Child Molestation: Are We Making a Bad Thing Worse?

I have known a number of women who were molested (in two cases, by teenage boys) and they just got over it. Apparently they attempted to come to terms with and make peace with this and were successful. I am not bashing women who are damaged by this sort of thing, but to say that every woman who was molested as a girl is ruined forever is nonsense. People didn’t use to freak out about this stuff so much and apparently the damage was much less.

My mother told me that he deceased sister was molested a little girl. They found the guy who did it and I do not know what happened to him. The attitude back then was, “Oh don’t worry about that. He’s just a stupid fool acting like an idiot. He was wrong to do that to you. You best just forget about that for now. It’s not important. But don’t let any males do that to you again.”

My mother said she suffered absolutely no damage whatsoever from this.

I can’t help thinking we are making a bad thing worse. A girl gets molested. We find out and flip out and try to prosecute the guy, which in many cases, is the right thing to do. But in many cases, he just gets away with it. We scream and yell, “Oh that was a horrible thing that was done to you! How awful! How terrible! You must be so damaged and ruined and destroyed over this!” We rush them into therapy with some dingbat feminist therapist who treats this as a much bigger deal that it probably was. The theme is, “You were violated! You were damaged! You will be ruined forever unless we fix you now!” And maybe even, “You will always suffer damage from this, but we are here to lessen the damage.”

Tell people they got damaged and they are going to act damaged. Exaggerate a violation and people feel a lot more violated and a lot worse.

I can’t help thinking we are not doing this right.


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69 responses to “Child Molestation: Are We Making a Bad Thing Worse?

  1. S. Smith

    The fact that you are thinking about it all is what matters. It helps. Keeping open dialogue with the public, looking for alternative methods, trying to find ‘a better way’ … thank you. To many, the topic is taboo or they overcompensate with ideas that make THEM more comfortable with the situation.

    In the end, each of us just wants someone to listen. We are all unique and thus, so is each story. There is no ‘one size fits all’ remedy, therapy or solution. We can only hope people are open to knowing us and accepting of the place we’re at in life. That can’t happen without people caring. People like you. You’re a good man, Robert.

    • Typical Punjabi fantasy of Goris-white girl is low-class and redneck. You probably want her to have blonde hair and long legs.

      Sardarji you’re pretty cookie-cutter.

  2. Punjabi males hanging around the sort of poor white girls who work at 7-11 or live in places like East Vancouver probably here the sort of composite story you are repeating.

    I will give Sikh males like you some credit for actually getting a Gori from the depths of our own social system to screw for no fee.

    White guys like me just have buy and pay Punjabi girls.

  3. S. Smith

    I pray that you don’t ever lose your wallet.

  4. You care what Goras think of you. Goras don’t care what you think about them.

  5. TJF

    To Rob,

    I know people who definitely have not gotten over being molested – the worst cases tend to be when a person of authority and trust (priests, coaches) molest children over time and protect themselves in ways that really screw with kids minds. Invariably the pedos target children with turmoil in their lives, because they know their chases of getting caught or any caring are lower. In the past, on the occasions where kids do pipe up and say the coach or priest is doing something bad to me no one believed them – sometimes placing them right back into the hands of the criminal. Their were highly respected institutions such as the Catholic church or Penn State that allowed this behavior to go on for decades, so I can understand why we have swung in the opposite direction and there is a bit of hysteria.

    That said comments on news reports when a 16 or 17 year old male “child” has been screwing his hot 23 year teacher are pretty funny. Invariably most of the men are saying – “Damn! I wish she had been my teacher etc.” The male student – hot for teacher meme – has been around forever. When I was 14 I took a French class – amidst all the grandma teachers at my school – the administration somehow managed to hire a 20 year teacher’s assistant from Lyon – myself and I’m pretty damn sure all of the boys in the class would have loved shagging her and had absolutely no regrets about it then or now.

    As for demarcation line set at 18 making one an adult – I joined the US military two months after my 17th birthday. (Still the policy – see link below) If the US had gone to war I could easily have killed or been killed. Even though my parents had to sign a waiver, the US military sure as hell was not going to consult them if I were later placed into combat (I had a few guys tell me they forged their parents signatures because they couldn’t be found – the guys were living with Aunts, Uncles, older siblings – all one had to do was bring in a signed document although that policy may have changed).

    Oh, I was driving by myself (legally) at the age of 15. That’s been changed to 16 in most states but you can still drive by yourself at the age 14 1/2 in South Dakota and 15 in 5 states.

    So apparently at 15 I could operate a 2 ton vehicle on public roads (which can definitely kill someone if handled improperly) and at a 17 carry an M-16, M4, RPG,grenades, etc into combat to kill or be killed but not be trusted to engage in consensual sexual intercourse, fellatio, cunnilingus,or digital stimulation of a woman’s boobs or vulva.

    • Girls tried to stay virgins as late as the 1980’s until they were 18 and many more youths were initiated into sex by an adult female whether a prostitute or some acquaintances mother.

      It used to be as common as losing one’s virginity with a girl of one’s own age.

    • No 17 year old in German or a Navy Deckhand does not get laid on a weekend pass in Angeles City or Frankfurt. I don’t think the adult prostitutes care if an Ensign or GI is 17 or 21. None of them are going to card a sailor or soldier.

    • TJF

      NCO’s are not going to stop a 17 year old Ensign from getting laid. I know this personally for a fact.

      German hookers servicing bases don’t care if a GI is 17 or 27. Not one bit. Neither do Filipino hookers.

      When the Aircraft Carrier docks or GI’s get off the base on weekend pass they can get laid at any age.

    • TJF

      Come now, which NCO writes up a 17 year or 18 year old for getting drunk at Beer Garden or seeing a prostitute?

      • reid

        you haven’t offended me, you’ve just replied with borderline-nonsense across like a dozen comments, you come off as drunk or something

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        Come now, which NCO writes up a 17 year or 18 year old for getting drunk at Beer Garden or seeing a prostitute?

        Tangential to the discussion.
        And really what do you know of the UCMJ and how it’s applied? If civilian authorities successfully prosecute a GI for patronizing a prostitute, better believe they can get into trouble with the military. The same applies to public intoxication or drunk driving. And by the way – an adult prostitute who has sex with a 17 year old in California is not only in violation of a misdemeanor he or she can be prosecuted for statutory rape and/or endangerment of a child. Even if that “child” is due to be shipped out to combat in the next week. It doesn’t matter if the 17 year was very willing and initiated the transaction – the prostitute could be charged with a felony and become a registered sex offender for life. In the counties in Nevada where prostitution is legal and regulated they absolutely do check IDs of people that appear too young.

        My point is that US law is inconsistent regarding the age at which one is old enough to make responsible and independent decisions.

        14 -16 to drive by yourself
        17 to kill or be killed in the US military
        18 for consensual sex in California (16 in some other states)
        18 for most legal contracts and to vote
        21 to drink alcohol

        • USIA officer American Embassy (United States Information Service when I was in) so obviously I was in proximity to Marine House.

          I stayed overseas, to answer your question.

        • TJF

          Because I was a USIA (When it was the United States Information Service) officer in an Embassy I had some proximity with Marine Embassy Guards who were roughly my age at that time.

          We drank in the Marine house bar from time to time.

          When a Navy carrier docked of course the squids would come into the Marine House bar and not all of them were 21.

          And of course there was always a brawl.

        • TJF

          I would know nothing of California law, you are correct. I’ve never spent more than a week there.

          FYI I was a USIA officer for an American Embassy. To date myself this was back when it was still the United States Information Service.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Because I was a USIA (When it was the United States Information Service) officer in an Embassy I had some proximity with Marine Embassy Guards who were roughly my age at that time. We drank in the Marine house bar from time to time. When a Navy carrier docked of course the squids would come into the Marine House bar and not all of them were 21

          You didn’t say when you were in the USIA but it was dissolved in 1999 (with it’s functions passed to other agencies) so I suspect you are talking about your experiences in the 90s. As I said tangential to my point about age and various legal rights and restrictions but the law regarding drinking among military members has changed since 1997.

          Previously if a US military base was in another country with a drinking age of 18, then GIs who were 18 -20 could also legally drink on base (or off). That also applied to bases in the US that were within 50 miles of Mexico or Canada which have a lower drinking age.

          The policy may very well have been tolerated a little longer but I doubt it’s still the case, especially for bases in the US. Sure NCOs can and do look the other way if guys are letting off a little steam and there is generally a don’t ask/don’t tell attitude practiced by many of the upper ranking staff to maintain plausible deniability but in the age of the internet information is no longer tightly controlled – now invariably if a GI does something that catches the public eye in a negative way there is a crackdown.

        • Yee

          “USIA officer American Embassy (United States Information Service when I was in) ”

          You worked for American Embassy, but pretend you don’t understand the geopolitical importance of Southeast Asia…..

          I SAID you are fiction.

  6. reid

    i knew a woman who told me pretty much immediately she was molested as a (very) young girl. i thought it was a little bizarre that she told me — i was basically a stranger — but i replied with sympathy, as one does. i was friends with her for a couple of years, and eventually it became very clear that she somehow got in her head that being sexually abused was what made her a good person, because she was a victim. another key fact about this woman was that she was basically the absolute stereotype of a sjw. these facts were definitely related, though i’m not sure she was capable of making the calculation so clearly. eventually i stopped speaking to her because she was incredibly self-centered and didn’t maintain the reciprocity typical of friendship.

    • reid

      Like bisexuality, these things are “en vogue” for women who would have taken such experiences to their grave before the 1990’s.

      In the opinion of such women it is not so much “good” as merely a “qualifier” like a badge.

      • Jason Y

        Do you think strippers and porn stars deviate toward bisexuality because of the environment? In other words, the women see so much nudity of their own gender that they become turned on by it.

        I suppose the same would happen among male strippers and I know it does in prison where females are not available.

  7. Jason Y

    It’s difficult to say if some bratty girls between 12 and 18 are not asking for it. They put on show with their giggles, draw the older man into a trap, and then either turn him in, or turn him in later – possibly because he made them angry for some reason – other than the touching etc..

    Basically this group, should be avoided anyhow – because the law will always paint them as helpless victims in the newspapers etc.. AND Trash 😆 will claim they will become future strippers.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly little girls under 12 would easily forget about molestation, but nonetheless, molesters should be put in jail and this isn’t feminism.

    • 13 to 17.

      Teenage girls are DANGEROUS. Handle with care. Highly flammable. Better yet, just avoid at all costs.

      Yep I have heard some pretty wild stories. I believe in a lot of cases, these girls seduce the men, often young men. I think a lot of guys don’t want to do it, but a teenage girl is next to you, and next thing you know, she is rubbing your cock through your pants, and a lot of guys just say, “The Hell with it! I’m going to do it anyway!”

      Men are weak and a lot of them just cave I believe. It’s best to just avoid temptations like that in the first place.

      • ROBERT

        Times have changed. I could not get sex much when I was a teenager. Where can I meet these nice young ladies?

        Do you have their phone numbers?

        • Are you insane? The term jailbait is no joke, pal.

          Teenage girls are just as good of fucks as women. Sometime even more because they’re really into it. They can be inexperienced but they make up for that with enthusiasm. One of the best fucks I even had in my whole life was an 18 year old girl. I actually lost my PIV virginity to her. They’re not necessarily all that tight either. This girl kept upping the ante on me: “Two fingers!”…..”Three fingers! Three fingers!” I’m not sure we got up to four, but at that point, you are just about fisting her pussy, and I’m not sure that is such a good idea.

  8. YEE

    No I am not.

    The job of the USIA was primarily to assist foreign prospective students in filling out college applications for American universities. It is non classified position. You interface with the public.

    I understand the importance of the South China sea shipping lanes to about the same degree as the next person.

    This is really too bad because a) Southeast Asian countries are somewhat hostile to the West and b) Chinese with mainland-ties run their economies for the most part anyhow.

    This what makes the Philippines a headache. The country itself is full of stupid people with various dictators but it is strategically important because of that shipping lane.

    • Yee

      Not only that. Southeast Asia is important for the development of China. Both China and Japan want control of the region. Japan will gladly finance a war between US and China.

      SE Asia is exactly like Latin America to the US, as a raw materials exporters and end products dumping ground.

      • YEE

        Japan could not POSSIBLY finance a war between the United States and China.

        Southeast Asia currently exports very few natural resources to the United States. Maybe some sugar.

        Japan can buy all the resources it wants.

        • Yee

          I meant SE Asia to China is like Latin America to USA.
          Japan is fighting with China for influence in SE Asia for years now. They always want the region.

  9. YEE

    If you think I am liar that is your matter, not mine.

  10. YEE Chinese-Filipino and Japanese in the Philippines

    Japan built a shrine to WWII dead soldiers in Cebu Chinatown and the Chinese-Filipinos tore it down in a mad protest.

    One Japanese woman was on a bus and pushed a Chinese-Filipino female student and a bunch of teenage girls beat her up ON THE BUS.

    A Japanese businessman near wear I lived was mouthing off to a Chinese-Filipino welding shop owner and he beat him with a rebar. He did 8 months in jail and the Japanese guy had to be E-vac’ed to Japan as a near vegetable.

    Please don’t tell me Japan would think about invading China. I think this would end badly.

    • Yee

      Not now, but as soon as they’re strong enough, they will.

      Do you know they put WWII war criminals in sacred temple among other dead soldiers and their prime ministers and high ranking officials go worship every year? Can you imagine Germany do that? And all Japanese govt are rightwing since after the war.

      It’s their tradition to invade, 3 times in history they invaded Korea. China sent army to fight them all 3 times, win 2 lost 1, Korea became Japanese colony after that 1 lost.

      We know the Japanese, they can fool the whole world, they can’t fool us. They will never give up the attempt to expend their territory.

    • Yee

      By the way, I don’t hate individual Japanese, they are quite decent people, but they are dangerous as a nation.

      • YEE Experiences with Japanese

        Toshi was a Japanese dive store owner who was always smoking marijuana and drunk.

        One Japanese woman I knew fell in love with a Filipino male stripper she was paying by the hour and when he brushed off her intimations of an actual relationship she stormed into this apartment and smashed it up until the police dragged her away to jail.

        Many Japanese males seem to love underage girls in the Philippines.

        One Japanese woman married to an American businessman was more or less normal.

        Some Japanese cooked up shabu in the Philippines.

        Such are my experiences.

      • Jason Y

        Many Japanese males seem to love underage girls in the Philippines.

        Why am I not shocked? 😆

  11. YEE

    Right across the water are a bunch of tough Northern Chinese who would probably not only kill them but eat them as well.

    Good luck starting there.

  12. ROBERT

    I live overseas and I have not seen a teenage white girl in decades. When I was a high school student in 1990-1992 teenage girls still attempted to keep their virginity in my middle-class milieu.

    Prostitutes must be losing money these days.

    When I was young you went to Amsterdam or Tijuana and sex with a grown woman was how most of us were initiated into sex.

  13. Magneto

    And considering that fact that up to 90 percent of rapes are FALSE cases, women themselves have destroyed any credibility they had.

    The Delhi Commission of Women, a feminist group, even admitted that 53% of rape cases in Delhi are fake cases.

    I think it’s safe to assume that at least half of all rape cases are fake. The women is lying and doing it for attention and to blackmail the guy.

    If women wanted men to take their cries about rape and molestation seriously, maybe they shouldn’t have fucking LIED so much about it???

    • Rape is a North Indian phenomenon. Punjabi mostly and Muslim. This is due to a DNA comprised of rapist and looter genes.

      I am ashamed to say these were often whites and also Persians, Central Asians, Huns.

      The North Indian is the product of historical rape.

      • I know and YOU just said north indians were NOT enlsaved LOL! So you basically contradicted yourself.

        • I said Baniya castes were never enslaved. Brahmin were in fact administrators for the British and today live in American suburbs while Nair toil in Dubai.

          North Indians are Persian and Arab.


    North India is a result of rape, it is what North Indians are. They are the result of Dravidian women being raped by Aryans, the Scythian tribes, then Huns, Greeks, Pathans, English.

    So rape is in the genes of the North Indian.

    Muslims raped everybody. So when there is a rape you will know the offenders were North Indian and usually Muslims.

    South Indians with their tiny black penises and femininity cannot get the energy up to rape women.

    • South indians have huge dicks. Many blacks like the dravidians in subsaharan africa got conquered. Anf many dravidians fought the aryans and conquered back some territory.

      • A-MAN

        The Dravidian penis is 4 inches long, sadly. This is why the women enjoyed being shafted by Portuguese and English so much because of the long, strong penile shaft.

        Nairs did kick Brahmin out of Kerala. I’d say they are better for this.

        • No it is not it is 5.54 inches on average which is bigger than french penis.

        • No it is not it is 5.54 inches on average which is bigger than french penis.

          Cool! A dick measuring contest! I love these. Reminds me a high school locker room.

          6.75 inches checking in here.

          LOL @ all you smalldicks.

      • “Huge dicks” Now this is quite funny. The history of India is based upon invaders from Persia and Russia and later Portugal and England shoving Dravidian men aside with their big foreign dicks.

    • Magneto

      Yes no shit north indians are a bunch of fucking savage barbarians and rapists. It is indeed as you said. They are the descendants of rapists and so rape is in their blood.

      When can we fucking exterminate these animals? Good job so far in Afghanistan but we should next invade Pakistan and slaughter those fucking animals. And after that, annex India into North India and South India. And then we invade North India and kill every last fucking subhuman rapist piece of scum.

      We need a new Alexander the Great who will lead an army of white men into India and kill every last fucking subhuman.

      • MAGNETO Gora who lived in India

        Dravidian people from the South do not even want to set foot above the Hindi line. Never will you see Dravidian people win a war against Pathan or Punjabi or Kashmir people.

        On a very deep level Whites and High Caste Indians share a subterranean understanding that they are both whites.

        This is more instinctive than actual verbalized. It is like Iranians and Parsi Indians. Or Sikhs and Arabs.

        The reality is the higher-caste Indians are descended from Ukrainian whites around the Black Sea and NOT PERSIANS which they wanted everyone to believe after the British quit India.

        So whites are not going to fight for Tamil Nadu or Kerala-who already chased away the Brahmin in the 1950’s anyhow.

      • MAGNETO

        Listen to the Wisdom of a Gora Addict and Prostitute User in India here:

        Why would Americans want to die in the deserts of North Indian. Kashmir has been at war for 30 years and no Gora cares at all. We never will, bro.

        1) Whites feel a quiet genetic affinity for Jat Sikhs and Brahmins: why do you think we are always f*cking their women in America like Nikki Haley and intermarrying with them? A Jat Sikh is white. Brahmin are white. Therefore we will never fight for Dravidian people even if it is easier to convert you to Christianity.

        2) Delhi is useful to the United States. I don’t know how or why but having some Sardarji up there doing what Uncle Sam tells him is important. You Dravidian people get to Socialist.

        3) America has wasted too much time with Patthan people in their worthless desert anyhow. Afghanistan will always be a desert full of low IQ Arabs with some Central Asian blood screwing 12 year old boys.

        4) Kerala kicked out all the Brahmin anyhow.

  15. A MAN

    The Dravidian is expected to carry coffee for Brahmin and other North Indian races descended from invaders from Persia and Russia and Arabia.

    He is the “real” Indian but his country is owned and run by Persians, Arabs, Russians and Pathans.

    • Magneto

      South Indians are good people, I have zero complaints about them.

      North Indians are subhuman pieces of scum that need to be literally exterminated off this planet.

      Anyway, as the civil war in Europe against Muslim immigrants breaks out and escalates, it will escalate into a full blown race war. You think the sikhs and hindus will stand by and do nothing? Brown people are all in a collective consciousness mentality, so it WILL evolve into a full blown race war.

      So at least we’ll be able to remove these bastards from our own countries. That’s probably the best we can hope for or expect.

      • MAGNETO

        Victory from the cradle until systems of socialism designed for 10% of European white males who sat around childless in one-room Stockholm apartments getting drunk all day and jerking off to porn run out for entire Muslim families.

        Whites will do what they always do-head for the country.

        Bush started the mess anyhow. Let us face the facts that his stupid deal with Haliburton did not work out and gangsters like Hussein or Ghaddafi who scared terrorists into submission no longer stand in the way.

      • MAGNETO

        Brahmin and high-caste Indians are very clever. They are the mental engine running North India.

        South India is about as separatist from the North as can be within a single political union.

      • Magneto

        This is all a moot point because welfare was intended for 10% of males who were alcoholic bums with whom no woman would reproduce anyhow who simply drew a charity check until they died of liver failure in their 50’s. It was not intended for Muslims and will run out fairly quickly.

        Brown people-I’m excluding Native Americans-are not good at fighting in the woods. They are good at urban guerrilla warfare.

        This is because as descendants of primitive hunter gatherer groups from the jungles and steppes they are still at the early stage of civilization where they equate the jungle with danger and have a tribal fire circle mentality. Thus they congregate towards population centers.

        Moreover whites own agriculture and once you burn down enough Tescos the food supply runs out.

        How are you going to slaughter goats on hard concrete in seedy suburbs?

        • Brown people – I’m excluding Native Americans-are not good at fighting in the woods. They are good at urban guerrilla warfare.

          This is because as descendants of primitive hunter gatherer groups from the jungles and steppes they are still at the early stage of civilization where they equate the jungle with danger and have a tribal fire circle mentality. Thus they congregate towards population centers.

          Trash you are wrong. The Cubans fought very well in the mountains and jungles of Cuba.

          The URNG Guatemalan revolutionaries were actually mostly Indians. They fought very well in the jungles and mountains of Guatemala. After all, they lived there.

          The FMLN Salvadoran revolutionaries were mestizos and they excelled and jungle/mountain fighting. The insurgency was fiercest in the rural jungle/mountain areas.

          The various Colombian revolutionaries also fought extremely well in the mountains and jungles of Colombia. This was actually their base. Many mestizos live in these areas in Colombia.

          Even the Shining Path revolutionaries in Peru excelled in jungle warfare up in the north. And now when they are confined to a jungle area of Peru, they remain undefeated there.

          The MRTA guerillas of Peru had their home base up north in the mountains.

          Mestizos and Indians excel at jungle, forest and mountain rural warfare. In part this because this is where they live. The rich don’t live in the rural areas of Latin America. Only the poor do.

      • MAGNETO Some Core Differences

        Le Bear is from tough, mean European Peasant stock. That is what a white American is. An anti-intellectual earthy European peasant.

        Muslims can have the best of luck trying to muscle Norwegians in Fargo. They’ve been beating the hell out Somalians.

        European lower-class peasants will do what Trump’s parents did. Immigrate to the United States. Mass moves from Europe have happened before, they will happen again.

  16. Magneto

    Pop quiz, hot shot! If given the choice between fucking an ugly punjabi woman who is a 5/10, or fucking a super hot ladyboy who looks hotter than real women, who is a 10/10, which would you choose?

    I’d choose the ladyboy, hands down.

    • Irrelevant to the intermarriage between high-caste North Indians and whites.

      The males will go after white trash female rednecks or low-class European women.

      The hot females like Nikki Haley will find white men in powerful positions. They figured this out a long time ago during the British Raj.

    • Answer: Neither.

      Context: Hot Punjabi women will find white males in power to subsidize them ie Nikki Haley. High caste Indian males will seek out a white trash redneck or low-class European woman. Either way, female marry up.

      Ladyboys are more likely to have AIDS so I think most men would prefer starfish missionary position sex with the Punjabi chick.

      But that is such a non-sequitor that I do not follow.

    • The vagina tends to tear less in sexual intercourse than the anus, so your risk of disease goes down with a female partner.

      I do not follow your line of thinking or see how this statement is applicable to the subject but that would be my answer.

      Something like 80% of Ladyboys in India are HIV positive. The number is ridiculously high.

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