the mostly British/Irish settlers of the US west, Australia. However, different groups differ in their level of assimilation. Some groups like Afro-Americans look vastly different but have assimilated quite well – assuming the white population is above 70 percent. Other groups like Poles in the US have eventually melted enough into the population to not seem so foreign.

    • I am referring strictly to NAMS from the U.S.

      I have seen very few in Australia or Asia. No women actually. Germany is the exception as TJF noted because there was a big military presence there.

      But in general you will never meet Cholos in Australia. The only whites who voluntarily immigrate are Anglos. I’ll add that Jews from the U.S. do not seem to want to immigrate much either.

      • deSPICable Me

        I have heard Mestizos who went to Asia were pleasantly surprised that they were treated as Asians (often mistaken for central Asian types) and hence faced less discrimination than Blacks and probably Whites.

        • deSPICable Me Julio’s tale

          Julio was a self-made man. He immigrated as a youngster to LA and self-taught himself to be a great cook and became wealthy enough to open a Mexican restaurant in Dubai. Arabs love Mexican food and also he served alcohol, which Arabs also love.

          He screwed many Arab women. One Arab woman was the third wife of a rich Arab businessman who had her own apartment below his. She walked up one day and simply asked him if he would give her some sex.

          Julio was a busy man. I told him he was crazy to be screwing all these sexually frustrated 3rd wives of rich Arabs who could have his head chopped off but he was like a rabbit on Spanish fly.

        • deSPICable Me

          he sounds like a badass

        • deSPICable Me More Expat Tales

          Dan was a hickish airplane factory foreman from Washington who arrived in the Philippines.

          Us hardened expat dissenters began to take bets on how long he would last.

          He discovered the beer was cheap and the weed was plentiful. He started taking liquid lunches.

          Soon he began having sex with his secretary and wanted to marry.

          Then he lost his job after 2 years. By then she was pregnant. So he sold his car and return ticket to open a small store. But he kept taking the liquor and her family chased him off. Nothing he could do.

          Another American took him in. Slowly he sold his possessions until he had nothing.

          He went to Immigration to turn himself in but they won’t pay your flight home.

          Finally a rich Filipino flew him to Guam to get rid of him.

        • deSPICable Me ?

          If you cannot get a decent job anyhow and NAMS are lurking around your neighborhood ominously and Jews run everything why bother to hang around?

        • Discrimination.

          Unless they intend to do physical harm than how somebody feels about your race really is not important. They can love you or hate you but it won’t change the course of your life much.

          In general whites and Asians are the only multi-nationals.

          For all the talk of how Jews are running Christians none of them have any say in Australia or Asia or NZ. It is only the poor redneck who sneaks into a graveyard to kick over tombstones because his sister watched GET OUT and got pregger by a thug.

  2. ROBERT Tales of Expats Overseas

    To begin with, I was referring to NAMS with U.S. citizenship. I have not seen a NAM female in Australia or Asia. Zero. Period.

    Secondly America has higher rates of street crime and violence because of NAMS. Period. Full-stop. Ponzi schemes or Medicaid Defrauding or Insider trading scams are less common in Australia or NZ too. In countries with no NAMS you can subtract these particular social pathologies.

    Generally NAMS are quite attached to their milieus. This goes for Jews too. They really only want to live on the East or West Coast. I met one Jewish woman overseas, sailing crew for a Yacht, who wanted me to get her a bad of weed in the Philippines. Nice enough but U.S. minorities are not eager to leave like some of us Anglo males.

    It is relatively easy for Anglo-Americans to assimilate into Australian culture and thousands of Air Traffic controllers from the United States immigrated when Reagan broke the union in 1981. They assimilated easily enough and all of them were whites from the South.

    NAMS in the U.S. harbor a feeling that they are important or will be missed by whites or are intrinsic to are civilization. In fact few Anglo-Americans give a shit or miss a NAM for a single day. Deep down none of us care about slavery and think they are a bit disgusting and don’t want to pay for their children or care at all if they smoke stupid drugs like crack and get HIV paying for it. We’ve been conditioned to pretend we give a shit but it is a weight off our shoulders in Australia.

    Hopefully some of our NAM readers and contributors are following this narrative to get a bit of truth from a white man. No we do not think about you when we move to Australia and yes we are glad that most of you cannot find it on a map.

    The few African-American men I knew in Philippines were intelligent businessmen married to Filipino women and it is the rednecks who actually end up doing something stupid. Same goes for Thailand. Usually involving the whore who they think has a heart of gold. Some end up homeless and nuts because if you do not have a return ticket it takes forever for the U.S. Embassy to send you back to America.

    Jason has mentioned a few like this in Korea. Ex-servicemen who fell in love with the wrong woman and ended up for two years in winter sleeping in a Seoul subway terminal. Asian governments to not want to pay for your return ticket and neither does your Embassy.

    Because all of the developed world’s white countries outside Europe are colonies settled by Irish and English that later attracted some Central Europeans it is easy enough to assimilate.

    I knew some whites from Miami who immigrated to Northern Australia when it was offering package citizenship to whites who were willing to settle in rural areas and their motivation was simply to escape the Latinization of Florida.

    This is because Anglo culture is transnational. NAM culture is strictly American and regional.

    Even rural and redneck whites are not very common. I screwed one redneck female sailor off a ship in the Philippines who I met in a bar. None of the white men were interested but I had not screwed a white female in 15 years so I was curious and I pumped her. Afterwards I elected to get back on the Asian women as soon as possible.

    I knew a few rednecks in Philippines and most of them wash out. There was Dan the airplane manufacturer. He lost his factory and opened a Sar-Sari but then his wife kicked him out and he lived for a few months with another American before finally leaving penniless for Guam. Clinton Macbeth was a steelworker who arrived as a contractor from Iraq and was bitter about his divorce. He spent $100 a night in girly bars and ended up homeless on Philippine streets after 5 years but refused to return to the United States because he said to me “I want self-respect in front of my kids”. He was divorced and bitter at his wife, too. He harassed me and other Americans so we reported him to Immigration and he was deported.

    White Americans talk about “moving to Canada” or elsewhere. It is more difficult that is imagined. Canada would sooner have an Indian than an American. In their opinion we vote for madmen and alcoholic bums so we should suffer the consequences.

    “Screening” is part of the upside to Asia and other white countries. The real idiots who have babies at age 17 cannot go anywhere or the ones with criminal records or the ones on welfare (Theoretically you can get welfare in Asia or SSI because I knew some white guys who spent it in Philippines on prostitutes).

    In summation I am referring strictly to NAMS with U.S. citizenship.

    • Alpha Unit

      I don’t know who hatched this idea that Black Americans fret over the fact that some Whites move overseas. Nobody cares.

      • ALPHA UNIT

        Why are white Americans more likely to immigrate to Australia or New Zealand or Canada than Americans of non-European ancestry?

        You would think with the police brutality and poverty many face they would all try to move to Canada or go somewhere.

        • TJF

          To Trash:
          the police brutality and poverty many face they would all try to move to Canada or go somewhere.

          As you pointed out in another post, based on personal experience, obtaining a permanent residency in Canada is rather difficult.
          So if you had problems – someone who has a has a four year degree and whose father was a doctor – how hard would it be for an American black person who grew up in poverty?

          Regarding police brutality – most black Americans who are truly paranoid (as opposed to being socially fashionable) of police have had run ins with the law. Canada disallows Americans from even visiting if they have minor infractions such simple drug possession or DUIs:

          George W Bush had to get a special waiver to enter Canada because of a DUI he received in 1976.

      • deSPICable Me

        LOL Alpha is “throwing shade” at TRASH iiuc

        • An articulate response from a fellow poster. What blogs are for in the first place. I’ll add one:

          She made a good point that NAMS do not care if white people move overseas. That is a positive thing. I tend to associate it with geographic indifference as minorities know or care little of life outside their environment because this requires a degree of abstract thinking as oppose to direct stimuli.

          I’ve met a few hicks that were envious of me in Canada and how I could travel. I do not blame them. Being stuck in a geography and the world it is with no escape must be a downer.

          You would think WN’S would be fleeing the U.S. to some other country to escape the control and domination of Jews. Since Jews are not that eager to move to Australia from Tribeca permanently. But no, they never leave Missouri or wherever.

          As one Filipino woman who wanted to marry a white man said: you cannot move with money. So it is with the dumb hicks and the Cholos and NAMS. They are stuck in their towns or barrios or hoods in the worlds they live in with no way of leaving. They don’t have the initiative or the life skills or the organization to.

          White rednecks overseas always end up at the Embassy pleading for some ticket home. And these are the ones smart enough to have made money to get on a plane and move to another country. No matter. They always end up broke with no return ticket and scammed.

          NAM females cannot live overseas because geography is a vague subject to them. They do not WANT to leave and this a good thing for the world in fact. They stay in their hood and hope that the government will change which it won’t and they live out a fairly predictable life cycle.

      • ALPHA UNIT

        You are quite right.

        Not one person has missed me.

        • Australia doesn’t appeal to many Whites because of distance. At least in Europe, UK, America or Canada, you can travel to other places with different culture, other dynamic countries relatively easily. Thats the most common complaint.

          In Australia, you’re isolated, and unless you can live in or at the fringes the major cities, which is really hard now, you’re even more isolated.

          You can just take a quick flight to Germany or Ireland or Greece or drive to Mexico or a trip to the Cariibean. Come to Australia, this is all there is, and there are only a few cities which are ‘somewhere”. If you can’t afford to live in or around them, you’ll be even more isolated.

          Isolation and the sense of underdevelopment and irrelevance is the problem. It’s great because its peaceful, and Australians have been able to do what we like, in our country, as we want, but that’s mostly gone now.


    I have nothing against NAM females or bear ill will but my only interaction in the U.S. was when I was young and paid money for sex. Chiefly that seems to be the core interaction between white males and NAM females.

    It is a real weight off a white’s shoulders overseas not have to hear other whites whinging about ZOG and how some Yenta boss looks down on them or the media. Don’t ask me why but few Jews in America want to be expats.

    If you want to get into a fistfight with chair-swinging Aussies you’ll find a bar to it in. However, generally assault on the streets in other white colonies are rare.

    I would not really rate a Crip or Ese’s chances in a Sydney street fight or Scots pub brawl that highly to be honest, on average. These white boys fight.

    You won’t meet NAM females overseas. I don’t think NAMS or Cholos can really comprehend geography well enough to walk into the LA Aussie embassy and apply for a permanent residency.

    NAMS believe that Anglos actually care about slavery or the like. In fact Anglos do not give a shit at all about the problems faced by NAMS.

    • Shoeshine Boy

      “my only interaction in the U.S. was when I was young and paid money for sex. Chiefly that seems to be the core interaction between white males and NAM females.”
      Many of your common street walkers in big cities like Detroit are black she-males (got the dangle down below), orally servicing city Jews on the prowl. Thursdays are well-known as the best night for them to work, since thats boy’s night out for regular Jews and even rabbis with pockets stuffed full of kosher food industry extortion money.

  4. TJF

    To Trash:

    It is a real weight off a white’s shoulders overseas not have to hear other whites whinging about ZOG and how some Yenta boss looks down

    Just go to another number of websites and you can be reminded of those guys… that said outside of internet posts, in real life I have never heard any White person complaining about ZOG or their Yenta boss.

    I can think of a few instances where White gentiles complained about Jews: Russian American guy who disliked certain obnoxious Jewish politicians and businessmen but at the same time had a close friend who was Jewish, his maternal grandmother was Jewish, and on one occasion, in so many words, he said he wished he was Jewish. A guy who lived in Brooklyn who would off an on make anti-Semitic remarks but whose two best friends were- 1) Jewish 2) had a Jewish father. When he would occasionally pop off with his remarks they would basically go dude ?! or something to that effect – after he passed away they both humorously recounted his term for a national hardware chain near his house frequented by Orthodox Jews: “Shalom Depot”.

    Don’t ask me why but few Jews in America want to be expats.
    Umm, Israel..?

    • Hotdog

      Many Whites whine for jews. The greatest criticisms of jews are rarely anti-semetic. Frankly, a long dead Austrian painter is lied about more.

      • What are Jews doing to undermine us Anglos in the 21st century?

        Most are flaming liberal Democrats who did not want to invade Iraq. They definitely did not vote for George Bush and I have doubts many support Trump. The “dragged in Middle East conflicts” argument doesn’t ring true entirely: Texas oilmen spearheaded that.

        Did it ever occur to you that many poor whites get their concept of reality from badly-scripted low production value Reality TV because they are rather unintelligent and do not read anything but fiction?

        Jews rarely mug anyone although I would not walk around in Brighton Beach at 3 am in the morning under the boardwalk where some of their junkies shoot up. A few are winos and street bums but generally they are not carjacking, mugging, playing the knockout game.

        Mexicans are mostly selling Blacks the dope who sell it in street quantities to whites although patriotic Appalachians seem to support their own Oxy and Meth drug trade in rejection of globalization.

        Jews are represented in the Senate or legislature. They seem to like being lawyers. So what?

        I just don’t see how they are undermining our daily existence. Not defending them at all, I just want you to illustrate concrete examples of daily Jewish menace to society.

        • Hotdog

          Trump seems like a jewboy, even opened his praised speech talking about jewish grave vandalism. The jew media targets women and children. The media influences people more than its viewers think, even those with a good foundation can be effected subconciously.

        • Yee

          I agree with you, Hotdog.

          But the only solution is keep a tight rein on your children. You need Tiger Moms.

          The world is often times a tough place, you can only change yourself to deal with it. No perfect world outside, sorry to tell you. If not the Jews trying to screw you, then somebody else will.

    • TJF Permanent Residency Canada

      To begin with you are viewed as a coward, traitor who lacks patriotism by Canadians. My professor was a Vietnam draft-dodger and he was booed as a coward during lectures. U.S. army deserters are sometimes beaten up by Canadian veterans. A lack of patriotism is not loved by Canadians.

      Canada issued me a two-year work visa and I also complete my graduate degree there. At the end of it I was not going to obtain permanent residency. A stripper offered me a scam-marriage deal because she could make more money in U.S. clubs but still not permanent residency. However I made some observations.

      1) If you are an American on meager finances in Canada don’t think that the place is completely free of street crime in the areas you can afford to live. Burglary and home invasion is more common because criminals know you don’t have a gun and if you HURT THEM the police will prosecute. Propery rights are different.

      2) Canada “has no blacks”. Canada has natives and a race-relations problem the U.S. has not had since Custer died.

      3) Immigrants are actually more aggressive and anti-social to whites in their districts. More, perhaps, are on welfare or otherwise unhappy and underprivileged. Drug trafficking is a huge business. Vancouver has the sort of problems.

      4) Jobs are scarcer.

      5) Everything is expensive although the infrastructure is far better than that of the United States.

      6) Canadian police will enter your domicile to run your license in order to clear of it U.S. warrant.

  5. Pat McGuirk

    When I was in Phoenix my roommates dog made a mess and the landlord threatened to sue me.

    I called him from Dubai and this was the conversation:

    “I’m in Dubai, you cannot do anything. I don’t care about renter’s credit in Phoenix I’ll never be in your shithole state again.”

    I called him a few more times just to taunt him because he could not travel or leave his state or do anything to a man that was long gone but I knew his number.

    “The only place you’ll go on vacation is a camping trip to sleep on the ground you stupid hick. You cannot do anything to me”

    And then a truthful silence rose between us on the line. What is true is true.

    Because when you are an expat you are free.

    You can call anyone, say anything and they cannot travel. You are beholden to nobody.

    • VampireGhost

      I like knowing a persons address when doing business with them. How do you rank the States of the US? AZ not #1 obviously.


    When you are living overseas after 5 years nobody who would help you get a job or roomed with you in college or knew you remembers you. You are totally on your own.

    Most expats like me lived overseas during the time that people do what adults do from 25 – 40. Buy a house, get married, have a career, build ties with the community.

    Unlike immigrants who have a sort of immigrant association, whites will do nothing for a dissenter who packed off to live overseas because he is unpatriotic and thinks the country went to shit. Even your own relatives.

    Your family begins to resent the fact that you think you are so much wiser and holier-than-thou because you have traveled the world seeing incredible things. They know you regard them as dumb townies.

    So what you have to do is make sure you stay overseas. If you can, immigrate somewhere that you will have pension at the end of your life.

  7. Magneto

    An indian tried to tell me that white people should leave Australia and “go back to Europe”. I told him in reply “The only reason you want to live in Australia is BECAUSE it is a white country. Otherwise if it was an aboriginal country you wouldn’t want to live there”.

    Non-whites can’t seem to comprehend the fact that they are literally parasites on white people. If not? If non-whites are NOT parasites? Then stay in your own country and build up your own country’s living standards to at least an equal standard as that of the West, white countries. THEN you will have proven to us that you are capable of becoming equal to whites.


      When did immigration to Britain from India begin? As soon as as the British left and allowed Indians to immigrate to England or Pakistanis to the mill towns like Bradford in the 1950’s.

      Ever notice the old-timers are friendlier in India our grandparents age? This is because English administration was not so bad in India. Elders who remember the Raj also remember when every Indian had a job and the railways worked and the Bureaucracy was not totally corrupt and there was some accountability.

    • MAGNETO Indians Assume the Australian Attacks Were Whites.

      In fact they were blacks who robbed them because they looked easy.

      Indians are egomaniacs with inferiority complexes in the lower to middle castes who like to believe whites are preventing them from ruling the world.

      • VampireGhost

        Sound like blame “Whitey” NAMs. You’ve mentioned low caste Indians and Malays are not the brightest. Between the two which’s least intelligent per capita?

    • Magneto, if only there was a way I could up-vote your post…

      The Australian parasitic elite love to boast about how Chinese are coming here for clean air, good schools, good lifestyle. These parasitic elites also say how the Chinese are just better than us boring, tired Whites, smarter, harder workers, better at house auctions (yes, there was an article saying how Chinese are just better at auctions)

      They never mention the reason that Chinese are coming here, is because its a country by White people, created by White people and run by White people.

      Same with any ethnicity. Hell, I even heard the same thing from my parents.

      Whites have internalised this. They believe that these immigrants are just better workers, harder workers, smarter, more tolerant, despite the fact the countries these people came from are dysfunctional enough to make them leave and come here.

      Non-white people follow White people. Look at migration patters, they’re looking for where the White people are, the whiter the better. Thats why the refugees pouring into Europe would walk through Southern Europe to get to the whitest of the Whites in Scandinavia and Germany.

      White people think this is just ‘natural’ migration, but its largely due to a pull factor. We give them free shit, so of course they come. When you can come from Sudan with nothing, and be given a free house, a car, and be set up for you and your children, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it.

      • ASSEMBLY

        Greeks and Italians built Melbourne to be fair to them. It was kind of a backwater before they got there and now it is the Athens of the Antipodes (Food, culture, art).

      • ASSEMBLY

        Chinese are not interested in assimilating into other societies. If they can grab the economy, which is harder in white countries than Southeast Asia, they will let the population end up like ethnic Filipinos. They won’t do anything.

        Trust me, if they get a hold of your economy you won’t get a slice of the pie.

      • ASSEMBLY

        Why is it Yanks and Brits find SOME KIND OF JOB in Oz?

        Can’t African people pick fruit or tend bar like Americans and Irish and Brits do? How many millions of years of gov. training does this require?

        Also families on welfare produce angry kids. Dad sits around pissed off on the dole all day and the kids are aimlessly on the street.

        Wait a little while. Sudanese kids will get into gangs.

        • Wait a little while. Sudanese kids will get into gangs.

          Oh, they already are! It took no time at all.

          I’ve only ever seen two incidents of gang violence in the central city, and both by African groups.

          I like how Wikipedia had to dedicate a section specifically to Pacific Islander Gangs.

        • deSPICable Me

          I’ve heard Sudanese are actually behind the ‘rape crises’ more than Syrians.

          I don’t think you can really call most North African or SW Asian refugees ‘parasites’, I mean in this case European colonialism was actually a negative, American Neocon wars fucked them up, etc. Plus, they’re basically White people anyway.

      • Yee

        Assembly Line Human

        Although White countries are very very very good, but 80% of all Overseas Chinese are in Southeast Asia, not in White countries.

        I’m not sure why you have such a big problem with Chinese. Not that many Chinese in Australia actually, there’re more Chinese in Peru than in Australia.

        • YEE

          Chinese in the United States have always had to compete with other groups that were good at business (Jews, Indians, Japanese) or disciplined and intelligent (Germans, Russians, Brits) or academically gifted (other Asians, Jews, Irish).

          As a result they were never able to grab to big a slice of the pizza pie.

          This has kept the resentment low.

        • Yee

          Come on, Trash. Don’t pretend you’ve never heard of the Chinese Exclusion Act from 1882 to 1943.

          No citizenship, no owning land, no education, no living outside Chinatown. How the hell could they seize any economics?

          It’s already a great achievement they no longer at the bottom of the society.

        • deSPICable Me

          I really don’t know what Magneto and ALH are getting at. Whites have not been denied self-determination and chose this course of action.

          Now, as to the notion that these non-Whites should be more “grateful” there may be something to that.

        • @Yee

          It sure seems like there are a lot of Chinese in Australia. Walk through the city centre of Melbourne and Sydney and then tell me differently.

          It’s nothing person, its just the kind of view you adopt when another, organised and very ethno-centric nationality is muscling in on you.

          There’s a reason that we had a White Australia Policy, and I understand very well why. Without it, we would be easy pickings.

      • Beauregard

        With all due respect, this is more WN nonsense.

        You can not say ‘look at their fucked up country’ with regards to a 120 IQ person from a country with an average IQ of 80.

        Do you honestly think that if you put a bunch of 120 IQed people from a third world country together, that they’d create another third world country, cuz Kmac told you so, CUCK!

        • Beauregard

          Specifically, about the ‘Chinese are better than White Aussies’ rhetoric. To a poor White who has very little in life, a positive identity, is something that he will not just allow to be ‘robbed’ from him because for economic expedience of the rich.
          This specifically is very, very bad in middle America, especially as we have a large White underclass, with less of a safety net than y’all, etc.

        • VampireGhost

          UAE has low IQ yet Dubai looks like the Jetsons. There’s an article on tht here.

        • Beauregard

          better yet, though that is an exception with relatively lower-IQ places.

  8. Magneto

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  9. ASSEMBLY LINE HUMAN Air Traffic Controllers

    Not quite true about 50,000 American air traffic controllers from America immigrated to Australia because Reagan broke the union.

    I think everyone knew at least one air traffic controller whose family immigrated during 1981.

    By the way…they have not had any trouble integrating.

    • I’m not saying people don’t come here. We get many from the UK, but the most common complaint is either the cost of living, or our distance.

      • ASSEMBLY

        Why is it that Sudanese cannot get some kind of job but Australia advertises paid holidays in the States for fruit pickers and seasonal bartenders. Can’t Africans do these jobs?

        American air traffic controllers and their families integrated. Melbourne was build by Greeks and Italians, really. The place had little industry before they got there.

        Even Vietnamese who did bring heroin and their own mafia (Mostly preying on one another) will work a job if they have two hands.

        • Almost all of the Africans are in the Capital cities, and mostly concentrated to a few urban areas, and inner city public housing.

          The fruit picking jobs are out of the city, in regional areas.

          Some do move, but why, when you’re given everything to stay where you are? Maybe the motivation isn’t there. Maybe because they have their basic needs they see little reason to work more.

          Maybe they just don’t understand how civilisation works. I’ve heard from social workers how the Sudanese would just leave water taps running all the time, unaware they should be turned off. Or that you don’t just dump your garbage over the fence. Many other anecdotes which indicate they don’t quite get how our society works.

          Greeks and Italians knew how Western civilisation works. They had some cultural differences in religion and food, but overall the moral and economic system was more than familiar.

      • deSPICable Me

        White South Africans?

  10. ASSEMBLY Travel Advice for Oz Tourists

    Be sure to pay medical insurance premiums intending to call Italian-Americans “wog” when visiting the U.S.

    This word will result in some Stallone or Soprano type Italian-American hurting that person.

    Even American blacks who are notoriously foul-mouthed will refrain from calling Italian-Americans “wogs”.

    Maybe Mediterraneans in Melbourne shrug it off being easy-going.

  11. Magneto

    Ultimately the joke is on the foreign MEN who come to the West. As soon as they settle in, their women start going for white men. So while foreign men may slave away at some shit job, their wife is getting her brains fucked out by a white man. Then the daughters of such immigrants, who are fully westernized having been born in the West, will only go for white men.

    So all these Asian and Indian men are literally left celibate because no one wants them. White women sure as shit don’t want them. Asian and Indian women don’t want them. So immigrants who come to the West basically are killing their own race since their women choose to mate with white men.

    So by all means, bring all your women over here. We white men will take them from you and give them the kind of sex that you never could you tiny penis faggots.

    Now in Europe, the migrants are 80 percent men. This is an invasion. And we will need to fight them and drive them out eventually, teh sooner the better. It’s insane that Europe is so cucked that they are allowing a bunch of 3rd world men to invade and rape their women. Not much longer!


      My experience with Hindus from Indian arranged marriages is that they don’t care at all. The marriage is political and economic.

      • Magneto

        Believe me, when an indian man sees an indian woman with a white man, it sets off an explosion inside him, a murderous impotent rage.

        Nothing more satisfying than walking around with a hot indian chick and watching all those loser faggot indian men stare at you with envy.

  12. YEE

    I should add that Pekingese attacked and killed Cantonese in California in Chinatown. It was not only whites.

    Germans, Jews, Japanese and of course blacks have suffered such policies.

    Have Chinese-Americans managed to succeed with one hand tied behind their back. At times, yes.

    But in general there is not the us vs them mentality of Southeast Asia.

  13. Beauregard

    I see the bitter White Nationalists are back in full force.

    I assume they will say something negative about the Jews and TRASH will put them in their place 🙂


      A Jew that is from a city in middle America in decline has less of a fighting chance than an Irish-Catholic from Manhattan or a Japanese-American from California.

      Whites from middle-American have been hit the worst because of where they happen to live.

      The determining factor is geography. Where you were born and when.

      I am from Greater Detroit and attending a university near Flint. If you are from much Michigan you are basically screwed unless you manage to take your degree and leave, which I did.

      If you have a family, mortgage a house and the single economy of your region collapses the government really does not care and cannot do anything.

    • Beauregard

      The Jews and the Asians were born into families with little faith in government or the goodness of man. They are not that clever, just cynical and wary, in my opinion.

      The white girl from middle-America is raised to trust the government, love her country, support her leaders. This faith is a weakness.

      In reality the U.S. government does less for its population than any other developed country in the world. It does not give a shit at all.

      So she has a family and her husband mortgages a house. They follow all the rules and expect that some unwritten social contract guarantees them an inalienable right to a standard of living and wage as long as he is hardworking and Christian.

      The government does not give a shit. It wants to redistribute as little tax money as possible to the public. The middle-class is unimportant to the government because unlike blacks it is not going to revolt in the capitols where such a wide-scale event could affect the government.

      If 4000 a month die from Oxy overdoses nobody will care.

      Jews and Asians come from civilizations of callous indifferent governments who took turns ignoring or killing them. They do not trust the government to the same degree or have any faith in its incorruptibility.

      These are the naive and childish notions of a whites from English or Scottish country stock.

      Jews don’t trust the government worth a shit.

        • ChefWong

          The Jew or Asian has the $2.00 cover charge to get into the party. No dependents under 25, some kind of university education, two-parent family. The white from the single-parent family with no money cannot get through the gate.

          America is based only on self-interest and money, so the clean-living and decent white woman who could not afford to attend college is of less importance than the son of the Jewish slumlord or Asian sweatshop owner.

          In America you cannot start off equally. If you were born in middle America, to parents in their early twenties with skilled manual trades who divorced and you attended public schools your house can collapse on you and not one gay Jew in San Francisco will care. Nor will Asians, Iranians on Sunset Boulevard, Indians in Silicone Valley. Faith, honesty, patriotism have never been anything of value in the corrupt vicious countries of their ancestry. Only the white child from English West Country roots born in Missouri or Alabama believes this.

          Jews and Asians understand that the rich do not care about the quality of public schools because they send their children to private schools. They understand that the rich do not care if Bobby Sue is poor because her parents were only 21 and 22 when she was conceived after a POISON concert in 1989 and she grew up with a single mother. Jews and Asians understand that the rich do not care if the police are brutal or corrupt because they pay for private security.

          So the interior of the United States becomes a mass of teeming peasants in poverty.

          Jews and Asians understand that the government represents Big Business interests who simply do not give a shit at all.

        • CHEF

          Jews do not live overseas. I’ve met few. Only American proles live overseas because the country offers so little for a white from middle America they are better off doing odd jobs getting by in Asia or other white countries. My story.

          Sadly, the U.S. went downhill quickly when I happened to leave in 1999. It was no great shakes even then for a white prole but now it seems to have become much, much worse.

          I have not missed the United States of longed for it and if I were a Jew probably I would want to get back to my Tribeca loft and my job as a broker in Lehman brothers. Jews are the only white Americans who are happy and prosperous right now as a group.

        • “White Nationals” Rules of the Game

          Be sure that your parents were skilled or semi-skilled manual laborers when you were born. Under 25 and unprepared financially. Broken families are a must. Quarrelsome step parents help.
          Rely on public funded resources because the wealthy do not give a shit about public school quality or police corruption/brutality as they send their own to private schools where the decorum of kissing ass is taught and evading rules reinforced for later navigation in real-life and well-paid security guard their gated communities.
          Central geography is a must since nothing of any value is extracted from exurbs or small cities from West VA all the way west to Nevada.
          Lack of parental supervision brought on by working single parents is also helpful. This way you can be molested sexually or introduced to pot-smoking at age 12. This will help pave the way for your later slutty behavior and early adult pregnancy.
          Lot’s of sex. You should definitely be having sex by 16. This way you are f*cked out ho or a father by your early twenties.
          Whatever you do don’t travel unless you join the military. This way you will think the Middle East needs you save Syria because you never saw how much nicer, cleaner and safer Dubai was than your small declining city with its two-story brick building downtown shuttered from Walmart.
          Ethnic pride. You might be 1/16 Native American but you are definitely a “Nord”.
          Have that “baby’s mother” young so child support payments prevent you from leaving the state with the liberty to do whatever you want.
          GED is the ideal but a high school degree will suffice.

    • Beauregard

      I am a Bitter White Prole who got lucky. Greater Detroit collapsed in the 1990’s when I was university. The economy was so bad even in the prosperous 90’s that I moved first out of state and then overseas when I was still in my mid-twenties.

      Anybody who believed the Federal government will drum up a social safety net can look at Detroit. If you are poor and your house falls down on top of you it will not matter at all to the government. It will not bail out your city, care about your community or even pay for bus ticket if you are young and educated enough to find a job anywhere else.

      I am not defending Jews. But most of the Jews that I have known were dopers and drunks on the street. If the government has a LEAVE NO JEW BEHIND plan I am unaware of it.

      In term of ignoring all whites, including Jews, the purpose is merely to ensure that certain races have enough food and diversions not to cannibalize Washington DC like the zombies in Dawn of the Dead. If their welfare was terminated this would happen in 3 or 4 days because they are far from the white-owned farms that grow the food. When looted Safeways and Popeyes ran out of protein they would be chowing down in the suburbs.

    • Beauregard

      Jews do not live overseas. White proles like me for whom America offers absolutely nothing whatsoever live overseas. Most Jews still enjoy their Tribeca loft and law firm partnership in NYC.

      I am not sure that America would improve very much if every Jew left. This is a matter of technology and geography. People do not need coal so Appalachia is finished, gone.

      Pittsburgh is gone because steel is manufactured elsewhere. Flint.

      None of this has anything to with Jews save for their ability, like Asians, to find jobs in STEM or parasitic professions like law and journalism in a secondary market economy based on IOU’s as opposed to digging stuff out of the ground.

    • I’m German-American from Greater Detroit and not Jewish by the way.

    • Beaurgegard

      When NYC leveled the Bronx its Jewish ghetto dwellers were offered a package deal to relocate to to Phoenix.

      I cannot say that their cunning, supreme intelligence or master race qualities impressed me to much.

      Most were dopers and drunks and street bums.

      One assumed they were lighter-skinned Mexicans until you heard their names.

    • Bearegegard

      WN’s are already in the right place. They are far from the centers of power or financial importance or cultural relevance.

      Their knowledge of the world comes from reality television.

      Additionally they rely on public services and the wealthy would not their own kids to spend a day in a public school with the riff-raff.

      • Beauregard

        Just look at Magneto’s comments on this thread. Jesus F*ck.
        WNs have no capacity for political clout.

        While La Raza has a prominent lawyer’s association with a few powerful members (like Gonzalo Curiel). BLM choreographs the harassment of Presidential candidates. Israelis fight for their nation with every fiber of their being. WNs, EVEN OF THE HIGH AVERAGE IQ AUTISTIC KIND, ARE INCAPABLE OF EVEN DOING THIS.

        • Beauregard

          Its the stupid Jewish obsession.

          You’d think White Nationalists would form their own economic cartel or mafia like the Italians but none of them can.

          Israel? The U.S. lends money out to stupider countries that are never going to pay like Philippines who then call the President a “son of a whore” (Yeah, were respected overseas alright) when Filipinos are sending millions home in remissions.

          Kicking over Hymie’s headstone makes you a sad bastard.

          That is Fourth Grade Devil’s Night sad.


        • Beauregard HIGH IQ WN’S

          High IQ WN’S spend their lives engrossed in collecting comic books or jerking off to Hentai porn.

          They listen to stupid punk bands and go to mosh pits (Or they used to in the 90’s).

          I may be one but I left the United States 18 years ago because my attitude is that it is not a decent place to live anymore for whites anyhow and NAMS cannot afford to live permanently overseas.

        • Beauregard

          They get useless degrees like I have (Broadcast Journalism).

          If they can the just leave the country like I did and spend years overseas simply because Mexicans and Blacks do not live permanently in Thailand or Dubai.

          Politically nobody cares if they riot in Jasper, Missouri. If Blacks riot in D.C. or LA or Mexicans riot in Phoenix this is matter of national emergency.

          Most are wimpy anyhow. Blacks, Jews and Mexicans are not afraid of them.

        • Beauregard

          Whites will burn down THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS in Boise.

          Yeah, NAMS will give a shit about that.

          Latins and Blacks seem to ruthless enough to kill to get what they want as a group.

          Moreover they occupy areas around financially or politically important epicenters like LA or NYC.

          Who gives a shit if WN’s loot Alaska or Wyoming?

          Their Red States in the Bible Belt of the Flyover are on the decline because they are no longer important economically anyhow.

        • Beauregard

          I’ve only known one “White nationalist”, a kid I went to school with from Kindergarten to 12th grade.
          He really just cared about Blacks, although he did occasionally tell mild jokes about Mexicans or Jews.

          Although he was a B student, he was nevertheless ‘the kid that ate the glue’ in 2nd grade.

          Further impressions based on my experiences on this blog is that they are big time whiners.

        • I know why White Nationalists won’t form solid groups. Too much infighting.

          It’s not enough to be pro-White. You’ve got to be wise on the Jew, got to have the right opinion on the holocaust. Some WN’s will debate with others about whether we should be more Free Market or not.

          I’m not sure if La Raza bother with that rubbish, but it certaintly prevents whites doing so.

          Also, many of the more intelligent White Nationalists are too concerned about being doxxed. The reason you see trash White Nationalists is because all the good, intelligent ones (and there ARE many of them), simply can’t afford to be known as pro-White.

          That, and Whites don’t understand why they SHOULD act in their self interest. So White Nationalist pro-white groups will only be patronised by other pro-whites. Normal whites would find acting in their interest ridiculous. Most white people would be appalled to hear of a group acting in their own ethnic interests.

          Again, would Hispanics or Blacks be concerned about a pro-Hispanic or pro-Black group?

        • Hotdog

          It’s not just WN that are on to jews. It’s only human to oppose the jews agenda, which in the end is against all mankind.

        • Beauregard

          Once again, I partially agree.
          It is true that there is a ‘double standard’ for ‘pro-White groups’ as opposed to racial minorities.
          At the same time….
          It’s not true that many upper middle class Whites sympathize with White Nationalism but just keep it ‘hush, hush’.

          The negative effects of globalism/multiculturalism are mainly just effecting the poor, so upper middle class Whites really don’t care.

        • Beauregard

          It’s also true they are infested with trolls, and they drive the movement to blatant fascism and that alienates people.

          One of the more prominent writers was married to a Jewess, many of Richard Spencer’s mentors were Jews, etc.

        • @Beauregard

          Even of Left Wing papers in Australia, like The Age, the comments about issues regarding immigration numbers are solidly against our mass immigration program.

          There was an article yesterday on this “leftie” paper about the housing crisis and its risk, and I counted only a few out of 100 comments or so which said we didn’t have an immigration problem.

          Dick Smith, a prominent and respected Australian entrepreneur came out in support of Pauline Hansons immigration policy.

          The number of people who have told me in private that there is an issue with migration, the level and the problems of diversity is higher than you think.

          They’re not White Nationalists and probably never would be, but the sentiment is there. The idea that people support high levels of immigration and becoming an eventual minority is just not true.

          The problem is the White Nationalists can’t drop all the excess nazi/jew/holocaust, so no White person can relate to them. The problem is that they want ideological purity, and feel that if they drop any of this excess baggage, they will be cucks or trimmers or whatever.

          The populist anti-immigration parties in Europe are rising for a reason. Trump got elected for a reason. One Nation is pollling well here for a reason.

          This trend will only continue. The future doesn’t belong to White Nationalists, but it does trend towards nationalism.

        • Porky

          Those in charge of much of society don’t want people of European descent having too much pride in their ancestry or their ethnicity. Pride makes people stubborn and resistant to being subjugated.

          Pride and a strong sense of identity make people resistant to tikkun olam.

  14. DUBAI Jetsons

    I was employed in Dubai in 1999-2000. The city is very wealthy and has a vast skyline while poor whites from small towns in Tennessee or Missouri are forced to sacrifice their lives in the Arab toilet bowl of Syria to prop up some corrupt bastard or another who makes half-hearted promises to crack down on terrorism.

    This is the after-affect of electing an alcoholic bum who really did not think things through when he destabilized the region with a war that cost trillions. Perhaps a few more trillion will be spent in Syria.

    In the meanwhile Arabs in Dubai will enjoy better infrastructure, cleaner streets, lower crime and better educational standards than the average American.


    American may call itself a democracy but in fact the people in Dubai have greater wealth and privileges than the average white from Dick’s Knob, Tennessee or NAM from “Eas Los”.

    The U.S. government is much more capable of ignoring the public and the division of wealth far vaster.

    But if Trump can convince poor white Americans to kill other poor people in Syria for a dictator who made weak promises to keep terrorism in check that is up to the white prole to swallow this bullshit.

    Arabs in Dubai will continue to buy and sell Mercedes. Their countries will blossom and skylines will glow with the Burj.

    …Meanwhile in the crumbling downtown of some exurb city that nobody with any money would live far from the Halls of Power a 35 year old Iraqi War veteran waits on a cold morning in the rain outside the VA. His was is forgotten and Americans regard it as a waste of money that could have been spent on infrastructure.

    The president he patriotically volunteered to serve was a draft-evading alcoholic bum whom history remembers as one of the worst to ever be chief.

    His downtown looks nearly as rundown as Syria while the Dubai Arabs frolic beneath the shadows of new skyscrapers. Businesses he remembered as a child from the 90’s are boarded up. Oxy addicts and tweakers lurk in the shadows of old 2 story brick buildings, plying their trade. Only the Sports Bar is humming with business as people seek solace from the anonymity and poverty.


    Careful with the rubber. You probably don’t even like the girl that much. Not enough to get stuck in the state paying child support.
    Don’t bother with the community spirit. If your exurb or city or state is in decline find a way to leave.
    Don’t buy into family values. The government hates childless educated middle-class drifters and intelligentsia because they question everything.
    Attend university. You’ll become skeptical.
    Don’t bother with the NAMS. They don’t appreciate European history anyhow.
    Be cynical.
    Travel as much as possible.
    Don’t marry or impregnate the first girl you screw. You’ll miss out on all the sex and blowjobs that come your way in your 20’s if your paying for kids and bills. Most likely your marriage will break up anyhow because you’ll cheat and then your son will become an unhappy delinquent.
    Don’t believe that the government really cares about your rights as a citizen. You are merely bottom of the barrel genetic sludge to them. Your public infrastructure and schools and safety are like parking ticket to them.
    Keep your drugs in your house. Avoid the super-addictive ones.

  17. On Dubai Success

    Race Relations

    1) Racially homogeneous and all foreigners are lowlifes to them. South Asians, Filipinos, Russian whites, European/American whites, Blacks, Arabs is how their system works from lowest to highest.


    2) One dumb Brit stole a candy bar. Another even dumber one brewed beer for Arabs. The brewer got 6 years and the Brit who shoplifted was lashed and then fired from his job. Don’t steal in an Arab country.

    Police relations

    3) One Marine was walking around near the Saudi border and some locals dragged him to watch a beheading just to see him vomit, which Arabs find funny when foreigners do at the sight of a head being lobbed off.

    Gender relations

    4) Foreign women can sell sex as it discourages rape. You really should not have sex with an Arab man’s daughter or sister although I have known some foreign fools like the Mexican chef that did this and did not get caught. It will sometimes surprise you how many women who would appear churchgoing will go to Dubai and sell their body for $500 a month for 6 months. Even some English and American women do it who are skilled techs in their own country.


    Hash is a grey market thing because it has been in the Arab culture forever. Don’t be drunk in public. Drink and drive, you’ll do one year before your Embassy can get you out. You might have AIDS by then.


    6) It happens but the punishment is severe.

    Natural Resources

    7) Oil ran low but they diversified their economy.

    • Beauregard


      My dear TRASH, they are 30% Indian subcontinentals

      but I have heard they are not considered ‘equals’

      • Beauregard

        Somehow “Ay-Rabs” in the desert can kick out guest workers (Indians, Pakistanis) and they never get in again.

        But a Mexican criminal can be deported 10 times.

        No you are not a Dubai citizen unless you are an Arab. Indians born in Dubai are not citizens and neither are whites.

        Blacks, Jews, Arabs, Asians do not give a single solitary shit about PC.

      • Beauregard

        THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS EVEN WHEN BORN IN DUBAI. No non-Arab can be a citizen at all. Period.

        Arabs will do this from poorer countries like Yemen, however.

        I think was Renee Zellwinger who was born in Saudi or some actress like that. She does not have citizenship.

        No anchor babies in Arabia.

      • Beauregard

        Is Ba’athism is the reason for this?

        My understanding is that basically all the stable, non-Jihadi countries are Ba’athist (Arab civic nationalist or socialist)

        • Beauregard

          Dubai has a parliament called the Diwan. Most Arab gulf countries do.

          Ba’athism was actually pan-Arab socialism (But distorted by Authoritarianism) conceived by a famous Syrian writer that logically caught on in Egypt, Iraq.

        • The Gulf Arabs did a smart thing.

          On a very basic level they are socialist. Taxes on Haliburton and other foreign businesses. Welfare for citizens too lazy to work and a free apartment. British educational system.

          First, they let the Brits run the place into the 1960’s like Singapore and Hong Kong. There is something to be said about British legal and political systems. They seem to stand the test of time.

          Secondly new-rich Arabs from these countries invested in UK property. Many obtained UK citizenship. This does not make the average Football Hooligan that happy but it kept Dubai and its neighbors stable.

          Third Dubai opened its gates to English real estate developers, business people and even $500 a trick prostitutes. This has kept a great deal of money in the economy.

          Yemen went the other way and revolted against British rule.

        • Beauregard

          that sounds like Stephen Bannon style “civic nationalism”

      • Renee Zellwinger was born in a Saudi hospital. She cannot be a citizen. Arabs don’t let their guest workers have Anchor babies.

        You can be born to Indian parents and you will still not be a citizen.

        Do you think the want a problem with illegal aliens?

        Other Arabs born in Dubai can be citizens but on the passport is marked 2nd class, 3rd class etc.

  18. Beauregard

    Unless you are an Emirate you cannot be a Dubai citizen. You are a guest worker.

    This is intended to keep foreigners on their best behavior.

    • Beauregard


      From : An admitted schizophrenic, a South-African born Australian who’s father was mentally impaired from being the victim of a Black robbery/beating shortly before leaving South Africa. This fellow has a degree in pure economics, but can’t find work in that field. He thinks he is a Saintly genius for exposing the ‘fraud’ of brokerage and wealth management. He spends all his spare time trying to show that Jews promote Blacks to brainwash low-IQ Whites. Rather than presenting evidence of his claims he references ‘muh 146 IQ’ when challenged, something which he has never bothered to present evidence of either.

      • Beauregard

        oops posted that in the wrong place.

        • Beauregard

          It is doubtful if the South African Jew really benefited much from black rule.

        • Beauregard

          correct, a higher proportion of them GTFO after the ANC took power.

          The more coherent WNs understand that Jews won’t do any better than Gentile Whites in NAM societies (perhaps even worse) but that they’ll all just ‘flee to Israel’. Who would want to move there, with it’s compulsory military service, Southern European strength economy, etc.?

  19. Beauregard ?

    Why do the Bronx, Coney Island, Israel, Brighton Beach, East Detroit and the Manchester UK Jewish quarter look so rundown and ghetto if these folks are so much more intelligent than East Asians and Northern Europeans or Brits?

    Overall not as dangerous as South Chicago but nowhere you would want to build your dream house either. I’m not talking about some neighborhood in LA with SOME Jews. I’m talking about Jewish communities with of 50,000 +.

    Shouldn’t this supposedly brilliant race be free of the sex workers, petty gangsters, wiggers, thugs, dopers, winos that every Jewish community has a fair share of?

  20. Beauregard

    Bronx, Coney Island, Hunt’s Point, UK’s Jewish quarter are pretty dirty and grimy places where something like 25% of the Jews are legally under the poverty line.

    Shouldn’t a master race with every member possessing an IQ of 200 be able to do better than the rattiest white ghettos in the West/

    Where is the genius, bro?

  21. Beauregard Dubai vs U.S.

    When refugees attempt to sneak into Dubai from Yemen or other war-torn countries they are dealt with pretty harshly. Arabs do not have much sympathy for one another and Syrians and Iraqis caught illegally in Dubai would be jailed and deported. Maybe worse than that.

    You will see no refugee programs for Syrians. Except for some refugee prostitutes as Arabs allow this to reduce the rate of rape.

    Arabs are openly racist in Dubai. However they do not swear because they assume if a white man is accused of sexual relations with his mother he has right to kill the other man regardless of his nationality. And Arabs kill people over insults. Fights end in death, not somebody punched out. Just keep your mouth shut in Dubai.

    Infrastructure and amenities are free.

    All citizens have the right to property and a house.

  22. Arabs won’t lift a finger to assist either side in Syria. They did not lift a finger in Iraq. They will accept no refugees but prostitutes. They will do nothing.

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