Jim Beam

Of course I drink whiskey. I’m a real man. Wine and beer is for pussies and fags.

Anyway, I drink all sorts of brands and I even drink Scotch. They mostly taste all the same. I don’t buy the expensive stuff because I can’t afford it. But I found some Jim Beam on sale at a great price and I couldn’t pass it up.

I must say, this stuff is a cut above everything I have drunk so far. Wow. This Jim Beam whiskey is really good! Damn.


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  1. Magneto

    What is your thoughts on J&B, Justerini & Brooks scotch? It’s about the same price as Jim Bean, and I’ve found no better whisky in that price range which has such a great taste. Jim Bean is crap compared to J&B in my opinion. I felt like Jim Bean has an acidic diet soda kind of flavor whereas J&B has a very smooth flavor.

    • Themaker75

      J&B is Scotch. I never understood why people compare Scotch and Whiskey. 3 totally different animals.
      I love myself my whiskey, but I have to disagree that beer is for pussies. There’s some very strong beers out there and beer offers so many different styles. I’ll agree that Budweiser ect is shit but give me a an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and I’m in heaven.

    • J & B is too expensive for me. Jim Beam is too, but Jim Beam was on sale at ~30% off, so I had to snap it up.

      • Jim Beam is probably the best drinking bourbon.

        • Kentucky girl here. Jim Beam mixed with Diet Coke tastes like college to me (delicious!), but there are so many wonderful sipping bourbons. My favorites are Jefferson’s Reserve, Angel’s Envy, Eagle Rare, Blanton’s, and Weller, and of course Pappy Van Winkle if you can get your hands on it. Those may be hard to find outside of Kentucky (Pappy is hard to find IN Kentucky), but one really nice and moderately priced bourbon that seems widely available is Knob Creek. I see it everywhere when I travel.

          I’m going to go pour myself a glass of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked right now…over an extra large ice cube. Cheers!

  2. The man who drank

    Wine is fine but whisky’s quicker, suicide is slow with liquor…. to quote Ozzy.

    I am not a fan of whisky but even I appreciate a very fine single malt Scotch – there are 4 types – Highland, Lowland, Speyside and Islay – Islay is smoky from the peat and really unique. However, I guess they are really expensive there in the US. Its an art, so many of the Scottish malts use Bourbon (as we call American Whisky) casks to give them an added flavour, some use Port casks, some use Sherry casks, some use things like Sauternes casks (famous French sweet white wine) etc.

    Do many people in the US drink Cognac or Armagnac? Really very fine and Armagnac can be quite cheap as not as many people seem to be aware of it.

    Gin is underrgoing a revival here in the UK with lots of craft stills being set up – some are better than others, most are pretty good with indian tonic water however.

    The last classic spirit, Vodka, we have recently seen some better versions now in the West – Smirnov Black, Stolichnaya Cristal, etc. But is has tended to be very basic and potent.

    As I hope is obvious, I have always liked to drink.

    At the moment I drink what we would call Lager, 2 specific brands – Cobra and Estrella. But I love real/craft ale too.

    I used to have a well developed nose for wine too, although I would not be certain how excellent it is now.

    Although you may consider it less manly, lots of cocktails are excellent too – Magarita’s particularly or a classic Martini – I don’t know how they would fit into American concepts of Manilness, but not many people call a proper Magarita wimpy!

    • I don’t mind cocktails. I was joking about the manly stuff. I used to be a bartender. I made all those drinks all the time.

      But some of those really fruity cocktails that women love seem a bit gay to me.

  3. The man who drank

    Oh and Teachers is a blended Scotch, what others do you get in the US?

  4. Not sure, never seen Teachers.

  5. Magneto

    In Cambodia alcohol was quite cheap. A 1 litre bottle of J&B for like 25 dollars. They also had Cognac for like 10 dollars a bottle, although it was a cheaper brand.

    There was a local brand of Cambodian whiskey for 1 dollar for a 250ml bottle. It had a horrible burn to it and also had an oily taste to it. Pretty shitty stuff but sometimes the shitty stuff is good too.

    • Probably fake Cognac. The Cognac is probably some generic grape brandy. The J&B is about the right price duty free.
      I am quite sure that the Cambodian whiskey is actually some type of a home brewed rum with residual molasses.

      • Magneto

        well i don’t know what is a fake or real Cognac. 10 dollars a bottle and yea it is probably not the best quality stuff but it had a nice flavor, kind of fruity but also hard.

        Yes that 1 dollar cambodian whiskey was harsh as shit. I still enjoyed it though. Who knows what the fuck was in that shit.


      Indians will drink any kind of whiskey. You love the stuff. I don’t what it is about whiskey but it is the only thing Indians will drink.

  6. Jason Y

    Well, some might bring up wine in the wimp category, but not beer.

  7. clane

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        • clane

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        • All we do is study languages. We don’t know the etiology of every word in the dictionary you know. Especially those slippery slang words.

  8. JOSE

    It’s easy to make, that’s why. All you need are grapes and sugar.

    Additionally Argentina is wine country.

    Italian-Argentinians are famous for making wine.

  9. Jose I am going to have to ban you until you donate, ok? You promised to donate a while back, and you never did. I will wait until you donate to put you back on.