The End Result of Female Rule in the West: Chaos and a Horrific Rightwing Backlash

Isn’t this proof that rules made by males aren’t perfect?

My point is that female made rules don’t necessarily worse than male made ones, because people can adapt. I don’t mean it would be perfect, neither one would be.

Of course rules made by men are not perfect. Men have put in some of the most horrible laws and rules that humanity has ever seen. But Male Rule works at least some of the time. The problem is that the rules must be made by good men,  not bad men. Bad men tend to rise to power because society is like a Lord of the Flies pond where the scum always rises to the top. But in the West, we often end up with good men in power. Male Rule under good men and the women who support them is the only thing that’s ever worked. In other words, Male Rule is horrible, except for all the alternatives.

Yee, they have already put a bunch of their lunatic Female Rule rules and laws in, and it’s not working. It works in a way, but the laws and rules favor women and unfairly harm men. But the way women see it, that is called “fair.”

Bottom line is they really are not working in any real sense though. Men hate it, they’re furious, and they are mad about women about these rules and laws. Female Rule has promoted a massive sexist backlash such that we just elected one of the most overtly sexist Presidents in recent memory. Female Rule produced a nightmare rightwing Republican backlash that threatens to dismantle and destroy the entire country. The creation of the Alt Right and to a lesser extent the Alt Left with the resulting chaos and horror of the former has been a direct result of these rules. Sexism is now much worse under Female Rule than before it because now men are furious at women whereas before men did not have much reason to resent women.

Female Rule created Trump. Way to go, ladies.

In other words, the result has mostly just been male resentment, a lot of chaos, and the vast majority of men giving the middle finger to the female laws and rules, so you also have epidemic lawbreaking and rulebreaking. None of it makes sense, but women shrug their shoulders and don’t care. Because it’s “fair.”


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26 responses to “The End Result of Female Rule in the West: Chaos and a Horrific Rightwing Backlash

  1. Magneto

    Don’t forget female rule brought in tens of millions of violent, dangerous, rapist immigrants from the Middle East, Pakistan, and Africa into the West. Now a civil war between whites and immigrants is practically inevitable in Europe. Female rule has very nearly destroyed the West and destroyed our way of life and turned the West into a hellhole 3rd world living standard.

    This civil war is going to be extremely bloody because the immigrants are not going to just voluntarily leave when Europeans finally grow some balls and want to kick them out. Female rule is going to result in tens of millions of people dead, on both sides of the conflict.

    Thanks ladies.

    • Oh, but those poor people!

      Every immigrant, every brown person is a poor, innocent, oppressed person, with a noble heart and would never take advantage of anyone, or take advantage of our generosity. They need us to mother them, to look after them and patronise them.

      I’m being sarcastic here of course…

      • Magneto

        actually the word Aryan means noble. And sorry but I’ve yet to meet any brown people who I would describe as “noble”. Seems like noble qualities belong solely to the Aryan race.

        • deSPICable Me

          Robert- Did Magneto ever confirm he actually is a White expat?

          ‘Aryans are the only noble people’ sounds like a very Brahmin thing to say.

          If he was a White with WN views, why the hell would he go to India?
          On the other hand, I suppose his experiences in India could’ve made him a racist.

        • Yes I can confirm that he is indeed an expat in India.

        • deSPICable Me

          If he hates Non-Whites so much why did he move to India?

          “Does not compute. Does not compute”.

    • Not necessarily : it may also turn out that the Western males turn to radical Islam so as to exert a sweet revenge onto the witches with the help of people of more experience.

  2. Yee


    So your argument is basically “laws and rules favor women don’t work in a male dominance society”, isn’t it?

    Well, I can agree to that. It’s what Marx said, economics decide social structure. I just don’t agree you blame the failure of such rules and laws on female characteristics.

  3. YEE

    None of this is quite as true in a post-industrial society. Women have more mobility.

    • Yee

      More than they used to had, you mean.

      And you’re wrong about post-industrial, the world is still very much industrial. Industry is what really creates wealth. No industry no service sector. USA is still the world’s 2nd largest industrial economy, it just has a larger service one based on the GLOBAL industries.

      Service sector not only includes consumer services, it also includes producer services, this is bigger money.

      • YEE One Disagreement Point

        It is possible for a poor female-we have seen this in China in the distant past-to use her looks to latch onto some powerful Emperor or politician (Trump’s wife) who comes from poverty where nothing will help a woman but her sex appeal.

        This has happened with Imelda Marcos and some other women who beauties in their youth and managed to latch on to some guy.

        For males such a short-cut to power will never exist in life.

        So I disagree.

        Of course this is based upon the sexist male society where women are sex objects but oh well, some women will wriggle into power that way.

        • Yee

          Males in a male dominant society have more opportunities to power. It’s just logical. A few female exceptions don’t make a rule.

          So males don’t have sex appeal as tool to power, but they have more than one other tools.

        • Men can sell their charms at a dear price too. Apart from the fact that here are more homosexual mignons climbing the social scale to the higher spheres of power than regular mistresses, most artists are actually nothing more than prostitutes and do access the higher spheres deploying the same talents as females.

  4. YEE

    Yes, but this gradually changing.

  5. Nebulous Maximus

    Female rule — the freedom to infinitely whore around and fuck freely 24/7/365 without any social consequences; The freedom to use men as nothing more than walking ATM machines and sometimes organic dildos; The freedom to drop hubby like 3rd period French at any time for any reason due to any mood that strikes at a given moment and to steal half his earnings and assets and make him pay for any little demonspawn that came along with the package; The freedom to shame and humiliate any male a woman is not attracted to who dares to attempt to start a conversation with a holy golden vagina. And of course the freedom to do all of this while de-facto criminalizing any criticism whatsoever of any of the above behaviors.

    Aaaaaaannnd….people wonder why Trump was elected.

    • deSPICable Me

      The figure Robert presented about 80% of women chasing 20% of men (we’ll assume the other 20% chase another 20% of men) would mean that just 40% of men are ‘satisfied’.

      The other 60% are struggling to even get some.
      This has led to a high rate of inceldom among males, while it is virtually non-existent among women.

      This breeds MASSIVE resentment.

    • Nebulous, new rule: All regular commenters have to donate. Minimum $10 donation and you can post here forever. If you have some hardship that makes it hard for you to pay that, email me and we will see if we can work something out. You have one week.

  6. TJF

    To Rob:

    The West is under female rule..? Not sure if I understand, what are you labeling as female rule aside from some rules passed on college campuses regarding consent…?

    As for female rulers, there haven’t been that many at the nation/state level but of the ones I can think of generally, in my opinion, they have had a neutral to positive effect. Queen Elizabeth I of England could arguably be one of the best if not the best of British monarchs. Her reign was marked religious tolerance, prudent and deft political alliances, and the defeat of a major rival (Spain) setting the stage for ascendancy of the British empire in the coming centuries.

    • There may not be many women in a prominent position of power, but there are many in institutions who shape and lead culture. Think of how often you’ve seen some cultural intiative spearheaded by a woman.

      The company I work for, the HR and department responsible for culture and development is entirely female, and the way the company is run is shaped by this.

    • TJF

      You forgot about Thatcher. Pauline Hanson down in Australia. When I first got to the Philippines Arroyo was running things.

      Aquino. Again in the Philippines. Leader of the overthrow of Marcos.

      President of Bangladesh.

      Lot’s of others.

  7. Jason Y

    Male Rule under good men and the women who support them is the only thing that’s ever worked. In other words, Male Rule is horrible, except for all the alternatives.

    Lots of things are horrible. For instance, Asia is full of corruption, despite being male ruled. Also, Taliban Churchies are a pro-male group, in a sense. They want many of the same laws that feminists do. The Islamic hell of Saudi Arabia where kids with cellphones are lashed, first cousin marriage is rampant, and hands are cut off for stealing is male ruled India is male ruled and Robert has had only negative reports of the place.

  8. Jason Y

    Actually, feminist assholes are easy to avoid. Just stay out of college campuses.

    Of course, a lot of men, especially the douchebag WN recruit variety, are furious after attending college where their cherished notions of masculinity and white supremacy are stomped on with no mercy. It’s sort of comical, though, in a sadistic way. 😆 Who is the weakling now, college boy? Karma, anyone ???

    • Jason Y

      Don’t get the wrong idea, though. I say feminist assholes and WNs are on the same page. They deserve each other. It’s a marriage – made in heaven.

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