Why Female Rule Always Fails in the West

Yee: If Robert just says, “Hey, it’s a men’s world, only we get to make the rules.” Then it would be closer to the truth. I’d be resentful, but couldn’t argue with it.

Yee the rules must be made by GOOD MEN. You must understand that here in the West, every time we put women in charge and let them make the rules as they saw fit, they put in a bunch of totally insane and unworkable laws that were great for women but really lousy for men. To women, passing a bunch of laws that harm men and help women is called, “fairness.” This is how they think.

Once women get a chance to make the rules here in the West, the first thing they think about is vengeance. Revenge on the men. They think we have been screwing them over forever, including for their entire lifetimes. They resent it and it’s time for paybacks. If you point out how irrational, discriminatory, unworkable and outright insane a lot of the laws and rule they formulate are, they will just shrug their shoulders, say, “That’s fairness,” give some lame reason why the law or rule makes sense, and then insist that everyone follow it.

Women have one basic problem, at least here in the West. Whether this is true elsewhere, I have no idea. I’ve known lots and lots of women. I know how they think very well. In fact, I understand women and how they think even better than women do because women don’t even understand themselves very well. This is because a principle of female thinking is self-delusion. The woman lives her entire life in this world called self-delution. She calls it a paradise but I call it a prison, but in the end, it’s no matter.

The main feature of this is how women see the world. Women see the world not as it is but as it should be. Almost all women have this thinking flaw. Apparently this is some sort of an adaptive defense mechanism, so I don’t blame them but it leads them to not even understand how the world even works. The way the world really works is according to women a total nightmare. They resolve this anxiety by saying that that’s not the way of the world at all. That’s just some bullshit men made up to justify their patriarchy or whatever. Whenever you start to tell a woman how the world really works, she gets agitated and accuses you of lying.

The world is a cold, cruel and rather evil place. Men just say the Hell with it, tough it, life sucks but it’s better than being dead, FTW, death to the world, Hell with everyone but me, quit bitching, try to enjoy yourself anyway. Men know that life sucks and is crap in many ways but our attitude is if life is a turd sandwich, you eat it whole and don’t complain and try to figure out some way to make it taste good anyway.

Women are very sensitive, gentle, kind and rather weak souls. They are just not equipped to deal with the cold, cruel world. Most of them would probably just kill themselves because suicidality is an important part of normative female thinking. Most women never do it, but the tendency is often there, and the vast majority of women go through suicidal phases and many even make half-baked attempts that fail. Faced with an intolerable reality, women just want to take off and leave the Earth. Men will say I will stick around and maybe things will get better.

Because women see the world not as it is but as it ought to be in this Dream Female Utopia, once women get into power they start making lots of kooky laws based on their flawed way of looking at the world. Because the laws and rules are contrary to human nature and reality itself, the end result is usually chaos. Decision making becomes arbitrary and emotion-based. If you point out the arbitrariness of justice, if it exists at all, under Female Rule, most women will just shrug their shoulders and say, “So what?”

This is why we in the West have learned that it is a very bad idea to let the women make the rules of society.

The rules of society must be made by good men (and the women who agree with them). They must be based on male thinking, with justice included. These men must make rules keeping women in mind and not make rules that unfairly privilege men and harm women.


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  1. Magneto

    “they put in a bunch of totally insane and unworkable laws that were great for women but really lousy for men.”

    Not entirely. Female rules are what brought in the tens of millions of rapist immigrants, and women themselves are now suffering the consequences.

    I think deep down, subconsciously, a lot of women have rape fantasies and WANT to be raped. This would explain why they voted to bring in tens of millions of barbarian rapists immigrants. This would also explain why they love 50 shades of gray. And it would also explain the fact, that 90 percent of women who are raped have an orgasm.

    Men are required to protect women from their own baser nature, which if let loose, will literally destroy civilization itself. So yes, we men MUST oppress women. We must oppress them so that their inner base natures don’t come to the surface and destroy society and bring us back to the stone ages.

    • Magneto

      I had sex with a slutty punjabi chick once over the course of 3 days. Rented a hotel room and fucked her about 5 times that day. I don’t think she had an orgasm, any of those 5 times.

      The next day, I couldn’t lie and finally told her I was married and then she obviously felt super violated but she still wanted it so I banged her again and this time, she had an orgasm, 100% certain.

      Fucked that chick 6 times. And it was only AFTER she felt very violated and betrayed (aka “raped”, at least psychologically), that she had an intense orgasm.

      How then can we men not come to the conclusion that women WANT to be treated like crap, want to be betrayed and forcibly violated? This is what the bitches actually want, deep down inside.

    • I’ve heard this theory before. That these women want the more virile more assertive and tribal foriegn men over the effete tolerant and weak whites.

      I’m not sure if there are any credible studies which support this hypothesis though. I’ve heard it from the alt right, but it seems more an contrived attack against Leftism.

      Maybe there is something to it..

      • Magneto

        It’s common sense. Woman want strong men. They don’t want weak pussies. Liberalism and feminism has turned most white men into weak pussies. So white women are desperate for strong males to dominate them and so they vote to import all these barbarians from the 3rd world.

        • MAGNET Several Factors

          A) White industriousness (And Asian, Jewish, Indian) allows the children to be sheltered from the harshest realities of life because Dad or Grandad wanted his kids to have it better.

          B) Media has glamorized the “noble savage” criminal beginning with Italian mafia. Then Italian-American actors began to play Hispanic criminals like Pacino did. Assassins, gangsters and warriors are emblematic of moder-day masculinity. Whites begin to admire them, beginning with Italians and continuing with gangsters.

          C) Media has tried to buffer the reality by presenting NAMS as the hero in films and whites as the evil bad guy so white women, with no perspective on life outside their locker room hallways or middle-class house, begin to believe. In reality 60% of the NAMS a white girl will meet will get her hooked on drugs, get her in trouble with police, have no steady legitimate means of support. A full 75% including those with a decent job will not support their children. Perhaps 25% are solid citizens.

          D) Barbarians grew up in masculine, uncaring, corrupt, violent environment where shaking hands with women made your penis fall off. They are incredibly cynical-this goes hand in hand with low-intelligence because such abstracts as consequence or happy endings exist outside a current time-frame which is what they live-and remorseless.

          E) Women sense they are better-adapted to survival in the near-future so better mates. Whites are suited to playing video games, working a cubuicle farm or having no job, living in parents basement and being a hipster. They cannot survive on the street….Muslims and NAMS can.


          The White Male appears to be a Dickless Fairy without a single calorie of balls.

          In point of fact his cock measures only 6-8 inches on average with smaller balls than the Black or Arab stud.

          Being white in Asia I know how many intelligent women are somewhat attracted to white males that really have nothing going for them-I am an expat loser more or less-simply because they are slightly more masculine and sexualized than the Average Asian Male.

          Unlike the Indian or Asian the white cannot quite make the grade in Tech. In some ways he is smarter, but those ways are in creative categories that do no good unless he has a Hollywood agent or is an inventor or mechanic.

          Unlike the black or Mexican or some Italians he is not ruthless enough to murder or be murdered and his cock and balls are not as large or stimulating for the white woman seeking virility as part of her sexual satisfaction.

          So the white man is a dickless fairy who lacks the left-brained rote intelligence of the Asian or Indian and the streets smarts of the Jew or Italian and the sheer masculinity of a black.

          Hispanics also lack these qualities but machismo is such a driving force that female babies grow up condition to have sex and be breeders for Hispanics. Arabs are about the same.

          No it is the white male with the useless history degree who followed all the rules who does not get laid and so gradually whites become an inept and ineffectual class in America.

          In Europe Muslims are simply moving into all-white countries where NAMS never existed.

          But the principle is the same. The wimpy white male is displaced by the sex tool of the barbarian races that satisfies the more base carnal urges of some white females who then for the rest of their lives regret having offspring with IQ of 90 and an absentee father.

        • deSPICable Me

          I thought you were better than to repeat this utter WN nonsense.

          In flyover country, White men are still just as masculine, if not more masculine, than they used to be.

          The fact just remains that Blacks and Arabs are simply naturally more masculine.

          WNs always confuse nature with some great conspiracy.

        • Hotdog

          They did a good job on the Italian-American gangsters in a lot of movies, perhaps as a sort of a dog-treat for good goyngsters like “Cucky” Luciano aligning themselves with jews. As far as running the politicians, police, ect. Irish were far more dominant in Chicago.

        • Hotdog

          You’re pushing your own sexual issues on Whites. jews have a higher rate of homosexuality and are often jealous of the infant cocks they suck.

        • Hotdog

          The jewish soul has more shit on it than an Indian street. E. Asians and Indians have a politeness and kindness jews lack. A jewish gangster is far more cruel and ruthless than any other kind, look how they tortured their victims. At least the flyovers, Malays, blacks, and Mestizos have innocence they don’t have to suck from the blood of torture babies.

  2. terrence

    Another phenomena that goes with female rule, is the transformation of motherhood. The dogma of feminist – being gender-blind – makes them forget the particular needs of boys. Sometimes, outright deny them.

    Of course, everyone who isn’t well read about the sexes, has a tendency to expect the other gender to behave and think like they do. This is what feminist men did until the 1980s. Up until this point, feminism had a very masculine sense: dress in trousers like us men, cut your hair short like us men, work like us men, have multiple partners like us men, sacrifice yourself for work like us men. But once women took the decision-making jobs, they interpreted the feminist dogma in the opposite direction.

    That has everyone confused. Female writers pen hundreds of articles every week about how there’s another way to dress, to have sex, to nanny that men should try out, or at least, respect. What they are not allowed to say, should they think it, is that it’s women’s instinct that speaks here, not feminism.
    Many women are in fact unconsciously anti-modern. They talk about the scourge of working moms, but praise feminism, which brought it.

    Home was the traditional place of ‘female rule’, where the weaker sex overturns the physics thanks to chemistry. It never really ceased to be. But they are artificially brought up to infiltrate all the public places.

    What I’m worried is that no alt-right or alt-left may overturn this, unless you could switch off from capitalism. For the secret of feminism is that its history goes with capitalism and political liberalism. Quakers, Revolutionaries, Marxists, Postmodernists, have ended up being hated because of the discord they sowed. But what stops them is not tradition, but capitalism. Likewise, what refrains us from turning back the clocks is also capitalism. Businesses are very happy to have lots of women in the workplace, brought up by the state and by the families like warriors.

  3. Yee

    I see what you mean, Robert.

    Perhaps the reason “women see the world not as it is but as it ought to be in this Dream Female Utopia”, is because they were taught to think this way since childhood? Like some kind of ivory tower thing, keep them away from the cold hard truth of the world.

    You never see them as equals and teach them as equals, so they develop this kind of childlike view of the world. Some smart ones later in life figure out the truth, but a lot naive ones stay childlike.

    Perhaps this is a culture thing, pass down by generations of parents, lie to the daughters like they’re little children, keep them in fairytales.

    Like one commenter said in another thread, 13 year old used to be mentally mature throughout history, today even 20, 21 are still children. Their mental emotional development have been stunted.

  4. deSPICable Me


    WNs like yourself claim anybody who doesn’t hate other races is an effeminate “cuck”….and that somehow ‘sitting in a basement masturbating to anime porn with a MAGA hat on’ makes one uber masculine.

    • deSPICable ME

      There is a reason why the Italians never spread corruption or mob rule South of New Jersey or later, blacks into rural areas.

      Romans knew them as Picts and today Mafia, Crips, Cholos know them as “rednecks” but in point of fact these masculine whites will resist ethnic dominance.

      Swedish women will work Mosque glory holes and Swedish men will carry water like Kurds or Coptic Christians in Egypt in Stockholm.

      But Red States will remain a bastion of white masculinity.

      • Jason Y

        You better BEWARE then Trash, at the local diner, when word gets around about your stories you might not GET OUT ALIVE. 😆 All of the poor white hos have got these hypermasculine customers – auto mechanics, retired army guys etc..

        • JASON Y

          None of these guys can go to other white countries or live there permanently. Most of them don’t have the money for a plane ticket and cannot scrape around to find a place to pay rent. Plus they all have kids and child support so they cannot leave the state. Or probation for DUI. If they could get as far as NYC or California they’d be fighting Trump protesters on Cali campuses.

          Those types go to dive girly bars at night in Asia and then sleep all day. Mostly they have not spent their lives overseas so they are not street-smart and after a year or so they get scammed by some hooker they fall in love with at the bar…..then they are gone.

          You only meet them in the Embassy asking to be repatriated.

          Visit a Red State local diner?

          This is the core problem. Blue State liberals like me would go there. So of course those states are forgotten as we take our manpower and our money to California or simply drift overseas.

        • deSPICable Me

          Actually, though, who would want to admit TRASH’s rhetoric applies to them?

          Most Upper Middle Class GOP types probably think like TRASH (watered down of course)…but proles still support them
          a. Because they feel GOP is better with regards to NAMs
          b. they deny that the elitist rhetoric applies to them.


      Ethnic gangster religions or family cartels cannot get a foothold in Red States in the Bible Belt can they?

      When “Vito” the gay took up with the Redneck over the Virginia State line the Sopranos wrote him off. Crips are not entering the wilderness to engage in racial war with well-armed rednecks.

      This is because they respect only one thing: brute force and the white capacity for organized violence.

      Remove this threat and they will force the Swedish man to work a glory hole at a Mosque.

      So whether it is biological or sociological is really not relevant.

    • deSPICable Me

      Hating them is fine, the more successful groups don’t care about the WN. When descendants of Europeans are reduced to pushing Jewish tombstones over after dark while Asian-Americans replace those Jews as the richest people in the United States it underscores how impotent, marginalized, lacking in influence and timid the white man has become.

      The Asian-American or Jew lives in the McMansion with the two-car garage from his tech firm earnings. The White Nationalist lives in a ratty two-bedroom apartment with his divorced mother. He is jobless or marginally employed. He is anonymous.

      In an act or impotent fury at his powerlessness in 21st century America he pushes tombstones over because his parents split up when he was 5, an older relative turned him onto grass when he was 10, he barely graduated high school, wracked up petty charges, got into drink or drugs and he is nothing………….Unlike the black who makes even worse life decisions he lacks the physical prowess or penis size to compensate with R strategy reproduction.

      So he jerks off pathetically to images of little blonde runaways from Red States like his own with huge black and Jewish penises in their mouths or pink anuses.

      He buys the meth or weed or Oxy from the Mexicans supplying his dealer. He drinks beer.

      The Chinese-American, Indian, Jew does not give a shit. He hates them and they do not care about him. The blacks whose lives he spends hours pondering how to manage on the taxes he pays do not give a shit either as they live in a constant present where only booze, KFC and doggy-style sex are direct stimuli.

      Chinese, Indian and Jewish females are not rebelling against their own patriarchy because they are more cunning than white females with their naive youthful optimism. This is why they age better as the lines of hard-learned reality are not inflicted upon their faces by reality.

      White women gravitate toward the black for his masculinity and his purpose in life which is booze, drugs and spearing the quivering white vagina with his 9-10 inch tool. She forgets about the 2,000 or 3,000 years of European struggle and accomplishment it required for her to arrive at the point that she rebelled against her hard-working racist white stepfather by taking a thug’s big black penis in her ass. She admires the black thug’s “hustles” and the fact that he shiftlessly avoids a demeaning job with a name on his shirt like her white male brethren.

      In the Red States forests and plains and mountains the white man of Pictish extraction has refused to bow to these outside influences. The punishment is to be excluded from the economic engines of the East or West Coast run by Jewish lawyers, Irish-Catholic politicians or gay hipsters who take it up the ass in San Francisco lofts. The redneck like his Pictish ancestors remains outside the path of progress but retains personal dignity.

      • deSPICable Me


        You’re describing one mode of White Nationalists.
        They are bimodal.

        The other mode are the ones that had a social disorder for which they were bullied by NAMs, put all their faith in Academia but only had IQs around 120, not Ivy material, yet blame “Jewish nepotism” when rejected.

        • deSPICable Me

          Jews and Asians are incredibly callous to their less intelligent or self-destructive population. Amy Winehouse died in the streets on camera as a crack whore in front of an indifferent Jewish media. No Jew came to her rescue or intervened and the Jewish media simply leered at her diminishing state until she died in bar. None tried to drag her off to a Synagogue to save her.

          Go into Chinatown in Vancouver where Chinese heroin addicts lie dying in alleyways or shooting up in bus stops. They are ignored. Women are pimped and sold if unlucky.

          Nepotism with no mutual benefit does not exist for the Jew or the Asian. It is survival of the quickest-witted and the most streetwise and the greediest and, to some extent, the hardest working.

        • Tell them to visit the Bronx where Jews callous step over the bodies of winos or their media leers at Amy Winehouse contemptuously until she dies of an OD in a bar. Which Jew tried to drag her into a temple?

          “Leave No Jew Behind” policies don’t exist.

          How many Jewish porn actors end up converting Christianity when the internet wiped out their livelihood “seeking forgiveness” as “Born Again”. Jews won’t take them and do not give a shit about them.

          Filipino tweakers will continue to get shot like dogs. Chinese heroin addicts die like flies in Vancouver in Chinatown alleys.

          Jews and Asians have no real nepotism. It is more like a sheer survival of the fittest.

        • deSPICable Me

          I and many others have crunched the numbers on this subject.

          It appears that Jews really tend to end up at about where they’d be expected to end up in ‘the halls of power’ based on IQ.

      • You are completely wrong. Jews HATE White Nationalists. And they are also quite afraid of them. I doubt if Chinese have a very high opinion of them. I am not sure how Indians feel about them. They probably don’t like them. I believe that Blacks do not like White nationalists either. Alpha is co-blogger here and Tulio is a regular poster. I assure you that they both seriously hate White nationalists. Blacks don’t like these people.

        It is completely false to say that these groups do not care about White nationalists. That is so wrong

        It is also completely false to say that Jewish women are not rebelling against their patriarchy. Keep in mind that feminism was pretty much created by Jewish women and to this day, the movement still has a lot of Jews in it.

        • Chinese assume everyone is nationalistic and wearing a big Italian flag does not offend them. Chinese don’t have a high opinion of whites in general and consider blacks to be barbarians.

          Indians of course fear them somewhat from the days in Britain when they attacked them.

          One Jew got drunk at a party-big Beastie Boy type-with his fists clenched and started calling me a Nazi. Nothing came of it because I walked away. But he would have hit me if I said anything.

          Another really wimpy weedy Ukrainian Jew called me a Nazi too.

          Do I care? They are not affecting my economy personally.

        • Hotdog

          Asian men can be supportive of pro-White hardliners, they seem most put off by proud Whites with yellow fever. I was deeply in love with a White girl and expressed it through racialism. In a nut shell, blacks would threaten rape and jews would threaten death. Face to face a lot of black women seem to just be more intrigued though.

        • Jason Y

          Well, no duh… 😆 Of course, Jews would hate white nationalists and blacks also. It’s because white nationalists don’t like them. Nonetheless, there are a few self-hating Jews and blacks etc.. who love white nationalism.

        • Yee

          “Chinese don’t have a high opinion of whites in general ”

          Mostly, Chinese just think you’re a different people, can’t expect you to understand our ways, or the reason of our ways.

          We’re quite happy if Whites don’t pick on us or start war on us.

        • Hotdog

          Jason, Malcolm X type blacks aren’t self-hating.

        • Hotdog, new rule: All regular commenters have to donate. Minimum $10 donation and you can post here forever. If you have some hardship that makes it hard for you to pay that, email me and we will see if we can work something out. You have one week.

  5. deSPICable Me


    I do not mean to bash Magneto I just suspect before he moved to India (if he really is even a White expatriate) he lived in the burbs.

    He had exposure to crazy hippies (the SJWs) as well as more ‘bookish’ men. He naturally concluded that the SJWs made the men ‘bookish’.

    But for flyoverlandia that is not true AT ALL.

    Anecdotal evidence is statistically unsound and this is why.

    • deSPICable Me

      I would not know. When I became an expatriate 18 years ago whites still had their own culture, their own music, their own expressions, their own concept of masculinity embodied by the white bad asses of the day.

      As for the Flyover and the Bible Belt.

      When the Italians tried to set up shop in Florida with dogfights and other redneck forms of entertainment the Klan kicked the shit out of them.

      Likewise ISIS is not going to leap off boats in Mississippi or East Texas because it is a pointless suicide mission.

      Italians, blacks, Hispanics, Arabs will seek white population centers outside the Flyover Land where the Anglo are softer.

      They won’t be marching into Texas to tell Leatherface’s horrible family they are bitches and ho’s.

      NAMS (I extend this to Italians and Arabs) understand ONE THING that all primitive males do-territoriality.


      Blacks only admire the most ruthless and vicious and fearless white males that Pacino or De Niro play who have no morals or principles or mercy. They admire the Jax Tellers and Toy Sopranos.

      Only black women become female swooning fans of John Holmes or Max Hardcore or James Deen with the sort of status Beiber has with white girls. Black girls have their schoolgirl groupie crushes on James Deen or Max Hardcore before him who roughly pummeled women with huge white penises in sex scenes (They are wired for this R-strategy arousal pattern).

      SJW warriors are a joke to them.

      None of them will watch a film about the white Freedom Fighter in Desegregation.

      They want to see De Niro shoot up a whorehouse or Tony Soprano decide which dirtbag to whack next or Pacino shoot pleading drug rivals in broad daylight on the road.

      • deSPICable Me

        Blacks were also more warm to Donald Trump than some “Norman McWhite Normal” type business person or bureaucrat (Romney or Hillary Clinton)

      • Alpha Unit

        Which Black girls and women?

        • deSPICable Me

          No, not them.
          iirc the numbers among women were the same.

          It was the Black men with which he did better.

        • deSPICable Me

          It was a masculinity driven thing.

          worse among White women
          same among women POCs
          marginally better among White men
          a lot better among male POCs

        • Alpha Unit

          OK. I was asking Trash which Black girls and women swoon over White porn stars.

      • Jason Y

        I’ve seen no indication a lot of blacks like scumbags on social media pages of ordinary blacks, much less right-wing ones like Trump. You must be speaking of scumbag blacks and their views – which probably resemble hyper-masculine white trash blowhards.

        • Jason Y

          So Trash is saying ALL blacks are rappers and have that mentality. That’s not true by a longshot. That’s like saying all whites have the mentality of Kid Rock or lead character on American History X.


    Ask a black woman if she has heard of a white SJW or even Lincoln. Then ask her if she knows TT BOY or John Holmes.

    To the extent that black women can admire a white man for anything, it is simply his capacity for female pleasure.

    Oh and Robert De Niro married a female black fan. Because you see, black women only warm up to sleazy white rogues and rascals and dirt bags.

    They are not attracted to white men much at all but a few of the more virile ones. Penis size is the biggest factor.

    Rodney Moore and TT BOY invented a direct consumer/sales short-cut in fact. Offer black female viewers money if they simply appear on film in his pornographic films. Moore was interviewed about this.

    After payment they receive a T-shirt that reads “I’m a sister that survived a Rodney Blast” (He is a skinny man with a huge penis and shoots what appears to Elmer’s Glue out of his gonads).

    Black women seem to feel less shame at some huge white penis ejaculating all over their face and giggle throughout it. I suspect their status as sex objects and victims of racism desensitizes them more than the white woman who did have some father figure in her life.

    No white women showed up as volunteers.

    TT Boy is another, interviewed on BET. He is a short sleazy Italian man with a Brooklyn accent-kind of an assistant mobster type with a lot of greasy hair-who specializes in penetrating black women roughly.

    James Deen.

    • Alpha Unit

      I don’t have to ask a Black woman anything. I AM a Black woman and have known Black girls and Black women my whole life. You think the women you’re referring to represent all Black women when they do not. It is a complete lie that Black women only warm up to “sleazy white rogues and rascals and dirt bags.” You are no authority on Black girls and women. Stop posing as one.


    Correct, I left America (Greater Detroit) and I am not an authority whatsoever on any of this.

    Whites and especially white men simply run off to Australia or some other white country or even Asia while African-Americans stay behind.

    I’m not sure why African-Americans stay behind when times get tough but perhaps white people are cowards-we fled Europe when times got tough there.

    So I know absolutely nothing about what it is like to be an African-American woman in American society.

    I ran off years and years ago.

    Other countries are fine. There is no poverty in Dubai or Australia and I d not have to care about the issues facing African-American people in America today. It does not have to concern me in Australia.

    For better or worse more and more white men and women will simply flee overseas not to travel but to citizens of a new country. This does not bother us as we do not have the same attachments to our hood or our set or people that African-Americans develop.

    We land in Australia where other white people more or less look the same or New Zealand and unpack our bags and we do not have to worry about the issues that are facing the African-American in the cities of the United States such as poverty.

    No worries for me.

    So the good news for African-American people is that more and more whites will simply disappear. We won’t be born, we will move other countries, we will move into the forests with dirt roads like the American Indians.

    • Jason Y

      Africa is exploding in population, not Afro-America. If anything, they would be a worry, and escaping the US won’t be a sure thing of escaping them.

      • The first rapists and killers to arrive as illegal aliens came in the 10th century on Viking long ships to Maine.

        However the Mohawk males exorcised a rigid immigration policy. One killed a Viking and danced in his helmet right on the beach to taunt them.

        The New England settlement only last a year.

        Africans presumably could traverse the Atlantic.


    Blaming “Joos” for destroying your marriage with porn is kind of lame.

    • Hotdog

      Never married, all you anti-White turds have is lies. A South Indian movie extra jerking off on the beach to Indian kids shitting is a far more accurate picture of you.

      • HOT DOG

        Thinking of the Pantera t-shirt wearing, Green Day listening crusties and hippies I knew when I left 18 years ago. They’d be 40 now and probably worse off than they were in the 90’s.

        Now 40 or approaching it and had to live through the Great Recession and PC and White Guilt and all the other bullshit following some alcoholic rich boy’s son getting elected back in 2000.

        Glad to go. That is all I will say.

        Have nothing against Europeans. Even visited Ireland once.

  9. deSPICable Me

    there are a lot of Jewish homosexuals.

    but it goes to show we need to differentiate between Wealthy Jewish elite and ‘regular Jews’.
    After all, it would mean they’ve (accidentally) brainwashed their own.

    TRASH, therefore Jew or not Jew, would ALSO be a victim of Jews.

    • DeSPICable Me

      I’m not, I left the United States 18 years ago. Jews have no great influence over Australia, Asia or Dubai.

      Nobody gives a shit about Sarah Silverman in Sydney or Asia.

      SInce NAMS don’t live in Australia or Asia or Dubai it is a weight off your shoulders.

      You’re talking to a white guy who left the United States a long time ago.

      Once you are out of the U.S. these thing are irrelevant.

      Other countries have a perspective.

    • Hotdog

      Once the ‘regular Jews’ are willing to attack the ‘elite jews’ they are not a part of the problem. TRASH is like some old radio personalities I’ve met, that never see celebrity, jew filth, ect. for what it is. Really pathetic when an older White man is so superficial.

      • Know many more whites than you of different varieties because I was going nowhere in the U.S. even in the Clinton era and got off my ass to find a job in Dubai. Once I was away from NAMS, I realized the quality of life was better in other white countries.

        I left the U.S. in 1999 when Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins and Beastie Boys still rocked the airwaves and Pamela Anderson was the hottest thing going. Nobody even remembers them now. Who gives a shit about celebrities.

        Who would give a shit about Sarah Silverman in Australia or New Zealand or Dubai? Or Asia? Some Armenian lawyer’s daughter with a fat ass who became famous because OJ was his buddy like Kardashian.

        …Only stupid white Proles in the Flyover somewhere care about this shit.

        Sean Penn whose mum is Irish-born was doing a film in Dublin, think Irish people give a shit about him or his views?

        You remind me that all the crusties, hippies, wiggers and assorted middle-class whites I knew back then would be 40 now.

        Thank goodness I got out of the United States and did not spend my whole life in a single Zip code watching the property value go down.

        But to each his own.

        • Hotdog

          We’re all connected in a way. I’ve met all types of Whites and plenty of Asians, Indians, jews, Negroes, Mestizos, ect. Negroes and Mestizos I’ve met are more emotional and not ruthless but in a Martial Arts setting I’m meeting a more disciplined sample. Mestizos are better at taking a joke, blacks have a stronger sensitivity. They can be very tough but lack the White mans stoic masculinity. I literally laughed when jews were listed as a model minority on wiki. If you defended your Asian family as you do jews it would make much more sense. The most lowly flyover contributes, the jew is impressively good for jews alone.

      • U.S. and its media are unimportant to anyone. Country kind of became a backwater after Clinton left office or at least when Bush was re-elected.

        Since I never went back I cannot bring myself to give a shit about Lindsey Lohan or whoever.

        WTF cares?

        “Jew Filth”? Silverman really disturbs me or the average Australian. More than Sean Penn or Mel Gibson or Ben Affleck or some other Irish-American celebrity.

        If you spent ONE DAY off the American continent you would know that nobody is being affected by “Jew Filth” or cares that Kim Kardashian is some Arab chick with a big ass.

        You have some distance from overseas and realize how trivial this is. Pamela Anderson was huge when I left in 1999 and all the media was covering her sex tape. Who gives a shit about her now.

        None of the U.S. celebrities hang around for very long. Hard to keep track of them in Australia or Asia.

        But of course white proles from Bridgeport or Detroit really have so little happening in their life that Kim and her sister’s negro husband screwing her she-male step-Dad up the ass is really important.

      • HOTDOG

        Pamela Anderson was shocking America when I left. Nobody overseas gives a shit about Sarah Silverman. Hollywood does not make the rest of the world believe what it should.

        I saw “Get Out” and Asians howled with laughter at some bug-eyed African with a beautiful Irish girl whose Dad is trying to steal black bodies.

        ………….It’s so stupid that only a white prole from Springfield or Gary or Arkansas would buy it. Because they are stupid.

        Celebrities? Who can keep track of them? Who gives a shit.

        I’m so far away I don’t.

      • I’m German Catholic in fact. I think I have stated this.

        Pamela Anderson was still on bedroom walls when I left the U.S. in 1999.

        If you had left the United States for some reason of work or change of life you would realize how unimportant Sarah Silverman is to anybody in China.

      • deSPICable Me

        Asians have a sense of identity and purpose…this can be about ‘Civic Nationalism’ or ‘Ethno-nationalism’

        When you deprive Whites of this they DO start caring about ‘how big the Arab slut’s ass is’.

        • deSPICable Me

          or at least it’s possible.
          The Spanish don’t act this degenerate. Nor do the Italians, French, Germans, etc.
          But the British have had similar problems as this.

          It’s an Anglo-sphere thing.

        • deSPICable ME

          Pamela Anderson was still hanging from the wall when I left the United States, I cannot be bothered to keep track.

          Chinese want to make money and are materialistic and cynical as are Brits. Australians are laid-back and rational.

          You’d be hard-pressed to put some rude geeky Jewish girl like Silverman on the air that they gave a shit about.

          Those shows don’t air because who wants to really watch some bearded hillbillies running a factory or Italian chicks screeching at one another who look like extras from the Bada Bing on Sopranos. Chinese would not give a shit about these people if they met them in real life.

      • HOTDOG

        Cannot be that much older than you and if you are in your 30’s and still give a shit about Sarah Silverman you are a sad bastard. I left the U.S. like I said when Pamela Anderson was a babe.

        That is superficial.

        And no, I cannot keep track of some Armenian greasy hustler OJ ass-kisser’s fat-ass daughter being followed around with a cheap camera.

        Neither can the Australians, or China, or Dubai, or New Zealand…well, you would not know that because in all likelihood you are Windy City Irish so what you do not know of geography…you cannot grasp.

        • Hotdog

          Maybe a 10yr gap and we’ve def. had some overlap. Age has little to do with our apartness. Your stories might impress some gullible whore, kid, ect. but you have a narrow view of the US through a gloryhole in Asia.

      • If you left Illinois or the U.S. for one day of your existence you would realize how little Sarah Silverman mattered.

        You get a perspective on these things living in other white countries.

        • Hotdog

          I don’t care about her, another crude jewish comedian. Andersons sand farts were more attractive.

    • Victim of nobody, left the U.S. 18 years ago. Jews are not running Asia, Australia, NZ, Dubai.

      Kind of glad I did. White middle-class seemed to go downhill after Billy left office.

  10. HOTDOG

    Whatever I did the U.S. did a downward spiral after Clinton got out of office. The year 2000 seemed to kick off a really long downward spiral in the U.S.

    No NAMS over in Oz or Asia. JOOS are running nothing.

    So I’d jerk off in front of Indians again so I did not have get old in Detroit or Phoenix.

  11. HOTDOG

    Defend Jews? I’m unconvinced of their genius, to begin with. Maybe high-normal intelligence. I’ve only met three that were physically dangerous. They are generally rude and primitive with really low tastes but why listen to Stern or Silverman if you find them filthy. The women are shameless, many are sluts. That is why so many do porn compared to Irish-Catholics, for example. Hypersensitive, too. Now this is back East and the real successful ones in LA might be formidable.

    Asians don’t need defending. Jews or Irish-Catholics won’t be taking over their media very soon or controlling their perceptions. They are hard-headed people, truthfully. I’ve been living among them for years.

  12. I could almost believe Irish-Catholics were capable of secretly running things being rather wise and resolved. Jews? Nah, I just don’t believe they have the sureness of purpose or sensibility. Most of them were egomaniacs with inferiority complexes. They did not have the penetrating intelligence of Irish Catholics. Sorry bro, unconvinced of Jewish cleverness.

    If you study martial arts than you know that Asian traditions are impenetrable so they don’t really need defending at all.

    Their way of life is based on a focus of mind and energy that we would call hard-headed but is more like an arrow fired from a cross-bow. They don’t deviate from their own wants or goals.

    Irish humor is based on wit or irony (Like George Carlin) whereas Jews are just low-brow. Stern, Silverman etc. Its stupid.

  13. HOTDOG

    You have that typical ironic and sharp humor of Irish-Catholics. You’re very sarcastic people. I’d forgotten about this from the East.

    Every dude’s idea of freedom is different bro.

    I choose to be dirt-poor in Asia off a few stock investments and savings and some work then to see NAMS run the white race into the ground.

    You see bro…I cannot stand NAMS. I cannot really stand JOOS for a long period of time. I think Mestizos will be the ruination of the Southwest. I cannot tolerate being somewhere they have decision-making power.

    Asians will leave you along if you keep your mouth shut. They mind their business. They do not blame whites for their problems.

    So anti-socials like me live in Asia.

    • Jason Y

      That’s interesting. Most any race will leave you alone if you keep your mouth shut or don’t piss them off. However, with Asians, unless you’re a tourist from a politically neutral nation, it’s almost impossible to not piss them off. Again, Trash is a tourist type character, never having to work for Asians, but rather just laying in the sun and being served.

  14. deSPICable Me

    I am doubtful Australia is immune to these issues. Britain certainly is it.

    The few Aussies I’ve known have consistently talked about how it is ‘basically America’ (minus the NAMs, but they would not dare say this).

    The White Hispanic WN on another HBD blog I frequented was right for saying it is an Anglo sphere thing.

  15. deSPICable Me

    TRASH is a “FUNNY-MAN”.
    He’s much like Jon Stewart; often very insightful, but to treat with the same level of reverence as David Brooks is unwise.
    TRASH himself has said this many times.

    • Yee

      David Brooks? Only read his criticism of the Tiger Mom, Amy Chua. Sounds stupid and arrogant. To a Chinese, at least.

      • YEE

        Amy Chau reflects the problem of having a Chinese economic elite in Southeast Asia. To begin with they are so ashamed of their Mestizo blood they try to claim being “Chinese” when if fact they are “Chinese” like a Mexican is European. They are a Mestizo race with considerable Malay (Obvious in her features) and even some Spanish blood.

        They have no intention of assimilating in Filipino culture because it is stupid and they assess it accurately. Filipinos return the favor by resenting them and making their life miserable. Then Chau hates them more “it almost felt comforting”.

        As a Chinese woman you and I both know Chau is ridiculous-her family has been in the Philippines far longer than whites have been in the United States.

        • Yee

          She’s not a mixblood, both her parents look just Chinese. And her family was a later immigrant to Philippines.

          Anyway, most Chinese children in better families have tiger mom, not rich families, just ordinary decent families.

      • YEE

        Northeast Chinese in North America are so mean and tough that whites and blacks do not spend much time in their Chinatowns after dark in LA or Vancouver or New York. How long would Americans last in Northeast China. Manchurians are mean and tough. Even the women are known to cluster around a bossy white woman and stomp her.

        Invading China? Good luck there. You already beat us in North Vietnam.

        One Bai Chinese named Cho called me an idiot for not speaking a word of Mandarin after living in China and Thai Chinatowns with two half Chinese kids for years. I can get by on grunts and gestures.

        “You cannot speak ANY Mandarin and your children go to a Chinese school? You’ve been here for so long?”

        “You’re right Cho.”

        But mostly I am ignored. Whites are a non-entity to Chinese.

        • Yee

          As I’ve said before, too bad you don’t run US government. A bunch of religion fanatics in your country, they hate us.

          By the way, China is foreigner-friendly every part of the country, too friendly, if you ask me. No worry you’ll get bullied.

    • deSPICable ME

      I am cynical and know stupidity when I see it. I’m not genius myself. I’ll reel some off:

      The first illegal immigrant rapists and murderers in America were white Vikings and Mohawk Indians had harsh immigration policies. They killed them off right on the beach since it was clear that the Vikings had bad intentions. They raided their settlement in Vermont and Canada to kill every Norse there. Vikings got the message and never came back.


      Asian-Americans are not affected by filth because they watch another TV channel or they stare at some repulsive Jewish woman bending over and showing people her anus like Silverman and laugh. Or Stern. Or the rest of them. It does not affect their primary focus in life which is gain. Nor do Asian-Americans care if Jews are not behaving like Evangelical Christians. Their minds are not being poisoned.

      I’d add that Hollywood does not make them believe anything. They watch GET OUT and dismiss it as some idiocy drummed up by a screenwriter over an 8-ball of coke in an LA condo.


      Asian-American fathers disown their daughters for marrying outside males unless the guy is inordinately successful. It happens of course, but the woman is on her own.

      The Asian father tells his daughter not to enter his house.

      I knew one Chinese girl named Gene who dated an aimless LA punk named Brian. He disowned her.

      Tyrone thinks it is funny when he impregnates some white girl rebelling against her white racist daddy and then her racist daddy has to look after his illegitimate children when he wanders off bored and she goes to rehab because he introduced her to cocaine. He has created a mess that the white racist father has to cope with forever-a white daughter with a drug problem and mixed-race children that will put a dent in his pension.

      I think it is funny too.


      Whites believe that blacks or Mexicans want to be little Anglo-Saxons who hunt deer in bow season, listen to country ballads about Texas, square-dance and will behave like them.

      Tony Montana does not want to be an Anglo-Saxon and go duck-hunting. Mexicans are Indians anyhow.

      Even the Italians have resisted acting Anglo-Saxon in their densest concentrations. Public schools teach the glories of Rome while Italians sneer at bland Anglo-Saxon food, their lack of street smarts, their fashions.


      Arab, black, Hispanic and some Jewish men do not want their daughters to be impregnated by white rednecks. If Billy Olen Collins impregnates their daughter they feel like strangling their grandson.

      But the white redneck swallows his pride when his daughter rebels against his racism by hanging around black hustlers and getting hooked on their cocaine and taking penises in her vagina of a superior size to produce ample orgasmic friction until finally they are cock-crazed single-mothers whose bi-racial babies have to be looked after by their racist grandparents.

      • deSPICable Me


        Asians, Jews, Arabs, all types of Hispanics, and even Italians can simply disown their children for being deviants- having kids with Ghetto Blacks, whatever.

        Anglos who do that are stigmatized as “racist”

        • Tyrone is sure getting his rocks off laughing at some 45 year old racist getting pissed on by his illegitimate infant while the rednecks daughter is in rehab or jail after Tyrone introduced her to the Blunts and the Cocaine.

          Perhaps a nice Southern Ballad is playing the background as the 45 year old redneck sits drinking beer and brooding over the Biracial baby he will have to support for 18 years because a black man wooed his daughter during her teen rebellion phase and screwed her until she was as debauched by sex and drugs as a 40 year old porn star and now Tyrone is at the liquor store rolling dice with his homies in da hood.

          “Oh I can’t go back to Houston. That’s where I shot my darling’s lover down. My luck run out in Reno…”

        • Tony Soprano doesn’t care who stigmatizes him does he. Just as an ex-American like me does not care about some show about an Arab slut with a big ass whose mother likes being screwed by She-males with huge cocks like Bruce Jenner.

          Anglos became real joke after the 1990’s. They are like that Dad whose trying to discipline his teenage sons who are off getting laid.

          No wonder Arabs, Italians, Jews and Asians simply ignore him and he feels like kicking them out of his house.

        • deSPICable Me

          Maybe it’s just naivety.

          Maybe it’s just ignorance….
          you portray them as such evil people, yet it’s just that they’re more Naive about ghetto Blacks and their culture as the others.

          That makes them evil?!?!?!

          Appalachian people have a reputation as being NOT AT ALL CYNICAL…
          which can help to explain why Trump won so big here.

        • deSPICable Me


          Appalachian Whites may have IQs about 5 points lower than other Whites at 95.

          Blacks are mulattos as opposed to 75% Black (the national average).

          IQs are 95 and 90 respectively, a 5 point gap.

          This is compared to the 100 and 85, respectively, a 15 point gap, in the rest of the country.

          So it’s not as big of a deal.

  16. Jason Y

    OK, female douchebags are rampant on college campuses, churches etc.. and they want to impose laws to castrate men. OK, fine. But have you noticed an equal or greater number of women are drinking booze, doing drugs, being webcam girls, being strippers, smoking cigarettes, etc.. – all those things hypermasculine men love ???

  17. My wife has been known to hit our children with a big bamboo stick.

    • Yee

      Getting hit is rare, they’re just very demanding, give you a lot of work. And no point arguing, she’s much better at it than you.

      • YEE

        Amy Chau should take lessons from whites in the Philippines on how Chinese-Filipinos could better avoid making the public resent them to the point of violence or kidnapping.

        Whites have been much smoother in the Philippines.

        We can be a smooth race, especially the males.

      • YEE

        At 90 kilos and 5’7 my wife is a large Chinese woman who swings a mean bamboo stick.

        She worked in a fish factory her family owns all her life and has huge shoulders.

        Our daughter who is 10 has learned to do whatever she is told.

      • YEE

        I’ll put it this way, I disliked and had confrontations with Chinese-Filipinos because they resented the fact that Americans did not recognize their position there as what they feel should be special.

        I treated them like they were f*cking Filipinos instead. Chinese Filipinos would like to believe that Chinese are the natural leaders of Southeast Asia. This caused problems with me because, well, I can be a white asshole.

        Ever visit Philippines or Singapore or meet a Chinese-American, YEE? Fed on ample diet the males can grow over 6 foot.

        You don’t know this because you have not traveled.

        If what I wrote was complete fiction, Chinese posters like CREADERS would not be upset with me.

        • Yee

          Do you realize travelling in Southeast Asia is cheaper than travelling in Northern China, especially from Guangdong? Because SE Asia is closer.

          China is bigger than the US, imagine Americans that live in Miami visiting the Caribbean countries and visit San Francisco or NewYork.

          Of course I’ve been to SE Asia, over 10 million Chinese travel to SE Asia each year, everyone has been there.

          You also don’t realize Cantonese has the largest number of Chinese emigrated to North America or everywhere else, they come back to visit. They still speak Chinese, but can’t read and write. They’re thick set but not a lot taller.

          Alright, maybe you’re not all fiction, just 50% fiction.

  18. YEE

    Duterte is calling our leaders the sons of prostitutes. He has told America to f*ck off, literally.

    Are whites supposed to give their lives for the freedom of his country.

    You mean to tell me the average white who fears being pushed around in Chinatown LA by Chinese teenage punks or gangs-who pushed the Italian mafia out of their own neighborhoods-think that they are going to march into Northeast China with those mean, tough country people.

    Are whites really that stupid?

    Do you believe many young white men and women want to lose their lives on in the cold worthless Siberian borderlands?

    • Yee

      Don’t try to be stupid, Trash, anti-China is in every politician’s book.

      • YEE

        You can count out 10,000,000 Chinese-Americans to begin with. Including minor American politicians who happen to be Chinese women.

        Draft young white men who know nothing of China happily playing video games and attending some second-rate college? Young white women who are in the army in some secretarial position face death and rape at the hands of mean, drunken, tough Northeast Chinese males…you’ll get some deserters.

        America is still broke from Iraq. The war cost the country trillions.

        Since China is a trading partner and also an investor and has never flown airplanes into a building or committed any act of terrorism this is a tough sell to the white peasants, Yee.

        That is going to be difficult to find a volunteer army adequate to field such a war.

        • Yee

          There’re 3.5 million Chinese in US, not 10 million.

          Anyway, a trade war is less likely than a real war. The world’s largest economics war with the 2nd largest? Who will benefits in the end? Unless the US really want to help Germany and Japan to restore their former status before WW II.

      • YEE

        In terms of trade. Invade China. No, I don’t think so.

      • YEE

        Chinese posters like CREADERS would not go so crazy if some of my statements were not true and only a white man who had lived overseas for a long time would know these things.

        Believe me, Yee. I’m not sitting around in Kentucky. I’ve been in more Asian countries and worked than you have.

        People who have never traveled are the same all over the world. They know nothing but the streets of their own town, their own religions and deities, their own history.

        Chinese, whites from the U.S. interior…either you live and work in other lands or you do not. I have.

        • VampireGhost

          Which is the best Asian country for a White male?

        • Philippines is most affordable. You can conceivably live there for $400 a month.

          Thailand is more expensive but safer.

          China is much more expensive and Japan and Korea even more expensive than the United States although unlike the U.S. there is virtually no street crime and PC is not such an issue.

          Southern Philippines is dangerous as well as Indonesia. There is an anti-Western sentiment.

          Cambodia is affordable and Laos but very poor.

          Your best bet is Philippines.

        • Prostitution in my experience has been most enjoyable in the Philippines and affordable.

          However the place as of late is rather dangerous and anti-American sentiment fills the streets.

  19. deSPICable Me

    I would not take Bannon’s vitriol too seriously.

    It’s mainly just about the trade deficit.
    It is important to remember the U.S. came about in part because of Mercantilism- which caused the Colonies to have a trade deficit with the mother country (raw materials for finished goods).

    It’s something we get very upset about.
    At least you’re not Mexican 🙂

    • Yee

      Just about trade deficit? Do you konw how did the Brits and Yankees solve the trade deficit problem last time? Opium War.

      They exported opium to us. When the emperor stopped it, they started war.

      • deSPICable Me

        yes it is hypocritical.
        But China Rises!

      • YEE Vancouver Wake-up

        Chinese have turned Vancouver Canada into a heroin-strewn war zone where Chinese Triads, Tongs and whatever other gangs you export battle it out in open warfare with Italians and Mafia.

        Your heroin has turned the formerly pleasant Vancouver into needle park where addicts of all colors-but mostly white and yellow-resort to street crime.

        Chinese heroin gangs and all the violence that comes with have affected New York City and required entire police task forces.

        I’d say you’ve given almost as good as you got.

      • YEE

        You beat the Americans in North Vietnam or at least fought them to a standstill.

        It is unlikely that Americans could maintain an occupation of China as America is still trillions of dollars in debt from Iraq which we had to let you buy oil from because we had no way of paying our credit.

        American corporations would collapse if factories were moved back from China and the price of Wal-Mart goods went up 145%.

        You are the one living in fiction.

    • deSPICable Me

      Perhaps it is a matter of IQ points but America has mostly declined since the 1990’s because of a costly war that cost trillions of dollars and turned Europe into a refugee camp.

      America is still broke from the trillion dollars it required to dismantle the country of Iraq and turn Europe into a refugee camp as this destabilized the entire region.

      Now let us look at the realities of war with China or Mexico. First the terrain is harsh and unfamiliar. Supply chains would be hard to maintain. Soldiers are mostly not well educated and have no experience with locals so soon the locals hate them. Locals who are on the side of the Americans have nefarious reasons and info they give sucks anyhow. The native resistance looks the same as everyone else.

      Five years goes by and the Americans continue accomplishing nothing and then finally there is a withdrawal.

      I know that many Red State whites in the Bible Belt have never traveled as far as Disney Land and think Florida is exotic but are they really up for more wars?

    • Its impossible to fight people in their own country. That’s the lesson.

  20. deSPICable

    I AM A PROLE. Per chance I left the U.S. at 25 and realized that whites from Greater Detroit have it better financially and career-wise in other white countries or even Asia.

    One thing I have noticed is that the prole standard of living has gone downhill since 1999, big time. When Bush became president the whole country seemed to recess horrendously in economic terms. Homelessness seems more common, unemployment far higher and proles more miserable than 99.

    White proles did not trust the media or the government in 1999. They were still coming off the tail-end of alternative cynicism and shows like the X-files reflected this distrust of government and institutions. This seemed to end with the War on Terror.

    Celebrities are much stupider now. Back in 1999 the Kardashians were famous because Dad was a sleazy Armenian lawyer with a meatpacking company who did coke with OJ and might have been witness to his treatment of his wife and he was one more dirtbag bystander in a Kangaroo court.

    But Americans became mroe dumbed-down and now they sit through a bunch of morons being followed by cameras in a living room and think it is entertainment or want to be some Arab girl with a fat ass.

    Because I did not have children, was not married, had nothing going for me anyhow and had no moral qualms about using prostitutes….I took off in 99.

    Nobody missed me. You’d be amazed how your prole townie friends lose interest when they have no real idea of geography anyhow.

    Standard of living is higher in most other developed countries.

    After 3 months you lose track of latest television or celebrities and stop giving a shit.

    You cannot call me a GOP or anything else. I belong to no political system at all. I simply dropped out of everything and I have been much better off.

  21. deSPICable Me

    I don’t know if my statements apply only to people in one geographic regions. I knew some really stupid white LA street punk types as well.

  22. deSPICable Me

    When did I say I was a genius, bro? If a man of my limited intellect can point out such obvious facts than they must living truths, no?

    The most evil people I met were Chinese-Filipinos. Point blank. Bear in mind I happened to marry a Thai-Chinese woman and live in Chinatown.

    Chinese immigrants to the Philippines realized there was a vacuum when the Americans left and they quickly assumed control of many of the businesses.

    Although many are Billionaires and Millionaires they do not care about Filipinos at all. Not one single bit.

    When faced with foreign American businesses sometimes Chinese-Filipinos will bomb them if they cannot simply blockade them out of their shopping malls which they own.

    I fired one Chinese-Filipino and he threatened to kill me. He said he was a powerful man in Cebu. This was actually true because any Chinese idiot belongs to a family cartel in the Philippines and they can find somebody who will drive by on a motorbike and shoot you with a cheap handgun.

    Whites in the Red States of the Bible Belt are simply naive. They are not even nice, per se, just naive and ignorant.

    They believe what the media tells them, more or less. They watch the garbage on television. Jews and Asians think it is shit and preoccupy themselves with making money.

    They believe that blacks will behave like white people or conform to their standards. Blacks want white money and to be left the hell alone otherwise. Unless a white woman is available in the physical sense.

    They get into really stupid drugs like Oxy pills or meth. You never hear of an Oxy epidemic in Brooklyn. The idiot who goes berserk on COPS and runs down the street nude, if white, is a redneck on meth.

  23. YEE

    Proving Myself Graphically

    The Chinese woman’s hair on her vagina is completely straight. No other woman has hair on her vagina that stands straight out like quills on a porcupine. No curl whatsoever to the pubic hair of a Chinese woman.

    Other Asian women’s pubic hair is curly and only the Chinese female pubic hair is straight as an arrow.

    Even after childbirth the Chinese vagina is relatively small and it is hard for them to accommodate a penis larger than 6 inches.

    The buttocks of a Chinese woman are relatively flat and pale.

    • Um Trash, I have been with a number of Korean and Japanese women, and to the best of my recollection, their pubic hair was exactly like a Chinese woman’s pubic hair, no difference. I could be wrong though. It’s been quite some time since I was with an Asian woman.

      • ROBERT

        I’m sorry I was graphic but YEE suggested I was a liar. I’m not and my experiences in Asia at close range with women are so extensive that I COULD NOT BE LYING.

        I stand corrected. All East Asian women have extremely straight pubic hair. Also they have no hair around their anuses to speak of and less on their perineum.

        YEE suggested I was lying about who I am so I had to prove graphically that indeed I am married to a woman of Chinese descent from Bangkok and have a great deal of familiarity with the culture at close-quarter range.

  24. YEE Not to Disgust You But Let Me Prove My Legitimacy

    Chinese female’s pubic hair will grow straight as an arrow with nor curl about 1.5 inches if untrimmed so her vagina looks like a black hairbrush. No curl at all in the pubic hair unlike other Asian females.

    Chinese buttocks will have less of a curve and be narrower than a Caucasian female and also slightly paler.

    Over 7 inches a male penis becomes slightly uncomfortable.

    Chinese women under no circumstances will engage in anal sex. Unlike white women or Spanish women or Arab women or a few Filipino women absolutely no Chinese women want to engage in this sexual practice.

  25. YEE

    I am sorry to disgust you but I feel the need to prove that indeed I am intimately familiar with Chinese people. Or at least Chinese women.

    Not that I have a bad or low opinion of them.

    I’m simply experienced with Chinese women in very close-quarters.

  26. YEE

    It is not my intention even to offend but merely to display that my familiarity of Chinese women is close-quarter.

    I’m no liar.

  27. Lesbian Pygmy femenist theory.

    The good thing about western feminists is that they are genuinely none racist. So rare. So refreshing. So good. But we lesbian Pygmy gals refuse to make any porn with them. That is a no no. Relationship? u betcha cuz that is great but we draw the line at that other thing that is less loving. It is all about love at the end of the day.

    • Lesbo, I am going to have to ban you. New policy is all regular commenters must donate at least $10 to keep commenting. As you are Swedish Shit and many other names, and I know you live in the UK though you are Indian, I suspect that $10 is not a hardship to you. Anyway, good luck in life.

  28. You sound like an Indian Muslim to me, bro. Maybe even a Bangladeshi.

  29. deSPICable Me

    based on your own descriptions it would seem your IQ is around 120 with somewhat of a Verbal > pure logical split.

    Verbal IQ is most noticeable so in the real world you might come across as smarter.
    Therefore it is entirely possible you have a distaste to those with lower IQs.

    • deSPICable Me

      Held useless minimum wage jobs attending journalism school and for that matter after journalism school in Phoenix. I’d have continued being a prole but a friend who went to journalism school got me hired for a Dubai publishing company because he was photographer.

      Dubai Contributing Film Reviewer

      London Bedmaker in a Hotel (Job fell through)

      Canada Stagehand

      Dubai Advertising Copy Writer

      India Script Editor and “day player”

      Philippines Bar owner, scriptwriter (Produced) for Filipino horror film company, job recruiter for a US company

      Cambodia Edited a funding proposal for a gov agency

      Thailand No job at all, live off investments.

    • deSPICable Me

      Years of living by your wits overseas-in my case simply because, well, I despised being myself a prole-will sharpen your mind to a degree.

      I’ve found that people who have never been employed overseas tend to have a naivete.

    • deSPICable Me

      People were smarter in the 1990’s. They really seemed to be. I do not want to say the 1990’s were a great time to be a young prole in the U.S. or I would not have left for Dubai and never returned.

      But after Bush was elected something happened.

      What do you think? Your guess is probably better than mine.

    • deSPICable Me

      I agree that it was mostly Bush II.
      His IQ apparently tested at 123 in his late teens, per a bunch of internet sources. Below average for Presidents but no excuse for the debocle that was his President.

      There is a theory that Alcoholism killed his brain and his IQ was dozens of points lower by January 2001. I guess we’ll never know.

      • I believe that alcoholism generally leaves IQ intact.

        • deSPICable Me

          yes it seems to be a far-fetched theory.


          People forget that the GOP really only used Bush as a puppet because they did not like the direction that Clinton had taken the country. Whatever that was. Because in retrospect some guy getting a blowjob from a slutty Jewish girl in his office seems rather trivial to me.

          Bush could not have been elected as dog catcher if not for his Dad’s namesake and Bush Sn had only been riding on the tails of the Reagan Revolution anyhow.

          All I know is that when I returned to the U.S. for one single week in 2007 there were many more homeless people and things seemed more threadbare. I guess a war that costs trillions will have that effect.

          But also in the 1990’s there was more healthy cynicism. Watch the X-Files or some other 90’s television show. Government was distrusted. Politicians viewed with skepticism. Television was well-produced and cleverly written. Celebrities regarded as court jesters.

          Possibly one reason Jews have more influence than ever is that they weathered the storm better. Anglo-Saxons simply bore the brunt of social change. But this is only a theory.

    • I believe he told us that he has a 120 IQ. Have you ever had your IQ tested, Trash?

      • deSPICable Me

        With a few web sources….
        “Near perfect” SAT verbal (790).
        “below average” SAT Math- 25th percentile- 480.

        790+480= 1270
        probably closer to 130 based on this.

        • I’m no genius. I don’t pretend to be.

          I got stuck overseas, found that Dubai had a higher standard of living than a white prole could enjoy in Phoenix (And no NAMS, frankly) so I stayed on.

          I wrote a few ad jingles that were pretty original. Bollywood and a Filipino film production company paid me on commission to write scripts for by-the-numbers horror films that were physically produced but they were crap. I edited funding proposals for NGO’s seeking U.S. government money in Cambodia. In Bangladesh I was hired to write a script about human trafficking.

          But I’ve done any job that I could obtain overseas. I was a stage hand in Canada in a concert hall, a job recruiter in Asia on commission for IT workers and in London, UK I took a job making beds in a fleapit hotel when a far-fetched idea fell through.

          My father was a county doctor in a grotty German enclave in Greater Detroit.

          By the time I reached adulthood manual skilled trades guaranteed no decent employment and my math was not good enough to be engineer.

          It really does not matter how smart you are in some parts of the rust belt like Southeast Michigan. It’s like being Einstein in a Western ghost town. If you are young, single, childless you leave. People in California forget how massive the internal migration has been from the Midwest.

      • Verbal is actually 130 and my verbal SAT was in 99th percentile while math was in the 30th percentile. No great math whiz, near perfect verbal reasoning skills.

        I’ve made a living as a writer. First in print and then electronically. Pissant stuff actually. Staff reporter, later magazine editor, then ad copywriter.

        The Indians replaced me in Dubai, honestly.

        Subsequently I wrote some scripts for Bollywood and Filipino horror/fantasy films (They were produced, I absolutely cannot identify myself) on commission. Also, I was an advertising copywriter. Editor of NGO funding proposals in Cambodia.

        If I had it all over again I would have gotten a skilled manual trade like electrician but…I would have remained in Greater Detroit or Phoenix.

        • deSPICable Me

          99th percentile on SAT does not equal 99th percentile among the general public.
          This is because there is some (defacto) selectivity to even take the SAT.

        • deSPICable Me

          at least in Phoenix you can plenty of sun and eat authentic Mexican food.

          Detroit is “American Carnage” ground zero.

  30. deSPICable Me

    My verbal reasoning skills are at the top of all tests. My SAT verbal was nearly perfect, math below average.

    I got into a fairly prestigious Journalism School because my Guidance Counselor told me it was the only thing I really would excel at.

    Also I studied some law and international relations but lacked the money to go to law school being a prole.

    That makes sense, I was a film reviewer for a publishing company. Later I was an copy writer. Then a script editor. Finally I taught English as second language overseas.

    My math is awful, my computer skills rudimentary, my mechanical dexterity about average.

  31. deSPICable Me

    When I got a job offer to go to Dubai I leaped like a wild kangaroo.

    If you go to any country with no NAMS-even Muslim ones with oil money-you’d be amazed how much safer they are.

    Don’t get me wrong, town centers in London at night are dangerous after a football game. You will get into a fight very easily. Brits love to have fistfights in bars. Even then Pakistanis and Jamaican areas were a little dangerous.

    But nothing like NAMS. If America had no NAMS it would be about as safe as Australia. Sure, the Italians would still have their thing and rednecks would fight in bars but the sheer madness would not be there.

    Once you get away from them the feeling is surreal. You just won’t be robbed, mad-dogged, beaten up in broad daylight.

    What Brits or Aussies describe as a “rough area” is a red-light district where a man can get a blowjob and not a place like South Chicago.

    Having said that, Northern English and lowland Scots have some of the same characteristics as rednecks.

  32. Anonymous

    I could never have worded it better, robert.
    It is good to see you are back to focusing on general topics and not on US politcs like in the past months.

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