Updated March 6: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abigail Williams

Note to commenters: Please stop referring to Unsub as a pedophile. He may well be one, but that’s something that can be determined from this crime as it was not a pedophilic offense. Instead, this was a hebephilic offense. And the perpetrator could certainly be seen as a hebephile, although he’s not necessarily one. If you want to refer to the nature of the offense, use the word hebephilic instead of pedophilic. If you wish to refer to Unsub’s paraphilia, please refer to him as a hebephile and not a pedophile.

Thank you so much for this. I am getting tired of words being misused. And now we are being scientific on the board.

Note 2 to commenters: I am really getting sick and tired of saying this, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. The only thing that is represented as fact as statements sourced from LE or the media.

And incidentally, the way I wrote up the case is precisely how detectives work a case. Detectives do not work cases using the scientific method. If they did, they would hardly solve one case. It’s more “We believe this for now…this is true for now…at the moment, this is what we think happened…we believe…” They are throwing out endless theories about what really happened and accepting them as (temporary) facts. They are then continuously revising and throwing out theories and creating new ones.

Being  a detective is about being wrong. Not just once, but being wrong over and over so many times your head will want to come off. If you can’t handle being wrong, then detective work is surely not for you. Finally detectives arrive at enough information to file a case against someone, but a lot of that is not factual either. They believe he did the crime. They believe that this, that, or the other happened with no way to really prove it – it’s just what they conjecture.

If he is convicted, then the theory that he did the crime is validated as fact, but I am not sure what other evidence is. And even court decisions are not scientific fact because they get overturned all the time. There are not a whole lot of 100% certain, clear scientific facts in LE work, detective work on the judicial system itself. A good portion of the decisions made turn out to be theories, temporary but unstable facts, beliefs, hunches and guesswork, all represented as fact in the court.

If you have issues with theories, opinions and what not, just quit reading and get the Hell off my site right now and never come back. I am really getting sick and tired of this BS.

This post has now received a massive update. My entire view of this crime and how it went down has been seriously re-evaluated:

Updated March 14: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abigail Williams

Sexually-motivated double homicide of two teenage girls, one 13 and the other 14. For some background on this heartbreaking case, see here.

This is an update of the case as of March 5, 2017. There’s not a lot of new information here, but there is a new photo. Any new information is in bold. Also I listed sources for each bit of information because I am getting tired of people asking me this stuff.

How Do I Know All This Stuff?

First: How do I know all this stuff?

Question: “Robert, How Do You Know So Much about Serial Killers, Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Sexual Sadists?”

I have done a lot of research on this case including released information, rumors and borderline areas such as cryptic statements by LE. I have also spoken to people close to the case, including those close to the search party and law enforcement investigation of this case. I also spoke to other sleuthers and people interested in the case. Some were associated with missing persons groups. I have pretty good sleuthing skills involving research. This includes digging through background information databases online and other sorts of web research.

This is the source of some of my material.

I also worked a bit with Indiana State Police and the FBI, sharing my POI’s and tips with them. It is not an astounding statement. Please realize that a lot of people are working with LE in trying to solve this case. However, LE did not reveal much information to me other than some cleared suspects. Other information is derived from my own theorizing about the case. This includes offender profiling.

So there’s the source of all of the information.

My Musings on This Case

Libby was killed on 2-13, possibly pretty quickly, and Abby died or 2-14. The published obits state those dates. This has been confirmed to me by sources close to law enforcement. There is a rumor that the families chose those dates as death dates, but that would apply only to funerals, not obits. Obit info would come straight from coroner report. Therefore, the coroner report had to state different death dates. See below for more evidence that the girls died on different days. Sources: People close to LE, obituaries, and funeral notices.

This was not a crime of opportunity. He planned this very well. He plans his crimes with the utmost meticulousness. That is why he is armed with the gun and disguising himself. Source: My speculation based on the nature of the offense and the obvious skill involved.

These girls may have been catfished, possibly via Libby’s Instagram page, although this is not proven yet. That is, the girls may have thought they were going there to meet a teenage boy, but instead they met the killer. The killer would have pretended to be a teenage boy in  order to lure the girls. Sources: Cryptic comments from LE, suggestive remarks from Libby’s friends about odd activity on her Instagram account.

Unsub is approximately 5’10, 180 pounds with a bit of a middle aged man’s stomach paunch. Source: Expert on CNN, paunch obvious in photo.

Unsub’s age is probably 55-65. At the very least, that style of pants is outdated and nowadays is only worn by men over 40 in that area. Presence of fanny pack also indicates an older man. I still use a fanny pack as they were popular in the late 1980’s, but I am told that hardly anyone else does. Sources: Estimates from me and others looking at the photos. Info on fanny packs and jeans style for people looking at the photos.


Excellent new drawing of Unsub from an LE artist.

LE believes that Unsub came from out of state to do this crime. Source: Recent remark by Indiana State Police quoted in media.

Clearly Unsub has a pistol, an M1911. The pistol was holstered to his right side, which means he is left-handed. The outline of the pistol can clearly be seen in the photo released of the man. A photo exists showing the pistol outlined with graphic software. Assuming that is a pistol, and it is, then Unsub is left-handed. Source: Gun is obviously visible in photograph. Left-handedness concluded from the holstered gun pointing backwards on the right side.


Photo clearly shows a semiautomatic M1911 handgun holstered on his right, which means he is left-handed. That’s either a gun or I’m a monkey’s uncle. I can’t believe so many people are saying that is not a gun. It’s as clear as air.

Unsub may be trying to disguise himself in the photos by using a hat and a scarf. Source: LE statement released to the media.

Unsub is wearing a hat, a jacket with a hoodie and blue jeans in the photo. In my opinion, the hat is a camouflage hunting cap with padded ear muffs. Unsub is overdressed for the weather, but February in Indiana is pretty cold. He seems to have layers of clothing on. He has almost his entire body covered with clothing. Part of this is to disguise himself but another reason is so he will have few exposed areas of his body if the girls fight back hard. The layers of clothing will prevent them from leaving scratch marks on his body, although they still could scratch up his face pretty good. Source: LE statements about clothing. Statement about type of cap is my conjecture from the photo. Reason for being heavily dressed is common sense for an offender preparing to commit rape and murder.

Unsub has a fanny pack. This is probably where he kept his murder kit. Sources: LE statement quoted in the media. Murder kit is my conjecture. What else is in there?


GIF image of Unsub photos run together.

Talk of backpacks and duffel bags makes no sense to me. I do not believe that Unsub had a backpack or a duffel bag, but perhaps he did. At any rate, there was a man dressed in all black seen at the time also. This man definitely had a backpack. Witnesses included a woman hiker and some teenage girls about the same age as the victims. The girls reported that the man was walking the other direction from them on the trail. As he came near them, and the girls said hello, but he did not respond. The girls regarded this as creepy. Sources: LE statements and statements from girls hiking in the same area at the same time and a woman hiker.

I believe that this man – Man in Black – participated in the murders with Unsub. In other words, there were two killers. Sources: See below.

There were apparently two killers in this case. This can be gleaned from cryptic LE statements. Very quickly, with the release of the photo, LE described Unsub as the man who “participated” in the killings. However, if you study this sort of thing, LE never uses the word participated when describing a crime with a single killer. That verb is only used when there is more than one killer. I kept wondering why they always used the word participated. Source: Common sense conclusion from LE statements.

At the large video press conference, we got more evidence. At ~3 minute mark, the officer says, And I especially want to thank the person whose information will lead to the arrest of the murderers of these girls. I have listened to that part of the tape over and over, and he clearly said murderers. He did not misspeak. He said that intentionally. Source: LE statement. Common sense that this was not a slip of the tongue.

Later in the conference, after a cryptic statement by an officer, someone in the audience jumped up and asked, “Wait a minute! Do you think there were two killers?” The officer then said, “Look, this is one of the strangest, oddest, most confusing and convoluted cases I have ever worked on, OK? So just keep that in mind.” With that statement, it’s pretty clear that he is cryptically stating that there were two killers. Source: LE statement. Common sense concludes that he was obliquely saying that there were two killers.

As far as how LE came to state that there were two killers by using the word “participated,” I believe that they came to that conclusion by gleaning four sets of DNA from the crime scene: two sets were Libby and Abbie, and the third was Unsub. But if a fourth DNA sample was found at the site, that can only mean two killers. LE’s official statement right now is that they do not know whether there were one or two killers involved. I believe that the evidence revealed so far is sufficient to conclude that there were indeed two killers. Source: Very early LE statement that there may be two killers must have come from DNA gathering.

Abbie’s body was still warm when found, and the medical examiner concluded that she survived the attack but died later of hypothermia. If the body was warm, this means that Abbie died of hypothermia no earlier than 9:30 AM, as the bodies were discovered at 12:30 PM, and bodies only stay warm for 2-3 hours after death. This means that Abbie was certainly still alive when the search started at 9:30 AM. Source: People close to LE.

The search party in the Delphi case confirmed that the bodies were moved in the course of this crime. They stated that the girls had to have been moved, taken away and then returned to be dumped because the search parties covered the same ground in both searches. The locale where they were found on 2-14 had previously been searched on 2-13. The 2-13 search began at 5:30 PM, and by that time, the girls had been moved out of the area. The attack began at ~2:30 PM, so the girls were moved out of the area sometime between 2:30-5:30 PM. Source: People close to the search party.

Unsub must have put the girls in his vehicle and transported them somewhere where he assaulted them either in his vehicle or at a residence, either his own residence, an associate’s residence, an abandoned residence, or a residence that he had use of. Unsub was certainly not in the area from 5:30 PM on 2-13 until 2:30 AM on 2-14 and from 9:30 AM-12:30 PM on 2-14. Therefore, the girls were returned to the site on 2-14 between 2:30 PM-9:30 AM on the morning of 2-14. Unsub had a seven hour window on 2-14 in which to return the girls to the site. Source: Common sense. If the girls were removed from the site for 11-16 hours and then returned, obviously they were taken away in a vehicle.

Unsub may have parked his vehicle on the road next to the cemetery. Police vehicles were seen in the area, but they were not searching the cemetery. Instead there was a long line of them parked on the road next to the cemetery. Therefore, Unsub may have parked his vehicle on the road next to the cemetery. Source: Logical conclusion from 10 police cars parked on that stretch of the road.

Libby’s grandfather who raised her made an odd statement, “I know Libby. She put up one Hell of a fight.” The grandfather has been cleared. However, he is correct that Libby put up a strong battle. The reason that the grandfather said she put up a wild fight is probably because that is what it says in the medical report. If she fought hard, there will be talk of defensive wounds and maybe DNA under her nails. The condition of her body at the funeral adds weight to the notion that she fought back very hard and sustained many defensive wounds. In that case, Unsub may have scratch marks. Source: Media reports and statements from people at the funeral. Common sense that the only way the grandfather would have said that is if he saw the coroners’ report.

I do not believe that LE has any particular POI at this moment. They are far away from solving this case. Source: My conjecture from being close to the case and those working on it.

I believe the gun obviously holstered on the right under the jacket of Unsub was used to control the girls. He also got them to keep quiet, probably with the gun. However, I do not believe the gun was used to kill the girls. It would have made too much noise. Rumors that this was not a gun crime are probably correct. Source: Common sense that the gun would be the best way to control the girls.

Sources people close to law enforcement confirmed that both girls had their throats slit. Funerals were open casket, and both girls had scarves covering their necks, more to cover something up than as clothing. This adds weight to the theory that their throats were slit. One of the girls was nearly decapitated in the attack. This must have been Libby because Abbie’s wound was mild enough that she survived for some time after the attack. No one can survive a near-decapitation. Sources: Very first reports of the crime from family members. Later confirmation from people close to LE. Statements by people at the funeral.

This is obviously a sexually motivated offense. Initial reports said both girls were raped. There are rumors that both girls were nude. This is probably correct. Sources: Very first reports of the crime from family members and people close to LE.

The girls’ clothing was found in the creek. C This was no doubt an attempt to destroy any DNA evidence. Source: Statements from reporter at the scene. Common sense indicates that this was an attempt to destroy DNA in the case.

Ron Logan, the property owner where the girls were found, was in Lafayette, Indiana on 2-13, and Unsub may have known he would not be there, but there is no proof of this. How he may have known this, I have no idea. Source: Media.

Two other posts in this series:

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The Case for Unsub Involvement in Both the Delphi and Evansdale Double Murders

The Case for Linking the Delphi Murders with the Evansdale Murders

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31 responses to “Updated March 6: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abigail Williams

  1. Michelle Aubrey

    I think your way off the beaten path, check out Jimmy Duvall , Google him…He has now removed his Facebook, which had so many creepy posts, mostly about killing, and fighting the urge to kill, missed work from 2/13 to 2/15…Police took DNA from him, showed up for work, clean shaved 2/16, now he is missing suspected on the run, proven mental, prison for rape of 11 year old and served time in prison, four months before this arrested similar crime, all invoking a knife and he told judge he would get help, he was a nut case, still is…Who knows since his release from prison, how many victims, the picture is dead ringer for him from Libby’s phone on bridge, his family knows he’s nuts, supposedly his son turned him in to police…Hopefully this man is caught, and put away for life, I just don’t believe your theory…Makes no sense…For one I know for a fact, you are not working with FBI???

    • First of all, this is just silly. A lot of us are working with the FBI, ISP, etc. We develop POI’s, sleuth them out, write reports on them and hand the stuff over to detectives, sometimes with recommendations. Everyone who gives them tips or information is working with them.

    • Mer

      I googled Jimmy Duvall, but couldn’t find a photo. Sounds like he has done some bad shit. Do you know him? Did you report this? The thing about the photos is that if someone knew unsub well, they could identify him from the photo. But if you don’t know him, then he looks like a lot of people. I think someone will eventually recognize him from the pics. Also the hat, it might be one of those brown hats that farmers used to wear about 40 years ago, just a plain brown baseball style cap made of a heavy fabric

  2. Chuck whitaker

    Bless the 2 beautiful girls it’s absolutely disgusting. I wish I knew who did this cause there would be NO TRIAL ! I have 2 girls myself and let me tell ya what comes around goes around . I spend countless hours looking for this guy myself and I travel thru delphi alot for work. We just need 1 break just 1. I’m sure he’s long gone but he will slip up . HE WILL BE FOUND . GOD BLESS THE FAMILY OF THESE GIRLS AND PLEASE FOLLOW ANY LED YOU GET WE WILL FIND THIS (THESE) PIECES OF SHIT . GOD BLESS DELPHI

    • Mer

      No. There needs to be a trial. Let them sit in court and hear the evidence. Let them hear the guilty verdict and the death sentence. Let them be placed in a small cell to await the execution.

  3. zuma

    Is there a history of homicide in one of the girl’s families/

  4. Mer

    I just looked at a map of the trails.The girls were presumably abducted near the bridge, and found the next day one half mile upstream. The county road is very close to Deer Creek there. The reason the girls were returned is to make it appear they were never taken from the site, to lessen the likelihood that another place was used. A place nearby and the home of Unsub.

    • Mer

      I meant to say to lessen the likelihood of another place would be searched for evidence

      • Hey Mer, do you know anything about any vehicles that were seen at the site? Suspect vehicles? I believe there were two. I need to know this something awful.

        • Mer

          No. Your site has been the most informative, I don’t think I’ve read anything about a vehicle. If the girls were moved it would have required a vehicle. Where there vehicles seen at the site?

  5. Mer

    Where is your source about 2 vehicles? I want to read it

    • There were two suspect cars there – a Ford Mustang and another car. This is one of the rumors going around, but I assume there is something to it. Apparently witnesses noted these vehicles.

      I really need to know more about those cars. Like desperately.

  6. Mer

    I wish I knew. I think the ‘down the hill’ direction from Unsub was to walk the girls to a vehicle.

  7. Mer

    I looked at the trail map again. The bridge appears to be the end of the trail. At it’s eastern point, at the trail’s end, there is a wooded area and nearby on 300 N (a county road) there is a green area with a loop of marked road. I assume this is the cemetery you referred to. It’s possible that the suspects had a car parked at the cemetery and abducted the girls from that end of the bridge. That would allow them to exit the trail and make it to a car in minutes, and later provided a spot to return. Looking at shadowing we can tell what direction the Unsub was walking in the photo. The sun would be from the south, which would be his right side, so I assume he is walking east, toward the end of the trail

    • There were 10 police cars parked on the road along the ceremony. Some thought that meant that the police thought the car was parked on the road outside the cematary.

      • Mer

        If his car was parked at the cemetery, then the photos were selfies taken with the camera reversed. The gun is really on his left side, etc. Otherwise they would have to cross deer creek and I don’t think they would do that

  8. Mer

    my last post was incorrect. What I described would put them and their vehicle on opposite sides of Deer Creek. The bridge runs NW to SE across the creek. The SE point of the bridge seems to be the end of the trail. If the phone camera was reversed, as in a selfie, then they were headed across the bridge towards the northwest. If the camera was not reversed then any vehicle involved would have been south of the creek, on the other side from the cemetary

  9. Teri Nash

    In one interview property owner Rob Logan mentioned his son and grandson often being in the woods and area of the murders. What are the age and physical appearance of the son and grandson. Have they been cleared by police? Also in the photo, the suspect with his left foot forward, it looks like there is an object like a club stuck down his left jeans leg. I cannot tell if this is due to a shadow or actual outline of an object.

    I have to question your guessing the age of the suspect by clothing, especially the style of his jeans. If the suspect got his jeans from a clothing bank or used clothing store, they would likely be of an older style. If he is poor, price not style, maybe why he chose those jeans. One last comment, is the subject leaning just a bit to the left? If so he may have a bad knee and limp slightly.

    • I am judging age mostly on his face. That style of jeans is only worn by men in the 40’s and up. And fanny packs are probably only used by idiots in their 50’s like me.

      I do not believe he is poor.

      Not sure if he has a leg injury. I sort of doubt it. I have a feeling he may have some chronic pain though, probably skeletal. I mean he is about 60 years old.

    • A lot of people are suspecting both Ron Logan and his son. The evidence for them being POI’s is not very convincing to me.

      I have no idea if the son has been cleared. The grandson is probably too young, 20 years old. The son is in his 40’s and lives 30 miles away. I believe it was stated very quickly that Ron Logan was cleared but people keep going back to him as a suspect now that he got arrested on that probation violation. Personally, I just think he is in jail for violating probation. The evidence for Ron Logan being a suspect is not good, I feel. He’s too old, he was out of town when the killings occurred, and his body looks a lot different from Unsub’s. He’s a lot taller and heavier. Plus he just does not seem like the type to do such a thing. You do not just wake up at age 77 and go and rape and murder a couple of teenage girls. Not going to happen, or if it did, we would have been hearing other weird stuff about him all this time, and he probably would have been arrested or jailed on some weird charge. Or there would be close relatives accusing him of having weird interests.

      You are not the first person to see what looks like a club in his pants leg.

  10. Whodun it

    they need to look into family who didn’t attend the funeral and live in the same town… I wont go any further then that!

  11. Jeanie

    The man in the photo doesn’t look like Ron Logan but does share his mannerisms. Ron Logan has a mustache and the suspect doesn’t appear to have one. I would be interested in seeing a picture of his son. Has his son ever been in trouble? Does his son have an alibi for the days in question?

  12. Renee Rose

    How in the WORLD would you know one of the girls bodies was still warm when found? No one in the general public would ever have that type of information.

    • I was told this by people in the area close to LE and also close to the family.

      I was in California on 2-13. I didn’t even leave my city. If you want think I sat here in California and killed those two girls with my black laser beam eyeballs, then be my guest. Actually I am confessing now. I sat here in California and killed those girls with my Mach-4 Warp Speed black laser beam eyeball rays. Feel free to report my confession to the police.

      You better watch it. I can kill anybody with these eyes. You better be careful.

    • Jean Johnson

      Idiot, people talk it’s human nature. Go watch Big Bang theory or whatever housewife media youre used to.

  13. L

    I’d like to say a couple things. The unsub is overly dressed if you look at what Abby was wearing. I’ve wondered if he isn’t from somewhere a bit warmer and isn’t used to going out in the colder weather.

    Also, Ron Logan has a blue jacket and also dresses in layers – hoodie, jacket, jeans, and had a camo hat. Is this common dress type for that area? On warmer days? Also maybe the girls were meeting a girl there, or who they thought was a girl. Maybe the picture of a somber Abby was bc that person hadn’t shown up and they felt let down?

    Does the unsub have facial hair? In one pic it looks like it but not so much in the other pic. Also, where is a sketch of the man dressed In black?

    And what is this talk about someone in Libby’s family having committed a homicide? Where was Libby’s father and mother? Why was she living with her grandparents? Why were her other siblings not living there?

    Who is Abby’s father? Where was he?

    This case has way too many unanswered questions. I know the LE can’t provide more information because of the case, but a sketch, a few other things to look for in the unsub, or some more concrete information might help find and catch him. I hope they find him soon!

  14. Houndstooth

    Excellent article. Explains a lot. Law enforcement need to give more information in order to allow public to help. More of the audio would be especially helpful. Did the murderer have an accent, speech impediment or different style which may shed light on his age or tendencies of verbal communication? Withholding this kind of information from the public harms this investigation at this point when the case has gone cold.

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