Please Look at My Facebook Profile

Hi readers. I am under attack by a swarm of retards. Female retards. Conservative married women with a couple of kids retards. Retards from the most retarded flyover red state I’ve ever seen in my life. It numbs the mind how retarded the people in this state are. They are literally the most retarded Americans I have ever met. No wonder they love Mike Pence.

Anyway, these insane conservatard women are all up in arms about my Facebook profile. They say it is disgusting and creepy. They have been mass reporting me to Facebook authorities trying to get my profile shut down. And they keep saying I need to be reported to the authorities due to the content on my profile. They claim there is “pedophilia” on my profile, “pictures of young girls,” and “pictures of little girls.”

I have been on Facebook for years now and I have never had one single slight complaint about my profile. Not even the tiniest peep. Now all of a sudden there’s an uproar about it. Color me baffled.

And no one has ever told me that my profile is sick, creepy and disgusting because of its “pedophilic” content. They claim I went around to various websites “stealing pictures of little girls” to put on my “pedophile site.”

I saw that Facebook was investigating my page today, but it seems like they left me up.

They are apparently referring to my Photos section, which I never look at anyway. It’s just photos posted over from the website.

I have just gone over my Photos with a fine tooth comb, and for the life of me I cannot see any pedophilic content. Please go to my Facebook page and point out the “pedophilic”, disgusting, creepy pedophilic photos. Don’t worry, there’s no real CP up there. I have nothing to do with that stuff. I don’t even look at it, much less collect it. All the content up there is 100% legal. It’s not even gray area. It’s not even porn. It’s not even anything.

Anyway, for the life of me I cannot understand what these screeching retarded baboons are going on about. Come to think of it, the whole state seems to be populated by baboons. Trash has an incredible amount of hatred for these people and I am finally starting to get it. Red staters are horrific. I think we need a divorce from these autistic subhumans. This marriage ain’t going to work.

Once again, I have never seen so many out and out retards as in this one state. Are there any states in the US with as many retards as this state? What about your state, Jewson? What about yours, Juan? What about that retarded state you grew up in, Trash?

Goddamn these people are stupid! Did this whole state get hit by a Retard Virus?

Please go to my page and try to see why these monkeys are reporting me to the police. I don’t get it. Can you figure out what the Hell these orangutans are talking about? I mean, I know they’re retarded, but still. What’s making these apes so upset?

Here’s the profile itself? See anything creepy?

Here’s the photos that have got them screeching and banging their cages. See anything creepy, objectionable or “pedophilic?” See anything that should be reported to the authorities? Eeek eeek! Oook oook!


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212 responses to “Please Look at My Facebook Profile

  1. TJF

    To Rob:

    Hi readers. I am under attack by a swarm of retards. Female retards. Conservative married women with a couple of kids retards. Retards from the most retarded flyover red state I’ve ever seen in my life.

    FWIW, I spent my formative years in a state where people used to say “Thank God for Mississippi” because it ranked 49th for just about everything. Although there were plenty of full on retards there – overall it seemed to have a greater level of tolerance in the 70s and 80s than we currently have in much of the US today. The US has always had some intolerant right wing tards and now increasingly we can add intolerant “left” wing tards to the mix. Now, zero tolerance and outrage du jour seem to be quite common. I would guess the Pedo accusation is not over the photos on Facebook but some of written content here, it’s unwarranted, these people are biased and consciously or unconsciously taking things out of context.

    Sorry you have to deal with this – Shooting tards would do much to improve the species but unfortunately they are protected by multiple laws. Speaking of smear campaigns have you read about the recent accusations of the Antisemitism directed towards PewDiePie (the most popular channel on YouTube)?.

    • Jason Y

      The written content would be a red flag but it’s not enough for police to get a warrant to search the home and computer – at least not in culturally left California, but maybe Indiana.

  2. Robert,

    You just ran into something that I refer to as “paleoliberalism”. In most patriarchal societies, this is the culture that married women teach their children. The argument often goes something like this: we know hookup culture can be difficult, but if you don’t participate, you’ll get left behind, and that is a worse outcome.

    I know it sounds like they’re telling people to participate in what can only be properly described as an unfair and exploitive system for no other reason than to prevent others from getting what is deemed to be “their fair share”.

    If this sounds fishy to you, it’s for good reason. Paleoliberalism is also a good way to consolidate ethnic identities, because when you tell people to mate but not do it randomly, what tends to happen is that they restrict themselves to a specific pool of individuals.

    It was developed with the best of intentions– people wanted to prevent alpha males from dominating the mating pool, even though most men can still survive in that type of environment.

    It first gained widespread acceptance in the United States in the 1960s as a reaction to the conformist culture which emerged in middle-class suburbs, hence the emphasis on enjoying your life. The emphasis on community-building was inspired by the cooperation between workers and warfighters that was seen during world wars earlier in the 20th century.

    It can be scary when you first encounter it, especially if you aren’t given any advance warning. But usually they can be made to stop if you just do what they ask you to, which is a lot better than the ever-increasing demands of most CEOs.

    Fot now, I suggest taking down the pictures. If they don’t add any significant value to your FB page, there’s no real reason to leave them up– all that data requires storage space, so you’ll be doing something good for the environment.

  3. Jason Y

    Sorry about that. It would be like when I used a library computer in my southern hometown and looked up an online 3D art store (which is G rated at least in an art sense). The lady there gave me evil looks, eventually threatened to call the cops. I suppose now these “holier than thou” Christian locals have spread mass gossip, which of course, is technically against their religion.

  4. Jason Y

    Definitely, Christians want to punish anyone going against their religion, but you can be racist and nobody cares (Oh those liberals and NAMS are sensitive wusses, etc..). That seems to be the case.

    Anyhow, though, I wouldn’t post stuff like that on Facebook or anywhere, really, especially with our new right-wing government. It’s not worth the trouble. Especially since they can use any small excuse to lock you in there, which at the least, would give you massive legal hassle similar to a DUI and at the most being raped by bubba.

  5. Jason Y

    Once again, I have never seen so many out and out retards as in this one fucktarded state. Are there any states in the US with as many retards as this state? What about your state, Jewson? What about yours, Juan? What about that retarded state you grew up in, Trash?

    People aren’t born Jewish, you know – being raised here makes one like that. 😆

  6. jeremy wong

    you have my sympathy

  7. Jason Y

    Please go to my page and try to see why these monkeys are reporting me to the police. I don’t get it. Can you figure out what the Hell these orangutans are talking about? I mean, I know they’re retarded, but still. What’s making these apes so upset?

    That’s why I was saying I don’t trust low-income whites (or NAMS) and Christians, at least not in a red state. All the religious fundamentalism, even if the pill poppers don’t practice it, leads to a culture of gossip. All it takes is one accusation of anything and, as I said, the least is a DUI type hell along with some jail time.

  8. Jason Y

    I can see though why low-income whites hate child molesters, faggots etc.. It’s because there is so much molestation among them. However, it makes for an environment where you cannot breathe. You cannot trust them and you have to pretend to not be open-minded, in the sense maybe you’re an art student or something – when you are.

    • JASON Y

      This begs a question. Why is there so much molestation and rape among lower-class whites?

      In Detroit any guy with $30 can get a blowjob.

      • Jason Y

        Making it wrong – as they do evangelical nations – makes people want to do the opposite – but evangelicals make laws driving away hookers – raising the price so low class whites cannot afford it.

  9. Jason Y

    Note, you cannot even like adult pornography or pretend to like it where I live. Automatically, you’re labeled a creep and a possible molester.

  10. Tatum

    Sorry, I read a reply on a post I think on Friday. You mentioned you’re a little bit psychic. In that field do you think the murderer will be caught ?

  11. Jonathan

    Robert, you’re right on the money about Indiana.You have The WN scum over there are incorrigible. They never argue with an open mind. I suppose Alt right requires helot swine & dogs to make up its lower orders, i wont be surprised if these clowns from Indiana make up for it.

    • Indiana rednecks are fucktarded period. What a bunch of idiots! Although I did see a lot of open racism on their FB pages. A lot of anti-immigrant sentiment and I was stunned at the open anti-Black racists. Indiana rednecks really hate Blacks. They are almost like Southerners that way.

      Have you been there? It’s like God took a shit one day and spread it out and called it Indiana. Fuck.

  12. JONATHAN Detroit Insights

    Ontario, Canada and Indiana are across the border.

    Both places seem to export a great many dirt bags to Detroit in the days when the Auto Plants would take anybody to be honest.

    Many of the Canadians were on the run from something-child support, the law, pissed-off criminal associates.

    Indiana hillbillies were just lowlifes. They had their own ghetto in Michigan. They do much of what you said.

    The hillbilly women peddle ass on the street and one time a black pimp was stabbed by a racist white hooker with her “n(((er poker” as she said on television. They made and sold illegal grain alcohol, spit chewing tobacco all over the streets and had a bunch of stray dogs.

    Canadians seemed like I said to be like Trump’s Mexicans-undesirables sent by a foreign government that was glad they were Michigan’s problem.

    • Jonathan

      Trash, you’re absolutely on the money about Indiana Hillbillies. They are just real trailer trash lowlives who constantly are on the prowl. Ya drunken, tobacco spitting, foul mouthed racist blitherings – all fit them to T.
      Women in the alt right circle are even more bigger jerks than men. Even though I have some sentiment for Alt right and support them on some issues, it just becomes nothing when I hear something from these assclowns.

      • JONATHAN

        Detroit was a white immigrant town of hard-working if dull Polish and Germans until all of the sudden in the 70’s union strikes created a trickle-down economy.

        First came the Canadian low-life drifters-much like the Mexicans Trump complains about-told by the Crown Attorney of Ontario “just go to Michigan and we won’t prosecute”. So Ontario’s child molesters, rapists, fugitives, drug dealers flooded into Detroit but they at least worked.

        At the same time Indiana hillbillies mostly from South of Gary on the Kentucky border came streaming in and these were hardened hookers (In the days before crack cocaine most hookers on the street were white), drunks who were totally unemployable, jail bait sluts underage, brawlers who got drunk and fought anybody, families seeking welfare because it was generous.

        They were all white I should add. Few blacks came from Indiana.

        Some of the white hookers would flash a blade at a black pimp or black guy who wished to have their sexual services-this was a big thing, poor white hillbilly women who would suck a white man’s dick for $20 but would kill a black for talking to them.

        Generally though, it was just unprovoked attacks on law-abiding middle-class blacks who had to live in poorer white neighborhoods.

        The Canadians had a sort of white trash cunning to them. They would molest children or rape if they could get away with it, but generally did not want to get deported to Canada.

        The Indiana flotsam and jetsam did not care.

      • Indiana Whites and Black Gun Violence

        Most were easily identifiable racially to immigrant whites. They had the names and looks of West English and Welsh. Red raggedy Ann Hair of rural Brits with horrible Albino skin and freckles that burned so red the word redneck was literal.

        Blacks indeed began carrying guns when the Indiana hillbillies came up. These folks would attack unprovoked a a fistfight often ended with death or the hospital. No “stay down”. They would jump a black minding his own business and stomp on his head until he died. Jail meant nothing to them.

        There was a jailhouse pimp scandal where guards were allowing men off the street to enter the women’s section and get their dicks sucked through the bars for $20. They kept the money and gave the women cigarettes.

        Lot’s of ID theft too. The Indiana hillbillies always used fake ID’s and aliases.

        Even the women would chew tobacco. They would spit into Mountain Dew bottles which they then discarded everywhere.

        When one offered to suck your penis for $20 which would happen if you happened to stroll past their community, even in broad daylight, she would smile to reveal discolored brown stumps.

        In the middle of the 80’s they discovered crack cocaine and were the only whites to deal it.

        They loved the stuff, though I suppose meth has replaced it now.

      • How do you know Indiana so well?

        Are most of the Whites in the state hillbillies. I thought the ones way up north would be better but even around Wabash they act like people from Tennessee.

        • ROBERT

          There was one instance of a Canadian rapist who’d been told by a Crown Prosecutor to go to Michigan and not come back or charges would be filed.

          After this, the border was solidified.

          So it was not just Indiana. Hillbillies are from Southern Indiana on the border of Kentucky.

          They came to Detroit because of the union strikes which then attracted “scabbers”.

          This was all when I was young.

    • Yeah they’re hillbillies! The ones I am looking at are up in the north central near Wabash and they are hillbilly and redneck as Hell. God those people are like the worst people in America.

      It’s like God had a brainfart and called it Indiana. These apes are so stupid that THEY ELECTED MIKE PENCE. As governor. Can you imagine the stupidity involved in that act?

  13. Juan

    This seems to be more of a Midwestern Evangelical thing.

    Appalachia in the South, although we have a fair share of Evangelicals, is such a masculinity oriented culture they probably wouldn’t care as much.

    • This was in the north central around Wabash? Are they still hillbillies way up there? They seemed more like Midwesterners to me. And other person up there is a born again Christian. The religion is think, heavy and full-on retard.

      • Juan

        In the South, being Baptist/Evangelical was regarded as really prole.
        People joined the Methodist church, which has become the most respected.
        Episcopalian even better.

        Hence, Born-Again/Evangelical/Baptist stuff is not as tolerated, although they are a ‘sizable minority’ or whatever.

        I was raised Episcopal.

        • JUAN

          In the North Catholics were regarded as proles as it indicated your European background was raw and you were second generation this or that.

          Religion has little influence outside of the South on money or economics. Indians, Jews, Asian-Americans and Irish-Catholics are not Baptist.

          Geography and where you grew up is the best determining factor of how your life will play out in American.

          There are exceptions. Pence is one of them. But in general if you are from West VA or Detroit you are screwed by dint of knowing nobody who would hire you.

        • Juan

          Catholics did have the “greasy immigrant” status in W.V.
          they were below Baptists.

          Baptists were, from their 1636 formation, the non-elect ‘rogues’.

          Methodism emerged in the 1700s just because non-Baptist proles were pissed at the English bureaucracy/church of England

          Episcopalianism is basically Methodism with a bunch of elegant rituals.

          Hence the Episcopalian, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic hierarchy.

        • Juan

          we had few Catholic immigrants other than Fairmont Italians who represent just 5% of that region.

          Wheeling/Pittsburgh metro area had a few Greeks and Poles.
          The Greeks did not have sufficient numbers for Greek Orthodox/Eastern Catholic churches so they just became Catholics that ‘observe Greek easter’ or whatever.

          Everybody else is protestant; either Black or WASP.

      • Jason Y

        Indiana and Illinois, geography speaking, are dipping into Kentucky. They are open areas for the KKK and evangelical movements. Note, Axl Rose came from Indiana.

        • Jason Y

          The KKK was big in Indiana in the 1920s. Not much has changed in regards to it being a really closed-minded place. However, I suppose – looking at Detroit nearby – it gives the fundamentalists plenty of ammo to justify Taliban rule.

        • Jason Y

          And also Chi-Congo

      • Jason Y

        Both Catholics and Christians, except maybe Unitarians, want to ban all porn They would – if they could get away with it. I don’t see this as limited to so-called “hillbiilly” areas. It’s just as true in LA, NYC or anywhere else with religious people. As a priest in sin filled NYC and he will demand a ban to porn cause it’s in their catechism. They have no tolerance for it at all.

        • Jason Y

          Porn, also, would include scantily clad – because the Bible states to just look at a woman with lust – even with their clothes on – is adultery.

  14. Juan

    When I was a young child (I dunno, between 5-10?) there was a proposal to have this sort of massive power line to run through most of the state, to supply power from the Wind turbines to Pittsburgh.

    I can’t remember the specifics, but it was pretty much a shit deal for residents.
    AD CAMPAIGN ensued on the local stations. LARGE HEADED ENGINEER talked about all the benefits to the power line.

    I remember my father saying “It’s going to work. A guy with a big head tells West Virginians it’s a good idea and YAHOOO they’re for it”.

    My father was the Bronx born but Burbia raised son of Cuban immigrants who moved to W.V. because he was an outdoors type. He was fairly anti-neo-liberal but living W.V. caused him to ever so slightly rethink his views on “muh White working class”

    • It used to piss me off that Trash was always bashing the White working class. But after a bit of exposure to the, GOOD GOD THESE PEOPLE SUCK.

      • ROBERT

        I AM A PROLE. Long ago I gave up on the equality or quality of life white proles have in the United States outside of thin slivers of the West and East Coast.

        So I left.

        But I am a prole. Bachelor’s Degree. Second-rate state university. Foreign-sounding name.

      • Jason Y

        I don’t think they all are bad people and I object to the bashing of Trash – which is overkill. However, generally, there is a backward culture.

      • Jason Y

        As I was saying Taliban Indiana could be a reaction to what is seen nearby in Chi-Congo and Detroit. The people there see the moral disintegration and they don’t want it happening to their area in Indiana.

      • Jason Y

        Churches attract control freaks, hyper-masculine cop types like ep-gah (the former WN commentator) by the boatload. Possibly they’re responsible for Indiana as we see now.

      • Jason Y

        How much exposure have you had? One bad encounter on Facebook. OK, imagine me sitting there reading all these right-wing memes bashing fags, pussies, blacks and Mexicans (though not directly), posted 24/7, 10 on the hour. How about the constant religious memes about Jesus and how if you don’t share the meme, then you should feel bad?

        • Jason Y

          Also, you have blacks posting the Jesus memes and some, in Atlanta of course, where they are safe, that are the 100 percent opposite of the rednecks.

        • Jason Y

          Black meme:

          Look at this photo of a lynching !!! My GOSH !!! These whites are such DEVILS, OH YES… 😆

        • Ahh so what I went through is what you go through, right Jewson? I wondered about your fury at working class Whites, but I am starting to get it now. I am dealing with the same idiots you deal with every day. You have my deepest sympathies.

          As far as these Taliban Churchies? Fuck em. Kill em all. Starting with Mullah Pence. (Just kidding Secret Service).

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think all working class whites are monsters. Generally, I would hate the clean ones, the churchie ones, not the one that Trash cruelly bashes constantly. Well, I mean, the poor ones do have a few bulllies and stuff but trust me the clean ones like Pence are a lot worse. Note, Trash spends little time on ep-gah like characters when it should dominate most of his comments.

        • Jason Y

          I did mention these southern elite jerks a few times. That’s what I meant: Taliban churchies. These folks aren’t necessarily dumb IQ wise, but instead, are actually freaks bent on controlling the US and whatever local area they reside, much like the Jews.

          In fact, many are not dumb IQ wise – but are the total opposite – being engineers, doctors, army officers etc.. It’s a really scary situation, really.

        • Jason Y

          The people Trash bashes have no power at all. On the other hand, Taliban churchies have A LOT of potential for power. They’re hell-bent on controlling everyone as much as Jews or even East Asians. It’s not good for any leftist movement even ones that reject the extreme cultural left agenda. Mark my word, they only want their way. They won’t tolerate Communists, Socialists etc.. in any form.

          Note these people are sending their brats to every college in the land making a whole new generation and THEY WILL have the power they want. They are giving east Asians a run for their money. They would salvage the US from destruction, but only at the cost of enslaving it to religion.

    • There is an odd demarcation in Penn state. Halfway through it, it goes from the South to the East Coast.

  15. Juan

    In fairness to the religious right, very few of their children end up in a TRASH narrative 🙂

    It ‘keeps ’em in line’ so to speak.

    • JUAN

      I think a great deal is geography. In Detroit I could not get a job with a college degree, plain and simple. In Phoenix I had labor jobs. In Dubai I had a prestigious job.

      It is where you are and if you can afford to get somewhere else.

      Disneyland is nicer than Pittsburgh.

      Outside of politics, if you are from the Flyover States you don’t know anyone with any connections. Your family are working class. You have been raised to brush your teeth, tell the truth, f*ck people you want to marry, act like a nice girl if you wear tits, don’t let drugs use you if you use them, drink like a human being.

      This the tenet of the middle-class. I behave and I am treated like a human being.

      Economics is not moral. It favors trade, geography, population density, institutions, industrial complexes. So any crackhead with no morals that would rape his sister’s dog is going to get a better job in New York of LA than an honest Indiana college graduate.

      • Jason Y

        Crackheads with no morals have laughably no power. Why even waste time mocking them? Unfortunately, we cannot mock the Taliban Churchies, especially ones infecting our education system – training up a whole new master race. It’s way too real and a threat to be seen as funny.

        • JASON Y

          Baptists and Mormons will not seize New York from the hands of Irish-Catholics or Jews. Or LA. These centers of power are far from the grassy and dirt-road centers of the U.S. interior.

      • Jason Y

        So Trash’s mistake is he lumps all proles into the same boat – when the real threat is only coming from Taliban Churchies. Everything else is just cruel bullying of the weak. In my view, he is the one acting like “The Jew” not me.. though I know Robert is only kidding.

      • Jason Y

        Outside of politics, if you are from the Flyover States you don’t know anyone with any connections. Your family are working class. You have been raised to brush your teeth, tell the truth, f*ck people you want to marry, act like a nice girl if you wear tits, don’t let drugs use you if you use them, drink like a human being.

        Though some of the low-class clowns are funny – especially posting Facebook memes, they aren’t really a threat. They seem to be cheerleaders – in an indirect way – for the Taliban churchies.

        Now, looking at real working class people, say working at a diner in the south, and I eat at one a lot. OK, Trash-stein would have a field day. OK, I saw two waitresses one came into work and her black boyfriend drove her. Another one came to eat, and she was with a black with dreadlocks and they had a mixed pre-schooler with them.

        OK, I’m not going to bash or mock these people at all. I don’t see them as a threat. Maybe, if I lived in their neighborhood I would get beat up, but as far as the nation is concerned their position is pathetic. Contrast though, with Taliban churchies who bully people at colleges and are hell-bent on world domination.

        • Jason Y

          Oh. and one of them which had a black boyfriend was pretty, not like what Trash would say. But pretty is in the beholder so maybe the other one was pretty to some other guy.

        • JASON

          Why didn’t you go to some second-rate state university in the 1990’s like the rest of us then?

          I assume that you are in your early 40’s. What were you doing when Cypress Hill and Jane’s Addiction ruled the airwaves?

          Nearly old enough to be these other students fathers and you are acting like an ostracized teenager.

        • JASON Y

          I doubt Hymie the pipe-fitter in the Bronx is responsible or judges such things.

          What’s with the fixation on Jews?

          My name is not Jewish-sounding.

        • Jason Y

          I was going to university in the late 90s. Around 9/11 I headed to South Korea.

        • Jason Y

          In the so-called underclass, your words not mine, I doubt if age means anything. A 40-year-old could date an 18-year-old from that group and nobody would care.

        • I doubt Hymie the pipe-fitter in the Bronx is responsible or judges such things.

          What’s with the fixation on Jews?

          My name is not Jewish-sounding

          Dang (((Trash))). Why are you always letting the Jewboys off the hook. It’s almost like you are one of them or something.

    • JUAN

      My grandparents were decent hardworking immigrant Germans and I grew middle-class as the son of a doctor. Catholic school and all of that.

      I’d have been on welfare today.

      Then Detroit’s auto industry crashed and the economy tanked. There were no jobs at all.

      Consumers in LA do not care where their car is manufactured or if Midwesterner workers have family values.

      The richest people in California are porn stars. Money results from demand and supply ratios. It has nothing to do with how the Lord judges you or whether you did nice things for anybody in your life.

      If I had not obtained a job in Dubai through a buddy I happened to know I would never have been employed.

      My print journalism degree would have been on the wall of my trailer. When there is no work because the economy has disintegrated, that is the end of that.

      Morality is an artificial construct so that peasants can be managed by the vicar whose in the good graces of the squire or the duke or whatever the landlord is called.

      None of the people in power are moral.

      Jews, for example, who apparently are so over-represented in influence or power in America are not moral. Nobody in Hollywood, shaping the thoughts of youngsters is moral.

      The guy who writes the screenplays is snorting a gram of blow every day and Russian hookers put on a discount to “ski”. His drunk on Tequila and some of the dialogue is cheesy.

      • Juan

        Yes I agree about the geography point.

        I was just saying that they are, as Jason said, the types that ‘get by on $900/month after rent’ from their job at a cheap diner that serves interstate travelers.

        They won’t ‘get sent away for 20 years at age 46’

        • JUAN Dana Heintz Example

          Classic Prole Tale

          Dana was the son of our local German barber, a mean drunk who molested her. She ran away at 17 and was a hot leggy blonde so she became a stripper in LA. Here she met an old Swiss inventor who was a pervert and Dana let him take pictures of her asshole (Her words) and lived with him so he left her $100,000 which she built the 4 unit complex I rented.

          She kept selling coke and pills and stolen things so I asked her point blank why she was taking the risk in her office.

          “I won’t work at 7-11 and $300 a month rent is not enough.”

          White female proles can either work in the sex industry (Most are stupid and get hooked on coke or meth so nothing to show) or work in low-paying jobs until their looks run out anyhow.

          Secondly, being a white prole is deadly boring. You’ll never fly on airplane to another country or eat at 5 star restaurant or shop anywhere but Wal-Mart (And this come to a close if Trump moves factories back to the U.S.) or a Dollar Store.

          Your state is cold, bleak, people are ignorant and idiots are everywhere. Drugs get you high. Doing them and being a druggie gives your life meaning.

          But to wait at a bus stop in the freezing cold to go to work at a Diner for minimum wage and after 30 years of this you have to eat TV dinners. You cannot consume the expensive electronic items, or have a nice cell phone, or do anything.

          That’s why proles f*ck all the time and women want loads blown up their snatch. There’s no other source of entertainment but sex and for women playing with living human dolls which is how they see the baby that comes out of their vagina.

          Thirdly, what do they get at 46. If I had stayed in Detroit I would have had to work labor or low-skilled white collar jobs because of my useless degree. I’m not sure I would have owned a house and if you own a house that was worth $100,000 when you started paying the mortgage is your 20’s in Detroit it is worth shit so you cannot sell for anything. The property is worth nothing because NAMS live there.

          What does the prole get for following all the rules and obtaining some honest if low-paying employment? Instead, the women can suck penises and make $500 and the drugs make your troubles go away.

        • JUAN

          No, and they will never meet an older pervert in a strip club who leaves them $100,000 to build a cheap apartment complex because as the daughter of German barber and later crack ho stated: “I let him take pictures of my asshole”.

          They are more law-abiding that the blacks who are not even willing to break their backs in order to pay rent on a cheap condominium they share with 2 other girls and their kids.

          I’m formerly a prole who did not marry and fled as soon as possible. You do not get anything as a prole for being honest in a depressed economic area.

          You can choose between owning a car and taking the bus but having furniture.

        • Jason Y


          Depends on the major. Engineering and math is in high demand. So is nursing and geography. A person who is good at that stuff would be the elite in the New America.

    • You know all this focus on Indiana made me curious on their stats IQ wise. So far I’ve found nothing representative of the actual state, on estimates on electoral voters and scores from Universities. I’ve decided to look at poverty rate.

      Indiana, from what from I could find, is 15.5% compared to the 13-14% National avg. Now, despite being essentially 90% white with the remaining bring about 4% blacks and and 6% Latino (probably risen slightly due to immigration as it used to be only 1% in 2005), I’ve decided to see states on race just to be sure.

      12% compared to the 10.1% average

      Ranks +.04 increase in murder rate per 100k people compared to how it was in the 60’s compared to the general decrease in White Homicide.

      While this indicates probably not the most below average white population in terms of IQ, the evidence seems consistent that it’s probably up there in competition.

      • Maybe they are just uneducated. Growing up in a retarded culture sort of turns you a drooling idiot regardless of IQ.

        • Lets see,

          This would be a state statistic rather than specifically towards it;s white population, but this will likely be most relevant to said demographic.

          With little time to actual produce a mean, I’ll just go with the point estimate of High Graduates nationally being 87.3%, Indiana just being 87.8 % with the rank of 30 out of the 50 states.

          With BS, The point estimate would be 29.85% with Indiana at 24.1% sharing the 42 position with Oklahoma, now things are making sense.

          At advance degrees that point estimate is 12.55%, Indiana again limps at 8.7% at the rank of 38.

          So far things seem to line up with your suggestion education being the culprit, at least being an indicator consistent with the severity of idiocy that you assert.

          And to correct the demographic percentages, it’s actually 85% white, 9% Balck, and 6% Hispanic.

          Nationwide though that’s still fairly white.

        • ROBERT

          Ontario had the same push-pull migration into Michigan. Into the 70’s and 80’s anybody could work at the Auto plants.

          The Canadians in Michigan were just as awful. The Crown Attorney in Ontario used to tell sex offenders, burglars and attempted rapists to leave the province to avoid prosecution. Effectively making Canada’s problem an American one.

          Not just Indiana.

          People with discreditable reasons leave.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, Juan. However, the price of keeping a place from being Detroit is Taliban rule. But Robert and others don’t want that – well – cause it SUCKS. Right?

      • JASON Y Being Detroit

        If the U.S. gets slightly worse or Trump goes after high-skilled union people what will happen is that millennials and Gen X will leave in droves for Australia, NZ, Paris or some other white country.

        Then more places will become like Detroit.

        Say whatever you want but when all white people leave an area, it declines.

        • Jason Y

          That’s funny cause I saw a young Republican joke that when all the Trump bashers leave it will only mean more jobs for them.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry, under wrong comment – now corrected

      Juan – In fairness to the religious right, very few of their children end up in a TRASH narrative 🙂

      It ‘keeps ’em in line’ so to speak.

      Jason Y – Of course, Juan. However, the price of keeping a place from being Detroit is Taliban rule. But Robert and others don’t want that – well – cause it SUCKS. Right?

      • Juan

        Well I dunno.

        According to Robert Burkina Faso (SSA) has a murder rate lower than Japan.
        They are Muslim

        but I haven’t heard any reports of their despot leaders threatening decapitation for Gays.

        I’d say a Mormon level of Religiousness is optimum, not Taliban 😉

        • Jason Y

          Taliban, but no executions, but a lot of police probing into private affairs, and also a lot of porn-banning and also a lot of jail time for moral law-breakers. Not something I’m looking forward to. 😆

        • Actually it was a particular tribe in Burkina Faso that did, not all around.

          The Duola I believe.

        • JUAN

          Dubai is the one of the nicest cities in the world.

          Nobody insults anybody because Arabs assume that if they call you a white a “motherfucker” it is going to be a life and death fight-Arab brawls go on until someone dies-so why does an Arab want to get into such a conflict with a white?

          I’d add that Islam is hyprocritical-nobody cares if you get Arab hookers drunk and have anal sex with them in the privacy of your residence. Many Arab women are liquor addicts (Arabs LOVE booze) but on the street they behave like nuns.

          Violent Rape? Police let the woman’s male relatives into your holding cell. You may or may not live through that.

          One construction worker I heard of got his kicks with kids at a nearby school and they blow-torched his testicles in the precinct.

          Run of the mill shoplifting? Beating first time and second time they might actually cut your hand off.

          Armed robbery? Life or execution.

          Drunk driving? 6 years.

          Alcohol and prostitution are very popular but it is all indoors. Arab hookers where burkas and act like nuns in public as not to offend people but once you are in a room with them they are three-hole prostitutes. Cops don’t bother you in a hotel room.

          Hashish is ignored because it makes Arab users lethargic and mellow and cops actually prefer it to alcohol.

          Nobody will mug you.

          Don’t even think about stealing a candy bar.

      • JASON Y

        Globalization built an Asian middle-class which made their countries safe enough for me to live but this affected the American working-class.

        Nothing is really going to change this, Taliban or no.

        When I was young in Detroit people could still be factory foreman or hold other decent jobs. Today, more and more of these people are trying to work at fast food jobs. Even retail is shrinking. Small businesses are being cancelled out by corporations.

        So no matter what the Red States in the Bible Belt will have no economy to stand on.

        The well-qualified and well-behaved will get out. A vast underclass then forms of people who cannot leave and cannot find decent wages. Will their kids behave themselves? Maybe 2 out of 3. But nevertheless an underclass emerges.

      • JASON Y

        On the subject of Asian-Americans and Jews, what keeps them in line?

        We do not read that Oxy is sweeping through LA’s Asian-American or Bangladeshi community. Sure, there are a few Asians in Chinatown shooting needles behind a Chinese restaurant but the Asian community is not calling it an epidemic.

        Bronx has some Jewish crack whores and winos swilling Mickey’s (They love Mickey’s Malt Liquor for some reason) on stoops but they are not asking for federal funding.

        Jews and Asians consume, produce and participate in porn but do not accuse whites of destroying their marriages.

        Ron Jeremy is not blaming the white consumer for buying his porn and preventing him from being married to a nice Jewish dental assistant. He could have remained a Special Ed teacher but he chose to make money doing something else and he did. He is not blaming whites.

        Chapo is not blaming white consumers for fueling the Mexican cartel wars. He would freely acknowledge that people that engage in that and then get killed by rivals are choosing to make a great deal of money.

        Why do whites in the Red States of the Flyover need the government or religion to tell them that Oxy is self-destructive or that molesting children is wrong?

        How is it that their economy suffers more than LA or NYC or Miami?

        Cuban-American prostitutes throng certain Miami streets but they are not asking for a social worker. They get a babysitter and go out and suck penises for money. This is what they do and they have decided that it won’t effect their self-esteem and when they want to stop they stop and buy a bodega.

        Why do whites need Pastors to regulate their behavior? Why do they lack common sense in Red States in the Flyover.

        I’ll cite the reasons.

        They have no experience with other cultures. They have never been to Dubai or Australia so they believe America is the greatest but are angry that California and NYC seem to have more money.
        They are born to younger and less well-educated parents who were raised to have children and trust that the Lord would provide. If you are under 25 and have a high school education and start a family it is not divine intervention that will save you. It is the Federal Government out of D.C. staffed with East Coast Irish-Catholics and Jews who tear their hair out over how naive and backward those people in Southern Indiana still are who have children at 20 because they have not read the memorandum that globalization was an instrument to create an Asian middle-class at the expense of the U.S. working class.
        Their economy is not diversified. It depends on one or two industries and one or two natural resources. When they are gone or nobody buys them, community values make no difference. The economy disappears.
        The rich tax-payers move on. College educated young people, older married couples with trades in demand, wealthy entrepreneurs, investors. Franchises replace the downtown merchants and soon drug addicts take over abandoned and derelict buildings.
        Beneath it all is a sense of hopelessness for the generation born in the 1990’s in prosperity who have seen their standard of living and future slowly decline since 2000. The new millennium started with a downer as Bush got into office-though he was not completely responsible and Clinton was lucky to be President between the Cold War and the War on Terrorists. Still, it is harder now for 20 year olds than it was in 1994 when I was 20.
        Concubine syndrome. Females increasingly will gather in groups around a single Alpha male with cash and toys because they are attracted to the buzz and the trends and the lifestyle. Media and reality TV and porn have changed women’s expectations so that they would rather be the “Flygirl” of some Big Black Hustler stud with cheese and a 13 inch penis than to wipe the counters of a dingy rental unit and gain weight with each pregnancy.

        Plus….white men cannot earn like they use to as the internet guts the service-sector jobs. Women will head in droves to circle around the Alpha instinctively.

        Beta and Omega men will increasingly resort to pathetic sex. Craiglist encounters, child molestation, an overpriced handjob at a strip club.

        For that matter, white girls who would have never dreamed of going on Craiglist 20 years ago or dancing topless have to resort to this today.

        Trump and his cohorts will merely raise the cost of living with isolationism. I never thought that globalization was a good idea but the Asian middle class is not going anywhere.
        Liberal elites do not give a shit about them. LA and NYC, third world countries in terms of rich-poor division and completely multi-cultural, are not interested in the plight of the Red States.

        • Jason Y

          I suspect a lot of the dating websites are really full of hookers. I mean, well, the women on there are real, believe it or not, but there is no way they’re screwing for free.

        • Jason Y

          Note, I mean sex dating websites that a person would run into randomly, maybe surfing porn.

  16. Juan


    Although she could whore herself out, RELIGIOUS DANA does not under the threat of hell.
    God always watches over her and it improves her outlook on life (demphasizes the fact that she lives in a shithole).
    DANA will marry a small time mechanical engineer or something, propelled through school by a CHRISTIAN WORK ETHIC and 120 IQ.

    Would they leave? No, because there’s ‘lots of sin’ in the city.

    • Jason Y

      Yep, that sounds about right. But without drugs, even living in squalor is tolerable.

    • Jason Y

      If Dana married an ENGINEER, then she has nothing to worry about. She still will come out as prosperous – even while most of the nation rots – another Taliban Churchie scumbag. UGH….

      • JASON Y

        7 out of 10 times this will happen. But for the absolute proles, life is pretty unpromising. Spend it working in a diner. Get stalked for a time by some ex-boyfriend. Problems with landlords because you’ll never get a mortgage. Credit card usurious payments.

        30% of the population gets to this point.

      • JASON Y

        But why is the nation rotting?

        Australia is not rotting? New Zealand? Singapore? East Asia.

        What has caused the U.S. to spiral downwards since the 1990’s?

  17. Doug

    I believe this is a content blocking tactic where facebook has to seriously look into allegations of this type, and may eventually tire of the number of requests and err on the side of deletion.

  18. SHI

    I thought Indiana peeps would be pretty cool with a small dose of kiddie love. Don’t those rednecks like to molest their own daughters in the trailer park?

    You gotta chill out on this one. Having pics of young girls in bikinis on your computer is not a crime in any jurisdiction of the world. Especially when there is no means to establish the correct age. I have seen pics of Japanese married women (with children) that looked like 12-year old schoolgirls.

    There are plenty of White women that don’t look their age either although on average, White women age faster than other ethnicities. I mean just a couple of years ago, Katy Perry could pass for a 15 year old. Britney Spears in her ponytail looks 15 in that song, “Hit me baby one more time”.

    In my country, no court would take these accusations seriously. The other day I had received a full body massage from a 16-year old girl. Was it illegal? No way. Unethical and exploitative? Maybe. But, the chick seemed to enjoy her work. Unlike prostitution, massage is a fairly respectable profession. It’s extremely healthy to give a massage because it’s like a full body workout.

    The only problem you might encounter is a possible Facebook ban although the chances are less. Those weirdos that run Facebook are SJWs of the worst kind.

    But again, your current President is the biggest pussy-grabber since Bill Clinton. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs an executive order legalizing sex with 15-16 year old girls.

    • SHI

      In Mumbai woman market it it is hard to find an adult grown woman, the girls are all teenagers with an old woman in the next room.

      Because white men have big penises we cannot just come into a Mumbai public shop cause the girl is so young. Luckily we have money for the older women who charge a grown up rate.

      Foreigners do frequent Indian Woman markets to have sex with 13 and 14 year old girls on display there.

      This is cheapest of course. 1,000 Rupees, maximum.

    • True, Indian women can still be superstars in their forties.

      The sun does not wrinkle their skin quite so harshly and their hair does not go grey quite as quickly either.

      Britney and the other 90’s pop stars aged badly but partly this is cocaine, drinking and a general white trash extravaganza lifestyle.

    • SHI

      Biologically white females go through puberty 2 years earlier than South Indian or Asian females.

      Also they tend to gang weight.

      I was amazed when I started having sex with many middle-aged prostitutes in India that many of them had tight bodies like a teenage white girl and no stretch marks.

    • Jason Y

      Right, I was assuming Robert had something worse than that on his profile – but the only bad stuff was the written content – but that’s not illegal – but it raises the suspicions of feminist types, Christians, and cops. It might become illegal under Trump/Pence, especially because of Pence.

    • VampireGhost

      White Roses vs Yellow Origami. I wonder if age has anything to do with it. A lot of older WW lose all sex appeal and work ethic. Young Whites are are hard workers and the most diverse in beauty. Later in life the Asian is stll attractive and has a good work ethic.

  19. Me

    I tried to post but my comment went nuts so I am trying again.
    Although I am woman, I do agree with you on some topics. Such as the idiot Facebookers. They are ridiculous and feel that no one should have sex with anyone at any age. Because most are too ugly or mean to get laid. Therefore, no one should be happy or have sex. Anyway, I posted a comment yesterday that I don’t think is showing up. If it goes missing again, I will catch the hint.
    If what intelligence level do you believe the murderer to be? I felt he must have been pretty dumb. Seeing the evidence circulating. What are your thoughts?

    • Thank you ma’am. All females are not cunts. There’s real women and there’s cunts.

      M and and a lot of other men LOVE real women. The cunts? It’s not PC to say this, but most men out and out want to punch them in the face. Some of us, like me, want to kill them. I haven’t killed one yet and don’t think I ever will, but the feeling is there.

      If you are a real woman who loves men, welcome aboard. I will treat you with the utmost kindness and cherish you. Because when it comes down to it, I like real women better than men. If I had my way, I would just hang around women all the time. I don’t like men too much. They’re too aggressive and violent.

    • Please stay. If you are banned, it will go to “Your comment must be moderated before it shows up,” and it will never show up. Anyway, anyone can petition a ban, and you will probably be let back on. We are actually very laid back and nice here.

      I have no idea for Unsub. For my POI, I estimate 107 based on the fact that he misspells common words like an idiot. I believe he has some college though. Maybe went halfway and never graduated.

    • ME

      On happy sex.

      You can visit women who are 35 or 45 to get sex at any hotel if a functional vagina is all you are seeking. If you are polite and clean they do not care.

  20. Bernardista

    Robert is clearly a ewe-abuser and a lamb o-phile!
    For shame!!

    • I don’t mind them young but not too young. 18+ only please. I even make them fill out and application and show me proof of age.

      • Bernardista

        😂 No, I was talking about the cartoon sheep and little lamb on your Facebook profile! I don’t have a Facebook account so I couldn’t see the photos.

  21. JASON Y

    Liberals will leave for the following reasons (And can) especially from Red States because:

    A) few are married anyhow. Either they are gay or hetero swingers or sexually amoral like me so they get BJ’s in semi-public places from any woman who wishes to have $30 dollars.

    B) they are single, no dependents. When they shoot their load it goes into a rubber or another man’s anus. Female liberals start on the birth control at 15 and often they still make the guy use a rubber.

    C) they are educated and have some sort of trade or degree.

    D) they like traveling anyhow.

    E) Community is a crock of shit for them because they have studied business in college and realize that it will not keep your house value from declining to subzero if the economy crashes in your area.

    NB My grandmother sold her huge rambling country house in Greater Detroit with its woods and acre of property that took a lifetime to pay for. It cost her a million dollars and our family sold it for 150,000 and her daughter my anunt moved into a trailer in California because she injured her knee at work as a machinist……….Let me tell everyone what I know coming from an American prole immigrant community. You won’t get shit and the system cannot do shit.

    F) Climate is nicer in some countries.

    G) Globalized sexual marketplace.

    H) Pure cynicism, like I possess.

    I) Economic immigrant. You’re better off wage-wise working in a cheap diner in Sydney. Free medical, less crime, less race riots, stable government.


    • Jason Y

      I see what you’re saying Trash, but normally only open minded people and also probably people who are outcasts (which is probably how the became open-minded to begin with) would venture out to Asia or anywhere. Most people just get a job, get married etc.. I sometimes envy them, but being so skinny, odd etc..I just note it was never my fate.

      • All well and good but the Asians becoming middle-class do not care if you have to work in a Subway’s with your business degree because the sales job moved to Taiwan and the NAMS do not care that you did not sell your house when the neighborhood began to decline and businesses do not care about what your wage earns. They do not give a bloody shit, any of them.

        The 1% are overseas in their house in the South of France. I’ve met them. If things really get bad in the U.S. they will stay their forever. Makes no difference to them.

        The average person in the United States thinks that family values and being part of a community matter. They do not. Nobody how runs or owns a corporation cares at all. They are living far, far away.

        NAMS are not obsessing about the damage they have done to infrastructure or the honest cops killed in Sicily or Mexico to support the city wholesale heroin and cocaine supply or neither prole whites nor blacks care if the government has to pay for their kids. No matter to them.

        Since nobody gives a shit about white proles like myself or where we go or misses us at all (Unless we earn over $80,000 a year overseas) there is nothing to lose by moving to Australia.

      • JASON Y

        Why then the blame on Jews?

        On liberal elites taking it up the ass in a Blue State from their gay boyfriend?

      • JASON Y Open-mindedness

        Watch some film where a pallid Irish Catholic girl (Williams) is madly in love with an average looking black guy who heroically saves the world from evil white men in GET OUT (Asians laughed at the film). Walk out of the theater and feel bad about your European heritage, which you probably know nothing about anyhow and prefer to tell people you are “Part Indian”.

        A wealthy Saudi comes to town to buy a black Arabian stallion from your sister, a horse trainer and you feel a bit angry at losing your high school buddy in Iraq. He is rich, arrogant and acts like you are a Fellaheen peasant as he withdraws a bundle in cash and heads off back to Dubai, which grew wealthy during the time that America lost trillions in the Iraq war. He is selling properties in Hong Kong.

        Go to the Ladies Night to forget your shameful white privilege. Maybe twice a year you get sex but the chick makes you turn the lights off. Next week she tells her friends “She hooked up with you because she was drunk”. That’s all the sex you’ll be getting for some time.

        So you blame some Jews for running the Federal Reserve or whatever.

        Then you go home and jerk off to Ron Jeremy.

        Maybe you have a daughter in public school. It’s getting worse with all the Mexicans moving in so your wife decides to return to college to get a degree so you can send your daughter to Catholic school.

        You sometimes think of being 15 years old in 1992. You parents seemed to have it so much better even though your Dad never attended college. You cannot take your kids to Disneyland because your wage has not risen in 5 years.

        Your turd of a little brother shows up to remind of this. You are a productive member of your community but he got hooked on meth in the late 1990’s and has been in and out of jail since. Lately, he’s been into the Oxy. He needs help with “the kids” or shall we say the two children sired with drugged-out sluts and strippers he dealt to, because he is going back to jail for several years this time.

        Your grandmother passes away and her house, which was a huge beautiful mansion, is worth $11,000 uptown because the NAMS moved in during the 1970’s. Crack moved in during the 1980’s. Nobody wants to live there.


        Australia, New Zealand and East Asian middle-class is doing well.

        • Jason Y

          White heritage? Of course, I know about my white heritage – but I’m not some jackass college Republican who blasts it down everyone’s throat 24/7 on Facebook. I’m not some ex-army pizza guy, low-life trash who does the same either.

          Also, I’m more part-Indian than other people claiming to be so. A lot of people might bring up comments like that to look hip or something. Anyhow, anymore I don’t really care. I just don’t bring up race.

          Whites are insecure about people bringing up non-white heritage because they feel like they’re under attack – or in other cases they have non-white heritage and they’re trying to project insecurity – like a kid teased when they were younger about being too dark or having curly hair etc..

          Unfortunately, whites are becoming more a minority, but it’s not because of non-whites and it’s also not because of diner waitresses who marry blacks – those women were utterly rejected by the whites – so who can blame them to look elsewhere.

          Anyhow, in Asia, your outwardly shown favoritism for being white, just like you’re shown favoritism in Tennessee, though unofficially due to PC.

          Finally, a person is more likely to bring up white heritage when surrounded by non-whites, but for someone in Tennessee, in a white area, being non-white would be different and exotic, so more likely to be brought up. Just like notice white is exotic in India, so that’s why they kiss the ass of whites. Koreans kiss the ass of whites, but they still hate white gimps and sissies. 😆

        • Jason Y

          Asians laughing at blacks, especially low IQ or Asians who never get out of the country, is quite comical. Note how Filipinos will conversate using “the n-word” when watching Will Smith’s film Ali. Note, myself, it would never occur to me to mock blacks and their history the way some Filipino would do. I would assume only some ignorant backwoods bastard would have an attitude like that.

        • Jason Y

          Is it not true you’re purposely bringing Eurasians into the world -yet bashing me for being some “hipster” who wants to bring up his Amerindian heritage in conversation?

        • Jason Y

          Let’s look at real white guys in Tennessee and wonder why diner waitresses like Dana or Flo would prefer black guys, – even with the blackest skin to one of them.

          Well, for one thing, the black’s are not hung up over shallow standards of beauty, not rejecting women for being slightly pear shaped or maybe being one with a more homely appearance. Also, the black would treat the woman as a supermodel – while the white would view such a lady as a desperation date. Also, I’ve seen even hot thin women who simply like black guys – maybe cause they grew up hating normie white assholes – who wouldn’t feel the same way ??

        • Jason Y

          I think it’s great people want to bring up non-white heritage. But notice these people avoid WNs and Republicans. Who can blame them? Since they avoid these people, they don’t have to listen to their racist condemnation and mockery. However, sometimes it’s difficult to avoid WNs. For instance, at the diner there are a lot of race-mixers, but occasionally there will be some racist waitress with a potty mouth. Also, a lot of the customers are these redneck prole types who have a problem with blacks.

        • Jason Y

          Note, on some leftist sites like, they actually ban Nazis etc.. Who can blame them? No decent minded person – who is even mildly cultural left – wants to be around them.

      • JASON Y

        In terms of what a white prole like me is going to get on a quality of life basis, overseas is better sad to say.

        Minimum wage is higher. There is less street crime which white proles like myself cannot pay to avoid. Public services function better, which white proles like myself have to avail. Movies do not depict some black hero saving an Irish girl from her Dad’s racist plot to take over the world “Get Out”. Or some whites in a Red State trying to kill a Hollywood screenwriter because he is Jewish “Straw Dogs”.

        People are not complaining about Jews fiddling with the money system. There are no Jews in Anglo-Saxon countries to any great degree but America anyhow.

        Finally it hard to get laid if you look like Mark Wahlberg with a potbelly like me and you are 40.

        What is not to enjoy about leaving Indiana?

        Mike Pence?

      • JASON Y

        Why the need to redeem some toilet bowl like Syria’s civilization to the ideas of your own?

        Why the Jewish graves pushed over in tombstones? Why not find some street thug in the Bronx who is drunk on Mickey’s Malt Liquor and throw down with him?

        • Jason Y

          Whoever said I wanted to redeem Arab civilization. I don’t think it’s worth the time and money of Americans. I don’t really want Arabs and more Latinos in the US – even though it sounds like a dick to say so.

          Nonetheless, I don’t like Trump and the hate he is spreading; it’s because it’s overkill. For instance, hating African-Americans and gimps isn’t cool, but taking a hard-line with immigrants might be smart. The biggest problem with Trump, and Pence doesn’t have this problem, is outwardly he is very crude and rude, sort of like one of your narratives.

          Anyhow, you might be right about Arabs reacting to having their homes destroyed by Bush and looking for a way out. It’s sort of like how Reagan destroyed Central America, so now it is gang controlled, so Hispanics want a way out – but are denied by the very country which destroyed their homeland.

  22. If you read the Craiglist killer articles in NYC the victims were a beautician and a waitress. Wages are low for women and $300 is enough on the internet to make some seek a discreet way to be paid for a blowjob.

    Ultimately, women are really for many men just a series of orifices-sometimes two, sometimes three. This is the essential reality of life.

    Therefore as the internet allows us to overcome time, space and communication barriers such as morals the base reality of the human condition is revealed.

  23. JASON Y

    Nursing, geography, math…none of it saved Greater Detroit.

    • Jason Y

      Detroit is bad, but Minnesota, a few states over, is normal. Why the need to dump the whole US and head for Asia because Detroit went down the tubes?

      • Jason Y

        Ironically, when going overseas from the eastern US – Detroit’s airport is the gateway. Planes to a spin over the poles and then you’re in Japan. From Japan you can fly to other parts of Asia.

        • Jason Y

          I mean a spin over Alaska and then dipping into Japan.

        • JASON Y Answer

          Because the living standard is garbage compared to what you might have elsewhere with comparable qualifications. GAR-BAGE.

          Garbage collectors in New Zealand and Australia and Europe can mortgage a house.

          Who wants to pay rent their entire life to live in a cold state with a depressed economy?

          Media is GAR-BAGE apparently intended to convince the white population that women should marry black men because they heroically save them from racist white men who steal black bodies like that film GET OUT which Asians laughed at. I mean it is really stupid and ridiculous. No wonder there is so much 90’s nostalgia. In order to prime the US population for his intentions, Bush had to launder their brains at McDonald’s.

          Government watches what you do. It is kind of a police state.

          NAMS are getting worse, actually. No matter what affirmative action, guilt films, Job Corps the ghettos are expanding. The actual race war is going to be a Buffalo Soldier one between them and Amerindian Hispanics with the pale Hispanic elite leaving the barrio.

          Maybe Jews DO RUN THINGS. I’ve noticed Australia and other white countries are somewhat better for being free of the tension of toppled gravestones and bomb threats.

          Politicians are worthless. A landlord? Pence. PM’s in other countries know their jobs and are not trying to placate the public with absurdity.

          War with Russia? Such stupidity. Threats to invade Mexico? What a disaster of refugees that would be.

          The U.S. has become absurd.

          Infrastructure, public services have gone downhill. Only the prisons are better. More and more people are going there.

          The music and culture is all African. When did you hear a top 10 song that was not R&B with Mulatto women wriggling their asses in the background. Gone is white music, white history, white anything.

          Getting sex is impossible. Additionally women have become vaguely bisexual. Sit in a bar on Ladies Night, hoping some white broad chooses you? Go out and risk getting arrested because you had to pick up some crackhead for oral relief? Not in Asia.

        • Jason Y

          Music? What do you mean? The blues or rock some working class white guys like is black – at least in its roots. You mean rap and R and B? A lot of whites have always despised – just like they did disco.

          Blacks are the source of a lot of music whites like – but also a lot they hate.

        • Jason Y

          Actually, there is good rap, disco, and funk. However, some much of it has become so generic – and lots of blacks like it and also a large bunch of other racial groups. Beats me as to why. It’s as horrible as generic country.

        • Jason Y

          Music acts according to demand. Possibly nobody likes the rock or blues anymore – preferring really weird generic disco or whatever it is. How else can you explain that there is no Led Zeppelin, no Willie Nelson, no Soundgarden, no Motown.

        • Jason Y

          Is this some scheme to say a mixed race is generic and so the music is also? No, actually blacks have always been mulatto, but the music in the past was a lot better.

        • Jason Y

          What Trash doesn’t understand is, that the African-ness of the music isn’t why it sucks. The blacks used to produce good music. Also whites used to produce good music, but even the heavy rock you might hear at the gym lately blows goats For instance, one band is reduced to doing a Phil Collins remake and Nickleback should thrown in prison for being so bad – case in point the song “Rock Star”.

        • Jason Y

          Trash has failed to explain why new white music, and I mean the type macho alpha male bodybuilders and construction workers like, SUCKS just as bad as the black stuff.

  24. JASON Y

    People in the American South do not even KNOW their white heritage. I can say my grandparents are from Munich and Berlin. The Irish guy down the street in New York or Detroit can say the street in Dublin. The Italian still has relatives there, so does the Polish-American.

    But people proclaiming their white heritage in the South cannot. Being white is important but their actually genetics and DNA is blurry.

    I want to add that I have noticed the United States has declined a great deal since 1999. The mood is pessimistic and the middle-class has shrunken. NAMS seem to be more of a problem than they used to be. The PC has gotten ridiculous.

    It has been 10 years since I set down in the United States on business. Thank goodness.

    Live in MINNESOTA? Cold, small shabby little house (For the money I have got). No thanks.

    My print journalism degree is now almost useless. Gee, work in Subway at 40. That will look good on CV. At least you can get an interesting job overseas.

    • Jason Y

      What a load of exaggeration, TRASH. Well, of course, the southerner cannot pinpoint his heritage easily. For one thing, they came to the US a lot earlier. However, with different online genetic search tools, probably even Kunta Kinte can find his home.

      Note, my own family, like other German ones came from Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley Possibly they got off the boat in Baltimore. As for the Irish or English sides. Who knows, but probably something similar.

    • Jason Y

      My print journalism degree is now almost useless. Gee, work in Subway at 40. That will look good on CV. At least you can get an interesting job overseas.

      The ESL jobs are massively phony – mainly cause of white worship. Also, and you might be an exception, most Americans are not interested in being puppets to these American bashing cocksuckers. I mean, look how they stomped on 9/11 when it happened. So where is the pride with this ESL teachers, who in my opinion, are the TRUE DEFINITION of a CUCK?

      • Jason Y

        Also, ESL teacher are sniveling poop eaters because they turn the other way at abuse toward the disabled, discrimination against qualified non-whites, and ridiculous white worship, all in the name of getting that 2000 USD a month and free apartment.

        • Jason Y

          And turn the other way toward heartless fat shaming – that even Married with Children’s Al Bundy would disapprove of.

        • JASON Y

          If being unemployed or marginally employed somewhere like Detroit is somebody’s source of happiness by all means stay.

          However the standard of living for middle-class Americans has declined. Crime and NAMS has not gone away at all. It has gotten worse.

      • Those are abstracts. Either you are marginally employed and badly paid in a rust belt state or you are in a country where you have a nice standard of living.

        People move where the standard of living his highest for them personally.

        Also, there is something uncultured and ignorant about white proles in the Flyover. A stupidity and narrow-mindedness inherent in the untraveled.

  25. JASON Y

    You ARE Eurasian. 50% of you in the South are specifically some degree of Siberian from the Lake Altai mountains or Mongolia where other Indian tribes came.

    Native Americans make noise about denying being Asian-its plain as day they are as foreign as a Korean who arrived yesterday.

    Inuit, too.

    Most of you whites in the South have Asiatic genes. Maybe only 12%, but some.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t think it’s enough to really mean anything. But a lot of people have thought I was Russian or Jewish, ha ha. I don’t it’s really that obvious cause the skin isn’t brown – but my dad’s was.

    • Jason Y

      My brother looks sort of like a Korean co-teacher I knew and my aunt looks looks like a Korean lady, but these people have never been to Asia or considered themselves Asian.

    • Jason Y

      JASON Y

      You ARE Eurasian. 50% of you in the South are specifically some degree of Siberian from the Lake Altai mountains or Mongolia where other Indian tribes came.

      Native Americans make noise about denying being Asian-its plain as day they are as foreign as a Korean who arrived yesterday.

      Inuit, too.

      Most of you whites in the South have Asiatic genes. Maybe only 12%, but some.

      So would that explain “Whiskey Bent and Hellbound” Hank Williams JR and Lynard Skynard? Note, Amerindians get wild and crazy. But so do the Irish, so is this stereotype unjustified?

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      You ARE Eurasian. 50% of you in the South are specifically some degree of Siberian from the Lake Altai mountains or Mongolia where other Indian tribes came. Most of you whites in the South have Asiatic genes. Maybe only 12%, but some.

      Native American admixture in US Whites is actually quite low. Non-Hispanic Whites in the South are likely to have more African than Native ancestry and the average level of Native American genes is less than 2%. The notable exception is Louisiana which, because of the French, was historically more tolerant of miscegenation than the Anglos.

      • LOL muh native ancestry and muh Cherokee blood. LMAO.

      • TJF

        You would not know that to hear rednecks like Dog the Bounty Hunter tout their Indian heritage. Redneck apparel is full of shirts with t-pees and bonfire designs, dream catchers, jewelry.

      • TJF

        It is like anti-Arab sentiment on the East Coast. You could feed ever one of the millions of Italian-Americans in New Jersey or NYC with no Arab in their DNA with 1 medium-sized pizza. They are all obvious part Arab and it is as clear as the light of day.

        I’d have thought Oklahoma or Montana, not Louisiana. Most whites of the Dog the Bounty Hunter variety will claim Native heritage (Always Apache or Cherokee) and not black. Few want to claim that.

      • TJF

        Being from Michigan the Upper Peninsula is heavily Finnish which is not represented on this chart.

        I’m wary of statistics. Every graph tells a different version of the truth.

        • TJF

          To Trash,

          The graph I posted specifically presents Native American and African admixture of Non-Hispanic whites in the US. Finns could possibly be classified as Eurasian but their gene markers are quite different from Native Americans so they wouldn’t appear on the graph.

          Even if we were to believe the gene markers of Finns and Native Americans, which have both thousands of years and kilometers of separate development, the Finnish ancestry in the state of Michigan is only 1.2 percent of the total state population – barely a blip – although you are correct they have a strong presence in the UP but the graph I posted looks at percentages on state by state basis – not sub-regions or counties.

  26. Jason Y

    Relating to the topic, I was at strip club and this guy started talking about religion in the lobby before going in. 😆 huh… Well, I understand we all fall into sin but I don’t want to hear about it. Yeah, it was one of these Ted Nugent, flyover types. Well, anyhow, the strip club’s rules say keep your comments to yourself. YEAH, PLEASE, really, SHUT UP.

    See how religion has fucked up guys here so much that they would make comments like that in a place like that. I mean, I know a few beers causes people to talk. But What a fucking dork Is he a Mike Pence supporter?

  27. deSPICable Me

    REAL WAGES have declined greatly in recent years.

    Per the laws of supply and demand there is less incentive to even get up and try to find work…these people aren’t counted in unemployment stats.

    But in all reality, it takes a toll.
    Men who aren’t well employed are often time very angry and aggressive.

    • This is the core difference between America and other countries. Minimum wage is lower than it should be.

      Poor whites in other countries will have two children, maybe one. Somehow within the English class system that has replicated itself in other big white British-settled countries like Australia or Canada the poor whites have some sense of common logic and civic duty.

      Public services for the working-poor and middle-class suck in the United States. Police are more thugs than public servants. Infrastructure is crap. Medical care poor. Schools poor.

      If America was entirely white and Asian with a few Amerindians this could be managed. But you have 2 groups-SSA and Central American Indians-who are beyond all salvation.

    • What does a split between verbal and pure logic mean?

      • deSPICable Me

        basically that you are better with Written Language than with Math or Science…and are also more likely to be creative.

  28. Magneto

    You know the old saying, “damn if you do, damned if you don’t”. According to the sick minds of modern feminist women, ALL men are pedophiles.

    So, might as well start chatting up hot 15 year old girls on the internet, right? Nothing to lose, right? Just avoid saying anything overtly sexual and there is nothing they can possibly charge us with, just in case the girl goes bonkers and tries to claim you were “harassing” her. As far as I know, it’s not illegal to talk to people under the age of 18.

    Or even better, start chatting up 15 year old girls and then move the conversation over to TOR where it can’t be traced. Once you are chatting with her through some kind of untraceable chat program on TOR, you can say whatever the fuck you want as you cannot be traced. Tell her you want to penetrate every hole in her young body, LOL.

    Point is, modern women are so hateful and toxic, that there is nothing we men can do to please them. Therefore might as well just do whatever the fuck we want to do and simply not give a flying fuck what women’s idiotic opinions are anymore.

    • deSPICable Me

      as TRASH said, unshaven feminazis protesting in the streets have no power compared to the people in the buildings lining the street- making real decisions.

      Who cares what the unshaven hippies think if the law says the opposite?

      • ANALOGY

        “The guy who owns building doesn’t care if the guy with his name on his shirt quits in a flurry of obscenities directed at the guy behind the desk who is the designated shit-eater. He ISN’T in the building.”

        The 1% owners of the building live in the South of France or sometimes Asia. They do not smell the BO from the unshaven Feminazi from that distance.

        Nor do they care about the faceless prole with his name on his shirt who gets tossed out of the building.

        It is the job of the shit-eater (police, security guards, bureaucrats) to wrestle with these people.

        Wall street brokers or hustlers and real estate pushers and other money-whores do not care if you camp in a tent on the sidewalk in the freezing cold. Neither does Trump.

        Most protesters are the sort of people who never have any money. Career potheads, outrageously flaming gays and dykes, aging Gen X alternative types who look like they stepped out of Seattle in 1995, minorities who would starve if the government actually collapsed because they depend on its largesse.

        Their earning power is so low that the industrial-military-financial complex could care less.

        What are they going to do?

        Throw granola bars? Perhaps the women will bear their hairy armpits so that their BO chokes the police officers.

        Mostly the police are from the working-class and do not want society to change or they would be out of their own comfort zone. So both they and the working class in the military will remain supporters of the financial industrial complex.

        The older ones I recognize as the fallout from Generation X who never stopped wearing flannel shirts or dying their hair black and listening to Hole. They look like the extras on a Friend episode from 1994. They probably have not actually been enrolled in college since Clinton was in office but hang around off-campus dives. Still smoking the weed and wearing black-rimmed glasses and watching Quentin Tarantino. If they have a degree it is useless. We used to call them “alternative”. Maybe they still think they are.
        Younger members are merely the sort of university students who would have gone to Lalapalooza and listened to Rage Against the Machine in the 1990’s. Fundamentally borgeois to the max. Never held a full-time job and live off Dad’s credit cards.
        Lesbians, homosexuals, blacks and other minorities whose appearance and lifestyle are repulsive to the public. “Street trash” in the opinions of middle-class people.

        • Trash you are wrong. You think everyone in the world doesn’t not give a shit for this reason: Projection.

          YOU, TRASH, do not give a shit. About all sorts of things that I am not going to go into right now.

          You keep saying over and over that this or that group doesn’t care of doesn’t give a shit. I got news for you guy. I’m quite certain that you don’t give a fuck about much of anything, but most other people do. I am going to continue to call you on this whenever you claim some group does not care.

          Ok, first of all, Wall Street, the capitalist class, etc. were getting quite alarmed at the Occupy protests. These people have a lot to lose. Like, everything. Like, lots and lots of money. When you have a lot to lose, you HAVE to care. You cannot afford to not give a shit. If you do, you may turn your back and when you turn around, the Revolution will be upon you.

          They cared enough about this fucking election TO STEAL IT BY HACKING THE VOTING MACHINES. If they don’t give a fuck, why did they go through all the trouble of STEALING THE ELECTION BY FELONY ELECTION FRAUD?

          They care enough about the NAM vote to pass all sorts of frankly illegal laws designed especially to keep NAM’s from voting. If they do not give a shit, why are they passing all these laws to keep NAM’s from voting. You say they don’t give a shit about NAM’s, right? I submit that you are wrong.

          Trump DOES care about those protests. The whole Republican Party and the entire Right is very alarmed and up in arms about these protests. You say they don’t give a fuck. You are WRONG. Why are they throwing 10 year sentences at guys for breaking a window in Washington? Why is Trump threatening to withhold funds from Berkeley after the riots there? Do you realize that Republican legislatures all over the nation are passing law after law restricting the right to stage protests and demonstrations?They are making the right to assembly guaranteed in the Constitution illegal.

          I would like to point out that these anti-Trump protests have been huge, constant and all over the whole country. I have seen photos of many of these demonstrations. Mostly they just look like you and me. Yeah, Trump is so bad that even ordinary people are up in arms and marching in the streets.

          Dude you are WRONG.

    • Cunts say anyy man who gets turned on by teenage girls is a pedophile. Well that’s all of us. 100% men are turned on by teenage girls in the lab. By the time they are 16-17, men react just as strongly to them as they do so mature women. ‘

      So according to cunts, ALL MEN ARE PEDOPHILES.

      LOL well fuck you bitches. Why don’t all you stupid cunts just go fuck yourselves…with the nearest dildo…like the one in your top drawer.

      It’s not just feminist women, is it? I got an absolutely insane response to this question from Christian Taliban red state cunts from Indiana. They are not feminists at all, are they?

      Who’s behind this? Is it feminists or is just cunts in general?

      LOL cunts are retards. When God was handing out brains, cunts thought he said trains and they missed theirs.

      If any of you readers wonder why men hate women or if you wonder what the root cause of misogyny among men is, it’s 100% DOWN to insane stuff like this. And yeah, we do hate cunts who say all men are pedophiles. We hate them so much we LITERALLY WANT TO KILL THEM.

      • Magneto

        Like I said, who gives a shit anymore what women think or what their stupid opinions are? Sure it’s a slightly risky game, chatting up 15 year olds online but it’s like I said, if you avoid saying anything sexual, then you have not broken any laws.

        We men are all pedophiles so therefore we have nothing left to lose, and therefore might as well follow our carnal desires to want to fuck 15 year olds.

        Now if someone gets turned on by pre-pubescient young girls, now that is sick. But as long as the girl has hit puberty and her body has developed, well according to NATURE, her body is full ready for sex and reproduction.

        A guy told me once “We can’t help it that God designed women to be at their most attractive right at the moment when they are hitting puberty. Because that is the time period that God intended for them to be reproducing”.

        If Islam takes over the West, at least that is one silver lining. We’ll be able to legally marry 14 year olds under Islamic Shariah.


      Feminists are often lesbians, so there is no way of actually getting them to endorse male-female sex at all. They see the penis as a weapon and sexual penetration as an act of violence. Prostitution to them is rape via economics.

      No sex is acceptable to them.

      • You will get bashed to Hell for saying this, but I hate to say it yet I agree wholeheartedly here. Not enough people know this about them.

        It;s really more than that. I see feminism as REVENGE. It’s PAYBACKS. And that means they are out to fuck over us men as revenge and paybacks for all the crap we did to them. For men like you, me and Magneto, there is no benefit unless we are pussies, wimps, fags or cucks. How could any real man support feminism.

        • ROBERT LINDSEY Anatomy of a Feminist

          Alpha Loving Hypocrite “Betas are fags”

          Like the man who went on to strangle prostitutes because one stole his wallet while he was in the shower this particular woman loved the Alpha’s who live on the muscle. She has had a hard life as a result, maybe beaten up or stalked or raising the kid he doesn’t give a shit about. After a while she begins to thing men are pigs….turns to Lesbian sex or attempts to for a sexual outlet.

          Trauma Survivor

          Some man raped or molested her. Common with date-rape victims. Penis is the weapon. Believes sex is a violation and pornography and prostitution are an act of war. Sexually unhappy because Lesbian sex does not leave her fulfilled and she does not actually enjoy and needs a penis deep down.

          The Dyke

          She is an unattractive Dyke who wants one huge Lesbian orgy. She wishes all women were gay. Unlike other women she cannot get anything out of men anyhow as commodity. Because of this, she would have nothing to lose in a lesbian world. Her commitment comes down her lack of appeal to males, not trauma.

        • Feminists & Betas

          Feminists have no respect for Betas. Deep down most of them want an Alpha man to ravish them. Some became Lesbians because they like Alpha males and had hard lives as a result.

          Deep down they have no respect for the sensitive men who are “fags”.


          Hating men and being a bitter ex-slut is tough. Fundamentally you are not gay even if you hate men.

          If you were heartbroken by a woman would you want to lick another man’s anus? It is hard to force yourself to be a Lesbian.

          Michelle had just become a Feminist Lesbian when I met her, or so she said. She was a tall, rough, white-trash (But intelligent blonde) of 25.

          She was my study partner and we smoked dope together. I was secretly using prostitutes so I thought “this is cool”.

          Michelle had a kid by a trucker. Big handsome guy who left her for a stripper and had a baby with that woman. He never paid child support.

          She told me she hated men and was a Lesbian. Cool, I thought.

          But she also said I was a fag beta because I did not try to have sex with her.

          “You’re gay, I thought we were friends”

          “You don’t have a penis”, Michelle told me.

          Trying to be nice to traumatized feminists who become Lesbians after some Alpha does something terrible to the is always a mistake.

          Secretly they like Alpha males of the worst sort so if you are normal guy they think you a gay.

          They have no appreciation of a normal man.

        • Magneto

          The best way to spite a feminist is to be a strong male, with a strong healthy natural sex desire.

          I heard that prostitution is legal in Canada, so fuck it, if I ever lived in America, I’d try to live within 3 or 4 hours of either the Mexican border or the Canadian border. Then on weekends I’d cross the border and fuck a few prostitutes and then come back all fresh and content, ready for work Monday morning.

          Is there any chance Trump will legalize prostitution? Then again I notice it’s mostly religious conservatives who want to keep prostitution illegal. It’s not the liberals and feminists who keep it illegal, it’s mostly the cuckservatives.

  29. deSPICable Me

    alt-left types agree with SJW race theory in one regard; prole Whites vote right wing because they hate minorities getting welfare so much they’re willing to fuck themselves.
    But alt-left thinks the Whites need to appeased, SJWs do not.

    But I am skeptical. The whole “individualism” thing has been strong since the days of Thomas Jefferson muh “the government needs to leave me alone in the wilderness”.
    These people never really voted leftist all the way. There was always a sizable contingent against them.

    When my Great-grandmother, an orphan who’s husband was a Janitor, heard FDR died…she remarked “good”.

    • Yep it’s all down to radical individualism. Jefferson wanted a limited state because he feared its authoritarian and oppressive nature, not because he feared that the state would spend money on social programs to help working people. Thomas Jefferson has been horribly abused. If he came back today, he would be apalled by these rightwing apes.

      A good solid 40%+ of the population supports the Republicans no matter how insane they are and no matter what they do. They give Republicans carte blanche to do anything they want, and they will just blindly support them all the way. This 40%+ has been steady and solid ever since 1990 when I moved up to the mountains. Here it is 25 years later and 40%+ of the population is still completely insane out of their fucking minds. It seems so hopeless. It’s like it’s going to go on like this forever.

      And the root cause of it all is muh frontier ethic and muh radical individualism and muh founding fathers. They’re idiots. Dangerous idiots, and that’s way worse.

      • Herein lies the difference between whites in Canada or Australia who demand enough tax money be diverted to a safe infrastructure and free medical care and police.

        If poor whites strayed from the GOP Adam Smith line on self-reliance and freedom garbage they would be better off.

        I do admire NAMS for driving the Right crazy by refusing to work in poo-paying jobs, participating in a thriving underground economy of crack, arms, sex workers (GOP has had to invent a three-strikes law to break this) and reproducing as much as possible.

        Of course poor whites go crazy over this as they trudge off to their own poorly paid jobs and work 40 hours a week only to end up homeless anyhow but their faith in the Adam Smith garbage is unwavering.

        Hinduism actually manages a same scam with caste system. Brits did it with the Feudal class system.

      • deSPICable Me

        Robert- Jefferson objected vehemently to Hamilton introducing debt financing, and proles loved him for it.
        Part of it was to allow proles to print their own money in the wild west, and part of it was concern over accountability to wealthy investors who financed the country.

        Regardless, he and his supporters would not be found of Keynsians.
        This is an ideology that has existed among White proles for hundreds of years. We can’t blame Civil Rights for this, as former commentator “Mugabe” did.

        • No. Times were different back then. All governments were tiny and did not do jack fucking shit for their citizens. The US was so shitty we did not even public schools! How shitty is that?

          Back then hardly any governments serviced themselves via debt financing. In the modern era, it’s become a necessity. Thomas Jefferson was basically a Liberal Democrat or he would be one if he came back today, let’s put it that way. There is no fucking way that if Thomas Jefferson were here today he would line up with these Republican Party maniacs. I can’t think of a LESS Jeffersonian group of people. And I’m quite sure he would change his mind on debt too, as it is a necessity in our modern era.

          The problem with Republican shitheads is they look back to the founding fathers and try to reproduce the founding fathers’ mindset in today’s world. As you can imagine, that is quite regressive and reactionary because times change and we have moved forward quite a bit. These dickwads want to freeze time. They are just stupid enough to believe that worked in 1780 is completely appropriate to 2017. Or maybe it’s all down to money and ideology. Because a strict founding fathers ideology is GREAT for the moneyed classes and for reactionaries of all types.

        • deSPICable Me

          Yes, all you said is true of Jefferson personally.

          But what of his supporters? They would be tea partiers or no?

          P.S. Hamilton’s National Bank was an ancestor of the Federal Reserve, it may not be directly comparable but they are linked without a doubt.

        • Times were different bro. Times were different. You cannot compare people in two different eras. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. There’s no way to rationally compare them.

          Jefferson was a progressive man for his time. He would have continued to be a progressive and evolve with the times if he came back. Hell I think he might even be a socialist if he were alive today. That’s like him.

        • deSPICable Me

          Well some themes are classic (timeless).
          But I understand it is somewhat silly.

          Essentially what you have is that Big Business and Government were aligned until FDR’s time.
          The Government oppressed the people and advanced predatory industries rather than create a safety net/progressive tax policies.

          So I suppose in 1790 the true progressive would’ve been anti-government.
          But since FDR and Keynes the inverse is true.

      • ROBERT If Gore Had Been Elected

        Call this democratic projection but if Gore had been elected instead of an alcoholic bum who could not hold a job as a baseball team coach than America would not have declined like it has.

        Gore probably would not have launched a war on Iraq and Europe would not have turned into a refugee camp as a result.

        Clinton left office with a perfectly balanced budget.

      • Lifelong Democrat Here

        You are right, Robert. Because I am a white prole I am cynical coming from the Roger & Me milieu of Michigan when the white middle-class were decimated. My opinion is that the GOP has hijacked the uneducated white masses in order to get them to co-op the oligarchy that actually rapes them.

        The white prole drops out and lives in Asia, the rich white lives in Paris (Or used to before it turned into an Islamic ghetto).

        Gore would have never led us into this mess. I’m too cynical to believe that we would be living in 1995 if Bush had never been elected but I knew the day I heard that news as a young man in Dubai that he was going to take the country where it is today.

        When I returned to America in 2007 in LA for business reasons I was shocked out of my mind at the poverty of the white working class. There were many more homeless and they were not crazy winos. The infrastructure was worse. The cost of living was higher.

        “Screw this, I am headed back to Asia to live on $500 a month” I thought.

    • deSPICable Me

      NAMS rebel in deed and action-the males are too strong and proud to accept minimum wage servility so they participate in the underground economy of arms, drugs, pimping and the women reproduce at the tax payers expense with no hesitation.

      Since stripping their welfare would have them eating Newt Gingrich’s family in 3 days in Dawn of the Dead except that blacks are generally more physically powerful that whites and much smarter than zombies there is nothing that the Alt-right can do.

      In so far poor whites are concerned GOP oligarchy will encourage Adam Smith type self-reliance as it supplies faithful workers, tax payers and voters.

      • deSPICable Me

        as much as I dislike the guy, Jared Taylor was very right that low and order breakdown rapidly among Blacks when distressed (i.e. New Orleans after hurricane Katrina).
        You are surely correct about all this.

        • deSPICable Me Katrina Syndrome

          Being from Detroit I can tell you that selling crack or pimping or living off crime in the underground economy is a minimum wage job with lot’s of hard work. A working wage.

          But it is not the thankless servility of a poorly paid decent job for a red-nosed cracker you know despises you anyhow. This is how blacks feel about poor whites who are a lowly breed of cattle themselves (Hispanics will often return to Mexico at the end of their life where the dollar is strong so of course they have a good work ethic).

          Black women especially find the shrewish quality of white women to be infuriating. If anything the female gender interacts worse than males. Black women who work will have to do so as maids or other female occupations under a white woman.

          There is more dignity in sucking cocks and more money.

          Additionally the underground economy-Muslims participate in it for this very reason-undermines the legitimate one and society in general. White kids are addicted to drugs, cops are increasingly angry and exasperated etc. At the very core of white civilization it is a form of revolt.

          What is there to lose? Taylor compared it to Japan but the Japanese elderly who get a fair exchange at the end of their life with functioning police, military, rescue services, comfortable pension.

          The black who follows the rules-unless exceptional or fortunate-has little at the end of his life.

          He simply has less fun in some low-paying employment if decent employment while the black male who participates in the underground economy of guns, sex, drugs at least has a good time from day-to-day. Perhaps he dies at 40 or is jailed instead of a long purgatory on meager social security.

          The GOP will do as absolutely little as possible because their white voters do not want federal money assisting the victims of a scumbag mayor in some scumbag town run by blacks.

        • deSPICable Me

          The basic instincts of NAMS are harder suppress through social conditioning whether it is sex (Out-of-wedlock births, rape) or violence (South Chicago) or gratification (Crack cocaine addiction).

          For the GOP and oligarchy therefore it is hard to sell poor blacks individualism or hard work for the plantation owner.

          They live in a perpetual now.

          I’m making a horrendous overstatement of course. Many NAMS are smarter than I am and more responsible. I’m a white bum living overseas.

          But in general the suppression of basic instincts is minimal so that they are going to react differently than Japanese when a tidal wave hits.

        • deSPICable Me FLIPSIDE

          In point of fact it was the blacks who were honest people paying taxes and owning houses who suffered the worse by drowning in their beds.

          Tyrone Da Bone lives out of cheap motels anyhow and he simply packs up his gat and his bling and his drugs into a single suitcase and roars off in his car. Since he has not mortgaged a house or owns anything like a refrigerator or other middle-class item it makes no matter to him.

          White action speaks louder than words and words say “We do not give a shit.”

          If we are best buddies and sink in quicksand and you don’t bother to get a rope it is obvious you do not give a shit about me. It is obvious to blacks that they are the Morlocks of America and whites deep down do not give a shit about them. Koreans and blacks take this reality to its frisson in LA where a higher IQ group simply narcotizes a lower IQ group on fortified wine while calling them racist names as they give up their money.

          1) Whites simply move away from cities until they become like Detroit or Flint. Elite liberal Jews will go to California and skilled manual tradesmen will go to Phoenix and hillbillies back to the South but ALL WHITES LEAVE WHETHER KKK OR JEWISH FLAMING LEFTISTS.

          2) Whites actions about the Flint water crisis or New Orleans demonstrate that in actuality they do not give a shit if NAMS dies from toxic water or drown in their beds.

          3) SLUMDOG CANNIBAL mentality. The high-caste Indian government told the Indian poor whose kids were EATEN to “stop breeding like flies”. K strategy groups have a hard time sympathizing with R-strategy groups who screw too much and lack the IQ to prevent unintended pregnancy.

          New Orleans blacks no that the rest of the United States does not give a shit, even if many of the ones worst effected followed all the rules and paid for a tiny decrepit house and refused to leave what few possession they had behind.

        • deSPICable Me

          I would assume Jared Taylor is not such a sick bastard as to refer to elderly Black people who drowned because they were too physically immobile to leave with his statement.

        • deSPICable Me


          Jared Taylor would lump a Saudi Doctor, an Armenian Lawyer, your wife, or myself with ghetto NAM Tyrone because we are “non-Whites”.

          Such a world view is quite autistic.

        • deSPICable Me

          “3) SLUMDOG CANNIBAL mentality. The high-caste Indian government told the Indian poor whose kids were EATEN to “stop breeding like flies”. K strategy groups have a hard time sympathizing with R-strategy groups who screw too much and lack the IQ to prevent unintended pregnancy.”

          I AGREE
          some Caucasians are more like Blacks in this regard, some more like Asians. Hence why there is a great diversity in how Whites view Blacks. Some Whites are just as r-selected as them……some still hate them but many relate to them.

          YEE is the most anti-racist Asian National ever.

        • I believe that Taylor would let the Armenian stay. For all his faults, Taylor is absolutely not a Nordicist. Incredible really. Most guys like him are.

        • deSPICable Me

          Robert- To him White is European iirc.

          Not Nordicist but not “Pan-Aryan” either.

  30. Dubai expanding its skyline while American veterans are left without benefits because Iraq was the forgotten mistake of some disgraced alcoholic bum whose Dad got him the presidency after he could not even manage a baseball team.

    Whose the idiot? The white who voted for Bush and supported Iraq or the Arab Gulf sheikhs whose cities blossomed while America is so broke from Iraq that its bridges are about to collapse?

    I’m German-American and a democrat who left America in the year 2000 and I am telling you that because you never left you do not notice how much America declined after Clinton got out of office.

    Not that Gore was the genius of the 21st century but Bush really ran the US into the ground thanks to the stupid white proles who voted for him.

    Cuban Gallegos have sure as shit marginalized the rednecks and for that matter the Jews from Coral Gables and out of the financial institutions and the mainstream.

    Of course they brought back the old pale Hispanic elite racial pyramid and I do not think blacks in Miami liked this but at any rate they sure got rid of Anglos in one generation.

    • deSPICable Me

      “Whose the idiot? The white who voted for Bush and supported Iraq or the Arab Gulf sheikhs whose cities blossomed while America is so broke from Iraq that its bridges are about to collapse?”

      There is a Social Democrat YouTube channel that makes these same points.
      I tried discussing ‘why Asians succeed despite being hit worse by Affirmative action’ as opposed to Whites (especially low-income Whites) and was banned from American Renaissance.

      Irony that their motto is
      “There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.”
      “Red pilled”= what makes me feel good.

  31. deSPICable Me

    Saudi doctors are making a load of money in beautiful new Dubai skyscrapers while the Iraq veterans in Dick’s Knob hang around the VA because Bush bankrupted the country with the war.

    America has collapsed economically white Gulf Arab oil countries build towers like the Burj that no American marine who served his country could afford to get in for a single meal.

    Because white proles are fools and the MSM led them along with some alcoholic bum and as a result the economy collapsed.

    Taylor would be hard-pressed to know what sort of ancestry he claims. He’s probably got some Native American in his genes. One reason white rednecks do not have the cohesion of the East Coast Jews or Italian-Americans is that America is a really a culturally empty thing to be.

    • deSPICable Me

      American Renaissance seems to represent the first mode of White Nationalists; the 95 IQ redneck wing. They used to frequent Breitbart, talk about “our greatest ally”, etc.

      There are a few College educated types (lady who worked at an ER in Cali and saw NAMs brutalize each other, John Engelman who is just a genuine maverick, etc.) but on average they’re pretty much just angry flyover proles from one of your narratives.

      Daily Stormer, KMac, the Right Stuff/Daily Shoah is the Autistic wing, with High Average IQs (100-125).

      Stormfront is somewhere between these two.

      • deSPICable Me

        Geographic settlement patterns in the North make this so self-evident that I do not even know why somebody would bother to host a site.

        Look at Southeast Michigan for example. Jews and middle-class whites left in the 1960’s (Polish, Irish-Catholics, Germans slightly earlier) and at that point the place collapses.

        The exurbs become a mix of white hillbillies whose origins are in the Mid-South and blacks.

        Jews and other middle-class whites tend to live in the suburbs. The rural parts of the state are almost as deprived as the ghetto but blacks cannot stomach country living much. They seem to abhor everything rural.

        Indians in the middle of the state are largely forgotten to drink themselves to death until a casino is built.

        Point being that racial reality is so glaringly apparent in places like Detroit or Chicago that it seems self-evident.

        • deSPICable Me

          He attempts to make these observations empirical by gathering data.
          But this data is really already available if you do digging.

          A Daily Stormer writer recently said Jared Taylor was useless. ‘I think we’ll sacrifice copied and pasted crime statistics for ridding ourselves of a controlled opposition shill’

      • deSPICable Me You Probably Are Not From the North

        Black Ghettos at the heart of Detroit are the most dangerous. You would not leave them alive if white and possibly black.

        Albanians and Arabs will sometimes attack whites as well. Their neighborhoods are best avoided too.

        Italians sometimes commit organized crime murders. Hoffa died in Detroit, for example. On a personal level they are fairly non-violent.

        Hispanics are not really around.

  32. DeSPICable Me

    Law-abiding blacks suffer because they manage to stay out of trouble and get a few scraps of education and some decent if low-paying employment and are simply the victims of white indifference anyhow.

    A Crip with no investment in society loses nothing during Katrina. He lives in a motel and all he owns is his bling and his gat and a car. So he packs up and leaves. He has not paid property tax or a mortgage on some decrepit house so he can drive off in his car having lost nothing during Force De Jure.


    I came from a white prole background in Detroit and I am a lifelong democrat.

    So you are completely correct that I distrust the 1% and do not believe they have any of our interests as their top priority.

    Being from the Roger & Me milieu it I instinctively distrust the 1%. Republicans to me are an oligarchy with a brainwashed uneducated white underclass that will vote against its own interests if the GOP manipulates it.

    • I wish these moronic working class Whites would get it through their thick fucking heads that THE RICH ARE NOT THEIR FRIENDS. See all those billionaires in Trump’s Cabinet. Guess what? THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. In fact, they are very much your enemies. And I can make an excellent case that they are DEEP ENEMIES of the middle classes too. The middle classes always get fucked by these clowns.

      I remember under Reagan/Bush, the top 20% gained money over 12 years and the entire lower 80% lost money. This is typical for neoliberalism. In the lost decades of neoliberalism in Latin America, we saw the same thing over and over. The top 20% did great and the bottom 80% lost money. Furthermore in all such cases there was mass trasfer of money from the bottom 80% to the top 20%.

      People are such shitheads. They just don’t get it. Class war is constant under capitalism. How many Moronicans even know that? I tell you what. THE RICH KNOW IT IS TRUE. So really in US capitalism, only the rich and the top 20% wage class war on everybody below them and make out like bandits. The bottom 80% are so retarded that they are usually voting for their class enemies who are robbting them blind. Really, when the rich are waging all our class war against the bottom 80%, it is absolutely essential for the bottom 80% to wage class war right back at them. To not do so is to go to a war, drop all your weapons and stand in front of the enemy telling him to shoot you. That’s what the White working and middle classes do. They vote year and out for their class enemies who are taking them to cleaners and laughing all the way to the bank.

      These people are NEVER going to get it. I am with Juan on that. Conservative Americans are for all intents and purposes a lost cause. US conservatism is sort of like a psychosis. And once you go psychotic, it’s pretty hard to pull people back into reality. By the time they get into US conservatism, they are necessarily totally gone ideologically and mentally. For all intents and purposes, these are insane people. I don’t see how we get them to vote for us.

      • If the conservatives could get rid of the middle-class tomorrow they would. College educated people questions things. They do not immediately show up for ill-advised wars or vote for them. They are lawyers and journalists and watchdogs. They have enough scraps of education and IQ to keep the 1% from turning them into complete gerbils on a wheel.

        1% co-ops the Conservative right and Christianity for the sheer fact that it can help keep the white working class barefoot and pregnant with illusions of family values so that men and women have to work themselves to death at any wage to feed six kids. Why do you think they love Mexicans as labor and Trump is now running into problems with his deportation promise.

        Go visit India to see what happens when there is no middle-class. Because the rich really do not want any of their tax money being deducted for the poor. Period, full-stop. Philippines.

        They do not want to give up a single ski trip weekend in Aspen to have to pay for New Orleans.

        The 1% is not that concerned with the middle-class. This is my opinion from Michigan where they were not interested that Flint collapsed or Detroit collapsed. Those that leave, leave. Those that stay will have the buildings fall down on them. Either way it will make utterly no difference to the oligarchy.

      • deSPICable Me


        It’s the INCOMPETENT BLACKS who ran the country that RUINED IT FOR US REAL AMERICANS.



      • ROBERT

        Funny you should say that because I did notice America became a great deal harsher in the 1980’s. The poor became despised, the blacks were simply forgotten in a tide of crack cocaine and gangs, the working-class began to struggle.

        Carter presided over a much harder decade in terms of overall economic health but overall people were happier. We miss the seventies and now we miss the nineties.

      • ROBERT

        It is far, far lower than 20%. We should be lucky if the number were that high.

        It is to some degree possible for a merchant class or middle class to subsist on a trickle-down from 20% but when it is 5% forget about it.

      • TJF

        To Rob:

        I wish these moronic working class Whites would get it through their thick fucking heads that THE RICH ARE NOT THEIR FRIENDS. See all those billionaires in Trump’s Cabinet.

        I certainly don’t trust Trump and his crew but it should be noted that very people from very wealthy families have ruled in a manner that benefited the poor and the middle class. FDR and JFK come to mind – but they came from a different era when Noblesse Oblige was fashionable and unlike the chicken-hawks in power, all of the sons of FDR and Joe Kennedy in WWII under life threatening conditions (with the exception of RFK who turned 18 late in the war) and some were killed or badly injured: Joe Kennedy Jr was killed on a risking flying mission and John F Kennedy was injured, nearly losing his life, when a Japanese destroyer split his torpedo boat in two. In this day and age I generally assume that when wealthy people claim they care about poor or lower income people, perhaps with a few exceptions, it’s all a show.

        • Being a military veteran of a foreign war was a prerequisite prior to Clinton.

          Trump simply has no experience and in the past if you had not been a governor with a decade of political experience or more you could not be elected (Like the Trumpish Ross Perot). Prior to Bush, governorship was the bar.

        • That seems to swing from extreme to extreme-Clinton was elected by the middle-class and poor in the early 1990’s while his wife was rejected by that same demographic.

          Trump simply has no experience.

          Prior to Clinton nobody could get elected unless they were a veteran of a foreign war.