Female Rule Is Feminism In Power and Nothing More or Less

TJF: To Rob:

The West is under female rule..? Not sure if I understand, what are you labeling as female rule aside from some rules passed on college campuses regarding consent…?

Look! Female Rule is feminism! Female Rule occurs when feminists gain so much power that they can start imposing their rules and laws on society. Female Rule is Feminism in Power, period.

Female Rule is imposing rules and laws on society that are based on the rules and mores of women and against those of men. We have generally had Male Rule because male rules and mores at best are at least sensible, but they don’t lead to this World of Justice that women want and demand because life is messy, unfair and often cruel with no legal or societal repercussions for this nastiness.

The crazy Consent Rules came about because women are determined to stop date rape on campus. Thing is you cannot stop it. Date rape will go on. And it is almost impossible to prosecute. This is a horribly unfair thing. But men will just shrug and say life is imperfect and unfair. Yet women will try to create a Just World when there is no such thing and there probably cannot ever be such a thing.

First women tried “No means no!.” That’s not even true for starters, but to women it made a lot of sense, and they took it up as a Female Rule mantra. Well, “no is no” did not stop date rape because women were too stupid to make the rule work. Turns out that women are so dumb that a lot of times when they didn’t want to have sex, they were too frightened or frozen or whatever to say no. So they said nothing and the sex went forward. However it was rape because the man could not read her mind to determine that she was not willing even though she never said no. This led to the lunatic “silence is not consent” bullshit that has taken campuses by storm. Men are now expected to be mindreaders.

Because “no is no” was such a miserable failure, women upped the ante to “Affirmative Consent” which has got to be the most insane sexual rule ever imposed by humanity in its history. That’s not working well either as a lot of men are just bailing out of sex altogether rather than negotiate that minefield and women are complaining that men won’t ask them out.

This is the way women try to solve problems. Men just shrug their shoulders and say, “What are you going to do? Life’s not fair. We can’t solve every problem. Some problems cannot be solved. Some problems are best dealt with outside the structures of administrative law and the judicial system.

In the UK and in parts of the US, there are now major moves to make it illegal to have sex with a woman who is intoxicated. I have asked some women about this and they get those hard faces and say that if she’s drunk or loaded, you can’t have sex with her. Well that ends 50% of the sex in the US, as that’s how much is done under the influence. Once more, it’s women trying to solve an unsolvable problem, that of women getting so wasted that they are blacked out and then they have sex against their will. This is an unsolvable problem. It can be solved by women refusing to get blackout drunk,  but women won’t do that, so the problem goes on.

Indeed. But those campus rules are very important. They are spreading across to many other states now. And you are guilty until proven innocent. This is another aspect of Female Rule because women don’t believe in fairness or fair fighting.

The lunatic Pedophile Mass Hysteria that has conflated statutory rape with pedophilia and child molesting was caused by Female Rule. The new Creeper Mass Hysteria in which all men who women are not attracted to are labeled creeps and society agrees was also a creation of Female Rule. Female Rule has also created a situation whereby men are being charged with child molesting for having sex with underage girls who lied about their age. Incidentally, this is a mitigating factor in federal law but not in states’ laws.

Female Rule created the craziness that says that if a US man goes overseas, if he has sex with one under 18 year old girl one time, he has broken US child molestation law, even if he comes from a state where the age of consent is 15.

Female Rule created the sheer idiocy of domestic abuse law where a woman was able to hit me or try to hit me 35-400 times in one night, and I hit her back once and according to Female Rule, I would have had to go to jail. I just barely avoided going to jail that night. Female Rule says any time a man hits a woman, even in self-defense, he’s going to jail. Under Female Rule, you can’t even fight back if a woman hits you, and they hit us all the time now as Female Rule has emboldened them and encouraged them to bring out the innate but suppressed basic insanity and indulge it as much as possible.

Female Rule created idiotic child support laws that throw men in jail for nonpayment even if they are unemployed or disabled. Many homeless men have gone to jail for nonpayment of child support. You can’t make payments if you’re broke!

Female Rule created the lunacy of sexual harassment law which has now spread across the land according to which apparently if I ask any woman at work for her phone number, or ask her out, or make funny comments, or God forbid even look at her too much, I can be fired for sexual harassment. Sexual harassment law, creep-shaming and Feminism’s general hatred for men expressing sexual interest in females at all in any way has led to a lot of men becoming very shy around women for fear of being called a “creep.” There are university campuses where women are openly complaining that men won’t ask them out anymore. It’s because of Female Rule which has made them afraid to even flirt with women.


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54 responses to “Female Rule Is Feminism In Power and Nothing More or Less

  1. Sir Charles Pipkins

    Totally agree

  2. Magneto

    And just imagine what will happen if somehow or other, prostitution was legalized in America. I guarantee the marriage rate would drop overnight.

    A growing number of men are just saying to hell with normal relationships because most women are too much of a pain in the ass to deal with, and strictly having sex with ONLY prostitutes.

    Prostitutes don’t say “I can’t. I have a boyfriend.”
    Prostitutes don’t say “No thanks. I didn’t think we clicked.”

    Prostitutes don’t say “You’re not my type.”

    Prostitutes don’t say “I think you’re too old.”

    Prostitutes say “Do you want to get together? Do you want me to come over?”

    Prostitutes don’t care if you’re unemployed or if you have an unimpressive or low-paying job.

    Prostitutes don’t care if you drive an old or inexpensive car.

    Prostitutes don’t care if you’re not handsome or if you’re short or overweight.

    Prostitutes don’t care if you’re not a good conversationalist.

    Prostitutes don’t care if you are married.

    Prostitutes don’t care if you have been divorced three times or six times or if you have children by several ex-wives or ex-girlfriends.

    Unless you are young, rich, tall, and handsome, you can probably have sex with prostitutes who are much younger and prettier than anyone you could date or marry.

    More than is true of most women, if you are nice to a prostitute, she’ll be nice to you.

    In an ideal world, all women would be as affectionate and accommodating as prostitutes are. But this isn’t an ideal world.

    Sex with prostitutes tends to prevent you from being too dependent, sexually or emotionally, on other women.


      I do not have to roll out a bunch of cash to sit in some meat-market on Ladies Night hoping that some drunk white girl will be so drunk on vodka she’ll lie on her back in the dark.

      I do not have to act interested in the inane and deeply shallow existences of young white women. “Did you see that girl, who wears Cheetah prints….but first let me take another selfie”. At the height of their youthful beauty white women are callow, shallow, flighty and deeply silly.

      I do not have to pay $300 per sex session because I married a white woman who divorced me after 10 years and took the house and kids. I can have porno-style sex when I want with women who are not restrained by Western pretenses of morality.

      I do not have to hang around some sleazy Gujarati hotel full of cutthroats and dealers watched by cops in the hopes of paying some ghastly drug-addicted woman for a BJ while I pray the cops do not burst in and put my face on a Billboard.

      I have only gotten sex for free in Asia from time to time because Asian and Indian women know a white man has a big penis, comparatively-speaking and once or twice told me “just buy some beers”. They were pretty upfront about this.

      Blacks in America are popular with white women for casual hookups for the same reason. Any woman who is horny and shameless seeks the biggest penis.

      I do not even have to have a job.

      I do not have to support more children than I want to support because she is against birth control.

      I can enjoy blowjobs and even anal sex, if that is my thing.

      I can go where I want.

    • Portrait of a Prostitute Addict

      When I returned from Van Buren after a richly satisfying blowjob from a seasoned Chicano prostitute in her 30’s roommate John was complaining about “Krista”. He had blown his small wad from his data entry job to take her up to the Grand Canyons but shortly afterwards she began to act “like she is not into me”.

      Krista was the typical snotty 23 year old middle-class white girl you’d meet back in 1999. She went to community college, was deeply shallow and callow, sometimes snotty and told me I was “weird”. She managed a pet store.

      She broke up with John shortly later. If I divided the amount of money from his $200 a week data entry job per screw he paid half his salary and then she simply flitted away to meet some other guy.

      My other roommate Mike often brought girls over. They never put out. He worked for Motorola and was tall and passably handsome and would try to get slovenly women in their early 20’s drunk. One gave him a handjob. That was the extent of it.

      Once you begin using prostitutes you cannot be bothered going through the motions of acting like you give a shit about the shallow and callow thoughts of some 20 or 23 year old white woman who is flighty and snotty. At the height of their youthful beauty white women are flighty, immature, insensitive and completely uninterested in the needs of men.

      • Magneto

        “Once you begin using prostitutes you cannot be bothered going through the motions of acting like you give a shit about the shallow and callow thoughts of some 20 or 23 year old white woman who is flighty and snotty”

        Change that to all MODERN women and it’s correct. You think young women in Delhi or Mumbai or Bangalore are any better? They’re just as braindead as white women.

        Just fuck prostitutes and you will lose interest in wasting time with chicks. Because what can they offer or bring to your life? Nothing.

        • MAGNETO

          You must sit and act as if you give a shit at all about the shallow trivial unimportant shit they talk about………but first, let me take a selfie.

          Hoping against hope that they will follow you into a dark room and lie on their back to let you shaft them.

          The next day there will be some bullshit too. “So and so hooked up with so and so.”

          “OMG that guy is so weird………….”

        • I would not know, I used prostitutes in Goa. And Mumbai.

          If anything your chances are even lower with Indian women whose parents want to arrange a marriage.

        • MAGNETO What they bring to your life

          You have to pretend to give a shit about their empty meaningless unimportant trivial stupid existence.

          For $30 you can simply lie back and enjoy porno-style sex with prostitutes.

          It helps however, if you pretend to give a shit about their empty and meaningless and trivial existence.

          The will suck harder if you ask a few questions about their family or problems and nod sympathetically when they say the do not really want to be doing this.

  3. Magneto

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the MGTOW, MRA, and PUA movements put aside all other concerns and just started campaigning for the legalization of prostitution? If prostitution was legalized, it would solve 90% of men’s problems overnight. We’d have a more peaceful society, there would be less crime and less rape, and less violence too. That’s what women want, right? Oh but no, not if it requires devaluing the massively artificially inflated value of pussy.

    For proof that women do not possess a sense of integrity or right and wrong? Women campaigned for the right to murder their own unborn children (abortion), but campaigned to make it illegal for two consenting adults to exchange sex for money.

    So it’s okay to kill your own unborn child, but it’s not okay for a man to pay money for sex?

    Women clearly do not possess any sense of a moral compass.

    • MAGNETO Gay Gentrification & Female Prostitution

      Society and family are structured around the 2-3 openings in the female body that men desire access to. Everything else is a consequence.


      Gays can receive blowjobs and sex free whenever. Feel like a mind-clearing blowjob before a hard day at the office? No cash. No problem. Got drunk and need to get laid? No problem. Unwanted Pregnancy? No problem. Stalking? No problem. Bad relationship ended? No problem find another in a day. Divorce? No problem. PMS? No problem. Kids and how to pay for them? No problem.

      What happens in these former ghettos.

      Unhappy children of single mothers impregnated by some Alpha Male who was drunk and woke up in horror at the woman he had ejaculated inside of are no longer vandalizing, forming gangs, acting out their sad feelings about life.
      No domestic violence. Except for Lesbians.
      Pimps are gone.
      Police have to respond to less restraining orders and stalking incidents.
      Less welfare as both partners work and no dependents.
      Less need for social workers. Gays are happy.
      Less fighting, bar brawls.

      Women do not like their position in life de-valued because the market value of the two or three holes they are willing to negotiate entry into are undercut by free-market competition.

      Usually more intelligent women do not become prostitutes so they will protest such a legalization. Lower IQ women who are either prostitutes or have been sexually objectified in households where what a man’s use for women is clearly defined will not care.

      • Magneto

        What do gays and prostitution have to do with each other? Why did you bring up the topic of gays in that comment?

        • Parallel. Gays can get sex whenever they want. There are no issues of pregnancy or relationships.

          Similarly sex with a prostitute is about the same except it is straight sex.

          Amsterdam has not suffered from legalized sex. I have used prostitutes there. No society suffers from legalized sex.

          Our societies suffer for the following reasons:

          The guy JUST wants sex. He bangs the woman a couple of times. Drunk. He wants no relationship with her. Then she gets pregnant. Getting money out of him is like pulling teeth. We see this in the ghetto. The sort of men with the constant hard on do not want a family, they want f*cktoys.
          As a result a great many children are born to unhappy single-mothers. They act out in anti-social ways.
          Domestic abuse, stalking. Because a guy has to put himself through the ringer to have steady sex. A lot of guys would not bother if there was somewhere sex was available.
          Date rape. Callow young women with no money getting drunk or high and the guy expects something for it.
          Pimps. Since sex is going to be sold somewhere.
          Underage sex. Since desperate guys will try to get 17 year old girls high.

        • What do gays and prostitution have to do with each other? Why did you bring up the topic of gays in that comment?

          Because Trash is a fag lol.

        • Jason Y

          I fail to see what’s so great about being gay. Yes, the straight life is a life of pain and suffering, but look at the hetero erections you’re getting

  4. Magneto

    Hawaii might legalize prostitution soon:



    Kathryn Xian, a longtime anti-sex trafficking advocate, said legalizing the selling, promotion, or buying of sex would make it harder to prove violence and abuse in the industry.

    “If this bill passes and everything was no crime whatsoever, then abuses against women and children would just shoot through the freaking roof,” Xian said. “It would be exponentially harder to prove violence in the industry. It would be almost impossible to prove any sort of labor abuse.”

    House Majority Leader Scott Saiki said the bill, along with another bill to decriminalize marijuana, could be a way to reduce the prison population.

  5. Magneto

    And a feminist group wants to keep it illegal too:

    Not everyone thinks legalizing prostitution would benefit sex workers.

    “By normalizing sexual exploitation and recasting it as a career choice that has no harms attached, we’re creating a setting and a system where we are OK with objectifying women, where we’re OK with buying other human beings’ bodies, and that has effects that are far-reaching in terms of how women are treated,” said Khara Jabola, chapter coordinator of Af3irm Hawaii, a feminist group.

    Well, at least Khara is a relatively attractive Asian woman. But take a look at her FB page. Full of SJW feminist propaganda.


  6. baloocartoons

    Dang, you’re good AND gutsy, Robert! I’ve quoted and linked, and also quibcagged you, here:

  7. I feel like nowadays when women abuse men nobody gives a shit, but when men abuse women its like a huge thing.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly cause men are supposed to be tough. But, right, I see the double standard. However, guys should be tough – and this blog it seems like Robert is arguing for that – though it conflicts with other stuff on this blog.

  8. Yee

    Africa is men’s dream world…

    All sex no responsibilities, single mothers and their children take care of themselves

    • YEE

      A great many Chinese engineers will use prostitutes in Africa (As I have in Asia) but few children will result from it. It is great fun when a woman agrees to do sexual things for money and there is no nonsense about acting like you are interested in her personally but most of the time white and yellow races manage to avoid a huge number of orphans from recreational sex.

      Do you think males enjoy seeing suffering orphans running around like stray dogs?

      Of course a man is a life-support system for a penis anyhow but somehow white and yellow women manage to support a functioning society.

      Why is this?

      • Yee

        It’s not stupidity that African women end up single mothers, it’s just that they follow their nature, just as men do. Women want children, it’s their nature.

        Maybe they ARE stupid. They should realize that a patriarchal society where men take benefits but dump responsibilities is a cruel place for them. Since the society isn’t working the way it should, it’s no place for women to follow their nature.

        • One or two, with a man who is clearly financially committed and maybe able to hold a job.

          But to have 3,4,6 when clearly the man has no interest in such a commitment seems strange.

        • YEE

          Is China that patriarchal. I have not noticed. I’ll add that I have known one or two ruthless unpleasant Chinese Filipino women too.

          It is no surprise when some Filipino kills them after a few years of misuse as a servant once in a great, great while.

          Not all Chinese women are sugar and spice. Some of are mean as rattlesnakes.

        • Yee

          Chinese women are probably smarter the men. But we also know the value of a good facade, never openly embarrass a man, always act obedience in public. My mother plays the act to near perfection. But of course this only apply to her husband and elderly, not to strangers.

  9. YEE

    This is mostly because black women are slightly stupider than yellow or white ones.

    It is all well and good for a dirty cynical white man like myself to have protected meaningless sex with cynical Northeast Chinese women because I cannot be bothered to make conversation and only have feelings for myself. No children are conceived from this.

    There’s a point to Confucius as I have leafed through my children’s textbooks.

    Males really only want to enjoy women’s bodies anyhow and the responsibility of family is a pain in the ass for our 20 minutes of fun but once we simply shrug this off we have Africa.

  10. Jason Y

    Pretty much, most of your identity politics is a way to get back the oppressor. That’s why it’s difficult to live among liberated college women, or in some NAM neighborhood, or even a redneck one (whites trying to get back at liberals and NAMS). It’s not only difficult, in many cases, it’s not worth the trouble.

    Well, anyhow, of course, I understand why these groups are angry, but they’re often throwing their hate at the wrong target AND are also throwing things way out of proportion. For instance, I’m sure they would burn most strip clubs to the ground as an abomination. But note, Taliban Churchies – borne out of patriarchy – would do the same.

  11. Jason Y

    Again, note feminists and Taliban Churchies (which are based on male domination) both have similar goals in destroying male sexual fun. Also, nationalist groups hate male sexual fun – especially when enjoyed by white men. Note, when nationalists come to power they attempt to demonize perverts first. For instance, WNs would lynch black guys wanting white women, especially perverts. Blacks in Zimbabwe would tear out a white man’s eyeballs for looking at a black stripper etc….

    Basically, these groups suck donkey balls, that’s why I’m not a nationalist nor religious.


      A woman IS 2 (Or 3) HOLES into which pleasurable friction occurs if the male organ is inserted-fundamentally this is what a woman is.

      How many women do you see in gay districts? Why? Because when a woman is not a source of sexual fun she can be Einstein but few males are interested. Women cannot be fed, clothed, or shelter by gay males who find them fun to be around. Once the fundamental purpose of a female-as a receptacle for the male organ-is removed than the fact that they are teachers, nurses, nurturers and so on is of far less importance.

    • JASON Y

      Not quite, they want to harness the productivity of sexual fun into more believers.

  12. Jason Y

    People hate Jews – but at least they’re not forcing puritanism on people. They only reserve it for the religious ones among themselves (The orthodox). On the other hand, the opponents of Jews are the most uptight puritanical douchebags one every laid (pun intended) their eyes on.

    Of course, Jews do support feminism and types of non-white nationalism which are puritanical. That’s sort of despicable. And they do that while at the same time pumping out the opposite, porn and the sexual freedom lifestyle.

    • Yee

      Well, from your description, Jews seem to be agreeable people, they support whatever other people want. At least they’re not picking on anyone.

      • Not really. A lot of them interpersonally are mean, nasty, rude, belligerent, annoying, obnoxious, and a number of them hate non-Jews. There is the relatively common phenomenon of the LOUDMOUTHED JEW. This is an extremely annoying or even infuriating person. This type of person, when you deal with them, is so aggressive that it seems like they are ASKING YOU TO PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. It’s like they are defying you to do that. They’re asking to get hit.

        It’s this interpersonal aggression that makes them disliked.

        They have a huge chip on their shoulder and they’re insanely paranoid. They’re sort of difficult to be around. I don’t think they are evil so much as they are just nuts. It all stems from how they are raised as children.

        • deSPICable Me

          What percentage of Jews are so bad you want to punch them in the face?

          The few I’ve known had some of those characteristics but weren’t quite that bad. They compensated by being very very funny.


          This is all true BUT I NEVER MET ANY THAT WERE VERY SMART.

        • Yee

          I’m not sure they’re more annoying than the Indian businessmen, who for some reason treat you like you’re their servant. Act like they’re big business but turn out small enough for people to regret the time spend to talk to them.

        • Jason Y

          Not really. A lot of them interpersonally are mean, nasty, rude, belligerent, annoying, obnoxious, and a number of them hate non-Jews. There is the relatively common phenomenon of the LOUDMOUTHED JEW. This is an extremely annoying or even infuriating person. This type of person, when you deal with them, is so aggressive that it seems like they are ASKING YOU TO PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. It’s like they are defying you to do that. They’re asking to get hit.

          It’s this interpersonal aggression that makes them disliked.

          They have a huge chip on their shoulder and they’re insanely paranoid. They’re sort of difficult to be around. I don’t think they are evil so much as they are just nuts. It all stems from how they are raised as children.

          Yeah, but they’re not imposing puritanism on people. Well, some of them are pushing PC overkill. HOWEVER, extreme PC is just the same, at least in annoyance, as the stuff Taliban churchies and WNs are pushing.

        • Jason Y

          I’m not sure they’re more annoying than the Indian businessmen, who for some reason treat you like you’re their servant. Act like they’re big business but turn out small enough for people to regret the time spend to talk to them.

          Lots of people with money do that, including a lot of whites. How could this be racial/cultural? I don’t see it.

          Gosh, that goes on in my own family. People with money going to their head, thinking they’re a god.

        • ROBERT

          Jews are not usually physically dangerous. I don’t know why. A few are, but usually they are not that tough.

  13. Jason Y

    Finally, I see no reason to side with WNs, as it is another form of identity politics. That’s sort of what Trash is saying. However, it’s difficult for a white to notice how evil WN and Republicanism is, UNLESS they go out and anger these people.

    • Jason Y

      But NAMS and gays etc.. have always been aware of WN identity politics -and the price for them squirming – even above the level of a mouse or worm – has always been a lynching.

      • JASON Y

        As whites simply leave the ghettos and barrios this is identify politics.

      • Show me a cemetery vandalizing “WN” who will piss on the Rabbi in the middle of Passover in a Temple full of Brooklyn street Jews turning up for that once-a-year free meal?

        Show me a WN locked up for DUI who find a big queen and calls him a “faggot”?

        Show me a WN who wants to walk through a black ghetto period?

        WN’S live in the woods and in the remote parts of America or less desirable Red States because they are a conquered race.

        Like maybe Tennessee for example.

        Like the Cherokee they have been written off in the hopes of simply drinking themselves to death in some rural place that none of the higher-earning groups have to care about them at all.

      • JASON

        When do WN’s lynch a Crip in Watts. They get out of their Silverado Grill in the square dancing costumes with their bolo ties on hard inner-city streets of Baltimore?

        Why aren’t WN’S vandalizing Jewish cemeteries in Bronx or Brooklyn where the meanest, poorest most thugged-out Jewish street trash live in huge numbers?

        Because the WN is powerless outside his dirt roads and sport’s bars in towns like Dicksburg.

    • JASON Y

      I would not know. I literally have not spent more than a week, maybe less, in America since 1999.

  14. Why aren’t WN’s vandalizing cemeteries in Brooklyn or Bronx where they might get caught?

    If they really wanted fight Jews?

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