Unsub Profile for the Delphi-Evansdale Serial Killer

Note to commenters: Please stop referring to Unsub as a pedophile. He may well be one, but that’s something that can be determined from this crime as it was not a pedophilic offense. Instead, this was a hebephilic offense. And the perpetrator could certainly be seen as a hebephile, although he’s not necessarily one. If you want to refer to the nature of the offense, use the word hebephilic instead of pedophilic. If you wish to refer to Unsub’s paraphilia, please refer to him as a hebephile and not a pedophile.

Thank you so much for this. I am getting tired of words being misused. And now we are being scientific on the board.

Note 2 to commenters: I am really getting sick and tired of saying this, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. The only thing that is represented as fact as statements sourced from LE or the media.

And incidentally, the way I wrote up the case is precisely how detectives work a case. Detectives do not work cases using the scientific method. If they did, they would hardly solve one case. It’s more “We believe this for now…this is true for now…at the moment, this is what we think happened…we believe…” They are throwing out endless theories about what really happened and accepting them as (temporary) facts. They are then continuously revising and throwing out theories and creating new ones.

Being  a detective is about being wrong. Not just once, but being wrong over and over so many times your head will want to come off. If you can’t handle being wrong, then detective work is surely not for you. Finally detectives arrive at enough information to file a case against someone, but a lot of that is not factual either. They believe he did the crime. They believe that this, that, or the other happened with no way to really prove it – it’s just what they conjecture.

If he is convicted, then the theory that he did the crime is validated as fact, but I am not sure what other evidence is. And even court decisions are not scientific fact because they get overturned all the time. There are not a whole lot of 100% certain, clear scientific facts in LE work, detective work on the judicial system itself. A good portion of the decisions made turn out to be theories, temporary but unstable facts, beliefs, hunches and guesswork, all represented as fact in the court.

If you have issues with theories, opinions and what not, just quit reading and get the Hell off my site right now and never come back. I am really getting sick and tired of this BS.

This profile has been massively updated with a lot of new information.

Reason for a New Profile

My previous profile did not work out as it was based on a POI I will name POI-1 who has now been ruled out and completely cleared. I see nothing wrong with basing profiles on a certain POI. Someone needs to tell me why this is a terrible idea.

He was suspected based on a striking resemblance to the Delphi Unsub and a very strange and rather creepy Facebook page with photos of a menacing man (POI-1), bodies of water and railroad bridges. There were two photos of the Monon Bridge where the Delphi crimes occurred, and in one photo, the POI was wearing what appeared to be exactly the same clothing as the Delphi Unsub.

This man’s photos have been widely distributed to stunning effect, with quite a few people saying that the Delphi Unsub has to be him. Others pointed out problems with stature, the nose and the shape of the face. I actually agree with this criticism of POI-1, and it is good reason to rule him out.

The man’s family history regarding his children does not make sense at all. It appears his parents do not even exist. Nor do any siblings or half of his children. Many of his relatives do not acknowledge his existence, and he does not acknowledge theirs. Early photographs of POI-1 obtained from freshman and sophomore years in high school were strange, showing a teenager who appears disturbed and looks like a violent criminal. He has only one friend listed on his Facebook page, an old military friend.

In addition, POI-1’s behavior has been rather odd, baffling, senseless and a bit suspicious since these crimes. Briefly put, he has involved himself in this investigation of this crime from the start, and his behavior in the investigation is strange and makes no sense. Assuming he is innocent of this crime, I do not have the faintest reason why he is acting this way.

Detectives were stunned when they saw his photos and regarded him as a good suspect, mostly because he more closely resembled Unsub than any suspect investigated so far. Nevertheless, detectives state that POI-1 has a rock-solid alibi for the period of the abduction, and therefore, they are clearing him.

In spite of oddities in his history and relationships, POI-1 had a long military career that was apparently uneventful and successful. He has been retired for a few years now, and his retirement has been uneventful. He appears to be a railroad fanatic, and he spends a lot of his time visiting railroad historical sites and in particular railroad and covered bridges, which both fascinate him. This fascination with railroad bridges was part of what aroused suspicion because the crime was committed on a railroad bridge.

He owns a large house on significant property. His marriage appears quite stable and his pleasant-appearing wife adores him. He has quite a good relationship with his son at least. At age 53, he has completely clean criminal record. The only blemish on his record is a single bankruptcy.

I am not going to name POI-1, as I do not with to add to whatever harassment this innocent man may have received over this crime.

If any of you know the Delphi suspect that I am talking about, please leave this poor man alone. He had nothing to do with this case, and there is no evidence that he has ever committed a serious crime in his life. He’s guilty of no worse a crime in life than looking creepy, and that’s not against the law yet.

Profile of the Evansdale-Delphi Serial Killer

Unsub is aged 55-65 based on his photos, voice and other things. Roundabout let’s call it ~60.

Unsub is a pedophile, a heterosexual pedophile. He likes little girls from age 2-12, mostly around age 6-10. However, 13 and 14 year old girls are not too far out of his AOA. Many pedophiles are also hebephilic, and it’s common for pedophilic AOA’s to include girls age 13-15 because these girls still have enough of a childlike quality to attract the pedophile. By age 16, most girls are simply too grown up for all pedophiles and hebephiles.

Until recently, all of Unsub’s child molesting activities have been noncoerced.

Unsub may be a nonpreferential pedophile. That means he is may also attracted to adult females, and he may enjoy having sex with them regularly. Not all pedophiles are exclusive. Nevertheless, his sexual preference is for girls age 6-10. His attraction to adult females is lower than to little girls, but may still be adequate for adult heterosexual functioning.

Unsub is also sexual sadist. How he worked his sexual sadism into his noncoerced pedophilic activity in the past is not known. He has been a sexual sadist since no later than age 14, but he has probably been repressing the sexual sadism for most of his life in order to have noncoerced sex. At some point in at least the last five years, this control has broken down, and now his sexual sadism is no longer repressed. This has coincided with an increasingly menacing look to him.

Unsub has white hair and is balding. In the past, he had stringy long blond hair. He had a goatee and mustache in recent years, but lately he has shaved most of it off except for a mustache and bit of a goatee.

Unsub tends to look downward instead of looking people straight in the eye. This could give the impression of “looking down at others.” This is intentional, as I feel that Unsub does indeed “look down on others.” He thinks very highly of himself, is narcissistic and thinks he is better than others. He also thinks he can outsmart police, and I believe he has been doing just that for the last five years when he has been getting away with murder.

Unsub has altered his appearance since the Evansdale murders. In the past he had rather long stringy blond hair, a mustache and a goatee. He has altered his appearance  since the Evansdale killings by shaving off the beard. I do not know if he altered his appearance after the Delphi killings.

In the past, Unsub was often smiling and seemed happy go lucky. He looked harmless enough. He was molesting children, but he was not violent yet, so his face remained open and friendly.

In recent years, Unsub’s face has gotten angrier. He has been slowly developing an air of menace in recent years. This is because he has been transforming from a nonviolent pedophile into a violent pedophile. While in the past his fantasies were about noncoerced sex with children, they have now turned much more violent, and now he mostly fantasizes about rape and murder of girls age 8-14. Why he changed from a nonviolent to a violent pedophile is not known.

Unsub has been paunchy for most of his adult life from age 40 on. For an unknown length of time at an unknown time in the past few decades, he became quite heavy. His excess weight mostly went to his width, so he looked something like a football lineman. At other times during this period, he lost quite a bit of weight. He has retained somewhat of a paunch since at least age 40. From 2012-present, he has remained with this thinner frame, but he retains a paunch to this day. The paunch can be easily seen in the photo of Unsub on the Monon High Bridge.

Unsub is not a happy serial killer. Instead he is a tormented one. Since the Evansdale murders, he has grown much darker. He has also aged prematurely and looks much older than he did even a few years ago. His smile is gone and has been replaced by a look of sadness and especially rage. Now he looks downright mean. His friends have reacted to this by telling him he has aged. Others say things like, “Cheer up! Smile!”

Somehow this double homicide aged him and made him much sadder and angrier. This means that the Evansdale killings significantly stressed him out. Even though these crimes stress him out, he continues to commit them. That is because he is driven in some way to commit these crimes. It is now a sort of addiction. He is addicted to rape and murder.

Unsub has few hobbies other than pedophilia. He likes to hang out in local places like taverns, coffee shops, pool halls, etc. Here he likes to relax with friends and shoot the bull.

Unsub’s writing appears somewhat uneducated. He makes some spelling errors that an educated American never makes. However, in his rural Iowa-Indiana area, he is about as educated as most people he knows, as most of them write about as poorly as he does.

His IQ is not particularly high. It is probably ~105-110, but he acts less intelligent than that. This can be seen in his poor writing style.

Unsub graduated from high school. He has at least some college education. He may have even graduated from college, or perhaps he went for a while and then quit. Unsub is not good at completing scholarly tasks. He starts them and quits or takes a long time to fulfill his educational goals. For instance, he is the type of man who might take 10-15 years to complete a four year college degree, if he completed one at all. He has a hard time sticking to tasks and has a tendency to drag things out. Why he does this is not known.

Unsub’s employment is hard to ascertain. He works with his hands in some sort of a working class occupation. Perhaps he repairs objects in some way. He is quite good mechanically.

However, he  has the same desultory attitude towards work as he has towards school. Bottom line is that Unsub is a bit lazy. He would rather kick back and enjoy himself than work or go to school. He has a problem with sticking to either work  or school. Many tasks are started but never finished, but this does not bother Unsub much.

I believe Unsub is quite religious. He is an evangelical Protestant Christian like so many in the surrounding area. He may have even gone to a religious college. He is very active in his local church, where he is regarded as a great man. He has a number of friends through this church. How he reconciles his strong religious faith with raping and murdering little girls is hard to figure.

Unsub is or was an attractive man. He had a sexy appearance in a sort of bad boy, devilish way. He appeared masculine and was handsome in a tough guy way.

Women in the local area were attracted to him due to his good looks. Even after age 50, he continued to attract attractive, sexy women all the way down to age 30. A number of the local younger women used to think he is “hot” or “cute.” This has gone to his head somewhat, and he thinks of himself as a ladies man.

Unsub is a fixated pedophile and has been so since age 14 at the latest. His pedophilia is one of the major themes of his life. I do not believe he has been controlling his pedophilia, and I think he has been molesting girls for quite some time. He may have gotten quite good at it. I believe that many people do not realize that he is a pedophile. He is still close to some members of his family and their friends. They probably do not suspect him of being a pedophile.

Unsub is divorced and has children. Relations with the ex-wife are not good. The marriage ended bitterly and there were some court battles with the ex-wife accusing Unsub of various outrages in an attempt to get full custody of the children. They had joint custody for a while, but there were big scenes and battles associated with this, so it didn’t work out well. Unsub and the ex-wife have engaged in big fights in public in broad daylight.

The ex-wife has a low opinion of him.

She accuses him publicly of being a pedophile and a sociopath. She is deathly afraid of Unsub and regularly tells people this. She considers Unsub to be a very dangerous person. She even accuses him publicly of molesting specific girls and she tried to turn him in over this, but that didn’t go anywhere either. If asked about this, Unsub probably says she is making this up as a bitter ex-wife.

I believe his children may also suspect Unsub of being a pedophile. Nevertheless they continued to visit him in joint custody after the Evansdale murders. However, after some court battles, his ex-wife has now retained sole custody of the children. In addition, the ex-wife has moved out of  the area quite a ways away to another state.  Her location is 400-600 miles away from her previous one.

The ex-wife has 3 children of her own, two daughters and a son, and 1 via the new husband. Only two of the children were fathered by Unsub. The other was hers from a previous marriage.

I do not believe he has molested his own children. The kids would have told their mother about it.

He has at least two children. I am unsure of how good his relationship is with his children. The children are minors. I am unsure of their age and gender.

If the Evansdale killer also did the Delphi killings, he traveled some distance for at least one and maybe both of these crimes. I do not believe that the killer lives in either Evansdale or Delphi. He’s not that stupid. I believe he lives somewhere in between.

For the time being, let us place Unsub’s residence ~175 miles away from either crime scene. If we place Unsub’s residence halfway in between Delphi and Evansdale, he traveled 150 -200 miles to commit these murders. That is about a 2.5-3-hour drive. He drove anywhere from 10-350 miles to commit these murders, which an emphasis towards the longer numbers. The rides to commit the murders took anywhere from 30 minutes to 5.5 hours. He has no problem driving 5-6 hours to commit a double homicide and then returning home.

I believe that Unsub took one of these pairs of girls to his residence. It was there that he raped and tortured them. He may have papered over the windows and even soundproofed his residence in order to do this. Afterwards he cleaned his place up as thoroughly as he could.

Whether he has had sex there with little girls at other times is not known.

Unsub does not have a lot of money. At age ~55, he still lives in a cheap apartment, a trailer or motor home. He may live in a trailer park. He is not homeless, but he does not have a lot of money either. The reasons for his relative poverty are not known. His residence has the appearance of a sparsely or poorly-furnished bachelor residence. The walls are white with a white carpet. It is not even well-lit inside. The residence has a dim look about it, even in daytime.

Now that he is divorced, he lives alone. He has little girls over at his residence from time to time, and he even has photographs of little girls playing or making faces in his  residence. I do not know if he collects child pornography, but he has a significant collection of photos of cute little girls obtained in a variety of places. He has some photos of himself with a little girl or two next to him.

Despite his low income, Unsub continues to drive a fairly nice car, or at least he had one around the time of the Evansdale killings. At that time he was driving a new-looking car. This car may have been a compact. The color may be red.

I believe he also has an SUV that he uses to do his crime. In the Evansdale killings, there was talk of a white SUV in the area where the girls disappeared. It was never proven to have any connection with the murders, but I believe that Unsub used that SUV to do this crime.

He’s going to lay low for a while. He won’t do any similar crimes in the near future. He’s not that stupid. Unsub seems to take these murders rather hard. They take their toll on him. He has not been sitting pretty since the Delphi murders. Instead he is highly stressed out. He is quite worried about getting caught now that they have a photo of him, a recording of his voice and a possible record of his DNA. He got away with the Evansdale killings easily, but this time he screwed up.

Despite the fact that Unsub is stressing out badly over this latest crime, he still has not left the area. He stayed in the area after the Evansdale murders, and he won’t leave after these killings either.

I am not sure whether he has marks on his face from Libby’s fighting back. It’s possible. If so, people need to keep an eye out for a man who suddenly developed scratches on his face since the Delphi murders.

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9 responses to “Unsub Profile for the Delphi-Evansdale Serial Killer

  1. Lori green

    Great profile. He could be a regional manager in the Midwest, who has use of a company car. His schedule could be different each week because it would depend on what city/ facility he needed to check on and therefore wouldn’t necessarily be missed for a few hours on a Monday afternoon. I think he is educated, maybe even in criminal justice or law enforcement.

  2. Nicole Lawson

    Thank You for taking the time to research this information!

  3. Mer

    He may be a small time farmer, on land he inherited from his parents. A recluse with few friends or contacts

  4. suelane

    Well said.

  5. Textbook sex criminal and would-be serial killer in my opinion.

    White Anglo-Saxon origin, drifter, twenties or thirties, soft-spoken, shy, petty criminal record, some degree of family dysfunction, childhood wounds, possible promiscuous mother and absentee father, possible minor drug or alcohol abuse history, skilled manual laborer.

  6. Shy, soft-spoken, manual skilled trade, Anglo-Saxon origin and not a Jew or Italian, 20’s or 30’s, drifter or job-hopper, minor criminal history for problems related to lewdness or alcohol abuse or drugs, lower middle-class, some degree of childhood wounds from family dysfunction, religious denomination will be Baptist or Methodist but not Eastern European Orthodox or Roman Catholic.

  7. Tyrone

    I think the unsub might be a truck driver. It makes sense if he travels. The same incident happen three hours from Delphi.

    • What do you mean the same incident?

      My favorite POI, Mr. X, recently worked as a truck driver delivering items to the Delphi area. He resides quite a ways away in Iowa but he was around Delphi a lot delivering stuff.

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