One Reason For Antisemitism: Jewish Aggression

deSPICable Me: What percentage of Jews are so bad you want to punch them in the face?

The few I’ve known had some of those characteristics but weren’t quite that bad. They compensated by being very very funny.

I have generally met those types online and not in person. Online they can be real shits. Maybe they tone it down in person.

The Jews got together as a cabal and gave me a lifetime ban on Wikipedia. I think all I did was put in some pro-Palestinian edits. The reason for the ban was: “Hatemonger.” At one point I was on a list called “Wikipedia Nazis.” No idea why but apparently because of the pro-Palestinian stuff. All of us writing pro-Palestinian stuff got put on the Wikipedia Nazi list, and we all got banned sooner or later. A bunch of Jewy Jews have wormed their way to the top of Wikipedia and are now abusing these high positions to go after their enemies. The Wikipedia Jews as I call them are sleazy and dirty.

I’ve gotten death threats from online Jewy Jews, doxing attempts, and they were compiling some weird sort of dossier on me because they kept pulling up these obscure quotes of mine and using them against me.

I was in these Jewish and Israeli newsgroups for a while. They are about 1/2 the worst of the Jewy Jews and 1/2 some really nasty and ugly antisemites, including some out and out Nazis. Honestly one was about as bad as the other.

I saw over and over that people would come in with absolutely no prejudices against Jews at all. They would just say, “Hey, let’s be reasonable and fair and see both sides of this Israel-Palestinian thing.” The Jews would very quickly start pummeling the living Hell out of these poor guys, and they started calling them antisemites very quickly. The guys protested that they were not, but that never works once they label you, no matter how true it is. The impression you got is some guy surrounded by mean people who are running up to him, slapping or hitting him, and then running back to the circle yelling neener  neener, just egging him on to retaliate.

Well, after about six months of this treatment, a lot of these originally completely antisemitic people were practically quoting Hitler. I saw this same thing unfold over and over. It was an actual pattern. These Jewy Jews were going out of their way to deliberately create their own enemies.

After that, I started to figure out why people hate them. Before I had had nothing but positive experiences with (assimilated) Jews, and I never understood antisemitism. I thought antisemites were evil and picked on Jews for no reason.

Most Jews are ok but some are abrasive as Hell.

The ones who act nasty tend to be the Orthodox or the really Jewy Jews, like the ones who only hang out with Jews and don’t really befriend Gentiles too much. The more Jewy they are, the more aggressive and obnoxious they can be. The flip side is they are so mean that they draw out aggression in their victims. Pretty soon their victims are calling them kikes or saying Hitler was right or whatever, and then these Jewy Jews run around screaming that the victim is an evil antisemite. After a while I started thinking they were creating antisemites on purpose so they could be victims, and I actually think this is correct.

Bottom line is a lot of Jews don’t exactly go out of their way to try to win friends and influence people.


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  1. deSPICable Me

    “The ones who act nasty tend to be the Orthodox or the really Jewy Jews, like the ones who only hang out with Jews and don’t really befriend Gentiles too much.”

    I always felt more sympathetic to religious Jews because their worship of Israel was more about faith than bloodline.
    The Secular Jews who love Israel solely because muh race which is racist, and considering prevailing likkud bullshit, out and out fascist.

    • deSPICable Me

      the secular Jews who love Israel solely because of muh race *are racist

      • deSPICable Me Need An Explanation

        Street Jews can be dangerous, I agree.

        Greater Detroit and Phoenix you will mostly meet young Jews on the street because they are drunks and dopers. A number of crack whores in East Coast cities will be Jewish women.

        So where do you meet these elite Jews who apparently run America. Is this in some underground bunker 900 feet below the surface of the earth?

        “Love Israel”? It’s a small country in the desert, second-world. So what? Blacks love their hood, usually a rubbish-strewn ghetto. Indians love India. Arabs love Mecca.

        All because of their race.

        • deSPICable Me

          First off I never said anything about Jews ‘running America’.

          You could feed the Modern Orthodox or Chasidic Jews (of 143) on the Forbes 400 with “a 6-inch veggie sub”.

          Secular Jews are a very strivy and successful group. It’s merely a fact. BUT I agree they are fairly benevolent. You’re right about that.

      • I’ve always made a point of staying out of countries with a huge American diaspora.

        No idea what your nationality is but Jews do not care if you love your particular country because of your race. One assumes that Irish-Americans, blacks, Indians and Latinos feel the same way.

  2. So they are racist. So are blacks, rednecks and many Indians. Big deal.

    I have a feeling that if Asian-Americans or Indians held the purported influence of Jews that everyone else would get an even smaller slice of the pie.

  3. deSPICable Me

    Japanese American Lawyers did not donate money to far-right politicians and lobbies to finance the Rape of Nanking in 1931 (not that Israel is quite that bad).

    Indian Americans do not give a shit about Hindu Nationalism in India.

    I suppose Cuban-Americans try to starve their former servants on the island, but they’ve been unsuccessful.

    By and large you’re arguing a false equivalency.

    • deSPICable Me

      Basically with regards to domestic things they’re benevolent. With regards to the ME, they’re not at all.

    • deSPICable Me

      Irish-Americans funded the Northern Ireland war entirely and completely through donations.

      Tamils in Canada financed the Tamil Tiger AIR FORCE! These folks actually had planes.

      Italian-American Mobsters assassinated a Sicilian prime minister in the 1980’s.

      • deSPICable Me

        Fair enough about Ireland.
        Sicilian mob stuff doesn’t count as I was referring to White collar people.

        • Tony Sopranos in waste-management have destabilized Italy for pure materialistic gain.

        • Show me a Jew that would dare walk into an NYC bar and chastise IRA supporters. A) they do not want their ass kicked and B) they do not care.

          Bush’s motivation for invading Iraq was protested by Jews and none of them enlisted to fight in that war and he did not care about them.

          Iranians in America have not been impeded by Jews.

    • Irish-Americans financed the War in Ireland (NORAID) and Tamils in Canada the Tamil Tigers.

      Arab-Americans are not dominated by Jews. They make more money than Jews.

      Visit some Iranian-Americans in LA sometime.

  4. deSPICable Me

    A Trump voter who whines about “Jefferson not envisioning a Islamo-Mestizo society” has every right to support Israel as it is consistent with his views on every country.

    A liberal like Chuck Schumer who supports unfettered ethnic pluralism is very hypocritical to do so.

    This is a basic tenant of WN ideology and I daresay on this subject they’re right.

    • deSPICable Me

      Arabs are a tiny grain in the melting pot. Mostly in East Detroit which indeed is so rundown that whites left 40 years ago

      I don’t think by and large Arab-Americans really intend for the U.S. to be a Caliphate. Economically they will try and get as big a piece of they pie as they can but secularism seems to suit them.

      Southwest is a Mestizo society because they were there when the U.S. annexed the place. Nothing you can do about that.

      Jefferson screwed his slaves silly.

      • deSPICable Me

        This particular comment was on Breitbart.

        They are paranoid about Sharia law being implemented any day now.
        They think Sally Hemmings is a rap star.

    • “SOCIETY”

      Trump voters are like Cherokee Indians and have receded to those Red States where Jews and Asians and Indians and Arabs really just don’t want to live because mosquito bites are common.

  5. deSPICable Me

    (((TRASH))) you argue that the Brazilifcation of the United States is okay because Whites who aren’t garbage can isolate themselves from NAMs.

    Yet with Israel and the Arabs it’s a different story.

    hmmm…. 😉

    • deSPICable Me

      Jews are a composite of Central Asian, Mongolian, Arab, Italian and even a tiny bit of Negro from the flight of Moses across the Red Sea (Possibly).

      They are a walking Brazil.

      • deSPICable Me

        Israel does have some tensions between the types of Jews but 25% of Jews are mixed Mizrahi-Ashkenazi. It’s not the same.

        • DeSPICable Me

          Since blacks and Mestizos were already in the United States when whites arrived the argument does not make sense.

          You’re quite right. I do not miss Detroit or Phoenix at all. When you leave the United States a weight slips off your shoulder knowing most blacks and Mexicans cannot get free lunch voucher’s anywhere outside U.S. territory.

        • deSPICable Me

          Brazilification refers to the post 1965 Mestizo influx alongside the Asian influx.
          One filters to the bottom, one filters to the top, and drives the Democrats to the right (wealthy Asians just voting EGIs but still don’t want to pay high taxes)

        • Despicable: Asians are voting 70% Democrat in the country for some time now. Here in CA, they are a reliable Democratic voting block. The only exceptions are not rich but instead they are from countries that went Commie. A huge % of the Hmong are on welfare, but 70% vote Republican because muh anti-Communism.

          Same thing with Vietnamese in Orange County, For a long time, they were quite poor, but some are definitely moving up now as they get older. But even when they were poor, they were consistently electing Republicans because muh anti-Communism. Not sure how the Lao, Khmer and Mien vote.

          But your notion of Asian influence pushing Democrats to the right is just not happening. They simply do not vote Republican. And they are relatively collectivist people. This muh radical individualism that has destroyed this whole insipid country does not resonate with them at all.

    • deSPICable Me

      Why aren’t Korean men who sell liquor in the ghetto Brazilianizing their race with the local populace. Presumably they could. They don’t.

      Conversely few Korean females in the black ghetto want black men to split dat booty.

      I don’t think Jews encourage other people to DO ANYTHING (Right or wrong) because they simply DO NOT give a shit what other people do.

      This is the same thinking that Asians, Indians, Native Americans, Arab-Americans possess.

      • deSPICable Me

        Israel was smart enough to realize Palestinians LOATHE them (with significant justification) and didn’t want to stop the Intifada much less assimilate. Hence they built the wall.

        • deSPICable Me ASSIMILATION

          Zeke the Beastie Boy was a Jewish doper and loan skip-tracer who would bust out in inane imitations of ICE -T randomly. He smoked crack and had an IQ of perhaps 95.

          Would you like your daughter to have his baby?

          Or perhaps your son could choose Amy Winehouse to raise your grandson in her crack vial strewn one-room hovel in Hunt’s Point.

          Assimilation=one group “pouring the pork” to some other group’s sisters and daughters.

          This is why Latin Americans and Filipinos and Sicilians began their existence as a race of orphans after some Spanish or Arab soldier blew his load in their daughters before hitting the road.

          It takes perhaps 500 to 1000 years for such an assimilation to be complete and Tuscany Italians are still dubious.


          You’re assimilated when some black or Jew or Arab thinks it is really cool that you pour his daughter the pork.

          It is doubtful that this stage of multi-cultural advancement will be reached in Palestine anytime soon.

        • Assimilating involves sex and this is why certain groups remain not assimilated.

          Until you get to the point of Cuck porn where some Grinning Palestinian Man is tenderly inserting Ron Jeremy’s penis into the virgin vagina of his daughter than such an assimilation will not occur.

          Whoa that is a funny image…a Fellaheen cuck with a big grin as he steers the penis of a Jewish stud into his daughter’s vagina.

          Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

    • deSPICable Me

      Blacks are not mixing with Jewish Americans much.

      Africans have been in North America for 400 years and the Mexican Indians were in the Southwest when it became part of the United States.

      We’ve had no choice but to try and get along.

  6. deSPICable Me

    now 40% Hispanic. There is large “de facto segregation” with gated communities, etc. It was not like this 60 years ago.

    Now, as Robert has said, living with Hispanics is doable (especially because that 40% really translates to just 30% non-White).

    If California was 40% Black, lower income Whites like Robert would be gung-ho White separatists rioting in the street.

    • I believe last I checked, Hispanics were 34% of California. What do you mean that 40% translates to 30% non-White. Hispanics now are 50% Indian in California. So the Hispanics make the state 17% non-White by the numbers. Blacks are only 7% of the state. Here in my town, they are only 4%.

      These here are ghetto as Hell, but they don’t have any numbers, so they do little damage. They still cause problems, but they don’t cause the MAYHEM that they do in higher numbers. Somewhere ~20% seems to be the start of the tipping point where the deterioration sets in. Most cities can handle up to 20% Blacks without disastrous results.

      California is 12% Asian. So non-White element is really 34%. If you want to go by genetics, the state is still 66% White. We are the 8th largest economy in the world and we are not even a country. Rightwingers who beat up on California are tards. They try to claim it’s some failed state, but that’s such crap. Republicans are basically retarded IMHO.

      This city is 67% Hispanic and honestly they are really no problem at all. I don’t feel afraid around here. There’s not a whole lot of crime. There was a homicide about a mile away from me in a park in November but it was some 18 year old gangbanger killing some 17 year old gangbanger around dusk. As long as you are not in gangs and do not associate with those who do, the gang stuff is really no worries. And innocent people hardly ever get hit by gang war bullets.

      A lot of people who get murdered are sort of asking for it in a way. I hate to say that.

  7. deSPICable Me

    “White nationalism is dumb. what type of White lives with NAMs? A transvestite prostitute? A mafia foot soldier?”

    Yet why is Jewish nationalism so great?

    • This is just dumb of Trash. I have spanked him about this so many times. This city is pretty compact. Most of the city is about 5-10 minutes from anything else. Point your car in the direction of where you want to go and you will get there.

      There are 18,000 WHITE PEOPLE who live in this city. Now I live in the full-on barrio, but even that is nothing. It looks nice enough and my complex is very nice. These are mostly illegals and 1st generation immigrants here anyway and they do not cause a lot of problems. It’s the 2nd generation that is bad. Gang kids are the children of the illegals.

      Really I suppose you could say that 18,000 Whites are “living with NAM’s” in this city. Trash is being stupid.

      Trash listen up. Here in California LOTS of White people live with NAM’s. Mostly Hispanics. They’re not losers or failures or anything like that. They’re just regular people.

      You need to dump this mindset of yours that only White losers live with NAM’s. Anyway out here Whites are running out of places to flee to. The Hispanics are filtering in just about everywhere in this state. There’s not really any escaping them.

      The problems of Hispanics are massively exaggerated. I have lived in a barrio for 8 years now and have been even close to any serious or violent crime. You do have to watch out for ripoffs though. The only people who stole from me where scumbags I let into my apartment. Keep your car door locked, use common sense, don’t associate with low class or sketchy people, and don’t let scumbags, into your place and it’s all good.

      This whole idea that Trash has of Hispanic neighborhoods being very dangerous for Whites is just crazy. It is simply not so.

      • Are jews really semetic robert?

        • I mean like ones in the modern days. Like in ancient times they would be but nowadays they dont have that look.

        • A-MAN

          Are Kerala Christians really Syrian? Not after 1,000 years but you can sort of see a bit of it in their nose. Some founding population arrived in Cochin and the Syrian has mostly been bred out of them.

          Same with the Jews in Europe. Some tiny DNA is traceable to Arabs but Central Asian, Italian, Mongolian DNA has swamped their genes.

      • ROBERT

        Why are Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland different than the United States with lower crime rates?

        Apart from a better wealth distribution because the raw capitalism of the U.S. does not help.

        Why are these countries cleaner, safer (Though some Sydney pubs you should not drink in), richer, better standard of living?

      • ROBERT

        Quite right. You have to get out of the States entirely and then you do not have to worry about this much. I say much because you get the odd NAM sailor who rapes a girl near a base or robs a taxi driver.

        In Dubai they are scared of Muslims.

      • ROBERT

        NAMS and particularly NAMS from the underclass do not live overseas in significant numbers.

        I am glad for this and it is one of the reasons I live overseas.

    • deSPICable Me

      For the same reason that Quebecois and Cuban Miami nationalism is intense.

      Except these folks are not always going on about Jews so of course nobody gives a shit.

      Anglo-Americans do not know anything about their nationality, to begin with. What they are taught in school is that European history began in the Mediterranean basin with Greece but they know nothing of the Magna Carta. They HAVE NO NATIONALITY.

  8. deSPICable Me Greater Detroit Refugee on Pure Naivete

    On Separatism

    What are white separatists going to do, pray tell? I’m from Greater Detroit and I can tell you whites end up self-segregating.

    Gated subdivisions are the modern-day wagon and Cholos are the Indians from one division of Hispanics who are primitive Amerindians-even if they have lived in America for 3 generations.

    Second division are the Mestizos who look like Al Pacino and function at more or less the same intellectual level as a white who are have the equivalent of less than one Indian grandparent. Like 20% Native American.

    They are like New Jersey Guidos. Irritating macho posers wearing a load of gold chains around their neck and acting like Sopranos stooges or John Travolta in Grease.

    You’re naive being from the South. In Detroit even barefoot female hillbillies left with children under their arms. Some whites walked out of their houses-perhaps 20%-to leave them to rot to nothing just to hit the road. When the jobs disappeared whites had no reason to stay at all so they left. Every last one of them left Detroit. When I was 8 or 10 Detroit still had Polish communities and a Greektown. If I pushed you out of an airplane tonight and you parachuted into Detroit you would probably be killed.

    Separatism occurs no matter what and feet speak louder than words as liberal elites, KKK hillbillies, Slavic democrats, Jewish union organizers all left Detroit like multi-colored rats swimming away from a ship.

    Separatism occurs when whites leave.

    I left America for this reason. Not because I have yellow fever but because NAMS are unable to find away to actually get by outside of the United States permanently.

    East Asians function at an even higher level than most whites but we of course are intelligent enough to restrain the primitive impulses of the frontal cortex enough to function in their society regarding sex and aggression.

    I worked in Canada for several years and other white countries make it very difficult for Americans to immigrate. I had a 2 year visa and graduated from a Canadian college and I still could not remain in Ontario. It is much harder to flee NAMS than one might imagine.

    • deSPICable Me

      So you feel that people from flyover country are dumb because NAMs will never go there.
      But you do empathize with poor Whites in post-industrial cities?

      • deSPICable Me

        TRASH has been given a heart

        • deSPICable Me

          If I made a $500 million dollar film about the German cannibal’s lover Hans who cut off his penis so that Hans could cook and eat it and Rednecks watch this films and some of them want somebody to cut their penis off and eat because of the glorification of Han’s victim’s self-sacrifice………..what does that make them.

          IT MAKES THEM STUPID, bro.

          Likewise seeing some guy who looks like an African witch doctor playing a hero in GET OUT with a beautiful Irish girlfriend whose Dad is secretly stealing black bodies……………….I laugh.

        • Jason Y

          Do WN’s have a heart for NAMS?

        • deSPICable Me

          I see the United States from both distance and time. It went downhill as soon as Bush was elected.

          Nothing I say is inhumane. It is the truth. My purpose is simply to present facts that are seen much more clearly from a distance of 20 years and thousands of miles.

      • An Icelandic immigrant named Gunnar Hansen who was a minor stage actor in Austin burns in the minds of NAMS:

        A large blubbery maniac on a Flyover dirt road mindless swinging a chainsaw under the morning sun.

        Dumb because NAMS will never go there? I do not understand the question.

        Poor whites in Detroit left because a bus ticket cost $30. Every single one of them left and their houses now rot. Because it is better to live out of your car in San Francisco than to be murdered in your own bed which is the point that Detroit got to. That is when Frisson is achieved. All the whites leave and whatever the government says about Bringing Jobs Back or Community or Staying the Course is like the Captain on the Titanic as people leap off the side of the deck.

        It is specious rubbish.

    • Jason Y

      Second division are the Mestizos who look like Al Pacino and function at more or less the same intellectual level as a white who are have the equivalent of less than one Indian grandparent. Like 20% Native American.

      Oh… Thanks for saying I have at least some brain. That’s so sweet of you. 😆

      • Jason Y

        I’ve always found it amusing that WNs think NAMS are monkeys, har har, ha ha, but they always deny it and claim they believe in separate development and respect for all races (laughable)…

        • JASON Y

          The already have that since the real WN’s can (Or do) live in rural areas that blacks find uninviting. Most Crips do not want to catch Catfish or listen to Alabama or Garth Brooks. Country living does not appeal to them. Nor does bow-hunting.

        • Leatherface racing down the road with his chainsaw is so much higher on a Darwinian scale.

      • So you claim but all whites in the South claim to be part Cherokee Indian even if they look like Dolph Lundgren so I am dubious until you post a DNA test.

        • Jason Y

          I wouldn’t say part-Cherokee, but my father resembled an Amerindian and other family members also resemble Asians, but not everyone does. But this isn’t bragging or being ashamed.

          Note, not everyone mixed looks black, Amerindian etc.. Note that Michael Jackson’s daughter looks white. I’ve also seen mixed kids who are white while their brothers or sisters are browner.

      • Here’s what Flyover White Proles really are Jason. White mongrels who have been in America too long to really know what they are specifically.

        This is why it is so easy for the American mass media and trends to rule them over. They have no other culture unlike Italian or German or Irish Americans.

        • Jason Y

          Not really Trash. They’re Scottish Americans mixed with a little German and other groups, generally. Some smaller groups in this mix are mostly German mixed with Scottish (like my family). Possibly, 10 percent, like my dad’s family, have a significant amount of Amerindian (not bragging nor ashamed, just stating facts)

        • deSPICable Me

          “If you’re descendant of a Welsh sailor who had his way with a Seminole Squaw, yet think you’re ‘Nordic’, honey, you might be a 95 IQ redneck”

          “If you’re descendant of a Welsh sailor who had his way with a Seminole Squaw yet think Celtic Gallego Cubans are ‘Latino’ or ‘Mexican’, honey, you ARE a 95 IQ redneck”

          TRASH is hilarious.

        • Jason Y

          I know you guys are just poking fun. But how is a little Amerindian blood going to lower the IQ to 95 (working class – sports bar drinking moron – monkey as Trash describes)? Trust me. It doesn’t do that.


    Leatherface will suck penis in Watts.
    NAM gangbangers will suck the penises of Leatherface’s whole family in rural Texas.
    Cholos in the barrio kind of admire Italian mafia and might suck Al Pacino or Tony Soprano’s penis out of admiration with no coerced effort.
    WN’S in a jail on their 3 rd DUI will suck a prison queen’s penis.

    If “Leatherface’s” family is after you go into the black ghetto and agree to suck the penises of Crips because Red Necks are too afraid to leave the land of the square dance and Garth Brooks shirts and Bolo ties.

    No WN will dare enter Watts even if you raped his mother.


    Likewise go into the country if Shaquila and Dayrel are after you. They are afraid to get mud on their shoes. Call them on their cell and call them racist names AND tell them you are staying behind the “Rockin’ Rodeo”.

    No hardened Crip will dare point his car in your direction. Dirt roads and uncut grass causes cowardice.

    If you have offended a Mexican than rent a room in Newark above a Pizza Parlor.

    Jews are obnoxious and aggressive? NOT IN DUBAI. OR EVEN EAST DETROIT!

    Arabs are after you. See if they want to do a suicide mission in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

    America’s extremists are cowards. Outside their own familiar stalking ground they are cowards.

    • Jason Y

      America’s extremists are cowards. Outside their own familiar stalking ground they are cowards.

      Yes, absolutely. And how about calling people gook lovers or making fun of a white guy dating a black (40-year-old something woman) saying they’re going to burn a cross in his yard over a CB radio. 😆 How about blacks in Charleston SC snickering, giggling, calling a white visitor “honkey” ? How about a black man with with a white wife and mixed kids driven out of my mountain valley due to harassment (and note this never made the papers)?

      • Santoculto

        Most groups are out-coward not only wn. Wn think only a racial war that can solve the racial problem in white countries so “worst is new better”, but not.

        No creativity checked….

        • deSPICable Me


          Europeans do not want to immigrate to the U.S. or Brazil. The social safety net is strong in Europe, and until recently open borders meant an unemployed Portuguese could find seasonal work in Bristol without hassle.
          Part if it was that European resources were opened up after the massacre that was World War II.

          The decline of the EU as well as refugees from the Muslim rape crisis (Muslims worse than be@ners, oh noes!) could increase this.
          But the number of immigrants from Western Europe as an absolute number has GREATLY DECLINED post WWII

          Things relating to birthrate are mostly biological.

        • deSPICable Me

          what can be done?

          Europeans do not want to immigrate to America as they have a generous social safety net and it is argued there was a post world war II ‘plague effect’ with regards to there resources.
          Things relating to birthrate are largely biological.

        • Santoculto

          Wn are only ones who can try to really solve this huge problems but….

          They are white cells of immune system. They are capable to detect danger easily but they tend to excel only in this part. Usually when they attack the malignant cells and invaders they are incapable to do it without hurt entire system just like the fever, this reactionary fever even can be effective to eliminate the danger never will be good enough to promote real evolution of this organism exactly because they are specifically designed to detect danger and in really non metaphoric organisms they are also responsible to attack the invader and their harem of sick cells, but as rightists namely those on the hard right no born with capacity to see nuances only big patterns they tend to be this countryside “flowers”, “subtlest”, “nuanced”, but not… Period.

    • Dang Trash, you sure got a thing for male on male fellatio!

      Anyway so I was just wondering dude? What does a penis taste like?

      • ROBERT

        I am not gay. But what difference does it make?

        • I know you’re not gay. I’m just messing with you. What sort of a straight man are you? Straight men are always calling each other fags. It’s sort of a lifelong running joke.

          It does make a difference. If one of my good friends showed up at my door tomorrow and told me he’d taken up dick sucking, I would end the friendship right there. I’ve never really had a gay male friend. I’ve had hundreds of friends but they have all been straight. So yeah it definitely makes a difference.

      • ROBERT

        I had bad experiences with women’s anuses having contracted genital warts once and having had to have them burned off with dry ice (This is the most painful thing you will experience).

        Being a prostitute-addict is not the greatest thing in the world. I’ve gone into seedy areas, been ripped off etc all in order to pay a woman to suck my penis or bend over-or both.

        I’ve had bad relationships that if I worked it out cost me $100 per blowjob and $200 per screw.

        As you know, I do not give a shit what people do. I think this is the biggest mistake Evangelicals make in the Red States. They care about she-males or gay marriage.

        Like George Michael most gays die young from wall-to-wall sex and drug binges anyhow. They never make it into old age. Children, relationships with women never offer a reprieve from the non-stop work-get high-orgy trinity.

        • I’ve had them frozen off me too. There and in other places. Warts are common. By age 50, 90% of the population has HPV.

          All these guys think they want to fuck 100 women, but the problem is once you do something like that, you tend to get these little “presents” from some of them. You know, the “gifts” that make you go to doctor. I never really used condoms either because I generally did not do prostitutes.

          I’ve had sex with ~3-4 prostitutes in my whole life. All the women I’ve been were the so-called non-prostitutes LOL. Whores or not, they still tend to lift your wallet. Thing is you will probably catch less using condoms with whores than you will fucking regular women without condoms. STD’s are fairly common in the general population. ~20% of porn stars have either gonorrhea or clymadia at any given time, and they get tested all the time. Not usually for those two though, I will admit.

          I’ve known a lot of real players and womanizers in my life, some with lay counts into the hundreds. Every one of them told me that they had gotten an STD at least once.

          There’s definitely a downside to being a male whore.

      • ROBERT

        If you can, you should avoid a woman’s anus. I caught genital warts and then syphilis once from this. The anus is a dirty part of the body.

        Gays die young generally anyhow. They have a mad lifestyle like George of drugs, orgies and work.

        • I’ve only fucked a woman in the ass one time. It was ok but she made me go real slow. Too slow. I gave up after ~5 minutes because I wasn’t getting fast enough friction. Also though it seems weird to say this, but her anus was ALMOST TOO TIGHT. I like my holes like vaginas and mouths with a little room so my dick and spread out and relax.

          We had the date and we started talking the sex we were going to have at some point – the first date was done with the stipulation that there would be no sex. She said she was into anal sex and I told her she would need to wash that area out, do a little enema, before I stuck my dick in there. I told I wasn’t getting no shit on my dick.

          She got agitated and said, “Forget it! No! If you have anal sex, you get shit on your dick. Period! That’s a part of anal sex that you just have to deal with.”

          My basic attitude is still that I’m not getting shit on my dick. If she washes it out and it’s as clean as a porn star’s ass, ok I might fuck it.

          Have you noticed in porn, those guys almost never get shit on their dicks? There’s a reason for that. It’s called enemas.

  10. deSPICable Me

    Hitler disliked most Americans precisely for that reason…he believed that they were a hodgepoge of European ethnicity and hence inferior.

    Indian blood in Flyover land is overblown, but you’re correct about being a hodgepodge of European groups. To blame Flyover prole status on 1/8 Indian blood is a big STORMFRONT TALKING POINT, bud.

    • 1/8? No, more like 1/32 if even that.

    • Jason Y

      Trash thinks I’m bragging about Indian blood like some cultural left type, but I’m neither bragging nor ashamed. Anyhow, the idea that Indian blood creates a bunch of monkeys, as some might be assuming, at least in the case of the south USA, is out of the question. If anything, the culture created those people, though WNs try to argue genetics creates the culture.

      • Jason Y

        At the most a little too much of Indian blood makes one susceptible to alcoholism and, unlike the Irish, the inability to control oneself under it’s influence. But anyhow, even my dad, and sort of hypocritically seeing as he was one, would say certain local families were mean – cause of Amerindian blood – all the while my dad was a military guy who drank every night and often got in fights.

    • Jason Y

      Who gives a fuck about what Hitler thought of so-called mongrel Americans? We showed him, didn’t we? But I’m sure WNs are crying every night over their brave warrior’s loss in World War II. Boo hoo… Cry me a a river…

    • Hotdog

      I believe Hitler described America as half negrified and half judaised.

      • Yes but what he meant was that there were too many Negros and Jews in the United States to make it worth anything.

        Most white Americans were NOT MIXED in the 1940’s.

        For the first 2 generations Irish-Catholics married Irish-Catholics, Jews married Jews, Italians married Italians, Polish married Polish.

        When Flyover Proles claim that they are 1/8 Cherokee most of them are simply stating an untruth. Whites in the South did not marry Asians and a true American Indian does not look like a brunette, she looks like a Samoan.

      • He meant there were too many in the United States to make it worth possessing.

        It is possible that some whites have some degree of Native American genes but most do not.

        • Hotdog

          Native Americans would likely be better off with White European Indian wannabes as elites in North America than jews, Asians, ect.

  11. Europeans themselves are a hodgepodge of ethnicity. British are Celtic, Danish, Dutch, Norman French, German, Irish.

    German were referred to as Huns, for example.

    Scandinavians have Lapland blood.

    Mediterraneans are Slavs, Latin, Phoenician, Arabic, Celtic.

    • deSPICable Me

      You expect fascists to make sense?

      • deSPICable Me

        I don’t expect people who have never traveled and never attained a degree and know little about society outside of their very limited geographic location to know anything.

      • deSPICable Me

        I have not lived for 18 years overseas because I expected anything truthfully.

        The Red State prole is born in a city of no importance in a state of no importance in a region of no importance. In effect he gets table scraps from the East and West Coasts. One controls his economy and the other controls his thoughts.

        He has a high school education and has never traveled. He knows little of the world. Basketball and the Sport’s Bar and perhaps his marijuana or meth dealer are the focus of his thoughts.

        Because he has not traveled his reality is a narrow one. He cannot conceive of the larger meaning of the world.

        Another words he is a pair of arms who makes stupid mistakes.

        • Jason Y

          He has a high school education and has never traveled. He knows little of the world. Basketball and the Sport’s Bar and perhaps his marijuana or meth dealer are the focus of his thoughts.

          What !!! Monkeys don’t have any thoughts – only of bananas. 😆

      • FASCISM

        White Nationalists are neither as disciplined as Asian-Americans nor possess the balls out off-the-wall creative genius of Jews and ethnic whites from the Northeast urban streets.

        They lack the lion-heart balls out courage of the Italian-American or some Mexicans.

        Blacks possess bigger penises and superior muscularity. Most can beat a WN their size in a fight.

        Another words, they really excel at nothing.

        They suck ass in the genome lottery. Not as intelligent as Asians or Jews, as powerful as blacks, without the balls of Latinos or Italians.

        Therefore if you define rule as that of the strongest they are not.

        • Hotdog

          I don’t feel common street blacks are tough. Even blacks have admitted Whites would win a race war, quite convincingly. White penises grow more.

  12. Biography of a Flyover Prole

    Being 1/8 Indian has no bearing


    The Flyover Prole is born.


    He comes of age in the prosperous 1990’s. He is a Beavis. He begins smoking marijuana. Life is good in the Clinton era for teenagers. The wall has come down. The War on terror is years ahead.


    He is a bit of discipline problem.


    He graduates from high school. He dabbles in meth. Wracks up a DUI or two.


    He supports the Iraq war.


    At 23 he becomes a father but does not marry. He cannot obtain a decent job.


    The economy declines.


    He has never traveled. All information is from Hollywood. Meanwhile he has begun to notice more Hispanics in his neighborhood.


    He is now 33 years old. He has a child, credit card debt, two kids.

    In the back of his mind he feels slightly cheated. Life was more prosperous for his parents.

  13. DeSPICable Me Portrait of a Fascist

    Like many young Midwestern drifters my judgement in Arizona was clouded by marijuana smoke, sex and beer. Forgivable, I was 25.

    Jake was a White Nationalist who sold me marijuana.

    He was 19 and had spent a few years in Reform School. He had Nazi tattoos and was a White Nationalist.

    His mother had thrown him out because he did not work and left school in the 8th grade.

    His father was a Swedish-American Vietnam Veteran who had a heroin addiction from a Swedish community in California.

    His mother was of French-Canadian, American Indian and Scots ancestry.

    Jake did not work and sold some marijuana to get by. He spoke Spanish fluently as his father had smuggled heroin from Mexico into California in his teens.

    Jake was always getting in fights or incidents. A Mexican slashed him with a knife. He was busted stealing a pipe from a head shop.

    The last time I heard of Jake in 1999 he was going to be a father. At 20. Typical White Nationalist.

  14. deSPICable Me

    I am hilarious because my statements are true. They are free of all bias.

    I’m a white prole from Greater Detroit who lived half of his life overseas and gained the mythic knowledge that can only be acquired through years of living and working in other civilizations.

    My perspective is like that of a 200 year old man, bud.

    If you find it hilarious it simply because I am cynical.

    • deSPICable Me

      Generally speaking they are accurate.

      It is the way in which it is communicated which is funny.

      • deSPICable Me

        Imagine standing on a balcony and watching as some drunks fight on the road at night.

        This is what living overseas is like. You scoff at the utter lack of judgement, perspective, experience and knowledge.

        Finally, you are glad to be on the balcony.

  15. deSPICable Me

    I really don’t even bother with right-wing White Nationalists anymore. They just don’t make a damn lick of sense, and are really just tools of insincere wealthy types as their cr@cker ancestors were during the days of slavery and Jim Crow.

    They don’t make sense in that they justify White supremacy over Blacks and Mestizos because of IQ, yet say Asians and Jews are EVIL to outdo them in a meritocracy, which, as right-wingers, they justify.

    It’s very incoherent. Some left wing White Nationalists make more sense, but the ones I’ve met on online were very paranoid and accused me of being in the NSA (wtf?)

    • Left Wing Nationalists should try and immigrate to Australia or New Zealand.

      Failing this for lack of a qualification, live in Asia.

      This is what I do.

      Having a degree from second-rate university fringes you out almost as completely as the White Prole who had 3 kids by 25 and a meth habit. No points for being a decent law-abiding middle-class person in Nebraska. You have no connections and no proximity to big business.

      If you do move to the West Coast you do not know anybody.

      I knew all this as a young man.

      It is why I moved overseas.

    • Hotdog

      “yet say Asians and jews are EVIL” I don’t see Asians being labeled “EVIL”. WN can vary but they’re soft on Asians overall. A common slap on them would be they rely too much on White innovations in technology. Small potatoes compared to the naughty list on jews.

  16. Ultimately the prole produces offspring and pays taxes for his more powerful and knowledgeable overseers to spend badly.

    A great deal of why Asian-Americans and Jews outdo them is planning and decision-making.

    The Jew or Asian-American studies hard in college. He usually refrains from drugs in high school and never becomes a drunk or crackhead. Marijuana or wine is the drug of choice. The White Supremacist dabbles in marijuana at 14 and is into meth by 18.

    The white prole has children in his early or middle twenties. He is unable to leave his state or geographic region so he is a mere pawn to the economic forces that govern it. If the assembly plant moves to a country where arms a cheaper than he is unable to do much because he has credit card debt and children.

    He can never leave his city or his state.

    • Jason Y

      Notice some of the ESL teachers in Asia are dunces and puppets? How is that life more honorable than that of a white loser who never left the USA, even if the teacher makes more money, lives in a crime free area etc..?

  17. Jason Y

    Trash thinks he belongs to the German master race. That’s why he is so snooty and uppity. Too bad the Nazis aren’t around, as they’d find a willing recruit for sure.

    • deSPICable Me

      Lol except his groveling Judeophilia.

      Any insult of the Jews AUTOMATICALLY qualifies you as a low-IQ redneck or Paki ‘monkey’.

      • Jason Y

        Pakistanis practice mass first cousin marriage. That pretty much destroys their credibility.

        • deSPICable Me

          Yes of course but anyone who criticizes Jews is automatically a ‘cousin-fucker’?

      • deSPICable Me

        I’ve insulted some Jews but only because the ones that I knew were street bums. No I am not interested in their sliver of desert between Egypt and Lebanon except that it affects gas prices.

        Rednecks cannot string a grammatical sentence together so it is not surprise that few of them become journalists or script-writers.

        If Jews do wield power or influence over rednecks it is because rednecks are vulnerable. They watch a ridiculous film written in LA by some cokehead with a Triple-Penetration porn star girlfriend and believe it is some life guideline.

        Asian-Americans are too smart and NAMS just do not give a shit.

      • deSPICable Me

        You grovel by asserting Jews are a powerful race with the intellect to control your life and thoughts through the mass media.

        The Jews I have known on the street were bums and winos and a crack whore or two.

        I did not grovel to them.

        • deSPICable Me

          Breitbart type proles are a special breed of dumb.
          I do not blame Jews for brainwashing these idiots.

          What group would not take such a golden opportunity?

        • My brother lived in Alabama for a while, and he said the Whites were extremely stupid. But he said the Blacks were even more dumb. He knew this one White guy, and my brother made fun of him. He said, “You’re so dumb. I bet you can’t even spell dumb LOL.” The Alabaman said, “Yeys ah cayun! D U M!”


      • Dang, (((Trash))) really loves them Jews, huh? What’s up with that anyway?

    • JASON Y

      One one hand I love Jews and on the other had I am a Nazi? In reality I spent my young years around white proles and have no illusions.

      I’m a white prole from Greater Detroit who has simply seen the U.S. gradually decline since 1999.

      I feel fortunate to have left the United States just before Bush was elected. Since then a catalog of decline has begun.

      The last decade of the last century seems to have been a high point in North American civilization and the election of George Bush was the beginning of a long, slow decline.

      This has nothing to do with Nazis.

      • Jason Y

        Actually, it’s pretty easy to escape white proles, even in Tennessee. Just live in better neighborhoods. Also, dipwads at community colleges mind their own business if you just stay off social media. That was my error.

    • JASON No I do not believe “Germs” are a master race.

      “Snooty and uppity”

      I am like the guy watching drunks fight on the street outside a bar from balcony. America was once a country of intelligent people with rational views until the year 2000.

      Then, when Bush was elected, it declined economically and socially.

    • LOL Trash is a Nordicist!

      Seig heil motherfucker!

  18. JASON Y

    Better than living somewhere that people threaten to lynch other people and receiving abuse when you return to college after nearly 2 decades from teenagers.

    Your tale is why I stay overseas.

    You do not have to be around this sort of garbage in Asia or Australia.

    I’ve never been an ESL teacher.

    • Jason Y

      OK, I understand. But I think both sides of the world can be humiliating AND not just cause of over-sensitivity. Place some redneck where I was in Asia and he’d be in a rage. He couldn’t take 10 minutes of it. Then of course, back home he would be raging about sensitive wusses and how people need to get over it.

      • Jason Y

        Outside of some tourist bubble where Trash lives, are real Asians, and a lot of them hate the US. There is a lot of identity politics going on, much like what you see in the US with gays, blacks, feminists etc..

        Come on. I liked the Phillippines too. But it’s not like the locals are NOT being paid.

        • Jason Y

          Basically, Asia is like a college campus, but not an NAM neighborhood. In other words, it;s safe, but there is still massive hate and humiliation for white males. Only a really humble person, a sell-out in the opinion of nationalists, could handle that situation.

        • JASON Y “Tourist bubbles”

          Rednecks get into trouble in Asia because they are stupid and drift to low bars or bad situations with the local underclass or get mixed up with a prostitute.

          REAL ASIANS in Beijing or Tokyo or Bangkok are not going to lynch a white person on the street. They are busy and do not have time.

          If you are paying locals to like you in the Philippines you are looking for love in all the wrong places. Like cheap girly bars.

          But I would not have gone near these places if you paid me.

        • What I did in the Philippines to a Redneck

          A steelworker named Clinton Macbeth had been unemployed since Iraq and was sleeping in beach huts because he had run out of money.

          He was bitter about his divorce and wanted me to help him finance a business because “I want to back and have some respect in front of my kids.”

          Clinton got beaten up a few time by street thugs and once collapsed in the Tourist Police Station pleading to go home. But he stayed anyhow and was usually drunk.


          He started to tell me that I was a piece of shit for not wanting to help him finance his business and once showed up angrily at my subdivision gate. He followed me on the street once.


          I had him deported by Immigration because rednecks disgust me.

        • JASON

          You’re full of it bro, there is no massive humiliation and racism for whites in Asia.

          Now its 19 year old adolescents at a community college.

          Sounds a bit paranoid to me. Asians do not give a shit about whites at all. And if they wanted to have a political discussion I would decline.

          Because, well, who gives a shit what they think about Americans or whites?

        • JASON Y

          I do not live in a tourist bubble. You cannot on my budget in the long run.

      • JASON Y

        That is why I live overseas. The rednecks and NAMS cannot live there. This is what is so wonderful. Anyhow you would have to be hanging around low alley ways in Asia to really get into trouble.

  19. deSPICable Me

    Jews are 19x over-represented on the Supreme Court
    Jews are 18x over-represented among the 400 richest Americans.
    Jews are 16x over-represented among Fed Governors and Committee members.
    Jews are 2.5x over-represented in Congress.

    Jews are the powerful. It is simply the powerful versus the powerless.
    BUT powerful Jews tend to more benevolent than powerful Anglos were.

    • deSPICable Me

      you CAN NOT disprove data with your anecdotal evidence.
      Your experience with Jews may be that they are all like the Broad City girls.

      But as a whole that is not the case.

      • deSPICable Anecdotal

        I’ll go so far as to say Asians are even richer and more powerful than Jews in ratio to their numbers (Like Indian-Americans in Forbes) because they are smarter than Jews on psychometric scales.

        I’m German-American and one would think Jews would want people with names like Frederiech Drumpf in a state of poverty and helplessness but Trump and other German-Americans have not been stymied by the power and cunning of Jews. Nor have I.

        Most Rednecks who loathe Jews held some lower position in an office where their boss was a Jew or the intelligent students in their classes were Jews or some the people living in their no-account city in the biggest houses were dentists and lawyers who were Jewish because rednecks by and large are too stupid to stay in university for 10 years.

        Korean-Americans and Indian-Americans do not give a shit about Jews. They wield no power in LA over the Korean-American community.

        • No! No one scores higher than Ashkenazi Jews on IQ tests. They score an incredible 112 full scale and 125 verbal. Their visuospatial is normal at 100.

          The East Asian Japanese – Korean – Chinese IQ is ~105.

          So Jews for sure outscore Asians on IQ. So, it’s…

          Jewboys FTW!

      • Your data proves merely that Jews have a slightly higher IQ than rednecks but probably lower than Asians on average.

        It does not prove a Jewish cartel is running America.

        Because Korean-Americans and Indian-Americans and even Arab-Americans are richer than they are on average.

        Certainly none of them can even distinguish between Jews and other whites.

        • deSPICable Me

          I do not believe Jews are maliciously pulling the strings as part of some conspiracy. I’m just pointing out they do have influence and are not all ‘Broad City girls’.

          Downtrodden people hate authority. The punk kid in elementary school hates the principal even though he has given him several ‘second chances’.
          It’s just human nature.

    • You’ll be powerless if you are from a Red State in the Flyover Bible Belt unless you run for governor and win. Because nobody gives a shit about the region you are from.
      Asian-Americans are not powerless. I think Indians are even richer than Jews in Forbes Magazine. Korean-Americans are not being influence by Jews. What? Make bad movies? Scream leftist drivel like Weiner?
      Rednecks shirk higher education even if they have the capacity to learn. Anybody can go to law school but rednecks choose not to.

    • IQ probably. No Jew helps another Jew out of commonality. They step on one another. Same with the Indians, who apparently are the richest people on Forbes list.

      Most rednecks who dislike Jews are so poor and downtrodden and stupid they think somebody is powerful for having a law degree and living in a McMansion.

      But these are the same idiots who live off reality TV.

      If Jews are noticeably more successful than Anglo people in politics or congress it is because more of them stay in school long enough to pass a bar.

      Of course Redneck proles have no power and neither do Cholos. They leave school early. They have kids young. They get into drugs. Career is not their priority, the Superbowl is.

      • Hotdog

        East Indians were exposed for looking out for fellow Indians when the majority. jews help jews out of commonality all the time, their religion, community, ect. reinforces this. I wouldn’t trust a jewish doctor because jewish law forbids helping non-jews. Yes, there are good/bad in every group but trusting jews is just not worth the risk.

        • Jews don’t trust other Jews as far as they can throw them.

        • Hotdog

          jews favor jews over non-jews. Such tribalism has benefitted jews and it comes more from nurture than nature. jews are nurtured better. The parents of a jew sing jewish songs to their newborn child. The jew is nurtured by jewish community and told to avoid the media. Flyover baby is given a sports jersey and raised by the electric jew. The jew is fed jewish breast milk at critical stages of development, the White flyover with no ethnic backbone is pushed by the jewish filth.

        • deSPICable Me

          TRUE BUT you forget Jew is also a religion.

          You were presumably raised with christian songs as a child, a Muslim with Muslims, etc.
          In that regard it is really ‘apples to oranges’

        • Hotdog

          Christianity is more about the spirit. The singing is just one example of many. The jewish kid later goes to jewish camp with racial jews. If Whites did the same they’d be branded “EVIL” Nazis. My point is flyover inferiority is cultural, not racial.

    • deSPICable Me

      Successful, not powerful. No Jew makes another Jew rich because he walks into a synagogue and asks. They step on one another. There is no LEAVE NO JEW BEHIND program.

      Out of 100 perhaps only 10-15 are as stupid as rednecks or blacks.

      Ayn Rand was a poor housewife who wrote a book and after years of submitting it to publishers it was finally read. That is not power or influence. Just intelligence.

      Cubans long ago seized control of South Florida from Jews.

    • Asians even more so.

      Do I believe Jews will sell what White proles wish to buy? Sure. They will sell lousy reality TV shows with the same eagerness that Koreans sell black kids cigarettes. They’ll take your money.

      Do I believe they have the power to do whatever they want to proles? No.

      Actually, they don’t give a shit about them basically and this is probably the basic reason proles resent them.

  20. DeSPICable Me JEWS & POWER

    Jewish populations are generally condensed in centers of finance or culture on the East or West coastline. I’m from Detroit and the reality is that some geographies are unattractive therefore money, intelligence, education, talent do not congregate there. What genius wants to live in Oklahoma or Dick’s Knob, Tennessee? Where do immigrants go? New York or Tulsa? Where do European tourists wish to visit. Tennessee or Los Angeles?

    Evangelical Christianity encourages early marriage and procreation. Both of which will trap the practitioner in a specific location for their entire life. Jews and Asian-Americans do not have children until they are 30 and have a PHd. This simply education. White Prole Evangelicals might graduate from college but will have a family immediately, get married and mortgage a house. If the economy of the region tanks, they are going to face more adversity than a Jew who rents in Manhattan. He just moves to a loft in Chelsea.

    Jews have a high verbal IQ-like me-which is meaningless except that it prevents a person from believing bullshit. High verbal IQ people are a tough sell. Jews do not buy garbage about family values, they know the government and big business do not give a shit if a family is on the street in Detroit.

    Jews, like Asian-Americans, travel. They grow up traveling and they live overseas as adults. So do Latin Americans. Redneck proles know nothing but their own geographic region.

    Jews are skeptical of the media. They do not get engrossed by reality TV. They watch the stock Market as I watch BBC. Redneck proles perceptions are molded by stupid television shows.

    In the 1990’s X-files convinced them to distrust the government and believe in fairies or alien goblins. When Bush wanted war the media convinced them to love the government and a slew of patriotic films were released. All were equally inane. It is doubtful that Jews found much validity in any of them.

    Redneck proles have a way of life that is stupid and laughable to Blue States. Their evangelical Christianity, their cowboy outfits, square-dancing, music, breeding etc.

    Rednecks are stupid and perhaps Jews profit from this. I’m not sure how.

    • Trash, I have known a number of Jews in my life and only one was an expat, but he was weird as Hell. He lived in poverty all his life and dressed like a street bum. He never wanted for material things in his life. Actually he was a famous writer, and I was a personal friend of his. He was famous in the sci-fi market and that does not pay well and one only gathers fame in that genre, not in literature as a whole.

      He came out and stayed with me for a while a year before he died. He had heart failure and diabetes and was very overweight but he still drank 4 drinks/day and I believe he still smoked cigarettes. He had lived in Belize and Israel. Avram Davidson was one of the smartest people I have ever met in my whole life. He was so damn smart it was like talking to someone from another planet.

      I doubt if Jews are any more likely to be expats than anyone else. They don’t have to leave. They can make plenty of money right here in the US.

      • I do not deny that some Jews are geniuses but Asians seem to have nudged them out of the math and spelling Bee national scholastic tests.

      • ROBERT

        How many Jews are going to watch GET OUT and walk out of the theater overwhelmed by their white guilt.

        Anglo-Saxons are very susceptible to mass media. Much more than other groups who simply say, that was a stupid movie.

        My feeling is that this is because their own cultural background is weak. Jews, Italians, Irish-Catholics have their faith and their history and so on. Anglo Saxons only have the latest Star Wars cup from McDonald’s and white guilt porn.

      • ROBERT Expat Weirdness

        When my family went back to Germany for a year in 81-83 the Carter administration had just gotten out. I remembered a non-materialistic and liberal country hungover from Vietnam, Watergate, stagflation that like to party.

        We got back in 1984 and Reagan had changed the mood to a Greed Is Good and completely materialistic shallowness. Hippies were hated. Even drugs were no longer about peace and love but about guns and war.

        If you are an expat and you are gone a few years what you notice is that the mood really changes fast.

  21. deSPICable Me

    Rednecks are powerless for the following reasons

    Their IQ is generally under 110.
    Red States in the Flyover Bible Belt states are poor. Interiors of any country are poor.
    They do not travel much as children and have a narrow view of the world.
    They are not well-educated.
    They make poor decisions like having a child under 25 or dabbling in hard drugs or alcohol related stupidity.
    Their behavior is reckless under the influence of alcohol. If they use drugs they have them on their person or in their car. They wrack up a series of petty charges.
    Even college-educated Left wing proles tend to be idealists. At least before cynicism takes over. They tend to be sheltered.
    They watch garbage on television and live vicariously through it. When X-files told them to distrust the government in the 1990’s they did. Now it tells them that the government is heroic. They believe it. Reality TV is their source of entertainment………………….BECAUSE THEY ARE STUPID.
    They give a shit about biblical issues of non-secular rubbish like gays and whether to lesbians can get married because they were date-raped in college and now they are frigid vagina-lickers.
    Relations between the genders are brutish.
    Their parents earn less and did not invest the amount of money or time they should have in childhood.

    DO JEWS RULE…..Or do white proles just suck, their beliefs suck, their geography suck, their history suck?

    What is the horrible truth?


    Their IQ is not above 110.
    Their beliefs are Evangelical. Jews and Asians and Blacks do not give a shit about gay marriage or prostitution or moral sense.
    They live in geographies that are undesirable. Finance is on the East Coast and the media on the West Coast. Hispanic trends in Miami. Beyond this, forget it.
    They have children too young.
    They believe in the government gives a shit about them or the GOP.
    Their college degree is from a second-rate university if they have a college degree. Usually only a high school diploma.
    They do not have the money to live apart from NAMS. When NAMS want a victim, it will be them.
    They like the dumbest drugs. Crack, meth, oxy pills.
    They do not travel and have very little grasp of the world. Most never traveled overseas.

  23. HOTDOG

    Blacks would lose a war because white-owned farms, raw materials and skilled manpower are hundreds of miles away from the Safeway Store that they just looted.

    Blacks do not have the organizational capacity to mount an organized race war with supply lines.

    This is why football games need coaches.

    Additionally the desire for crack cocaine, KFC, bling and other material comforts for many of them dampens the zeal of the committed freedom fighter.

    Easy enough to beat an old man to death and walk back to the crip to drink 40 oz. Being on the frigid plains of Kansas on a front against White Resistance?

    Black women are fiercely aggressive but jelly inside. They are not going to be freedom fighters camped out in the woods of the suburbs.

    Whites can out-shoot blacks, though a proportion have served in the military and have been through basic training. In a siege on a suburb as the Wisconsin female suggested, they would be defeated.

  24. deSPICable Me European Point of View

    Appalachians are a repulsive joke to Scotland. I’ve heard Scots who visited the area tell me this. They probably would not take them back, either. Yorkshire does not want meth labs and Nigerian day-traders being lynched or Leatherface racing down Newcastle roads with his chainsaw.

    Proles in Red States from the Bible Belt would have you believe millions of Swedes and Brits were lined up to swim over the Rio Grande. This is simply because they have never been in Europe and think that America has the highest standard of living for the working-class and middle-class because their leaders told them this and they believed it because George Bush laundered their brains at Ronald McDonald in order to try and cut a Haliburton deal that sank like a fart in a spacesuit.

    More than Trump, Bush will go down in history as the president who led the U.S. into decline and turned Europe in a refugee camp.

    Spanish people told me they found California and Mexico revolting. Few want to immigrate to the Southwest of the United States.

    As far as they are concerned, it is a lost colony.

    When was the last time Italians wanted to immigrate to Newark?

    Polish think Detroit is disgusting and won’t even visit their relatives there?

    Nope, these folks immigrate to Australia and New Zealand.

  25. ROBERT George’s Story

    I can see why gays are so happy. Need a good pipe-cleaning BJ. Stop by a public toilet like King George (He had done this hundred of times by his own admission before he was busted).

    Infidelity is no issue. Of course this why gays pass AIDS onto one another. But still, George Michael cruised ever day even in relationships.

    No wonder gays are always happy. There is no macho bullshit I’m-harder-than-you competition. Bros before Hos to the nth degree.


    I think women are more likely to have certain things like this because they are inside their vagina and they don’t notice it.

    They have more crevices than males in general.

  27. HOTDOG

    Flyover inferiority is largely being in the middle of the United States in cities or states on the economic decline.

    If these whites move to cities they do not have the money to avoid NAMS. If they live in towns or exurbs they cannot get a job because there is no industry.

  28. HOTDOG

    Yeah, that Jew runs the world. Doesn’t look Jewish to me however.

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