Heterosexual Dating in Your 50’s in the USA, 2017

I had a date a while back, and even before our first date, this woman read off this list of all the perverted porn star stuff she would do.

“OK. Deep throat, anal sometimes, you can tie me up, you can handcuff me…but I will not have sex with another woman for you! And I give the best deep throat west of the Mississippi. That’s why you should choose me instead of those other women.”

I never even asked her to do a lesbian show for me. She just assumed I would want that. I have heard this a lot lately. I guess a lot of men are asking their women to put on lesbian shows for them or engage in male-female-female threesomes with them.

I thought it was pretty funny because I have been running into this a lot lately with women age ~50. They give you this laundry list of all the slutty things they will do. All women this age are totally pornified nowadays and into full on porn movie sex.

And by that age, most women have done just about everything sexual, and I do mean everything, and they have figured out what they like and don’t like. You can ask them to do just about anything, even things that young women flip out on, give you dagger eyes, yell at you and threaten to walk out the door for even suggesting that they do. The 50 year old woman just smiles gently and tells you she’s not into this or that perverted act for this or that reason. It’s like they’re at least open to just about anything sexual, you name it.

You meet these women age ~50, and even before the first date, they rattle off all the kinky and perverted stuff they do and how you should pick them because other women won’t do this or that dirty thing that they will.

I approve of this new trend among the older ladies.

This always makes me chuckle. Good God, in the US now, middle-aged single women are actually trying to outwhore each other. They are actually bragging about what big sluts they are, just to get a man. I guess by my age, decent men are a bit scarce, so the women really start competing hard for the guys.

I’m a Boomer. God I love my generation! I swear we will still be having sex and taking bong hits in the old folks’ home! We ain’t never gonna quit. We’ll party til we drop.


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  1. Magneto

    Nothing wrong with that at all. Unless you plan on getting married and want a “pure chaste wife”, it’s better off that women are all whores and porn stars who engage in super wild sex. Because if we are not going to marry and reproduce with them, then they have no need to have motherly qualities and the only thing they need is to act like a porn star.

    As for generations, I’ve been learning a lot about Generation Z, the generation of kids born after 2000. They are all very conservative, almost to the point of being neo-nazi white supremacists. They are all against feminism and multiculturalism. But how can you blame them? Boomers and Millenials are lucky enough to live in the suburbs but a lot of Gen Z is in direct contact with blacks and mexicans daily and so they can’t help but develop a hatred towards them and consider them as lower races.

    I predict that there is going to be a full blown Nazi revival starting with Gen Z. They will kick out all the subhuman immigrants and save Western civilization. Generation Z really is looking like the light at the end of the dark tunnel we’ve been in during the past 50 years.

    Ann Coulter wrote a book in 2015 talking about how the Democrats want to turn America into a 3rd world shithole. I don’t think Generation Z are going to allow that to happen. They are the most uncucked generation I’ve ever seen. Most redpilled generation ever.

    • Magneto

      Don’t take my word for it, hop onto Instagram (that’s the social network that Generation Z uses the most) and start getting to know some of the younger kids, 16 year olds. You’ll find them in the “meme” groups and so on. They are basically race realists, anti-feminists, and anti-multiculturalists. Pretty much everything the alt-right, alt-left stands for.

      • MAGNETO

        They are rebelling against their parents who are Generation X slackers and PC warriors who themselves were rebelling against the Reagan Revolution of their childhood in the 1980’s.


      Generation Z grew up in poverty and Millennials are 30 years old and still living in their parents basement. The economy just tanked as they came of age.

      Generation X had it pretty good. We were working in fast food restaurants by 15. Millennials with MBA’s do that now and they are not even the manager.

      Millennials were children of divorce born to Boomer’s during the Reagan and Bush years from 1981 through 2000. However, their childhood was prosperous. They probably expected adulthood to pan out better.

      Unlike Dad they will never have the money to have affairs or get divorced because the middle class has been gutted.

      So they have developed a bunker mentality.

      They will never know what it was like to be 25 in 1999 and go to swinger’s clubs and have sex with then 50 year old women or two women in one night. Millennials don’t think liberal sex is cool anymore so guys have to resume beating off or visiting prostitutes like they did in the 1930’s.

    • deSPICable Me

      This doesn’t make sense.

      Why would generation Z (post 2000 births) be any more isolated from the burbs than generation X? They live with their parents…who are generation Xers.

    • deSPICable Me

      I am still at a loss as to why a White Nationalist like yourself would move to India.

    • deSPICable Me


      unfettered pointless wars in the Middle East, which turns Europe into a refugee camp.
      A recession and possibly depression due to the deregulation of the finance industry.
      Corruption in the Justice system (Scooter Libby)

      People like you will vote for ridiculous policies then blame “Black and Mexicans” when it blows up in your face….a la Trumpenproletariat

      • Magneto

        Why didn’t Iran or Saudi Arabia take in the “immigrants”? Nope, even when immigrants reach Europe, they keep going UNTIL THEY REACH GERMANY BECAUSE WHY? BECAUSE GERMANY HAS A WELFARE SYSTEM.

        These immigrants are nothing but economic parasites who are simply flooding into the West to get free shit.

        And by the way, I only realized the truth of white supremacy AFTER I moved to India. Indians themselves realize the white race is the supreme race. That’s why they worship white people. Hell, their religion worships white people too.

        With that said, I have a few good CHRISTIAN friends from Africa and they are very nice people. It seems like Christianity is the only religion that can civilize other races and turn them into good people.


    Boomer women knew HOW TO SWING. They were 50 when I was 25 in the late 1990’s.

    Millennial women seemed to have gotten too far into bisexual chic.


    One of the stupidest trends to come out of porn was bisexuality. In the 1990’s girls began adopting it to appear cool but then it caught on and too many Gen X women became gay for my taste.

    Boomer broads knew how to swing and embraced their womanhood.

    I came at the tail-end of their sexual activity in their late 40’s and early 50’s when I was 25 years old in the late 90’s.

    But oh what fun I had.

  4. Tales From the 90’s

    In Arizona I discovered swingers parties because young Gen X women were too busy french-kissing one another in goth makeup and listening to depressing post-grunge to be sexual. When you did hook up, it was in the dark starfish sex.

    Their Moms were COOLER. And hornier.

    So I hit the Phoenix hippy swinger’s circuit. The women were in their forties and fifties and a young man with a stiff penis was acceptable.

    It was good time for generational overlap.

    I suppose my generation of women will all sit around french-kissing one another in flannel shirts with their old self-harm scars.

    What a drag Gen X was.

  5. PHOENIX Swinging in the 1990’s

    I was just turned 25. A gas jockey I knew and some younger college kids who lived in the adjacent apartment piled into a car because we had heard of a swinger’s party.

    Gen X girls were no fun. They were either jock-loving tanning salon Sorority whores or they were Goth chicks who slit their wrists and french-kissed other women and listened to Bush (The band).

    So we heard some Boomer hippies in their 40’s and 50’s were having a swinger’s party and hit the road.

    We all smoked marijuana. We arrived stoned and this huge Arizona house had been converted into a swinger’s club.

    Along for the ride was one chick.

    I hooked up with two 50 year old hippies. One after the other.

    Oh the great fun of the 1990’s. It was the last great decade.

  6. SHI

    Robert, you need to apply for a passport and travel outside the US especially to Eastern Europe and Asia. You’d be blown away by the quality of pussy abroad. Come down to India. All you need to do is flash the American passport, and start dating women 25-30 years below your age.

    American women have very high standards which are impossible to meet. Just ditch them and move abroad. Spend the rest of your years in happiness abroad. Who cares if these are third world countries? Healthcare is very cheap here anyway.

    • Magneto

      I agree, but DON’T come to India. Rather, go to Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, or pretty much anywhere in Southeast Asia.

      You will love it because of how relaxing and peaceful the lifestyle there is. And yes you can fuck hot 20 year old Asian chicks with ease.

  7. SHI

    Most young Indian women are in arranged marriages or want to marry a young Indian man. They aren’t that easy to meet and they will be low-caste Indians who expect you to feed their whole village. You probably won’t meet a self-sufficient Baniya girl but rather a girl who is poor.

    Yes, you can live on $400 a month in India in a gated community.

    However some Muslims take offense at Westerners.

    You are probably safest in Cochin or Goa.

    • SHI


      It just came out. Donald Trump is planning to trademark his brand to a chain of 38 massage parlors and escort services in China. Many Chinese women can be very beautiful. I do have that yellow fever thing. Chinese women are dainty and have smooth, buttery, flawless complexions. They can be lighter than White women. I like the ones that look like her. I would give anything to make this girl below my wife.

      I would love to travel to China to have sex in Trump-branded escort agencies.


      China has already registered a trademark Feb. 14 to a Trump-branded construction firm after a 10-year legal battle that ended in the president’s favor after he launched his GOP campaign.

      The pending trademarks are for Trump-branded golf clubs, hotels, insurance, finance and real estate companies, massage parlors, and social escort and concierge services, the AP reported.

      Donald Trump’s lawyers applied for the trademarks in April 2016, when the Republican presidential candidate was attacking China at campaign rallies, and their approval raises potential constitutional issues after his inauguration as president, reported the Associated Press.

      The provisional approvals were published Feb. 27 and Monday by China’s Trademark Office, and they’ll be formally registered if no objections are filed after 90 days.

      Ethics lawyers have consistently warned that Trump could be in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which bans public servants from accepting anything of value from foreign states without congressional approval, if he receives special treatment from China during the process.

    • Magneto

      Wrong. 400 dollars a month in today’s prices will get you a shitty living standard in a not-so decent neighborhood.

      If you want an actual gated community like a high rise apartment community? You’ll need to spend 400 dollars on rent alone. Then another 100 on electric bills. Another 50 or 100 on internet. And then another 200 or 300 on food costs per month. And then another 200 or 300 dollars on transportation costs.

      India is not as cheap as you think it is. Unless you want to live in an absolute hellhole of an area.

      • MAGNETO

        Maybe in Jo Jo or Andheri it is $400 a month. You can rent a bungalow with walled-in compound for $150 a month in Goa. Maybe even less in Cochin.

        Anjuna beach is not a hellhole area and you can rent a place there for $100 a month.

        But I agree. India is expensive for the poor.

  8. deSPICable Me


    Mann Coulter is too blind as to comprehend any degree of subtlety other than black-white. She does not understand that allowing third world immigrants in does not inherently destroy the country. Apartheid-era RSA was 70% Black, yet for the Whites it was a first world country.

    Either with meritocracy or legal segregation things are preserved.
    The problem is that poor Whites are the real victims. These are the ‘lesser ability’ Trump voters, yet she can’t admit they are ‘lesser ability’

    • deSPICable Me

      I apologize for this rant.

      But what type of person (Magneto) refers to Third Worlders as “subhuman” yet has a fetish for brown women? I can only assume he resents third world men as they are his rivals for third world women.

      A White backlash in the west would effect men firstly, promoting his interests.

      • Hotdog

        I believe it’s common in mixed-race relationships to to play with race. I’ve seen females that go black refer to blacks as hired help, a White sex tourist in Asia identifying himself as a White master, ect. The idea that people fetishizing another race are less racial is false. Most White men that don’t mix aren’t racialists. Valueing different races and cultures is less common than simply wanting to fuck a different race, any dumbass with a pecker can do the later.

        • deSPICable Me

          It is true that men in general will “screw anything that moves” but having sex basically exclusively with non-White women, and moving to a non-White country for a WN really just does not add up.

        • Most whites who live overseas simply found a way to get out of the United States, which is not a very fun place for a white guy anymore.

          No NAMS.

        • Hotdog

          Not WN but a similar type of traditionalist seems prone to racemixing with Asians. I personally subscribe to the “you’re no better than what you sleep with” credo but to each is own.

        • HOTDOG

          We leave the United States so that we do not have to give a shit about the garbage churned out by some JOO cokehead in Hollywood.

          I’ve been out of the U.S. since Billy was in office and I can tell you from afar the place has gotten no better for ordinary whites. You wouldn’t know this because you have not traveled. If you saw the U.S. from any degree of distance you would observe that it has declined a bit.

          No NAM underclass either. You can be poor in Asia, as I am relatively, and still be safe riding a train.

          Nothing wrong with life in Asia. Their countries improve every day while America deals with riots and chimpouts in public restaurants and apparently JOOS reserve all the good jobs for themselves.

          In fact a white man with a second-rate college degree cannot even get a job. Or at least one of comparative value.

          Additionally if you live between Manhattan and LA the economy is in decline and the government does not really do much for you.

          Like I said, you don’t see this. You’ve never been out for a day. If you were out for a year or two you’d realize the U.S. has fallen far behind other white countries.

          Whatever the JOO agenda it has been at the expense of other whites. Or perhaps the 1% are to blame. The quality of life has declined. America is borrowing money from China, a second-rate backwater when I left the U.S.

        • deSPICable Me

          the traditionalist thing makes the most sense.

          I was largely unaware that applied to Indians, though.

        • deSPICable Me

          Indian women, I mean.

          As far as ‘traditionalist’ women here at home Hispanics do fairly well.

          Obviously a Central American Chola does not qualify, but White Latinos and some Mestizos definitely do.

        • HOTDOG

          Avoiding NAMS and JOOS requires race-mixing bro.

          But you really do not miss much having to have starfish sex with pasty Irish girls or other Catholic women in starfish positions after you’ve plied them with enough beer on Ladies Night.

          Most whites live in Asia simply because America is no longer a very fun place to be born of European extraction, unless of course you are a JOO.

          You will have much more fun overseas.

        • Hotdog

          I’m more open to Asia than most, I just haven’t given up on America yet. I wish you were right about jews but my rose-tinted glasses are off. Historically, the jew is but a thorn in the European lions paw. Currently, every influential anti-White turd happens to be a jew. Even little turdlings like you and Tim Wise are part jewish, despite claiming to be White. Oh sure, a proud German refers to his people as “Germs” and defends jews when they aren’t even mentioned. I don’t care how much gold the jew has horded, a parasite is nothing without its host.

        • Hotdog

          Even from a racemixing standpoint, there’s way more different races in parts of America. A guy that lived in China wrote an article on why he prefers to live in my town because of the many races. TRASHs defense of jews makes more sense if he married the Rabbi that gave him a BJ after his circumcision.

      • Magneto

        My points are VERY simple.

        Most brown men are subhumans. Some are nice people, most are just braindead animals.

        This is why most brown women want to marry white men. Because they realize that white men are a lot more civilized.

        Brown men suck. Brown women are awesome. That’s my philosophy in a nutshell. I can’t even count the number of times brown men have acted like a bunch of pathetic little beta male pussies towards me and engaged in passive aggressive behavior because they’re too chickenshit to just fight me one on one like a real man.

        Brown men need to be exterminated.

        • Also many drink and beat their wives and spend their disposable income at whorehouses and are not great in the sack to begin with.

          I’ve never known a single white male in India including myself that did not have sex with a married Indian woman.

          This nearly put me in a bad situation though and I shall not recommend it.


    Actually, you’re no better than where you live. If it is Greater Detroit like me, than you should leave.

    The U.S. has fallen behind other white countries since I have been gone. Generation Y has half the opportunities of Generation X and half of you live in your parents basements at the age of 30. Maybe you were a teenager when Clinton was President but there was a time when young people could get some sort of job if they had a second-rate job.

    I have not missed the U.S. for a day. Who wants to be afraid at the bus stand with NAMS. Who wants to see white girls walking around with blacks because they are so stupid that the media tells them it is a good thing to do.

    You’ll learn something overseas. The most important thing you learn is that you do not have to give a shit that JOOS are running the place at the expense of everyone else. Or at least other whites.

    Irish-Catholics and Polish and other white ethnic groups usually end up lower on the social ladder than Jews because they attend better colleges but at any rate who wants to live in a country they are running into the ground with stupid movies like GET OUT.

    The nagging dissatisfaction you feel at what you enjoy according to your abilities disappears overseas. You never have to actually see a NAM or a JOO (They don’t travel much) if overseas is your destination.

    Of course you never traveled and you think that all white countries are about the same as America. Wrong. Most are better for a white person. Higher wages, safer streets, better use of taxes.

    You just don’t know this.

    Asian pussy is only 1 reason to live overseas.

    • Lissen to dis antisemite!

      Oy vey it’s anuda Showa!

      • ROBERT

        White men live in Asia to be white men. It ain’t all bad. One thing about all minorities in the U.S. is that they do not really want to live overseas.

        Try having a chimpout in the Philippines. You’d be killed. Try being an arrogant and aggressive JOO. Dead. Cholos. Dead.

        None of them cannot exist beyond their own environments because of their genetic lack of adaptability.

        Whites can live almost anywhere. We always have.

        • Alpha Unit

          Non-Whites cannot exist beyond their own environments because of genetic lack of adaptability? This doesn’t make any sense. How are all these non-Whites surviving outside their native environments then?

        • deSPICable Me

          Well I suppose TRASH is trying to say that Blacks can not survive both outside of Africa and without Whites or Mestizos around.

          The problem is that many Caribbean nations show this not to be true. Barbados, being the one that sticks out to me.

          Partially it is because there is a lack of tribal tensions as there is in Africa, and due to it’s small land area Warlord thugs can not gather an army of neighboring marauding thugs to commit genocide as has been the case in Africa.

      • ROBERT

        I do not have to watch white prole girls with too much eye makeup and cheap tramp stamp tattoos and huge cavern of a vagina standing outside Section 8 or wherever because they watched GET OUT and found a thug to have a baby with.


        Certain NAM females built like Mack tracks or hissing Yentas will never be in Asia.

        I screwed a female Navy personnel once in the Philippines. She was nice enough and I plied her with beer and she was horny enough to let me have sex with her but it was the same old starfish sex in the dark.

        This is not fun.

        Once you have had the porno style doggy sex with dusky women it is no fun.

  10. HOTDOG

    Do the math for the money and time you invested in getting some pasty-ass white girl with fake dyed red hair to have starfish sex with the lights off. Or any white Catholic girl that you managed to have sex with.

    Cost $100 a screw when you work out the gas, the house in the bars on ladies night, the beer, the time.

    If you are desperate enough to pay it has to be a drug addict in your car blowing you while you hope the cruiser does not creep up and turn its lights on. In a bad neighborhood.

    You do not know any of this because you have lived in America and in the same state and probably the same region all of your life. You cannot imagine a life where the boss is not a JOO or the company owner where NAMS are lurking in public places ominously and obese NAM women who weigh as much as MACK truck are not doing a chimpout at the front counter.

    But if you did leave the U.S. which is harder for Generation Y born from 83 on because the economy was bad when Billy left office and the country went downhill, you would notice that life with no NAMS or JOOS in a country where you can behave how you want is not bad.

    In fact you might not want to leave.


    You’re quite intelligent and you’ve caught me again.

    White males have less conflict walking away from America because we do not have the same loyalties to cousins or neighborhoods or countries. White males have always wandered around the world. We cannot get what we want out of one country we get what we want out of another.

    For example I am trying to immigrate to Australia. Do you think I would miss Greater Detroit for a single day or minute. I can get more out of Australia as a white man so that is where I want to live.

    American culture is not as important to us. After 3 months in Australia or another white country we forget about it. White males I mean.

    So we are speaking about CHOICE and you have intelligently caught me in an inaccuracy.

    Most other groups would not CHOOSE to make such an adjustment.

    Women of ALL RACES tend to CHOOSE such a physical migration less of the time. I’ve seen few women of any non-Asian race.


    Quite intelligently, you’ve picked apart another one of my clumsy statements.

    Other groups CHOOSE to remain where they are.

    Whites colonized the world for what they could GET OUT OF IT. I CHOSE to leave Greater Detroit because of what I could get out of other countries.

    One core difference is that white culture is more or less the same in all of our former colonies or lands we stole. Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

    You might have a more difficult time in your ancestral country of origin with language etc. Whites in America can move to Australia and we are glad for it.

    One thing people of other backgrounds do not understand is how little whites care if we leave. We do not miss Hollywood. We do not miss our hood, our cousins or the rest of it. Leaving the United States means much less to us.

  13. deSPICable Me

    I said nothing of the sort. I said white Anglo-Saxons are more adaptable to Australia or New Zealand because we have the same standard of living more or less in any country we have settled anywhere in the world.

    If you are Hispanic it would be more difficult for you to adapt to Australia, for example. If you are a white Anglo Saxon, it takes 4 days. After a month, you don’t even miss the U.S.

    White are COLONISTS essentially. We do not have the same primitive tribal link to the land that Mestizos or Africans do. So you move to Sydney and write your parents every day on e mail. Maybe a once a year trip.

    I know many whites who moved to Australia from California. They did it simply to get away from NAMS and be in a white individualist country. They were happy to do so……….like I was happy to leave Greater Detroit.

    When whites DO LEAVE it begins to dawn on other groups that we don’t care if Detroit reverts back to farmland or New Orleans is flooded. Out of sight, out of mind.

    And yes, NAMS and I include Jews in this, show far less inclination to leave their environments that Anglo Saxons. I’ve met very few overseas.

    The flipside of this is that Anglo-Saxons do not have a cultural screen to filter Hollywood or the mass media or PC. Italian-Americans for example, are too macho to give a shit about PC. That is their culture. Anglos in Oklahoma have no culture.

    We can adapt to Asia. Show me a single Chola woman who would choose to leave “Eas Los” or South Miami and live in Asia?

    To begin with their pussy has no premium. I screwed a white female Navy ensign in Philippines because she was drunk and needed a screw and I was the only white man willing to expend the energy to do it. Asian males generally thing the white vagina is a big cavern or at least Filipino men do-it is really rare for white women to be raped in Asia.

    • deSPICable Me

      Depends on what you mean by “live”
      any group can ‘live’ anywhere as a small minority.

      But being a productive member of society is a different story.

      • deSPICable Me

        You’d think NAMS with U.S. citizenship would be breaking down the gates to live in socialist utopias like Canada or Australia or New Zealand. Only whites and Asians are transnational in that regard. I’ve NEVER MET a Chicano or Black American in Canada or Australia off a base.

        I’ve NEVER MET A NAM FEMALE in Asia at all.

        They do not CHOOSE to live here because to begin with, there is no subsidized housing or free-lunch vouchers.

        I SCREWED ONE redneck Missouri Navy female personnel who was loaded in a Filipino bar. Filipino men think the white vagina is a big cavern. Few are attracted to white females. When I screwed her, I THOUGHT THE FEMALE WHITE VAGINA WAS A BIG CAVERN. I made a mental note to go back to the Asian women after that.

        NAMS actually cannot live in Canada or Australia or New Zealand for very long: they lack the money or the qualifications or the willingness to go through the long process of becoming a citizen.

        You’d think they’d be breaking down Canadian doors but the bar is quite high.

      • deSPICable Me

        I did not meet more than 2 NAMS in Ontario when I lived there for 2 years.

        To date, I have not seen a single NAM female in Thailand (They are confined to bases or a perimeter so there might be some within walking distance).

        Never once knew a NAM female living in Philippines. Heard of one Mexican-American married to a guy in Australia.

        NAMS in general lack the capacity for abstract pleasures that whites can enjoy in other countries. They need or desire to be in their hood or barrio or neighborhood. Food and interactions with members of their extended family are important as are their streets. That is why they are so territorial.

        An Anglo Saxon can move to Oz or NZ and adjust in a week.

  14. HOTDOG

    Irish-Catholics always learn things the hard way. Whether it is being around NAMS when you shouldn’t be or hanging around some declining neighborhood because you can attend Mass on Wednesday or ending up jail for your third DUI.

    Been around Micks like you long enough to know that.

  15. deSPICable Me


    third world migrants can ‘live’ in third world countries without somehow bursting into flames.
    I think ‘maintaining a first world lifestyle’ is what you’re getting at.

    • deSPICable Me

      You’ll never see a NAM built like a Mack Truck shouting at everyone in Bangkok or Australia or even Canada. They cannot get in.

      Quality of life is better for whites in Asia or almost any white country. This is basically because of NAMS, taxes spent on whites and infrastructure, bigger middle-class, higher wages.

      I would not return to Detroit if you paid me.

      Life overseas is a NAM screening process. Its the suburbs x 1000 except that I would not have money to live in a nice suburb and you can never get away from NAMS completely in the United States.

      Americans who mess up are deported. Instantly. I knew one drunk in the Philippines who was homeless walking around the streets demanding money from other Americans and we simply reported him to Immigration and he was gone.

      • My understanding is that Canada has quite a few Blacks now compared to few twenty years ago. Most of them come from the Caribbean. And I understand that it now has a number of Latinos too.

    • deSPICable Me

      You can live much better for less in Asia than you will in Detroit. When I moved to Dubai as a white guy in my twenties I was surprised how easier life was. No ominous NAMS lurking around the bus stop. No cops cruising around to get a quota. If you want to use prostitutes it is acceptable.

      White women or American women are really a drag. What do you get out of your time investment? Starfish sex in the dark. Sitting around with a hardon in some Sports Bar on Ladies night?

      Go East, young man. I did.

      Only a redneck prole in a Red State in the Bible Belt of the Flyover actually believes that he has it better than an Australian or Canadian or New Zealander. In fact his town road is full of potholes and the downtown is full of tweakers.

      But redneck proles do not know this. If they have been anywhere, it is Mexico. So of course they think that being 30 and living in your mother’s basement and holding down a job that teenagers used to do means you are living in the Greatest Country in the world.

      An expat overseas knows the truth. The life of a prole is shit. His wife or girlfriend treats him like shit, if he has one. Because the U.S. government does not GIVE A SHIT.

      I am cynic who has watched young people change. Today they look like white trash looked in the 1990’s. Tattoos everywhere. Imitating black jail birds. Using stupid hard drugs. Having a “baby’s momma”. A GED.

      Yes, alas, the conditions for the white prole have disintegrated.

  16. HOTDOG

    If being 1/8 Jewish or 100% Jewish had the power and influence you suggest I would be sitting in a mansion on Lakeshore Drive in Chi-town bringing Bridgeport Irish girls up to my suite to have their creamy white butts sat naked on my face while Italian women stood in my kitchen completely naked cooking delicious food!

    Real Jews do not live in Asia. Not for long. They get real anxious and uncomfortable outside their zip code. That is why you do not see them West of Ch-town and East of LA.

    Jews were never a thorn in Ireland’s paw. Richard Gere is the only Irish Jew I ever heard of. They are a tiny minority.

    • Hotdog

      Jennifer Connelly is a fine example Irish beauty, despite having some joo in her. I seem to recall a jew and English bank connection.

  17. I called Germans Germs. You think that is because I am a Jew masquerading on this site? That is funny.

    If Jews influence Anglos culturally in America it is because they are weak and unable to resist.

    I’d say the same for complaints about Mexican gangs selling drugs in black ghettos. The idiots buy the crack and smoke it.

    • Hotdog

      Well, that and admitting to being part jew. I don’t care about your rae ut if you insist on being anti-White, your jewish whore of a grandmother is relevant. Yes, the women and children targeted by jews were weak.

      • Hotdog

        you are but….

        • HOTDOG

          Actually make a good point. I’ve met only one Jew in my time in Asia. They do not seem to want to move to other countries either. They are few in number in Australia or NZ or other former British colonies.

          Among Non-Asian minorities I’d lump Jews in as a group that does not live in Asia.

          But of course America is better for NAMS than their home countries but not such a wonderful place for whites.

      • HOTDOG

        Do you hear me saying NAMS are great shakes? Not seeing one in Asia is 3 of the 5 reasons I live outside the United States. Cholos are not cruising around in some beater shouting things out the side of their car window at whites either, like they did in Phoenix.

        Of note, very few Jews live overseas. I only knew one who was drunk married to an Indian singer in Mumbai who called himself her manager but mostly shot pool and soaked up whiskey in cheap Indian bars.

        By and large Jews do not want to leave the U.S. either.

        White men are colonists. We can live in another white colonies like Australia or New Zealand because the standard of living is even better in countries where taxes are spent on roads and healthcare and education. Sad to say but the NAMS and their 20 minutes of fun have held us way back as a white society in the U.S. with their Section 8 and all the rest of it.

        NAMS generally lack the ability to live overseas, or the inclination.
        That is why I live in Asia.

        As for white women, I only screwed one Missouri Navy female in the Philippines. Kind of a redneck type. She was drunk and horny. I took her to my apartment and did the did but after starfish sex in the dark I remembered why I live in Asia and do not miss sex with white girls. You have to get them really drunk for them to put out.

      • HOTDOG

        I cannot for the life of me understand why people watch a stupid Hollywood film written by some coked-out Jew over a bottle of Tequila and fell white-guilt. I feel no white-guilt. But I moved overseas in 1999 when I was 25.

        It is like the blacks complaining about Mexicans. If they stopped smoking crack, Mexicans would retreat out of the ghetto.

  18. I think it is Father Francis at St Peters who is better known for sucking the peters of Michael O’Brien and Pat Kenny in Chi-town than Rabbis-they can get married as far as I know.

    • Hotdog

      What’s the Rabbis excuse for rampant boy rape then?

      • We never hear much about that. When an priest rapes a child you know it it is some guy in Boston or Bridgeport at St Francis.

        Italians, also Catholic, rarely are the priests doing this. It won’t be Father Salerno over at Cicero St Francis.

        It will be, well, a mick.

        • Hotdog

          The Italian priest seemed pretty gay when massaging the Cub Scouts. We never do hear much about jews, it’s as if they control the media.

      • Why are Jews supposedly so successful in the United States then? What is the reason?

        • Hotdog

          jewish parents and community is better. I’ve covered this today. The elite jews likely have a much darker road though in addition to the standard positive one.

  19. If they control the media Hispanics and Asian-Americans and Indians are not affected by it.

    But then again Mexican cartels affect Blacks the worst because they smoke crack.

    So it comes down to group intelligence, perhaps.

    If you lived in Asia and had been out of the United States as long as I have you feel a bit of pity for the white Christian in his Sports Bar with his cheap tattoos desecrating his body and his cheap refill of beer hoping to get “starfish” sex from some chick with a tanning salon sheen at the end of the bar.

    His culture belongs to blacks and Jews. Mexicans supply his drugs. Big black studs screw his women and then he has to pay for these odd-looking children at Section 8.

    They kind of suck, bro. They suck worse since I left in 1999 when Bill Clinton was still President. Things went downhill fast under Bush.

    Thankfully, I left.

    By now I might have a daughter of 15 attending some lousy public school. NAMS would lurk ominously around bus stops. Mexican gangs would occasionally cut innocent whites up with machetes.

    The roads are not filled with potholes and the bridges are about to collapse and overall the infrastructure looks like a corrupt 2nd world country because trillions went to wars that accomplished nothing while Arabs in Dubai have a beautiful skyline and the Burj.

    For entertainment there is white guilt-porn in which blacks save beautiful white girls from evil…….perhaps she gets a tramp stamp and her vagina becomes a big cavern like the Winnie the Pooh cartoon.

    I am filled with weariness and sadness at the moronic ignorance of the white who does not and cannot travel to Australia to realize what a world without NAMS or stupid wars with Arabs who do not give a shit are like.

    Visit Australia or NZ. Canada even. The roads are clean and the hospitals free and nobody is unemployed and the only crimes are fistfights in bars best avoided.

    • deSPICable Me


      These groups encourage Blacks and Hispanics to ‘reject the White man’s manipulation’ or ‘reject the White man’s poison’ (mostly White Malcolm X was told this by Nation of Islam mentor about hair straightening products/trying to look White, while in prison)

      La Raza chastises their highly sought after women for ‘going after Neanderthals or Gorillas’ (I’m sure you know what races this refers to), and seeks to bring back native, not Iberian culture.

      I see a similar paradigm between rural Whites and Jews, don’t you guys?

      • deSPICable Me


        After ZOG impeaches Trump, new President Mike Shekel (aka Mike Pence) rounds up the Alt-Right, including Richard Spencer, and puts them in prison.

        While in prison Spencer meets a struggling young White addict in need of guidance. He became addicted after watching Scarface and seeing how ‘cool cocaine is’. The young White already has inklings that he was the victim of propaganda, and as a fan of Alex Jones he blames “the illuminati”.

        Richard Spencer enlightens the “young White brother” that Alex Jones is a lying Jew shill and that the Jews made scarface to help “get Whites hooked”.

        The Jewish warden wants the young White to make degenerate gay pornography. Richard Spencer and the young White devise a plan to escape, but Richard Spencer does not survive. He bequeaths the Young White to ‘smite out the cuck’ and spread the teachings of ‘muh White race’.

        • deSPICable Me

          does this meet the TRASH standard?

        • deSPICable Me

          The fact that a 5’5 inch Italian guy with sunken eyes that you would not order a pizza from became an immortal hero to generations of black wannabe thugs does reflect the power of the media.

          We are left with the question of why white people became so susceptible to stupid films and white-guilt in America while whites in other countries did not.

      • deSPICable Me

        NAMS are in proximity with white proles because of income. A white prole can a) leave the country like me and immigrate to Canada or Australia or b) live in rural Indiana.

        No because Jewish women tend to be materialistic and are not terribly physically attractive to other races anyhow. How much of a hard-on can one work up over Amy Winehouse?

        Plus they tend to live either in the hearts of East or West coast cities or in suburbs where there interaction with white proles is kept to a minimum. Amy and Ron are going to go square-dancing at that Garth Brooks revival huh.

        Geography keeps their interactions to a minimum. If people from Alabama or West Virginia were living next to the Bronx there would be civil war. Like San Francisco gays and steers from Tulsa. Only the sheer size of the U.S. keeps the separated.

        Finally rural Whites are just that. Few ever leave their counties, exurbs or states. They cannot afford to. They’d be homeless in New York or LA. They usually have kids and maybe a probation officer to think about. Many are dependent upon the government or the city for a job, welfare, housing.

        Likewise elite Jews like the breeze at night in Malibu or the poor ones like the streets of the Bronx with their energy and live-in-the-moment way of existence. They know nothing but 18 blocks from Hunt’s Point to Queens. What kind of redneck work are they qualified to do. Rodeo?

      • deSPICable Me

        Rural whites and Jews live awfully far apart. Can you really see Amy Winehouse at a square dance? Who would want to screw her? And her bills would be high, I suspect.

      • deSPICable Me

        A few Mexican women find the Jax Teller type redneck rogues attractive and have kids with them-I’ve known a few.

        NAMS easily avoid whites. Few of them can afford to live in the suburbs and even fewer want to prop up a fishing pole at Camp Crystal lake. They simply are not rural people by and large.

        Nor do their women really find white males attractive anyhow though some Italians can pass for Cholos like the Cypress Hill lead singer or Al Pacino.

        Who would want to move to the U.S. interior and work on a far or for the city who was earning $400 a day “hustling” in the hood or the barrio?

        So NAMS do not have to do much to discourage Cholas or Sista’s from humping Garth Brooks in Leatherface’s farmhouse, bro.

        • Trash, many Blacks live in rural areas in the South. There are many small towns down there that are heavily Black to all Black.

          Mexican Americans have been living in rural areas in Arizona for a long time. Many Mexicans live all through the rural Central Valley, Salinas Valley and Coachella Valley. Keep in mind that many NAM recent immigrants from Mexico came from small rural villages in Mexico,

  20. HOTDOG


    In 1980 Billy Joe meets Bobby Sue on Lady’s Night. He is a junior in college and has graduated. They are dancing to Poison.

    His background is Polish, his wife’s Irish and both are Catholic. But although their parents were patriotic and proud of their roots they moved out of their ethnic neighborhoods in the 1970’s.

    They marry in 1982 and 2 children follow. He has a job selling real estate and she has a job as a hospital administrator.

    In 1995 Bobby Sue divorces Billy Joe. She keeps the condominium and he moves out of state. He meets another woman and starts a new family at the age of 38.

    Their son Billy Sn. is caught in an ugly custody battle. He attends public schools and they are going downhill because of Section 8 housing. He gets jumped a few times by NAMS.

    Another son Joe is born in 1983.

    The custody battle is a bit ugly. Billy does not see his father much. The neighborhood around the condominium they bought has now filled with Hispanics. Also some Somalian moved in to work in the meat-packing plants.

    Joe lives with his father but does not get along with his new stepmother.

    In 2001, at the age of 18, he joins the army with a GED.

    An alcoholic bum has meanwhile been elected president and an old obsession with a petty gangster-despot in a Middle Eastern toilet bowl becomes his ideological focus.

    Joe, now 20, is deployed to this war. He steps on a landmine and dies.

    The war stretches on for 5 more years until America is finally so far in debt it has to borrow money from China.

    Billy Joe meets a new boyfriend and starts smoking marijuana again. Bobby Jn has begun to feel unloved. Her new boyfriend is a construction contractor who makes good money but drinks.

    Sometimes he touches Billy Junior’s penis. Eventually his mother splits up with this stepfather but on one occasion he witnesses domestic violence.

    Billy finally moves with his Dad in 2008 when he is 26 years old. To fit in with a new crowd in high school he started smoking marijuana and dropped out. He obtained a high school diploma, barely. He discovered meth shortly after graduating high school.

    Their daughter is lonely without her Dad. She does not get along with her step-father. She become promiscuous in 2009 at the age of 15 and does some self-harm for attention.

    Her friends are all watching porn depicting white women doing lesbian sex. She thinks that this will get her attention and gains some minor disdainful attention from peers by French kissing a goth chick on the bleachers.

    Billy Jn gets a Mexican girl pregnant because he has watched many films portraying hip black men with “side kids” and brags about his “baby’s mother” to his black thug friends, who secretly think he is a weak white boy but like his wheels and his occasional gram of meth or cocaine.

    Finally at 30 in 2013 Billy Jn is arrested for a DUI and an ounce of meth and some oxy is discovered in his car.

    He sentenced to jail. Here there is no brotherly love between blacks and Polish-Irish whites from the suburbs. He hangs around self-proclaimed White Nationalists who are mostly rednecks and Irish Catholics.

    Billy Jn notices something. The dentist is Jewish. His lawyer is Jewish. He gets a job changing tires and the drivers of expensive cars are Jewish.

    He begins to dislike Jews. They are the reason his brother died after only two months in a middle eastern country. He feels used by Jews as if they were the Lords of a manor where he was a faceless peasant.


    Hymie and Ruthie meet on a university debate team. Both are in pre-law.

    They date and have a few wild college years drinking and using drugs but mature enough to marry in 1998 both 25.

    They travel for a few years and enjoy the money the earn-he has a lawyer in a divorce firm and she as a public defender.

    At 29 they have some kids in the year 2002 or so.

    They send them to expensive day-care and then Catholic schools although they are Jews so their children are harshly disciplined and learn self-control.

    Their own marriage is rocky because Hymie has an affair but they stay together. Hymie keeps his sexual activity limited to trips to out-of-town strip clubs where he pays the blonde redneck girls he secretly desires $300 for a blowjob in the VIP lounge. Some of his clients are mob guys, businessmen who get him laid with call girls.

    He is strict with his children.

    They grow up in a two-parent house until 18. Then Hymie and Ruthie’s marriage unravels when they are in college.

    By then it is less of a matter. Both children are through adolescence anyhow.

    Their son becomes a screenwriter in Hollywood.

    He writes scripts he can sell. One is called RUFUS THE CONQUEROR. The film depicts a big black stud who sells drugs named Dayrel who rescues a beautiful white girl from KKK members in Mississippi, where he is doing a cocaine deal, who raped her and returns to shoot them with a .45 while they are killing pigs in their hog pen.

    Billy Joe and Bobby Sue’s daughter watches the film in a theater with her white girlfriends. She works as a shopkeep but her life is boring. She is thrilled by the depiction of this hip virile black man on a huge screen.

    A week later a tall svelte black man enters her shop to buy Kools. They begin to talk and she meets him after work. He shares some of his cocaine. Up to this point she has only tried marijuana. She is hooked and he gets her on crack cocaine and pimps her out until she is walking down the strip outside their cheap hotel doing dates in parked cars.

    Back to Billy

    Billy Sn returns to the condominium he bought his ex-wife 25 years ago. His wife is living their with her 2 children from her second marriage.

    It is now 2017 and he is 57 years old.

    He cannot find his daughter until finally he tracks her down in Section 8 housing.

    At 22 she has an odd-looking mixed-race baby. His dreams for her turn into sobs as he walks out of this cheap subsidized housing project. His little girl is a crack whore who will never attend college. His son is wigger who smokes meth and has a baby with a Mexican.

    He remember his own tough father, the son of Polish immigrants who fought for a new life in Chicago. Maybe they had it better. He wonders what is wrong with America.

    His son has died in a war everyone declared a disaster and his other son lives in his basement because he only has a GED.

    So here you are HOTDOG and that is how stupid and unquestioning white proles are of the government and unaware of the forces beyond their control.

  21. ROBERT

    If Garth Brooks wants to hump a Chola or Sista in Leatherface’s farmhouse he has to pay by the hour for half-n-half.

    Another words NAM women are not that attracted to Anglo men it seems.

  22. The women’s sex drive is pretty much finished by the time they hit their 50s due to menopause. I’ll safely say women from their teens to late 40s have far more sex than women ages 50 and up. Coincidence?

    How many older women aged 50 plus appear in pornography films? The ones that perform in these movies are sexual freaks(delayed menopause) or putting on a fraudulent show.

    • She’s In Parties MILF Porn & Economic Reality

      You’re deluded-it is the death of the middle class dream that leads a normal-appearing 55 year old to appear in cheap porn who was obviously a functioning professional.

      “Persia” is an example. There are many. An Iranian-born Muslim former ER nurse of 57 and single mother who divorced in the late 1980’s.

      No history of prostitution and definitely not a nymphomaniac but for men who want to see a middle-aged woman stretching her asshole out for the camera or eating a 22 year old man’s semen they can download her site.

      Most of the women are paid $1000 a scene.

      Economics is forcing many working-class women who were travel agents, nurses or college graduates with useless degrees into joyless sex workers because of the death of the middle class dream.

      Other reasons follow:

      Divorce. Many women did not build a life with a man so no dual income. Or they never married in the first place.
      Kids don’t give a shit because American consumerism completely destroyed tradition. Only son took off for Florida and does not care if his mother has to let black men ejaculate in Mom’s outstretched asshole. Family values have been broken since the 70’s or 80’s.
      Party lifestyle. Many career party girls work hard and play hard but at the end of it they have no kids, no house, no husband.

  23. ShesInParties The Economic Aphrodisiac Porn Semi-Insider

    Many 55-60 year old former nurses and EMT technicians and real estate agents now face retirement so bleak that letting young men ejaculate on their faces does not seem so bad or take penises in their anus for $1000 a scene does not seem so bad. Porn has nothing to do with sexual drive it is driven by pure consumerism economics.



    Boomers divorced a great deal more than earlier generations and many women did not enjoy a dual income for 20 years nor can expect one. No life insurance policy from the death of their husband.

    Broken Families

    The son got his GED and moved away at 17 to work in Florida so he is not around the corner to share expenses. Women are now liberated and live away from home, too. No nuclear family.

    Death of the Middle Class

    Economy bad, stocks and savings worth nothing.

    Never married

    Some of these women never married and spent their lives working and partying. No kids, no husband.

    In all more and more women in middle-age are forced to do anything for money.

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